Friday, June 29, 2018

Shortage Of Skills In UK May Need Change Of Rules In Immigration

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Businesses in countries are really essential as they are the ones that keep the economy growing. That is why governments of countries do their very best to support these businesses no matter how big or how small. It is important that businesses thrive as the economy depends on this.

Businesses are definitely important but for them, they also need the help of the workforce. The workforce is the lifeblood of businesses and companies. These are the ones that do the work and without them, businesses would not be able to provide the services or the products that they are offering the market. That is why it is important for businesses to have the right people to do the tasks at hand.

In the case of the United Kingdom, there is a shortage of skills and it is definitely a problem. According to experts looking at the situation of the country, it is important that the government looks at its rules and policies on immigration so as to have the skilled immigrants that businesses would need.

Making the policies easier for immigrants

There is a definite shortage of people with skills in the United Kingdom and experts have done studies on this. However, the experts are warning the government of Britain that it is important that they do something about this as soon as possible or it may be too late. The country is one of the most powerful countries in the world when it comes to economy and it definitely must do all that it can to be able to maintain such.

The technology industry in the country has already been experiencing the shortage as there are not enough workers to do all the needed jobs. They have already been vocal about this and are urging the government to do something about it. If there is not enough workers in the country, they are calling for the government to have more lenient rules so as to be able to get skilled immigrants. It is good though that the government has already taken out the visa limit for the skilled immigrants but only in the medical sector. There are other industries that also need this kind of help.

The additional immigrants

Leaders of industries especially those having a hard time finding skilled workers have been warning the government that they should bring in the needed skilled immigrant workers. This would help businesses and the economy well. It is not enough to find skilled workers but it is important to find the best individuals from around the world to help out the labor force.

The removal of the visa limit actually is helpful as it means more and more immigrants can pass through the requirements. But this should not be enough and industries are calling on the government to do even more.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Immigration Is Big Source Of Growth For Canada

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The growth of the population in some countries in the world is a problem. There are countries where there is too much population that the government is doing something to make sure that there would not be too many people in the country. And then there are countries where the population is not growing as it should be and that can also be a problem.

In the case of Canada, it seems like population is also a problem but not because there is too much of it. What the government of Canada is working on is how to have more people in the country. Currently, the population in the country is aging which means that there are more elderly people than young ones. So this should mean that there is going to be a lot less people in the country in the coming years and that is not good as a country can cease to exist if this continues to happen.

The projected population growth

A recent study has projected that by the year 2034, which is around 16 years from now, immigration will actually be the very source of growth of the population of Canada. This means that the country will be dependent on immigration for its population to grow and not necessarily on the locals. The study has also reflected that there would be a lot more retiring individuals who would not be able to provide services or labor anymore. These individuals would have a higher number as compared to the total births that would happen in the country.

This is good news for all of those individuals who wish to become a Canadian and wish to become an immigrant in the country. Of course, there is a process to be able to get there and it is important for potential immigrants to know that process and follow it because that is the way to be able to get their goals.

A country of opportunities

With this phenomenon happening in Canada in terms of population growth, it is important to keep in mind that the opportunities are now open to all of those who are interested to become immigrants in the country. It means that there is a big chance of being able to get to the country and there is also a big chance of finding good jobs as there would be a lot less people in the labor force of Canada. With the country being quite on top of the game in the whole world, there are definitely a lot of people wishing that they could move there and be an immigrant. Now, that opportunity is open and people should start working on their plans to move there.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Zealand Construction Industry To Get More Skilled Worker Immigrants

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In New Zealand, one of the top industries right now is the construction industry. Thanks to programs from the NZ government that is pushing for more structures and houses in the country, the construction industry definitely is booming. However, one of the issues that this industry has right now is the need for more skilled workers and skilled immigrants who would be helping out. After all, it is important that there are enough workers to be able to meet the deadline of the government program.

One of the most recent updates in the country though is that there may be some favors made for the construction industry so that it would be able to have the skilled immigrant workers to help out. This would be done though some changes made to the policies on immigration as instructed by the New Zealand government. With such a change, there would be more skilled immigrant workers who can make their way to the country and contribute their skills to the whole program.

