Thursday, January 31, 2019

3 Things That Await Immigrants In New Zealand

The world knows about New Zealand and just how good this country is as compared to plenty of other countries in the world. It is known for having a really good culture where a balance of work and life is actually suggested. It is also known for being picturesque and being the home to plenty of wonderful natural places to gape at. It is also known for being the home of the Kiwis, some of the friendliest folk from around the world. NZ is also known for its stable political arena and stable economy.

However, these are the basic things that people know about New Zealand. There are some other things that immigrants to the country should be able to discover once they are already there. Here are some of those things that these immigrants can appreciate once they are already on New Zealand soil.

Bike trails are unbelievable.

Those who love going on bike rides and following trails would definitely love New Zealand. This country has plenty of these and it sure is a good place to explore and a good place to have a new adventure in. Immigrants who are in love with the outdoors definitely have a really great time in this country. Those who take the trails also get to bask in the glorious wonder of nature via the beautiful scenery that New Zealand has to offer. It sure is a different way of exploring the country and knowing more about it.

There are immigrants who do not have their own bike because they cannot bring the one they have back home. With that, it is quite a good thing that renting a bike is something that one can do in New Zealand. There are plenty of businesses that offer bike rentals.

Enjoy the Abel Tasman National Park.

This spot has not been made a national park just because. It definitely is a park worth visiting and a place that many immigrants in New Zealand would appreciate really well. It is a place where nature is so beautiful that one can spend days here just marveling at how wonderful nature is. It is a place to be refreshed by simply enjoying the scenes. It does not come with gadgets and gizmos but one can definitely feel time pass by so luxuriously here.

Many locals and immigrants have found that the Abel Tasman National Park is worth a visit on a regular basis. The place may not change but the benefits that come with just being there is priceless.

Take the bungee jump.

For immigrants who would like to experience the big jump, then bungee jumping is definitely the best thing to try out. The very first bungee site all over the world meant for commercial purposes can be found in the country and it is in Queenstown.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Simpler Rules For Potential Immigrants To The UK

For plenty of immigrants and potential immigrants to the United Kingdom, the rules that the government of the United Kingdom is asking for can be too complex. These rules usually are the reasons why plenty of the potential immigrants do not push through with their applications. They do not really understand just how it goes and they feel that it is a really difficult path to take. However, for those who are really hell-bent on making their way to the country, the rules can often be too confusing for them that they are not able to submit all that is required of them because they do not fully understand just what they need to do.

In recent news, it does seem like many have noticed just how difficult the rules are for the potential immigrants to the UK. That is why the Law Commission is now planning on making sure that the rules are simplified so that they would be easier to understand and easier to follow. At present, the immigration rules in the UK has 1,100 pages. That definitely is a lot to go through.

The need for rules that are easier to understand

The Law Commission has already seen the rules and it wants to make sure that everything is easy to follow. Applicants for immigration are really not well-versed with laws and how they are written and so it can be quite difficult for them to go through the rules as currently listed. According to the Law Commission, if the rules are written to be a lot simpler, those who are interested in learning about them and how to be an immigrant in the UK would have an easier time doing so. They would be able understand what the rules are trying to say.

The law advisers are quite correct on that one. If the 1,100 pages filled with complex rules are made easier to read and understand, more and more people can go and push through with their plans of applying for immigrant status in the UK. There would also be a lot less disapproved applications because the applicant misunderstood the rules.

The potential changes

According to news, the Law Commission will do a review of the current list of rules on immigration. It will then do an audit and then any rules that may overlap will be noted. A proposal also has shown that the Law Commission should set a limit when it comes to just how many times the rules can be revised in a year. If there is indeed change of rules in immigration any time the legislators think they should change them, it is really not surprising if the total pages of immigration rules have already reached 1,100 pages as of now.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Small Provinces In Canada Get Their Share Of Immigrants

For most immigrants who are making their way to Canada, the trick is to be able to make it to any one of the biggest cities of the country. The thing about living and being in a big city in a country like Canada is that it allows them the chance to find a job easily. See, in big cities, one can find a huge amount of opportunities because businesses have all set up shop there. So this means more chances of getting a job which is quite important for an immigrant in a new place.

