Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Quirky Traits Of The Locals Of United Kingdom Which Immigrants Should Be Familiar With

While many are published and talked about when it comes to the language, the food, the culture, and the places in the United Kingdom, there are only a few who have taken the time to look and talk about the traits that the locals of the country have. This is why many immigrants who make their way to the country are quite surprised when they find out about the quirks that the locals have. Just like in any other country, there are always quirks that the locals have and those who are in the United Kingdom are definitely no different from any other country.


With that, here are some of those quirks that would be interesting to learn about. That way, immigrants who are in the country would not be that surprised or even shocked when they encounter such for the first time.


Controversial statements


Locals of the UK may have some controversial thing in mind and would like to start a conversation about this. Many of them may start that by saying something like, “I am not being funny, however...” and then they would state the controversy that they may have in mind.


Declining invitations


When people in the United Kingdom are given an invitation to attend something but they cannot attend or do not want to attend, they would not go out and say no directly. Instead, they would say vague stuff about any plans that they may have (or have not!) made. It is their way of getting out of an invitation without having really to go and say no.


Having favors done


One thing that immigrants should know about the Brits is that they are thankful people. So if someone does them a favor, the Brits would not hesitate to say thank you. They would show the person that they are very appreciative of what they had done for them.


Pronouncing names wrong


When a person says their name wrong, they are just so polite that they would rather not correct the other person who said it wrong.


Loving their pets a lot


People who live in the United Kingdom are said to have so much love for their pets – may it be a dog, a cat, a fish, or whatever animal it is that they take care of. There are even those who say that they love their pets a lot more than they would their child.


Spare change


When there is a need for some spare change, the locals of the UK would be more than happy to check their pockets or their purses to look for loose change. Most of them do have spare change lying around and they would be more than glad to share that.




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Monday, December 28, 2020

The Growing Tech Scene In Canada Makes It Need More Skilled Tech Immigrants

The tech scene is one of the fastest-growing industries at present, given the huge scope that it has and the even greater market that it serves. That is why one can find plenty of tech companies popping out like mushrooms all around the world. The United States has been at the forefront of the whole tech scene but it does seem like Canada is following suit as it is able to easily lure and bring in the needed immigrant tech workers that the tech companies and businesses need.


However, with the recent pandemic that had Canada putting a lockdown and prohibiting any kind of travel that is qualified as non-essential, many tech companies in the country had to suffer from the consequences. This is because many of these tech companies have been reliant on the tech immigrants that the government of Canada has been able to bring in. With the lockdown, no new immigrants were able to make it to the country. This is why, as of present, with the government of the country slowly lifting the lockdown, many tech companies are now starting to gain footing and are working on bringing in more tech immigrants to help them out.


The tech industry during the pandemic


It is not a surprising thing to learn that many companies and business in the technology industry have been affected negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, it is important to understand that the tech industry is just one of those that had been affected as more than three million jobs in various industries had also been affected in Canada. When the lockdown was imposed, not many businesses were ready to handle that and so they really took a hit.


With the recent changes in policies and with the new health protocols set in place, many businesses in the technology industry have already started to work on rising back up again. In fact, their recovery has been seen to be quite a spectacular one given just how fast they were able to spring back up. Experts who have been looking at how things went for the tech industry have said that the businesses in this industry are quite resilient as they may have been shocked at first because of the lockdown but they were easily able to make the transition to working online and were able to easily set up a work-from-home option for the employees.


Tapping immigrant talent


Many tech businesses in Canada are now working with the government to help them get the needed tech immigrant workers that they need to help out with the business. It is a good thing though because the pandemic has been able to show these companies that remote working is a viable option and if travel is not yet that lax as it used to be, those who are not able to make it to Canada just yet can already start working in the comforts of their home country.