The call for more immigrant workers

Iain Lees-Galloway is the country’s minister for immigration. He has been receiving quite a huge amount of urges to actually do something about the immigration policies in the country. There are seven industries in the country that have been calling for more lenient policies that would allow the immigrant workers to come to the country far easier and faster as compared to previous times. This would allow the industries to have the needed extra pairs of hands that would make the process better and allow them to finish projects faster.

The construction industry is definitely one of those and it does seem like it is going to be getting just what it has been asking for. It is a good thing that the government is listening to what the industries need. Plus, it is indeed a blessing that because of the government’s project of building more, it is helping out to make sure that the project pushes through and that it gets finished in time.

Focusing on infrastructure

The Labour Party in New Zealand has been more than happy to announce that the infrastructure in the country needs upgrades. This was said during the campaign for election back in 2017, which was just a year ago. According to the party, the construction industry needs to level up and that would be done through a program. The party also announced that it would make sure that there would be a lot less focus on immigration. However, with the issues on the construction industry, the party could not put aside the fact that immigration also needs to level up as the country needs immigrants to help them out. This move to have more lenient rules is a way of saying that immigration definitely is important in New Zealand.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More Lenient UK Immigration Policies Done To Help National Health Service Woes

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The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is also known as the NHS. It is the arm of the government of the country that provides health services, thus the name. Recently, it has been having some issues with finding the right people to do the jobs that would help them provide the health services to the public. This is why the government of the country is working on a plan to make sure that this helps put a stop to the issue.

The Home Office is working on a plan. This plan is to actually have more lenient rules when it comes to the medical staff who is working as part of the NHS. They are trying to put an exemption on those individuals who are working for the NHS and this exemption would be on the annual limit that comes with their visas. Those who would be part of the exemption are those skilled workers and skilled immigrants who are working for the NHS and are from outside the European Union.

The need for workers

In an recent piece of news just last week, the government of the United Kingdom has stated that they are working on an effort to put more lenient rules and policies on immigration especially for those nurses and doctors who are in the country and working as part of the NHS. This is what the government is doing as their effort to make sure that there are no issues in terms of lack of nurses and doctors serving the country.

After all, the NHS is run by the government and this should be addressed quite well with such a plan. The issue on lack of nurses and doctors under the NHS has actually become quite worse especially with more and more citizens of the European Union leaving the country as the exit of the UK from the EU would soon be happening. By having such a plan, the country could still be able to have the needed medical professionals and the health service and health care for the public would still be running smoothly.

The issues with the NHS

At present, the NHS has been working hard to be able to provide medical services to everyone who needs their help. However, there are definitely issues that the NHS is working with every day. The managers of hospitals from around the country have spoken that there are a lot of vacancies and they are having a hard time filling those vacancies. Because there are a lot less nurses and doctors, caring for patients were definitely not as good as it should be. But with a move from the government on immigrant workers who are part of the NHS, this should be given a solution and patient care would definitely be going up to good standards again.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Canada Pilot Program Aimed At Bringing Immigrants For Employment At Hotels

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Businesses may be powerful but they can also be quite invulnerable to problems and issues. Right now, in Canada, one of the top problems that businesses in the hotel industry have is concerns with employment. There are a lot of hotels in the country. And this varies from really top star hotels to ordinary ones. And all of them have problems with employment.

The hotel business is quite an important one in any country. They are the ones that house visitors and tourists and this helps the economy a lot. That is why the government of Canada has looked into the dilemma and is working on a solution so that the problem with employment would disappear.

According to recent news, the new program from the Canadian government is looking into making sure that the concerns on employment in hotels would be answered and given a solution. This is not just for the top cities of Canada but it is for the entire country. As per the information on the program, the government is looking into having a process that would bring in the needed employees and these would most likely be immigrants. It would mean opportunities for the individuals to be immigrants in Canada and also have the chance to have a good income through the services that they would be providing the hotels that would employ them.

