Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Allows You To Sponsor Your Parents

There are individuals who want to make sure that their parents live good lives. After all, their parents gave them everything they can so that they can have a good future. It is just right to give back to the parents who made you who you are today.

So for those individuals who have been trying to be an immigrant in New Zealand, the usual plan is to make sure that they get to New Zealand and be a resident there. After that, they would work and do their best to make sure that they are able to bring their parents with them in New Zealand as well. After all, the country offers a really nice environment that promotes healthy living for all its citizens.

The main question now is how do you go about sponsoring your parents to New Zealand and make them be immigrants to the country as well? There are a certain number of requirements which must be fulfilled for you to be able to do this successfully. It is essential that you understand just how this happens. Go on and read about the requirements that are connected to the Parent Category under Family Sponsorship when it comes to immigration to New Zealand.

The Center of Gravity Test

What does this test entail? It is pretty simply. All you need to do is to check out where all of your parents’ children are. The Center of Gravity Test is to assure that there are a lot more of you and your siblings living in New Zealand and that is with regards to any country in the world. There should be more of you already in New Zealand for you to be able to sponsor your parents to the country.

Sponsor should be living in NZ for at least 3 years

Another important thing that is required is that you, as the main sponsor, should already be a resident of New Zealand. Aside from that, you should have had this status for three years at least. The standard of computing those three years would be the very date that you have filed your application for sponsoring your parents. If not, then you would have to wait until you reach the required period.

If not, you can always have your parents file for individual immigration instead rather than sponsorship.

Financially capable

It is also important for you to be financially capable to be able to sponsor your parents to the country. It is important that you have a good income. Your minimum income should be at least be $65,000. If you have a partner, your combined income should be at least be $90,000. Any amount of income lower than that and you cannot sponsor your parent to the country.


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