Monday, November 29, 2021

Canada Takes Top Rank In Terms Of Investment And Immigration

There are many components that make a country great and studies are usually done to be able to measure which countries are the best in certain components. These studies are very important because it helps other countries know what they could improve on and how they have fared as compared to other countries. They are also important because it helps many potential immigrants know which country they would choose to move to. These studies are some of the reasons why many immigrants have chosen to move to Canada over all the other great countries around the world.


A recent study has shown that Canada is the best in terms of investment and immigration and this surely is going to help the country a great lot especially now that it is trying to ramp up the influx of immigrants. This surely is good news as well for many potential immigrants who are planning on moving to Canada, especially those who may also want to start investing in the country.


The study that was done


This is the first time that Canada has taken the second spot in this study done for the Anhold-Ipsos Nation Brands Index for 2021. The country was able to get to this spot because it received the highest marks for investment and for immigrants, as well as other categories that were included in the study. This study actually measures countries’ reputations and that would be based on various categories that have been selected. There were 60 countries that were included in the study and these countries were ranked and given marks based on 60,000 individuals’ answers to interviews.


All of the countries that were included in the study had to be ranked and marked in terms of how people looked at them in terms of the quality it has in six different categories. These categories are exports, culture, tourism, investment and immigration, governance, and people. Canada took the highest marks for investment and immigration.


Investment and immigration in Canada


Under the investment and immigration category, Canada took the top spot. This category measures people’s perception of a country in terms of its ability to attract and bring in new immigrants including immigrant workers as well as immigrant students. It also takes into consideration and also evaluates the quality of life in a country as well as the quality of the business environment.


It is also interesting to note that aside from this category, Canada was also able to score high marks for the governance category which looks at the perception of people on the fairness and competency of the national government. This category also looks at the perception of people on the country’s commitment to important global issues which include justice, the environment, poverty, and peace.




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Friday, November 26, 2021

New Zealand Slowly Starts To Open Borders For Immigrant Students

When the pandemic hit the entire world over a year ago, each country had a different approach on how to protect its territory and its citizens. New Zealand is one of those countries whose government decided to enforce strict rules in terms of its borders, along with other health protocols. These proved to be effective given how the country was able to take hold of the situation. However, the country had to deal with not being able to allow new immigrants to join the country.


In recent news though, New Zealand is already planning on something that would slowly ease its way back to normal. One of these plans would be the lifting of the restrictions on borders for an initial 1,000 new immigrant students who have chosen to study in the country. This may seem like a small amount given the huge number of people who want to join the country. However, this is a start and it is a good start.


The plan for immigrant students


One of the newest updates is the plan to lift the restrictions on the borders for around 1,000 immigrant students. This group would be able to enter the country without having to deal with quarantine and they come from countries that are considered to be low-risk for COVID-19. This is one of the first steps that New Zealand is making to slowly return back to how things were before COVID-19 seemingly wrecked how the entire world worked.


It is important to note though that opening the borders would not be for the entire country. The new student immigrants would only be entering New Zealand but would be staying in Auckland. This plan would be in place come 2022 and the immigrant students who could take advantage of this would be those who are taking college education or further education in one of the country’s colleges or universities. The group would be composed of 400 pilot trainees, 300 who would be taking a sub-degree, and 300 who would be taking a degree level or something above that.


Additional information


There are a lot of immigrant students who are interested in joining New Zealand as soon as possible and some of them may also be categorized in one of the groups that would be allowed in the country. However, what immigrant students need to understand is that only those immigrant students that have been nominated by an education provider in the country can make it. The nominated student will have their eligibility checked out by Immigration New Zealand so they can be admitted to traveling to the country. The group of the first batch of immigrant students would include both new students and returning students.