The problem with this mindset though is that the big cities become too crowded as plenty of people want to be living there. There would be a lot less people in smaller provinces. However, what smaller provinces are saying is that there is a need for more immigrants in those areas too because there are jobs that need to be fulfilled and it sure can help the whole country as well. So this means that immigrants who choose to stay in smaller provinces in Canada can still find a good job without having to deal with the stress that comes with larger cities.

Canada opens pathways to smaller provinces

To help balance the population and bring more immigrants to the smaller provinces of Canada, the government has set up programs that would bring the new individuals to where they are needed – and that does not necessarily mean the big cities. A recent piece of news has it that there would be a lot more options for those wanting to be an immigrant in Canada to live in.

Thanks to the Atlantic Immigrant Pilot program, it does seem like plenty of other smaller provinces in Canada are following suit. This means that there would be new programs and new pathways that would bring these potential immigrants to the country and to those smaller provinces. The good thing about these programs is that they would surely be able to help the aging population in these areas. Aside from that, the programs would also help the areas find the laborers that they would need to help their local economy.

Programs that will soon open

There are programs that would soon open and would pave the way for plenty of immigrants to make their way to places where they are needed. An example of this would be the Entrepreneur Stream Regional Pilot program which would bring in immigrants to British Columbia. There also is the Quebec Self-Employed Program which is going to bring in the immigrants to, of course, Quebec. There are other provinces that are still working on their own programs to get their share of immigrants that they need.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

3 Things That Immigrants Love In New Zealand

The road to New Zealand is definitely not that easy for potential immigrants. This is because it has plenty of obstacles and that one must go through before they are able to get approval from the NZ government. There are requirements to fulfill and other necessary stuff to take care of. Some may think that being an immigrant in another country like New Zealand is just as easy as saving up money for a plane ticket and then packing up their bags and leaving their home country. No. It does not work like that.

Despite the difficulties that one must go through to be able to become an immigrant in New Zealand, plenty individuals still try their very best to be able to make it to the country. So what is it about New Zealand that is bringing in these immigrants?

Well, there are plenty of wonderful things in New Zealand and here are some.

#1: Burgers.

Who does not love burgers? Burgers are seemingly a good thing to eat for plenty of people. Although it may not really be that healthy, burgers are just a wonderful thing to eat. And in New Zealand, immigrants have tried Fergburger. This is a restaurant that specializes in burgers and it is located in Queenstown. Their burgers are gourmet and definitely something to try out. Plus, these burgers are not the usual. They come with lamb, falafel, venison, and cod – definitely not ordinary.

#2: Less people, more animals.

There are immigrants who have chosen to leave their home country because there are just too many people living there already. This can be too stressful for someone who is not used to have too many people around. In the case of New Zealand, it seems like it is the best place to go to for those who do not like people that much.

This country is home to plenty of animals – there are so many animals, in fact, that the human population only makes up 5% of the entire country’s population. The remaining 95% are comprised of animals.

#3: Snowboarding and skiing.

For those people who are really into snowboarding and skiing, well, this is definitely the place for them. It does not matter if the immigrant is a pro at these sports or if the immigrant wants to learn. New Zealand is home to really good places for snowboarding and skiing. One can also find plenty of groups who are more than willing to teach interested individuals how to do the sport. All an individual needs to do is to find where the good spots are for snowboarding and skiing. They can also go online to find groups or individuals who teach snowboarding and skiing lessons near their area.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Tips For Immigrants In The UK, As Shared By Immigrants

Immigrants in the United Kingdom are more than willing to share what they know about life in the UK and what visa holders have to know. After all, the visa is going to be their ticket in their life in the UK and so they should know things that are connected to that. Immigrants are also willing to share what they know because it helps other immigrants. And as foreign people in a strange land, those who have the same plight of being in somewhere new is what bonds them together – thus they find themselves helping each other out.

So here are some of the tips that immigrants in Britain must know as shared by other immigrants.

Be mindful of the expiration date of the visa.

One of the top things that immigrants should be careful of would be the validity of their visas in the country. It does not matter what kind of visa they hold – what is important is that they know when the expiration of their visa would be. With that, they would know ahead of time when they need to renew it if they still want to stay in the country. It may be easy to forget but this one should always be a priority. Setting an alarm in one’s phone or maybe marking it on the calendar should be really helpful.

