Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Waiheke Island And The Activities There That Many Immigrants In New Zealand Enjoy

To go around one’s own country is something that a lot of people wish to do. That is why tour packages are everywhere and the tourism industry in countries is booming. There are certain countries that have a lot to offer and great places to see. A good example of this is New Zealand which is why locals are more than happy to be living in this country. Immigrants who have chosen New Zealand as their new home are also happy to be there because it means that they have a lot of places to explore and new activities to try.


One of the many places that people get to visit in New Zealand is Waiheke Island. This is one of the top places in the country for those who would like to try out some new things. And it is really not surprising why.


Where is Waiheke Island?


People who are in Auckland City can easily take a trip via ferry to get to Waiheke Island. It is quite popular in New Zealand as a place that one can visit on a day trip. It is the second biggest island in the Hauraki Gulf. One docks at Matiatia Bay as this is where the ferry is.


This island has the most population of all the islands in the Hauraki Gulf. It has around 9,700 permanent residents. There are also around 3,400 people who have purchased homes on the island which they use as their second homes or as their holiday homes. The island is also the most densely populated one in New Zealand.


What can one do on Waiheke Island?


One of the many things that people can do when they visit Waiheke Island is to enjoy the beaches. It is an island, after all. The beaches have been described as noteworthy and there are tons of things that people can do there like just enjoy the sun, go swimming, have picnics, and such.


Another great thing that one can try out on Waiheke Island is to try out the wines that are grown and produced right on the island. Many visitors to this place in New Zealand have really liked the wines and have found themselves coming back again and again. Waiheke Island is home to around 30 vineyards and people can also enjoy touring these vineyards and sampling the wines.


Waiheke Island is also home to a good number of museums. This should not be surprising given that many talented local artists have found themselves calling the island their home. The best way to enjoy their work would be to visit these museums and appreciate the art culture of the island. One of the best spots to do so would be Oneroa Village as it is where one can find a number of galleries including the Contemporary Art Gallery and the Waiheke Community Art Gallery.




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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Very British Traits That Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Be Aware Of

A lot of new immigrants in the United Kingdom are really excited to explore what the country has to offer. After all, it is a beautiful country with a variety of spots and destinations that people can visit and enjoy. It is also home to some of the best people in the world who would be more than willing to help people out know how to go around and about the United Kingdom.


Being in the presence of the locals should help immigrants not only learn about the country but also learn about the many traits that the British have. These traits are not really harmful to other people but they can be different especially for those who are not too familiar with them. Some immigrants may even find the traits to be weird but they do become used to them in time. Some of them may even adapt these traits themselves in the long run.


What are these traits? Read on.


They love to mow their lawns.


It is quite rare to find a lawn in the United Kingdom that is unkept. The British are proud to show off their lawns because they really work hard to keep them clean and tidy. It is also important to note that the locals love working on their lawns and mowing them on the weekends.


They love to enjoy the countryside.


While the cities may have their own allure, the countryside in the United Kingdom is something that a lot of the locals really enjoy exploring. There is something charming and laid-back about the countryside and these have been attracting plenty of the locals to enjoy it and take long walks in it. With the huge expanse of land and peaceful scenery, it is not surprising why the British love to do this.


They love deep-fried food.


There is addicting about deep-fried food and the British really know how it feels. The locals of the UK are known for their utmost love for deep-fried food. Some of these amazing deep-fried food that can be found in the country include the Cumberland scotch egg, battered sausages, Scottish deep-fried pizza, parmo, thrice-cooked chips, and buttermilk fried chicken.


They love copying the lifestyles of celebrities.


People are bombarded with news and stories about the lifestyles that celebrities have and that is why it is not surprising if a lot of people really wish that they lived the same. However, the locals of the UK take it to another level as they would choose to copy these lifestyles. This may seem odd to a lot of people but if it does not bring anyone harm, it should really not be a cause for concern.




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Friday, August 26, 2022

Immigration Is Key To The Doubling Of Canada’s Population After 46 Years

One of the many reasons why Canada has been open to bringing in as many immigrants as possible each year is that the country needs to grow its population. The country has been dealing with an aging population as well as a low birth rate. With that, it means that there are fewer people giving birth, and with more people growing older and getting into retirement, there will be a lot fewer people in the labor market in the coming future. This would not be a good thing for Canada and that is why the government is doing what it can at present so this can be prevented from happening.