The pilot program

What the government of Canada is planning is still a pilot program but every other program started this way. It has been recently launched and it is known as the Employing Newcomers in Canadian Hotels. According to the government, this program is likely to help bring the needed employees to the hotels. These potential employees would most likely be immigrants as well as refugees. These people would be able to get good jobs to help them with their finances. The hotel industry would also be benefiting from this as the needed people to do the labor would be available. It is a win-win situation for everybody.

Praises for the program

Susie Grynol works as the president of the Hotel Association of Canada. In a recent interview regarding the Employing Newcomers In Canadian Hotels pilot program, she mentioned that the association is really happy with the new program. She also mentioned that they are happy along with their partner, the Tourism HR Canada. They are all praises for the Canadian government for thinking of such a program that would help better the industry’s woes. This is a good program and it is very helpful for all of those hotels that really do need the employees to make the whole process of serving their guests quite smooth. Grynol said that she would like to thank the ministers behind the program as they have shown leadership as well as shown support to the industry.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

New Zealand Government Receives Higher Trust Rating From Locals

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To get people to trust in the government can be quite a difficult thing especially if locals are not happy about how they are living in their country. There are plenty of issues that could arise and these issues just keep on coming. However, it is always up to the government to make sure that these issues are addressed and that they are addressed well.

In the case of New Zealand, more and more locals are putting their trust in their government. This basically reflects a simple fact – the government of the country knows what they are doing and they are definitely keeping their citizens happy. It includes a variety of factors from daily living to immigration to welfare and to everything else in between. It is definitely not easy to get good trust ratings from citizens but in the case of New Zealand, the government has achieved that quite well.

Up go the ratings

According to a recent study, the locals of New Zealand have given their trust in their government. The rating has definitely gone up as compared to previous studies on trust. The study has also reflected that even if the ratings of trust for the government has gone up, it seems like the locals are not so keen on giving their trust to charities in the country or even in churches. The ratings for these two have gone down.

Colmar Brunton, an agency that does market research, is behind the study. There were 1000 individuals and respondents who took part in the study and they were sampled from all over New Zealand. These people were asked to disclose how much they trust principal groups in the country that included the ministers of the government, medical practitioners, charities, the police, small businesses, bloggers, as well as the media. The results have shown that the numbers for the government has gone up while the numbers for charities as well as churches have chosen to go a downward path.

The numbers of the study

As per the numbers from the study, the more than half of the respondents have declared that they trust the New Zealand government to do exactly just what is needed and what is right for the country. Out of the 1000 respondents, 65 percent of the lot said that they did trust the government. As compared to the survey done in 2016, only 48 percent had said that they trusted the government on this thing.

When it comes to problems of the country, 59 percent said that their trust was with the government when it comes to dealing with issues and problems of the whole country. Back in 2016, only 47 percent had said that they did. There is definitely an increase in terms of trust in the government.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Helping Immigrants To The UK Adapt: Tips From Previous Immigrants

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Previous immigrants to the United Kingdom are more than happy to share their tips on just what the newest immigrants need to know about living and thriving in the country. These people know just how it feels to be completely new and these tips can definitely help a lot. So here are some of the tips that new (or even potential) immigrants to the United Kingdom can use once they are in the country.

Travel passes.

Traveling in and around the country can be pretty easy. However, what can really take up too much time would be the purchase of tickets. That is why immigrants to the UK are advised to go and purchase those tickets as early as they can. There may be some free time on their hands and so it is important to use that time to get those tickets.

Traveling can be quite difficult especially if the new people do not know how to go about the country. One of the tips for immigrants would be to actually get a guide and a map and learn how to navigate through the public transport system. Learning also about the Oyster card and acquiring one can be really helpful especially for the first timers.


There are countries that are not too proud of their history. However, that is not the case in the United Kingdom. Here, people in the country are more than happy to show and share its history to everyone. That is why for those immigrants who are into history and want to know more about the country, the UK is really a good place as there are tons of museums and bits of history that show off the country’s colorful story.

Aside from those places, there are buildings and homes that are really old and have been preserved right so much so that they are still good to use at present. Immigrants can be really amazed to learn that one of the places that they may be in actually hold a lot of stories and history that they would not be easily find in other places or countries.


