Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Top Graduates Can Enter The United Kingdom As Immigrants Via The High Potential Individual Visa

A lot of people from many countries in the world are really interested in making their way to the United Kingdom as immigrants. Sometimes, they are really ready to make the move and all they need to do is start the application process. However, for many of them, they are still waiting for the right route that would help them make their way to the United Kingdom at the soonest time possible. These routes all depend on what the country needs at that moment. For example, if there is a need for more engineers, then a route would open that would help bring in the needed engineers.


One of the most recent routes to the UK that has opened up is known as the High Potential Individual Visa and it is another great way that many individuals can take to make it to the country. A lot have been excited by it and many are working towards entering the country via this route.


What is the High Potential Individual Visa?


This route to the UK has been opened just this month and it has been designed to help the government of the country bring in the top talents from the entire globe. According to Rishi Sunak, a Chancellor in the UK, the High Potential Individual Visa has been made to be attractive to all of those who wish to make it to the country and is aimed at bringing in some of the best people with high skills. It is also aimed at bringing in some of the best entrepreneurs.


This visa route is also a great opportunity for many individuals who have finished their programs at one of the top universities in the world. They can enter the United Kingdom with their family or their dependents. The visa would also allow them to work in the country, look for a job, work as a freelancer, or simply set up a business should they wish to. It is a good route to take for many individuals who want to work in the UK without the need to be tied up with just one employer.


Employers benefit from this route, too


While many may think that this route is just good for individuals who have plans on being immigrants in the United Kingdom, this route is also good for employers in the country. Those who looking for people to employ would have a bigger pool to choose from, especially with some of the top talents coming in. Employers can also benefit from this because they do not have to spend on sponsorship of the individual that they are hiring. Also, individuals who enter the UK through this route would not have to follow a standard occupation classification or would not have to meet any minimum salary rates.




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Monday, May 30, 2022

Parliament Member Wants Super Visa For Parents And Grandparents To Canada To Improve And Help More Immigrants

For many immigrants who have chosen to move to Canada, missing home is a big thing that they have to face daily. These individuals chose to leave their home country because they have a purpose and these vary, depending on what these people are looking for in life. For example, there are people who move to Canada because they want to take their studies there. Some move there for work opportunities. These are just two main reasons why people move there.


While moving to Canada is a big win for them, they still have a lot of obstacles to go through, and also miss their loved ones back home. They have to deal with learning how to live in a new country and also have to deal with their feeling of homesickness. This is one of the reasons why a lot of them leave the country after a while because they would choose to go back to their families and loved ones. That is why the government of Canada is doing its best to ensure that these essential immigrants continue to stay in the country by allowing them to reunite with their families in Canada.


A bill that would improve the Super Visa for parents and grandparents


A member of the Canadian Parliament, Kyle Seeback, has recently disclosed that he would like to propose a new bill, which has been designed to help support parents and grandparents who chose to go to Canada. He has already created a list of the changes that he would like to propose for the Super Visa for parents and grandparents.


The current Super Visa for parents and grandparents


At present, the Super Visa actually allows Canadians’ parents and grandparents to visit Canada for two straight years without the need to renew the visa. It also allows them to make multiple entries to the country for 10 years. It also requires that a child or grandchild be a Canadian and must meet the minimum income requirement. The parents and grandparents must also have medical insurance with a Canadian insurance company.


The proposed changes


Seeback proposes that parents and grandparents can stay in Canada for five straight years without the need to renew their visa. He also proposes that applicants for the Super Visa can buy medical insurance from companies that are not in Canada as this could save them in insurance costs. The third change that he is proposing for the Super Visa for parents and grandparents is that the Canadian government lessen the cut-off for low income for all Canadians who would like to host their parents and grandparents. He also disclosed that as per the income, this should be removed but not right now.




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Friday, May 27, 2022

Immigrants’ Guide To Slang Commonly Used In The United States Of America

Latin used to rule the world of languages. It has been the basis of many words used in different languages that are present nowadays. However, it died and only a small number of people actually still use this language nowadays. It is a good thing that languages that are present in the world nowadays are growing and developing with each day. A good example is the English language and great proof of this is just how people create slang and lingo in this language which shows the development of the language. A case in point is the slang used in the United States of America. Many immigrants have been surprised to find out that there is a lot of slang in the country that may sound English but actually mean a different thing from its original meaning.


