Friday, October 28, 2022

Immigrants In Canada Take Larger Share Of Country’s Population In 2021

The results of the census for 2021 have been recently released by Statistics Canada. The report included recent data and statistics on the ethnocultural diversity in the country, as well as data on immigration. The results are really not that surprising as they showed that immigrants have been a huge factor in the increase in population in Canada.


For many years, Canada has been creating policies and routes that would not only attract immigrants to the country but would also help them move to the country at the soonest time possible. These programs have also been designed to ensure that the immigrants choose to stay in the country rather than go back home to their home country after they have finished and completed their goal in Canada. Examples of such would be immigrant students who may have already finished their studies, and immigrant workers whose work contracts have already expired.


The census done by Statistics Canada


Statistics Canada is the official agency of the Canadian government that does surveys and collects and analyzes the data that they have. They do this to learn about the people in Canada and see any potential problems. Every five years, the agency would send out census forms to each and every household in Canada. Households then have to fill out the forms as it is a mandatory responsibility.


The census is done to be able to give the government, as well as everyone in Canada, important information regarding the people in the country, as well as the housing units. There is data based on demographic, economic, and social characteristics. People who would be reading the census report would be able to learn a number of things, including how people identify themselves in terms of ethnicity; the number of people usually living in one home; what languages people speak; people’s level of education; as well as people’s income. With this data, the government of Canada would be able to see what are the needs of the people in the country and properly allocate funds for any initiatives.


Immigrants as part of the population


As per the report on the census, around 23% of the population of Canada is an immigrant or has become a permanent resident. This is said to be the biggest portion of the population that immigrants have had so far. This means that in 2021, the Canadian population will have 8.3 million immigrants.


With the given data and the trends, Statistics Canada is estimating that the population of immigrants in the country will keep on going up. It has even shared that it is seeing a 34% increase by 2041. The increase in the immigrant population can be because of the government’s Immigration Levels Plan, which has been growing its target number.




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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Piña Colada: A Refreshing Cocktail Immigrants And Locals Enjoy In The United States Of America

While there are people who really love the cold and icy weather that come with winter, there are people who long for the tropical weather that certain places have all year long. However, not all people have the opportunity to travel to these places to move to these places as immigrants. That is why some would do whatever they can to experience something tropical at least once in a while. One of the top things that people in the United States of America does is to enjoy a glass of piña colada when they can. After all, it can be the easiest thing that one can get in the country that is closest to being in the tropics.


What is the piña colada?


The piña colada is an alcoholic drink. It is a tropical cocktail that is described to be creamy and sweet, which is something delicious and amazing that people in the USA often want to have. It is also said to be Puerto Rico’s national drink since 1978. It is simple but it is really delicious that people often want to have one.


It is said that this drink actually was put together for the first time by a bartender who was known as Ramon “Monchito” Marrero Perez. He first made this back in 1954, right at the Caribe Hilton Hotel where he had been working. This hotel is in San Juan and it is now considered to be the place of origin of the piña colada.


How is it made?


This amazing cocktail is actually created using rum as its main ingredient. There are many types of rum available and one can choose any one of those to make the piña colada. People who also choose to make this drink can opt to have different proportions of all the ingredients needed, which can be different than what has been specified in the original recipe. One of the major versions that people in the United States of America love is the frozen piña colada.


To make this drink that is being enjoyed by plenty of people all around the world including the USA, one should need a number of simple and easy-to-find ingredients. The list include rum, coconut milk, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. These ingredients are mixed, and then shaken or blended with some ice. After that, the mixture is then served right inside a chilled glass. Sometimes, people would freeze the pineapple juice to make an even better version. A piece of pineapple or a cherry would be added on top before it is brought out and served. There are also some versions where both the pineapple and the cherry are used together as garnish for this amazing and delicious drink.




