Monday, July 31, 2017

How Is New Zealand Immigration Going?

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Immigration in New Zealand is really hopping. The country has become a very popular destination for all those would-be immigrants. There are a variety of reasons for choosing to leave their own countries and a variety of reasons for choosing to go to New Zealand. The list of reasons for choosing New Zealand is because it has a strong economy, a really relaxed lifestyle, and a better situation as compared to the immigrants’ country of origin.

So what is the real situation of immigration in New Zealand? A new study has been done to look into New Zealand and how immigration is going there. The study has reflected that the country is slowly changing with the huge number of immigrants coming in. Its population is also growing quite fast as well. That is why it is essential for the country to prepare by helping immigrants integrate well into society right now. This will help shape the future into what the country’s government wants it to be.

The factors that be

The government should be looking into immigration and see the details of the whole situation. These details should help them understand about the people who are coming to the country and what the country should do to be able to keep things good and positive for everybody. One of the factors and details that the government should look into would be who these immigrants are. There are plenty of immigrants coming from a variety of nations. Learn where they come from and know why they are moving to New Zealand.

It is also essential to look into what the immigrants can offer the country. What potential that these immigrants bring to the country? It is essential to look into that as well and see how the country can use that potential to be even better. The government should be detail-oriented because these immigrants are slowly shaping the way New Zealand will be in the future.

The benefits of New Zealand immigration

New Zealand is definitely irresistible to a lot of people. It holds a lot of benefits that cannot be found in the countries of origin of all of the immigrants there. One of the top benefits is political stability. When there is political unrest, citizens definitely cannot sleep soundly at night because they do not know what could happen next or what rights can be violated. This is something that cannot be found in New Zealand.

Another benefit of NZ immigration is having a lifestyle that is totally balanced out. It is not just all about work. The country has a lifestyle that makes sure that its citizens have a work-life balance. There is just right enough number of work hours and just enough time for relaxation. It is essential that citizens get both. It cannot be just all about work because that would be unhealthy. Health is a top priority in NZ.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

UK Needs Softer Immigration Rules To Bring More Doctors For Children

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The children are the future. Without them, any country just may not continue to thrive. That is why countries make sure that they have good health programs to help children and let them be healthy and well.

In the United Kingdom, the government makes sure that proper health care is given to all people in it and it does not matter if they are locals or if they are immigrants. As long as they are in the country, they are entitled to health services. However, recent news has it that the country is lacking in doctors for children.

With that, there is a call for help to the government to have softer laws and rules on immigration so that the country would be able to get the needed doctors for children. A lot of children in the UK need health services and if there are not enough doctors, these children may have to suffer and that is something that should be avoided.

The lack of doctors for children

This situation in the United Kingdom should be deemed as a wake up call and that is according to the group, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (or RCPCH). Indeed, if there are more children needing help and yet there is a lack of doctors specializing in children’s health around, then the government definitely should look into the situation and make a solution. If the country does not have enough doctors, then it may be important the government to start looking for immigrants who can do the needed job.

Right now, a study from the group has revealed that places where children’s health is provided have been having difficulties with giving the care needed. There is struggle to fill the vacant positions for children’s doctors. The current rate is around one needed doctor for every five places. This is the minimum and the current doctors are having a hard time with rotations.

The gaps in the medical workforce

Dr. Simon Clark is a member of the RCPCH. With regards to the situation, Clark says that there are indeed gaps when it comes to the medical workforce. Such a gap has a really big negative impact on the doctors who are already serving as well as on the services that are provided by health institutions. 

At present, around 90% of health facilities that provide healthcare for children are having concerns on how they will be able to work with the situation at hand.

The government should be able to do something about this. If there is a need for more lenient policies for doctors for children, the government should work on that and offer good programs for immigrants. That way, the children get the proper care they need and the problem would be given a good solution.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Canada Permanent Residency Open For Applicants From Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

To be able to get a permanent resident status is something that a lot of immigrants to Canada really aim for. After all, with everything that the country has to offer, one can definitely wish that they would be a permanent resident there. It does take a great deal to be able to get this status and those who have received such are more than elated.

