Monday, December 19, 2016

UK Needs Immigrants, Says CBI

In a recent report, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has stated that the United Kingdom needs immigrants. This is primarily because of the young Britons. There are jobs that need the young Britons. However, the young ones would not move to where the jobs need them to be.

They furthermore claimed that aside from not being willing to move to where the jobs are, the young ones also are not interested in doing important work which may include caring for the country’s elderly residents. With the need for manpower for these essential duties, CBI has come to state that the best way to get people doing what needs to be done would be to welcome immigrants to the country.

Open the borders for foreign workers

Carolyn Fairbairn works as the director-general of CBI. She told members of the Parliament that it is a very important factor for the country to keep the borders open for any foreign workers. The need for laborers is high in the country and with the young Britons not amenable to the types of work available, immigrants need to take the spot and get the jobs done.

According to Fairbairn, the United Kingdom has parts where there is huge need for workers. Along with that, unemployment has a really low rate like in Exeter. Those who are unemployed are not willing to move to places that need them. Many of the unemployed individuals of Britain are on the other end of the UK and are not willing to transfer despite the opportunity for work.

Immigration is the answer

The UK government is high on looking for the right people to complete projects that they have in store. One of the top industries that are looking for workers would be the construction industry. The government has infrastructure projects and other developments planned. With the younger Britons not interested, the workforce is now dependent on the immigrants to the country.

Britain’s exit from the European Union has been about curbing the inflow of immigrants. It also has been focused on making sure that those coming in would be skilled highly as they can easily help out with the financial services of the country. However, this can be quite a problem as there is also a need for other types of workers which the younger Britons are not happy to do.

The need for the young

Fairbairn has been recorded saying that the country’s population is growing older. That is why the country should be happy to welcome the younger ones who would be more than happy to take care of that older population.

With the aging population having a harder time doing the jobs that need to be completed, only the younger folk can complete what needs to be done. And with the younger residents not happy to take on the job, the country should be happy to embrace the need for immigrants to the UK.


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Friday, December 16, 2016

Brexit And Strict Immigration Laws Can Make UK Economy Suffer

Brexit is considered to be a blessing for a number of people. On the other hand, there are other individuals who do highly believe that Brexit will be a bane especially in terms of the economy. This should be one of the consequences of Brexit. Thus, a number of people are trying to fix the terms of Brexit and that includes not approving the stricter laws on immigration.

The grim report

According to a report done by the Office for Budget Responsibility of Britain, the stricter immigration laws definitely would hurt the UK economy. It may not seem like much right now but the numbers are looking grim. This was published this November in their Economic and Fiscal Outlook. With the June vote on Brexit, this is the first time since that the group had published such a report.

The UK office is currently doing another study that would supplement this first report that they had produced. It would provide an even deeper analysis of the numbers to land on a better conclusion. The report has finally been released last 8th of December.

Looking at the specifics

Looking at the details of the report, it is said that with Brexit, they are estimating to see up to an additional £59 billion when it comes to borrowing of the public sector. This is projected to happen in the next five years. Of the £59 billion, £16 billion would be actually a part of the effect that comes with the lesser amount of migrants to the country.

The lesser migrants in the country would be because of the stricter laws on Brexit. And with that, the country would need to borrow because of the imbalance that is not good for the economy. The effects would be reflected on government spending as well as on the tax revenue.

The grander negative effects of Brexit are estimated to happen sometime in 2018 up until 2019. Aside from that, immigration (or the lack of it) to the UK would be bringing the negative effects to the country even up to the years 2020 and 2021.

Brexit is still uncertain

Is Brexit happening today? This is a question that a lot of people are already asking. However, experts are saying that there is still a lot to work on. There are a lot of negotiations still happening and that is giving a lot of people still have hope.

With the facts and the numbers presented, there are still people lobbying to make sure that Brexit will not curb immigration to the UK. After all, if immigration to the UK is going to be giving the country a hard time, then it must be reconsidered at all costs.


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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Diane Abbot Backs UK Immigration, Labels It Beneficial

For Diane Abbott, immigration is not a liability for the United Kingdom, but instead, it brings a lot of benefits to the country. Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, is quite vocal in her claim.