Have a passport that is valid.

Another important thing that an immigrant must always have with them is a valid passport. Passports also have an expiration date so it is best that one must know when the expiration is. That way, they can easily renew the passport in their respective embassies before it expires. It would be quite difficult to have an expired passport in hand especially when something untoward happens and the passport is needed.

Have original documents.

When applying for a visa to the United Kingdom, it is important that individuals provide the required documents that are asked of them. However, photocopied versions are not going to be enough for the UK government. In fact, potential immigrants are asked to submit original copies of said documents. It may take some time for one to be able to have all the required documents as one would have to apply for them. It would be a good thing for these individuals to acquire two copies of such documents so that they can keep a copy for themselves for future use.

Know the rules that come with the UK visa

There are various types of visas in the UK. This is why it is encouraged that all immigrants know that rules that come with it. It is best to know what is expected from them and so that they would not be breaking any rules and find themselves getting relieved of their UK visa or not being able to make it to the country as an immigrant.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Extension Of Applications To Quebec, Canada Immigrant Investor Program

In recent news, the local government of Quebec in Canada has already extended the deadline for applications of those who may be interested in making their way to the country via this route. The new deadline is now the 31st of August this year. This is as per an announcement from the immigration minister of Quebec, Canada. This definitely means that there would be time for those who may be interested to make it to Canada via this program to send in their applications. They would have time to prepare for all of the requirements and have it checked if they are complete. And then they can send in their applications to have a higher chance of making it to the country.

The immigration program meant for immigrant investors to come to the province has been opened to the public back on the 18th of July last year. This was when the program has been formally shared to the public and gave hope for plenty of those individuals who want to make their way to Canada as immigrants and be able to invest in a business in the country, most especially in Quebec.

What are the requirements?

For those who may be interested in being immigrants in Canada via the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, it is important that they know just what the requirements are so that they can apply and have a high chance of making it to the country because they got approved. Without being able to comply with the requirements, it is definitely an automatic disapproval because they did not meet what was asked from them. That is why those who want to make it to Canada as immigrants should know and fulfill all of the requirements asked from them.

The new version of this program comes with a higher investment amount as well as higher net worth. It has been almost nine years since changes have been made to the program’s requirements. As per the changes, the investment that is required for those who are interested should be $1.2 million which is definitely higher than the previous $800,000. As for the net worth, the previous amount was $1.6 million. Now, the new net worth needed is $2 million.

What are the other requirements?

Other requirements for those who would like to be immigrants in Quebec, Canada include the following:
  • Two years of experience in management or business during the last five years before the application was sent in
  • Should settle and live in Quebec

This should help guide those who may be interested in being immigrants in Canada. If one’s finances meet the requirements, this program should be able to help them out well. It is one of the biggest programs in Canada that bring in businesses and investments to the country.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Zealand Parent Visa: Will It Be Reopened?

Many have been wondering if the parent visa in New Zealand would soon be reopened. This visa category has been quite beneficial for plenty of immigrants before as they were able to bring their parents to the country that they are living in. It has helped reunite families together in New Zealand and this made the immigrants be able to adapt well and faster because they have the important people in their life living with them again after months or even years of being separated from each other. Although technology has helped people connect with each other, there is still the distance and that is not really quite a good thing to experience.

In recent news, it does seem like the government of New Zealand is working on getting as close as they can to finalizing a decision about the parent visa. The country used to have this visa category available. However, in the late portion of 2016, this visa category was closed because they had a backlog in applications and labor had to be reassigned to be able to clear all of those pending cases. At present, the NZ government is soon going to be making that decision on whether this parent visa should be opened once again.

People who are in limbo

When the parent visa category has been closed back in 2016, those individuals who have been applying for a spot to be able to make it to New Zealand have now been in limbo. And they have stayed to be in limbo from that time on. This is why plenty are hoping that the government should be able to decide if this is something that they would like to reopen or if it is something that they should close altogether. That decision would make things final for all of those almost 6,000 individuals and, at least, those who may have been in limbo can stop hoping and start applying for an immigrant visa via other means.

Previously, the parent visa category was able to have parents be immigrants in New Zealand so they can be with their children who are already immigrants in the country. This allowed families to be together again. However, Michael Woodhouse, a former minister of Immigration in NZ, has closed this category because there has been a mountain of applications that were backlogged.

