Friday, February 28, 2020

Over 400,000 Immigrant Students Welcomed In Canada For 2019

In Canada, the total amount of study permits that were awarded and used have gone up twice the amount compared to the total in 2015. Many of the student immigrants who have chosen to study in the country are from a variety of countries. The countries with the most number of immigrant students are Japan, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, the United States, Nigeria, Brazil, France, and China. For 2019, Canada has approved a total of 404,000 study permits.

This is a document that is issued by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) is proof that immigrant students can go to Canada and study there. The study permit would allow the immigrant students to study in the country at a specific educational institution. With Canada being one of the top countries in the world that provides an education that is recognized all around the globe, the number is not surprising. Many individuals are choosing to study in Canada for a variety of reasons including self-fulfillment, career development, and changing career pathways.

The numbers related to immigrant students in Canada

Though there has been an approved total of 404,000 study permits awarded to student applicants, the number of immigrant students in the country are more than that number. The study permits are for new foreign students only. There are others who are already in the country with their study permits. There is no official data yet on the immigrant student population in Canada for 2019 from the IRCC but the estimate from experts is saying that there should be over 600,000 immigrant students in the country for that year.

If there are indeed more than 600,000 immigrant students in Canada for 2019, then it means that the population for this group has definitely gone up three times as compared to the total population in 2009. In 2009, there has been an immigrant student population in Canada at around 200,000. If the estimates are correct, the country surely has gotten more student immigrants and Canada has become more popular among individuals looking to advance their education.

Top countries where immigrant students come from

India has been the leader in terms of the origin of immigrant students in Canada. For 2019, there was a total of almost 140,000 study permits that were given to nationals of India. That number is 35% of the total study permits awarded for that year. China came in second with 85,000 study permits issued to its residents. That takes up 21% of the total. In third place is South Korea with 17,000 total study permits. This makes up 4%.

The most growth in terms of immigrant students has come from India. A huge amount of growth has also come from Vietnam and Iran.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Germany Is Proud To Report That Refugees And Immigrants In The Counter Has Quickly Become Integrated Into The Labor Market

There are various reasons why some countries choose not to bring in refugees and immigrants in their territory. One of the top reasons is that they may have a culture there that needs the newcomers to integrate well into the society that they will be living in. Germany has been open to many refugees and immigrants for the past years and it has created programs that have allowed these newcomers to be able to integrate well and quick in the society that they have chosen to live in.

Some may ask why do countries like Germany need newcomers to integrate well into society? Well, that is because individuals who have become integrated into society are able to function better and be able to help out communities better. They are able to do the things that they are supposed to do and can move about just like the locals do. It is beneficial not only for the locals but also for the businesses and the country’s economy as well. They can work well and help out the economy.

Integrated into the labor force

To help out the economy, refugees and immigrants in Germany can work and provide services to businesses and companies in the country. Some of the businesses need the employees to have certain skills and by having the right training and experience, refugees and immigrants can have those jobs. There are also cases when these newcomers have to learn how things go in the country so that they can integrate better and be part of the labor market.

As per the Institute for Employment Research, for 2019, the main goal was to have around 400,000 refugees become part of the labor market for that year. That is just for refugees alone. For immigrants, the numbers could even go higher especially since most of them find their way to the country with job offers in hand or with skills and experience that they can use to be part of the labor market in Germany. The agency has also shared that it has become quite satisfied with the integration of both groups.

Employing refugees and immigrants

Herbert Brücker works as the chief for the International Labor Market Research department of the IAB. He said that he is also satisfied with the integration of the two groups in the societies in Germany as well as in the labor market of the country. He mentioned that it may be a long process for the newcomers because they also have to learn the language as part of their integration but is proud that the newcomers have been able to do just that. Many of the newcomers have already been employed as per data for 2019 and many of them are working for four main industries – construction, cleaning, catering, and security.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Immigration Revolution In Atlantic Canada Continues To Happen

The number for immigration has been continuing to rise for Atlantic Canada and this is a good thing for this region in Canada. For 2019, the region has been able to open its doors and welcome around 18,000 new immigrants to its territory. A quarter of the total of the newcomers in Atlantic Canada has come from India. The rest have come from different countries in the world.

