Monday, March 19, 2018

The War Against Fraud: Immigration New Zealand To Make Verification Stronger

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New Zealand has been one of the top immigration destination dreams for a lot of potential immigrants. Many individuals who are looking for a new country to be their new home have been looking at this country as it offers quite a paradise-like culture that is just dreamed of by many and is being enjoyed by those who are in the country. With that, many people are taking advantage of the plans of these potential immigrants by offering immigration plans despite these individuals not having enough requirements to pass what New Zealand asks for.

Immigration New Zealand, which is also known as the INZ, is the official arm of the country’s government that works on everything related to immigration to the country. With many fraud cases being caught and still happening, the agency is making sure that this does not happen anymore. That is why it is making sure that the verification process for immigration is going to get a boost and made stronger so that fraud would not be happening again.

Taking out the weeds

Peter Elms works as the assistant general manager of the Immigration New Zealand. On the issue, he has mentioned recently that the agency is making sure that they do their very best to take out the weeds, or those fraudulent applications. They are including those applications for those individuals who are engaging in marriages that are done just to get visas to the country. If the agency is able to track that an application is done as a marriage of convenience, this application will not be approved.

This may seem like it is difficult to get to the country as an immigrant but the thing is, it is not. The rules have not changed and the requirements have not changed as well. This only makes sure that only those who have the right requirements will be able to get to the country. It only makes sure that potential immigrants who are planning on going to the country who have the right requirements can make it. Those who are in the country will be safe and secure as all the immigrants there have all passed the processes required by the New Zealand government.

Fraud in partnerships

Elms has continued to disclose that they have officers who are going to do verification for all applications. These officers can be found in their offshore offices as well as in offices in the country. Their offshore offices with verification officials can be found in Mumbai, London, Pretoria, Washington DC, Dubai, Manila, Bangkok, and Beijing.

The verification process now is more focused on checking out fraudulent partnerships like marriages for convenience. Applications are now approved once officials have verified the authenticity of the individual, as well as genuineness.

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