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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Rare Maui Dolphins Can Be Spotted In New Zealand, And Immigrants Are Trying Their Luck To See If They Could See One

Dolphins are some of the most amazing animals out there, and people seemingly cannot get enough of them. Well, it would be understandable why. Dolphins are often referred to as the dogs of the sea, and they are very friendly and not aloof with people, unlike other sea creatures. Aside from that, they love making friends with humans and have been known not to harm anyone. That is why those who live in New Zealand are some of the luckiest people in the world, as the waters of the country are home to many dolphins, including the rare Maui dolphin. Immigrants in the country are even trying their luck to try and spot one of these rare dolphins that call the waters of New Zealand their home.


It is really an unforgettable experience to spot one of these dolphins in the wild since they are not something that one sees every day. It will even be a better experience if one is able to interact with them, as that is a rare thing.


What are Maui dolphins?


Maui dolphins are a subspecies of the more popular Hector’s Dolphin. The difference between the two though, is that the Maui dolphin is a really endangered species. New Zealand has been doing the best that it can to ensure the conservation of this animal. The waters of the country would definitely be better with more of these around.


This animal is the only endemic cetacean in New Zealand. Efforts to conserve Maui dolphins are being made, and many are hoping that the animals will grow in number so that they will not have to be on the endangered species list.


Where can they be spotted?


These endangered dolphins can only be found around the west coast of the North Island in New Zealand. They are also not just the rarest dolphins around but are also one of the smallest subspecies in the entire world. One has to travel to this place in the country if one would like to spot one. It may be a difficult affair to be able to see one but being able to is quite amazing and definitely unforgettable.


Why are they endangered?


Last year, the government of New Zealand said that the Maui dolphins’ population is just around 54, but it could only be just fewer than 50 given the number of Maui dolphin deaths. That is already a low number, and people are hoping that the animals will continue to populate and bring up their numbers.


These animals are getting low in number because of a number of things. The list includes commercial fishing, recreational netting, trawling, and set-netting. Diseases are also affecting the Maui dolphins, and these include brucellosis and toxoplasmosis.




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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Ginger Beer: A Refreshing Alcoholic Brew In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Love

There is something about alcoholic drinks that make people really want to have them. Well, that should not be a surprise, as alcoholic drinks have the power to lower people’s inhibitions and help them relax. In this day and age, where everything seems to be fast-paced and people are often stressed, alcoholic drinks definitely are the perfect cure. Just ask people who live in the United Kingdom. The country is filled with tons of pubs and bars, and immigrants and locals who are feeling stressed about things can definitely get their fill of alcoholic drinks in the country. Plus, people in the country have tons of options for alcoholic beverages to choose from, and that includes ginger beer.


Yes, there is such a thing as ginger beer, and it can be found in the UK. Those who have tried it out are happy about it and are more than willing to have another go at it. In fact, they are even happy to recommend it to others.


What is ginger beer?


Ginger beer was first created to be an alcoholic beverage. It was made using ginger that had been fermented, some sugar, and water. However, most of the ginger beers available in the market today do not have as much alcohol content as the original brew. In fact, it is said that ginger beers nowadays are less than 0.5% alcoholic, and this is classified as non-alcoholic.


The very first ginger beer was created in the United Kingdom. The first variation just used ginger, sugar, and water, but there were also those that added some lemon to the concoction. After the fermentation process, the ginger beer that was the product had an alcohol content of 11%. That is definitely a big difference from the 0.5% that is the usual amount of alcohol in most ginger beers today.


The brewing process


When ginger beer is still going through the brewing process, carbonation happens. This is a natural reaction, and it helps make the beer like how we know it. However, keep in mind that despite ginger beer going through carbonation, the drink actually is a lot less carbonated as compared to the soft drink version known as ginger ale. The end product of the entire brewing process is a beer that is either cloudy or clear. Nowadays, ginger beer comes in a variety of flavors that people in the UK can choose from. It is also important to note that the ginger beer that the market has nowadays is not brewed anymore, but it is actually manufactured. The flavor and color of the beers are added in, and it still goes through carbonation but artificially.




