Friday, February 26, 2021

Immigration In New Zealand Is Adapting To The Changes Brought About By The Pandemic

When the world got hit by the pandemic, governments of countries had to think of ways on how to stop the disease from spreading any further. Countries like New Zealand had to lock their borders and put quarantines in place to make sure that people are safe. The disease known as COVID-19 is being spread from person to person and so limiting contact with other people would be the best way to do that. The health of the people has become a priority though there are some factors that had to suffer and that includes immigration and the economy.


It has been almost a year already and yet the restrictions on the borders around New Zealand are still in place. This means that immigration has yet to be restored to its former glory. The economy has already started to work its way back up but it is the joining of new blood to the country that has still yet to go back to what it used to be before the pandemic hit.


Working on the challenges


The pandemic has been a really great challenge not only for New Zealand but also for many other countries around the world. According to Immigration New Zealand, the country cannot do anything but rather make sure that they adapt. One of the things that INZ had to deal with would be to deal with a low amount of immigration applicants not because New Zealand is not a good country to move to but because people would rather stay safe in the confines of their own homes in their home country for the meantime. The applications even for visitor visas and for student visas have also gone down.


To make sure that people are kept safe from the threat brought about by the disease, Immigration New Zealand had to think of ways on how to handle the situation. Thanks to new technology and applications, the processing of applications continue to happen. The way things worked pre-pandemic had to change and INZ definitely had to adapt, like all people all around the globe.


The need to adapt


According to Catriona Robinson, INZ should be responsible enough to adapt to any changes that the environment brings. Robinson is the deputy head of the INZ and she also disclosed that the INZ is also making sure that despite the difficulties, it is doing the best that it can to still be able to contribute to the recovery of the economy of New Zealand. They had to make difficult decisions but to make sure that the health of the people is a priority and that it continues to do what it is supposed to do for the country’s economy, they had to do it.




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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Niagara Falls And The Reason Why Many Immigrants Choose To Go To This Place In Canada

Each year, Canada has been the top destination for many people around the world for various reasons. There are those who go to the country for leisure and they go there are tourists and travelers to explore what the country has to offer. There are also those who go to Canada as immigrants to live there for a variety of reasons including being with their families who are already living there, starting a business venture, taking further studies, and starting a new job.


Why Canada has been chosen for these varied reasons is not surprising given what a wonderful country it is. It has a great economy and the opportunities to do various things are plenty and all around. It is also a beautiful country where there are plenty of places that people can go and visit when they wish to or when they just need to relax and enjoy their day. One of these amazing places is Niagara Falls and this popular spot is quite known all over the world.


What is Niagara Falls?


This spot is one of the most popular places in the entire world because it a natural wonder. It has brought plenty of people in and outside Canada to come and marvel at how beautiful it is. Aside from the actual waterfalls, one can also see the huge Niagara River right below it. The waterfall itself is around 188 feet tall and the drop should go at around 20 miles to 30 miles per hour.


It is amazing that this waterfall in Canada actually is quite huge and the speed that it flows and falls allows it to create a mist right at the part where the river and the waterfalls meet. It is astonishing and quite amazing that people who see it are always in awe. The mist is even so strong and wide that those who are quite near it can actually feel the mist. The roar that it makes is also quite distinctive that it can be heard for miles.


What activities can be done?


Aside from standing by the railings and marveling at the waterfalls and river, there are other things that can be done in and about Niagara Falls. This spot in Canada also zipline adventures for those who are in for some adventure and beautiful sceneries. One may also choose to go on a helicopter and enjoy the view at the top of the falls. Other activities also include a boat tour, a good and leisurely walk by the Niagara Falls State Park, take a trip on the Maid of the Mist (which brings people quite close to the waterfalls), and enjoy the hills via the Niagara Hornblower Funicular among many other things.




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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Immigrants In Germany Can Learn About The History And Culture Of The Country Through Its Architecture

Learning about a new country can be a very fascinating thing to do especially for people who are really interested in that place. This is especially true for those individuals who have made it to a new country as immigrants. Those who are immigrants in Germany surely need to learn a lot about it since the culture and history of this country are quite different as compared to many other countries around the world.


One of the best ways to learn about the history and culture of Germany would be through its architecture. Not a lot of people are interested in architecture but those who do know that there are plenty of things to learn about by just choosing to understand and appreciate the architecture that can be found in one country. That should not be a difficult thing to do for immigrants who are in Germany since their architecture can be found everywhere and there are those who have been preserved well through the ages.