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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

With Immigration, New Zealand Has Brought In Good People And A Number Of Trailblazers

For many years, New Zealand has been one of the top countries that potential immigrants have been eyeing to move to. This is not really a big surprise given that the country is known for its culture of work-life balance and its beautiful nature that is unparalleled. These are two main reasons why plenty of potential immigrants keep doing their best to send comply with all of the requirements needed to be able to make it to New Zealand.


This is a good thing for New Zealand since the government has been trying its best and making plans to try and become the Silicon Valley in their part of the world. However, according to the data from a group, New Zealand has done a huge amount to be able to achieve that goal but it has yet to reach that aim. Instead, what the country has been able to achieve was to bring in a lot of good people who were able to help out with the country in their own ways. The country has also been able to bring in a number of trailblazers.


Bringing in new immigrants


The policies of the government of New Zealand on immigration has been focused on bringing up productivity in the country and the immigrants that the country has been able to lure and bring in have been able to help out with this. The government has also been focused on bringing in immigrants who have high skills as well as entrepreneurs who would be able to bring their business to the country or start a new business in New Zealand. This has also been met. Despite that, these goals of New Zealand are still continuous as these are good things to have.


Aside from these, New Zealand has also been able to bring in huge numbers of good immigrants who have been able to help the country through their own contributions. They are good people who are able to help with keeping the peace, the economy, and through the skills that they can offer the labor market. The country is enjoying a good economy nowadays because of the contributions of all the people living there – locals and immigrants alike.


Opening new jobs


Studies have also found out that the entrepreneurs who have made their way to New Zealand as immigrants and have brought their business there or have started a new business in the country has helped not only the economy but has also helped create new jobs for the people living there. This is a good thing because it means that there would be more people employed, thus lessening the amount of individuals who are unemployed. The government of New Zealand has also been very supportive of startups and new businesses and are encouraging people to pursue their plans of having a new business venture.




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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Even More Colleges And Universities In Canada Given The Go Signal To Admit Immigrant Students

Each year, the many colleges and universities that are in Canada have been receiving a huge amount of applications from individuals who are interested in taking further studies. Not all of them get accepted but despite that, the number of immigrant students that are accepted each year in the colleges and universities in Canada is definitely huge. This is not surprising given that the country is known to have an educational system that is admired and renowned all over the world. The quality of education in this country is one of the best, if not the best, in the entire world.


In the past months though, many colleges and universities in Canada had to stop accepting new immigrant students because of the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus. However, with the way that the government of the country has been able to handle the current pandemic, many people have become even more interested in trying their best to study in Canada. And the most recent news from Canada is that, even more colleges and universities in the country have been given the go signal to go and accept more immigrant students, since they have been able to follow the requirements that the government has put in place as part of their health protocols.


More learning institutions with approval


The government of Canada has created a list previously that shows the Designated Learning Institutions (also known as DLIs) who have been given the approval to receive and welcome new immigrant students, during these trying times. DLIs are educational institutions that have the go signal from the government of Canada to bring in and host immigrant students. Recently, the government has updated that list and added even more DLIs, which means that more and more DLIs are now able to bring in immigrant students.


During the start of the lockdown in Canada, one of the first groups to be affected a lot by this were the immigrant students who were awarded student visas but were unable to make it to the country because of the restrictions with regards to travel. However, with the way that the country has been able to handle the situation, the government has now started to ease the restrictions that they have enforced and it is now able to start allowing new immigrant students to go to the country and go right on with their studies.


Making the list


Educational institutions that have a plan on being part of the list of approved DLIs should be able to complete all of the requirements that the government has set in place. There should be protocols that would be followed to make sure that the health of the students and the country in general would not be put at risk.




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Monday, December 21, 2020

Talking With The Locals: An Immigrant’s Guide To The Common Phrases Used In Germany

Despite the language barrier, many people still do their very best to make it to Germany and live there as immigrants. While the language barrier may be what has been pushing people away since it means that they would have to learn a new language all over again, this does not hinder those who are really bent on making it to the country. That is not surprising though as Germany is one of the top countries in Europe when it comes to discipline, safety, and economy. With this kind of combination, people feel that living in this country would be worth all of the sacrifices that they have to make to move there.