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Monday, October 24, 2022

Study Finds Out The Common Traits That Successful Immigrants In Canada Have

When people choose to be immigrants, it is highly likely that they would like to move to a new country where they can live a better life than the one that they are going to be leaving behind. They would choose a place where they could find a lot of new opportunities or a country where they could create a new path that would lead them to success. One of the most popular countries that immigrants choose to live in is Canada and it is not surprising why. The country is known for being open to immigrants and also offers a wide range of opportunities for those who may be looking for such.


Many immigrants who have chosen to move to Canada have become successful in their own right. This, of course, is not because of luck or fate but because it was definitely something that they really worked hard for. A study from Statistics Canada has seen just what factors made them successful, and it was also able to find out the common traits that successful immigrants have.


The study that was done


The study done by Statistics Canada looked at the group of immigrants that arrived in the country from 2005 to 2015. It also looked into the earnings of these immigrants from 2006 to 2017. Furthermore, Statistics Canada checked out the characteristics of the immigrants when they first arrived in the country and which traits seemed like good factors that predicted their earnings in Canada for the short term (which was one to two years), for medium term (which was five to six years), and long term (which was for 10 to 11 years).


The factors


As per the results of the study, there were main factors that had a great impact on the earnings for the short-term of new immigrants in Canada. The strongest one was their work experience before arriving in the country. Each year that these immigrants have work experience in the country brought about an increase of 84% in their earnings. Another factor was their language skills. Those whose mother tongue was not English or French (but still spoke English) were able to earn 29% less compared to those who had these languages are their mother tongue. Education also is a main factor in the success that an immigrant can achieve in Canada. Those who have a Bachelor’s degree (which is around 15 years of schooling) have earned 12% to 24% more than those who did not.


More data from the study


As for the medium term, the factors still affect immigrants’ earnings. The biggest predictor is work experience, where each year of experience working in Canada brought in about a 52% to 59% increase. Those whose mother tongue was English or French were able to earn 42% more. Education is also a big factor for immigrants in Canada since those with Bachelor’s degrees were able to earn 14% to 21% more than those who didn’t.




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Friday, October 21, 2022

University of California Irvine Attracts Many Immigrant Students To Move To The United States Of America For Further Studies

For many people, having the best education is an important thing to have. By studying the right program, one can have a brighter future with more opportunities opening up for them. Many believe in the power of education and they strongly believe that studying is a great investment. That is why it is not surprising that each year, thousands and thousands of immigrant students choose to study in the United States of America. These individuals are willing to invest in their education and they chose to study in schools that are one of the best in the world. The USA has some of the best colleges and universities.


Among the many educational institutions in the USA, the University of California Irvine is definitely one of the top schools that bring in many immigrant students. It is able to shine above the rest and make a lot of people want to study there.


Providing quality education


One of the many things that has attracted immigrant students to the University of California Irvine is its long history of providing quality education. It has been around since 1965 and it was built with the mission of enhancing lives and communities. This school in the United States of America does this through its rigorous academics, dedicated public service, and cutting-edge research. The combination of these three essential factors proves to be quite effective as the university continues to do well and meet its mission with each year.


The culture of the University of California Irvine is all about having the dream to inspire change in all people and create new ideas as well. The school also promotes the thought that true and real progress happens when different ideas, opinions, and perspectives come together, and this helps advance how people really think and understand the world.


Programs offered in UCI


This school in the USA offers a variety of programs that many immigrant students have taken advantage of. These programs have up-to-date courses and many graduates who have become successful in their chosen careers after finishing their studies. Some of the programs offered by the University of California Irvine include Computer Science; Biology and Biological Sciences; Business and Managerial Economics; Public Health; Criminology; Economics; Research and Experimental Psychology; Business Administration and Management; Psychology; and Social Psychology.


