Friday, May 31, 2019

Immigration Rules In Canada Benefitting Tech Industry, Says PM Trudeau

In a recent event, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shared to the entire world that the tech industry in Canada has been benefitting from immigration. Thanks to immigration rules in the country, this booming and growing industry is getting the needed people to help out and keep the industry moving upwards and growing even more. The prime minister is also quite proud to say that because of their rules for immigration, the country is able to target some of the best talents from all around the globe.

The prime minister of Canada also continued to disclose that the government is not holding back and is more than supportive when it comes to the needs of the industries in the country. With the tech industry bringing in a lot to help out the economy, the government is surely making sure that it gets the support that it can get. Of course, the government of Canada is not just focusing on bringing in international talent. The government is making sure that the companies and businesses that need employees first look locally before embarking on a search for talent outside the country.

The Collision Conference of 2019

The Collision Conference for this year was held in Toronto on the 20th of May. It opened with Trudeau talking to the tech industry. This annual event has been usually held in the United States and it was only this time that they took it from the US and made it in Canada. Here, one can be rubbing elbows with the leaders of the tech industry all over the world.

According to the people behind the event, they have chosen to hold the event in Toronto, Canada as compared to the usual cities in the US because they see that the city is one of the fastest growing and really strong centers of technology at present. If Silicon Valley was the hub of the growth of technology years back, today, it does seem like Toronto is quickly making a mark. In fact, numbers have it that the Toronto scene just may soon overtake Silicon Valley when it comes to the growth in the number of jobs created.

Immigration in Canada and how it helps the tech industry

As per PM Trudeau, the government of Canada is very open to supporting the tech industry in the country. It will do its best so that it would be very open and welcoming to immigrant workers that the businesses and companies in the country need. There are talents and skills that tech businesses need which cannot be provided by locals in Canada and that is why they are starting to look abroad. With the immigration rules and the Global Skills Strategy stream, employers in the country can have the visas of their immigrant workers processed swiftly.

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Beautiful New Zealand For Immigrants To Explore

The country of New Zealand is quite beautiful. It has been endowed with plenty of natural wonders that surely leaves everyone gazing at them in amazement. This is what brings a lot of tourists to the country each year. It is also one of the very reasons why plenty of people from around the world choose to be immigrants int his beautiful country.

For immigrants who have found their way to New Zealand, the whole thing can be really challenging especially for those who have moved to the country all on their own. This means that they do not know anybody in the country and they also do not know how to go about their way in the new place that they are living in. Of course, these can be remedied and people can adjust so that should not be a problem in the long run.

However, experts suggest that those may be feeling a bit down because of the new situation that they are in should go and try and explore. Nature can be a wonderful place to get really positive vibes and NewZealand has plenty of those around. Here are some of those.

Moeraki Boulders.

Found on Koekohe Beach, Moeraki Boulders are worth seeing. These really huge boulders are spherical in shape and unlike most boulders that one can see around. They can be found all along the beach. Some are scattered and lone while there are those that are lying together in clumps. Thanks to the waves, the boulders have acquired this unique shape and texture that they have.

Puzzling World.

Another special place to visit in New Zealand is Puzzling World which can be found by Wanaka. It is man-made but it surely can excite one’s senses. For those who are amazed at mazes, this is the place to go to.

It has a good number of floors and even more exciting rooms to check out. Optical illusions and mazes are a thing at Puzzle World. It is also where the very first of its kind 3D maze in the whole world can be explored. This place is quite so popular that the numbers have it that there are over 3 million visitors who go there annually.

Black sand beaches.

Beaches are mostly known by people as having really white sand. However, what most people do not know is that there are beaches that have black sand. Yes, that is true. Black sand beaches can be found around the world especially in areas where there are volcanoes.