With the Germans very proud of their language, it is just respectful for new immigrants to go and learn the language since they would be using it in daily conversations with people when they are in the country. One cannot expect the people of Germany to be the one to adjust each and every time there are conversations. That is why it is highly recommended that people who are planning on becoming immigrants in this country in Europe learn even at least the basic phrases that could be used in daily conversations. With that, here are some of them.


Where is the nearest restroom?


In any case that a person needs to go use the restroom in an unfamiliar place and they do not know where to go, one can say, “Wo ist die nächste Toilette?”


Excuse me.


For a person who may want to pass by between two people talking or just to excuse themselves from something, they can say, “Entschuldigung.”


Which beer would you recommend?


With Germany being the country most known for beer and beer festivals, it is just right that a new immigrant knows what beer is the best. To do that, one can say, “Welches Bier würdest du empfehlen?”


Can I have a pretzel to go with my sausage?


A person may crave for some sausage and may want to have a pretzel to go with that. After all, these are two of the foods that are most popular in the country and trying them out together can happen. So to ask that, one can say, “Kann ich eine Brezel zu meiner Wurst haben?”


Where is the best techno club or spot in this city?


After a week’s worth of work or perhaps after a really stressful day at work, a person may want to have some fun and go dancing. Techno clubs may be what a person wants to experience while they are in Germany. To ask where to find the best one in the city that they are in, one can say, “Wo kann ich den besten techno Club der Stadt finden?”




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Friday, December 18, 2020

Easy Peasy? Here Are Some Lingo For Immigrants In The United Kingdom To Learn.

New immigrants and aspiring immigrants to the United Kingdom may think that moving to the country and adjusting would be an easy feat since there are a lot of information online and in pop culture that help people learn more about the country. However, what most of these people do not understand is that though the United Kingdom may be an English-speaking country, there are still some slang or lingo that need to be learned. This should not come as a surprise as English is a very dynamic language and there can be variations in the rules in various places where it is spoken and used.


So without further ado, here are some of the lingo that are used in the UK that can be very useful for new immigrants and even for tourists who have made their way to the country.


Easy peasy


This term means that something is really not that difficult.


I finished the new game my mom introduced me to. It was easy peasy.




People in the United Kingdom really do like to faff and it can be quite a pleasure. Faff is used to refer to doing something and taking more than the usual time to complete it when it could be done in a more straightforward manner. Many locals love to faff around.


I had extra time today and decided to have a good faff with my trip to the grocery.




Some may think that this is a derogatory term but it is not if one is in the United Kingdom. A fag actually refers to a cigarette.


Bob went out to have a fag and a breather.




It is a curse but it is pretty harmless and is usually muttered by grandmothers from the UK.


My grandma must have said a bit of fiddlesticks when the soup she was cooking overboiled.




When a person is said to have filched something, it means that the person has stolen something.


Chuck was planning to filch his dad’s car keys when his dad woke up.




In UK, when a person is said to be flogging something, it means that he or she is selling something.


Gray went out to flog the paintings that he had been working on for weeks.




If there is something that happens which is definitely by chance, it is considered to be a fluke. It is a lucky thing that happens on a rare occurrence.


Tom hitting that shot was definitely a fluke.




Flutter is a word that means placing a bet or a wager. It is commonly used for people who may be placing a bet or wager with small stakes.


Nina decided to flutter today as she went to get a lottery ticket.




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Thursday, December 17, 2020

15,000 New Immigrants Welcomed In Canada In October 2020

Canada has always been a popular choice for many people who have been planning on becoming immigrants in a new country. This country has continuously been welcoming thousands and thousands of new immigrants each year. That is why it is would be quite a surprising thing to know if Canada receives even more applications each year from people who are interested in becoming immigrants there.