The school’s notable alumni include Ami Bera (Congressman); Jackie Lacey (Los Angeles District Attorney); Anthony James (Vector Biologist); Siegfried Reich (Chemist); David Benioff (Game of Thrones co-creator and showrunner); Brady Anderson (Major League Baseball Player); Jeff Greenberg (Casting Director); Michael Chabon (Pulitzer Prize-winning author); Brad Evans (MLS Soccer Player); Dale Mayeda (Effects Supervisor); Chris Burden (Artist); Jon Lovitz (Actor and Comedian); and Hector Tobar (Award-winning Writer).




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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Humble New Zealand Pie Is Kiwis’ Top Comfort Food And Immigrants Can’t Help But Agree

For many immigrants, exploring the new country that they are living in is something that they are really excited about. They want to explore the place and see the sceneries and visit many amazing places. They also wish to explore the country by experiencing the culture. And then there are those who plan to explore by trying out the different cuisine that the place offers. Immigrants who have chosen to live in New Zealand get to do everything and enjoy all of them. The country is home to amazing places, a rich culture, and delicious food.


For those who wish to enjoy the food that New Zealand offers, one of the best things to try out would be the one known as humble New Zealand pie. It is not only delicious but also quite a treat. The locals of the country (also called Kiwis) really enjoy this dish and highly recommend it to immigrants and travelers alike. And this pie has a lot of variations so those who would like to have some would have a hard time choosing from the many delectable flavors offered.


Various humble pie options


If people were not creative and just stuck with what has already been established, people living and visiting New Zealand would only have a mince pie. However, it is a good thing that people keep on discovering new ways to make dishes better and different. That is why those who are in New Zealand would find themselves choosing from a variety of humble pie options. The only thing that is common among all these options is that the pies use a flaky pastry that is very buttery and quite delicious already.


Those who wish to try out humble pie could choose from a number of options. Some of the most popular ones include hangi in a pie, which is a creamed paua pie. One can also choose bacon and egg pie, or steak and cheese pie. There are also pies that are topped with potatoes. One can also opt to go for salmon and bacon humble pie. Other popular options include butter chicken pie, lamb and meat pie, venison pie, and bacon and egg pie.


Comfort food


For many Kiwis, humble pie is the best comfort food for them. While people in other countries would choose to go for wine or ice cream or chocolate when they need comfort food, Kiwis would go for humble pie. This has been the result of a study done on what food Kiwis consider the best comfort food for them. More than 25% of the respondents from New Zealand shared that humble pie is their favorite, and the steak and cheese variant is what they love the most.




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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Immigrants In The United Kingdom Are Fascinated With The Amazing Dessert Known As Trifle

There is something amazing about trying out new dishes and desserts when visiting a new place. For many people who love traveling, this is the best way to get to know the place better. That is why it is said that people who have chosen to become immigrants in a new country like the United Kingdom are really some of the luckiest people. They do not only get to live in a beautiful country and be able to explore that, but they also have a lot of time to try out the many different dishes and desserts that are available there. After all, one cannot sample all the many local cuisines in just a week or two of staying in a country.


One of the many different foods that a person can try out when they are in the United Kingdom is this dessert known as trifle. It is an amazing dessert that people should really try once they are in the UK. It is so good and (almost) guilt-free that immigrants who have tried this out are really raring to have another serving of it.


What is trifle?


This delectable dessert is said to have originated in the United Kingdom. It is layered and it usually makes use of a layer of sponge fingers or even sponge cake. This is soaked first in sherry or some other wine. Other layers in a trifle include some fruits (or maybe even fruit-flavored jelly), custard, and some whipped cream. This is the order of all those wonderful layers that when eaten altogether just makes for a really amazing experience. Plus, one really would want to dive right into all those layers that look beautiful as it is served in a glass dish or bowl.


Are there variations of this dessert?


Just like almost all types of dishes and desserts out there, there are definitely variations of the trifle. After all, people really love experimenting and improving on dishes and desserts. For this beautiful dessert in the United Kingdom, one of the many variations is not using any kind of fruit and would use other ingredients instead. These include vanilla, coffee, or chocolate. There is also a variety where there are layers of jelly in between each layer.