Recently, the country has a new rule when it comes to the permanent resident status. Canada has recently opened up applications for all of those immigrants who came to the country through the Atlantic Immigration program. This means that those who have been able to reach the country because of the program can reach their dream of becoming a permanent resident of Canada in a shorter time as compared to the usual process of attaining such a status. This is definitely good news for everyone as it means that Canada is open to having more permanent residents.

Applications from the AIPP

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (also known as the AIPP) has been opened and is working quite well. Through this program, immigrants can go to the country. Now, an additional benefit comes with it. This new benefit is these immigrants being able to get permanent residency status in a shorter period as the usual process takes.

At present, there were over 200 immigrants who have gotten endorsements with their applications as permanent residents of Canada. The program has opened to the public back in March of this year and it has received quite a huge amount of applications since its opening. Now, over 200 of the immigrants would be going through the process that they need to be able to get the status that they have been looking for.

Aside from this, there are also over 400 businesses and employers who are also looking to find more recruits that they would need as employees.

Immigration in Canada

The official branch of Canada that works with immigrants and immigration, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC), is looking at 2000 new individuals as their expected number that would be coming to the country through the AIPP. These 2000 immigrants do not still include the families of such individuals. It is a huge number for just one program and Canada is more than happy to welcome these people to their soil. This expected number is basically just for one year.

With the help of the AIPP, the country is able to get the needed workers and immigrants that are quite beneficial to the country as its government has recognized. This program is basically just for certain provinces in the country which is made up of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New NZ Political Party Calling On Government To Allow Immigrants’ Reunion With Parents

To be an immigrant in a new country all alone can be quite difficult. It means having to learn a new language (if the country speaks one that is different from the one that you are used to speaking). It also means adjusting to the new customs and traditions. You have to learn how to get to places and also be able to integrate well with the new community that you are in. You cannot simply call your parents (or friends or relatives) and have them go to where you are because that would be quite difficult. You also could not easily go home because that would take a lot of time and resources. You just have to stick with your decision.

But it is a good thing that a political party in New Zealand that is fairly new is calling on the government to bring back a phased out policy that has helped a lot of immigrants cope to the new place that they are in. These policies come in the form of the parent category as well as the last family member category. These have helped bring immigrants and their families together in New Zealand.

This new NZ political party

There is a new political party in New Zealand and it is known as the New Zealand People’s Party. It has its own set of rules and campaigns and it recently unveiled its policies on immigration through its website. The election may be happening on the 23rd of September but the political party has already shown just what it has to offer.

Behind this political party is Roshan Nauhria. Nauhria is a businessman in Auckland. As for the party, it is now working on making its way to the general election in the country and it has its own stand on the immigration policies that are being pushed by the country’s government. The revisions may include stricter policies on immigration. Aside from this political party, other groups pushing that the revisions do not happen include the Labour party as well as NZ First.

Getting families together

The New Zealand People’s Party has its own campaign that focuses on a good immigration policy that would help immigrants live better and enjoy life in the new country that they are in. With that, they are pushing for the visa category known as the parent resident to be reopened. This category has been given a temporary suspension by Michael Woodhouse, the country’s minister on immigration, last October. With this category, all immigrants to NZ can bring their parents to the country but they had to agree that, for five years, the immigrants will support the newcomers.

This is a good policy as it helps bring families together and when you’re in a new place, having your parents with you can help you a lot.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Visit The Very First Immigration Museum In The United Kingdom

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With the possibility of the United Kingdom choosing to exit the European Union, many are frightened and are feeling sad as this would mean a limit on the number of immigrants that would be entering UK soil. This has been a move by the government which they are pushing to come true. For them, there is way too much immigrants in the country already and they would put a limit of less than 100,000 per year of individuals only.

Despite this, the very first museum focused solely on immigration in the United Kingdom is available for the public to go to. It is a huge reminder of just how important immigration has been for the country and how it has helped build it to become what it is. It may be totally ironic from what is happening to the country and it surely is something that can definitely have a good say on the importance of immigration to the UK.