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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Immigrants Enjoy Original London Dry Gin During Their Free Time In The United Kingdom

To have some drinks (that are alcoholic) after slaving hard and long during a difficult day or week is something that many people wish to do. And for most of them, they do take the time to unwind and relax because they do deserve it. Many immigrants who live in the United Kingdom understand this. They take the time to get some drinks after working hard since they usually do not have their families or friends with them in the country to relax with. Going to a bar or a pub is the quickest way to get some of that booze.


One of the popular alcoholic drinks that can be enjoyed in the United Kingdom is known as the London Dry Gin. It is an amazing drink that has gotten a lot of people enjoying it and recommending it to a lot of other people. Immigrants who have already tried this out are more than happy to have it the next time they go out.


What is London Dry Gin?


The London Dry Gin is actually a variety of gin. What makes it different from the usual type of gin is that flavors used here are all-natural and are added to the drink via the distillation process. The beverage is distilled using a base spirit that is neutral and then it is made richer by using different types of botanicals. This is widely enjoyed in the United Kingdom by the locals.


What is used to flavor London Dry Gin?


There are a variety of flavors used in making this amazing drink enjoyed in the UK. One of those is juniper berries and they are known to be an indispensable ingredient for many varieties of this drink. There are other flavors also used to add a different taste to the alcoholic beverage and the list includes angelica root, coriander seeds, and even citrus peel. The more traditional varieties usually make use of citrus and herbaceous flavors. However, there are also more modern versions that try to steer clear of the traditional type and bring new varieties.


How did the London Dry Gin come about?


The introduction of the London Dry Gin in the United Kingdom came about after Coffey stills were invented. These were continuous column stills and they were used to distill spirits that were clean and could have up to 96% ABV. Before this invention, most of the types of gin were actually harsh and still crude. Those who made such often had to put in sweeteners and more flavors so that the palate could take it. The name London Dry Gin came about because most of it was produced in the London area but it did not necessarily mean that it was where the drink first originated.




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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Immigration Minister Of Canada Is Ready To Increase Immigration Levels In Country

Before the pandemic came about, one of the main goals that Canada had was to bring in even more immigrants in a span of three years. It even had a plan that would allow the country to have a target per month and per year so that it would know how much new immigrants are entering the country. Canada has been able to meet its goals, however, the pandemic happened. With the lockdowns in Canada and in other countries, immigrants had to pause their plans and pray that things get better soon so they can continue on with moving to Canada at the soonest time possible.


With the advancements in knowledge and data on COVID-19, countries and governments were able to place plans to help lift any lockdowns, put proper policies in place, and slowly but surely go right back to how things were before the pandemic happened. Now, it does look like Canada is already on its way towards getting back to normal and immigration levels have also started going up after months of really bad numbers.


There is work to be done.


The newest immigration minister of Canada, Sean Fraser, has studied the situation of the country with regards to immigration and he has recognized that a lot of work is waiting for him. He understands that he needs to work hard for Canada to be able to meet its immigration goals. In a recent interview, Fraser has mentioned that he is already preparing to bring the immigration levels of the country up, especially if it is essential in addressing any shortages in the labor market. Canada has been in need of more immigrant workers who can help with the shortages as the pandemic has been a huge factor in the slow influx of immigrant workers coming in.


Many businesses in the country are relying on immigrant workers to help out with their operations. This group of workers are known in the country to be reliable and are willing to move to a new place in Canada should the job ask them to.


The immigration plans in Canada


The current immigrant plans in Canada are said to be the most ambitious so far. Its goal is to bring in 401,000 new immigrants just in 2021. The number that the country is targeting in 2022 is 411,000. For 2023, Canada’s aim is to bring in 421,000 new immigrants. Fraser said that with his new job, he is very much open and preparing to bring in all of these immigrants to the country and would be doing his best to hit the mark. So far, for October 2021, Canada was able to welcome around 46,000 new individuals who came to the country as immigrants.