For immigrants who are more than happy to get their share of the nightlife in the United Kingdom, there is no need to worry as the country has its share of nightlife. However, such can be found mainly in clubs as well as pubs. Other than that, there is not much to look forward to when it comes to nightlife in Britain. However, when immigrants do find people like them who are also night owls, then finding that good spot for a night on the town just can be quite easy and quite fun.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Canada Works On Faster Processing Of Visas For Student Immigrants

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International students who are working on making their way to Canada as student immigrants just may be happy with the latest piece of news on processing of visas. It does take a lot of effort and time to be able to make it to the country. It can also mean having to wait for a lot longer than what one can expect. Many students can get really down about this part but pretty soon, they would not have to. See, there is a new piece of news that can get students’ hopes up.

According to this piece of news, the Canadian government is planning on upping the ante and making processing go far faster than usual when it comes to visas for all of those students immigrants. This is because they would like to give all of those students who are eligible to come to the country the chance to get the education that they want to get. By having a shorter time for processing, the studying and learning can start sooner rather than later. To be able to do this, the government is working on bringing in some tweaks to the program on student visas.

The Student Direct Stream

Starting just this 8th of June 2018, the changes have started to take place. There is a new program in town and it is known as the Student Direct Stream (which is also known as the SDS). It took the place of what was known as the Student Partnership Program (which is also known as the SPP) and this program was put to use in India.

This new program known as the SDS will be the one that will be bringing in the immigrant students to Canada as long as these students fit the criteria and are able to pass all the requirements of the country. This may be based in India but it is focused on helping all of those interested students who are from anywhere in the world, especially these three countries – the Philippines, Vietnam, and China. That means that those international students who may be eyeing Canada for further education just may be able to get what they want through the SDS.

The restrictions of the SPP

For the SPP which was based in India, it came with its own set of restrictions. According to this program, those immigrant students who wish to study in Canada can do so but they were not allowed to enroll in 40 educational facilities that offered post-secondary courses in the country. So for those students who may want to actually study in one of those 40 restricted educational institutions, they would have to choose another one which may not be their top choice. It is a good thing that this program is now replaced with one that allows for faster processing of visas and lesser restrictions.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What Immigrants To New Zealand Should Know

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Be prepared. That is one tip that previous immigrants to New Zealand have shared to the new ones to be given the go signal to move to the country. It is definitely important that one knows just what they would need when they are already in the country. After all, it would not be easy to go back to their home country if New Zealand is not what they hoped it would be. That is why information is very essential and something that immigrants should take advantage of especially now that information can be easily accessed over the internet.

So what should new immigrants to New Zealand learn about the country?

Sheep are more than people.

One of the most known fact about New Zealand is that there are more sheep in the country than people. Well, that is definitely not just a rumor. It is a real thing. There are surely more sheep in New Zealand as compared to the population of the country. There are a lot of open fields and spaces and these are where the sheep are born and bred by farmers. And one can simply see that there are a lot more of these animals as compared to the people that one would be able to see in cities.

So for those immigrants who are not so keen on sheep, they should start adjusting because these sheep are not going to go anywhere.

Cheaper than Aussie.

For those immigrants who have been to Australia already, they would know that Australia can be quite expensive. So based on that, one can definitely say that New Zealand is far cheaper as compared to Australia. But since immigrants most likely would not have any type of support in the country, it is best to come prepared especially in terms of finances. It would also help to bring as much clothing as possible so that there is no need to go shopping once they are there. Finding a good job to support one’s daily needs would also be highly recommended.

Get connected.

Some of the immigrants to the country have said that New Zealand has got one of the slowest internet connections in the entire world. It is not the slowest but for those who have really gotten used to fast internet speeds, the speed in NZ can definitely be described as slow. However, good news is, the government of the country is doing its best so that this would be solved as soon as possible. After all, the internet is one of the best ways to get connected to the rest of the world. And so, it would be beneficial for those in New Zealand and beneficial to the whole country to be connected to the World Wide Web with really fast speeds.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Living The Life In The UK As An Immigrant: Tips From Previous Immigrants

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For many, being able to move to the United Kingdom and live there as an immigrant is a big thing that they would like to happen. Many do their very best to make sure that this comes true. Of course, some are not given the approval as they do not really get to pass all the needed requirements and so they have to reapply and make sure that all requirements are met.