Atlantic Canada has been working on bringing in more immigrants each year. The region includes the provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick. They have been working hard and creating good routes that would attract and bring in the needed new immigrants to the area. Their efforts have definitely worked well since the number of immigrants has continued to rise for the area. This is good news as immigrants are highly needed there and the new additions have been more than welcome.

The need for new immigrants

While other countries have been putting limits on the total number of immigrants that they would be accepting each year, Canada has not. Instead, it has put a minimum number of immigrants that it would be welcoming to their territory each year. And just like the rest of Canada, Atlantic Canada is also in need of more immigrants to help out.

The region has been suffering from a population that is rapidly aging. There is also a low birth rate in the region and high rates of locals who have chosen to leave the place. Atlantic Canada has also had to deal with a low rate in terms of migration of people from other provinces in the country. With this situation, the local government and the organizations and businesses in the region have been working together to create a plan that would help bring in the people that the place needs. There have been new strategies made and put in place to attract new immigrants. There are also strategies on making sure that these people remain in the region.

The start of the immigration revolution

The immigration revolution for this region in Canada started in 2016. During this year, the revolution has definitely been quite strong as the area has been able to bring in around 5% of the total of new immigrants that entered Canada for that year. That time, the huge influx of new immigrants has been because the region has been open to welcoming a good number of refugees from Syria. Aside from that, they have also brought in more economic immigrants. The year after that, the government of Canada has created additional programs that have helped promote immigration to the region and that has proven to be quite effective given the continued influx of new immigrants.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Opportunities In New Zealand Bring The Immigrants To The Country

A good number of potential immigrants from around the world are looking for a country where they can move to that holds a good number of job opportunities for them. They would often choose to leave their families behind and work in a foreign country just so they can provide for their family’s needs. One of the popular countries for individuals looking for job opportunities is New Zealand.

New Zealand is open to immigrants especially those who have the skills and expertise that the country needs. Skilled jobs are also often paid more so those who wish to become an immigrant worker should know if they have the right skills that the jobs need. If these individuals do not have the right skills, taking further studies would be a good way to be able to get to the country. Experts are suggesting that those who wish to be skilled immigrants in New Zealand should have their CVs ready as well as their references and certificates that show their qualifications.

There are a number of opportunities in New Zealand that has been attracting immigrants to join the country’s workforce. Here are some of them.

Construction project manager

The main duty is to oversee the resources and allocate them as needed in different construction projects. He/She must have the technical skills that are needed for the job to lead teams.

Construction project builder

This also includes building project managers and site foremen. They are the ones who build construction projects like homes and buildings. They also work on renovations and demolitions.


New Zealand is also in need of different types of engineers. The list includes chemical engineers, materials engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, electronics engineers, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, production or plant engineers, environmental engineers, and other engineering professionals.

Finance and business procurement manager

New Zealand also needs finance and business procurement managers. They will work in the management of finances and procurement. They are also in charge of implementing policies on finances and procurement.

Health and social services clinical psychologist

These professionals are in charge of meeting with clients to see if there are any problems in their lives which may be emotional, behavioral or mental. They will create a program of treatment as per what the clients need.

Health and social services general practitioner

The health and social services general practitioners needed in New Zealand would be in charge of treating the common medical conditions of patients. They would also decide if the patient needs to be referred to another facility or doctor for urgent treatment or special treatment.

ICT, electronics and telecommunications multimedia specialist (film animator)

Professionals who are needed for this position should have experience in film animation for at least five years. They should also know how to use Maya, Soft Image, Photoshop, Python, NUKE, and Mari.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Boris Johnson Looking At Lowering Immigrant Wage Threshold In The United Kingdom

Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, along with Priti Patel, the UK’s home secretary, are soon announcing the changes in immigration. The announcement is expected to be done at a cabinet meeting soon. Their plan? They are soon going to lower the salary threshold for immigrant wages. This is as per a report from the BBC.