For October 2020, Canada has been able to welcome around 15,000 new people to become the newest immigrants in the country. It is just around the same number for the new immigrants that the country had welcomed for the month before. The number is definitely lower as compared to the usual numbers that the country had been welcoming each year pre-pandemic. However, because of the travel and movement restrictions that have been put in place by the government to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes the disease known as COVID-19, many potential immigrants had to put their plans on hold until things were a bit better.


October is a strong month for immigration


According to data from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, October 2020 has showed to be the next strongest month in terms of arrivals of new immigrants in the country ever since the pandemic came. It may be a strong month for Canada but the number is still quite low as compared to the other months before the pandemic, and this is highly understood, given the situation. Before the pandemic came about, Canada had been bringing in around 25,000 to 35,000 people as new immigrants each month.


Compared to October of last year, Canada was able to bring in 31,000 new immigrants. This is over 100% of the current number for October 2020. Again, this is not surprising given the situation that the world has right now. It is a good thing though that Canada has been able to have a good kind of control over the pandemic in its territory that is why it has now successfully been able to bring in a good amount of immigrants despite the threat that the virus brings to one’s health.


The projections for Canada


From January to October this year, Canada has been successfully able to bring in around 158,600 new immigrants. Looking at the goals that the country has before the pandemic hit, the number would definitely mean that by the end of 2020, Canada would be around 200,000 short of the target for new immigrants. This would be the first time that such a thing would happen since 1999. The country has been able to bring in more than 341,000 last year and it was supposed to have about the same amount this year, if it were not for the pandemic.




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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Mateship And Hospitality: A Quick Look At Traits Of Locals In New Zealand For Immigrants

When new immigrants join the country of their choice, they may think that they already know a lot about the country based on the research that they have done, most likely online. However, there are some things that are not that popularly discussed in references online or published references not because they are not good but because not a lot of people really do look for such information. In the case of immigrants who are in New Zealand, two of the topics that are not that talked about are mateship and hospitality of the locals, since, perhaps, many believe that this is something innate and something that is already known by plenty of people already.


However, the truth is, things like mateship and hospitality in the locals of New Zealand are really positive things that immigrants should be learning about since they would be dealing and interacting with the locals on a day-to-day basis. Being familiar with such concepts would allow them to understand the locals better and know how to better interact with them.




Mateship is actually associated with the loyalty that the locals of New Zealand have for each other. This is said to have started from World War I when the term was actually used to describe the loyalty that the soldiers from Australia and New Zealand shared with each other. However, through time, mateship then became used to describe the loyalty that people have for a variety of things including sports, and even just life as a whole. In simpler terms, mateship can be said to be found in the locals of the country and they are loyal to each other and to their country. It is a very important aspect that keeps everything peaceful and in order and it is not only seen during good times but is also something that the locals practice even during dire times.




Kiwis, the locals of New Zealand, are quite known to be hospitable people. A survey done in 2015 by the Immigration New Zealand, an agency of the government, has shown that over 90% of the immigrants in the country believe that the locals are either friendly or very friendly. The study has also shown that such a belief and opinion of the locals has allowed the immigrants in New Zealand to be able to settle and adapt easily in the new country that they are in.


The Maori language has a word for hospitality and it is Manaakitanga. This word means having respect for other people. It is also highly associated with generosity. These traits are very much valued in the culture of this country. These are traits that, perhaps, have been great factors in keeping everything in order and peaceful, which are things that make New Zealand a wonderful place to live in.




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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Two Studies Reveal Canada As One Among Safest Countries For Immigrant Students

Every year, Canada receives thousands and thousands of applications from potential immigrant students who want to study in the country. This is not a surprising thing as Canada is quite known all around the world as a country with a really good educational system providing quality education for all of those who are able and willing to take on the requirements needed to become an immigrant student in the country.