In the case of New Zealand, black sand beaches can be found there – Piha in Auckland, Karekare in Auckland, Bethells Beach in Auckland, Maruwai in Auckland, Ngarunui Beach in Raglan, Hot Water Beach in Kawhia, and Back Beach in Taranaki among many other spots.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Weather And The Black Cabs Of The United Kingdom: Immigrants Should Be Familiar With Them

The road to being an immigrant in the United Kingdom may not be as easy as taking the train and getting there just because. There are documents and requirements that one must be able to fulfill and submit before it is processed. There is also the waiting game for applicants – the approval or denial of an application does not happen right after the application has been sent in. It does take some time before one knows if they have been accepted to be an immigrant in the country.

Now, during the time when the applicant is waiting for the approval or denial of their application, they can take the time to learn more about the country that they have a 50% chance of living in as an immigrant. After all, the UK is surely going to be different from their home country and it would help them if they knew about what they should expect in the new place that they would be calling home. They can learn about the food and the new community that they would be staying in. They can also try and learn more about housing arrangements in the place that they have chosen as well as how to commute there.

These are the basics. And plenty of potential immigrants have yet to learn about the weather in the UK as well as black cabs. Yes, these are two normal things that are in the country and potential immigrants should know about them.

The UK weather

The world knows that the weather in the United Kingdom may be rainy. However, it is not rainy all the time but it is also not the best kind of weather for those who are used to having sun all around the year. It is also not that reliable as it can change any time.

The thing about the weather is that more than half of the Brits love using this as a topic in social situations. Well, that is not surprising as it is always a safe thing to talk about as compared to politics or religion. And when the sun is high up, immigrants in the UK surely should take that for granted as plenty of locals do!

The black-colored cabs

When it comes to cabs, the world is probably most familiar with the yellow cabs of New York and most probably all around the world. But in the case of the United Kingdom, the cabs come in a different color – black! Yes, it has become quite an icon of the UK and most of these black cabs can be seen in London.

According to data, there should be around 21,000 of these black cabs in the city. So just imagine how many more the whole country has. Plus, the country is quite proud of these cabs and most especially the drivers. To be able to become the driver of a black cab, one must first go through at least two years of studying routes and streets.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Opinion Of Immigrants And Refugees In Canada Still Positive, Says Survey

One of the top things that make people from all around the world love Canada and want to be an immigrant there would be the country’s attitude towards immigrants and refugees. When one moves to another country, they expect that they would not know much about the new place that they are living in. There have been instances in other countries were immigrants and refugees received hate from the locals.

But this is not the case in Canada. A study was currently done and the results have shown that Canadians are really quite open and welcoming to these people. The public opinion still remains highly positive and that is good news. Only a small percentage of the locals who took part in the study has disclosed that they saw immigration and refugees to be quite a big issue for the country. Many believe that immigrants and refugees should be welcomed to Canadian soil and helped out until they are able to adapt and settle in the new country that they are in.

The study that was conducted

According to the study, a good portion of the Canadian population is quite positive when it comes to refugees and immigrants coming to their country. They believe that it is a big issue that should bring about any negative impact. This study was done by the Environics Institute and it focuses on the views and perception of Canadians with regards to things like the economy, immigration, as well as refugees.

Environics Institute mainly does research on public opinion. This new study was done just this Spring of 2019. Comparing the data to previous studies done before, the numbers are very much just about the same. This means that there have been no drastic changes in how locals of Canada view refugees and immigrants. The last study was done last year in October.

Every year, the Environics Institute does this study twice. They do a survey and they also do interviews. Their main respondents would be a sampling of 2,000 individuals who are locals of the country. They would be asked particular questions that have been put together by the team handling the study.

The results of the study

According to the analysis of the data that they have collected, the Environics Institute has stated that the positive attitude that Canadians have has been quite the same over two decades already. The sentiments of the locals are mainly positive and if there are any negative views, the positive views outweigh them. Canadians also believe that immigrants and refugees bring a positive effect on the economy as a whole. They also have a really low effect on the country’s crime rates. In a nutshell, these groups of people bring about positive results to the entire country.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Registered Nurses New Addition To New Zealand Immigration Skills List

The government of New Zealand has recently made a decision and that is to add registered nurses to the list of immigrant skills that the country is looking for. The list is for the shortage of skills that are for the long-term that NZ needs. These registered nurses would be helping out the country by providing their skills in caring for the aged.

