Thursday, August 31, 2017

British Citizenship And Proof Of Good Character

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A lot of individuals want to move to a new country and be an immigrant there. The problem with that though is that there are plenty of requirements that one must be able to fulfill to be able to be an immigrant. Of course, this is just understandable as those countries have to filter the people coming in and they are doing this for a variety of reasons. Some put a high importance on individuals with families while others put high importance on those people who can contribute largely to the country’s economy. It all depends on what the country’s priorities are.

One of the top requirements that is needed if a person wants to be a citizen of the United Kingdom would be proof of that person’s good character. Without this, any individual who is wishing to be an immigrant and a citizen of the country would not be given approval for his or her application. It is highly essential that one has this requirement.

So what are the circumstances where good character may not be given to a person? Well, here are some instances that would be an automatic disapproval of any immigration or citizenship application in the UK.

Convicted as a criminal

In most cases, any applicant that has already been convicted as a criminal will not be deemed as a person with good character. This is simply not just for the United Kingdom but also for other countries as well. Basically, this is very self-explanatory. Any person that has been proven to be involved in a crime definitely is not of good character.

Experts have looked into the matter and the UK government does not close its doors on people with such records. Instead, it has a list of guidelines and requirements on the kind of crime that has been done and all other factors that are part of the case. That is when the country’s immigration branch will decide on the application.

Done things not good for the public.

If an individual has done acts that are not good for the public or is against the public good, then that person will not be someone of good character. This can involve being a part of any terrorism actions. Terrorism has never been good for the public and thus any person involved in such would not have good character.

Finances are not in order.

For a person who does not have his or her finances in order, the chances of getting proof of good character would greatly decrease. It is essential that any immigrant would have their finances in order as well as their taxes. Consulting finance experts would be a good thing to do for those who are interested in being a British citizen so that they would be able to see if they can get such proof.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More Immigrants To Come To Saskatchewan, Canada Via Nominee Program

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When there is a need for more workers, a country usually tries to create programs that would help solve this situation. Workers are essential in a country as they help boost business to their highest potential. The better businesses run, the better countries will be in terms of economy. That is why governments do their very best to make sure that businesses get what they need to be even better.

That is the case for Canada. The province of Saskatchewan has been needing workers and that is why the Canadian government has looked into what they need. With that, the government has put together a good plan and a good program to help solve any issues that have risen because of the situation. The top solution would be to bring in the needed workers via immigration since the current population cannot provide the needed workers. This program would be actually a revision of the current Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (or more commonly known as the SINP).

The program and its sub-categories

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has already been in place for some time now. However, the country has decided to revise it so that it can attract and bring in the immigrants that the businesses in the province needs. The faster they get the right individuals, the better it would be for everybody, and for the country as well.

What the government has done is that it has brought about changes to the existing SINP. It has amplified the threshold that this program has when it comes to the annual number of applications that the program can take. Of course, the increase was not made available for the whole program. This was only for two sub-categories that are quite popular among immigrants via the SINP. With the changes, there would definitely be more applications that the program would take by the end of the year.

The two sub-categories would be the International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand and the International Skilled Worker – Express Entry. These two are the two popular sub-categories for this program.

The history of the SINP

The SINP was first brought to the public’s knowledge back in 2015 when it was launched. Despite it being fairly new, it has brought about the right immigrants to the country and to the province of Saskatchewan. The two mentioned sub-categories earlier have also been quite popular ever since and it is continuing to be popular nowadays.

These two sub-categories do not need the applicants to hold any kind of job offer from any employer in Canada. This makes it easier to find the right workers and the right immigrants. Once successful with their application through the SINP, the immigrants can then use this when they become applicants for the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada so that they can become a permanent resident of the country.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Records Continue To Break Records

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The numbers continue to go up for New Zealand and this is as per the latest data from the country’s immigration branch. For the past several months, the country has been receiving a huge number when it comes to immigration. There are more and more immigrants coming to the country and this is not quite a surprise as the country offers quite a huge amount of reasons why people should go there. It has been one of the most popular destinations when it comes to such movement country to country.

For the past several months, the immigration numbers in the country have also continued to go up. It has broken its own records time and time again. This simply means that the numbers continue to go up and that it is going even higher almost each and every time. And recently, the country’s numbers on immigration has gone up again and broke its own records. Nothing surprising there now as it has been happening for quite some time already. What would be surprising is if the numbers suddenly go down. But there seems to be no signs of that happening any time soon.