The story of the UK immigration museum

If you are going to go back years, the United Kingdom has had a really long history with immigration. It has been happening for centuries already and its history can be quite interesting to look at. At present, this has been a topic of a lot of discussions and debate as they had to balance out the negative and positive aspects of immigration to the country.

For those who are into culture and history, they have found out that there is a need to give people education about immigration. Many know that immigration is happening but the colorful and long history that it has in the country seems to be not that discussed especially in classrooms. That is why The Migration Museum came into being.

It opened just this year back in April and it has been put together to help educate people regarding UK immigration.

What you need to know about it

Who is behind the museum on immigration? Well, this is all thanks to the Migration Museum Project. It is an organization and it has been working with exhibits as well as workshops in the country. Their main goal is to help people understand the movement of people even better. They believe that immigration should not be set aside and instead should be studied by a lot of people.

For the group, immigration is very important and should be given recognition. It has been very beneficial in molding just what Britain is now in terms of culture and also with its economy. There are no other museums like this and thus it a reflection that immigration has been taken for granted despite its long history.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Canada Is Second Best Country For Immigration, Claims US Study

For many people who are experiencing a lot of unrest and dissatisfaction in the country that they have been born in, immigration is the answer. The question though is what country would be the best one to move to? It would not be a good idea to move from one country to another in hopes of finding the right one. This would be time-consuming and would take a lot of effort and resources.

A study in the United States on immigration is actually helping a lot of individuals find the right country that they would like to move to. See, this study looked into countries that are good for immigration and it seems like Canada has been ranked as the second best country in the whole world for immigration. And it is also the top country that is outside of Europe in the list. Not surprising as Canada has been quite open to immigrants and has recently put a minimum when it comes to the number of immigrants entering their soil.

The study and its background

The ranking was put together by the US News and World Report, a worldwide leader in providing helpful rankings in a variety of fields which includes immigration, colleges, hospitals, cars, and mutual funds among many other things. The group, for this study, has looked into 80 various countries and ranked them according to the income equality, the labor market, as well as the country’s economic stability. Aside from looking into these factors, the group also worked into the equation the opinions of the public as well as business leaders.

As for the country where the study was made, the United States, it ranked seventh. Other countries that made it to the list include Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Norway, and Finland. These are really nice countries and it is reflected in the number of immigrants making their way to these foreign soils.

The overall score

This study that placed Canada on the number two spot with Sweden in the top is all about immigration and which countries are the best for immigrants to live in. However, this study is simply a part of a bigger research. The bigger research focuses on the best countries in the globe and that is based on a variety of factors which includes social attributes as well as economic range.

Looking at the overall picture, Canada now still stands at the second spot. However, the top scorer for the immigration study, Sweden, had to go down several notches and now is placed at sixth. This simply reflects that Canada is quite stronger when it comes to a variety of factors that is why it has kept its place as second in the overall scheme of things.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

US Study Reveals New Zealand As 13th Best For Immigration

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It is not surprising that New Zealand is one of the top countries in the world that is best for immigrants and immigration. The number of immigrants for each year in New Zealand is definitely quite high and there are more and more individuals still interested in making the move to this country. This is just a reflection of just how good the country is. Because with or without a study, there are still a lot of individuals and families choosing this country.

In a recent study done in the United States, New Zealand has been ranked as one of the top countries in the world that is best for immigration. It has ranked 13th in the whole list. As per the reasons why it is such, this is primarily because the country is quite stable in various aspects. It also promotes equality for all as well as provides a good number of jobs for people in it.

The list of top countries

In the study, the top country that takes the top spot is Sweden. Other countries that can be found in the top ten are Germany, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. The country where the study was done, the United States, found its way to the seventh place. For this one, it is not surprising as it became the country that it is today because of mass immigration.

The rankings were compiled and put together by the US News and World Report. To be able to put the right country to their proper rankings, the organization had to take into account a number of factors. The list of factors includes the economic stability in the country. It also includes the job market there as well as the income equality. The survey was done by asking the opinion of over 21,000 leaders in businesses, and elites. The public was also given the chance to take part in the survey.