This move by the New Zealand government has received the approval of the New Zealand Aged Care Association. This a non-profit group in the country and this organization has members from all around NZ. It is focused on all the factors that affect the sector of caring for the aged, which means providing care for those individuals who are over 65 years old.

As per the motion of the government, the New Zealand Aged Care Association believes that this is a good thing to do. The organization says that it is a positive attitude and move to be able to address any chronic shortages that the country is experiencing when it comes to finding the right registered nurses to do the job.

A positive move

Simon Wallace works as the chief honcho for the New Zealand Aged Care Association. On this, he has disclosed that those aged care facilities and providers are going to love this because they can now look abroad to be able to find the right nurses who are needed to do the jobs. He is grateful for the decision that Iain Lees-Galloway has made. Lees-Galloway is the country’s Minister for Immigration. Wallace has also shared that they have been really trying for many years to keep nurses in the country as there is really a shortage of registered nurses to do this special task.

The organization has also been doing its share to make the government know about what they need. Wallace shared that they have been lobbying for the last year and a half for the government to do something. Their lobbying has also been supported by plenty of people and groups. So when the government has decided on adding nurses to the list, Wallace and the organization is happy because he sees that the government has listened to what they had been saying and done something about it.

Part of the list

Registered nurses are now under the long term skills shortage list (which is also known as the LTSSL). In this list, one can find the occupations that are needed in the country. To be included in the list, there should have been a shortage of that occupation for a sustained amount of time and is still ongoing. A person who may have gotten to the country via this list and have a job in NZ can apply for residency.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Phone Booths And Funny Names: Some Facts About The United Kingdom That Immigrants May Find Amusing

Immigrants in the United Kingdom are more than happy that they are in this European country. It means that they have been able to achieve their plans and go live in a new country that they have really wanted to be in. They may have had a few setbacks to be able to get to the country but all of these have been worth it in the end.

For many, they have had the chance to go and learn about the UK because it would be the country that they would be living in for quite some time. It means that they have to be familiar with the place that would be their home for the next couple of months or even years. They would know about the basics of how it is to live in the country. And then there are also some really fascinating or even amusing facts about the United Kingdom that can be something helpful or maybe just a piece of fascinating trivia.

Here are two of the amusing facts about the UK that immigrants have to know about.

Those red phone booths.

Immigrants who have seen documentaries about the Beatles or maybe even just watched any movies that were shot in Britain would be able to know that the red phone boots that people get to see in the movies and on popular culture are actually real and they are everywhere in the country. This phone booth is now known to be quite the icon for the country and there is supposed to be around 14,000 of them around. They can be found on the streets and can be used by anyone who wishes to.

Immigrants, just like many tourists in the country, can get a big hoot out of having a photo shoot in one of those red phone booths. In the UK, they are known as telephone boxes, by the way. That would be totally a rad idea and a great thing to share on social media. Immigrants must know though that aside from being icons, these phone booths are also functional. Although not all of them are working fine, the country has repurposed a good portion of them into ATMs or even honesty libraries.

Funny names of places.

There may be places around the world that can sound really funny or just about amusing. Nobody really knows how this phenomenon comes about but there sure are interesting stories behind the funny names of these places. In the case of the UK, it has its own share of funny place names. Here are some of them:
  • Mudchute (London)
  • Swallow Passage (London)
  • Bachelors Bump (Essex)
  • Balls Cross (West Sussex)
  • Bedlam Bottom (Hampshire)
  • Beggars Bush (Sussex)
  • Clay Bottom (Bristol)
  • Crackpot (North Yorkshire)
  • Devil’s Lapful (Northumberland)

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Immigrant Students Are Very Welcome In Canada

As the old adage goes, children should do the very best that they could while they are in school as education is the only wealth that their parents can give them that cannot be taken away. Indeed it is true as what is in a person’s mind cannot be taken away or robbed by anybody. That is why many people are telling younger folk to focus on their studies while they still can and without any responsibilities to think about yet.

