Thursday, October 31, 2019

Number Of New Immigrants In New Zealand Keeps Its High Rate

It is not a secret that New Zealand is known as a haven for those who are looking for a country to live in that promotes work-life balance. In plenty of countries around the world, most people would be working hard to be able to sustain their way of living. However, in New Zealand, people are allowed to have a work-life balance since they are paid well and they do not have to work for a huge portion of the day just to make ends meet. The country also has plenty of beautiful spots to enjoy which allows people to relax and not feel stressed. This is why plenty of immigrants are choosing this country over the tons of choices available.

In recent news, immigrants arriving in New Zealand still continue to remain at a high rate. This means that there are still plenty of immigrants choosing to make this country their new home. That is not surprising given the reasons above. The country also needs them since there is a need for skilled workers there.

The numbers remain high

For this year until the end of March, the immigrants who have arrived in New Zealand has reached almost 150,000. However, it is also important to keep in mind that despite plenty of immigrants arriving, a good number of them are also leaving the country and may not be back for some time. This is as per the data from Statistics New Zealand. This means that the country is still a magnet for immigrants. Those who are leaving are the ones who may have finished their work contracts, completed their education programs, or have decided to go back home to their loved ones among many other reasons.

Tehseen Islam is the insights manager for population and on this newest update, he said that the number for the start of 2019 until the end of March 2019 in terms of immigrant arrivals is higher as compared to the immigrant arrivals in the country for the start of 2016 until the end of July for that year. The latter is a period when the number has peaked for immigrant arrivals.

A look at immigrants leaving NZ

It is also important to take a look at the number of immigrants who are leaving the country for a variety of reasons. Islam has noted that the departures of immigrants have also gone up for the period for this year as compared to the given period in 2016. Despite that, there are still more immigrants arriving as compared to those who are leaving. This is a good thing for the country though since the labor market is in need of skilled immigrants who can contribute their skills and services to the businesses in the country.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Learning The Lingo: Common Terms Used In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Know

Many immigrants around the world choose to move to the United Kingdom because the country is known for having a stable economy and peace-loving people. The country also holds plenty of job opportunities for those who are interested in having a place of employment. Plus, English is the main language spoken here which makes it easy for immigrants to communicate with the locals.

Though this may be so, the United Kingdom is also home to plenty of local lingo. An immigrant can listen and converse but they can be confused about what the people are saying. The locals may be speaking in English but they would be using certain terms or certain lingo that would sound like they are still speaking another language because the meaning and how they are used is different from the usual meaning.

So to help immigrants and potential immigrants in the UK, here are some of the common terms and lingo used in the country. These should help make sense to some of the terms that the UK folk are using in their conversations. That way, immigrants would still understand what is being said and should help them converse just like how a local does.


In the United Kingdom, this term means that the situation someone is in is normal, okay, fine, or cool.

There’s no need to worry. All is hunky-dory at home.


The term ‘jammy’ is usually used in the southwestern and in the northwestern parts of England. It is used as a word to describe a person who has extreme luck on his or her side despite not giving a lot of effort.

You’ve been winning awards in the office for months now. That’s jammy.


Many immigrants are delighted to hear this term since it sounds quite playful. This is a common slang that is used in the country but there is nothing playful about its meaning. The term actually means a fight or a skirmish or an argument that was the cause of a difference in opinions.

My mom and dad haven’t been talking to each other for days now. All because my dad thought that one of the ministers was right while my mom thought otherwise.


The locals of the UK usually use this term and it is used to express and describe just how tired or how exhausted they are. It can be used in different situations.

I haven’t had a real vacation in so long I’m totally knackered.

Lost the plot

The phrase ‘lost the plot’ is a term that immigrants should learn about since it is usually used to describe one’s self. It is used to mean that a person has become quite angry or even exasperated and that person has started to be irrational or even ridiculous because of that anger. It is often used as a derogatory term.

After waiting for weeks, my husband lost the plot when he saw how badly the work was done.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

What The Immigration System In Canada Would Be In The Next Years To Come

When an election is about to happen or had just happened in a country, people know that this would take it as a sign of how things are going to change in the country. For example, if there is a new candidate running and has different ideas on how to run things, then it means that having this person win will bring about changes to the government. This is how things go and in the case of Canada, its recent election is a sign that there will be changes. In the case of immigration, what can be expected?