The data that kept the survey together

According to the people behind the study, the data that they used included those from the United Nations as well as the World Bank. This data was all on the different countries in the world and the immigrant populations there. They also took into consideration the remittance that was sent back by the immigrants to their country of origin.

The group also continued that this is just a small portion of a broader study that they have already done for the past year. The larger study was all about looking into the globe and seeing the best countries for a variety of reasons, like this one on immigration. The group also does not just study countries but they also look into cars, hospitals, as well as colleges and universities.

With such a study, it helps people be educated on what the best really are. For example, in this recent study, it helps those who would like to move to know which countries are great for immigration.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Locals Fear Immigrant Deficiency In UK

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For the current government of the United Kingdom, immigration in the country has started to come in in huge numbers. For them, this should be given a limit as too much immigrants can possibly bring harm to the country. That is why the government of the UK has been working on putting a limit to the number of individuals that would be accepted in the country as immigrants. The proposal is to put a limit of less than 100,000 per year.

This may be what the government wants but there are a huge number of locals who are not happy with this. For them, it would mean a deficiency in the number of immigrants in the country. Those who are highly fearing this situation are owners of businesses. Business owners have been reliant on immigrants as staff and workers. So with less immigrants coming in, businesses would have to suffer one way or another as there would be a lot less laborers to do tasks.

Something to look forward to?

Many have heard about the possibility of the limit on the immigration numbers in the United Kingdom. Almost all Britons do know about this. After all, it has been widely discussed in the news, in schoolrooms, in big halls, and even in the daily discussions among friends and family. Each person has his or her own opinion on this. The news would not put this issue on the side as it is a big one and will definitely affect the country one way or another.

While the government may believe that this is something that the country should look forward to, a lot of individuals may believe that it is not. Especially those owners of businesses who have looked into the matter and seen that it will affect businesses big time and not in a good way. The government may believe that they have control over their borders again but to business owners, it means a lack of workers who have been quite a huge factor in the growth and success of their endeavors.

The effects in the UK as of present

Because the limit may be looming all over the UK right now, those who are affected or may be affected by it are definitely doing ways so that they would not be. Of course, if you need to leave the UK because the limit and the immigration policy changes says so, you would be doing whatever you need to do right now so that you would not be in trouble.

Truth is, the promise of the policy changes has made over 100,000 individuals from the European Union leave the country already. A huge portion of that group is employed in the country and business owners are starting to feel the effects already. Some have started to shorten their hours because of the lack of manpower. Instead of growing, businesses are starting to experience a decline in growth and a problem with employees.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Bit Of “Jealousy”, Justin Trudeau Speaks To Canadian Immigrants

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Jealousy happens. To everyone. And CanadianPrime Minister Justin Trudeau is not an exception. As he had recently said that he is jealous of all of the individuals and families who have chosen to go to Canada as immigrants.

In a recent statement, Trudeau has said that he has a bit of “jealousy” going on for all of the immigrants in Canada. He said that those who have chosen immigration and chosen Canada as their country of immigration are quite lucky and are more aware of things happening. He continued that all of those who have chosen the country are lucky in the sense that they get to choose Canada. As compared to all of the locals of Canada, these immigrants are much able to appreciate the benefits and advantages that come with being a resident of the country.

The choice that is Canada

Before Canada Day, Trudeau was in an interview and it was Anne-Marie Mediwake who was speaking with the Prime Minister. Mediwake is a journalist for CTV. This was during a broadcast that was shown on TV before the actual Canada Day. Mediwake is actually a product of two immigrants. Her parents are originally from Sri Lanka. They decided to move to Canada back in the 1970’s. Then PM Elliot Trudeau spoke about the country and the immigration program that the country has. Elliot Trudeau is current PM’s father.

Upon learning about the journalist’s story, Trudeau mentioned that this was a great reminder of just how proud he is that he is from Canada and how proud he is of the country that he is in. He also admitted that because he was born in Canada, he actually sometimes took the whole situation for granted. That is why he is jealous of all of those individuals who have taken the choice to move to Canada as they get to appreciate everything that the country offers.