The waiting game

For many applicants whose applications are still in limbo, and for many parents and children who would like to be reunited with their families in New Zealand, the whole process has become a waiting game. There have been talks that the Immigration New Zealand would be opening this category again in 2017 but those were just rumors. Now, rumors have resurfaced and this time, it seems like the target date for reopening this category would be this year.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

India Citizens To Benefit From New UK System of Immigration

All around the world, plenty of individuals are trying their very best to make it to the United Kingdom. For them, this country is the best place to go to and live in. It is deemed as a country where the economy is good and it is also a country where wars are not happening. Opportunities are also everywhere and so it means that those who would be living here would not have to worry about much of the issues that may have been plaguing them in their home country. This is why the government of the UK has been getting quite a huge amount of applications each year from individuals who really want to make it to the country.

In recent news, it looks like the UK government recently had talks with the Indian government. The groups had discussed just how the new immigration system in the UK would be focused on bringing in individuals who have the skills that the country needs. The UK government has mentioned that the citizens of India just may be benefitting from this new system as Indians are known to bear good skills which can be useful in the UK.

Removing the limit on visas for skilled individuals

With the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union happening really soon, the country is already prepared to make sure that they are ready for the changes that could come once this has happened. The proposal when it comes to the plan on the immigration system would be basically based on the skills that the individual has. With the new plan on immigration, it seems like there will be no limit when it comes to the visas of workers.

During the discussions that the UK government had with the officials of India, the UK group had disclosed that the Indian nationals, who are known for having quite a number of useful skills, would find this new policy to be very beneficial to them. These people can have higher chances of being an immigrant in the UK because of the skills that they owned. It was also during the discussions that the two country’s representatives were able to discuss just about what opportunities were awaiting those individuals who would be qualified.

The good thing about the discussion

In a statement, it does look like the officials of India find the whole discussion to be a good move for both countries. The officials of Britain were able to interact and discuss freely with the officials from India. They were able to give out the questions that may have been forming in their minds and they were also able to give and get answers that they needed. It is also good that they were able to tackle the immigration system that would soon be in place in the United Kingdom and know just how it would be working for both countries.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Over A Million Immigrants: Canada’s Target By 2021

For the federal government of Canada, one of their main goals for the country is to be able to attract and bring in over a million immigrants to its soil. This is all part of an immigration plan that starts this year right up until 2021. The immigration plan is not only about bringing in those immigrants to the country but also being able to award permanent residency statuses to them.

This is simply not just about getting the immigrants in but also making sure that before they are accepted as immigrants, they still have to be able to fulfill all of the requirements that have been set by the Canadian government. The same also goes true for those who may want to be given the permanent residency status – they still have to be able to fulfill all of the set requirements for them to be able to get that. However, this new plan of the Canada government simply means that they are all open to bringing in more people to their country and not setting a limit on the maximum number like other countries do.

Let’s talk about this plan

In a statement, the government of Canada has disclosed that the whole plan for immigration would be running starting this year up until 2021. It believes that it would be quite a beneficial thing not just for the country but for the Canadian citizens as well. The Canada government believes that these immigrants bring about a huge amount of contributions to their country in terms of growth of the economy. Immigrants are also a huge factor when it comes to making sure that the country would be quite competitive in the global scene.

This immigration plan has been announced by the federal government back in 2018. It has definitely been built around a foundation that had already been created and planned a year before that. This means that this is not something that has been just pulled out of thin air but instead had been planned on and built for years already.

The growth in immigrants in Canada

For the minimum number of immigrants that Canada would be accepting this year, it would be 330,800 individuals. By next year, the minimum would be 341,000 immigrants. For 2021, the minimum number is 350,000 individuals. The total of all of these immigrants are actually just about one per cent of the entire population of the country.

Aside from being just good contributors to the growth of the economy of the country, the government has also disclosed that immigrants have also been a huge factor in helping the country address any issues that come with the aging population that the country has. With new blood coming in, the country sure will be having younger blood and more people bringing up the average age.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Exciting Facts Immigrants Need To Know About New Zealand

Before embarking on that plane ride that would take them to New Zealand, it is important that these immigrants know just what is in store for them in the country. It is a different country from the one that they grew up in and so there would definitely be differences in how things are. That is why here are some of the exciting facts about the country that an immigrant to the country should know about. After all, it is always fascinating to be able to know something about the place that they would be residing in. So go on and read to learn more about New Zealand.