The present rules state that skilled immigrants who are coming from outside the European Union should be required to have a job offer from a company or business in the United Kingdom. The job offer should come with a salary that has a minimum of £30,000. As per recent reports, the prime minister and the home secretary have been planning on bringing down the threshold from £30,000 to just £25,600 which is a good thing. This could mean that there would be a lot more potential new immigrants who can make it to the country if this threshold is definitely lowered.

More information on the new plan

The same rules will also apply to immigrant workers who are from countries that are members of the European Union. This will happen after leaving the organization and the transition period is over which would be on December 31st of this year. In the meantime, they will be following the current laws. By next year though, they would have to follow the same rules as everybody else who would like to be in the country and work there as immigrants.

There are concerns from people who would like to be immigrant workers in the United Kingdom and yet have been offered jobs that have a salary that is less than the given threshold. There is good news for them. They still can work in the country and be given a work visa if they would be working in a sector or an industry where there is a shortage of skills. They should also be able to speak English well and should have a good educational background. These would be factors that should help them become skilled immigrant workers in the UK.

The call for social care workers

There are groups though who are saying that the changes could also mean that there may be problems in social care in the United Kingdom. That is why there are more people and a lot fewer workers in the social care industry. The groups are calling on the government to look into this since the government is not bringing in more people to help out the industry. They are urging the UK government to bring in professionals who would be able to help as well because more people in the country means more people who would be needing social care services one time or another.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Record Broken In Canada In 2019 As It Welcomed 341,000 Immigrants

For 2019, Canada has opened its doors to over 300,000 new immigrants. This is the fifth time in the country’s history that it happened. That number has gone over the target that has been set by the federal government’s target. There is an excess of around 10,000 as the target. And in Canada, the more immigrants, the better – unlike other countries where they put a limit on the number of immigrants that they are welcoming each year.

The country has welcomed around 341,000 new immigrants for 2019 alone. As per the history of Canada, this is the fifth time that it has been able to bring in over 300,000 immigrants in a span of just one year. The other times that this happened were in 1911, 1912, 1913, and 2018. With the country needing more and more immigrants to help with the growth of its population, better the birth rate, help out with the aging population, and the need for more people in the labor market.

The immigration plan in Canada

For 2019, the data has shown that Canada has also been able to stick to the plan that it had created. Of the total immigrants that came to the country for that year, 58% of them were from the economic class program. 27% of the total came to the country via sponsorships from family members. The rest of the new immigrants were from refugees who have chosen Canada to be their safe haven.

Where the new immigrants came from

As per the official data from Canada, 25% of the total of new immigrants that arrived in the country were from India which amounted to a total of 85,585. China came in second with a total of 30,260. The Philippines is at the third spot with 27,815. Nigeria follows the Philippines with 12,595. On fifth and six places are the United States of America and Pakistan with 10,800 and 10,790 respectively. Syria is seventh with 10,120 and Eritrea at eighth with 7,025. The Republic of Korea and Iran placed ninth and tenth with 6,110 and 6,055 respectively.

Ontario remains to be a popular place in Canada

These new immigrants in Canada do not just settle anywhere. They have their own options and choices as per where they would like to live in once they get to the country. As for the data for 2019, the city of Ontario has become the most popular destination for these new immigrants with around 45% of the total choosing to stay here. Ontario has been a popular choice among immigrants. The number for this year has increased by two percentage points as compared to the number in 2018. British Columbia and Alberta are the second and third most popular places that the new immigrants have settled in.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The New Law On Skilled Immigration In Germany

There is a new law in Germany and it has been designed so that it would be able to lure and bring in the qualified skilled foreigners who are not from the European Union and have them join Germany. This new law will soon be in effect by the 1st of March, 2020. As per the government of Germany, the law has been made so that it will be easier for any skilled immigrant worker to become an immigrant in Germany so they can work there using their skills, experience and knowledge. This looks like a good move from Germany since there are plenty of potential immigrants around the world who are interested in that.