With that instilled in most people’s minds, they choose to go and find more education for themselves. Some are good with being able to finish college. And then there are others who are really interested in learning more and continuously be a student. This is what Canada has to offer – a place where students from all places around the world can learn and gain higher education if they wanted to. And at present, news has it that the country is opening its doors even wider for those immigrant students who would like to study in the country.

The current education situation in Canada

For the past number of years, Canada has been one of the top choices of immigrant students all around the world to be the place where they would get the education that they need. This is not surprising given the quality of life in the country as well as the wonderful programs that the students are looking for can be found here. The students who are interested in studying in the country need to apply for the program that they want to be enrolled in and they also have to apply for a student visa to be able to get there.

According to data from the Canada government, a good portion of the student immigrants that they have had in the most recent years have been those who have come from China as well as India. There have been stories though of a good number of potential immigrant students who have applied for a student visa but were not able to do so. That is why people are urging the government to do something about this.

Universities and colleges are happy with immigrant students

According to one professor from one of the colleges and universities in Canada, the immigrant students coming to the country and enrolling in a program with them is something that they really appreciate. It is always good to share knowledge to those who are willing to learn. That is why many universities and colleges are reaching out to other countries to tell them about the programs that they offer so as to be able to attract even more immigrant students to come to the country.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

New Zealand Publishes Immigration Skills List For Regions

A country would not be able to run smoothly and well if there are not enough people doing the jobs that are needed to do. As they say, running a country is like running a business. A leader cannot do all of the things alone. He or she needs people to help him run the country. In the case of New Zealand, the country has enough workers to make the country run smoothly.

What needs people though is the labor market. There are jobs in the country that need to be filled for the businesses that need them to run well. Without these employees, the businesses may have to run shorter hours or may even have to close up shop. This is how important employees are. The only problem though is that there are not enough people in the country who can do the jobs. And that is why the government of NZ has created a list of skills that potential immigrant workers must have to be able to get to the country and work there.

The shortage on skilled workers

Iain Lees-Galloway works as the Immigration Minister of New Zealand. On this, he has recently shared that the government has created lists to help out the regions of the country. By having a more regionalized list, they would be able to place the right people in the right locations that need their skills. The whole aim would be to help the regions become a lot more thriving and also be sustainable.

It used to be known as the Immediate Skills Shortage List. Now, because of the changes in plans and such, it has now been renamed as the Regional Skill Shortage Lists. According to Lees-Galloway, they simply reworked the original list and categorized them according to where the skills are needed the most. That way, it would be easier for both the immigrant worker and the NZ government to know where in the country they would be staying in and providing their services.

The needed skills

According to the list, the main occupations that have been categorized into the regions that need them the most include nurses that provide care for the aged, builders, as well as teachers. Of course, these are just a few of those that are on that list. To get more information, one can easily check via the official website of the New Zealand government.

The government has also shared that any employers or business owners who would like to hire immigrant workers for jobs that cannot be found on the list can still do that. However, they should be able to show proof that there are no locals available who would be able to get the job done. New Zealanders are always the priority, of course.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dracula, Harry Potter, And James Bond: Citizens Of The United Kingdom

Immigrants who are in the United Kingdom may be familiar with the best places to get really good British food. Or maybe they know the best pubs to spend an hour or two after work. There are also those immigrants who do know the best spots to go to if they want to while the hours away. However, what they should also try to know would be the famous fictional characters whose humble beginnings started in the country. Thanks to their talented and world-known creators who are from the UK.

So go ahead and meet these famous writers and their even more popular characters.

Dracula (Created by Bran Stoker)

Dracula is perhaps the most famous vampire around the world. Sure there is Nosferatu and Le Stat and Edward Cullen but it is quite safe to say that Dracula is the very first vampire that comes to mind for many people. What immigrants need to know is that Dracula is the product of the imagination and creativity of Bram Stoker and both of them are from the UK.