The sea is not too far.

The country is surrounded by water and so it is said that if a person just wants to be near the sea or be by the sea, then New Zealand is definitely the place to go to. Statistics have it that there is not a place in the country that is really far from the sea. The furthest that a person can be from the ocean would be 128 kilometers and that sure is not too far a distance. With that, an immigrant who may be missing home and would just like to mull things over by the ocean can do so. 128 kilometers is not too far that an hour and some minutes of driving will get them where the ocean meets the sand.

Snakes are non-existent.

Snakes are real but they are non-existent in New Zealand. There are plenty of people from around the world who have a huge problem with snakes. Some even have phobias with this animal. After all, who would not fear snakes when they can actually strike and inject their poison right into a person’s skin. Plus, they slither and cold. But that is the least of the worries of immigrants in New Zealand as there are no snakes in the country! Yes! No snakes! And that means being able to focus their energy on other more positive things rather than worry about any snakes slithering their way towards them.

Two words: Tongariro Crossing.

Those immigrants who are into physical activity and spending time outdoors would definitely love Tongariro Crossing. It is a national park in New Zealand and it is also one of the oldest there. It is also known to be a World Heritage Site and that sure means that it is something that an immigrant must try out at least once when they are in the country. The scenery in the area is breathtaking and it surely would be quite the memorable trek for those who choose to embark on the journey here. Nature is beautiful in the country and this is one of the best places to experience nature in New Zealand first-hand.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

What Makes The UK Great For Immigrants

Immigrants have been flocking to the United Kingdom for years and years. It has been an immigrant destination for quite some time now. There are thousands of immigrants who make their way to the country with hope in their hearts because they can finally be in the country that has been the place that they have longed to live in for many years and now it is finally coming true. These thousands who make their way to the UK are actually just a small percentage of the tons and tons of individuals who have sent in their applications in the hopes that they would get approved to be an immigrant there.

The UK is a great country for many immigrants and here are some of the reasons why this country is quite popular for those who want to move to a new country and start a better life.

The sea beckons

There is something about the sea and the beach that makes a person feel good. Being in a new country and adapting to the new culture can be quite stressful for an immigrant. In the case of the United Kingdom, this country has plenty of towns that are situation by the sea or have views of the ocean. Plenty of immigrants flock to these towns because they do love just relaxing with the sound of the waves as their background. It simply is a relaxing thing and there is always something about the sea that keeps on bringing people to the seaside.

Flora and fauna

Some people love to relieve themselves of stress in what nature has to offer. Gardens are one of the best places to be around flora and fauna. In the United Kingdom, one can find a really fine amount of beautiful gardens that are kept pristine and lovely each and every time. A good amount of these gardens are open to the public and so immigrants can simply find their way to a garden and spend time there – admiring the beautiful things that nature has to offer or just enjoy nature and read a book or have some quiet time in there.

Cities that have a personality of their own

Those immigrants in the UK can definitely say that the cities in the country are definitely quite as unique as people are. One city can be as different as the next one and though they may be cities and there is a generalization of how cities should be, it seems that the stereotype is not quite true for most of the cities in the country. There are plenty of things happening in these cities and an immigrant can go and explore just what these places have got in store.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

1 Million Immigrants: Canada’s Target For The Next 3 Years

In the next three years, it seems like Canada is all up for accepting and welcoming new immigrants to its soil. And this is not just a random small number of immigrants. The newest piece of news has it that the country is up to welcoming a million new individuals who would be the newest immigrants in the country for this given period. That is definitely one million strong and it means plenty of people’s hopes and dreams to move to Canada and live there may be coming true soon enough.

This is what the parliament of the country has just recently announced. The government of the country has decided on bringing in a million new people at the very least and they would be immigrants. The government has also disclosed that not only would they be bringing in a million immigrants but they would also be awarding a permanent residency status to over a million individuals who are already in the country for the very same period. This is a really good thing because immigrants would not only be living in the country that they have been dreaming of but they would have a huge chance also of getting a permanent residency status which is ultimately the goal for a lot of them.