The current situation allows the country to bring in more skilled immigrant workers. See, Germany has been working towards alleviating the shortage that it is experiencing with skilled workers. That is why its government has created this new law that would help the country get the needed immigrant workers who hold the skills that the country needs. The immigrant workers can easily apply to get work permits and move to the country at the soonest time possible. This new law is known as the Skilled Immigration Act or the Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz.

More info on the new law

The German government has an online portal which is known as “Make it in Germany”. This has been made and launched by the government of the country to serve as a complement for the law that they will be putting up by March this year. Information can be found there regarding the new law and it has been shared there that the Skilled Immigration Act in Germany will expand the possibilities of all professionals who are qualified because of their skills. These professionals can go to Germany and work there via this law.

The website also continued to share that in the near future, any skilled workers would find that becoming an immigrant in Germany would be easier. These skilled workers would be those who have vocational training and non-academic training. They are also the ones who are not from any countries that are members of the European Union. This surely is good news for any potential immigrant who is looking for a country where they can find better job opportunities.

The aim of the German government

As per the government of Germany, they are hoping that the new law will help lure in individuals who have the necessary skills and experiences that the country is looking for. There are strong demands for certain professions in the country and the new law is targeting those people. Some of these professions that are in need of skilled immigrants to help out are those that are from certain industries like elderly care, engineering and IT.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New Brunswick, Canada Is Open To More Immigrants

New Brunswick in Canada is aiming at increasing the population of the province. Its goal is one million in population by 2040. This province is Maritime and it is also bilingual. As per the most recent reports, the local government of New Brunswick is targeting to bring in 10,000 new people for each year until their target date. This is not surprising as many immigrants who have chosen Canada to be their new home have usually flocked to huge cities and provinces. New Brunswick is not one of the popular locations for immigrants but it is now making its way into the knowledge of potential immigrants via projects and routes from its local government.

Blaine Higgs is the province’s Premier and he has disclosed that the need for more new people in the province is because of the aging population that it is currently experience. There is also a shortage in the labor market because of this. This is as per the Premier’s recent speech on the state of the province.

The strategy for growth

Higgs has also disclosed in his speech that the local government has created a strategy to grow the population of the country and it has been released just last summer. In this new decade, the province will also be able to grow the number of jobs there to up to 120,000 new ones. This would help bring in the needed immigrants to the province since there are job opportunities. Many immigrants are choosing the big cities and provinces because of job opportunities. If there are new jobs available in New Brunswick, then it would help bring in immigrants to the province rather than them go to the big cities and provinces in Canada.

As part of the strategy for growth of the population in New Brunswick, the local government is increasing the total of economic immigrants that would be choosing the province. Each year, the amount will grow by 7,500 until 2024. This is the number set though by the federal government. Higgs has disclosed though that New Brunswick is still urging the federal government to increase that number to 10,000 annually until the given date.

The plan

To be able to bring in the needed immigrants and get the word out regarding New Brunswick, Higgs disclosed that the local government is setting up new offices which would be in Europe as well as in India. These offices would help the province promote the province for potential immigrants that would help share their talents and skills as well as for those who wish to invest in Canada. By promoting and getting the word out about the province, it can then find the needed immigrants that would help grow the province’s population and reach the target amount by the target date.

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Monday, February 17, 2020

The Language In New Zealand: What Immigrants Need To Know

Many people who have always dreamed of being an immigrant in the country of their choice believe that packing up and moving to a new country is easy. When they get there, they just have to live the life that they want to live and start anew. But that is not always the case. Immigrants still need to adapt to the life and culture that the new country that they are in has. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And that is the same in just about any country even in New Zealand.

There are things that one has to learn in a new country. The list includes how to get about in the new place that they are in, the food that are available in the country, and properly communicating with the people in the country. It is a good thing for those who are immigrants in New Zealand that they do not have to adapt that much in terms of communication because the people here speak English.