What are the common slang used in the USA? Here are some of them.


Throwing shade


This slang may actually make a lot of people unfamiliar with it think that it is about giving some shade to people who may be under the sun, but it is not in any way related to such. In fact, the slang “throwing shade” actually is used to refer to a person who may be judging another person negatively, or a person who may be disapproving of another individual.


I thought that Heidi was a really nice person until I heard her throwing shade at Amber.




While ‘bet’ may be a term usually used when gambling, it has also been used as slang in the USA. When used as slang, it actually means that the person saying it is in agreement with what the other person said.


Dan asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him on Friday. I have been waiting for this for a long time and I said, “Sure, bet.”




The common words that most people know are ‘weird’ and ‘freak’ but not necessarily ‘weirdo’ or ‘freaky’. These are easy-to-understand slang because their meaning is still connected to their original meaning. These terms are actually used by people in the USA to refer to a person who may seem or behave strangely or weirdly.


Frances wasn’t too happy about being paired up with Matt for this project. She has always found him to be a weirdo and quite freaky at times.


Shut up


Normally, the term ‘shut up’ is used to tell someone to stop talking. But this has also become a form of slang that actually is commonly used by people who may have become surprised or are in disbelief about something.


Shut up! You really did win the lottery? You’re quite lucky given that you’re more prone to getting hit by a bus than winning the lottery!




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Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Zealand Plans To Reopen Borders In July, Prepares By Making Changes To Immigration Rules

A lot of things have happened in the past two years or so. One of the biggest ones that has made the world reel is the COVID-19 pandemic. It has created a lot of chaos and uncertainty in people’s lives. Given how fast the virus that causes the disease can spread, many countries including NewZealand had decided on closing their borders to ensure that they are in control of the disease in their territory. There were also lockdowns enforced to ensure that they can contain the spread of the virus. Immigration had to be put to a halt as well.


It is also interesting to note that despite all of these, experts did not stop at what they were doing and focused all their work and energy on learning about the new disease and finding ways to put a stop to all of it. Many countries have already reopened their borders and have allowed immigration to continue. New Zealand has still to reopen its borders and many potential immigrants are waiting for this to happen.


Reopening its borders


Exciting times are up ahead, especially for all of those individuals who have been patiently waiting for New Zealand to reopen its borders. This is happening soon as the government of the country has already decided on reopening by July this year. They are doing this to ensure that any skill shortages that New Zealand is currently facing would be addressed at the soonest time possible. By reopening the borders, the country could also start to heal especially in terms of its economy after the onslaught that COVID-19 brought.


The borders are set to reopen starting at 11:59pm on the last day of July. However, potential immigrants should be aware though that the immigration rules have also been changed so as to ensure that things go smoothly and things are safe not only for the new immigrants but also for the entire country. After all, New Zealand has been one of the countries in the world that has recorded the least amount of deaths from COVID-19 as compared to other countries in the world.


Who can enter the country?


There are around 20,000 individuals with visas that would expire before 2023 comes around. These individuals have the option to get an extension of their visa for six months or they can also opt to get a visa that they can use for two years and will come with open work conditions. Aside from this, cruise ships would now also be allowed to enter New Zealand as the maritime border would also be open on the same date and time. These are definitely good things as it means that having new immigrants joining the country would help out with any issues that only immigrants can help out with.




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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Bread And Butter Pudding: A Sweet Dessert In The United Kingdom Which Immigrants Need To Try

Not a lot of people are keen on trying new things. However, immigrants have no choice but to try new things since they are living in a new country and things would definitely be different compared to things in their home country. For example, an immigrant who have chosen to live a new life in the United Kingdom should have to try speaking with the locals in their native language which is English. They should also try to wear new clothes that are apt for the weather there. They should also try to eat new foods that are available in the country.


Of the many dishes and foods that can be found in the UK, one of them is a definite must-try, as recommended by locals and tourists alike. This is a dessert and it is quite delicious, or else, it would not be recommended by people. Aside from it being a popular recommendation, this dessert is also quite a popular favorite among the Brits.


What is bread and butter pudding?


Just like its name says, it is a pudding and it makes use of bread and putter. It is a traditional pudding in the UK. To make it, bread is sliced and is smothered in butter. It is then placed inside a dish made for the oven and then raisins are added over the layers of the sliced bread. The entire thing is then covered with a mixture for egg custard. Additional seasonings are mixed in which usually include vanilla and nutmeg. There are other seasonings that can also be used. After that, the entire thing is baked.