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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Having A Full English Breakfast Is One Thing Many Immigrants In The United Kingdom Adore A Lot

To have a complete and full breakfast is something that not a lot of people can do. Most people would rush in the morning to prepare for work or for school or for any responsibilities that they have set for the day. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day but it is also the most skipped meal by many people. For many, breakfast can be just picking up some coffee on the way to work or school or wherever they may be going and that’s it. But the thing is, to enjoy a real breakfast is something that people should try to do. Immigrants in the United Kingdom are very happy to share that they really adored having a full English breakfast.


Of course, it is important to keep in mind that it is not every day that people get to enjoy complete breakfasts. But on the weekends, when things are a lot slower, it would be the perfect time to enjoy such a delectable meal. There are tons of possible options out there but having a full English breakfast when one is in the UK is definitely a must.


What is the full English breakfast?


The full English breakfast is known to be the royalty of all breakfasts out there, not only in the UK. This is the complete breakfast that one could ever have in their entire life. Of course, it is important to note though that there are different variations of this and it would depend on where one is in the United Kingdom. Aside from the full English breakfast, there also are the full Irish breakfast, the full Welsh breakfast, and the full Scottish breakfast.


What makes this the best breakfast ever would be the fact that one can find just about all types of breakfast food right in it and made into one complete meal. Yes, that is right – just about everything. That means a plate of a full English breakfast would include sausages, beans, hash browns, black pudding, eggs, toast, tomatoes, and a lot more. In short, it could include anything and everything that can fit well on one’s plate.


The best food to ever have


Immigrants in the United Kingdom have been told many times about the full English breakfast and when they do get to try this amazing dish, they just could not help but gush about how amazing it really is. Imagine having all of the best breakfast food right on one plate. Now, that sure is the best way to start one’s day! Plus, this famous dish in the UK is also quite famous all around the world simply because it is what it is.




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Monday, November 22, 2021

Food Service Workers Can Take Advantage Of Immigration Pathways Offered By Nova Scotia, Canada

Each year, thousands and thousands of individuals wish and pray that they would be able to make it to Canada as immigrants. However, it is not an easy path especially if one does not fit in any of the programs or immigration pathways that the country offers. For Canada, it is opening its doors to groups of people that the country needs. For example, if there is a shortage of IT workers, then it would create a pathway that would bring in all of those needed professional immigrants. These pathways change and that depends on the needs of Canada.


Recently, one of the newest pathways that has been opened is solely for Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The new pathway to get to Canada would be exclusively for workers in the food service industry. With the millions of food service workers around the world and a good portion of them wanting to make it to Canada, this surely is good news for them.


Addressing the lack of workers in the food service industry


When the pandemic hit the entire world, one of the top industries that have been gravely affected is the food service industry. Many restaurants and food spots had to be shut down while the entire country was on lockdown. Aside from that, when the industry started to get back on its feet, there was a huge need for more workers and immigrant workers are one of the top sources of labor. However, because of the many health protocols in place not only in Canada but in many parts of the world, the movement of immigrants has also been affected. These are reasons why there are shortages in labor especially in the food service industry, and Nova Scotia is not an exception.


That is why, to address the issue, the local government of Nova Scotia has created immigration streams so those who fit the requirements and are interested can move to the country and stay in the province.


What occupations are needed?


There are three main jobs that are currently in need of more workers in Nova Scotia. According to the government of Canada, these are the food and beverage servers, the light duty cleaners, and the food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and other related occupations that offer such support. With the pathways, employers in Nova Scotia who are in need of such individuals can go and hire them without having to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment. 

The immigration minister of Nova Scotia has stated that the province is more than excited to welcome in all of the new immigrant workers who would be helping out with the labor needs and population growth. With the food service industry being an important industry, these immigrant workers’ help is going to help boost the economy of Nova Scotia and the entire country as well.