The rise of the numbers

The recent records have showed that in July, the net for immigration has again risen. This is the annual net numbers. The huge driving force for this would be the immigrants. The statistics have also shown that most of the immigrants in the country for this period have come from the United Kingdom, China, and Australia.

For this period, the net migration number for the annual count has come to a high of 72,400. It was for the start of the year right up to the end of July. For the same timeframe a year before, this number is actually higher by 3,400. It is a huge difference indeed and that reflects just how popular the country has become for these individuals trying to find a new country to live in. The numbers have come from the Statistics New Zealand, the official branch of the government that works on data in the country.

The breakdown of numbers

There were also migrant arrivals for that certain period. The total was 132,100 and only a quarter of this were citizens of New Zealand itself. The country also experienced more individual New Zealanders who have decided to leave the country rather than return as for the last year. The difference between those leaving than returning came up to a total of 1,100.

Immigration numbers have been continuously rising and this has been seen as a reflection of how popular New Zealand really is for those who are looking for a new country that they would call home. Of course, the rising numbers has not been looked at with a blind eye and the government is carefully studying the situation. With the upcoming elections, those who are running for government have definitely been studying this as it has become a top issue during debates.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Britons Concerned About UK Immigration Changes As Per Survey

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When big changes happen in a country or about to happen in the country, it may not look like it but a lot of citizens of the country try and see just how that change could affect them. There are changes that can bring about a lot of positivity and then there are also changes that can also bring about negative effects. If these citizens believe that the changes can be negative and do more harm than good to them, they would most likely speak about it so that the government hears just what they have to say.

So when it comes to the United Kingdom’s plan to remove itself from the European Union, the Britons are having their own thoughts on what changes could happen to them.  One of the top issues that would be changing the lay of the land for the UK would be the government’s proposed policy changes to the country’s immigration system. Britons are pretty much concerned about this as immigration is a huge factor in how things work in the country.

The study that was done

YouGov, which is also Eurotrack, has recently put together a poll that focused on UK citizens’ thoughts on immigration in the country. According to the numbers of the survey, Britons are highly concerned about immigration in the country especially with the proposed changes once the country does its exit from the EU. This is not surprising as there are plenty of immigrants in the country and the number of those who have come from other countries are quite high. New changes in the policies of immigration can greatly affect the country in many ways.

As per the study, it was done just last July. Those who were respondents of the study came from the United Kingdom and were citizens there. These respondents were asked to actually choose their top three when it comes to priorities as per the exit and any negotiations happening in the country because of this. The total choices in the survey came to a total number of eight.

The top choices

The top concern that Britons have as per the survey is the control that the United Kingdom should have over immigration in the country. This has been the top choice of 41% of those who have answered the survey. The immigration situation is all about the European Union immigrants but not necessarily about any other country in the world.

The second priority as per the poll would be a good harmony when it comes to working together between the UK and the EU despite the UK’s exit if it happens. The respondents were concerned that the two should still work together when it comes to making sure that security still prevails as well as anti-terrorism. Basically, it is all about safety and security for all citizens no matter where they may be from.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Ontario Skills Stream Brings Hope For Canadian Immigrant Hopefuls

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How a country works on finding solutions to issues is something that differs in each one in the world. See, there are countries who may not even give much thought on certain issues hounding them as the people in position would give their attention to what they believe are the more pressing issues. And then there are countries which really make sure that they give importance to what is really needed by the country and by its people.

In the case of Canada, Ontario, one of its provinces, has been looking for the right workers to fill up the job vacancies needed by companies in the area. It has been having some trouble with that. That is why it has told the government about it and the government is pushing to help out Ontario. What it has been able to put together? A new kind of immigration stream specifically for Ontario so as to fill in the needed positions of the businesses in the area.

Looking at the new stream

The new immigration stream for Canada has been recently launched and it has the Ontario local government working behind it. This is just right as it is that area that would be benefitting from such. Thus, it is just right that the government of the area should create it. This immigration stream is known as the Employer Job Offer In-Demand Skills Stream. It has been announced to the public just last August 16th and it has also been launched during that same date.