When did trifles first appear?


It is said that the first time trifle appeared in a cookbook was during the 16th century and it was for a recipe for a thick cream that was flavored with rosewater, ginger, and sugar. This cream was like custard and was served in a silver bowl. However, the trifle that we know today came about during the 1750s when the recipes used biscuits that were soaked in wine and then layered with custard and a whipped froth.




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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Canada Pledges To Bring In More Immigrant Students And Ensuring That They Continue To Stay In The Country

Canada is known as one of the top countries in the world in terms of education. Its educational system has set the bar high and many countries are doing the best that they can to be able to follow in Canada’s footsteps. This is why plenty of people choose to become immigrant students in the country. After all, education is a great help for many people to pursue their dreams and plans. It opens up many doors of opportunities for them and that is why studying in Canada is considered a great investment.


It is a good thing that Canada is open to immigrant students, as it had seen the huge benefits that these people bring to the country. With Canada needing more immigrants to help out in various aspects, it would not have a hard time attracting new immigrant students given the high-quality education that it offers in its many colleges and universities.


Attracting immigrant students


The Committee on Citizenship and Immigration’s Canadian House of Commons has asked Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada to create a good plan that would help attract immigrant students. The IRCC has ensured that it would do what is needed so that it could not only bring in new immigrant students but also help them and ensure that they are doing well in the country.


The report created by the CIMM has offered information on the three main goals that the IRCC can focus on when it comes to immigrant students in Canada. One of these is to attract immigrant students so that they would choose to take their studies in Canada. The second goal would be to ensure that the International Student Program continues to be fair to all immigrant students. And the third goal is to make sure that the IRCC improves its services for immigrant students, and that it communicates better in terms of the processing of their applications and other immigration processes.


The plans for immigrant students


According to the government of Canada, from this year until 2023, they are expecting to see an increase in the number of immigrant students. They are expecting around 753,000 new immigrant students to join the country. Of course, the IRCC has to do something to ensure that this happens and that is why it disclosed that it would do an assessment of the streams and routes to ensure that Canada would be able to attract immigrant students to the country. It would also explore how to best ensure that these immigrant students in Canada would have a smooth transition toward having permanent residencies in the country, most especially those who have the skills and experience that the country needs, as well as those who have the right language levels to do well in Canada.




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Monday, October 17, 2022

Molokini: A Great Place For Adventure In The United States Of America That Immigrants Must Visit

The United States of America is a great country that plenty of people try to visit at least once in their lives. There are also many people who do not only wish to visit the United States of America but actually plan to move there as immigrants. This is really not surprising since the country is known for being the center of business in the world. It is also known as a country where there are plenty of beautiful places to visit. But there is one place in the USA that has gotten a lot of people really amazed.


This place is known as Molokini and it is not like the usual tourist spot that the USA boasts of. It is a place for those who love adventure, while enjoying what nature has to offer. Yes, there is still such a place in the USA and it is best that one visits it at least once.


Where is Molokini?


Molokini can be found in the ʻAlalākeiki Channel and it is between the Kahoʻolawe and Maui islands. It is actually a volcanic crater that is submerged partially. What is even more interesting about this is its shape which is crescent. The crater actually forms a small islet and this remains to be uninhabited, given that it still is a volcano. To get there, one must travel to Maui Country which is in Hawaii. Molokini is said to be one of seven epoch volcanoes that were around since the Pleistocene period.


What can one do on Molokini?


People who are in the USA and want to get some adventures done should visit Molokini. One can go scuba diving in the area, as well as snorkeling. A lot of experts say that the crescent shape of the island actually helps the divers be protected from the strong waves as well as the powerful currents that occur in the channel.


Those who visit the islet early in the morning can actually choose to go on tour boats that are small in size. This is the best time to do so because the winds are usually gentler during this time. The boats can take guests to take a quick trip around the islet and even bring them to a spot that is best for snorkeling. The beautiful waters offer a really amazing scene beneath it.