There have been many who have made their way to the country as immigrants and they are more than happy to provide some tips on what new immigrants to the United Kingdom should do once they are in the country. These tips can help the new people on UK soil to find a better life and build a better future. After all, the best people to help new immigrants are previous immigrants themselves. They do know how it is to be new to a new country and so they can give the right help.

Build a business.

There are people who are not so keen on being an employee and cannot really work with someone else’s rules. That is why previous immigrants to Britain are happy to share that the country is definitely a good place for those who would like to build a business. That way, the new immigrants can have a good source of income without having to work for someone else.

The thing about the UK is that it has rules and laws that are quite friendly to businesses. The market is quite strong and many locals do help out local businesses and support them well. That is why it is really a good country to have a business here.

So what kind of business could work? Well, one can definitely bring something from their own country and market it here. It should work as there are a lot of other immigrants in the country who may be from their own country and would like to get some stuff from home. This, of course, is just an idea and there are plenty more out there to try out.

Education for children

For those immigrants who are bringing their children with them, it is essential that they find the right place for them to get education. There are plenty of good schools as well as pre-school institutions in the country that should be a good start for the kids. Keep in mind that in the country, children who are from 5 years old up until they are 15 actually get to go to school free. All immigrants need to do is find that school that the children would go to. This is good news for immigrants bringing their children and families with them.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Report Claims Canada Needs To Increase Immigration Rate

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For all of those individuals around the globe who are wishing they were immigrants in Canada, well this is probably going to be one of the best things that they would learn about all day. See, a recent report has mentioned that Canada really needs to have a higher immigration rate than what it is currently experiencing. The thing is, the country has already put a limit to their immigration rate and that is not just like other countries. Canada has put a limit to the minimum number of individuals that they would be accepting, and that means they should reach that minimum number per year. So the more immigrants come in, the better it is for Canada.

According to the report, the country should be able to bring up the minimum number of immigrants to the country to at least 415, 000 per year by the year 2030. This would help the country get a population average that is not aging. This should also help the country have an even better economy than what it is currently enjoying.

The report on immigration

The new study was done by the Conference Board of Canada and it was done just quite recently. The study had shown that if the country is able to increase its rate of immigration so that it reaches one percent of the total population of the country by the year 2030, this should have significant and positive effects on the country. One of the top problems that would be solved would be the current issue with an aging population that has been happening for quite sometime. These immigrants have also been quite helpful in bringing significant growth to the country’s economy.

One percent of the total population of the country would mean that there should be at least 415,000 new immigrants coming to the country by 2030. This number has been computed as the projection for the population of the country would be just right about 42 million individuals by that year. And to be able to achieve this minimum number of individuals by 2030, the government should start working on making sure that they are able to lure the needed people to the country.

As explained by the people behind the study

Daniel Fields and Kareen El-Assal are two of the authors of the study. According to them, the current trends in the demographics are actually showing them that the increase in the rate of immigration is going to be helping the country a lot. The immigrants are also going to be a part of the labor market and that would be very beneficial for the growth of the country’s economy. The study is going to be very helpful for the government in planning their next steps in terms of immigration.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Zealand Minister On Immigration Initiates Consultation On Work Rights For Immigrant Students

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There has been news going around recently regarding immigrant students in New Zealand and their work rights right after they have finished their studies. The news has been revolving around just how much these new potential rules can actually make the immigrant students stop living in the country and move to their home country or to a new one basically because the laws in New Zealand would not allow them to do so anymore. Of course, this is just a plan but plans can definitely turn into real laws if allowed by the lawmakers.

On the other hand, international students in New Zealand are not happy just about how the potential rules can affect them. Making them leave the country is not going to be a good thing. These individuals have not just chosen New Zealand for the education but also for the fact that they can continue living in the country and getting the jobs that they want. That is why these international students have been adamant and have been vocal about just how the government should look into these potential new rules.