The architecture in Germany


For immigrants who have found their way to the beautiful country known as Germany, they have access to plenty of buildings and architecture that is a reflection of its history and culture. Experts in architecture are more than happy to say that this country is definitely a great place to visit especially for those people who are interested in this industry.


There are tons of beautiful architecture that can be found in Germany which people can visit and appreciate. There are palaces and cathedrals. There are castles and monuments. There are roman bridges and spas. There are also amphitheaters and churches. There are a lot of beautiful structures that tell plenty of stories and show off a lot of the history of this splendid country. Some of these structures have dated centuries ago and they have been preserved and are still standing strong today. The culture of the country is also reflected in how these structures have been designed.


Samples of the best architecture


People who are asking about which would be the best structures to visit in Germany would most probably be told that the best ones are those that have been built centuries ago. One great example would be the Cologne Cathedral which was built right during the Gothic era. Aside from that, all other cathedrals that were built during that era are really worth the visit as well.


Visiting castles in Germany is also worth the trip. It would be really great to visit those castles that have been built during the Renaissance period. A great example of this would be the Heidelberg castle. Those that have been built also during the Baroque period are also quite amazing and it includes the Wurzburg Residence as well as the Augustusburg Castle.




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Monday, February 22, 2021

Some Traits That Make British People British, And Why Immigrants In The United Kingdom Need To Learn About Them

There is a need for immigrants to learn about the new place and country that they would be living in. This is not just so they can go and be able to make living in the new place easier. It is also about being able to relate better and adjust quickly to where they would be living a new life. This is the case for immigrants in all countries and the United Kingdom is surely no exception.


Immigrants who have found themselves living in the United Kingdom have to learn not only about getting in and about the new place that they are in. They also have to learn about the traits of the locals that make them quite British. It is quite a fun thing to learn about these traits as they can be very helpful when it comes to dealing with the locals. It would also be able to help immigrants not get surprised or have culture shock in case they do find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.


With that, here are some of the traits of Brits that immigrants should probably have to learn about.


The love for Sunday roast dinners.


The locals of the United Kingdom have this love for having a roast dinner on Sundays and they feel really excited once this is what they are having. This has been ingrained in their culture for many, many years. See, the dish has seemingly become a staple that was eaten by families and friends after they have gone to church on Sundays.


Mixed emotions because a colleague who’s ill is still going to work.


In most businesses and companies nowadays, each employee is an important part of the whole process. And when one of them has to be absent from work because they are ill, the remaining employees have to make up for what the absent colleague does. However, if the illness that the employee is communicable and the person who has it is still going to work, the colleagues can have mixed emotions about it because they are happy that the process does not have to go bonkers but they are unsure if they would be safe from getting ill themselves. The Brits are also too polite to confront their colleague.


Letter of complaints is something that the locals are experts at.


Another important thing to understand is that the locals of the United Kingdom do not just take things as they are given to them. They have standards for the products and services that they pay for. So in any case that what they received is something that does not meet the standards, they are not shy to go and write letters of complaints to let the business or company know about it.




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Friday, February 19, 2021

Canada May Not Reach Immigration Target For 2021 Given Current Levels

Each year, there are thousands and thousands of people who send in their applications to become immigrants in Canada. Of the tons of applicants, only a portion are able to make it. However, despite that, the country continues to bring in hundreds of thousands of new immigrants to join the country for various reasons. Canada has also been known to have a minimum number of immigrants as its target without putting a maximum number.


For the past number of years, Canada has been able to meet its target and bring in the needed number of immigrants that they have set. That is not a difficult thing to do given the huge number of individuals who are interested in being immigrants in this beautiful country. However, because of recent events which started last year, Canada had to deal with a low number of immigrants. And this year, despite the updates and developments in combating the pandemic that has brought havoc in the entire world, it is deemed that the country may still not be able to reach its target for 2021.


Less than the target


One of the top banks of Canada did a study and they have predicted that despite the health protocols and such that the country has put in place, the target that it has for immigration may still not be reached as what has happened last year. This is primarily because of the restrictions in borders that Canada has put in place when the pandemic hit. Of course, there was been a gentle easing of the restrictions but there are still restrictions and immigration cannot move as freely as they have done pre-pandemic.