The numbers of immigration in Canada

According to official data from Canada, the country has been receiving and welcoming quite a huge amount of immigrants each year. In 2017, the country had opened its doors for over 286,000 individuals which they awarded with permanent residency statuses. The experts are predicting that for 2018, although the numbers have yet to be finalized and then disclosed, the number for immigrants and for new permanent residents are going to be a lot more than that of 2017’s. It is also projected that there would be 360,000 individuals to make it to the country by 2020 and for the next year after that, around 370,000 in minimum would be welcomed by Canada.

Ahmed Hussen works as the Minister for Canada’s Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship arm. According to him, the country is quite welcoming to the new immigrants as this has been ingrained in the whole Canadian culture. This is something that the country has been doing in its long history. The country has benefitted from these individuals and it is thankful for the new people who are making their way towards their country as they have helped build Canada into what it is today.

The need for immigrants

According to Hussen, the country is very open to these individuals because they are quite helpful. They actually assist in making sure that the population of the country does not continue to have more people who are seniors. The labor market is also happy to have the immigrants around to provide their skills and services.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Zealand Citizens Hold 10th Most Powerful Passport In The World

The passport is awarded only to citizens of a country. It is a piece of document that allows a person to go from their country of citizenship and go to one that is different from theirs to travel and explore that new country. And there are passports that are powerful in the sense that it allows its holder to go to a number of countries without the need to get a visa first. This is the case of New Zealand and it is deemed to be one of the most powerful passports in the entire world.

How powerful is the New Zealand passport that those with NZ citizenship have? Well, it has currently taken the 10th spot as the most powerful passport in the entire world for 2019. Although it previously held the 8th spot and had gone down two spots this years, it still is quite powerful as it still ranks in the top 10 among all of the big countries in the entire world. So those with New Zealand citizenship are still fairly lucky as they can go and travel to a huge number of countries without the hassle of acquiring a passport.

How strong the New Zealand passport is

Individuals who have New Zealand citizenship and has an NZ passport actually hold quite a strong passport. Just how strong it is? Well, one who has this document can actually go and travel to 181 total countries in the world without having the need to apply for a visa to these 181 countries. Last year, 2018, the New Zealand passport was able to get its holders to go to 182 total countries. This year, the NZ passport allows its holders to go to one less. But that one less country is definitely not such a big thing. After all, access to 181 countries without a visa is still quite huge!

Those holders of the New Zealand passport can definitely start playing with their travel plans and check off their bucket lists, especially for those who are definitely planning on doing a lot of traveling this year. There are plenty of wonderful countries in the list of non-visa places that the New Zealand passport can access for the individual holding it.

Which other countries are in the top 10?

This is the list of the top 10 most powerful passports in the world for 2019.

1. Japan – 190 countries
2. South Korea and Singapore – 189 countries
3. Germany and France – 188 countries
4. Sweden, Finland, Italy, and Denmark – 187 countries
5. Spain and Luxembourg – 186 countries
6. Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Norway, and Austria – 186 countries
7. Canada, Ireland, Greece, and Belgium – 184 countries
8. Czech Republic – 183 countries
9. Malta – 182 countries
10. New Zealand, Iceland, and Australia – 181 countries

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Monday, January 14, 2019

UK Opens New Visa Especially Just For Architects

In the United Kingdom, people and businesses and the whole country are preparing for the upcoming exit of the country from the European Union which is going to happen quite soon. However, one of the main concerns that people and businesses do have is that it would also mean that there would be restrictions on immigration which can be quite difficult for businesses to prosper and grow. In the past years, the country has been reliant on the free movement and the skilled immigrant workers that come with them.

One of the top industries that have been clamoring for the government to do something about this would be the construction and design industry. See, this industry needs architects and there are not enough of them to do all of the projects that are being called for in the country. That is why the government has taken heed and heard the call being sent out to them. With that, the UK government has gone ahead and created a new visa that would be given to the best and brightest architects from around the globe.

The needed change in the upcoming change of the system for immigration

There is a new visa in the United Kingdom and this one is all for the best architects from around the globe. Thanks to the government of the UK who has listened to that need for these professionals, they have created a new plan wherein a new visa will be introduced and it would be given to the much needed immigrant architects who would be giving their skills, knowledge, and expertise to the various projects in the country. This is one of the needed changes that the government has been called upon to act on with regards to the new system of immigration that would be in effect once the exit is in effect.