However, aside from the quality of education that is a pride and joy of Canada, two studies recently done had revealed that this is just one of the top reasons why immigrant students choose the country. The studies have revealed that many immigrant students have opted to take their studies in Canada because they see it as a really safe country that is also stable. This is primarily because the world has now seen just how the government has been able to handle the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Receiving positive opinions


To have data for the studies done, the organization behind them conducted surveys. According to the data that the studies have been able to collect, there are countries that were believed by the respondents to be safe and stable as well. However, most of these countries were not considered to be open and welcoming to immigrant students. It is a good thing though for Canada because this country has been considered to be both.


This is not surprising given that the country has already put certain health protocols in place to help keep the spread of COVID-19 to the bare minimum. The protocols would then allow immigrant students to go to their school of choice given that they are able to meet the requirements. The government of Canada only allows students to take physical classes if and only if the educational institution that they would be attending has been given the green light by the government. If not, the student can only have his or her lessons online.


Other details of the studies


The first of the two studies was done in May 2020. As per that study, Canada had always been the leader among all the other countries in the world. It shared the limelight with Australia and New Zealand. The second study was done after four months, in September 2020. As compared to the study done in May, Canada was able to fortify its lead. However, it was not competing against Australia and New Zealand this time but it was sharing the limelight with the United Kingdom. This definitely reflects just how good Canada has been able to create a good reputation not only in terms of being a good and safe place for immigrant students but it also has been able to keep its reputation up.




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Monday, December 14, 2020

Classical Music In Germany: A Short Guide For Immigrants

The country known as where the automobile was born, Germany is also a country that is known for being the birthplace of the Christmas tree. However, aside from these, Germany is also the country that has been the birthplace of some of the greatest classical composers that the world has ever known. Among them are Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Brahms, Telemann, Orff, Schubert, and Wagner. Their music is very important to understand especially for immigrants since this has changed the way people experience music nowadays.


Some classical composers


Here are some of the classical composers that were born in Germany and have influenced the music that people appreciate nowadays.


  • Georg Philipp Telemann – This composer lived from 1681 to 1767. He has a huge amount of compositions that is considered one of the biggest collections in the history of music with more than 3000 musical pieces. He is quite a creative composer which has had many music performers and scholars challenged. He had great contributions during the Baroque era in Germany which his music being one of the leaders for innovation in music. Among his famous works are the Viola Concerto in G Major; Water Music; Donner-Ode; Miriways; and Sanfter Schlaf.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach – This composer from Germany lived from 1685 to 1750. His works are quite known for having intellectual depth, art, beauty, and proficiency in terms of technical aspects. Many of his masterpieces are still being played in various concert halls all around the world even at present. He is quite known to be a genius and his works are timeless. Among his famous works are Air on the G String; Ave Maria; Christmas Oratorio; Mass in B Minor; and Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.
  • Felix Mendelssohn – This composer lived from 1809 to 1847. Aside from being a musical genius, he is also known for being a great visual artist and he has also created a name as an expert when it comes to philosophy and literature. He has exemplified what being a Renaissance man was. His work in music has usually been described as jubilant, inventive, theatrical, and full of energy. Among his famous works are Violin Concerto; A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Hark! The Herald Angels Sing; Symphony No. 5; and Wedding March.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven – This musical composer from Germany had lived from 1770 to 1827. His works have been known as one of the most important aspects in pioneering western music. His works have also been very important in the transition that happened from Classicism right to Romanticism. Those who are familiar with his music have described them to be beautiful yet uncertain, profound, emotional, and quite precise. Among his famous works include Fur Elise; Piano Sonata No. 8; Turkish March; Symphony No. 9; and Anthem of Europe.




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Friday, December 11, 2020

Immigrants Are Highly Encouraged To Visit The Marksman In The United Kingdom For Its Unique Allure

Year after year, tons of immigrants find their way to the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. There are those who are there to join their families. There are also immigrants who have gone to the UK to pursue further studies. There are also some who are in the country for work. These are just a few of the reasons why people choose to be in the UK as immigrants. And no matter what the reason is, there will be days that will feel too long and the need to have some time to relax and chill come up. For many immigrants (and even locals) in the country, the best thing to do to relax would be to grab a few bottles of beer in a pub.