The estimate would be around 275,000 newcomers which would be having their permanent resident visas with them. This is definitely lower as compared to the target for 2021 which is 401,000 new immigrants with permanent residency status. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, Canada was only able to have around 184,000 new immigrants and that is around half of what the country has placed as its target number.


Other reasons for fewer immigrants


The restrictions on the borders in Canada have been the main reason. However, aside from that, potential immigrants to Canada have also had to deal with delays in the processing of their visas because of protocols set in place to help stop the spread of the virus. Despite all these, the government of the country has also been working on bringing in more immigrants to keep up with their economic plans. So this means that immigrants are still coming in but not as many as they used to be before the pandemic. This is still good news because it means that those who are willing to make the move can continue to send in their applications.




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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Immigrants In New Zealand Find Locals To Be Helpful And Outdoorsy

What most people who have moved to a new country and become immigrants there have done is actually learn about the place and about what they could find and do in that new country before they actually went there. They would do research about the famous places, about the food, and even about how to get in and about the new place that they would be living in. However, it is important that immigrants also learn about the locals and what they are like. This is not a difficult thing to do for immigrants who have moved to New Zealand because the locals are pretty easy to get with.


Two things that immigrants have discovered about the Kiwis (which are the locals of New Zealand) are that they are quite a helpful lot and that they also are also people who really love the outdoors. These are two good traits that have made many immigrants love them even more.


Helpful Kiwis


One thing that many immigrants have discovered about the locals of New Zealand is that they really are quite helpful people. They are also very generous individuals and it is a natural trait for them. In fact, many immigrants have said that they have become reliant on the locals to help them out if they need something. It may be something small or something big. If the locals see that they can help in any way, they would definitely do that for other people.


Those who have found themselves with a flat tire in the middle of the road may soon find themselves with some locals stopping and giving them the assistance that they can give. It is something natural in them and they would not hesitate to lend a helping hand just because they can. The Kiwis are also known to easily send in their donations if there are people who do need help especially right after a tragedy or some type of hardship.


The love for the outdoors


It is not a secret that New Zealand is home to nature that has been preserved quite well. It is also home to landscapes that have remained pristinely beautiful. There are also trails that are quite a good place to trek on. Aside from these, New Zealand also has snow and beaches and flora and fauna and wildlife that are just awesome. That is why it is not surprising why Kiwis are known to be quite outdoorsy individuals. They appreciate what nature has given them and they are enjoying what nature has to offer. Many locals also love going camping, having picnics, or just basking in the sun when the weather is nice enough, which is most of the time.




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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

184,000 New Immigrants Welcomed In Canada In 2020

Among the many countries around the world that are accepting immigrants each year, Canada is definitely one of the most popular ones. Each year, the country accepts hundreds of thousands of immigrants via the different programs that they have running. However, with the pandemic that struck the entire world in 2020, the number of immigrants that had joined Canada had substantially gone down and that is understandable.


According to data from the government of Canada, the country was able to bring in a total of 184,370 new immigrants with permanent residency visas with them. This is a really low number and the main cause it the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. Countries had to place lockdowns and had to ban non-essential travel to stop the spread of the disease. And so moving to a new country was definitely not a top priority for many people. Their health and their family’s health were the main priority. Their plans of moving to Canada as immigrants had to be put on hold.


The lowest since 1998


As per the data that Canada has been able to keep, the total number of immigrants that joined Canada for 2020 is the lowest level that the country has been able to record. The last time it happened was back in 1998, which is 12 years ago. For that year, Canada was only able to bring in around 174,000 immigrants. The number for 2020 is quite close to that one and it is not quite a big help to the program and plans that the government has. However, given the circumstances, a low number is more than enough help as compared to not having any new immigrants at all.


Back in March of 2020, Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister of the country, had announced that the country was targeting on bringing in 341,000 new immigrants which would be around the same number as 2019. However, a few days after that announcement, the Prime Minister of the country, Justin Trudeau, announced that the country had to put restrictions on travel to help stop the spread of the deadly virus that is causing the disease known as COVID-19.


The cause of the decline


The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) had released data and it showed as per the analysis that the number of immigrants coming to Canada had gone down by the time the travel restrictions were put in place. However, with the government being able to create good health protocols, it is now starting to bounce back and is planning on bringing in immigration levels that the country had experienced before the pandemic happened. This is surely good news for all people who had put their plans on hold as there is now a way for them to push on with their plans.




