Thursday, March 8, 2018

UK Immigration Doors May Be Open To More Countries Which Do Trade Deals

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With the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union looming ahead, many individuals are not happy as this move can greatly affect them. Many business owners do not have enough employees to do the work they need as they have employed mostly immigrants. There are plenty of EU nation immigrants in the country and a huge number of them had up and left the country as they do not know what would happen to them when the exit happens.

The immigration minister of the country, Carolina Nokes, have kind of hinted that there may be more doors opening for countries and its immigrants especially for those who are open to do trade deals with the UK. However, she did not really disclose just what kind of special deals may be set for those countries which may be doing trade deals with them. Immigrants would still be welcome in the country as long as they are able to fulfill all the needed requirements to become one.

More visas may be offered

More visas may be offered in the future after the exit does push through. This would mean that there may be more immigrants in the country as expected. This assumption has come forward right after one of the country’s ministers have sent out a hint that there may be more visas given to those countries and its residents as long as these countries are open to doing trade deals with the United Kingdom. So in exchange for really good trade deals, these countries and their interested immigrants just may be granted the visas.

The UK is actually all set and ready to go ahead and do trade deals with more countries from around the globe after the exit happens. It is also currently looking for possible ways to create a deal with the European Union even as it has exited this group. The exit is bound to happen by next year.

A new immigration system will be in place

There will be a new immigration system for the UK once it exits the European Union. However, what kind of system will it be, there are yet no answers for that one. The whole plan has yet to be polished and Nokes is not yet keen on sharing just what it will be.

In terms of the visas given out in exchange for trade deals with other countries, Nokes has mentioned that this is something that future policies on immigration have yet to consider. There are negotiations happening with EU member nations currently and there are no final decisions on it just yet. With negotiations happening, it means that anything can still happen and all countries are all hoping for good deals that would benefit their own.

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