By bringing in new immigrants, these individuals can help the population in the country grow. This is really not a difficult thing to do for Canada since it offers a good quality of life and admirable opportunities. In fact, each year, thousands and thousands of individuals send in their applications to become immigrants.


Doubling the current population


Statistics Canada is the official agency that deals with statistics and data in the country. According to them, the population of the country is expected to go up and even double by 2068, which is 46 years from now. The population in Canada by that time should be around 74 million. This should most likely happen if the steady influx of new immigrants continues to happen in the country. If this trend continues, Canada would most likely be seeing that population by that year.


The agency also continued to share that in 2021, the population of Canada was around 38.2 million. The projected population would be from 42.9 million to 52.5 million by 2043. It is also expected that the population of Canada will go up to around 44.9 million to 74 million by 2068. This is based on projection scenarios that the agency has done based on the current trends in immigration.


Growing the population


Statistics Canada also disclosed that the growth in the population would most likely not be coming from families in Canada having more kids. This is the most likely scenario unless the current trends in population growth go through drastic changes in the coming years and decades. The agency also reported that the natural growth of the population of Canada is expected to go down in the next years because of the aging population as well as the low birth rate in the country.


This is why the agency is seeing immigration as a key factor in the growth of the population of the country in the near future. Should the population increase, it would most likely be because of immigration, as compared to other ways of growing the population. Experts also see immigration as having a very important role in population growth.




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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Eating Out Or Having Take-Out Food: A Way Of Life In The United States Of America That Immigrants Should Be Aware Of

There are many countries around the world where homecooked meals are promptly prepared each day by different families. Families would share this food together and enjoy the delicious meal. However, there are also countries like the United States of America where homecooked meals is seen as a luxury as not everyone has the time to go out and get the needed ingredients and prepare a meal for the entire family each day. It is known that life in the USA can be pretty fast-paced and so immigrants should be quite used to this kind of lifestyle. They should also be aware that eating out or having take-out food is a common thing done in the country.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. For some Americans, eating out of having take-out food is the best way for them since they do not have the time to prepare their own food. It also allows them to do other things while waiting for their food to be prepared. And in a fast-paced environment like that in the USA, having some quiet time to themselves while not having to plan and prepare their meal is a precious thing.


Eating out or having take-out food is fun.


Ask most Americans and they would say that eating out of having take-out food is a fun thing to do. It is not only convenient for them and saves them time but they also get to explore a lot of different dishes while doing so. With the United States of America being a country of people from many different cultures, it would not be surprising to find a lot of amazing dishes from different countries being offered there. While not a lot of people have an adventurous palate, those who do have a grand time seeking out new food options and the USA certainly does not disappoint.


What kinds of food can be found in the USA?


Immigrants who may be missing home can actually find a restaurant or a food stall that offers food from their home country. Of course, they can also enjoy the usual American meals that many establishments offer. However, for those who are more adventurous and would like to try new things, there are definitely a lot to choose from.


One can find Italian cuisine in the USA and these include pizza, lasagne, risotto, and ravioli. One can also find Chinese restaurants that offer dim sum, Szechwan chili chicken, spring rolls, shitake fried rice, and stir-fried tofu. There are also Mexican dishes which include tacos al pastor, pozole, enchiladas, mole, and tostadas. Filipino dishes are also offered in the USA and these include lechon, pork barbeque, palabok, sisig, and crispy pata.




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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Tuataras In New Zealand Have Long Amazed Immigrants And Tourists

The animal kingdom has always been a very interesting thing for many people. Tons of people are always amazed at the various species and have always been fascinated at seeing them right up close. What is even more amazing is that in each country, there are certain animals that can only be found there. That is why it is said that immigrants in New Zealand who really love animals are in for a treat there. The country is home to tons and tons of amazing species and people there can have a grand time learning about the animals and even trying to see them up close.


Among the many animals that can be found in New Zealand, the tuatara is surely one that has gotten the interest of tons of people. This is a reptile and it has an amazing lineage. In fact, it is said to have been around since the era of the dinosaurs and the only reptile around nowadays that came from that period.