The United Kingdom is quite popular for having a lot of pubs and spots where people can hang out and have some beer at the end of the day. There are plenty of places to choose from and what is important is to find that place where a person can feel comfortable and can relax. Among the many options, The Marksman is definitely a great place to consider.


What is The Marksman?


The Marksman is often described as what a public house should be in these modern times. It can be found on Hackney Road in London. Several years ago, the inn was purchased by two men named Jon Rotheram and Tom Harris. They then worked on the building, gave it a renovation, and then later on relaunched the pub into what is currently a favorite among those who love going to pubs in the United Kingdom.


The entire place is awesome to look at. The bar itself is made from handsome wood that is dark in hue. It is quite trendy to look at and definitely worth publishing on Instagram.


What does The Marksman offer?


The guests of the pub are also very happy with the drink options since The Marksman offers a number of the best craft brews in the UK. The list of drinks also includes different wines that cater to the different types of tastebuds.


Aside from that, guests at The Marksman are also very happy with the food offered at the place. Tons of photos have been taken of the various food options that are available there. The most popular dishes include the delectable brown butter tart as well as the barley bun filled with beef and that impeccable horseradish cream. Many guests also enjoy the pies which have got a lot of people coming back for more. The pub also offers dishes that make use of ingredients that are only available during certain seasons, so there is something to look forward to with each visit.




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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Growth In Enrollment In Canada Driven By Immigrant Students

Before the whole pandemic forced people to stay inside their homes and have as few encounters with other people as possible, Canada has been a very popular destination for many immigrant students. Nowadays, with the pandemic still existent, students and professors have to have their classes online to lessen the chances of meeting face-to-face. Despite that, plenty of people from around the world still do everything that they can to be enrolled in one of the educational institutions in Canada.


When things still have not changed because of the pandemic, a huge amount of immigrant students chose to study in Canada, especially for post-secondary studies. In fact, data has shown that immigrant students who enroll in post-secondary programs in the country are three times higher as compared to the locals of the country who do the same. This definitely is a reflection of how highly regarded Canadian education is, which is the reason why tons of immigrant students choose to take further studies here as compared to any other country in the world.


The impact of the pandemic


Statistics Canada, the official agency of the Canadian government that deals with data and such, has done a study recently and it focused on student enrollment before the pandemic. This was to take a look at how the pandemic caused by the coronavirus has impacted students in the country. The academic year 2018 - 2019 has been used as the benchmark for the study. The study also looked at the enrollment patterns in Canada as well as graduation. As per the data that they analyzed, all students have been affected by the pandemic but the immigrant students have taken the grunt.


For the academic year that was used as a benchmark, there were more than 2.1 million students who have been enrolled in the various universities and colleges in Canada. That number is higher by 1.8% as compared to the data for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. The study has shown that the increase was all because of the huge amount of immigrant students’ enrollment. There has been an increase of 16.2% in immigrant student enrollment while local students’ enrollment had gone down by 0.5%.


More data on student enrollment


Starting from the 2008 to 2009 academic year to the 2018 to 2019 academic year, the enrollment of immigrant students in Canada has definitely grown. The starting point was at around 101,000 immigrant students and the number reached to over 318,000 immigrant students after a decade. During that period, formal programs in universities and colleges in Canada had also grown by 10.9%. This definitely reflects just how much immigrant students prefer to have their education in this country, quite known for the highly quality of education that it has.




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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

New Zealand Immigrants Flock To Auckland For A Variety Of Reasons

Each year, thousands and thousands of people from different countries find their way in New Zealand as new immigrants. The country has been open to immigrants since they need these people to help out in a variety of things. The newcomers choose to go to various places and cities in the country, depending on the opportunities and the reasons why they have chosen to live in the country. For example, those who are in New Zealand to take further studies would be found in places where the best universities are.