On October 21st, Canada had its federal elections and the Liberals were deemed as victors. People are now asking what they should be expecting. Potential immigrants are also asking the same thing. In the case of immigration in Canada, it looks like the immigration system used will most probably be the same. Experts are saying that the current system will most likely still be in place and it would continue to be stable.

Immigration is not a difficult topic

While in other countries immigration is quite a hot topic given the varying opinions that citizens and legislators have, the case is not unlikely to happen in Canada. This country has long understood the need for immigration and immigrants and it is very open to having new people join them in the country. Of course, these immigrants are expected to contribute to the society in their own ways but that is not quite difficult given the various pathways for immigrants to make it the country. These pathways filter the right people who are interested in joining the country.

The new people who have been elected into office will continue to put immigration as a top priority and a need of the country. This means that potential immigrants and immigrants already in the country will not have to worry about any drastic changes in immigration rules in Canada. This surely is a good thing because the country will surely continue to accept the immigrants that it needs.

The levels can go even higher

Experts who have been looking at the situation that could possibly happen when the elected officials take their seats say that immigration levels may even rise. This means that the country would definitely be bringing in more immigrants as compared to the current numbers. Those who wish to move to Canada can do so as long as they are able to complete the requirements that the government has set.

This is a good thing since it means that the upcoming government definitely understands the need for immigrants in Canada. They will continue what has already been started and maybe even make the policies better.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

What Immigrants Must Know About The Changes In Work Visas In New Zealand

For all potential immigrants and immigration applicants to New Zealand, it is very essential that they do know the changes that the government has put in place. That way, they can be prepared for whatever is coming. According to the New Zealand government, they are changing some of the rules when it comes to work visas to be able to lessen the cases of exploitation in the country. It is also aimed at helping immigrant workers have better working conditions. Although exploitation happens, it is not as rampant as in any other country in the world. And the government is doing all that it can to rid the country of such a negative practice.

The rules have already been in effect starting last 7th of October. The changes to work visas in New Zealand also included the new base salary for immigrant workers who would be able to apply for a Work to Residence Visa. Those immigrant workers would be those who are receiving a $79,560 base salary. They should also have accredited employers.

Confusion over the changes

An expert who had been looking at the effects of the changes to the country have mentioned that the labor market and the businesses in the country are experiencing some unease. They are also quite confused about what could be happening and how it is going to affect them. The work visa changes are good though because they were designed and meant to help employers and businesses in New Zealand keep and retain their staff. After all, having new staff would mean training them. By being able to retain old employees, they would be able to continue work without disruption knowing that these people already know the tricks of the jobs that they hold.

The expert has also disclosed that employers just need a clearer answer on how sure would the changes help in keeping their staff. They would also need to know how the changes would help them acquire immigrant workers if there is a need for such.

What the immigrant workers want

In a recent study conducted, it was found out that most of the immigrant workers in New Zealand are actually quite flexible with the work given to them. They know how to do things and are willing to take on the tasks assigned to them. Employers are happy about their performance.

What the workers really want is to continue to stay in New Zealand and work there. They want to provide for their families and being able to hold a steady job would be a really good blessing for these individuals. Many of them are satisfied with the industries and employers that they are working with and they want to continue doing so.

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Immigration System In The United Kingdom To Be Points-Based, Says Queen In Speech

The Queen of the United Kingdom, in a recent speech, has confirmed that the introduction of a Bill will soon happen. This Bill will be the one to formally announce that the freedom of movement has come to an end once the country has pushed ahead with its plan to exit the European Union. This means that there will be no more freedom of movement between the United Kingdom and the EU member nations. The Queen also mentioned that there will be a new immigration system in place starting in 2021. This new system would be based on a points system.

This is something that potential immigrants and interested immigrants should be preparing for. It would allow them to know what changes could possibly happen to immigration in the United Kingdom as well as be ready for any new requirements that would come with it. However, it is also important to note that immigration would still be a reality in the country since the UK needs immigrants due to its aging population.

The plan on immigration

According to the Queen in her speech, the new immigration bill will be the formal announcement that free movement between the United Kingdom and other European Union member nations would be put to an end. She also continued that this bill would be a good foundation in their work towards an immigration system that is global, modern, and fair. She also continued that the United Kingdom government is continuously committed to making sure that citizens of the European Union who are residents in the country, have created their own lives there, and have given their share of contributions in their own ways will be able to stay in the country.