What is the tuatara?


This reptile has gained the nickname “the living dinosaur” since it is said to have been around since the age of the dinosaurs. Those who can see one up close can actually observe that the animal also has a third eye that can be found right on the top of its head. It really is a unique animal and it can be found in New Zealand. Immigrants and tourists who have seen one could not help but gush and be amazed at how unique it is.


Because of just how long it has been around, New Zealand ensures that it keeps this specie alive and well. That is why one can visit one of the different conservation centers in the country and find one there. Many locals are also amazed by it that they believe that it should be considered as the national animal of the country. But, of course, that is still up for discussion as many people could agree while many more could disagree.


What do tuataras look like?


These reptiles that are endemic to New Zealand are usually grey and greenish brown in color. They can measure up to a length of 80 cm from their heads to the tip of their tails. They also have a maximum weight of around 1.3 kg. A tuatara has a crest that is spiny on its back, which is much more pronounced in the males. They also have another unique feature and that is having two rows of teeth which can be found on their upper jaw. This is definitely something that tuataras only have.


The law in New Zealand has been protecting this specie since 1895 and rightfully so.




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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Common Slang Used By The Locals That Immigrants In The United Kingdom Need To Learn

How the locals talk is something that immigrants in the United Kingdom should learn. After all, they are not there to just stare and observe how things go. They would also need to converse with the locals one way or another. Communication is a big thing for new immigrants in the United Kingdom. By speaking with the locals, they can learn new things like how to get around the place, find the spots that they need to go to, look for the best food, and even make new friends.


Of course, many immigrants in the UK know English and so it would not be a really difficult task for them to converse with the locals. The only thing that they have to be on the lookout for is the slang that is used by the locals. These are terms that immigrants have to learn since they are not usually used in other countries and could not be found in any normal English dictionary.


Here are some of the slang.




One is described to be starkers when that person does not have any clothing on. In short, starkers means that a person is naked or is nude.


I have no plans of going starkers. I’ll join you at the pool but I won’t be skinny dipping with the rest of you. Don’t worry, I don’t take photos or videos.




In the United Kingdom, this slang is used to mean that a person has publicly shown his or her displeasure at something.


Alfred was having a strop seeing all those rowdy teenagers creating a ruckus at the library. And, he wasn’t the only one.




Just like in the United States, the slang ‘swear’ means ‘to cuss’ or ‘to curse’ in the UK.


Don was just having a really bad day and he couldn’t help but swear. A lot. He didn’t mean to – I guess that was just his way of expressing his disappointments and his frustrations.




Is this a word? In the United Kingdom, the slang ‘ta’ is a word and it is just the shortened form of ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’.


Ta, Gordon! These fresh peaches are just what I needed today.


Toodle pip


This slang is not in any way related to poodles or seeds. In fact, ‘toodle pip’ is actually a slang that means ‘goodbye’ and it is an old slang that has already in the country for a long time, unlike most slang in this list.


So this is the further that I can take you. It has been fun having you on this trip. Toodle pip! I wish you well on the rest of your journey!




‘Twee’ in the UK is used to mean quaint, dainty, or small. It is a term that has long been used in the country and is used to describe a lot of different things.


Such a twee cottage! I could live here for the rest of my life with my books and my dogs.




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Monday, August 22, 2022

Business Groups In Canada Are Urging The Government To Get Rid Of Immigration Obstacles

While many individuals are really interested in moving to Canada as immigrants, there are a number of hurdles that they must first go through. For one, the Canadian government has set out a list of requirements that the immigrants need to fulfill so they have a better chance of making it to the country. Another thing that individuals should be willing to do is to ensure that it is able to find the right program that would further enhance their chances of being approved as an immigrant in Canada.


Nowadays, it seems like these are not the only things that a person interested in becoming in Canada has to go through. Another thing that they have to worry about is the processing of their applications. Recently, it has been disclosed that there is a huge backlog of applications still and that means that any applications are not processed in a timely manner. That means applicants would also have to wait for a longer time as compared to the usual waiting period.


The call for the removal of this obstacle


Many employers in the country have been feeling the effects of the delays in immigrant application processing. According to them, they cannot bring in all of the skilled workers that they were counting on to help out with their company or venture. Although they may be able to bring in skilled workers, they cannot do so as fast as they usually could. They also mentioned that the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada still has a lot of applications to work on.