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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Germany Did Not Meet Immigration Quota For 2020 – Lacked 2/3 Of Quota

Germany is one of the top countries in Europe which has been bringing in immigrants to help it out for various reasons including additional people in the labor force. Like many other countries in the world that has been trying to lure in immigrants, Germany has set a quota as per how many immigrants it would be accepting on a yearly basis. This quota would depend on the country’s plans and just how many newcomers it would need for a certain period.


For 2020, Germany’s target when it comes to the total number of new immigrants coming in was not met. In fact, the country was only able to bring in a third of the target for the year. This means that the target was not met but it can be totally understood given the situation that the world is facing nowadays. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge reason why this has happened and the health of the people is more important than anything else. The pandemic caused lockdowns to be imposed in many countries thus the really low number of immigrants arriving in Germany.


The numbers from the German government


According to the numbers that were released by the official statistics agency of Germany, there were lower than 67,500 individuals who moved and migrated to Germany and then applied to get asylum. This is for 2020. This is just for asylum seekers who compose a huge amount usually each year. However, the numbers for the past number of years have shown that there has really been a decline. For 2019, the number was at around 126,400 while for 2018, it was at 159,000.


Aside from that, the number of immigrants who have chosen to move to Germany has also gone down for 2020. With the raging pandemic, it is highly understandable why this has happened. Of course, there are also people who are saying that the lower total may be also because of the new policies on immigration that has brought people to choose other countries aside from Germany. That is just speculation, of course, as the huge reason really is the pandemic and the uncertainty of how things will change with this pandemic still happening.


The need for immigrants in Germany


Germany has been doing its best to be able to bring in more immigrants as per their policies and programs. This is not just because they need more people in the country. Immigrants have proven that they are very important to the country. They help with growing the population as the country has a low birth rate for the past number of years. Aside from that, immigrants have also been very helpful in boosting the labor market which is in need of more people to help out with the businesses and companies in Germany.




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Monday, February 15, 2021

Popular Lingo In The United Kingdom For Immigrants To Learn

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular countries in the world as a destination for many potential immigrants. With a strong economy, good educational system, and plenty of opportunities, it is not surprising why thousands and thousands of potential immigrants do their very best to make it to the country. It is also an added bonus for immigrants that the United Kingdom basically has English as its main language so learning a new language is something that they would not have to worry about.


However, what immigrants need to understand though is that with English being a very dynamic language, it should not be surprising if there are certain lingo or slang that are being used in the country. Though they may be English in nature, the actual meaning may be far from what most people have grown accustomed to. That is why learning the lingo is something that immigrants need to learn to be able to communicate better with the locals. Here are some of those.


Full of beans


This term actually refers to a person who may be having too much energy that are seemingly endless. However, this is usually meant in a negative manner because it is used to describe a very energetic person that can already be quite annoying.


When Dave asked me to hang out with him, I had to decline. He’s usually full of beans.




This lingo used in the United Kingdom is used to mean strutting around or walking around with a ton of confidence.


Tom definitely is gallivanting today. I’ve never seen him this confident, must be the new shoes he’s wearing.




When this term is used, it usually means taking a look around.


Take a gander. This could be the house that you are looking for.


Give us a bell


People in the United Kingdom use this term to actually mean giving somebody a call via the telephone.


I’ll be running some errands today. Give us a bell at around 3 pm. I’ll probably be home by then.




Using this term in the United Kingdom means that a person has become totally awed because of amazement.


When Billy found his surprise, he was gobsmacked. He wasn’t expecting to get keys to a mansion as a gift?




When a person is said to be ‘gormless’, this usually means that he or she has little to no clue or idea about things that are happening around him or her.


Dan has been holed up in his cabin in the woods without internet or TV that he has become gormless.




‘Gutted’ in the UK is used to refer to being really upset because of an event or something that has happened.


Gary was gutted when he learned that the horse that he had been betting on got into an accident during the race.




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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Canada Introduces Immigration Route For Graduates Planning On Starting A Business In The Country

Not a lot of people see the bigger picture but businesses play a huge role in the economy of a country. This is why there are a lot of countries that encourage their citizens to go and start a business. And in this day and age with a pandemic happening, many businesses have been affected greatly. That is why Canada is doing the best that it can to help its economy by encouraging people (especially immigrant students who have finished their program) to start a business there. In fact, one of its moves is to create a new immigration route that would bring in graduates who are planning on starting a business and have them start that business in the country.