What the Immigration Minister is doing

The Immigration Minister of New Zealand knows how to listen. And that can be seen in what he has recently done. Iain Lees-Galloway is the person heading the immigration department and he has recently launched a consultation so much so that they can learn and study just how lives and how the country would be affected by the potential things that they have been planning. This is just how the minister is making sure that there would not be too much trouble and that sides are heard so the right decision can be made.

According to the potential new rules, those immigrant students in New Zealand who are in the country to study for two years or even less will not be able to pursue getting jobs in the country as they will not be having rights after their studies are completed. They will also not be able to get sponsorship from employers in the country. That is what could happen potentially if the policies on immigrant students go and change as lawmakers can do.

The potential rules

According to Lees-Galloway, the lawmakers are proposing such changes because the very goal would be to take out any exploitation that could happen to immigrants especially to those who have just finished their studies and are all quite raring to start working. The minister continued that the policy changes would help make sure that all immigrants who are in the country may be able to get residency as per their contributions to just what the country needs in terms of skills. This should also help make sure that there is no “false dreams” that usually come with immigrant students and their idealism. But it is good that the government is willing to listen and study the potential outcome on the issue.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How Well Would One Fare In UK’s Citizenship Test?

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Immigrants in the United Kingdom who have been dreaming of getting the status of permanent resident have been quite nervous about the whole process. They would have to deal with following all the rules and all the requirements so that their way towards the goal would be a lot easier. However, the part of the process that can be really nerve-wracking would be taking the Citizenship Test that the country requires all of those who would like to get their goal.

The test does not necessarily have to be just what most people would think it would be – some kind of really difficult test that can only happen in the really top tier questions on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'. But the thing is, this test is really all about the United Kingdom and it really has been designed to filter out those who have learned a lot about the country that they deserve to have the status that would be awarded to them in case they do pass all of the requirements that have been set.

So what exactly can be inside the test? Well, experts have been looking at the quiz and have been seeing just what could possibly come out in the exam. Here are some of the potential questions and maybe can help those immigrants who are preparing to take said test.

What is the official name of the country?

In any case, immigrants would have to choose the official name of the country without consulting any reference books or sources. Would it be England? Or Great Britain? Or Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Or The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Or The United Kingdom? Which would be the best answer?

The answer to this question would be The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The explanation to this would be that the country is made up of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. And thus, the name.

New citizens swear loyalty to whom?

The options would include the Parliament, The Queen, Winston Churchill, and the Prime Minister. Well, the correct answer would actually be The Queen. If those who took the test chose all other options except The Queen, then they would not be getting a correct answer. The loyalty and allegiance of new citizens to the UK does not only mean The Queen but also her heirs as well as her successors.

Who built the Tower of London?

The Tower of London was built by who? Would it be Dame Zaha Hadid, Sir Norman Foster, Lancelot Brown, or William the Conqueror? The answer to this question would be William the Conqueror. William had started building the structure in 1066 when he became the king of the country.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Canada Citizenship Judges Now A Total Of 14

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For those immigrants who are working their way towards being a citizen of Canada, there is good news. Recently, it has been announced that there are now a total of 14 judges that work on citizenship in Canada. This is actually a big increase as the previous total was only five judges. The government of the country has decided to add more citizenship judges to help make citizenship work faster for those who are interested.

This move has happened just a few months after the government has decided on not being too strict on all the requirements that are needed to get that prized citizenship to Canada. This is definitely good news for all immigrants in the country who really want to be citizens. This means that there are going to be a faster route towards becoming a citizen of the country as compared to years before. And with more citizenship judges working on the process, there would be more individuals served.

The most recent news

The announcement of this recent development in citizenship in Canada had come from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC). The announcement came with the information on appointing the additional nine judges that would be joining the current five judges who do work on citizenship. One of the judges actually had a re-appointment which means that this person would have to serve yet another term which started on the 17th of May this year.