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Friday, November 19, 2021

A Taste For Adventure: Immigrants Enjoy The Thrilling Boogie Boarding On Sand Dunes

There are many people around the world who have a thing for adventures. They love trying out a lot of activities and new things that are open and available. This is why many immigrants who have an adventurous soul are quite excited not just to explore the new country that they are in, but also find out the amazing spots that could give them that rush of adrenaline that they are really into. Adventurous immigrants who have chosen to move to New Zealand are in for quite a treat as this country is home to a lot of these extreme places. It even does seem like there seems to be an endless list of things to do and activities to try out here.


With the country being one of the greenest places in the whole world, it is not surprising that there are plenty of adventures that people can take here. It is not only immigrants who are happy to try them out – even the locals are all up for the various adventures. One of the adventures that they can try out would be boogie boarding on sand dunes.


Where can one go boogie boarding?


Those who may not have heard of boogie boarding yet or are not familiar with it can actually go and experience it for themselves in New Zealand. People who are interested in trying it out can go to Ninety Mile Beach and it is open for everyone who wants to try it. This activity is a sure adventure that is quite unlike other activities in the country.


Although the place is named Ninety Mile Beach, this place only has 55 miles. It is a long space of white sand and can be found on the northernmost tip of the North Island. Boogie boarding is one of the most popular activities in this place and immigrants are more than happy to try it out. They take a board (known as a body board) and then slide down on the big dunes of sand. Sure enough, those who do try it out are quite happy to have their heart pumping and wanting to try out again and again and again.


Keeping it safe


One thing to keep in mind though. Ninety Mile Beach is not a private beach. In fact, it is right on an official highway so traffic should be expected. That is why it is best that visitors to this adrenaline-pumping place in New Zealand should be really careful as not to avoid any accidents – not from boogie boarding but actually from any unexpected traffic accidents that could come from the highway.


Now, for those who are not really into boogie boarding, taking a trip through this part of New Zealand should be quite a wonderful experience as well. The scene is awesome – just like any other scene in the country.




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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Knowing Some Traits Of The Locals Of The United Kingdom Which Would Be A Big Help For Immigrants

In each place, there are certain traits that the locals have. It may not seem like a big deal or something that is too much for any person. However, it would be really best to know about these unique traits especially if one is an immigrant. Knowledge of such would allow them to understand the locals better and even use that knowledge to start conversations or know what conversation topics to avoid. This is the case for immigrants in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom.


So what are these traits? Well, read along and find out.


The Brits can work long hours.


The locals of the UK are real professionals and they can endure long work hours if it means having to finish tasks. Of course, this does not mean that they do this regularly. They are just willing to go the extra mile to ensure tasks are done and completed and there are no delays in the operations.


A cup of tea works wonders.


While for many, a cup of coffee is what they need to get through the day, in the United Kingdom, the locals are all for having more than a cup of tea. They believe in the power of tea in refreshing one’s body from all the stress that comes with daily living. They also believe that a cup of tea is the go-to drink for all of life’s problems. Well, most of them, anyway. It is also not surprising that the United Kingdom is quite known all over the world for being one of the top countries in the world in terms of tea consumption.


A portion of meat and two portions of vegetables.


When it comes to main meals, the Brits are used to having a portion of meat and two portions of vegetables. This is their usual meal combination and many versions are offered in the thousands of restaurants and food establishments in the country.


The dance floor is not a comfortable place.


How people have a good time depends on their culture. In the case of the people living in the United Kingdom, they have many ways of having a good time but it does seem like dancing is not really a favorite. Many people are not that comfortable should they have to go to the dance floor.


Emotions are not a comfortable topic.


While there are many people who are very open about their emotions, the majority of the locals of the United Kingdom are not that comfortable with talking about how they feel. They become even more uncomfortable when other people talk about their feelings. Immigrants in the UK may best steer away from this kind of topic.