Are there other ingredients?


Yes, there are other ingredients that can be used with this delicious dessert. Once the bread and butter pudding is done baking, there are people who would serve it as is while there are also some who would choose to add more ingredients before serving it. Some of the most common ingredients that are used are cream or even more custard. There are also other who choose to add berries like raspberry, blackberry, or strawberry. For others, they would serve the bread and butter pudding with some fruit jam, sweet preserves, or marmalade which they would spread all over the bread.


It seems like there is a never ending list of ingredients that can be added in making this dessert. There are modern versions of the bread and butter pudding in the UK which would include adding fresh grapes in between the layers of buttered bread before baking. They would use fresh grapes instead of raisins. There are also some who would melt some apple slices into the mixture. There are some who would grate some lemon peel or orange peel to tweak the flavor a little bit.




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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Will Canada Be Bringing In More Immigrants In The Next Few Years?

The number of immigrants that countries accept each year depends on what the country needs for specific purposes. For example, if the country still needs more immigrant workers, then one can expect that the country would welcome the number of immigrant workers that it lacks. So should there be a need for around 2,000 immigrant workers who can work the fields and the farms, that country would most likely bring in that amount. This is the case in Canada and in many other countries around the world. The number of immigrants that the country would accept would be dependent on how many of them the country needs at that time.


This is one of the reasons why individuals who are interested in moving to Canada as immigrants are always on the lookout for any announcements from the government that would inform them if they are what the country is looking for and if they have a bigger chance of achieving their goal. Now, the question that people have is will Canada be bringing in more immigrants in the next few years?


There is good news


There is surely good news for everyone who has been eyeing Canada as the country that they would be moving to as immigrants. See, a recent announcement from the Canadian government has stated that the country still is pushing through with its plan to bring in a high number of immigrants starting this year until 2024. That number is expected to break the current immigration records that Canada has so far.


The need for more immigrants


When the pandemic hit the entire world, everyone reeled from the effects. Immigration has surely been one of the hardest hit and Canada knows it all too well. That is why it did the best that it could to make things a whole lot better there to ensure that they can go right back to bringing in the needed immigrants that the country really needs.


In 2021, the country was able to reach a new record in immigration. It has been able to award permanent residency visas to more than 405,000 individuals. This 2022, the government of Canada has already announced that the country’s new target in terms of immigration would be to bring in more than 432,000 new immigrants. That number is already staggering but the country still has plans of bringing it even higher for 2023 and 2024.


Immigrants have been really welcomed well in Canada for decades. They are important to the country as they help with a lot of things, which include adding more people to the labor market, population growth, and the economy. With the way things are going in Canada, one can surely expect that immigration would continue to grow there.




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Monday, May 23, 2022

American Traits: Things That Immigrants Need To Know About The Locals Of The United States Of America

While a lot of people think that they know about Americans based on what they see on television or in the movies or on social media, there are still some traits that Americans commonly have that people are not really familiar with unless they already live in the United States of America and regularly interact with them. That is why it is important that immigrants who chose to live in this country should be open and willing to learn more about the locals since they would be dealing with them on a regular basis.


Learning about the common American traits would be really helpful for immigrants as it would give them more knowledge on how to interact with the locals. It would also allow them to be more prepared and not really be surprised should they come across something that they are not really familiar with or used to experiencing.


Here are some of those common American traits.


They like their personal space.


One of the things that immigrants need to know about Americans is that they really treasure their personal space. Invading that personal space is deemed as a no-no. People should learn to give them elbow room and allow them to have their personal space.


There are homeless people in the USA.


While one may think that the country has greener pastures, there are still some people who are homeless because of the circumstances dealt to them. But do not be too worried as they are only 1% of the population. Of course, this is a big number still and that is why a lot of people try their best to help these people out.


Immigrants in the USA have also seen that talking to the homeless is quite easy. They just need to use their judgment on what they say and who they talk to.


The clothes may look strange.


The United States of America is a country that celebrates its freedom and that can be seen in how the locals use this to express who they are. Immigrants can definitely encounter a lot of people, especially the younger ones, who would be wearing clothes that may seem strange to some. They also sport tattoos and body piercings. But keep in mind that doing so does not make them bad people. It is just their way of expressing themselves.