According to the Ontario government, this stream is a pilot program and it is focused mainly on workers. These workers that are targeted are more of those who have occupation that are of high demand in the area. Another requirement would be the individual workers who may have been given an offer of a job in the place. This whole program is actually a part of an ongoing program which is the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (which is also known as the OINP). The nominee program gives Ontario the chance to nominate any individual to be an immigrant in the province and that should be based on all of the criteria that the province has listed.

What is needed to be an immigrant

On the list of occupations that are of high demand in the area of Ontario, most of those are part of the agriculture industry as well as the construction industry. Those who may want to be a part of the list of immigrations through the program must be eligible for all of the requirements. They should also have been given a job offer that is full time and is permanent from a business in the area.

The program allows businesses to get the workers they need in a shorter amount of time. And the immigrants get to be in Canada at the soonest time possible.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Zealand Locals’ Thoughts On Immigration In Their Country

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At present, New Zealand is one of the top countries when it comes to popularity among those who are planning to be immigrants. In fact, there have been quite a huge number of individuals who have chosen to move to NZ already. Immigration numbers in New Zealand has become quite high and there have been quite a variety of opinions on this. There have been those who are okay with the numbers and then there are those who are quite concerned that the numbers may be too high.

A study has been done recently on immigration in New Zealand and it actually focused on the locals of the country and their thoughts on immigration. A specific number of Kiwis were asked regarding immigration in New Zealand and then their answers were put together, tabulated, and analyzed. The results of the study then disclosed that locals of NZ are not that happy about how immigrants are not adapting to the lifestyle that is NZ’s own.

The study on immigration

The study on immigration in New Zealand was done very recently. It involved a survey that was done back in May of this year. Its respondents were registered and official voters of the country. As of the total number of those who were part of the study, it totaled to almost 40,000 individuals. These individuals were more than happy to share their thoughts on the matter. This study was done by the Stuff/Massey University and it was focused mainly on the elections. The part on immigration was a portion of this bigger research.

As per the information that the study got, those voters who got to share their thoughts were not really happy with how things are going when it comes to immigration in NZ. Most of them shared that the number of immigrants are just plain too much for the country. They are also not happy with how the immigrants are behaving as they believe that immigrants are not adapting to the lifestyle and culture that is in the country.

The story of the numbers

Although most of the respondents were not really happy that there are a lot of immigrants choosing their country, 14 per cent of the lot were quite okay with it. In fact, they were quick to disclose that they believe that immigrants should be able to bring with them their lifestyle and culture to the new country that they would be living in.

It is quite possible that those who believe that immigrants are not adapting may not be open to change. However, it is the government’s duty to make sure that those new individuals in the country should be able to integrate well in the new society that they would be living in. It is okay to bring with them their customs and lifestyle but it is also highly essential that they learn and respect the new culture that they would be living in.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Proof of Good Character Needed To Get British Citizenship

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To be able to be an immigrant to a new country that is one’s own personal choice, it is essential that the person choosing to be an immigrant understands everything that is needed to be fulfilled to be able to get there. The requirements of being an immigrant differ for each country. That is why those who are interested individuals need to study the country that they want to get to and also understand the requirements to get there. It is not as easy as buying a ticket and then bringing all of their important stuff. There are certain lists that you need to check off.

In the case of being an immigrant in the United Kingdom, the country holds a list of requirements that individuals need to fulfill to be granted access. Many are choosing the country as it holds quite a huge variety of options and opportunities that cannot be found in their home countries. Those who make their way to the UK wish that they would be able to get citizenship as well and that is another matter to attend to.

An important requirement for British citizenship

One of the top requirements that the UK government is asking from those who are interested in a citizenship in the country is proof of good character. If this is something that an individual may not be able to produce, then the chances of getting a citizenship will definitely be null. Any applications will be given a denial and that is something that immigrants want to avoid. After all, they have worked long and hard to be able to get to the country.

With this in mind, it is important that those who would like to get a citizenship in the United Kingdom should understand that proof of good character is very essential. It is something that they should be able to provide to be able to get the goal of being called a British citizen. Of course, it is not surprising that such would be needed. The UK government definitely wants to provide citizenship to those who deserve such and good character is definitely a requirement for its citizens.