This is a good thing because it means that people who are from the EU and who are in the UK would not have to worry about leaving the country and going back to their home country or any other EU member nation. This plan should allow them to relax and know that the future is not going to be dreadful for them because they do not know what is going to happen. They can just keep living the lives that they had worked so hard for without having to worry that they will be asked to leave.

The changes after the exit

The speech also confirmed that by January 2021, any citizens of European Union member nations who would be coming to the United Kingdom as immigrants would be given the same treatment as any other non-EU individual who has entered the country. This would allow the government to have just one immigration system and it would be entirely based on the skills that these individuals have.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Immigrants In Canada Are Doing Well As Part Of The Labor Market

There are people who are claiming that immigrants are not contributing well to the labor market in Canada. This can be because there are claims that immigrants are being underemployed in the country. This is not a good thing and so the government of Canada has been working on this and making sure that immigrants are not exploited and that they are given the right positions and paid the proper salaries. It is surely not a good thing if the immigrants in Canada who are helping out with the economy are paid less. The country is known for having a fair and just culture and this situation surely is not a good example of that.

However, a recent study has shown that things are improving for immigrants in Canada with regards to underemployment. There is data supporting that immigrants are doing better and are making progress in terms of positions held and salaries received. This means that things are becoming brighter for these people and that they are leveling up with the locals. Surely, this is good news for all immigrants in the country as hard work and good work should be compensated for properly.

The progress being made

The study has shown that it is really true that a good amount of immigrants in Canada are working in positions that are below their experiences and skills and educational attainments. This is as per the report made by the Royal Bank of Canada. The study also showed that this situation that immigrants have has been costing the country’s economy around $50 billion in terms of the annual GDP. Despite this, data from Statistics Canada has shown that this may be the reality but there are improvements happening.

Things are definitely changing and it is good not just for the immigrants in Canada but also for the economy of the country. Improvements are being seen which is good. There are more and more immigrants joining the labor market which is beneficial for businesses and the economy. Many of them also have good jobs. There are a lot fewer immigrants who are underemployed. Plus, the wages of immigrant workers have definitely risen as compared to years previously.

Improvements were seen

Data from Statistics Canada has shown that in 2018, around 78% of immigrant workers who are 25 years old to 54 have high participation in the labor market in the country. This may not seem satisfactory for many but it sure is an improvement over the 74% that was recorded in 2006.

Aside from this, new immigrants in Canada have also recorded an improved employment rate. In 2018, the number was at 71.3%. This is surely a great improvement over 65.2% that was recorded for the employment rate of immigrants in 2006.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Process For Work Visas Helpful To Many Businesses, Says New Zealand Immigration Minister

Businesses in New Zealand understand that there is a need for immigrants to help them out with the processes and tasks connected with running the business. There seems to be a shortage of locals who can do the jobs. There may be some who can do the job but are not willing to relocate if the job needs them to. Another reason is that the population of New Zealand is aging thus there is a need for more younger blood to join the country’s workforce.

In a recent update, there is a new process that would be put in place to help make the processing of work visas a lot faster. This new process is said to quite helpful for a lot of businesses in the country, as mentioned by the New Zealand Minister for Immigration. The Immigration Minister has disclosed that it would be able to help around 30,000 of the businesses in the country. It would help bring in the needed immigrant workers who would be able to fill out the gaps that the country needs in terms of skills and workers.

The new visa process for work visas

Iain Lees-Galloway works as the current Minister for Immigration of New Zealand. He recently had announced that there would be a new visa process that would be used for temporary work visa applications. This new process is what he describes as something that is more streamlined. It is also going to be a lot simpler. It would only be one work visa but it would be a substitute for six categories of the visa in the country.

The minister also continued to share that the new process would include three checks to ensure that the right people are going to be joining the country. These three are the worker check, the job check, and the employer check. With the new process, foreign workers would be brought to the country if there are real shortages in skilled workers. He also shared that by having this, there would be a lot less exploitation from employers. The process would also help keep good connections between welfare systems, education systems, and immigration systems.