This just simply shows that the British government is actually listening to the cries that are being sent out to them. In this case, the need is for the best architects and so they have designed a way that would be able to bring in these professionals via their own path – no need to go through the rigid system that would be in place soon.

Good news for architects

Starting today, all of those talented architects can go and send in their applications to get a Tier 1 visa which is for individuals with exceptional talents. There is a certain path made especially for architects under this and so they would be given priority over any other skilled individual who may have also sent in their applications.

Many have given a nod of approval to what the government has done and has claimed this to be a really good move. Although it would only be given to a limited number of architects, it would still be a good thing as it would be benefitting the immigrant architects and the whole country as well.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Canada Economy Made Better By Immigrants’ Talents

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Canada has been more than open to immigrants and immigration as compared to any other country in the world. It has been very welcoming to newcomers and this is one of the reasons why the country has been one of the top countries for people who are choosing to find a new country. The country has put a limit to the minimum number of immigrants that it would be accepting each year and it also has been a home for plenty of immigrants before now.

This is how Canada rolls and many potential immigrants from around the world are loving just how the country looks at immigration. It is open to immigration and it welcomes the immigrants and helps them integrate better in the new society that they are living in. For that, immigrants in the country are grateful for the warm welcome. The country is also thankful for immigrants who have brought their experience and skills with them as these have been quite a big factor in helping the country’s economy be even better than before. Immigrants’ contribution to the economy cannot be simply put aside.

Why immigrants are choosing Canada

There are student immigrants in Canada and they have chosen to study here compared to any other country in the world that offers world-class education. However, for those who have chosen Canada, one of the main reasons why they have decided to study here was because immigrant students can actually still stay in the country for additional three years after finishing her program or degree. They also would not be needing any kind of job offer before they can go and apply to get a work permit in the country.

This is a good thing because it means that immigrant students in Canada can actually have the option of continuing to stay in the country or leave. They would not be forced to take the next flight home after finishing their course. It also means that the knowledge that they have gained from studying in the country can be used to help businesses there as employees. And the economy benefits from good businesses.

Calling all skilled immigrants

It is not promoted as such but the immigration system of Canada has already been aiming at bringing in those immigrants who have skills and experience. The higher the amount of skills, the higher the chances of making it to the country. Businesses and companies have really benefitted a lot from them and that is why the country is very open and welcoming to them. With the businesses and companies in the country doing well, the economy does well, too, and this is a good thing for everybody in Canada. Experts even say that without the skilled immigrants, Canada’s economy may not be as strong as it is now.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

What Makes New Zealand An Immigrant Magnet

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New Zealand is one of the top immigrant destinations around the world. This can be seen in the thousands of applications that the country is receiving per month. From all of the applications for immigration that the country is receiving, only a certain percentage gets approved for lack of requirements. Despite this, the applications just keep pouring in.

Thousands of people get attracted to the country for a variety of reasons. What reasons are these? Read on and learn just what makes New Zealand a magnet for immigrants.

Landscapes that simply take one’s breath away.

For people, to live in a place that has beautiful landscapes is a blessing. It means having to wake up to such beautiful scenery. One does not have to go through living day in and day out with a scenery that is so down and dreadful that it only brings about more stress to a person.

In the case of New Zealand, immigrants find the landscapes in the country to be quite something. It is definitely quite amazing and it sure makes daily living quite a breeze. Just by simply staring and marveling at nature, one can feel the stress flowing away. This is the reality in New Zealand and this is one of the reasons why immigrants choose to stay.

Take a walk down a good trail.

The Milford Track is one of the most popular trails in the country. Those who have tried out the walk have been more than happy to share just how beautiful the whole experience was. It can be found on South Island which is not that far from Queenstown. While traversing the Milford Track, one can enjoy marveling at a waterfall, mountains, lakes, bridges, and even valleys. This is definitely a good activity for outdoor lovers to enjoy. And this is just one of plenty outdoor options that immigrants can enjoy.

Enjoy lengthy beaches.