According to her, immigration to the UK brings benefits to the country. She even disclosed that the whole debate that goes with the immigration issue and the numbers that come with it are taken at a different viewpoint.

What the numbers say

Jeremy Corbyn is Abbott’s ally when it comes to this issue. Corbyn has been known to take the same stand as Abbott when it comes to immigration to the UK. According to Abbott, the Tory party and the right wing have been playing with the numbers.

According to the numbers released last week, the country was able to receive around 650,000 immigrants. The numbers are from the start of the year right up until the end of June. This is the highest total of people who have arrived in the country that they have been able to record so far.

The numbers are seemingly rising with this being the highest total recorded for the UK. However, according to this member of the parliament, the country needs immigrants.

Missing the point

Abbott is adamant in her claim. She was asked that if more and more people were migrating to the United Kingdom, should this not be a problem that Labour would have to deal with.

As for Abbott, she says that the numbers game is really missing the point and is not helping people see the bigger picture.

Immigration is something that the country needs, she claims. With immigrants coming in, the country gains a huge benefit especially when it comes to the economy. Those on the other side of the debate are always talking about numbers but they are really missing the whole picture.

Abbott continues that immigration is good for the economy and also good for the whole British society.

The freedom of movement

When it comes to freedom of movement, Abbott does not have a view on this. As for her, all she knows is that if there was no freedom of movement in the country, Britain would not be able to access and enter the single market.

She states the fact that Norway and Switzerland have been able to at peace with freedom of movement. The single market would not be accessible without this.

Abbott has believes quite strongly immigration to the country. She has spoken quite a number of times already regarding this. She is in favor of migrants coming into the country.

Like her, she adds that Corbyn also is not, in any way, concerned about the huge numbers that the country has been able to record.


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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Escaping Trump? Consider New Zealand Immigration.

Trump may have won the US presidential elections but there are a lot of Americans who are not happy with the results. After all, during the campaign period, Donald Trump had been very vocal about his plans on imposing stricter laws on immigration as well as illegal immigrants.

And with his victory during the elections, many Americans have found themselves on the internet, trying to find a new country to call home. They plan on moving to a new country. There were so many of them that Canada’s website on immigration crashed.

Aside from Canada, another popular immigration choice is NewZealand. The numbers, as reported by the Guardian, have hit around 56,300 from the usual average that is 2,300. All of these happened in just 24 hours.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should choose New Zealand for immigration especially if you are escaping Trump and his plans.

Respectable people are looking at getting New Zealand citizenship.

In a New York Times interview, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a justice of the Supreme Court of the US, has mentioned that with her husband, they were looking at getting citizenship in New Zealand. Their plans have even solidified with Trump’s win.

Another respectable person is the biologist from the United Kingdom Richard Dawkins. For Dawkins, his reasons stem from UK’s Brexit. He believes that New Zealand would be the modern Athens especially if the country offers citizenship to the best and brightest minds of the world.

New Zealand worries about climate change.

Those who are in politics in New Zealand believe that climate change is something to be worried about and that it is real. As for Trump, he believes this is just a hoax.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer is the country’s Prime Minister and he believes that Trump may even bring more devastation with his plans on fossil fuels and petrochemicals. These are huge factors of climate change.

Beauty is everywhere.

Words just are not enough to describe the beauty that is New Zealand. Do a simple search online and you would be able to find quite picturesque images that have been taken of the country.

With politicians promoting the battle against climate change, the natural beauty of New Zealand should definitely still be intact. You can check out the official Instagram account of the country’s tourism department and you would see for yourself just how much beauty the country holds.

It is not crowded.

Unlike huge countries like the United States and China, New Zealand has a lot of space for everybody. Their population is quite small. In fact, in a study done recently, there were more animals than humans there. In fact, the government has even disclosed that for every person there is in the country, there are six sheep as well.

So if you are someone who is not into huge crowds and more space, New Zealand definitely could be quite a good option for immigration.