They like to follow the law.


One of the many traits that Americans have is that they really are followers of the law. It helps them know what to do and what to avoid. They also use this to ensure that any abuse does not happen and that they are on the right track. The law is very important to them.




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Friday, May 20, 2022

Talk Like The Locals: Some Of The Slang Used In New Zealand Which Immigrants Need To Learn

It is a good thing for many immigrants who chose to move to New Zealand that the locals of the country also speak English, as it is one of the major languages in the country. With English being one of the most spoken languages in the entire world, immigrants who move to this country would not have a hard time communicating with the locals as they do not really have to learn a new language. However, what they should understand is that despite English being one of the major languages spoken there, English is also a dynamic language and it is continually evolving. Slang is a major proof of that.


Although slang in New Zealand, just like in most countries around the world, may sound English, it is their meaning that changes from its original definition. With that, it is important that immigrants who have chosen to move to this beautiful country should learn some of the basic slang used there so communicating with the locals may be even faster and better and clearer.


Here are some of the usual slang used in New Zealand.


Sweet as


This slang ‘sweet as’ is a common one used in the country. It is used not to compare one thing to another, but instead, it is used to mean ‘great’.


Melody wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to the party her cousin was inviting her to. But she still went anyway. Her cousin appreciated it and her appreciation was sweet as.




In New Zealand, the slang ‘ta’ is not just a short word that means nothing. It actually is used to mean ‘thanks’.


Francis had a great time in New York. He said ta to his new friends there for giving him a great time.




While some may think that ‘togs’ may actually refer to clogs or something like that, ‘togs’ in New Zealand actually is a swimming costume or a swimsuit.


Did you bring your togs today? I forgot to tell you that we’re going to the beach with the gang.


Under the weather


Just like in other countries, the slang ‘under the weather’ also refers to feeling tired or feeling unwell.


James was supposed to meet me here today but he messaged me earlier saying that he was under the weather.




When something is referred to as ‘wicked’ in New Zealand, it does not mean evil or something negative. In fact, it actually means the opposite which is ‘fine’ or ‘excellent’.


All his hard work paid off. He actually got a great deal and was finally able to purchase a wicked house in a wicked location in the city.


Wop wops


This slang actually is used to mean the countryside or a district that is rural or is remote.


I thought I wouldn’t be having a great time at the wop wops but I was proven wrong.




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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Immigrants Ask: What Are The Common Traits Of The Locals Of The United Kingdom?

For most immigrants who choose a certain country as a place where they would be living in for some time (or maybe even for the rest of their lives), they would have a number of criteria to keep in mind. There are those who are looking for a place with great job opportunities. There are some who are looking for a country where it would be safe and better to start a family. There are also those who choose a country based on how beautiful the country is. These are some of the reasons why a lot of immigrants choose the United Kingdom over the tons of countries that the world has.


Many who choose the UK as the country to move to usually rely on what they see in movies and TV shows to gauge what the locals in the country do and what they should learn about the country. They also rely on what they find on social media to learn more about the country. However, there are some things that cannot be found on those channels. Learning about the traits of the locals is really important as interacting with them is something that immigrants would have to do once they get there.


Here are some of those common traits.


They like to ask people about their trip.


One of the common traits that the Brits have is they really like to ask other people about how their trip went. It could be their commute to work or their vacation to some tropical paradise. It is a better way to get to know people and learn about other things as well. It is also a good way to break the ice and make small talk.


They cannot help but comment on how other people raise their kids.


Another interesting trait about the locals of the UK is that it is hard for them not to make a comment on how other people raise their kids. This may be because they would usually observe how well (or how bad) the child is growing up and what the parents are doing right (or wrong). It may also be because they would compare the kids to their own childhood. This is done not to spite anyone. It is just what they are.


They can be jealous of other people’s success or wealth.


The locals of the UK may also be jealous of the wealth or the success that other people may have gained or are currently enjoying. This is not because they do not like those people but because they wish they could also enjoy the same thing. But the jealousy is done in such a way that it does not become a negative thing and many would use this to strive hard to get the same thing.