The official languages

It is said that there are three languages that are officially used in New Zealand. English is one of them. The other two are the New Zealand Sign Language, and Maori. English is the one that is used on a daily basis in the country and this is because of the country’s connections and association with the British Commonwealth. As for Maori, it is a language from Polynesia and it is known to be quite similar to some of the languages that are used in other cultures and places in the Pacific Island. These other languages include Tongan, Samoan, and Hawaiian.

At present, there are more than 157,000 individuals who are in New Zealand who speak the Maori language as per the Census in 2006. This is the language that has been used when the country first became a nation when the very first inhabitants of the place came to live there. Despite this, the language has only been named as one of the official languages in New Zealand in 1987 as part of the Maori Language Act.

Influence from two main languages

Immigrants in New Zealand would find that English and Maori are quite used in the entire country. They are used in radio programs and television programs in the country. Experts have said that English has rubbed off some influence on the Maori language as the Maori language has rubbed off some influence in the English language in New Zealand. Immigrants may find that there are certain words that have become interchanged in these two languages, which is not surprising given that these languages are used on a daily basis and they are quite dynamic.

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Global Talent UK Is Newest Visa Route For Immigrants

In recent news, the government of the United Kingdom has shared that it has a new route for immigrants to make it to the country. This is a global talent visa scheme that is new and will be launched by the 20th of February this year. This is a part of the immigration system that would be put in place after the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The new route will not be putting a limit on the number of individuals who can send in their applications. It also will not be requiring individuals to have a job offer from a company or business in the UK before they are allowed to enter the country.

Aside from that, the new route will also be taking the place that the Tier 1 visa for individuals with exceptional talent used to occupy. For the Tier 1 visa route which is going out soon, it had a limit on applications which was at 2,000 only for a year. This new one will not have a cap.

More on the global talent visa route

As per the government of the UK, the global talent visa is going to be open to individuals who would want to be immigrants in the country. These individuals should be talented and are able to work in a number of fields and industries in the country that need their skills and experience. These fields and industries include mathematics, research, and science among many others. The applicants may not need a job offer from a company or business in the United Kingdom but they would be required to have an endorsement that would come from a UK body that is recognized like The Royal Academy of Engineering or The Royal Society.

This would be a good thing for immigrants or interested individuals because it would allow them to go to the country without having to worry about not having a job offer, which can be difficult for a number of people since they are not familiar with the companies and businesses available in the country. Now, with the endorsement, it would allow them to get to the country and explore their job options once they have arrived.

Other changes

The previous system in immigration in the United Kingdom has had the immigrant workers having to through the process set by the Tier 1 route which is deemed to be costly and also quite bureaucratic. The Home Officer oversees the entire process. With the new system in place, potential immigrant workers and their applications would be taken care of the UK Research and Innovation, which is an agency of the UK government that is in charge of the budget of public research.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Immigration Canada Is Proud To Announce That It Has Kept Up With The Demands In Processing Applications

There are plenty of people from around the world who are interested in moving to Canada and become immigrants there. Many of them do their best to make sure that they are able to make it to the country. For others, they have to hold back for a bit because they have to work on the requirements that Canada asks of those who want to be immigrants on its soil.

Many of these immigrants who are already in Canada find the country to be beautiful and a wonderful place to live in. Some decide that they have found the best home for them and would not want to go back to their home country. With that, they would rather follow the country’s requirements and send in an application to be a permanent resident of the country. Eventually, they may even want to work their way towards becoming citizenship and plenty are given the chance to do so.

Are there delays in processing?

With the tons and tons of individuals who are interested in being immigrants, permanent residents, or citizens of Canada, it would be understandable if the government would need more hands on deck to help out. An article has recently been published that reported that there are new people in Canada who are concerned that the processing of their applications for permanent residency is going slow. It also continued to state that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the official agency of the Canadian government that deals with this stuff, is not seemingly concerned about any delays.

The IRCC has taken notice of the article and it has recently announced that they do not have any backlogs in terms of the processing of applications for permanent residency. They also do not have any backlogs for citizenship applications or for just about any other applications that they have been receiving. Beatrice Fenelon works as the spokesperson for IRCC and she has shared that the IRCC has offices that are open to any individual who has concerns regarding the matters that they handle. It is best though for any individual who has concerns to set an appointment with their office.