The legend


This place in the USA actually has a legend attached to it. It is said that in Hawaiian legends, Molokini was actually a beautiful lady. However, she was in love with the same man as Pele, who was the fire goddess. Pele became jealous so she cut Molokini in two and made her become stone.




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Friday, October 14, 2022

Usual Slang Used In New Zealand Which Immigrants May Want To Learn

There are a number of languages being spoken in New Zealand and that is not surprising since it has become a melting pot of various cultures through the decades. However, the language that is spoken the most in the country is still English and many immigrants who have chosen to call New Zealand their new home do not have to worry much since they most likely are okay with using this language. But what they do need to prepare for is the slang that is used in the country. Just like in any other country or area, there are certain slang that have been developed and they are not usually found in most dictionaries. That is why it is best for immigrants to try to learn some of them so they can be familiar with them once they start conversing with the locals.


What are some of the common slang? Read on and learn.




While one may initially think that ‘togs’ are actually some sort of footwear because they rhyme with ‘clogs’, it does not really mean that. In fact, ‘togs’ in New Zealand actually means clothing one wears to go swimming. In short, it means swimwear.


Claudia had a lot of things on her plate that day so she actually forgot to bring her togs when she had a beach trip with her friends. She chose to stay on the shore instead. That, or she went in the water with all her clothes on, or went skinny dipping.




Scroggin is actually not used as a verb in New Zealand. Instead, it is actually a noun. And it means “trail mix”. Yes, scroggin is trail mix and it is the best thing to bring when going on adventures.


I made sure to pack a lot of scroggin. I easily get hungry when I am out camping and hiking with the gang. Plus, they know I have a lot of scroggin so they usually ask for some from me.




While a lot of people may think that ‘beaut’ is actually a shortened way of saying ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’, it actually is not. Instead, it is used in New Zealand to mean that something is excellent or great.


Those bridges that Laura built for the city are a definite beaut. All her hard work and many sleepless nights surely paid off.




When one refers to another person as ‘bro’, it means that they are definitely close. In New Zealand, this is a term of endearment that is usually reserved for close friends, most especially male friends. It may even be a shortened form of ‘brother’ which can be used in slang as a close friend who is almost like a brother to them.


Let’s go out tonight. I want you all to meet my bro. He’s been looking forward to meeting you all.




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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Common British Traits That Immigrants In The United Kingdom Need To Be Familiar With

Many immigrants who move to the United Kingdom usually believe that all they need to be prepared for would be how to get around in the place that they would be living in, having the essentials, knowing where to get food, and knowing how to properly communicate with the locals. However, what most of them do not realize is that they also have to be familiar with the traits that the locals of the United Kingdom have.


Yes, this is important because they would be interacting with them and one may stand out like a sore thumb in case they do something that the rest of the population sees as taboo or something similar. It would also help new immigrants be familiar with how things go in the country so they would not be surprised if things do not go as they usually would in their home country.


So what are some of the common traits of the Brits? Here are some.


Last minute hustle


It may be a surprise to most immigrants but the Brits usually put things at the last minute. They are quite used to doing this so they usually really rush when a deadline or something important is about to happen. Taking a long time to prepare is not something that they usually practice.




The Brits are also quite ironic individuals. They would say one thing and actually mean another. This can be pretty confusing for a lot of immigrants in the UK but they soon would get used to it after staying in the country for a few weeks or months. This is usually connected to how they use sarcasm when communicating.


Neat and tidy homes


Another trait that the Brits usually have is that they always try to keep their homes tidy and neat. They want to ensure that they live in a good home where they can simply relax and not have to worry about the mess and the chaos that a dirty home can bring. It is also important to understand that guests to homes in the UK should also try to ensure that they do not create a mess.


Accepting the consequences of their decisions


The locals of the UK understand that their decisions come with consequences. And if the consequences are favorable or not to them, they sure know how to accept them.