The employers in Canada have also disclosed that there is a big difference between what the government wants to happen as compared to what is actually happening. The government of Canada has said that it is doing the best that it can to attract and bring in all of the skilled foreign workers that businesses in the country need. However, the reality is that while many individuals have sent in their applications, the IRCC is still flooded with applications and backlogs that they cannot process in a timely manner. The waiting time has definitely become longer than usual.


The need for a faster processing time


The employers in the country have been saying that they have already become fed up with all of the delays that are happening with regard to the processing of immigration applications. In fact, a good number of them are more than willing to pay a fee so that the processing would go faster and they can start getting the skilled immigrant workers that they need.


Aside from this, employers in Canada are also saying that the government should probably look at hiring and training more individuals to work as staff for the IRCC so that more applications can be processed and the waiting time would be a lot shorter than what is happening right now.




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Friday, August 19, 2022

Immigrants And How They Find Tequila Sunrise To Be One Of The Best Drinks To Have In The United States Of America

While one may want to stay away from drinking too much, it really does not hurt to have a drink or two occasionally. After all, doing this does not make a person an alcoholic. It is just about having a minimal amount of alcohol to relax after a tough week at work or to unwind with friends. In the United States of America, there are tons of available alcoholic drinks that immigrants can enjoy once they join the country. The list is seemingly endless! However, one of the best ones that is available in the country is known as the Tequila Sunrise.


No, Tequila Sunrise is not the name of a boulevard or the title of a movie. It is an alcoholic drink that is quite popular in the USA. Many immigrants can attest to how good this drink is and it is what many of them prefer to have when they go out or when they have a party with friends. But what is this drink?


What is the Tequila Sunrise?


This drink is a classic and it is made as a cocktail. It is named such because it is said to bring the drinker great memories of sunrises during summer. The basic ingredients of this popular drink in the United States of America include orange juice, grenadine syrup, and the most important of all, tequila.


This drink was first concocted back in 1930. During that time, this cocktail used tequila along with soda water, crème de cassis, and soda water. It is said that the version of the Tequila Sunrise that people have today came about in the 1970s and it was in Sausalito, California where it first came to be. It became quite popular not just because of how it tasted but also because singer Mick Jagger used the Tequila Sunrise name for his band’s, Rolling Stones, tour.


How is the Tequila Sunrise served?


The best way to serve the Tequila Sunrise cocktail would be through the traditional way. It is usually on the rocks and not mixed. It is poured in a tall collins glass usually. It can also be served in a highball glass and when it is served in this, the color of all the ingredients poured in makes one look really like a beautiful sunrise. It is important to keep in mind that the grenadine ingredients must be poured very slowly inside the glass before it is served to make the entire drink look really nice.


Keep in mind that there are many variations of the Tequila Sunrise in the USA. Some of these include the Aperol Sunrise which uses Aperol orange liqueur instead of grenadine; Caribbean Sunrise which uses rum instead of the usual tequila; Southern Sunrise which uses Southern Comfort in place of the tequila; and the Amaretto Sunrise which uses Disaronno amaretto in place of the tequila.




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Thursday, August 18, 2022

For The Sweet Tooth: An Immigrant’s Guide To The Sweet Stuff In New Zealand

It seems like almost every person has a sweet tooth. Some may claim that they do not really like sweets but once they do try out a delectable sweet treat, they may find themselves wanting more. This is the thing about sweet stuff – they can be addicting! That is why people should be very careful about having too much sweets as this can be harmful to one’s health. Immigrants who have tried out the best sweet stuff in the new country that they are in may want to have more of it. This is the reality for immigrants in New Zealand, since the country is home to some of the best sweets and treats that one can find in the world.


Yes, that is right. New Zealand is home to some of the best sweets and treats in the entire world. The locals appreciate these a lot and are more than willing to recommend the best ones to those who would like to try them out. Here are some of those sweets and treats.


Pascall Eskimos


No, they are not real Eskimos. These are lollipops (which are also called lollies in New Zealand) and they are the top lollies in the entire country. Plus, what made this sweet a popular one is that one cannot make a lolly cake without Pascall Eskimos. This is said to be the most delicious candy in the entire country.