Dracula is a novel and a Gothic one at that. According to its creator, the whole story has come from the kind of drama and mood that can be found in North Yorkshire. It is a town by the sea and the appearance is something that has brought about a huge portion of how the story has been set. The town now has a tourist attraction which includes the Dracula Experience Tours. Immigrants may be happy to try this out.

Harry Potter (Created by JK Rowling)

Harry Potter is a wizard and has brought on a whole new world of magic to everyone who has read the books and watched the movies. Behind this young wizard is JK Rowling, the creator.

When the books were turned into movies, a good portion of the movies were shot in the country. So those immigrants who are trying to explore the country have been more than happy to recognize famous locations that were used in the movies.

James Bond (Created by Ian Fleming)

Dashing and debonair and quite the total spy, James Bond is yet another fictional character that was created in the United Kingdom. Its author is also from the country and he is Ian Flemming. Bond is quite the icon and only a few people around the world know who he is.

There are plenty of beautiful spots in the UK that has been used as scenes for movies of James Bond. And those who really are fans, they can go and visit Covent Garden where they can find the London Film Museum. Right here, people can marvel and enjoy looking at the classic cars that have been used in the Bond movies. If that is not enough, there are also tours made just for Bond fans which can be taken in London.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Study Shows Immigration Helpful For Boosting Prosperity In Canada

There are countries that are not so keen on having immigrants. This may be for their own personal reasons or perhaps because of any experience that they may have had with immigrants. However, there are also countries like Canada that are quite open to having these new people in their soil because they believe that any disadvantages that such people bring to the country are outweighed by the advantages that are brought to the table. In the case of Canada, the government and the locals have seen just how good the effect is when they have been welcoming immigrants.

In recent news, the Conference Board of Canada has disclosed that the influx of immigrants to the country has been beneficial especially when it comes to the growth of the labor force. It is very important that the labor force continues to grow in Canada as the population is ageing and so there are a lot less people to do the work needed by the many businesses in the country. The study from the CBC has disclosed that the growth would primarily be thanks to immigration and that would be starting from last year right until 2040.

A key to growth in economy

According to a study that was recently done, immigration is a key to the growth in the economy in Canada. Of course, immigration alone is not going to do it. The study has shown that immigration should be combined with efforts done by the government to ensure the growth in economy. It has also been shown that groups that are part of the labor force should also help out and all the efforts would be a real key to keeping the economy up and strong. The study was done by the Conference Board of Canada and it also found out that these are very important in keeping the standards high for living in the country and should happen starting now until twenty years has been reached.

The study was named Can’t Go It Alone: Immigration Is Key To Canada’s Growth Strategy. It has looked into the factors that affect the economy as well as changes in the labor force that could bring good results to the country.

More information on the results

As per the study, by 2040, the around 25% of population of Canada would already be aged at least 65 years old. At present, they are only at 17%. This means that there would be a lot less growth in terms of the labor force. This would be quite difficult for the Canada to keep up a strong economy if there are a lot less people doing the work. That is why the country is reliant on immigrants to bring in more laborers who would be strong enough to do the work needed.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

New Zealand Among Top Countries Millionaires Are Immigrating To

When one has the money and the financial capacity, doing the things that they want to do is not going to be a problem. If they choose to purchase a house that is for sale, they can do so. If they want to have the biggest pool in town, that would not be a problem. And for those who would like to see the world and find a good place to live in, that can be easily done. Money may not be everything but it can definitely make things better for those who have it.

In recent news, it does seem like the millionaires of today’s world has become a whole lot more mobile as compared to years before. Because they can go wherever they would like to go, they can do such on a whim as long as they have the necessary documents that would allow them to do such. They are choosing to go to various places around the world as immigrants and nothing is stopping them from doing so. New Zealand is surely one of the top countries that the richest people in the world are going to.

The lure of New Zealand

Recently, New Zealand has experienced a huge amount of millionaires sending in their applications to be immigrants. Most of those who have sent in applications have actually made money from the technology industry, which is a booming industry at present. For many, they believe that NewZealand is surely a country that would be a really good place to be in when the time comes that doomsday comes around.