Luring immigrant workers to New Zealand

The government of New Zealand is doing its best to get the needed immigrant workers and fill in any gaps needed by businesses. Some of these immigrants leave the country because they miss their families back home. One of the changes that have been made to the rules would be allowing immigrant workers in the country to bring their family to New Zealand. That way, this would help immigrants battle homesickness and not have to leave the country. This would allow the immigrants to stay in the country longer and provide their skills and services to businesses that need them.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Science Community In United Kingdom Needs Immigrants

With the upcoming push towards the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the scientific community in the country is urging the government to do something about immigration. Their reason is that the country is in need of immigrants to help out the science industry. Some of the country’s top scientists have already been looking at the situation and they believe that Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the UK, should look into immigration and make sure that the scientific community gets the immigrants that they need. They say that without immigrants, the science industry in the United Kingdom can go “dead” and be in this situation for years.

The scientists are also urging the UK government to push on with a deal with the European Union that would be put in place once the exit pushes through. If there is not a deal, the scientists say that the United Kingdom would be risking not being part of research programs from Horizon and Horizon Europe that are worth $88 billion and $103 billion respectively.

Zero chance for associate memberships

Robert-Jan Smits previously worked as the director general for the European Commission’s research and innovation department. He was one of the co-founders of Horizon 2020 and he said that if there is no deal between the UK and the European Union, there may be a zero chance that the country would be included as an associate member of this program. It would not be good for the country and all the work that the country had done to be a part of this program would be put to waste.

Aside from that, another expert in the world of science who is in the United Kingdom said that if there is no deal, this can be compared to an orchard or a farm that would be experiencing drought. It would not be good for the country since there would be nothing to harvest. It needs water and immigrants would be the water that would enrich the soil.

Universities are also talking

Leaders of universities in the United Kingdom have also been vocal about what they think would happen based on the current trends if immigrants are not given proper focus in the country. They also believe that the country should be working on a deal with the European Union. The academe would suffer if not for the immigrants who are sharing their skills and knowledge to the country. They also say that there would also be a setback in terms of science and culture. If this happens, the country would have to go through decades of trying to get these industries back on their feet. Leaders of the UK should listen to these and try to look at the potential situations that could arise to avoid these from happening.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Provinces In Canada Welcome Higher Immigration Rates From April To July

For 2019, a number of provinces in Canada had been the recipient of increases in population. This is for the period from April until July. According to the official data from Statistics Canada, the official agency of the Canada government that works on data and such, the increase in population for that period has been one of the highest in immigration rates as well as in population growth that the country has recorded.

This is quite a good thing for Canada and its provinces that have benefitted from the increase in immigration rates. Many immigrants, when they move to Canada, would choose to go and live in big cities or urban areas. They would not choose to live in the provinces because they believe that work and job opportunities can be found in the cities and urban areas. This makes population growth in the provinces a lot lower. That is why it is good news that for that given period this year, many immigrants have chosen to live in the provinces of Canada.

The growth in numbers

In the given period, the population of Canada in its entirety had risen. By July 1st of this year, the country has gained an estimated 37,589,262 individuals. According to Statistics Canada, this is quite a huge increase in a quarter. This is, in fact, the 2nd highest for three months that has ever been recorded in 48 years. Surely, this is quite a big deal for the country.

The agency also continued to disclose that the increase in the population of Canada has been mainly driven by international migration. International migration means those individuals who have come to the country as immigrants, as returning immigrants, and as individuals holding temporary residency statuses. They have accounted for around 85% of the growth for that quarter. With the need for population growth, Canada is entirely thankful for immigrants since it has been a major force in the population growth of the country. There were around 94,281 individuals who have arrived in Canada as the newest immigrants to join the country for that period this year.

Provinces experience an increase in immigration numbers

It has also been noted that all of the provinces in Canada have benefited from immigration and for the given quarter this year, these provinces have experienced an increase in their numbers in immigration. Prince Edward Island had been on top of the list in terms of growth in immigration. Statistics Canada has also stated that immigration is a huge factor when it comes to the growth of population. This is good news for individuals who are planning on moving to Canada because it would mean that the country is still open to bringing in more immigrants to help out with the population.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Parent Visa In New Zealand Aimed At Helping Keep Skilled Immigrants In The Country

For many immigrants, facing new challenges in a new place is quite a difficult affair. They have to deal with familiarizing themselves with the new country. They also have to deal with a new language, new lingo, new food, new customs, new culture, new job… essentially, a new life. This is the reality for many immigrants all around the world and the case is pretty much the same for immigrants in New Zealand. They also have to deal with missing home, and missing their parents.