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Canada Tech Industry To Benefit From Brexit And Trump

The Canadian technology industry is still growing as we speak. It is estimated to provide 182,000 jobs by the year 2019. This should be good news for the country until you take a look at the worker statistics. There are not enough Canadians who can fill those positions. That is why the country is open for immigrants. And with a huge number of Americans planning to flee their homeland because of the Trump presidency, this should be good news for Canada. Aside from that, there is also Brexit which should give Canada a good number of workers to get the jobs filled.

Escaping Trump As President

With the recent elections in the United States of America, many Americans are not pleased with the results. The results show that Trump has been elected as the newest president of the country and many want to leave the US and escape Trump.

Their plan? To leave the country.

With that, a huge number of visitors went online and checked out the immigration site of Canada, possibly to find out how to migrate there. That huge number of visitors to the site brought the site down and made it crash. Relocating to Canada seems to be a popular choice among Americans right now and that is not surprising as it is quite near their country and the country offers seemingly better options for its residents.

Trump will be serving the US as president in the next four years and this has definitely not made a lot of Americans happy.

The Brexit Factor

If you have not heard about Brexit, you may want to learn more about it. In June this year, Britain has decided to exit from the European Union, thus the term ‘Brexit’.

Brexit came into being because the United Kingdom wanted to have stricter rules when it comes to immigrants. Thus, Canada becomes a very popular choice as getting into the country would be way easier.

Although Brexit may be quite a huge factor when it comes to more and more individuals choosing to migrate to Canada, this has yet to be finalized. There are still a lot of lawmakers who are not keen on stricter laws when it comes to migration flow in the UK.

Canada and Its Tech Industry

As for Canada, the country is home to 71,000 companies that are part of the technology industry. This is a huge amount and such an industry actually is responsible for more than 7% of the country’s economy. Aside from that, these companies also provide 5.6% of the employment in the country. Now this is definitely good news especially for those who wish to be an immigrant in Canada.

At present, the country is known as the last of the “safe harbors” for those who seek to be immigrants. Canada is also known to be quite open when it comes to immigration as well as to diversity.


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Monday, December 12, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Aims To Curb UK Immigration Restrictions Post-Brexit

You can definitely count on Jeremy Corbyn to stand up against restrictions on UK immigration after Brexit. Corbyn, as the leader of UK’s Labour Party, has been outspoken when it comes to this. Though he has received a number of jeers on his stand, he continues to address the country saying that he will not back any restrictions on immigration to the UK.

In his speech during the Annual Party Conference of the Labour Party, Corbyn has stated that these immigration restrictions would curb limit free movement of the labor force and that could make “Britons pay the price in tit-for-tat retaliation”. The Annual Conference was held in Liverpool.

Bringing back the public’s trust in immigration

For Corbyn, he strongly believes that to be able to bring back the public’s trust when it comes to immigration, what is needed is organization and harmonization of the working conditions and the wages all across the continent. Putting a restraint on free movement would not be able to solve the issue at hand.

The Labour Party head also engaged in a number of TV interviews. During those interviews, he declared that he sees all migrant workers of Europe having a huge contribution to the country in terms of health service, the educational system, and all other services for the public. This is a big deal and it should be given the proper acknowledgement.

Restrictions to UK immigration would not give such worthwhile contributions justice.

No immigration restrictions for the UK

Under the Labour Government of Tony Blair, European Union workers were able to easily move to the UK. This was in 2004. Most of the members of the EU had already put restrictions on immigration for all new member countries.

It was only the UK, Sweden, and Ireland which did not follow such a trend in the EU. They allowed for immigration and no restrictions were put in place.

This was in 2004 and the UK experienced a high number of immigrants than what was expected. These immigrants came from the new members of the EU that year and were from Eastern Europe. Poland had the most number of immigrants.

Corbyn’s alternative

Corbyn’s analysis on the stricter immigration rules would be harmful for Britons if implemented. He says that these would make all Brits have a difficult time if they wanted to travel anywhere in the continent for leisure or for study.

That is why he has an alternative to restraining the free movement of individuals. He has a plan and that plan is to encourage Europe to have equal wages and working conditions. With an equal footing in all countries, people would have easier movement across the continent. How he is going to do this, he has not disclosed yet but it does sound like a good plan.

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