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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Processing Of Immigration Applications To Canada Should Be Back To Normal By End Of 2022

Backlogs do happen and in the case of Canada, it is a problem that the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada is facing. Thanks to the pandemic, despite the lower amount of applications coming in, especially during the height of the pandemic, backlogs have piled up. This can be attributed to the fewer workers available to work on the applications as well as the closure of some of the offices as face-to-face interactions and transactions were not allowed in Canada, just like anywhere else in the world.


However, because of how the country has been handling the pandemic, restrictions have slowly been lifted and the health sector knows how to deal with those who may have been inflicted with the disease. Immigration has also been opened and many more people are already starting to send in their applications. That has made up for the number of backlogs to even pile up. It is a good thing though that the IRCC is doing its best to ensure that the backlogs are taken care of and the processing time of applications should be back to normal by the end of 2022.


Studying the current situation


One of the things that Sean Fraser did as Immigration Minister of Canada was to study the current backlogs in applications and the processing time. This would allow him and the government to understand what is needed and what needs to be worked on to ensure that the processing times of immigration applications would be made better and faster. This is also good news for those who may be working on making their way to Canada as they would not have to wait a lot longer if things go faster and back to the normal processing times.


Fraser did his study with the parliamentary committee which is made up of officials of the federal government who were elected into office. They keep up with federal policies on multiculturalism and immigration. They do these studies to enable themselves to create the best recommendations that would help with immigration policies. By putting their heads together, they can create the best policies that would help with Canada’s goals.


The immigration goal


Fraser said that the IRCC is aiming at ensuring that the processing times for all applications should be back to the standard by the end of 2022. This would be most especially true for most of the business lines in Canada. He also disclosed that he is positive that the IRCC would be able to do it. However, should they not be able to meet that goal, the new timelines would be announced so as to inform everyone and keep them updated. The IRCC has already planned on adding more people to help out. It is also working on updating the current immigration system and making it more modern.




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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

More People Needed To Care For Older Adults In The United States Of America, Immigrants Eyed

Care workers are what the United States of America needs a lot of right now as these are the professionals who would be helping and giving personal help to older adults who need such a service. They would also be needed to help out younger individuals who are dealing with disabilities. Although the United States of America may have a lot of people in the labor market, it is interesting to note that not a lot of them are really willing to do the work entailed to care for others. This is the issue that the country has been facing even before the pandemic struck. Most of the people who need such professional help would look towards immigrants who are really able and willing to do the hard work.


Now, with the pandemic still around, the shortage of care workers even worsened. There is a bigger need for more care workers and the locals are still not willing to help out in this line of work. Aside from that, the country still has not fully opened up to bringing in the needed professional immigrants who are capable of doing such an important task.


Discussing the need for professional immigrant care workers


Discussions by experts in the United States of America on the situation have been done many times and the conclusion always ends up with the need for more professional immigrant care workers in the country. There is a huge amount of elderly people and individuals with disabilities that need these people to help them out. By increasing the number of immigrant care workers allowed in the country, the shortage can be addressed and those who need such assistance can get it. However, if the change is not done, the situation may not be alleviated and the problem may get even worse.


However, with how things are going and there are still restrictions in place for such health professionals to enter the United States of America as immigrant workers, it seems like the situation is not going to get any better any time soon. The people involved in decision-making should already be considering lifting the restrictions to allow the entry of these people.


The problems that are arising


With the needed changes still going unnoticed, there are problems that are continuing to arise in the USA. Most of the people who need the help of care workers have to adjust a great deal and their families have to put in a lot of work to help out. Families also have to spend a lot more. Some even have to resort to quitting their jobs to care for their family members. Aside from these, facilities that offer such services also are feeling the burden as there are not enough professionals under their roof to help all of the people out.




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Monday, May 16, 2022

New Zealand Government Announces Big Changes To Immigration Settings

It is interesting to note that thousands and thousands of individuals from all around the world are dreaming of moving to New Zealand as immigrants. And for many of them who have worked hard and are ready to move there, the pandemic became a huge hurdle as they had to put their plans on pause. The government of New Zealand decided to close its borders to ensure that the virus does not spread a lot in the country and it has been working hard to ensure that the people living in the country are kept safe.


But things cannot remain that way and New Zealand needs to reopen its borders. To ensure that things remain okay and the government still has a good handle on the pandemic, the government has created strategies and made changes. And one of the changes that the government of the country has made is with regards to immigration as it plans on reopening the country to people from outside.