Honesty goes a long way

Those who have gotten a citizenship in the United Kingdom have been more than happy to share just what they did to be able to get the end goal. According to them, they made sure that they were honest with their applications. The government can easily do a check if they wanted to and so honest answers can go a long way. They also made sure that all questions were answered and nothing was left out.

This is definitely a reflection that by being honest, those who are interested in being citizens are definitely honest with their intentions and honest as people. Definitely signs of good character.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Immigration Record That Is Canada’s

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The world knows that Canada has been basically one of the top destinations for immigrants as it has more humane rules on immigration. Aside from this, the country is quite open to immigrants and even helps out those who chose their country to be able to adapt and integrate better in the new soil that they would be living in. Not a lot of countries do that. And that is why Canada has become quite popular among those who are looking for a new country to move to.

One of the top moves that Canada has done quite recently has been to accept refugees who may have come to their soil in search for a new country since they would not or could not stay in their homeland. For the most part, the refugees that Canada has been welcoming and accepting belong to those who may have left the United States or may not have been accepted in the US, as well as those individuals who came from troubled Syria.

The diversity in Canada

In Canada, the government has been trying its best to make sure that all new individuals there are able to integrate well in the new society that they are in. Some think that this is by making sure that the new individuals give up their cultures and languages and lifestyles but it is not. In fact, it is all about making sure that these people are actually able to adapt well in their new surroundings without having to give up their culture. They also make sure that the immigrants are able to find jobs in the country, have proper houses, and have a new life there.

Diversity is what Canada is embracing. It has already known that the immigrants will be different from the locals and they have accepted that. That is why the country is embracing the fact that it can live amidst diversity. This move has actually made Canada a good place to live in. The immigrants do their best by working really well. The numbers also show that they are not as involved in crime as compared to those who were born in the country.

Other countries that are like Canada

There may be a lot of countries in the world but not all of them have the ability to accept immigrants like Canada does. Of course, if Canada may not be the choice of other individuals, there are other countries as well that may be quite like Canada when it comes to their programs regarding helping immigrants be able to adapt well. These other countries are New Zealand and Australia and they are proving to be quite good at what they are doing too.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Cancellation Of Proposed Immigration Policy Changes Highly Welcomed By New Zealand Hospitality Industry

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The government of New Zealand has been pondering about changing the policies on immigration in the country. In fact, they have already created a set of changes that they would like to happen when it comes to immigration. A lot of people were not happy about such as it could affect them in many ways and that effect could be quite negative. Those who were likely to be affective in a negative manner had made sure that they did not keep silent about it.

One of the most affected industries in NewZealand that has spoken against the proposed changes in New Zealand immigration policies is the hospital industry. It has not been silent when it comes to its views on this. That is why, recently, the NZ hospitality industry has been very grateful that the government has decided to cancel the proposed immigration policy changes. They have been more than happy to see such changes go and thus it means that their fears of the negative effects would not be happening.

The planned immigration policy changes

The proposed changes on the immigration policies in New Zealand includes some rules that would have made some immigrant workers not being able to work in the country. They would only be able to work in the country for three years. After that, they would have had to leave.

This kind of policy has had the hospitality industry quite unnerved especially with the huge number of immigrants working here. During the time when the proposal was still being discussed and polished, there have been many immigrants who have up and left their place of work so as to be able to prepare for the changes that could come. They have worked on their requirements so that they would have a higher chance of staying in the country.

The owners of businesses in the hospitality industry had to deal with a lot less workers and even had to run their businesses for shorter hours since they did not have enough manpower to keep the machine running.

The even drastic changes

Aside from those mentioned and discussed above, the policy changes that were dropped also proposed that skilled immigrants can worked in the hospitality industry especially in the Northland district can stay in the country for a longer period. They would also be qualified for a permanent resident status. The threshold for salaries would also go down. Immigrants who are working in the country will be given rankings and that would be according to the salaries that they are getting.

With such policy in place, the hospitality industry was not keen about it as they know just how useful immigrants are to businesses. That is why, with the proposal dropped, and hopefully forgotten, the whole industry is celebrating.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

UK Creative Industry To Work With Gov’t On Immigration Plans

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There is a reason why the creative industry is one of the most prolific industries in the world. This is primarily because it helps make things be more interesting and helps get messages across. Without the creative industry, one can simply imagine just the kind of world that it would be today - possibly quite boring. Companies may have a really hard time getting their messages across to their possible market and customers.