One of the top places that immigrants flock to in New Zealand is Auckland. This is a city in the country and it is known as the biggest one in New Zealand. It also has an international airport which is the best spot for traveling in and out of the country because of its accessibility. This is one of the major reasons why many people choose to go to this city as compared to any other place in the country. Auckland has been, most of the time, the jump off point for many people joining New Zealand for the first time.


Things to do in Auckland


Those who are in this city in New Zealand can find a number of various things to do here before heading off to any destination in the country that they have chosen to go to. The city is not only home to job opportunities and the like but it also offers a ton of other fun activities that could whet one’s appetite for experiencing new things, and things that are unique to New Zealand.


  • Museums – There are a number of museums in Auckland that immigrants, locals, and travelers can visit when they are in the city. One of these is the Auckland Art Gallery and it is known as the biggest art institution in the country. There are over 15,000 works here on display that show off historic art, modern art, and contemporary art.
  • Parks – A stroll through one of the parks in Auckland would also be a good idea for those who are in the city as there is really nothing that can top spending time in nature. One of the best parks to visit in this city in New Zealand would be the Auckland Domain which is a park that covers 185 acres.
  • Markets – To get some food and other stuff, there are markets in the city that are worth visiting. The Parnell Farmers’ Market is one of those and it is open on Saturdays. This market is near Auckland Domain and the best time to go there would be in the morning.
  • Bars and restaurants – There is nothing like experiencing the local food and liquor and one can easily do this in Auckland as there are tons of various types of bars and restaurants to be found here.




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Monday, December 7, 2020

Immigrants In Canada Find The Town Of Banff An Amazing Place To Visit

Not a lot of places in the world can say that they are like the town of Banff in Canada. See, Banff is one of the places in the country that is quite known all around the world and is very much loved. It has also been the recipient of a number of awards including Traveler’s Choice from AFAR and the Best of the World from National Geographic Traveller. The town deserves them as there are plenty of amazing things that Banff has to offer for immigrants, tourists, and locals alike.


Where is Banff?


This town in Canada is right on the Bow River and is around 127 kilometers to the west of Calgary. It is the highest town in Canada with an elevation totalling to 1,383 meters. It is also right in the midst of the Rocky Mountains and it is also surrounded by a number of mountains including Sulphur Mountain, Cascade Mountain, Mount Norquay, and Mount Rundle.


What should one visit in Banff?


There are plenty of things to do when people go to and visit Banff. Here are some of them.


  • Banff National Park - One of the top ones would be to have some wildlife spotting. The best spot for this would be the Banff National Park and it is quite an exciting trip to this place each and every time. Just by taking any of the trails at the national park would allow people to spot a number of wildlife including deer, bighorn sheep, bears, elk, and caribou. It is not a secret that this national park is home to over 50 types of mammals which has this place as their natural home. For those who are unsure about the trails to take, there are guided hikes and tours that people can take advantage of.
  • Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel - They say that when one is in Banff, the whole trip would not be complete if a visit to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is not accomplished. This place is known as the Castle in the Rockies and it is because it is quite majestic. By visiting this place, one can get really nice photos of the Banff National Park which would definitely get a lot of hearts on Instagram. This hotel in Canada is a luxury resort in the mountains and it has shopping stalls, a number of dining options, a beautiful golf course, art galleries, and an amazing spa.
  • Museums - There are plenty of remarkable museums that can be found in Banff as well. This is good for plenty of people who are interested in learning about this place in Canada. The various museums here include the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum, the Banff Park Museum, and the Cave and Basin National Historic Site.




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Friday, December 4, 2020

Things That Immigrants Can Expect When They Are In Rothenburg In Germany

A lot of people have been planning on moving to a new country that they would become their new home. To do this entails a lot of work which includes research to know which country would be best for them and working on the requirements needed to make the move. Among the many countries in the world, plenty of potential immigrants have been drawn to Germany and not just because it has Oktoberfest.