Still on the side of immigration

The statement from Trudeau continues to push Canada up the list of the top choices when it comes to immigration. The current global situation on immigration has been not favorable for all of those who wish to move to a new country. There have been countries working on putting limits to the number of immigrants that their countries are welcoming. As for Canada, this is not the case. The country is all up to welcoming new immigrants to their soil.

Canada has recently worked on improving the selection system that they have for immigrants. This is known as Express Entry and the government has worked on it to make it quite better. This should allow immigrants to get citizenship in Canada quite faster as compared to previous processes of application. Aside from this, Canada has also put a minimum (and not a maximum like in other countries) to the number of immigrants that they would allow.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UK Farming Industry Benefiting From Immigration

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Immigration is not only beneficial for all of those who have made the move to the United Kingdom. The truth is, immigration is beneficial to the country as well. See, if this was not bringing any kind of benefit to the UK, it is highly possible that this would be discontinued at all costs. There would be no immigration happening.

However, lately, what most business owners are worried about is the move towards putting a limit to the number of immigrants that the country would welcome. The country’s government thinks that there is too much immigrants coming in and so they are putting a limit. What the government has not taken into consideration is that these immigrants that they want to keep out are actually the very thing that businesses in the country needs. See, business owners are very thankful to immigrants as they help fill up the positions that keep the work done.

The farming industry benefits from immigration

There have been a number of groups from different industries that are not quite happy with the possibility of a limit to immigration. One of those industries is the farming industry. For big farms (or even small ones), immigrants are a blessing. There is a need for a huge number of workers for the various tasks that are needed to be accomplished for each day. Immigrants help complete the tasks.

The good thing about immigrants is, as per interviews with owners of businesses in the farming industry, they are industrious. They would be willing to do hard work. Aside from that, immigrants also are quite flexible. They can pretty much do whatever tasks are given to them. The locals of UK, especially the younger ones who have the energy to do the hard work, are quite choosy when it comes to the jobs given to them and are not willing to relocate if the jobs asks them to do such.

The unattainable limit

If the limit to immigration pushes through, businesses in the farming industry just may have a hard time completing the tasks needed per day. Aside from that, their capacity to grow and be bigger may have to slow down as well. The economy of the UK would also be affected.

Those who have been campaigning against such a change have been looking at the data and the situation. According to them, they believe that having a limit of less than 100,000 is something that is quite unattainable. Plus, it would be hurting the country’s economy greatly. With that, campaigners are trying to get the word out about this so that the government would be able to change its mind regarding the immigration limit. After all, the government has also recognized the need for immigrants of the farming industry.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

New New Zealand Immigration Proposed Policies Not Working Well With Businesses

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There are groups who have been looking at the immigration situation in New Zealand. It is definitely not a secret that, recently, immigration numbers for the country have definitely gone up. In fact, the numbers have broken previous records. This means that there are definitely a huge number of people coming to the country each year.

For some people, immigration numbers are too high and this is bringing on a lot of negative changes for the country. Some believe that cities are too crowded while there are others who say that the huge influx of immigrants have brought about problems like the lack of housing. However, for those who have studied deep into the issue, the truth about the crowded cities is that this is where a lot of people go but there are really a lot of nice not-so-populated spots in the country. Also, as per the housing issues, the truth is, the issue has already been there and it is something that can be easily solved with the proper move from the government.

Policy changes

With these in mind, the government had proposed some changes to the immigration policies that the country has. For the government, it is all about making sure that there would be a lot less immigrants coming to the country as opposed to the number that the country is welcoming today. However, these policy changes have been met by opposition from business owners as these businesses rely on the immigrants to get the work done.

Simon Wallace works as the chief honcho for the New Zealand Aged Care Association. On the immigration situation, he said that the proposed changes are not really going to do much good as there is a need for more workers to provided aged care. This is because there are a lot of aged individuals in the NZ population and they need care. An elderly cannot take care of an elderly that easily and so the youthful ones are needed for such a task.

