Monday, March 5, 2018

EU Immigration Numbers In UK Go Down As Exit Draws Near

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The plans of the United Kingdom government to exit the European Union are now bringing in changes even before those plans have become reality. The exit is looming nearer and nearer with each day and European Union immigrants in the country are getting more and more unsure about their fate if they stay in the country until the exit happens. This is why the immigration numbers for EU nationals in Britain have gone down as numbers have reflected.

As per official numbers from the country, there were already 130,000 that were recorded to have up and left Britain. This number was just for 2017 and according to the country, this is the highest rate that was recorded for just one year. This definitely reflects just how much EU immigrants are in the UK and how they are affected by the upcoming exit. However, keep in mind that immigrants from other countries that are non-EU continue to move to the country. Only those that are from the EU nations are getting affected.

The falling rate of immigration for EU nations

The newest data from the Office for National Statistics (or the ONS) has shown that the rate of immigration for EU member nations is going down in the United Kingdom. There are also lesser individuals from EU member nations getting to the UK. Thanks to the popular vote to get moving with the exit, those who are from the EU are not sure about what their status will be once this happens. Thus, the huge movement to get out of the UK.

For the start of 2017 up until September of the same year, the net immigration rate actually came up to 244,000 individuals. This was said to be quite similar to the numbers back in the early part of 2014. Compared to the rate for 2015 and 2016, the number for 2017 is definitely down.

Though the number of citizens of EU nations coming to the UK as immigrants has gone down, the number of individuals from other countries outside the EU has continued to go up. Thus, the UK is still getting the immigrants that it needs.

The look into the numbers

Nicola White works as the head for the ONS’ international migration statistics department. On this data, she mentioned that the net immigration number for EU has definitely gone down. There were a lot less individuals coming to the country who were looking for work.

White continued that the data that they have collected has reflected that the immigrants from non-EU nations have definitely gone up and are now bigger as compared to the numbers for EU nations. Immigration is a pretty important part of the country especially in terms of population.

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