They say that the beach has therapeutic effects on a person. That is why one can definitely find themselves longing for a trip to the beach every once in a while. In the case of New Zealand, the country is surrounded by water, therefore it definitely has a really long stretch of beaches available for those who enjoy the sun, the sand, and the surf.

By spending time on one of the beaches in New Zealand, an immigrant can definitely feel relaxed and renewed to tackle any obstacles that he or she may have encountered during the day. It is a place for experiencing beautiful sunrises or sunsets that shows them that there will always be a new hope for each day. Locals also love the beaches in the country and can be found spending time here as well.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tech-Skilled Immigrants May Be What UK Needs To Keep Leading The Pack In Europe

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The tech scene in the United Kingdom has been leading the pack in the entirety of Europe. It has been known for being quite competitive not only in Europe but in the entire world as well. It has been bringing in a lot of income for the country and it has entailed the help of plenty of tech-skilled immigrants who have greatly contributed to the country still leading the tech scene in Europe. At present, the country should definitely be in need of more immigrants with tech skills especially with the upcoming exit of the UK from the European Union.

It is not a secret that the UK is doing well in terms of tech. The numbers say a lot. It has $8 billion worth of capital investment in ventures. It also has been able to get $40 billion in terms of acquisitions as well as initial public offerings. These are the numbers just for the year 2018. Experts say that the numbers could continue to rise this year and that sure is good news for the country as well as for interested potential immigrants with tech skills.

The need to get tech-skilled immigrants

In Europe, the United Kingdom sure is king when it comes to the tech industry. It has been there for quite sometime. Analysts have said that the country should be able continue the upward movement of its tech scene but it sure will need a lot of help from immigrants who are skilled in technology. There are plenty of entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies in Britain that are part of the tech industry who are really pushing harder and further. With development and growth, they also need more help. And there is just not enough technologically-skilled individuals in the country to take on all of the jobs available.

With that, the need to call for help from immigrants who have the right skills is just the right move for the UK to make. There is a call for the UK government to see this need and therefore make sure that its immigration system is going to help bring in the needed people. With the right changes to the immigration policies, the country would be able to get more immigrants attracted to moving to the UK and sharing their talent there.

Built and developed by immigrants

Tech gurus in the United Kingdom attribute the success that the tech industry in the country is enjoying to immigrants and immigration. Many businesses have achieved their current state with immigrants by their side. The UK is a competitive country in the entire globe and the tech industry surely helps create waves and a good name for the country. The country should be able to change its policies on immigration to make sure that this status remains true.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tweaked Immigration System For Reuniting Families In The Works In Canada

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For immigrants and potential immigrants, finding the way to Canada is at the top of their goals. This is a dream that many have for many years. They see Canada as a place of hope and a place where opportunities abound as compared to their own country and as compared to any other country in the world. They would do everything that they can to be able to make it there. Some would have to leave their families behind to be able to provide them with a good future. In the end, the need to be with their families is high and the next step for them would be to bring their families to Canada with them.

Not all people are successful in that goal of bringing their families to Canada with them. They would have to deal with a lot of obstacles along the way and sometimes, it just does not seem like bringing the families to Canada would happen. There are a lot who do stop when the going gets tough and just resorts to going back home from time to time for a vacation. However, there are those who pursue this plan and, in the end, they are successful in doing so. Living in Canada is now complete for these immigrants as they have their families with them there.

Tweaking an old immigration program

For those immigrants in Canada who really want to bring their families to the country with them, well, there is good news. See, the government of the country has publicly announced in August of last year that the old immigration program that works on reuniting families would be put back in place. Instead of the system of lottery, what the government would be employing would be quotas. The government is looking at being able to approve applications of a total of 20,500 grandparents and parents in Canada for this year, 2019. This is a definite improvement over the 17,000 individuals back in 2017.

This definitely shows that the government of Canada is open to having complete families together and it is open to helping this happen. Many immigrants in Canada who have been working their way towards bringing their families to country would surely find this to be good news.

Applications for families

Those who are interested in this update in the immigration system in Canada can start applying once it opens to the public by the end of January this year. This means that those who want to bring their grandparents or parents with them in Canada can start applying for it soon. This is one step closer to achieving their dreams and it would definitely be good to have families reunited and living together in a country as wonderful as Canada.

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