Lobbying against the proposal

A huge portion of those who provide care and healthcare in New Zealand are actually immigrants who hold work visas. According to statistics, they make up around a third of the total of such care givers. The country currently has 22,000 immigrants working as caregivers for the aged, as well as 5000 immigrant nurses.

Gordon MacLeod is the chief head for Ryman Healthcare and he is doing his best to make sure that the immigrant workers in the company stay with them. They have gone ahead and informed their staff regarding the changes and what could happen. However, they are also doing their very best to lobby against the proposal and hoping that the government listens to what they have to say about the issue.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Why Canada Is A Popular Immigration Destination

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Do you know any immigrants? If you do, try and ask them what their reasons are for actually moving to another country. Ask around a hundred immigrants and you would be getting a variety of answers as per why they have chosen to move to a new country. Some can be really deep reasons while there are some reasons that can be too shallow for most people. But reasons are reasons and nobody can tell anybody not to be an immigrant just because.

One of the top immigration destinations in the world is Canada. This North American country is neighbor to the United States of America and it has recently just celebrated its 150th year of being a nation. That is big news! It means that this country has been around for quite a long time already and so for those wishing to move there, it means that the country is still in its infancy and is still trying to find how to work out its politics and other national concerns.

So the question now really is: What makes Canada quite a popular immigration destination? Here are some reasons why.

Government is socially broadminded.

The Canadian government is known to be socially broadminded. Not a lot of countries have that.

Just recently, the Supreme Court of Canada has already made same-sex marriage legal. This is a big step despite this modern world. See, many still believe that same-sex marriage totally wrong. However, Canada believes that marriage of people of the same-sex is something that should be made legal and should be supported by the government. Not a lot of governments are as open-minded as that of Canada’s.

Open to immigrants.

While other countries are making sure that they put bans or strict policies on immigration, Canada has made sure that it is open to immigration. It believes that those that need a new country to call home should be helped and given assistance. That is why it has opened its doors to all of those who may have no country or are looking for a new country to live in.

The country has also put a minimum to the number of immigrants that they would be welcoming. For other countries, they put a maximum limit. It is the total opposite for Canada. Canada has put a minimum limit of 300,000 individuals. So that means they will be accepting 300,000 at the very least.

Free health care.

In other countries, citizens have a hard time looking for the right health care because it can be quite expensive. That is why those would rather choose not to get checked because getting healthy can be too much on the pocket.

In Canada, health care is free. It just reflects just how much importance the government has for its citizens.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Businesses Petition UK Government For Lesser Restrictions On Immigration

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With talks about the possibility of the United Kingdom doing an exit from the European Union, what most people know is that with this move come stricter immigration policies. After all, the very reason why the government of Britain is pushing for this to become reality is so that the country can actually have more control of their borders as what they claim. However, studies have shown that stricter immigration rules can actually do more harm than good.

Stricter immigration rules would mean that there would be a lot less individuals coming to the country. With that, it also means that the country would have to deal with a lot less people. Truth of the matter is, a lot of businesses in the country attribute the success of their endeavors to immigrants as they have proven to be reliable and hard working employees. With a lot less immigrants, businesses would have to make do with what they have and what they have is not a lot.

The option of lesser restrictions on immigration

The government may have been listening to what business owners are saying. See, recently, the government has announced that it will be sending out a new policy on immigration especially for those immigrants from the European Union. These will have lesser restrictions as compared to the first set of policies that have been proposed.  These new policies should be sent out in a few weeks’ time.

After all, the businesses in the United Kingdom have been pushing and petitioning for a new system of immigration that would allow the country to take immigrants without less restrictions as earlier proposed. This would mean that the country would not have a shortage of immigrants who come with talents and skills which the businesses need badly. The business owners have also been pushing for easier entry to the country for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the country as well as experts in technology.

Business owners speak

London First is a non-profit group in the United Kingdom and it has a mission which is to ensure that London becomes the top city in the entire globe for doing businesses. This group has sent reports and proposals regarding the immigration issue and their documents state that business owners should be able to fill in the blanks by training locals.