This is definitely good news as many graduates are not so sure yet about what they want to do after finishing their chosen program. This would allow them to have the chance to have their own business in Canada and be confident that the government would be there to support a small and starting business like theirs.


The newest immigration route


The new immigration route that has been designed to bring in immigrant student graduates and have them start a business in the country was aimed at having these individuals start their businesses in the province of Alberta. The individuals may be immigrant students in Canada who may have finished their programs already or they may be individuals who have completed their program from outside the country.


The program has been launched last January 27th this year and it has the main goal of bringing in foreign individuals who have fresh talent and can help with the economy via their own business venture. It has already started accepting applications from qualified individuals who are interested in the offer and opportunity to start a business in a country like Canada. This would be a great help for many people who have finished their programs and are interested in starting a venture in the country.


Additional information


Aside from this, a new announcement also came from the government of Canada. There are 52,000 immigrant students who have their Post-Graduate Work Permit and they are now eligible to go and apply for the work extension for 18 months. They can do this until July 27th of this year. This would allow them to get additional experience related to the program that they have just finished. Many immigrant students who are looking for experience have taken the opportunity to apply as it would allow them to do such without having to leave the country. After all, Canada is one of the best countries to get work experience given the world-class standards that the businesses and companies here have.




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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Facts About Auckland Which Has Brought A Lot Of New Immigrants Joining This City

Known as the biggest city in the country of New Zealand, Auckland has been a huge factor as to why plenty of people choose to become immigrants in this beautiful country. As with plenty other immigrants, one of the main reasons why this city has become a favorite is because it is big and it means that there are plenty of opportunities available here. This is what many people believe and so they choose to move to this city in New Zealand. However, that is not the only thing about Auckland that brings in not only immigrants but tourists and travelers as well.


Easy travel


Auckland is not only a big city. It is also is known for being a good place where people can easily travel to places that they want to because there are a lot of transportation options right here. It is a hub for air travel not only within New Zealand but also for international travel. There are plenty of international flights that arrive in New Zealand and the Auckland Airport receives a huge amount of them. For those who are planning on exploring the country, Auckland should be a really great place to start.




Getting to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of a country is something that a lot of immigrants want to do because it helps them feel more at home and be able to adapt better to the country given that they know something about the place. In the case of New Zealand, Auckland is a great place to learn about the culture of the country. This city is home to tons of museums and one of them is the Auckland Art Gallery, which is known as the biggest art museum in the country. One can find over 15,000 art pieces that are historic, contemporary, or modern.




New Zealand is known to be a country that has been able to preserve and take care of nature. In cities like Auckland, nature is not as luscious as in the country but they do try to have pieces of nature right within the bustling city. Parks are one good example of such and the Auckland Domain Park is definitely a place for people to visit in the city. It is big as it measures around 185 acres and taking a stroll right here can be just what people need to do.




Food is surely a good reason to choose Auckland to travel to or live in. The city is home to tons of pubs and bars and restaurants that offer delightful menus that promise to give a wonderful dining experience. These food spots offer various dishes that show off different menus from many nations.




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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Greetings As A Social Custom For Immigrants Who Are Now In Canada

Each year, there are thousands and thousands of applicants who send in their intent to Canada, wanting to go to the country as immigrants. With Canada being a country with a strong economy and good policies, it is not surprising why plenty of people see this place as a good one to live in. Plus, being a country that is quite known all around the world, people choose this because adjusting would be a whole lot easier, given the tons of information available online and in books and publications.


Most of the resources that people can find about Canada are about the places and the food and stuff like that, which are usually meant for travelers and tourists. However, for immigrants, there is not enough information on other important things like social customs. This is very important because these people will be living in the country for a long time and learning about how things happen on a daily basis is something that they should be familiar with.


One of the important social customs that immigrants in Canada should know about would be greetings. Read on to learn more about them.


Meeting for the first time vs. meeting friends and family


When people in Canada meet for the first time, the customary way would be to shake hands as a part of introducing themselves. When they depart, they would shake hands as well.


Friends who meet would not shake hands. If they are close friends, they may go for short hugs especially if they are women.


