Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nova Scotia, Canada Immigration Stream Aims For Doctors

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Nova Scotia in Canada is definitely a place to go to. It is one of the country’s provinces that is oceanic. It is also a part of Atlantic Canada, along with three other provinces. Though it may be one of the smallest of the country’s provinces, this place definitely is worth going to as it has quite a huge number of places to go to and experience.

Recently, this province of Canada has launched a new stream that would bring in the needed immigrants. This new stream is known as the Physician Stream. It is all aimed at bringing in the doctors that the province needs. Currently, Nova Scotia is in need of the right doctors that would be doing work for the province’s health service. Since there are not enough doctors to do the work in the province, the best thing to get them from would be through immigrants. There are a lot of potential immigrants who are doctors and this stream just may be just what they may be looking for.

The Physician Stream

So what is it exactly that Nova Scotia is looking for? Well, with the Physician Stream, just like all other streams that the country has launched, it aimed at bringing in the right people that the place needs. For this one, it is all about doctors. The province is aiming at general practitioners, specialists, and even family physicians to move to Canada as immigrants. These individuals are needed at present by the Nova Scotia Health Authority (or the NSHA), which is the health authority in the province and is currently the employer that has the biggest number of employees in the place. Aside from the NSHA, doctors are also being needed by the Izaak Walton Killam Health Center (IWK), a hospital in the province’s capital that provides health care mostly to children, women, and the youth.

With the Physician Stream, the NSHA and the IWK would be able to get the right individuals who will be in the country as immigrants and doing the tasks that are needed. These two institutions have been looking for doctors in the country and the locals just are not able to fill in the needed positions, thus the need for immigrant doctors.

What the physicians need to know

Those doctors who are interested in the Physician Stream should go ahead and work on the requirements to be an immigrant in the country. An application must first be sent in to the province’s immigration office to be able to get a provincial nomination. Once they are in the country as an immigrant, that is when they would be able to start working on getting a permanent resident status through an application sent to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada office.

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