A good amount of the immigrants in New Zealand have been living solo lives in the country and are conquering their homesickness day in and day out. They miss their parents and their families. But with the parent visa route put to a halt several years back, these immigrants are not happy. That is why a good amount of these individuals are just finishing their work contracts and planning on going back to their home countries to be with their parents and their loved ones.

What the NZ government is doing

The rules have changed in New Zealand when it comes to the parent visa. Soon enough, the changes would be in effect and skilled immigrant workers in the country can start sending their applications to be able to bring their parents to the country. Of course, to be eligible for this, immigrants must be able to pass the given requirements. With the change in rules, the requirements to be able to take advantage of the program have also changed.

Officials from the immigration department of New Zealand have looked at the data of the skilled immigrant workers in the country. According to them, they are estimating that those who have already sent in their applications previously, around 85% of them would be given disapproval since they would no longer be eligible for the new parent visa program. However, these ineligible immigrants can start working on their credentials so that they can bring their parents to the country and live with them.

The goal of the new parent visa program

As per the government of the country, the reason for bringing back the parent visa program would be to help retain all of the skilled immigrant workers in the country. Many of them are worried about being away from their parents while they are in New Zealand so they simply finish their contracts and decide to go back to their home country. By having this visa program back soon, the skilled immigrant workers can go and work better and then bring their parent (or parents) to the country and live with them there. They would have fewer worries about being far from their folks and it would allow them to provide their services and skills to the businesses and companies in New Zealand that they are working for.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Learning The Lingo: Some Common Terms Immigrants Need To Know Before Coming To The United Kingdom

Knowing where to live and how to get around in the United Kingdom as an immigrant, it is also important for these newcomers to learn where to find sources of food. There may be a lot of restaurants and food joints in the country to get their daily sustenance from, however, it is also important that these individuals know where to find good food that would not put a dent in their budget. Aside from these, an individual must also learn how to properly communicate with the locals. Though the locals speak English, they may use lingo which an immigrant may not really understand or may take the wrong way.

That is why it very important that immigrants need to learn the common terms used in the UK. This should help them process things better and also communicate how locals do. That way, they can get their messages across and they can also understand what they have been told as the one on the receiving end. After all, one cannot go about not communicating especially if one is always in interaction with other people.

Come and take a look at some of the common lingo used in the United Kingdom.


It may not really mean good but it would allow immigrants in the United Kingdom to know if something untoward is being said to them or to some other people. It is usually used to mean tourists but in a bad way. It is almost used only in Devonshire, a county in the UK.

You may want to keep away from our favorite spot. It’s been run over by grockels lately and I don’t want to rub elbows with them.


When a fish or an animal is gutted, it surely is not a good thing. Their insides are taken out and that is not a really good thing at all. In the UK, gutted means that a person has the most extreme negative emotion, as if his insides have been taken out. So it can be used to mean being really sad or quite devastated.

Nothing seems to be going right for him lately. He’s really gutted after losing his job, having his dog die, and his wife leaving him for another.

Have a gander

This term is said to have come from Cheshire, another county in the United Kingdom. This term uses the word ‘gander’ which is the term for a male goose. This animal has a certain way of using its neck when looking at something. Thus, in this case, the term ‘have a gander’ usually means to inspect or look closely at something. There is another variation of this which is ‘have a goosey’ but it is not used as commonly as this one.

Let’s have a gander at what the commotion is all about at the new hip spot.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Poll Shows Majority Of Canada Locals Support Immigration

More than half of the locals of Canada have shown support for the government’s plan to bring in around 331,000 new immigrants to the country for 2019. This is part of a poll that was recently conducted to see how the locals would react to this plan from the federal government. The poll also showed that the immigrants who would be coming to the country should also be given a warm welcome. The poll was made by the Angus Reid Institute.

This is a piece of good news for all of the individuals around the world who are planning and have sent in their applications to be immigrants in Canada. Some people still have doubts if they will do well when they become immigrants in Canada because of news from around the world that there are countries where immigrants are not welcome. Although Canada has a long history of warmly welcoming immigrants, a potential immigrant still cannot help it but feel doubtful about what their future may hold in a strange, new country that is far from home.