Of course, this cannot be done as swiftly as most may think. The organization is asking for a transition period after the UK decides to really exit the EU and that period should take up to half a dozen years. This would be a long time and the country would still need immigrants for all of the jobs that need to be done.

Immigrants really are a huge factor in the economic strength that Britain is enjoying and so the government really must make sure that this is not overlooked and should be given priority.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Zealand Beats Australia As Expat Option For Immigration

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The epic trilogy Lord of the Rings has been one of the top reasons why New Zealand has become one of the most chosen destinations for those who would like to be immigrants as they have grown tired of whatever situation they may have in their home country. The movie, though a fantasy film, has been able to show just how beautiful New Zealand is. Aside from the movie, social media has also been quite a channel in showing the grandeur that is only New Zealand’s. Yes, social media has a huge part in how expats have been looking at New Zealand.

Recently, the numbers of expats choosing NZ as their immigration country of chose have risen. Years previously, Australia was one of the top options. Now, the wheel has turned. It is now New Zealand that is chosen and the number of expats immigrating there has definitely gone over the number of expats choosing Australia.

More for NZ than for Australia

Movehub, an expert in relocations around the world, has looked into the phenomenon of more and more expats choosing New Zealand over Australia. This is definitely something to look into as Australia has been more popular and has been making good news in the international scene. New Zealand was more discrete and a lot less known.

According to the study done by Movehub, it is possible that social media is a huge factor in bringing NZ to the attention of a lot of individuals. This is the first time that there are more expats moving to New Zealand than Australia since 1991. It usually is more people choosing Australia but the tables have indeed been turned. The study also shown that there are more interested individuals from the United Kingdom looking at how they can make the move.

There has been a decrease of five percent in terms of individuals moving to Australia.

Why choose NZ?

The report from Movehub has also seen that most expats have looked into New Zealand because it has a strong economy. Other reasons include a really nice and picturesque scenery. The country has a good sense of community that is quite difficult to find in other countries. It has also been reflected in the study that New Zealand also has a really stable political situation.

Another factor could be Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States. During that day, Google was able to record a really high amount of searches for the keyword term ‘move to Canada’. There were also a high number of searches for other countries with New Zealand being one of the top destinations. The Google numbers showed that there were 24 times more searches for moving to other countries during that day.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Canada Economy Needs Help From Immigration, Says Immigration Minister

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The importance of a strong economy for a country cannot be put aside. A good economy in a country helps it be a force to reckon with in the global arena. That is why countries make sure that they are able to have a really good economy that would help its citizens have a better way of living. So whatever it is that works to keep a good economy in a country, that country’s government makes sure that it continues to do such. Anything that can harm the economy is studied and given a good look through to see if it can be changed or done away with.

Canada is one of those countries in the world that has a really strong economy. It has been looked up to by a lot of other countries because they have been able to keep their economy strong. One of the top factors that have helped this country’s economy a lot is the huge influx of immigrants. Immigrants to Canada have been quite vital as they have contributed a lot in the growth of businesses by offering their skills and talents.

The Immigration Minister’s stand on immigration and economy

Ahmed Hussen holds the position of Immigration Minister of Canada. In a recent statement, he has mentioned his stand on immigration and just what it does to the economy. He mentioned this during a speaking engagement he was a part of in Ontario, one of the country’s provinces. In his statement, he has mentioned that Canada is highly committed to immigration and sees just how important it is to the country’s economy.

In his statement, Hussen has also continued to disclose that the government is actually working on plans so as to be able to continue bringing immigrants to the country. It is not just important that Canada attracts immigrants but it is also important that the country is also able to welcome those new individuals well and help them integrate well in society.

Canadian government plans

Canada has a minimum limit when it comes to immigration. The country is pushing for at least 300,000 individuals to be immigrants each year. This was put into action just this year. This is so as to help increase and strengthen the country’s economy. Hussen mentioned that this is a reflection of Canada’s commitment that immigration is a very important factor to current economy as well as to a better economy in the future.