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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

New Survey Shows That Canadians Still Are Very Supportive Of Immigrants And Immigration In Canada

For many people all around the world, Canada is one of the top countries that they would choose to go to should they decide to become immigrants. This country is known for its strong economy, beautiful scenery, great education, and amazing people. And recently, another one has been added to the list as per why immigrants are choosing to go to Canada and that is its great handling of the pandemic.


While it is good for immigrants to be in Canada, it is also important to know what the locals feel about immigration. This is because immigrants would be living in the country temporarily or maybe even permanently. The locals would be interacting with them and immigrants would also become part of the society and community in Canada. This is why studies have been done about Canadians’ perception on immigrants and immigration. The recent study showed that the locals are still very supportive of immigration.


Looking at immigration in a positive light


As per the majority of locals of Canada, they still look at immigration in a positive light. They have positive views on this and they believe in the positive effects of immigration and immigrants in Canada. This is as per a recent study that was done where respondents shared their views to a number of questions and statements via phone interviews. Around 2,000 Canadians were asked about their opinion and the study was done from September 7 to 23, 2021. The study’s goal was to see if Canadian’s opinion on immigration has changed in a year.


More data from the study showed that the view of Canadians on immigration as well as on refugees have remained to be stable at most for the past 12 months. This simply reflects that immigration has been ingrained in Canadian society and the locals have no issues or problems with it. In fact, they look at it as a positive thing. The survey also continued that the majority of Canadians are supportive of immigration and they see immigrants are great contributors to the economy of the country and to building the population of Canada.


Coming right back after the lockdowns


When the pandemic started, non-essential travel was not permitted. This meant that Canada would have to make do with what they have and also not bring in immigrants. Now that they have a good handle on the situation, the country is now definitely back with its goal of bringing in thousands of immigrants. It should not be too difficult for the country to bring in immigrants because of the protocols it had put in place which is a great factor for many immigrants. Things are seemingly almost back to normal in terms of immigration in Canada and the locals are up for it.




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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Use Your Words: An Immigrant’s Guide To Slang Commonly Used In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the many countries around the world that are open to immigrants who are looking for a new country that they would call home. This country has often been one of the popular choices for many immigrants given its strong economy and its rich culture. That is why each year, the United Kingdom welcomes thousands and thousands of new immigrants who are more than willing to share their talents, knowledge, and skills with the businesses in the country and help the UK by being good parts of the community.


Once immigrants find their way in the United Kingdom, they are more than happy to share that they were able to easily adapt to the country. The food is delicious and not too weird from what they usually have. The people are helpful should they need help with some things. And getting around is definitely a lot easier than what they had imagined it would be. However, one of the things that they did not quite expect in the UK was the slang that the Brits usually use in their daily lives.


With that, here are some of the common slang used by the Brits that immigrants should be aware of. That way, the next time, they can use these words and terms and talk and understand just how the locals do.




In the United Kingdom, the term ‘nosh’ actually is used to refer to food. Yes, food.


Did you get any nosh today? I’ve been so busy I forgot to get myself anything. Now, I’m starving and I think I could eat a feast.


Not my cup of tea


This slang in the UK is actually quite a classic. It is usually used to describe a circumstance or even a situation which is not pleasurable for a person or a group.


Brandon thought that they were going to have a great Friday night but his friend took him to a book club. That definitely was not his cup of tea.




‘Nowt’ actually is a lingo used in the UK which originated from the northern part of England. It is currently used to actually mean ‘nothing’.


Scott worked long and hard to complete his school requirements. But lo and behold, thanks to the unreliability of technology, his laptop crashed and he was left with nowt.




Many immigrants that the term ‘nut’ is all about nuts the food or nuts in the head. But in the UK, it can also mean headbutting someone. Or a word to describe something that is really not pleasant.


Tyra met her cousin’s fiancĂ© for the first time yesterday and she thought that the fiancĂ© was nut. She definitely wonders how her cousin fell in love and decided to stay with him.