The results of the poll

As per the poll on public opinion, there was a total of 1,522 Canadians who took part in the survey. From this total, 39% of them shared that they believe that the 331,000 new immigrants coming to the country for 2019 is just the right amount. However, 13% of the lot shared that the number of immigrants to be accepted in the country should be higher than 331,000. 40% of the total have mentioned that the 331,000 target for 2019 may just be too high. The remaining 8% have disclosed that they were not completely sure about how they felt about that.

The aim of the study was to create a picture of just how the locals of Canada look at immigration. Immigration is a key factor in the country and the upcoming federal election just may hold changes as per how immigration is done in the country. Knowing how the public feels should give the upcoming officials an idea about what the public thinks is good for the country.

Immigration as a major factor in Canada

Immigration may be a hot topic for many countries during election campaigns. However, Canada proved to be different from the rest. Despite this, it is still one of the major topics that the candidates have been tackling.

Justin Trudeau is behind the 331,000 target for 2019. He is currently running for his second term as the prime minister of Canada. This target is higher as compared to the target for 2018 by 21,000. The plan also would be to bring in more by 2020 – from 331,000 immigrants to 341,000. This is good news for plenty of individuals who wish to be immigrants in Canada.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Zealand Immigrants Can Again Bring Parents To Country With New Changes In Rules

For several years, immigrants in New Zealand had to battle the feeling of homesickness and the sorrow that comes with missing their parents and their loved ones who were left back in their home country. This happened after changes in the immigration rules of New Zealand made bringing relatives to the country quite difficult. However, recent updates have brought back the chance for immigrants to be united with their parents in the country. The changes in the immigration rules and policies now allow immigrants to bring their folks to the country. This is as per an announcement from the NZ government.

The New Zealand government has decided to allow immigrants to bring their parents with them to the country. This policy has been in effect before and now it is going to be back. However, there are changes to the requirements that would allow immigrants to take advantage of this policy. The children (who are immigrants in New Zealand) would need to have a higher salary as compared to the previous time when this was in effect.

The Parent Visa Category

As per an announcement from Iain Lees-Galloway, the current New Zealand minister for immigration, starting next year, 2020, Immigration New Zealand would start to accept applications again for the Parent Visa category. This is the program that would allow immigrants in the country to bring their parents and live with them there. The immigrants should already have resident visas or have already become citizens of New Zealand to be able to send in their applications. They should also be earning a minimum amount that has been set by the government to be able to take advantage of this program.

Lees-Galloway has also said that NZ has a good amount of immigrants who have always been longing to spend more time with their parents who have been left behind in their home country. Now, the changes in the policy can allow them to bring their parents to the country and live with them. The changes would take effect starting February next year.

The limitations of the program

The government of New Zealand has also disclosed that the program also comes with limitations. The changes may now allow immigrants to bring their parents but the government will only accept around a thousand parents to move to the country for each year. This is fewer as compared to the 5,500 parents that the program used to allow before it was put to a halt.

Immigrants must also have a higher income compared to the previous rules. Now, immigrants must earn $106,000 to be able to bring one parent. If they wish to bring two, the immigrant should earn $159,000. For immigrant couples, they should earn more than $159,000 to bring one parent and if they wish to bring two, they should earn at least $212,000.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Tea, Pork Pie And Cider: Foods Immigrants Need To Try When In The United Kingdom

Food. Food. Food! It is a basic need and it is something that a person should always have to have the energy to do the things that are required of him or her. But when it comes to food, a lot of people are not used to eating something that they are not familiar with. Talk to immigrants in the United Kingdom and they will share about how living in a new country had them adjusting to the food available in the country.

It is a good thing though that food in the United Kingdom is really not that difficult to adjust to since most of the local cuisine has been globalized and can be found in many parts of the world. However, immigrants who are not used to Western food may find cuisine in the UK to be difficult to adjust to. But since they are living in the UK, they are able to do so and indulge in their own local cuisine from time to time.

Ready to be an immigrant in the UK? Here are some local foods that are quite popular in the country.


Pizza is very much Italian food as tea is to the United Kingdom. Coffee is not that popular in the country – tea is. On average, a local of the country would be having three cups of this hot beverage each day. The country consumes around 165 million cups of this beverage on a daily basis. That is how much they love tea and they will always find an excuse to have it.