In the United Kingdom, the creative industry is more than willing to help out the government when it comes to the country’s immigration plans. It should help them get really better and make people understand immigration quite better.

Recently, the UK’s Migration Advisory Committee has had an open consultation that involved organizations as well as businesses in the country. They focused on getting help and advice on just how the immigration system of the country could be made better even after the country exits the European Union, which is one of the top plans that the country has for the near future.

Putting creative juices to work

Aside from the businesses and organizations that have been part of the open consultation, the government has also tapped into the creative industry to be able to get more information and more help on how to go about with pushing towards its immigration plans. The government has included the Design Business Association (or the DBA) as well as the Creative Industries Federation among many other groups and companies. They were asked to give the necessary feedback and suggestions on the immigration plans that the government has put together once the plans on exiting the European Union has pushed through.

The UK government has also tapped the Migration Advisory Committee (or the MAC) to help them out as well. MAC is a public group that is non-departmental. It has been working with the government by providing pieces of advice when it comes to immigration issues. With this new project, MAC is looking right into the possible impacts on immigration that could happen once the exit happens. It is also analyzing and studying the changes on social and economic aspects of the country.

Getting pieces of advice

The committee that was put together by the British government has also been given the task of giving pieces of advice on the whole system on immigration which should be in line with the UK strategy on industrial plan. It is definitely something important as they are working in parallel.

The creative industry has been given the task of giving feedback on a variety of issues that include immigration trends in the country as well as in their industry. They are also going to give feedback on recruitment in the country as well as trainings and impacts on the economy, on social status, as well as fiscal status.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Economic and Social Statuses Of Immigrants To Canada

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For many immigrants, adapting to the new country that they are in is quite the challenge. They may have had a really comfortable life in their home country. But because they want an even better life, they have to move to a new country. However, this may also mean that they have to start totally from scratch in their new country. It would mean having to deal with tedious jobs and make their way up. It would also mean having to adapt to their new surroundings and learn how to have new friends since all their friends were left in their home country when they up and left.

In a new report, it has been disclosed that the immigrants to Canada are having a better situation as compared to all of those immigrants who made their way to the United States. According to this report, those new immigrants to the United States have a high chance of experiencing a decrease in their economic situations. They are also much more likely to take advantage of help from the government because of this.

The difference of immigrants to Canada

Data was taken from the immigration departments of the United States and Canada. According to the numbers and statistics, those who are immigrants in Canada are younger and have better education. That is in comparison to those who are immigrants in the United States.

In the United States, there are senators who are pushing for policy changes in their immigration programs. This is by looking through and analyzing immigration stats of the United States back in 2015. These senators are Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Senator David Perdue of Georgia. Their proposal is known as the RAISE Act and it has been recently endorsed by the country’s leader, President Donald Trump. This act has been put together taking into account the immigration systems that are being used by Australia as well as Canada.

The immigration systems in these two countries have put more points to merit as compared to family ties. And this is the overhaul that the US senators are trying to push.

Immigrants’ adaptation

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has created a report on immigration in 2015. In this report, it has been disclosed that residents of Canada that are not born in the country have done way better than American residents who were also not born in the US. This is on the basis of social statuses and economic standings.

Immigrants in the US had a higher chance of being poor and were also highly likely to have overcrowded housing conditions. This simply reflects that there are better policies and rules happening in Canada that is not happening in the US.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Immigration Is Changing The New Zealand Scene

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It is said that change is the only thing that is constant in the world. That is true. Things will keep on changing as there are a lot of factors that affect the current situation.

This is real in New Zealand. This country has been one of the most popular spots for immigration and the immigrants coming in serve as the factors that bring about change. The arrival of immigrants has definitely been changing the scene in New Zealand. Unless you are a conservative person, then change does not always mean something negative. Change can be positive too.

With more and more immigrants coming to NewZealand, many are wondering just what kind of changes this will bring. So far, immigrants have been beneficial to the country. Immigration has brought about the needed population as the country is quite huge and there are more sheep than humans. Aside from that, businesses are happy because immigrants become the much needed workforce.

The economic benefits

As mentioned earlier, many business owners are happy with how immigration has been helping them. See, immigrants come to the country and to be able to continue living in the country, they would need to have a job that would sustain them every day. This is especially true if the immigrants have come with their families.