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Monday, November 15, 2021

Keeping It Steady: Employment In Canada Remained The Same In October 2021

A high rate of unemployment is not a good thing in any country. It means that there are a lot of people who do not have jobs and these individuals are most possibly depending on the government for welfare. It also reflects that there are not enough jobs in the country. This is what happened in many countries when the pandemic hit. Many businesses closed and people were out of jobs. Canada has definitely one of the hardest-hit countries by the pandemic in terms of businesses closing and the unemployment rate going up.


It is a good thing though that the government of the country are quick on their feet. It has been able to put a handle on things with health protocols set in place to make sure that the pandemic does not wreak that much havoc anymore. With that, things are slowly going back to normal in the country and the unemployment rate has definitely gone down.


More people are getting jobs


According to the most recent data from Statistics Canada and its Labour Force Survey, the country was able to bring back 31,000 jobs that are going to definitely help the economy just for October 2021 alone. For the fifth straight month, Canada has been able to keep the unemployment rate going down and the employment rate working its way upwards.


The study done by Statistics Canada was done for the data that it was able to collect from October 10 to 16. It was also during that week when a good number of provinces in the country put into place initiatives that would allow more and more people to go back to work and do that safely. The country also had initiatives for individuals who would be able to show proof that they already had been vaccinated against the disease that caused the pandemic. Three provinces also lifted limits in their workplaces and put in a new rule instead and that is for people to show proof of vaccination. These three provinces are Ontario, Quebec, and BC.


The gains and the declines


Nothing is perfect though, even in Canada. There were some industries that enjoyed gains in employment while there were also others that had suffered through declines. However, what is important to understand though is that there were more gains than declines, which is a great thing to have for Canada. One of the industries that gained employment was the retail trade. On the other hand, two industries that experienced a decline were the food services industry and the accommodations industry. But with the rate of unemployment going down to just 6.7% for October 2021, this surely is a good thing and a good sign that things are definitely on its way to going back to normal.




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Friday, November 12, 2021

Kea, Hamilton’s Frog, And Yellow-Eyed Penguins: Animals In New Zealand Which Immigrants Can Meet In The Country

People may think that the animal kingdom has a small population. However, that is not the case really. There are still a lot of animals that are not popular around the world like how popular elephants and dogs and bears and wolves are. It is important to understand that there are some animals that are native to some countries only and can be found there. That is why immigrants are quite astonished to find a good number of animals in New Zealand that they have not yet seen or heard of ever before.


There are a number of animals that can only be found in New Zealand and the list includes the kea, Hamilton’s frog, and yellow-eyed penguins. These are native to the country and can be found in the wild. Immigrants who wish to see one in person can actually do so in the country and be amazed by them. Some of them are endangered and it would be definitely great to see one in any case that it does get wiped off the planet (though it is really best if they are able to survive and not get wiped out).


But what are these animals? Read on and learn about them.




This is actually a bird – an alpine parrot – and the only one of its kind in the entire world. In the wild, they are most commonly living in Arthur’s Pass National Park in New Zealand. They are usually spotted on the road going to Milford Sound via the Fiordland National Park. They also are seen in alpine environments that can be found in South Island. They are cheeky animals and immigrants actually are quite amazed by them. It is said that these birds can actually damage a car should they come in flocks and get all to work together.


Hamilton’s frog


This animal is one of the endangered species that can be found in New Zealand. It is believed that there should be around 300 of them still around and most of them are on Stephens Island, which can be found on the Cook Strait. The country’s Department of Conservation try their best to care for these animals and monitor them regularly. It is interesting as well that the Hamilton’s frog does not croak like other frogs in the world.


Yellow-eyed penguins


When one ventures to the southeastern part of New Zealand, he or she can have the chance to see yellow-eyed penguins as they usually flock there. They can also be seen in Stewart Island and in Banks Peninsula. Yellow-eyed penguins belong to the six species of penguins that can be found in the country and the islands that surround it. This animal is amazing and quite great to look at especially when they are in the wild.