Carl Beauchamp works as the spokesperson for the IRCC. In an email, Beauchamp has stated that the new appointments are actually to make sure that all the operations that are needed for citizenship would be actually met and fulfilled. The process would be done all around the country where citizenship ceremonies are needed and where new citizens are more than welcome. Immigrants who have been working hard towards getting a citizenship status are more than happy to learn about this as it means that they have bigger chances of getting their goal and a faster route to take.

A little bit of history

Back in October of 2017, there were new rules on citizenship that were applied in the country. The updates that time meant that there would be much lesser number of years needed to be able to get a residency status for each individual who would like to be a citizen. Before that, immigrants would have to stay in the country for four years in six years before being able to apply for citizenship. The rules then changed to make that four years become three years in five years. This has sent a lot of immigrants rejoicing knowing that they did not have to wait that long for them to be able to send in their applications to get to their goal.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Friendly, Kiwis and Driving: Immigrant Tips To New Immigrants to New Zealand

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New immigrants getting the approval to move to New Zealand are most definitely excited to take that trip and start living there. However, previous immigrants to the country are more than keen to tell them that it is important for the new ones to know just what they should be expecting once they are in the country. It is going to be a new thing all over and with the right information on their side, they can easily adjust and adapt to the new surroundings and culture that they would be in.

So what are the tips that previous immigrants have to the newest immigrants in New Zealand? Read on and find out.

Friendly people.

Those who have been to the Philippines can say that the country is home to one of the friendliest people that the world has ever known. Well, along with Filipinos, the locals of New Zealand are also considered to be one of the friendliest people. They were not only friendly but they were also pretty much one of the kindest as well. Those immigrants who have found their way to New Zealand are more than happy to claim that it seems like everyone in the country is pretty much friendly and very willing to help out. This has been one of the major points as per why they believe that they did not make a mistake moving to the country. This has helped them adjust better.


Kiwi may be the name of the fruit or of a bird that cannot fly. However, Kiwis are also the people of the country. So immigrants should not be surprised if they learn that they are speaking or having Kiwis as friends. Kiwis are very friendly as mentioned above and they can pretty much help the immigrants settle well in their new country. Getting to know Kiwis can be quite a happy deal and pretty much soon, new immigrants can have Kiwis as their newest friends (or maybe even bffs!).

Driving on the left side of the road.

There are countries where driving usually means taking the right side of the road. This is not the case in New Zealand. Here, drivers take the left side. And this can be pretty exciting and also scary if one is not that used to this kind of thing. Many have problems with roundabouts but with the right practice and a whole lot of careful driving, doing this can be pretty easy later on. Immigrants should basically learn just how traffic rules are in New Zealand and it should allow them to get the gist of everything quite easily. This means not getting involved in accidents and driving from home to their destinations and back quite safely and without any mishaps.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Survey Reveals British More Considerate On Immigrants And Refugees

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There are countries in the world which have citizens that are not so keen on having new people on their soil. They are not open to the thought and idea that other people find their country amazing and they also do not that open to change. Sometimes, it can be about racism and some people’s ideals that some people are superior over others.

But this is not the case in the United Kingdom. There may have been some isolated incidents of aggression towards immigrants but those who hear about it condemn the act and make sure that nothing untoward happens again. And in a recent study, it seems like the Britons are becoming more and more considerate when it comes to immigrants and refugees who have come to their soil. This is good news as the thought that people have become inhumane is now showing signs that it is not so true anymore. Plus, it means that immigrants can definitely find a new home in the United Kingdom as they would not be banished or have to fear about their safety anymore.

The survey that was done

To be able to do the study, a survey was done and there were 1,053 respondents. The respondents were actually Britons who gave their views on a variety of questions. According to the results, there has been a rise in terms of how these Britons felt about the government and what it should do in terms of helping out those individuals who have come to the country as they were trying to stay away from war or even persecution in their home countries. The respondents also felt that the government should be doing something so that there would be more immigrants in the country who would be allowed to become citizens of the UK.

The study was the Aurora Humanitarian Index which is done yearly. It does a study on public opinion. The results show that over half of the respondents have feelings that the refugees in the country should be given the right support and there should be more support than what is given to them now. 38 percent have disclosed that they believe that the UK is not working enough to help the refugees out. These numbers are higher as compared to the previous year’s study.