Going against the odds


If there are goals that the locals would like to achieve, they are most likely willing to go against the odds to ensure that they get to their goal. Not a lot of people are willing to do that. That is why immigrants in the United Kingdom are quite lucky because they can imbibe this trait after living in the country for some time.




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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Immigrant Students Eyed To Help The Labor Shortage In Canada

It seems like the worst part of the pandemic is over. However, it has brought about a lot of negative effects on countries, and Canada is included. One of the things that the country is focusing on right now is the recovery and growth of its economy. This has been highly affected by the pandemic, as most countries have been, and Canada is taking this quite seriously. One of the issues that is hindering them from reaching their economic goals is the shortage in the labor market.


Many employers in the country are having a hard time looking for workers to help out with their businesses. If they do find employers, another thing that they have a hard time doing is retaining them. These employees are really vital for business growth, especially with the recovery going on. And this is why the Canadian government is working hard to ensure that the labor needs of the country are met and solved. It is even eyeing immigrant students as a group that can help out with the labor shortage.


Lifting the 20-hour cap


Sean Fraser is the current Minister of Immigration and he recently announced that the government is temporarily lifting the cap of 20 hours per week for immigrant students. 20 hours is the maximum that a post-secondary student can work while studying. By doing so, these students can work more hours and help out with the need for more employees who can do business tasks.


This cap will be lifted starting November 15, 2022 until December 31, 2023. Immigrant students who are currently studying in Canada and have been given the authorization to work off-campus can avail of this. They do not have to limit their working hours to just 20 per week. Aside from them, those who are still applying for student permits can also take advantage of this once they get their approval for their permits. This is a win-win situation for the labor market, for businesses, and for immigrant students who want to earn while studying and get experience.


Why work while studying?


Many immigrant students in Canada choose to work while they are taking their post-secondary programs. This allows them to gain work experience in the country and learn the ropes as they go along. In turn, they are also helping many businesses with the recovery and growth that the entire country is doing to counter the effects of the pandemic on the economy. The government is seeing that this is going to do well as Canada is home to over 500,000 immigrant students and most of them are willing to work off-campus and put in extra hours. It also is a good reflection of just how immigrant students are important to the country not only in terms of the economy, but also in helping out address Canada’s labor shortage.




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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Immigration Rates Are Getting Better In The United States Of America But It Still Needs More Skilled Immigrant Workers

For two years, the immigration levels in many countries have slowed down or even came to a complete stop. This is not surprising because it was all because of the pandemic and people were not allowed to do non-essential travel and that included moving to a new country like the United States of America. However, with countries getting a handle on things, restrictions have slowly been lifted and immigration levels have been picking up. In the USA, the rates are going right back up again after two years of slowing down.


What most people expect though is for immigration levels in the country to be just as good as they had been before the pandemic hit. However, that is not often the case. In the USA, it still has not reached the same level. Aside from that, the country is also looking at the need for more skilled immigrant workers that would help fill in the many gaps that were created by the lull during the pandemic.


The need for skilled workers


One of the things that the government is doing is ensuring that the gaps are filled up. There have already been a lot of new immigrants entering the country but they are not enough to fill up all of the needed gaps. There are many industries and businesses in the USA that are reliant on immigrant skilled workers. However, what one has to take into account is that the USA is not the only country that is in need of such workers. Many countries are also going through what the USA is experiencing and so everyone seems to be trying to attract the best and the brightest that would help out with the labor market issues.


The current immigration pace


It has already been a year since the USA lifted the restrictions on its borders. As per the data from the government, skilled immigrant workers have already started moving to the country when this happened. They are currently moving to the USA at around the same pace that the country had experienced back in 2019 before the pandemic came about.


Despite the huge amount of new immigrants coming in, there does not seem to be enough right now, especially when it comes to skilled immigrant workers. This is because the whole immigration plan of the USA has been planned out, and the pandemic has not been factored in. That caused the entire plan to go askew and the country is now just trying to catch up. The government is ensuring that it does its best to bring in the needed skilled immigrant workers, however, it needs more resources to be able to do better than it is doing now.