The world has various types of tea. Immigrants should try local tea in the UK. The locals usually take tea with some light sandwiches or even with a few pastries. They say that a person is not living in the UK if he or she does not have tea daily.

Pork pie

Love pie? Immigrants have fallen for pork pies in the UK. Unlike most pies that are made using fruits, this one is baked with ingredients like pork, and gelatin. The crust is made using pastry. The UK is known for its delectable pork pies and it has been very popular because the locals made this to help preserve the food. Because it is meant to last long, pork pies are also kept cold to make its shelf life last longer. When served, it is often cold and not piping hot. It is a very popular dish during the summer.


This is a beverage that has alcohol content and apples are fermented to make this. It is sparkling and quite sweet. There are various types of this dish in the UK and immigrants love trying the varieties. Most of the apples used to create this drink are grown and harvested in the country.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Canada Experiences Fast Growth Rate Since 1990 With Immigration Taking Huge Role

Canada has been open to immigrants for a long time now and for a number of reasons. One of these is to bring in the needed people to help with the growth of its population. The country has been dealing with an aging population and a low birth rate. That is why it is open to bringing in immigrants to help the country have a more youthful population as well as grow its population faster. A country needs to have a healthy growth rate in terms of population because it would be mean that there would be a good future since the young ones will continue what the present generation has been doing in helping and improving Canada.

Another reason is that with an aging population, the labor market would also be in need of workers and laborers. Businesses and companies can exist without these individuals. However, the room for growth would be very limited. With growth means more work done and without enough people in the labor market to tap into, these businesses may just stay stagnant or may even close up shop.

The rise in growth rate

It is interesting to note that Canada has recently experienced a rise in its growth rate which is a good thing given the reasons above. The population has risen by 1.4% which ending in July of this year as compared to the number of the population for the year before that. This is the fasted growth rate in Canada population that the country has been able to record in recent times. The last time that such a fast rate has been recorded happened in 1990 and that is a number of decades before.

The numbers in population growth of Canada have come from a report given by the official agency of the Canada government that deals with statistics and data. The agency has also continued to disclose that by the end of July this 2019, they have been able to record an increase in the population of 531,497. Compared to the same period a year before, the agency was only able to record 37.6 million. This is surely the biggest increase in terms of population. It is also the highest growth rate among all the countries that belong to the Group of Seven.

Immigrants playing a huge role

Immigrants have played a huge role in this increase in population in Canada. This is as per the statistics agency of Canada. The agency has reported 313,580 immigrants joining the population as of the period stated above. This is a good thing because the labor market is now teeming with skilled workers who are able to do the jobs needed in the country. Thanks to the increase in population, the employment rate in the country has also gone up which is definitely a good thing for the country.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Immigration Changes In New Zealand Welcomed By Chamber Of Commerce

Those who say that the labor market is really not that important should start talking to employers and business owners. In New Zealand, the labor market has been in need of immigrant help. The population in the country is aging and those who are capable of doing work are not willing to move to another place in the country that needs their services. This is why the government of New Zealand has decided that if the locals cannot do the needed jobs or there are not enough locals to do the jobs, then the next best thing would be to source them from outside the country. Thus, enter the immigrant workers.

Employers and business owners in New Zealand have been vocal about their need for people who would do the needed work to keep their businesses going. Without these individuals who provide their service and labor, businesses may not continue to grow or may even close up shop. This is why the newest changes in immigration rules and policies in the country have brought smiles on the faces of the members of the Chamber of Commerce.

The South Canterbury employers’ situation

In South Canterbury in New Zealand, the employers are happy to find out that the changes applied to the immigration rules and policies would allow them to find the needed workers to help out in running their businesses and keeping the operations going smoothly. They would be able to bring in immigrant workers temporarily and these individuals would do the jobs that need to be done. This is as per a statement given by the Chamber of Commerce of South Canterbury.

The employers and business owners in this region in New Zealand have had a tough time looking for the right workers to help out. They have also had a tough time looking for enough workers to do the tasks that need to be done. Therefore, they had to adjust. They would either have shorter business hours or they would do business on selected days only. This is surely not good for business and not good for the country’s economy.