The need to open the borders


It is understandable why the government of New Zealand decided to close its borders when the pandemic started. However, with more knowledge and strategies made to handle the virus, it is also understandable that the country should start to reopen its borders. It needs to do this as it cannot really function well all alone. It needs immigration as immigrants have been known to help bring in more people in the labor market. Reopening the borders would also mean allowing tourists in which would help with the recovery of the tourism industry of the country.


Jacinda Arden is the Prime Minister of New Zealand and she has disclosed that one of the changes would be changed Accredited Employer Work Visa route that would be more streamlined and it should be up and running starting July 4th. With this, employers in the country would not be required to give a lot of information, thus allowing the process of bringing in the needed immigrant workers a lot faster.


More changes in the immigration system


For the Accredited Employer Work Visa and the Foreign Fish Crew Visa, there would be a wage threshold which is said to be at the medium range. This would be at $27.76. Also, exemptions would be made for industries that include hospitality and tourism that has a threshold of $25 and this would be until April 2023. For other industries like construction and infrastructure, seasonal snow and adventure tourism, seafood, and meat processing, there will be a lower threshold in wages. Those who wish to move to New Zealand may have to wait for the official announcement and changes before sending in their applications.




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Friday, May 13, 2022

New Visa Route In The United Kingdom Aimed At Bringing In Talented Graduates

A lot of individuals from all over the world all look forward to the day that they would be able to call themselves immigrants. That is why they do the best that they can to make sure that they are able to do well with regard to their plans. If they have been eyeing the United Kingdom as the country that they would be moving to as immigrants, they would do the work needed to ensure that they are able to make it and move to the country as soon as possible.


To be able to move to a country like the UK, one has to ensure that they meet all of the requirements that the government is looking for. It would give them a higher chance of getting approved for the visa that would allow them to enter and stay in the country. It is a good thing that people have the chance of moving to the UK through a variety of programs and routes that the government opens. Of course, that would depend on the kind of immigrants that the country needs at the time.


A new route to the United Kingdom


According to recent news, the United Kingdom is planning on launching a new route that would allow interested individuals to get the visa that they would need to enter the country. For this new route to the UK, the aim would be to bring in individuals with high potential. The expected date of launch of this new route would be on the 30th of May, and it would be named the High Potential Individual visa.


The new visa route is aimed at bringing in individuals who have high skills and are graduates of foreign universities. Should they be approved for the visa, they can work and live in the United Kingdom for two to three years and that would be dependent on their degree level. Those who wish to take advantage of this route do not have to worry about having a job offer from a company in the UK. They also are not required to have a sponsorship to be able to move to the UK.


Making things easier


Kevin Foster is the minister for Safe and Legal Migration in the UK and on the new visa route, he mentioned that it was made to be simple and easier for all of those interested individuals to make it to the UK. Of course, it is important that the individuals who would be applying through this route must have a degree that has been awarded by a university that is known all around the world. The list would soon be up on the website of the country.




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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Prince Edward Island: An Unspoiled Area In Canada That Immigrants Can Explore

Exploring the country that they are living in is a great thing to do. Those who live in beautiful countries have the chance to do so and constantly be amazed at the beauty that their country offers. A good example would be Canada which is a regular favorite among those individuals who are interested in being an immigrant. The country is a beautiful place and has tons of scenic spots that one can visit. Immigrants who chose this country find themselves exploring the country and enjoying each place they go to.


One of the amazing places that immigrants in Canada go to explore is Prince Edward Island. This spot is amazing and is a great treat for people who are into exploring unspoiled areas. Nature definitely is something that people can enjoy here and there is nothing like unspoiled nature to do relax and enjoy. Prince Edward Island surely is a great place to visit for many of these immigrants (and locals as well!).


What is Prince Edward Island?


This island in Canada is unspoiled. It comes with rolling farmlands and white lighthouses. It has red cliffs and sand dunes that are golden in color. The island also has amazing lakes that are beautiful to look at and do activities in. In short, this island in Canada is a great place for adventure.


This island is a Maritime province that is found on the east coast of the country. It measures 139 miles in length and is 40 miles in width. It is the smallest province in Canada and is the only one that is an island. Despite it being small, it has a lot to offer and a lot of things to do for those who wish to go there.


What can people do on Prince Edward Island?


There are a number of things that people can do when they visit Prince Edward Island. Here are a few of them.