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Monday, October 10, 2022

Skilled Immigrants Can Help New Zealand’s Need For More Skilled Tech Staff To Help Businesses

New Zealand is facing shortages in tech skills and this issue has been around for some time already. This is according to Graeme Muller, the chief executive of NZTech. The tech sector in New Zealand has been dealing with these shortages and is in need of more skilled tech staff to help out. Skilled tech immigrants can possibly help out if the government is willing to help the tech sector bring them in.


These shortages are not going unnoticed. In fact, the companies that are severely affected by this are doing the best that they can to solve the problem at least in their own backyard. The government has also been looking at the shortages and working out plans that would be able to help solve them in the shortest time possible. The situation in New Zealand needs to improve or else the tech industry in the country will suffer and that is not going to be good for the businesses in the sector and this could affect the country’s economy in the long run. Muller also continued to say that the issue can be addressed through immigration and through education.


There is no quick fix.


Muller continued to disclose that there is really no quick fix to this situation in New Zealand. In fact, he shared that the need for more tech workers is felt not only in the country but in many countries all around the globe. This just reflects how much the tech industry is growing and how it will definitely need more and more tech workers in the future.


But there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Muller shared that skilled tech workers can find it easier nowadays to find roles in the global tech industry, most especially in New Zealand. The country has been working on making processing faster for immigrant tech workers who would need visas and residencies. It also does look like immigration is going to be the fastest way possible to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Almost all the needed tech roles can be found on the Green List, which is the New Zealand government’s new immigration list that has been designed to help skilled tech workers find their way to the country and easily work their way toward being residents.


Encouraging students


Another thing that the government of New Zealand is doing is encouraging students to choose to study tech courses and follow tech career paths. This would help the country in the near future get the needed skilled tech workers that it needs right in its own backyard. Of course, the tech industry should also try to be competitive as many countries are also trying to attract skilled tech workers as they are also experiencing shortages.




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Friday, October 7, 2022

Yakking In The United Kingdom: Some Slang Used In The Country That Immigrants Need To Learn

How the locals talk in the United Kingdom is something that immigrants in the country should learn. Many may think that they have got it down pat because English is the main language spoken all over the country. However, what they do not really realize is that English is a very dynamic language so one should always expect slang and lingo to be used. This is the case in the United Kingdom. The locals use slang that may confuse new immigrants in the country. That is why it is highly recommended that they learn some of the commonly used slang to help them understand conversations happening around them.


What are some of the usual slang used in the UK? Here are some.


Taking the biscuit


When this slang is used in the UK, it means that a person is already starting to push their luck. This slang may be familiar to people who have been living in the United States since there is a similar lingo there and that is “take the cake”.


Jack has been trying to change his ways but he is becoming more annoying. If he does come here again and does not act like he used to, I sincerely believe that he’s taking the biscuit. I may have to start telling him to stop coming over.




This word can actually mean the waffle food but it also is being used as lingo which means something totally different. In the case of the United Kingdom, “waffle” actually means droning on and on about nothing important.


I had to leave that coffee date with my girl friends. One of them kept waffling on and I think it was best that I left rather than fall asleep right in front of her.




This slang “welly” is not a cute version of “well” in the UK. It actually means that someone has tried their best at something.


Adrian had been trying to learn how to ride the skateboard and when I saw him today on the board, I think that he really gave it welly.




While a lot of people may think that “wobbler” in the United Kingdom may have something to do with wobbling or warbling, it actually has nothing to do with that. “Wobbler” in the UK actually means that something is having a tantrum.


What do you do when your toddler has a wobbler? I personally do not know what I’d do and I have to babysit my niece this weekend.




When someone is said to be yakking, it means that the person is talking a lot, or talking too much.


I have no idea what Baron has been yakking about. I sort of tuned out after five minutes of his yakking.




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