Cadbury Perky Nana


This is a marshmallow that is covered by a thin but delectable layer of Cadbury milk chocolate. The marshmallow is a bit chewy and tastes like bananas. This treat is a chocolate bar and it is only available in New Zealand. Its center is described to be like a chewy caramel in consistency. The best thing about this is how the banana flavor and the chocolate work well together.


Pascall Pineapple Lumps


While not many are attracted to this because it does not look good, one should try and taste it first though and not let how it looks deceive you. It is totally made in the country so it gives one the best New Zealand experience. These are small lollies that are bite-sized. It has a delicious pineapple-flavored center that is covered by a thin chocolate cover that is a bit crispy. The center is chewy and also fluffy.


Whittaker’s Peanut Slab


Many say that this is an old school sweet treat but it is one for the books. It is a chocolate treat and is also available in Australia. It is packed in an attractive gold wrapper that makes one go and get one. It is a thick slab of chocolate that has peanuts in it. The combination of the richness and creaminess of the chocolate with the salty and savory peanuts is just amazing.




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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Mariners Public House: An Amazing Pub In The United Kingdom Where Immigrants Can Have A Grand Time

To choose to become an immigrant is a big decision that a lot of people have to make. Being an immigrant means that a person has to leave their home country where they are already comfortable. It would also mean being prepared financially to make the big move. It also means having to hurdle any obstacles that come with living in a new country. But these do not hinder a lot of people who have chosen to become immigrants in the United Kingdom. For them, the move is worth every hurdle.


Those who have chosen to live in the country can start a new life. This would also allow them to enjoy what the country has to offer, which includes amazing museums, a rich culture, great people, beautiful spots, and lots of pubs to have a grand time in. Yes, the country is home to tons of amazing pubs that allow immigrants to enjoy the local drinks and dishes while relaxing. Among the many pubs in the UK that immigrants flock to is The Mariners Public House.


What is The Mariners Public House?


This pub in the UK is really worth a visit. It can be found in Rock and it offers something different from most of the pubs in the country. Those who usually find their way to The Mariners Public House are usually people who have decided to visit Rock and appreciate the amazing views that the place has to offer.


The pub allows its guests to enjoy the views from its spot. It also offers some of the best beer in the UK, which includes some local beer. The food that they serve is definitely packed with flavor. And people who choose this pub get to enjoy the food and the drinks while also enjoying the amazing view.


What’s on the menu?


One of the best dishes that can be found on The Mariners Public House menu is venison. It has been prepared so that it was soft and rich in flavor. It is served with red cabbage that has been pickled. Aside from these, this pub in the UK also offers whatever was in season. These include delectably prepared turbot, lobster, mussels, and sole. Of course, aside from these, one can find the regular dishes that can be found on other pub menus.


Aside from the delicious dishes, one can find a variety of alcoholic drinks on the menu of this pub. The pub is in partnership with a local brewery so it gets to offer a rich range of ales that are subtle and quite balanced in taste. The staff is more than willing to help the guests choose the best one that would go with whatever food they have chosen since they are knowledgeable about the beers and how well they would go with which dishes.




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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Old Quebec And How It Attracts Immigrants, Locals, And Tourists In Canada To Come And Visit

The world is a very interesting place. There are many different places to visit and tons of things to try out and explore. Each country is different from the rest and that makes being in one country already quite a treat. To be able to visit another country or live there would be quite a great thing. That is why those individuals who have chosen to become immigrants in a new country like Canada are really lucky to be able to be in a new place and explore what the country has to offer.


Canada is a beautiful country and those who are in the country have the freedom to explore everything that the country has to offer. One of the top places that people visit is known as Old Quebec and it has lured tons of people each year. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that it is not only immigrants in Canada who visit the place. The locals and the tourists also do.


What is Old Quebec?


This place in Canada is filled with a lot of history. It is also a World Heritage Site of the UNESCO. Old Quebec can be found in the province of, of course, Quebec and it can be found in the Upper Town and the Lower Town of the province. Here, one can find some of the most historic buildings in the entire city and in Canada. This place is surely worth a visit at least once.


The Lower Town can be found right by the St. Lawrence River. This is where the original settlement was and it is also where one can find the majestic Fairmont Le Chateau Frotenac, among many other historic spots.


