Friday, February 17, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Is Good For Country, Says Report

New Zealand has been one of the top destinations for immigrants and it is not a surprise why this has become such. With all its natural wonders and really friendly immigration policies, who would not want to live in this place that is seemingly just like paradise?

As for the side of the government, they are open to immigrants since the country needs more citizens and more people to help out. The country is huge with more sheep roaming the land than people. That is why the country needs more people to live there. However, immigration means that the country should also focus on building more infrastructure that would house the new residents. But studies have shown that though this may seem like expenses on the end of the country, New Zealand would still win in the end despite such expenses.

The two sides of welcoming immigrants to New Zealand

The study that focused on immigration to New Zealand had been able to see that infrastructure definitely needed to go up with all the new citizens arriving in the country. However, it disclosed that it should help out the country quite a lot. In the end, infrastructure would only be the basic investment and the return of investment would be much greater.

However, there are people and groups who say that this is not really quite the deal.

As for the group Multicultural New Zealand, they strongly believe that the immigration in the country is definitely a big plus and is going to help the country in huge ways. After all, multiculturalism is quite a good thing and it helps the country in big ways. For those who are planning on being a part of New Zealand, this definitely is music to their ears.

The economy and how immigration affects it

The report was from the New Zealand Initiative. According to the study, in 2013, the immigrants to the country had been able to help bring around $3 billion to the country’s economy. That is definitely a huge amount and it has been with the help of the migrants.

If you do a computation, that year, 2013, that should be around $2500 brought in to the country by each immigrant. The report also continued to disclose that $170 was the average for each person that was born in the country itself. $2500 is definitely way higher as compared to the $170 from New Zealand natural-born citizens.

Oliver Hartwich, the Executive Director for the New Zealand Initiative, had stated that the numbers are definitely reflecting that the migrants who are coming to the country are people who are driven and definitely want to get things done. They are individuals who are trying to drive a point and make an impact in New Zealand society. Thus, such results.


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