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Thursday, November 11, 2021

What Makes The Fuzzy Duck A Popular Spot Among Immigrants In The United Kingdom

If there is one thing that the entire world knows and agrees on, it is food. Yes, food has a great way of bonding people together and it surely is something that everyone can agree on. In the case of people who are living in the United Kingdom, including all immigrants, food is definitely a great way to unwind and to fill up hungry stomachs. It is also a great way to meet new people in the country. There are plenty of spots to get filled up with delicious food and one of them is named The Fuzzy Duck.


No, it is not some sort of toy store or something like that. In fact, The Fuzzy Duck is a pub and a restaurant in the United Kingdom that has been able to attract a huge amount of people and has been quite a popular spot for many immigrants in the country.


What is The Fuzzy Duck?


The Fuzzy Duck can be found in the countryside in Cotswolds and its location has been a big reason why it is quite popular. It has been refurbished back in 2013 by the same family who is behind the famous Baylis and Harding soap company in the UK. One can definitely see just how beautiful the place is and how it has reflected the brand’s vision which is luxury that is affordable.


What’s the best food served at The Fuzzy Duck?


One of the amazing things that people have noticed in this pub and restaurant in the United Kingdom is its interiors and how remarkable they are. However, that is just one thing. The very thing that keeps people on coming back at The Fuzzy Duck is definitely the food.


There are tons of items that can be found on the menu but there are some that really are better than all the others. One of these is the scotch duck eggs with soft centers and served with black pudding. Aside from that, there is also the lamb shank that is sourced from a local butcher and has been cooked beautifully. Another very popular item on the menu is the homemade loaf made with oat and malted milk and is served with pork crackling butter.


There is a surprise at The Fuzzy Duck!


What many people do not realize is that The Fuzzy Duck is not just a great spot to get great food but it also offers a place to stay in for some people who are more than comfortable to stick around and enjoy the place. Upstairs, The Fuzzy Duck also has boutique bedrooms that are offered for those who would like to stick around in this place in the UK and these bedrooms come with roll-top baths as well as great views of the serene countryside.




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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Taboos In Canada Which Immigrants Should Be Aware Of

While it may seem that Canada is one of the most open countries in the world in terms of beliefs and ideals, there still are some rules there that people should know about, especially immigrants who would be living in the country for quite a while or even for the rest of their lives. These rules put an order on things. And then there are also unwritten rules which can be learned when people are already in Canada. However, it is a good thing that articles like this exist because one can learn about some of these unwritten rules on taboos in Canada so they can get an idea about these things before stepping onto Canadian soil.


What are these taboos? Well, here are some of them.




Yes, the United States can be a taboo topic in Canada. See, Canadians actually may have different and complicated views about it and that can cause a bit of confusion and can cause arguments between people. That is why the US can be a taboo topic in conversations in Canada. This can be uncomfortable for many and that is why it is best to be avoided.




This is yet another taboo topic in the country and must be avoided if possible. The thing about abortion is that it can be discussed but mostly not in open settings. There are tons of questions and theories as well when it comes to abortion which makes it an uncomfortable topic.


Sexism and racism


Sexism and racism can be a really hot topic not just in Canada but in other countries as well. That is why these are not considered to be popular topics for discussion. In Canada, the lines that delineate which are considered to be racist or sexist can still be quite vague given the different views. With that, many Canadians consider this to be taboo.




A part of Canada is known as French-Canada and it is a beautiful place to visit. However, for many Canadians, the topic of French-Canadians and their stay in the country is something that they avoid talking about, especially if French-Canadians are around. The same goes true on the topic of aboriginal Canadians. There are many different sides and beliefs on these two groups in the country which Canadians would rather not talk about as they can be quite uncomfortable for different people.




Privacy can vary from one person to another. While some may be open about talking about their relationships, their failures, woes, and such, there are also others who are not. Playing it by ear would be the best way to go. Otherwise, it is best not to talk about such things while in Canada.