The Upper Town can be found on top of cliffs that measure 100 meters high. It is where one can find a number of amazing spots that include the Plains of Abraham, the Parque Historique de l'Artillerie, the Place d’Armes, and the Citadel.


What can people do in Old Quebec?


There are tons of things to do in this city in Canada. One of these is visiting the Chateau Frontenac. It is known as the hotel that has been photographed the most, not only in Canada but in the entire world. It is right on top of a cliff and it is quite iconic. It has been around for more than 125 years.


Another spot to visit is the Terrasse Dufferin, which allows people to have an amazing view of the area. In the summer, it is where one can find many entertainers and singers showing off their stuff and busking. Those who attend the Les Grands Feux LotoQuébec should choose to be in this area when the fireworks are in the air.




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Monday, August 15, 2022

Immigrants Choose Duquesne University In The United States Of America To Get The Education That They Want

Getting the best education that would help them in their career or would feed their interest is something that a lot of people want. That is why they do the best that they can to have it. However, there are certain programs that are not available in their home country and that is why a good number of people are more than willing to become student immigrants in another country just so they can achieve their goals. This is also one of the top reasons why a lot of people become immigrants in the United States of America.


The USA is home to many colleges and universities that offer tons of various programs. These educational institutions have also made a mark in the academic world and that is why people choose to go there to study and learn. There is really nothing better than getting an education in one of the best schools in the world. Duquesne University is surely one of these.


What is Duquesne University?


This university’s complete name is Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit. It is a private research university that can be found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was put together by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit and it first opened its doors bearing the name Pittsburgh Catholic College of the Holy Ghost. It has been around for over a century as it has been around since 1878. The first batch of students was only 40 and there were only six faculty members.


By 1911, the school then became the very first institution in Pennsylvania that was Catholic and at university level. It is also known as the sole Spiritan institution that offers high education not only in the United States of America but in the entire world.


At present, Duquesne University has surely grown compared to its humble beginnings in 1878. It now has more than 9,300 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Its campus has also expanded to 49 acres in the Bluff neighborhood.


What programs are offered at Duquesne University?


Students flock to this educational institution in the USA because of the programs that it offers. It has a huge number to choose from. The list includes nursing science, biological sciences, finance, marketing management, marketing, biology, psychology, logistics, supply chain management, physician assistant, accounting, public relations, advertising, applied communication, political science and government, early childhood education, English language and literature, management science, physical therapy, information technology, and speech-language pathology among many others.


Among those who are notable alumna of the university include actor Tom Atkins, senior executive vice president of The Walt Disney Company Alan Braverman, biblical theologian Thomas Thompson, former NBA player Mickey Davis, politician and lawyer Donald Bailey, composer and conductor Gene Forrell, poet and visual artist Ray DiPalma, and forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht.




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Friday, August 12, 2022

Learning The Kiwi Language: Slang In New Zealand That Immigrants Can Find Useful

Being able to move to New Zealand and become an immigrant there is a dream come true for a lot of people from all over the world. Some have been wishing that they are able to meet all of the requirements that the New Zealand government is asking for to become an immigrant. Others choose to work on these requirements so that they can make that move at the soonest time possible.


While being allowed in the country is one thing, adapting to life in New Zealand is yet another hurdle that a lot of new immigrants in the country have to face. A lot of people think that once they get to the country, any obstacles in their lives are over. But what they have forgotten to take into account is that being able to adapt and live amongst the locals is something that they have to learn and get used to. After all, there surely are a lot of things in the country that are totally different from what they were used to back in their home country.


One of the things that people have to learn when they are new in New Zealand is the local slang. English is one of the languages spoken in the country and a lot of immigrants already know this language. However, what they are definitely not prepared for would be the slang used by the locals. That is why here are some slang that new immigrants in the country can learn so they can communicate better with the Kiwis.




In New Zealand, dairy may be used to mean something other than food products that are made from milk. It can also be used to mean a corner store that offers a person’s daily essentials which can include newspapers, milk, and canned goods.


I’m running to the dairy to get some canned tomatoes. Anything you’d like me to grab for you while I’m there?