Thoughts on immigration

As per the results of the study, almost half of the respondents believe that immigrants in the country who have established themselves well in the community should be given the go signal to become citizens already. This number is higher as compared to the study done in 2017. This shows that there is a positive change in the attitude and in how people in Britain think about immigration and immigrants. In fact, it is a reflection that Britons are far more open to the thought of immigrants than before.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Immigration Important To Canada Economy

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Canada has been receiving quite a huge amount of applications for potential immigrants each year. Of all the applications that they are receiving, the country is only able to give approval for those who are able to pass the requirements that they have set. Other than that, the applicants get a disapproval. Each year, plenty of applicants get the green signal and prepare themselves to make their way to the country. The good thing about immigration in Canada is that there are no limits as per the maximum number of individuals that the country will welcome each year. Unlike other countries, Canada has a limit on the minimum. So it does not matter how many immigrants make their way to the country. What is important is that it gets the minimum number.

The very reason why the country only has a minimum and not a maximum is that Canada really needs immigrants. One of the top reasons is that there is not enough people with the right skills that businesses in the country need. With that, they go looking for people from outside the country. Another benefit that the country gets from immigrants is that these new blood actually help bring the average age of the population up as without them, the average actually is quite high and that is not what the country wants.

The future of immigration

Experts who have been looking at the future of immigration in the country are more than happy to share that the country will definitely continue on bringing in new blood to the country. Immigration is a solution to some of the country’s problems and the government really sees its importance. As per Ahmed Hussen, the immigration minister of the country, it is now all about knowing just how much immigrants the country will be bringing in each year. The number would have to depend on just how much the country needs and the economy really benefits a lot from these new people.

Hussen has disclosed that immigration really helps with the economy. Without them, the country would not be growing its economy and that is definitely something that Canada would not want to happen.

The potential growth

A report has been done on immigration. As per the numbers, if the rate of immigration would be one single percent of the entire population of the country, come the year 2030, the current population that is aging would actually become better. The immigrants also would be contributing a great deal to the country’s economy. The report says that by 2030, immigrants would be able to bring in a third of the predicted average GDP growth. That is just how big immigration helps the Canada economy.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Zealand Goverment Urged Not To Curb Opportunities Post-Study

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To get a good future, parents, guardians, and mentors always say that it is always best to get a good education. This is why there are plenty of individuals around the world who would make sure that finishing high school is not enough. They would go on and pursue higher studies and finish college. Some would even go further than that and pursue masteral or doctorate studies. This goes to show just how important education is.

However, finishing a good course is just one thing – finding a good job is another. In the case of New Zealand, the government of the country has already been planning on putting a limit on opportunities for immigrant students after they graduate with the course that they have taken. This has gotten quite a lot of negative feedback as plenty of immigrant students are in the country and they are not happy about this new plan that the country’s government is trying to make real.

The worries of immigrant students

The very reason why there are a lot of immigrant students in New Zealand is that the country is home to quite a number of well-known universities and colleges and these have been attracting students from around the globe. Plus, it allows these immigrant students to actually move to one of the beautiful places in the world. By having a good education right in New Zealand, current laws would allow the students to get the education that they need and after completing the course, these individuals would then be able to find a good job in the country.

Right now, immigrant students are not happy about the plans and they are worried that it would give them a hard time especially when it comes to looking for a job after they graduate. They believe that if the government puts a limit on the opportunities that are currently open to them, they may have to leave the country.

A look over

International students in New Zealand are urging the government to actually reconsider their plans and make studies about the possibilities that would come if they do decide to put this as law. According to many international students in the country, they have done a lot of sacrifices just to be able to move to New Zealand and get the education that they need. However, if the government is going to put a curb on what is currently their options, they just may have to find themselves moving out of the country which is something that they would not want to happen. That is why a look over at the whole plans is highly needed and should even be considered. It is essential that the government considers the benefits that these immigrant students bring to the country as students and after they finish their courses.

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