  • Look for lighthouses. Prince Edward Island has a good number of lighthouses and those who visit this place usually go looking for lighthouses. There are around 63 lighthouses on this island in Canada and looking for all of them and enjoying the structure and design is quite a happy activity to do. These lighthouses have been around for a long time and have helped tons of ships be safe. Despite being around for a long time, they have also been preserved well.
  • Know more about Anne of Green Gables. Anne, the red-haired girl who came from Green Gables, has been a popular character in a series of stories that children have been reading for more than 100 years. And one can learn more about her on this island in Canada as one can find the Green Gables Heritage Place here. People who visit the place would be able to feel how the place in the stories was. The place is a white house with green shutters and it once belonged to the cousins of the author of the book.




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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

More Businesses And More Jobs More Likely To Be Created By Immigrants In The United States Of America

Thousands of people from all over the world are looking for a new place to live and become immigrants in. Their reasons vary but the main ones include finding greener pastures, reuniting with family, and getting the education that they want to have. These are also the main reasons why a lot of people choose the United States of America to become immigrants in. And with the country being a country of opportunities, it is not surprising why.


A lot of countries around the world are open to immigrants because these people help out in a lot of things. These include the economy, the birth rate, and the labor market. These individuals may have come from other countries but are definitely making the USA their home once they are there. They do the best that they could to help out in their own way, and one of these is creating new businesses that also create new jobs.


Likely to start new businesses


A study was done recently and the results showed that immigrants who have chosen to live in the United States of America are more likely to start their own businesses as compared to individuals who were born in the country. One of the authors of this study is an economist from MIT. The result also showed that immigrants in the USA are around 80% more likely to start a business in the country. These businesses that immigrants started are also have around 1% more employees as compared to those businesses that were started by the locals of the USA.


One of the authors of the study, Pierre Azoulay who is an economist at MIT, said that as per the results of the study, immigrants in the USA have started more businesses and these businesses vary in size. They have started small business and even started medium-scale businesses and big businesses. Because of these businesses that have been created, it meant more jobs available for people in the country.


Creating more jobs


The study also continued to show that the immigrants who have chosen the country as their new home have become more of creators of new jobs rather than being people who take jobs. This is a good thing because this means that there are more job opportunities for people in the USA and this is a big help to the people and to the economy of the country.


The data used for the study came from the United States Census Bureau and from tax records from 2005 up until 2010. It included 1.02 million businesses and the researchers looked at the creation of the businesses and the growth of jobs during the period of the study.




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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Languages In New Zealand And How Interesting It Is For Immigrants

Although New Zealand is mostly a country that speaks English, it is important that immigrants in the country learn more about how to communicate there. After all, not all people may speak English and there are certain things about communication that the locals do. With that, here are some of the basic things that immigrants in New Zealand should know about the languages in the country and how previous immigrants there have found the entire thing interesting.


The languages in New Zealand


What most people do not know is that New Zealand is home to three official languages. These are English, the Maori language (which is also known as Te Reo Maori), and the New Zealand Sign Language. These are different from one another and those who are interested in learning new languages would definitely have a grand time in the country.


Speaking English


Immigrants would most certainly observe that when the locals of New Zealand speak English, they would have a strong accent and they would also speak quite quickly. They would also use slang that are unique in New Zealand. Sometimes, they may also use some words or phrases from the te reo Maori language. Immigrants who are still new in the country may have a hard time trying to understand what the locals are saying especially if slang and te reo Maori are used. But in time, they would become quite familiar with this and can easily converse and understand the locals.


Getting used to the accent


New immigrants may have a hard time understanding the strong accent that the locals have. However, it is highly suggested that they should not stop conversing with the locals as this would help them get used to the accent. Aside from that, immigrants in New Zealand can also listen to the local radio stations or also watch local TV shows and soap operas to help them get used to the accent. Should they be speaking with locals and there are some things that they do not understand, simply request the locals to speak more slowly or ask them to kindly explain what they just said. Keep in mind that the locals are friendly and helpful and they would be more than happy to help out.


The other two languages


Te reo Maori is a language that is used by the locals in New Zealand and it is a great reflection of the culture of the country. Learning the common phrases is quite interesting.


The New Zealand Sign Language is the most commonly used language by the deaf community in the country. It also reflects the culture of the country as there are signs in this language that make use of Maori concepts which cannot be found in the sign languages in other countries.




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