The changes to the immigration rules

It was Iain Lees-Galloway, the current Minister for Immigration of NZ, who announced the changes to the immigration rules. According to his announcement, six of the country’s visa categories will be scrapped and there will be just one temporary visa which would be replacing all of these. This sole temporary visa will still make sure that the immigrant workers who would be coming to the country would still go through the usual employment check and background checks. This would surely make things a whole lot simpler for the government, the applicants, and the businesses who need skilled immigrant workers.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The City Of Bath: One Of The United Kingdom’s Lovely Gems That Immigrants And Locals Love To Visit

For immigrants and locals alike in the United Kingdom, finding a good place to go to would be a priority especially if they are the kind of people who are up for an adventure or are up for discovering the wonders that a new place has. Staying in one place for too long can make life dull and boring and it is always great to explore and see what the rest of the world has to offer. Many individuals choose to explore the places right in the United Kingdom first before they actually go out and explore other countries. The country itself has plenty of beautiful places that are worth the time and travel.

The city of Bath is surely one of the places in the UK that is not that popular but is surely worth visiting. In the country, Bath is one of the smaller cities. It is also not as popular as many other cities in the country. However, despite it being small, the place offers visitors a lot of things to explore and do. This place will definitely make the trip worth it to all of its visitors.

A quick history

The city got its name from its Roman baths which are quite famous all over the world. It is said that Bath’s baths are actually filled with waters that help people heal. They have been around for more than 2,000 years already. The city is quite beautiful in itself and it has its own charm that brings in the people to see what the place has to offer.

The healing waters

The water that is used in the Roman baths in the city of Bath in the United Kingdom comes from hot springs. There are three of these that are the sources of water. The healing waters are said to help people heal because they contain a total of 43 minerals which help with the healing process. Experts say that these help cure people of their conditions. These springs have a flow rate of 275,000 gallons each day. These days, however, the Roman baths are no longer available for those who wish to submerge themselves in them. There are spas in and around the city though that still use the healing waters so visitors can try bathing in these instead.

Other spots to discover

The city of Bath is also worth visiting not only because of its ancient Roman baths but also because the place has plenty of beautiful Georgian architecture that would make one marvel. The town is quite historical and visitors would be amazed at how this city in the UK has kept them in tiptop shape. The place also has museums that one can enter if he or she wishes to learn more about the place and its rich past.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Vacancies In Canada Go Up, Immigrant Workers Happy For More Opportunities

Canada has been known as a land of opportunity and that is one of the many reasons why plenty of individuals from around the world are doing their very best to make it to the country as an immigrant. The country has a strong economy and it also has plenty of job opportunities for those who are looking for greener fields to pasture. Of course, for immigrants, they would need to be able to adjust to the customs and culture of Canada but it is not quite difficult given that the country and its locals are open to immigrants and are very welcoming of them.

This country in North America is also open to immigrants. With the aging population, the country definitely is in need of people who would help with the tasks and duties that the labor force would need to fulfill. That is why this country is quite a popular choice among many individuals who are planning on becoming immigrants in another country. Canada surely has become an answer for many people around the world.

The rise in job vacancies

As per the second quarter of this year, the vacancies in jobs in Canada has gone up which amounted to a total of 581,600. This means that there has been an increase in the vacancies of 6.4% as compared to the same period in 2018. This is as per official data from the Canada government. A huge portion of the vacancies has come from Quebec. The number for Quebec took up almost 70% of the total vacancies of Canada. Statistics Canada has disclosed that the province has had additional 34,800 job vacancies as compared to the number for last year.

Statistics Canada has also disclosed that the increase in the vacancies for jobs means that the vacancies have been slowly rising in the past quarters. Though there are times when the vacancies would go up and be higher than the employment growth rate, it does not happen that much often. It also means that there are plenty of people in the country (and even outside the country) who may be able to land a job as long as they are not choosy when it comes to the location of the job.

Where are the vacancies?

The vacancies in Canada are scattered all over the country. Out of the ten major industries and sectors in Canada, six of these have a good amount of vacancies. Four provinces have also seen an increase in vacancies as compared to their numbers in 2018.

This surely is good news for plenty of people in the country who are looking for job opportunities. It also means that if there are not enough people in the country to do the needed tasks, then immigrant workers may also step in and help get the jobs done.

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