This is not pronounced in the same way as one would the musician Johann Sebastian Bach. Instead, in New Zealand, this slang is pronounced as “batch,” and it means a holiday home. However, when one travels to the South Island, the term “crib” is used instead, and it does not necessarily mean the cot that babies use to sleep in.


Jillian’s inviting us over to her bach. I am excited. I have always wanted to see how her home looks like.




This slang in New Zealand does not mean sandals. Instead, it is used to refer to flip flops.


Sean was disappointed when he checked his car and found that he didn’t bring his jandals with him. It was time to relax and jandals are a basic to achieve that.




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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Windsor Castle And How It Lures Immigrants, Locals, And Tourists In The United Kingdom With Its Rich History

The United Kingdom is a country that has become quite famous for being the home of the most popular Royal Family in the entire world. Aside from that, the country still holds on to tradition that has been around for centuries and that is amazing since not a lot of countries have been able to do that. To be in a country where the most popular Royal Family in the world lives is a big thing for many immigrants who have chosen the United Kingdom as their new country. This is also a big reason why a lot of people choose to stay in the country and why some people do their best to visit it.


The British Royal Family is surely a powerful one as their influence and power stretch not just across the UK but also to other countries as well, even in the present. This family has been a huge influence and did great work towards making the United Kingdom the country that it is today. It has also done the same for many other countries in the world. And the fact that they have been doing this for centuries makes them even more amazing. People who choose to visit at least one place where the Royal Family has lived or done activities in often choose Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. Now, for those who only have a short time to spare for such, Windsor Castle is the best bet.


What is Windsor Castle?


Windsor Castle is not just any castle. It is quite popular for being one of the official homes of the Royal Family. To get there, one simply has to take the train from Central London and the trip would last around 40 minutes.


When the Queen is not in Windsor Castle, the place is open to visitors. That means it would be a great idea to visit the place and hope that the Queen is not there to be able to visit and explore one of the Royal Family’s homes.


This castle is not just any castle in the United Kingdom as it is said to hold quite a rich history. It has been around for centuries. In fact, it is said to have been around since the 11th century. William the Conqueror, after winning one of his conquests, had put up a fortress right in the area of this castle.


What can one do in Windsor Castle?


A visit to this castle in the UK would be a great idea. One can explore the chapel right in the castle. One should also check out the State Apartments as well as the amazing Queen’s Gallery. It is important that one wears comfortable walking shoes since Windsor Castle has sprawling grounds and walking around is definitely going to be a long one.




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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Potential Immigrants To Canada May Need To Prepare For A New Language Test That Will Be Introduced Soon

Many people have long been wanting to move to Canada as immigrants and they have enough good reasons to do so. The country has been known as a top favorite among potential immigrants. It is also home to one of the best educational systems in the world so many people choose to take their studies here. Canada is also able to keep its economy up and strong and that ensures people that life is going to be better here as compared to their home country. Of course, these are just a few of the reasons why people choose this country to move to.


To become an immigrant in Canada, one must be able to meet the requirements that the government has set. One cannot simply just pack their bags and move to the country just because they want to. There are documents and paperwork and requirements that the government needs and those who wish to become immigrants in Canada should be able to meet all of these.


Taking a test


Individuals who are moving to Canada by applying to any program under the economic class need to take a test and pass it for them to be able to move to the country. They would be required to take a language test in French or in English. However, it seems that a change is going to happen in the near future as the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has announced recently.


According to the IRCC, individuals who would be applying via any program under the economic class will have to take a new test in language. The IRCC has already approved this and they are already working on this. The new test would be in place sometime in the early part of 2023.


At present, Canada only has four approved organizations that administer these tests and these are the TEF and the TCF for the French language test, and the IELTS and the CELPIP for the English language test.


Why is a language test required?


The language test in Canada is one of the top requirements that the government is asking from potential immigrants. The government has disclosed that this has become a requirement because research has shown that a person would be able to easily integrate into the society and help out the economy if they have good language skills.


Aside from it being a requirement for economic class programs, the language test is also a requirement for people who are at least 18 years old should they want to apply for a citizenship in Canada. They should pass the test as well, for the same reasons.


The IRCC is currently working on the changes that they will be implementing soon. These changes are needed as there are more organizations who have also applied to become accredited as test providers for the language requirement.




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