For people who are family or are lovers, short and light kisses on the cheek is how they would greet each other. This is most especially practiced among those who are French-Canadians.


What can be seen as offensive or rude


Now, it is important to also understand what can be seen as offensive or rude while in Canada when it comes to greetings. For example, if a person does not shake the hand of someone who has just extended their hand, this is a no-no as it is seen by the other person as a rude act or an offensive thing to do.


It is not a secret that people in Canada are very polite people and so not shaking a person’s hand that has already been offered to them will not rest well with the locals and those who are in the country. Most of time, people who do not shake the hand of another person are usually those who may have a rift with that person before or when the other person has already been quite horrible to them. Shaking hands actually is a sort of greeting that shows acceptance of the other person or making peace, thus those with rifts who do not shake hands definitely reflects this.




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Monday, February 8, 2021

Immigrants In Germany Enjoy The Beauty Of Bastei Bridge And Get To Explore What The Place Offers

In a world where people go to work every day, the stress can pile up. That situation is even a lot worse for immigrants who are in a new country since they also have to deal with adjusting to the new environment and the new culture that they are in. Asking immigrants living in Germany could lead to such answers as they get to learn how to live in the new place that they are in while also having to deal with work issues.


It is a good thing though that there are plenty of beautiful spots in Germany that can help immigrants (as well as locals and tourists) relax and get more positive energy because of the experience. They say that traveling and visiting something beautiful can help people release any stress and Germany has a lot of those. One of the amazing places that people trod to and discover is the Bastei Bridge.


What is the Bastei Bridge?


The Bastei Bridge is one of the really famous spots in Germany and it has been build over 600 feet right above the Elbe River. It is also quite scenic. It can be found in the Saxon Switzerland National Park. It is actually a rock formation and is situated in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of the country.


This famous bridge has jagged rocks on it, and they have been formed by the erosion caused by water which happened more than a million years ago. It is also part of an area used for hiking and climbing and it goes to extend past the borders of the country and goes straight into Bohemian Switzerland which is part of the Czech Republic.


Tourists have been flocking to the Bastei Bridge for more than 200 years already. Back in 1824, there was a wooden bridge made on a number of the rocks there so that visitors who have made their way to this famous spot in Germany can explore and be amazed at the whole thing. That wooden bridge was later on replaced by 1851, and that is the bridge that is still there at present. The old bridge made from wood has been replaced with one made using sandstone.


What can one do in Bastei Bridge?


Aside from just marveling at the beauty of this spot, people in Germany also get to do other exciting and fun things when they visit Bastei Bridge. They can explore the national park and just have fun being in nature. There are hiking activities organized by the locals and there are also day trips where one can get to learn more about the place and the wildlife. People can also go on walking tours and explore nature with a guide.




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Friday, February 5, 2021

Immigrants Trod To The Mariners In The United Kingdom To Unwind For A Bit

The life of an immigrant is not really that easy, as many people think. Most people think that it is all about living a new life which automatically would mean a good life for many people. However, immigrants can say that the period of adjustment in a new country like the United Kingdom can be a really different story as it is quite difficult especially for those who are experiencing time away from their loved ones for the very first time.


It is a good thing that in the United Kingdom, there are places where people, like immigrants, can go and have some time to unwind for a bit. There are plenty of pubs and restaurants where they can visit and have some alcohol and delicious food. After all, food has always have had a therapeutic effect on people especially if it is good. One of the places that immigrants have been visiting in the UK is this spot known as The Mariners.


What is The Mariners?


The Mariners is actually a restaurant that has been operating for years now. It was a good one at first but it has been made even better recently with a change of ownership. There is even more decent food that people in the UK can try and enjoy. Its reopening after a change of ownership has created a really good amount of publicity and has actually been known as one of the greatest openings in the world.


The food


The Mariners is now one of the best spots in the United Kingdom for some really nice food and drinks to while away the time. It is being run by two head chefs and so one can definitely be sure that the menu is going to be quite an experience.


In the menu, one can find the classic dishes that are served in pubs. However, aside from that, it also has new items that were made to please the tastebuds of people. There are small plates that are available for dishes like crunchy buttermilk fried chicken that comes with a chipotle mayonnaise. There are also big plates that can be shared by groups or by a family which includes sausage and mash, as well as the very famous fish and chips.


The best item on the menu though is “Dog’s Pollock” which is a signature dish for The Mariners. This dish is actually a hot dog made from fish and has been pickled using triple mustard as well as some cucumber.


