Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Immigrants In UK Make Authentic Food Business Alive

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It is not a secret. There are plenty of immigrants in the United Kingdom. These individuals have come from a variety of countries from around the world. Despite the current issues with immigrants from members of the European Union, the number of immigrants in the country is still fairly high that it accounts for a good portion of the country’s population.

These individuals may have been in the country for quite some time now but surely they do miss the food from home. They sure can cook something up from time to time with whatever can be found in the market. But, of course, there is something better than cooking the food that they really want to eat – eating something that is authentic. And so, these immigrants in Britain actually keep the food industry alive in the country – especially for those who are offering authentic foods and dishes. Immigrants love these and so do the locals who have a fancy for trying out new cuisine and new tastes.

Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is known all around the world and the UK is no exception. It is known for its dishes that includes ramen and sushi and tonkatsu and tempura. In the UK, authentic Japanese food can be found in these restaurants: Sushi Tesu, Yuu Kitchen, Rock Star Sushi Bar, Zuma London, Zaibatsu, Pop Art Sushi, Kanada-ya Ramen Bar, and Roka Aldwych.

Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is also quite popular around the world. Some of the most famous Chinese dishes include sweet and sour pork, ma po tofu, dumplings, peking roasted duck, spring rolls, chow mein, wontons, and kung pao chicken. Finding these food in UK can be easily as they can be found in these restaurants: Min Jiang, A. Wong, Rice Republic, Yming, Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant, Hunan, HKK, New Fortune Cookie, Yauatcha, and The Good Earth.

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is not for everybody as it is filled with spices which is not just for all palate. However, in the UK, there are a lot of immigrants from India, thus making Indian authentic restaurants in the country sprout there. Some of the popular Indian cuisine include butter chicken, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, malai kofta, chole, palak paneer, and naan. In the UK, Indian cuisine is offered in these restaurants: Shahi Pakwaan, Lentil, Taste of Nawab, The Sitara, Hankies Café, and Chettinad Restaurant.

Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is also quite something. Some of the top dishes from Spain that are known all over the world include churros con chocolate, paella, croquetas, gazpacho, empanadas, albondigas, and bocadillos. Those who have a liking for Spanish cuisine can easily get their fix by visiting these restaurants in the UK that offer authentic Spanish cuisine: Miss Tapas, Boqueria, Jose Tapas Bar, Lobos Soho, Barrafina, Donostia Restaurant, and El Ganso.

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