In 2018 alone, there were around 1000 total of new immigrants who have made their way to NZ. And according to the numbers, a good portion of these millionaires are those who are from Silicon Valley and the tech industry there. Some may be owners of their own businesses while others are tech entrepreneurs. A good example of this millionaire from the tech industry who has found their way to New Zealand is Peter Thiel who is from Paypal fame. These millionaires have found the country to be quite a good place to live in and have also been acquiring real estate in the country.

Other countries that are luring millionaires

Aside from New Zealand, there are some countries around the world which are also luring in the millionaire immigrants. These countries include Spain, Greece, Portugal, Israel, Singapore, the Caribbean Islands, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and Canada.

Spain has been a top contender for the most popular country for millionaires as it is quite a good place for them to do business in. it is also known for having really good and talented people who can do the work that the millionaires need done as part of their ventures.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Shakespeare And Wordsworth: Two Williams From The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Know About

There are many perks to being an immigrant in the United Kingdom. One of it is location. As a human, it is very important for a person to keep on learning so that their brain matter does not get rusty in time. Plus, learning about something new is always interesting and a fun thing to do. There is always satisfaction that comes with knowing that there is always something new to be learned – may it be a skill that one can use on a daily basis or to save lives or a simple piece of trivia that would be quite handy next time during a conversation.

In the case of immigrants in the United Kingdom, these individuals are urged to try and learn something about the country that they are living in. There is always learning about how to go about the place and the beautiful places to go to and discover. And then there is learning about famous people in history who may have made their way in the country or have actually lived there.

With that, here are two of the most famous people who have lived in the UK that immigrants should know about. This would be quite a good thing to know about because it would mean bragging rights as well new knowledge. These two people are William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is a local of the country. He was born in Stratford Upon Avon and he later on lived as well as worked in London. This person is quite known all over the United Kingdom as well as all over the world for the plays that he had written throughout his life. For an immigrant who would like to know more about this person, they can go and visit the Globe Theater which is located in London. One can also visit the house he had lived in when he was in Stratford. The country is also home to plenty of theaters that do performances of the plays that he has written.

William Wordsworth

For those who are interested in poems, then they should be quite happy to learn about William Wordsworth and how he has been living in the United Kingdom as well. This is one of the world’s greatest poets and the United Kingdom is definitely very proud to have been the home for this wonderful individual who has produced world-famous poems.

According to history, Wordsworth and his works have mainly gotten inspiration from some of the beautiful spots that can be found in the UK’s Lake District. The poet has also lived in a number of homes in the UK. Some of those homes that he had lived in are still open and can be visited by those immigrants and locals who would like to.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Parents And Grandparents Program In Canada Now Open For Immigrant Applicants

To an immigrant, the feeling of being far from their families and friends is a big obstacle that they have to overcome. It can be the biggest thing that they have to face and they have to face it alone in a place that is too far from home and they just do not have any close friends to spend time with in the country. Sure, technology has allowed immigrants to contact and speak with their friends and families who are in their home country but it is always different knowing that they could not get the hugs and the time spent together.

In the case of Canada, the government is trying its best to bring families together. It recognizes the importance of having families together for immigrants because it means that these new people in the country would be able to adjust better and therefore be able to do better in the country. That is why it has now opened the program that would enable immigrants to bring their parents and their grandparents to Canada. This sure is a godsend.

The update on the program

Those who may be interested in bringing their parents or their grandparents to Canada can do that with the help of this program. There have already been invitations sent out to those who may be potential sponsors. Once they have received the invitation, they have a max of 60 days to be able to send in the application form which they have completed filling out. This would be the first step towards making their plans of living with their parents and grandparents come true.

This program is also known to many as PGP. And all of those citizens of Canada who are eligible as well as previous immigrants who are now permanent residents of the country who are also eligible can be sent an invitation. These individuals would have to be at least 19 years old to be able to stand as sponsors for their parents or their grandparents so that they can be granted a permanent residency status in the country.