With this new plan of having a minimum limit of immigrants, Canada has been working with new plans and testing out new ideas that could help them make their plans push through. There are new programs that have been put together. The country is also working on processes that would be completed faster as compared to the period of time that it takes for such processes to be completed.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

UK Population, Immigration Numbers Rise For 2016

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The numbers are in. The United Kingdom has recorded an increase in its figures for immigration for last year, 2016. Thanks to immigration, the UK has also experienced an increase in their population. The increase had gone up to 538,000 for last year and that is quite a huge one. Of course, it is not a bad thing as the economy is grateful for such as businesses found employees to do the odds and ends and thus were able to grow and expand more.

This increase is known as the highest increase that the country has experienced. In fact, this is the first time that it has hit a number this high in the last 70 years. The increase in population is not just because of new citizens being born in the country. This increase has been mainly because of a huge amount of immigrants coming to the country and calling it their new home.

The story of the numbers

The numbers include all of those that start from the first day of July in 2015 up until the end of June in 2016. The increase in population that amounted to 538,000 for the United Kingdom has helped boost the country’s population to a high of 65.6 million in estimate. That is huge and that helps a lot of businesses as well. Of course, there are also those who go to the UK to study and take advantage of the country’s higher education.

It is said that the total increase in population is actually around the same amount as the population in the country’s province of Bradford. The last time that the country has been able to go through such an increase in numbers was back in 1946 to 1947 where it got a rise in numbers that reached around 551,000. That time, the increase was all because of the baby boom that happened after the war.

The main reason for last year’s rise

According to the country’s official agency for data and statistics, the Office for National Statistics (which is more known as the ONS), the immigration to the country actually is the main factor as per why the population in Britain has grown that much for 2016. This just means that many have found UK to be worth calling their second home and that is why many have decided to plant new roots here.

Aside from immigration, the ONS also stated that the life expectancy in the country has also gone up and so it has also been a factor in the increase in population. The country has also experienced an increase in its population’s birth rate and that also is a contributing factor. Put all of these together and you would definitely get a huge increase in the UK population.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

New Zealand Is Hitting New Immigration Figures

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Just how popular New Zealand is for those who are looking for a new country to call home is definitely reflected in the total number of people coming to the country. In fact, recently, the numbers have definitely reached yet another milestone. Yes, immigration numbers have just hit the highest figures so far. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that these are not all individuals who have decided to live in the country. These numbers include those that have decided to visit the country. It is important to consider them as it means that these people visiting the country can actually choose to continue to live there once they do like the place.

From the start of this year up until the end of May, the official numbers of New Zealand immigration have been able to tally a total of 72,000 as the net migration for the year. That number has broken previous records and is a definitely improvement over the numbers for the same period a year ago.

Who have been coming to New Zealand?

The question now is who are these people who have been coming to New Zealand? Where do they come from? Are they from specific parts of the globe? Or are they just about anybody from anywhere and just chose NZ because of everything that it had to offer.

According to the data from the official agency of New Zealand that deals with statistics and numbers, Statistics New Zealand, three immigrants out of four that have arrived in New Zealand are actually not citizens of the country. This means that most of them really are looking for new countries to call home. Only one out of the four immigrants are Kiwis and have come back to the country after living in a new country or working in another country.

Most of the new arrivals to NZ actually come from the United Kingdom, China, and Australia. China tops the list when it comes to the top country where the immigrants are coming from. It is closely followed by Britain and then by Australia.

The agency has also been able to note that many of the Kiwis who have gone abroad have also decided to start coming home.

The effect on the economy

In May of this year, the country has been able to experience an increase in the number of immigrants coming in. New Zealand was able to receive a total of 5,900 individuals. This is definitely a bit higher than for the month of April.

Satish Ranchhod currently works as a senior economist for the Westpac. On this, he said that this was expected. He believes that there would be more of this later on unless there are changes made. He is also happy to share that the economy of the country is positively strong and will continue to be such if the numbers remain the same for immigration.

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