Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Zealand Makes Immigration Policy Changes To Bring Needed Workers

In New Zealand, many experts have been looking at the immigration issue. They believe that immigration is seemingly bringing in too many new individuals to the country which, in turn, brings issues to the country. These issues include housing problems but others who have been looking at the issue say that these problems have already been there before. It just intensified with the arrival of the immigrants to the country.

With that, the government of the country has been looking at making sure that the country would have to curtail the number of immigrants that they allow in the country. However, recently, the Prime Minister of the country, Bill English, has looked into the situation and it seems like he is ruling out just about any move to curtail the immigration in the country.

Why the New Zealand PM is not limiting immigration

According to English, he will be pushing for the government not to put a limit and curtail the inflow of immigrants to New Zealand. This is so that the immigrants can help out with the solution to problems in the country. One of the top problems that the country is facing is shortage when it comes to housing. With that, immigrants who are also skilled workers can help out with finding solutions to this issue. After all, Auckland is one of the top cities in the country where people choose to go to and so housing has been becoming an issue.

English has continued to disclose that the NZ government is seeing that there is a high need for immigrants to be able to solve the problem. There is a need for people who will work on building houses especially in Auckland. With that, immigrants can help fill in the need for workers. There may be some experts saying that the construction industry is having a hard time nowadays but it is essential that the basic needs of people are provided. That is why the government is making sure that immigration policies do not hinder the country’s need for workers especially in construction.

The government’s move on the housing situation

The Minister for Housing in New Zealand has been looking at the situation as well. The Minister, Amy Adams, has recently said that the country’s government would have been able to work on the issue years before. However, because of problems with the industry of construction, they were unable to do so. This has been verified by English himself.

Now, the country has to definitely work on this and see just how much they can do so that the problem is given a solution. This is good news for those who want to be immigrants in New Zealand. The government is working on the housing problems and there is no limit to the number of immigrants entering the country. This should be good for everybody.


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