The target for the PGP

According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC), the country is targeting to get around 20,000 applications sent in. These are the ones that have been totally completed. And that target is just for this year’s run of the PGP.

Those that have been sent an invitation for the application, the people who would be getting them would be those who have first sent in their forms of Interest to Sponsor and should have done so in January of this year. This is how the government is able to know which ones would like to bring their parents or their grandparents.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Zealand Gov’t Urged By Immigration Lawyer To Work Faster On Parent Visas

According to one immigration lawyer, the New Zealand government should be doing something fast and quick about the visas for parents in the country. The government has also been urged by this immigration lawyer to push on with lifting the moratorium so that things would be processed faster. Many feedbacks have come in and people are saying that the waiting period for the parent visas to be accepted or denied have actually been quite long. This is not a good thing as surely immigrants in New Zealand would definitely want their parents to be with them at the soonest time possible.

On the end of the government of New Zealand, Iain Lees-Galloway has spoken about this. Lees-Galloway said that he is still in the process of looking into the parent visa category and is still pondering if this should continue or not. Lees-Galloway works as the minister for Immigrant of the country. It is quite good that he does think about it well and not make any drastic decisions just because. Although it would be a really good thing to have the parent visa working as it would mean reuniting plenty of families.

The future of parent visas

When Lees-Galloway was asked regarding when the decision would be made or when it would be announced, the Minister for Immigration has yet to answer that question. There was no information given on the time frame on when this would be done and when it would be made. However, what the minister has shared is that this decision would be made and would be announced at the soonest time possible. He also said that the next election would serve as the main point and that the decision would be done before then.

On the other hand, an immigration lawyer has said that the government should be doing something about this as fast as they can. This lawyer is Aaron Martin and he says that there are thousands of immigrants in NewZealand that are known to be in limbo since the government has put the parent visa category to a halt. These people do not know what is going to happen and they want to have their elderly parents moving in with them in the country. Their parents are getting old and they surely want to be with them in New Zealand.

The parent visa category

Back in 2016, the New Zealand government has put a halt to the parent visa category. There have been stories that the government is going to be bringing it back as soon as possible but three years later, it still has not. There have been plenty of submissions for applications for this visa category for families and individuals who would want to have their elderly parents with them in New Zealand.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Location, Education, And Beauty: Why Immigrants Want To Be In The United Kingdom

There are a variety of reasons why immigrants are choosing to move to the United Kingdom as compared to any other country in the world. One of those reasons could be the job opportunities that are available in the country that are not as available anywhere else. Once they are in the country, they can easily find a job that suits their skills and experience or perhaps their passion and these jobs can pay well. A person would not be happy to leave his friends and family behind if not for the purpose of wanting to create a better future for himself and for his family. The UK is able to provide such opportunities that are really helpful for these immigrants.

This is one of the top reasons why. There are other reasons why immigrants are choosing to go to the United Kingdom as their new country to be living in. Here are some of them. Read on and find out what makes the UK quite the attractive country for all other immigrants out there.

The location

The good thing about the UK is that it is known for having quite a huge amount of airports. In fact, the current count is at 24 and these are all international airports. This allows for traveling in and about the country to be quite easy as there are airports seemingly everywhere as compared to other countries where international airports are only limited in number. The location of the country is also a really good thing because it is quite accessible to other parts of Europe which is quite a wonderful place to be taking a trip in.

The educational system

There are plenty of immigrant students in the United Kingdom each year and that is not surprising as the country is known for having a world-class educational system. The country is home to some of the best universities and colleges around the world and getting a diploma from any one of these educational institutions would mean that the individual would have a higher chance of getting the career that they want because these institutions are recognized all around the world.