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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Scale-Up Visa Route For Immigrants To Be Launched In The United Kingdom In 2022

While a lot of people really wish and dream that they could make it to the United Kingdom as immigrants, sometimes, they just are not able to not because they do not have the financial capacity to do so but because the right pathways and programs for them are not available. This is why plenty of these interested individuals regularly update themselves with updates from the United Kingdom government to ensure that they get first dibs in case there is a new pathway or route that they can take.


One of the newest announcements from an official of the UK government is that there soon would be a new route that would open and it would be great for enterprising immigrants. This is as per an announcement made by Rishi Sunak MP, the Chancellor of the Exchequer last October 27, 2021. He stated that the new visa route would be a new Scale-Up route and it will be launched by the spring of 2022.


What is the Scale-Up visa route?


When the spring 2021 Budget was announced, the new Scale-Up visa route was also mentioned and this was the first time that the public knew about it. As per the announcement, this new route in the United Kingdom will allow all of the qualified businesses in the country to hire immigrant workers. The businesses should be qualified and should be growing fast. They can hire immigrant workers who have high skills which are what the businesses need. This route actually is a part of the endeavor of the UK government to attract and bring in the needed talented professionals to the country.


With the exit of the UK from the European Union, there has been a great need for more immigrant workers who can help out the businesses in the country. And when the pandemic happened, the movement of people from other countries also became slower as most countries placed lockdowns and only essential travel was allowed. That is why with this route, the UK can start bringing in all those immigrants who can help out.


Who are qualified for the Scale-Up visa route?


The requirements for the Scale-Up visa route would be that the individuals who would like to apply should pass the requirement for language proficiency. This means that they should have a good handle and understanding of the English language which is what is used primarily in the UK. Aside from that, they should also have a job offer for a high-skilled position from any eligible business in the UK and that offer should have a salary of £33,000 minimum. This surely is good news and it would not be surprising to see a good amount of individuals sending in their applications.




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Monday, November 8, 2021

45,000 New Immigrants Welcomed In Canada This September

Of the many countries around the entire world, Canada has been at the top when it comes to recognizing the importance of immigrants in their land. There are other countries that need immigrants but they are still struggling to recognize that important fact. It is a good thing that in Canada, immigrants are welcomed openly and, with the right programs, are able to integrate quickly and better in the community. These are some of the top reasons why Canada is quite popular among individuals who are interested in being immigrants in a new country.


With the pandemic though, many plans had to put on hold because countries had to go on lockdowns and borders were closed. Canada was one of them and only essential travels were allowed. That is why immigrants had to stay in their home countries and pray that things would get better so they could go to Canada at the soonest time possible. It is a good thing that the Canadian government is proactive and it is now able to have a good handle on things. Bringing in new immigrants is now happening and the country is just about to meet the number of immigrants that it has aimed for as per its plans.


45,000 new immigrants in September


According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the country was able to bring in and welcome a huge number of new immigrants for September 2021 alone. The IRCC is the official government agency that deals with immigrants and it has disclosed that the total number of new immigrants for September reached 45,000. As per data from the IRCC, this number is known as the highest in the entire history of modern Canada. It is also one of the highest number for a month in the entire history of Canada.


In the midst of this pandemic, a lot of protocols have been put in place and traveling has become a difficult thing to do given the new rules and such. That is why the 45,000 new immigrants that Canada was able to welcome for September is a really big deal. It definitely just goes to show that the programs that the government is doing work and that plenty of individuals from all around the world are really interested in living in Canada as immigrants.


The previous numbers


When the pandemic hit and borders were closed, Canada had to deal with not being able to bring in new immigrants. However, as Canada was able to adapt, immigration was okay once again. The numbers were low during the first few months. The average so far during this pandemic was at around 25,000 to 35,000. To reach 45,000 is a really big deal for the country.




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