Germany is one of the top countries in Europe that has a lot of potential immigrants interested. It is a great country as a whole and it has even a lot more beautiful places right in the country that are worth visiting and exploring. One of these places is Rothenburg ob der Tauber, or is much known just as Rothenburg.


The lure of Rothenburg


Rothenburg ob der Tauber is quite known in Germany for being an old town that still seems to be in medieval times. It has been well-preserved so it still looks quite authentic even in this modern day and age. Each year, the town gets millions of people – tourists, locals, and immigrants – visiting it. And in this day and age when Instagram is a big thing, Rothenburg is definitely a beautiful place to visit as it has facades that are multicolored and would make a great background for those Instagram photos.


What is in Rothenburg?


People, especially immigrants and tourists, who have visited Rothenburg are more than happy to share that they really loved roaming around the place. It may seem daunting at first as to enter Rothenburg, people should go through a system made to defend the town years ago. There are over 40 towers that were made over 400 years ago to defend this small town in Germany.


Upon entering, one can find that Rothenburg is quite idyllic. The houses are patrician and are quite plush, which are pretty remarkable. Many houses have been built using timber. There are also still turrets in many houses as well as bay windows made of wood, flower boxes with plenty of blooms, and roofs made with red tiles. Indeed, it seems straight right of the medieval period.


Things to do in Rothenburg


Rathaus is one of the places to visit in Rothenburg. It is the town hall and it is divided into two portions. This place reflects architecture of the Renaissance.


Another spot to visit in this town in Germany is Plönlein. It is a fork on the Untere Schmiedgasse road. The spot is simply majestic as one can marvel at the lower and upper lanes, which have stone houses and timber houses on both sides.


Another spot to visit is the St. James’ Church which is the main church of Gothic influence. It was consecrated back in 1485. It was entirely completed after over 170 years.




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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Cambridge And Oxford: Two University Towns In The United Kingdom Where One Can Find Plenty Of Immigrant Students

For many people around the world, the United Kingdom has been a very popular country to move to by people who are interested in becoming immigrants. This country in Europe is known for being a good place to get an education as it is where some of the universities in the world can be found. Individuals around the globe who may have been planning and working on getting a new career or getting the best education possible would work hard to make it to the United Kingdom and start formal education in one of the universities there.


People who do decide to become student immigrants in the UK are looking for better or higher education. And what would be the best way to get this but through getting accepted in one of the top universities in the world? This would mean getting the best education possible from an educational institution that is known and recognized all over the world. Getting a degree from one of these institutions would mean a higher chance of getting a good career.


A center for education and learning


It is not a secret in the entire world. The United Kingdom is known around the world as a country to get the best education as it is a center for education and learning. There are two towns in the country that are famous for being university towns. These towns are known for being the home to well-known universities as well as for being destinations for tourists. These two towns are Cambridge and Oxford.


How to get there


To get to these university towns, one can commute from London. The two towns are far from each other by 128 kilometers.


The healthy competition


For centuries, the two universities have been quite competitive with each other, but it is a healthy competition. They have both been trying to take the title as the top academic institution in the United Kingdom. They also have an event known as The Boat Race which is quite famous in the country. Each spring, teams from both universities join this and they try to out-row each other on the River Thames.




Aside from the famous university, Cambridge University, there are a lot of attractions in this town. One simply does not just visit this university in the United Kingdom and be done with it. People who go there can explore the biggest collection of historic buildings in the United Kingdom which have been preserved quite well. From Cambridge University, a person can walk to this spot. The oldest building that is still preserved was built in 1284.




Oxford University has 38 colleges which are very beautiful. The university has a number of courtyards as well as other spots to explore like dining halls, libraries, and chapels. Visiting the university would not be complete if people did not go to some of the old buildings at High Street which is also near the school.




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