With that, these immigrants look for jobs. Many businesses in the country are looking for immigrants to employ as immigrants have proven themselves to be good workers and are hard workers as well. This allows businesses to grow and be even better.

The lure of nature

Many are not happy with many immigrants in the country. This is because they believe that the natural resources are spread across many individuals. However, the thing here is that if the government focuses on creating programs that should allow all people in the country to learn more how to preserve these natural resources, then everything would remain as is.

This should be given a huge importance as many people are attracted to the lure of the natural wonders that New Zealand has got to offer.

The academic benefits

There are programs that are being developed by the NZ government that should help boost the academic situation in the country. By doing so, many residents of the country would choose to study and live in the country rather than move to another country for education.

Aside from that, it should bring in the best people in the world to choose to teach and study in NZ instead. This is what is happening in other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. However, if the programs in NZ are made to be really good, it could achieve just what UK and Canada has done with their academe.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

UK Exceptional Talent Visa: Bringing In Immigrants To Do Tech Jobs

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To be able to have the right talent that the country needs is something that most countries have to deal with. There is the phenomenon known as the brain drain where qualified and skilled individuals choose to live in or work in other countries instead of in their home country. This makes the home country needing to fill the space left behind by those who went up and leaved.

And then there is the also the situation where countries have citizens who are not keen on moving to another place in their own country for work. This makes the government look for alternative ways to fill in the needed positions to get the jobs done.

For the United Kingdom, what its government has done is create a new program that would help bring in the needed workers. This program is the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa and it has been able to successfully bring in the needed immigrants for the country.

Applications have gone high up

Tech City UK is actually the branch of the government in Britain that works with the applications that come in for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa program. According to this branch of the UK government, the number of applications has risen. Aside from that, those applications that were successful have also gone high up. In fact, for the last year alone, the number has definitely quadrupled. It has reached a total of 260 applications that were given endorsements. The numbers are continuing to expand exponentially as we speak.

Those who are interested have spoken regarding Tier 1. According to them, this may have been successful in bringing the right people for the jobs. However, not many people find it easy to be qualified for Tier 1. Instead, they opt to get a Tier 2 visa which is a general type of program and has easier qualifications. With Tier 2, interested individuals can get work with an employer that has been qualified for Tier 2 Sponsorship.

The need for Tier 1

Not many people are quite aware of Tier 1. It is high time that the world knew about it. See, it is a win-win situation for the interested individual and the businesses under Tier 1. Many people are happy to be immigrants in the UK and are choosing to go this way.

The technology industry in Britain is preparing for the possible consequences that could come once the UK decides to fully leave the European Union. With the Tier 1 program in place, technology companies can easily find the immigrants that they would need to do the tasks needed to be accomplished. With the high number of applications, this definitely is a sign that people are embracing Tier 1 and the tech industry in UK is happy about it too.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Diversity In Canada Reflected On Data On Language Stats

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Canada is known as a country that accepts all kinds of immigrants. They have opened their doors to immigrants from all parts of the world. Unlike other countries who have put a maximum number of individuals allowed to enter their country, Canada has done the opposite. Instead of a maximum, Canada has put in a limit - but this limit would be the minimum. The country has set a minimum number of immigrants per year.

This characteristic of Canada has made it quite the favorite among those individuals who are planning on moving to another country. This country is easy access and it welcomes the new people warmly. As a popular favorite, Canada has now been dubbed as a melting pot and is also known as quite a diverse country. The diversity, of course, comes from the thousands and thousands of immigrants who have chosen the country to be their new home for the past several hundreds of years.

The language game

The official branch of Canada that deals with numbers and statistics has recently sent out a report that showed that there are more and more speakers of various languages in Canada, that is aside from French and English which are the most spoken languages in the country. These two are the native languages in Canada. And so, with the rising of other languages spoken in the country, it definitely reflects just how much immigrants have entered and live there.

The newest report released delved into what Canadian residents have disclosed as the mother tongue (or the language that is spoken in their own homes) during the period of the study. Experts who have looked into the situation are more than quick to suggest that this is definitely a look at how diverse Canada is when it comes to culture and ethnicity. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The full report on the completed study will be released later this year.

The immigration story

Statistics Canada had gone ahead and done the math. For this year, in February, the Canadian population would have fallen drastically below the 35.15 million mark. However, this did not happen, thanks to the huge amount of immigrants that the country is welcoming. This goes to show that the population increase for Canada since 2011 is something that can be attributed to immigration.