There are also items on the menu under the dessert category. Who does not like to have some dessert? This restaurant in the United Kingdom offers sweets from the ‘70s but have been reinvented so that they are even more sumptuous and have been updated as per the ideals of this new century.




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Thursday, February 4, 2021

McGill University And Why Many Immigrant Students Are Drawn To This University In Canada

For years, many individuals have been working on the requirements set by the government of Canada so they can make their way to the country to pursue higher education and further studies. These student immigrants stay in the country to get more knowledge and skills and that should not come as a surprise since the education in this country is one of the best in the world. Canada is known for having a great educational system and it has set the standard all over the world for it.


One of the top universities in Canada that has drawn immigrant students to the country is McGill University. This is a great university and the only educational institution in Canada that has representation in the Global University Leaders Forum that is backed by the World Economic Forum. This forum is actually made up of 26 leaders of educational institutions around the world and they are the top ones at that. These institutions are also the best when it comes to providing higher education.


The beginning of McGill University


This university came into being in 1821 when it was founded. Its main campus can be found at the very base of Mount Royal, which is in downtown Montreal. The entire campus seems like a park and a lot of immigrant students choose to stay here, especially those who are in their first year.


The buildings that were originally constructed during its founding were built using grey limestone that was sourced locally. Such has made the entire campus quite a beautiful appearance that is also striking and something that cannot be easily forgotten.


The very first faculty of medicine in Canada was founded at the McGill University in 1829. Even up to the present, McGIll University still is one of the top universities when it comes to world rankings in terms of clinical subjects.


More on the university


For many student immigrants, choosing McGill University is not a difficult one to make as there are more than 300 degree programs offered here. The school also is the home to over 31,000 immigrant students who have chosen to get further studies here. These students come from around 150 countries around the world, thus one can say that this educational institution in Canada is one of the most diverse in the country and also in the entire world.


Famous graduates


A lot of students have taken their studies in this educational institution to take studies that would further their careers or would help them pursue their passions. Some have made it in their chosen paths and have become famous. The list includes culinary expert Gail Simmons, scriptwriter Evan Goldberg, songwriter Leonard Cohen, and architect Raymond Moriyama.




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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Kouras, Bats, And Skinks: Native Animals In New Zealand That Immigrants Can Find In The Country

The wildlife in New Zealand is something totally amazing and that is not a surprising thing given just how pristine their environment is. Though there are areas in the country that have been developed and are quite modern, there are still a lot of areas in New Zealand that are very green and have been kept that way for centuries. This is one amazing thing that immigrants in the country really love and why they have chosen to move here as compared to other countries in the world.


There are still a lot of wildlife in New Zealand which immigrants, tourists, and even locals can appreciate a lot. See, because nature in the country is still kept preserved, wildlife is teeming and people here make sure that the animals continue to thrive in their natural habitats. Three of the amazing animals that can be found in New Zealand are the kouras, the short-tailed bats, and the Otago skinks.




Kouras are freshwater crayfishes and they live in the lakes and streams in New Zealand. They are quite difficult to find because they have shells that are dark green in color and that camouflages well with the rocks. The bigger kouras can be found in the eastern portion Stewart Island and South Island. The smaller ones are on the North Island as well as some areas in the South Island. These are not endangered and are usually bred and harvested for food as they can be pretty tasty.


Short-tailed bats


Short-tailed bats are already an endangered species and they are known to be unique to the country. It belongs to the bat family Mystacinidae and they are the only ones alive. These animals can be found in various portions of the country including the Northland, Taranaki, the northwest Nelson, some parts of the center area of North Island, and the Fiordland spots in South Island. People in the country are doing their best to make sure that this animal continues to thrive and live in New Zealand and there are already programs made to help preserve them.


Otago skinks


Skinks are actually lizards that are small and slender. Otago skinks are actually the biggest skinks and the largest known length has been a maximum of 300 millimeters, which is about 11.8 inches. Otago skinks are not like the usual lizards as they do not really hibernate. They are also diurnal and are omnivorous. They are also usually colored black that some spots on them that are yellow, gray, or green. Their lifespan is up to 20 years and they best live in their natural habitat. Otago skinks are usually found in some areas in the region known as Otago, thus their name. They are most commonly spotted in the Macraes Flat.




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