The beauty that nature offers

Aside from being one of the centers of commerce and businesses in Europe, the United Kingdom also is home to some of the greatest wonders that nature has to offer. Immigrants get to enjoy the natural wonders in the UK on their free days. Experts even suggest that people should go out and spend time in nature to help relieve themselves from negative thoughts and emotions that could bombard them on a daily basis. It is a natural cure for such and something that does not cost anything.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Jobs That Are In Demand In Canada That Immigrants Can Apply For

One of the things that makes an individual want to become an immigrant is the availability of greener pastures in some other country that is not available on his own. Sometimes, a person may be skilled enough or may have more than enough experience but there are just not enough good paying jobs that are available in his home country. And that is why they are choosing to leave their home turf and go on a new adventure and build a new life in another country.

In the case of Canada, the country has been more than open to immigrants and the country is also home to plenty of businesses that require employees. In fact, there are just many jobs waiting for those who have the right skills and can do the jobs right. The government does make sure that they try to look for employees from within the country but if there are none available, that is when they start to look outside the country.

Recently, the government of Canada has released a list of streams that would allow certain provinces to get the needed skilled immigrant workers that the businesses in that area needs. This is all part of the provincial nominee programs that are available in a number of provinces in the country. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that the immigrants that the programs are looking for are those people who have a specific skill or experience in work that they are looking for.

The provincial nominee programs that are currently looking for skilled workers

Here is a list of provincial nominee programs in Canada that are looking for workers who come with skills as well as experience with work. It is important that a potential immigrant tries to ask himself if the skills that are needed are something that he (or she) has.

  • The Alberta Opportunity Stream for Alberta
  • The Skilled Worker Overseas Program for Manitoba
  • The Express Entry Labor Market Stream for New Brunswick
  • The Tech Pilot Program for British Columbia
  • The In-Demand Skills Stream for Ontario (This one needs an employer to have a job offer for a specific potential immigrant)
  • The International Skilled Worker Program for Saskatchewan

The occupations that are needed

A recent report has shown that there are some specific occupations that need to be filled in Canada. It is important again to ask oneself if they are skilled enough and have the work experience to be able to apply for these positions. It would be great if one has the needed skills and experience that are needed in these jobs which allows for a higher chance of getting accepted and being an immigrant. These include the following:
  • Accounting technicians
  • Computer programmers
  • Early childhood educators
  • Social workers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Interactive media developers
  • Community service workers

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Immigrants In New Zealand Enjoy Spots In Country

The feeling of being homesick can really put a person down. It can make them feel like they cannot function well and if they do, they can go out into the world and try and do things but their mind can be far away – thinking about the family, friends, and the life that they have left behind. It would be difficult to find new friends or to simply be a functioning member of the new society that they are living in.

Experts say that one of the best ways to get rid of any negative feelings that one may have would be to go out and explore and do something new. So immigrants in New Zealand can definitely do that there. They may be new in the country but it also poses a good thing because it means that there are a lot of new things to discover and explore. That should help them adapt well to the new country that they are in and they would also be able to keep those negative thoughts and feelings at bay.

Here are some of the wonderful spots in New Zealand that immigrants can go and explore.

Te Papa Museum

The Te Papa Museum can be found in Wellington and it is quite a good one to visit. The good thing is, if one is an immigrant and they have yet to create a good financial situation for themselves in the country, then this place is surely a great place to go to since it is for free. Yes, there are no fees to pay to get inside. The museum is open daily from 10 in the morning until 6 pm. Well, except on Christmas.

The Te Papa Museum is basically the national museum of NewZealand and it actually means “Our Place”. It first opened its doors back in 1998 when the National Museum of the country as well as the National Art Gallery actually merged to create Te Papa Museum. Recent numbers have it that there are over 1.5 million individuals who come to visit it each year. Goes to show just how popular it is.

The Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Joseph Glacier is also known as the Kā Roimata o Hine Hukatere. It is a maritime glacier and it measures 12 kilometers in length. It can be found in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park. Visiting here would be a great thing for immigrants especially those who have not yet seen a glacier in real life. This is in the South Island of New Zealand and it can be pretty amazing to look at. Immigrants can surely marvel at how wonderful this piece is and just how great nature is at creating things like this.

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