The agency has also continued to disclose that this will be the main source of growth when it comes to population in the country. Were it not for the immigrants, Canada would have a population that is mostly aging. Now, thanks to immigration, the current population is growing steadily and has gone far above the aging population situation.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Policy Changes Not Helpful To Farmers

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The truth is, any kind of immigration policy in New Zealand that would deter the arrival of the maximum number of immigrants in the country would not be helpful in general. The reality in New Zealand is that there is definitely a shortage of laborers which is not really quite felt right now because of the high number of immigrants arriving in the country. These immigrants are more than happy to do their share of work to be able to live well in New Zealand. However, the new policies are pushing for a limited number of immigrants. If this becomes reality, then there is a high chance that the labor shortage would definitely be felt.

Why is a shortage in laborers not good?

First and foremost, without laborers, businesses would not be able to achieve their maximum in terms of success. Employees are the blood of businesses. In New Zealand, business owners are pretty thankful for immigrants as they help fill up the positions that help get the jobs done. If owners relied on Kiwis (or the locals of NZ), they may have a huge problem as most Kiwis are lazy and are also choosy when it comes to the location of the jobs available.

The shortages in labor

Those who are part of the industries that would be affected greatly by the changes to immigration rules have spoken. They said that any of the possible changes are actually not good for the country and also for the possibility of the situation where labor is going to be in shortage. Most of the shortages would be happening in rural areas. The farmers would also be greatly affected by this. All of these is according to the groups DairyNZ as well as Federated Farmers.

On the issue, Michael Woodhouse works as the minister for immigration in NZ. He said that there was a period of consultation and they asked for feedback. As per the feedback, the minister has disclosed that they are now working on making sure that there would be an additional 6000 workers with low skills who would be able to stay in NZ for a longer period as compared to the current policies dictate.

The farmers need workers

Immigrants fill the gap needed by the farmers to get their business growing and working smoothly. Many locals of New Zealand cannot be relied on when it comes to such work. In fact, many of the younger Kiwis are not happy moving to another place just for a job. With that, the farmers resort to immigrants to do the work needed to be completed. That is why farmers are asking the government to get a second look at their policy changes to make sure that their business is not affected negatively by it.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

UK Immigrant Plan After EU Exit May Be Harmful To Economy

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There are a lot of plans rocking the world, and they are rocking the world in not a good way. One of the top plans that the United Kingdom has been cooking is exiting the European Union. Alongside this is yet another plan and that is changing the immigration policies after it does its exit. Not a lot of people are all for this. And there are experts who have been looking into the possible situation when these plans become real and they are saying that such moves can be quite harmful to the economy of the country.

Yes, the UK economy just may suffer if the plans continue. Despite the country having a strong economy at present (in fact, one of the strongest in the world right now), it could possibly go way down if the country continues to push through with such plans. Experts have been looking at the situation and it can get pretty messy.

The services industry could feel the brunt

One of the top industries in the country is the services industry and this is the top one that could actually feel the brunt of the exit from the European Union if Britain pushes through with its plans. This is not good and experts are already sending out warnings about this. Of course, the plans are still plans and there nothing is certain yet. However, it has been bringing a lot of fear and is scaring a lot of immigrants in the country.

The services industry definitely can feel the consequences of such huge plans. See, after the exit, the UK government is planning on putting a limit on the number of immigrants that the country would allow in their soil. If this happens, the services industry just may have to deal with a really low number of manpower and workforce. This could definitely affect everything in the country and that means all businesses. Businesses in Britain rely mostly on immigrants to do all the hard work as local Britons are quite choosy with the type of jobs that they would like to do.

Employers need immigrants

Employers really need immigrants to fill up all the positions needed to run a business smoothly and make it a success. According to the Institute for Public Policy Research (or the IPPR), a huge cut of the labor sector is actually made up of immigrants. There are a third who come from the European Union itself. This number does not include the immigrants from all other countries. So just imagine how huge these immigrants contribute to the UK economy.

With less and less immigrants being allowed to the country if the plans push through, businesses would definitely have a hard time finding people to do the jobs needed to be fulfilled. That is why the government must take a look at their plans and study them before actually pushing through with these.

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