Processing applications

Fenelon has continued to share that the IRCC has centralized the process across all of the agency’s offices in Canada. There are specific departments that work on specific applications, programs, or immigration streams. The applications come not only from the offices in the country but also from plenty of individuals from the rest of the world.

The IRCC’s offices get applications via mail. The applications are not available for public access for the security of the applicants’ information. The offices of the IRCC also are not open to helping out any individual with the entire application process.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Immigrant Workers Are Satisfied With How Germany Treats Them

With Germany in need of many personnel especially in the medical field, the government of the country has already decided and worked on a plan to bring in skilled workers who could help out their labor market. The government has already created pathways that would bring in the needed immigrant workers who have the necessary skills that the country is in need of. It would be unwise to bring in immigrant workers who have skills that are not needed in the country or the country already has a surplus of.

Immigrants who are already in Germany and have been working there are all happy and satisfied with how the country treats them as a whole. There are countries in the world where workers (both local and immigrants) are not treated that well. Many workers just stay for the sake of having finances that they can send home to their families. But that is not the case in Germany. Here, workers are happy with how things are going for them.

Respecting the workers

Immigrants working in Germany are happy to say that they feel respected in the country. Germany is known for being respectful of its citizens and so it does follow that it also knows how to respect immigrant workers who are sharing their skills and knowledge to the businesses and companies in the country. Immigrants who are already here are encouraging individuals who plan on working abroad to try their luck in Germany because it is a good place.

Fewer hours

What many people do not know is that people who work in Germany actually work a lot fewer hours as compared to other countries. The country also has a low unemployment rate and so those who are just trying their luck may be able to easily find a place of work in no time.

Other benefits

Regular workers, both locals and immigrants, in Germany also get to enjoy 30 days of vacation leave at the very least. In case, they are laid off their jobs, they are given a month’s worth of wages for each year that they have worked with that business or company.

Women who may have gotten pregnant and have given birth in Germany are entitled to get 14 weeks as maternity leave without having to worry about their finances because they get 100% of their salaries. Men whose spouses may have given birth can also avail of paternity rights.

Workers in Germany get to enjoy the country’s health care systems. The country is home to one of the best in the entire world and workers can avail of this benefit. The law of the country states that employees should be insured to be able to access medical care.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Many Indians Are Choosing To Become Immigrants In Canada

People from India who are interested in becoming immigrants have plenty of factors to take into consideration before choosing a country to move to. In recent news, many Indians have been choosing Canada as the country where they would be immigrants. Years before, a good amount of Indians have been moving to the United States. However, because of recent changes in policies on immigration in the country, it has become difficult for them to get green cards. This has made them go for the next best option and that is Canada.

The recent numbers have shown that since 2016, the number of Indians who have been working hard to get their permanent residence statuses in Canada has gone up. In fact, that number has more than just doubled. With the current trends that are happening, many skilled Indians have been looking at Canada with new eyes. Many of these immigrants from India are engineers and scientists and they have been making their way to Canada to create better careers and to start their own families there.

The numbers tell a story

In 2016, there were 39,340 Indians who were able to receive their permanent residency status in Canada. They, of course, first had to become immigrants in the country before being able to work and apply for this status. This number in 2016 is definitely twice lower as compared to what has been recorded for 2019. Just for the first 11 months of that year, Canada has given out permanent residency statuses to 80,685 Indians. The increase has been noted to be over 105%.

This report has been given by the National Foundation for American Policy (which is also known as the NFAP). It took data from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The report also continued that given the numbers, it is highly likely that for the entire year 2019, there would have been over 85,000 immigrants from India who may have been given permanent residency statuses. That is really a huge number and these immigrants who have been granted such are now sharing their skills and knowledge in businesses and companies in Canada.

Reasons for the increase

Experts who have looked into this phenomenon have said that this is a good thing for Canada. The country has been enjoying the benefits that the tech skilled Indian immigrant workers are bringing to the country. Most of them are usually young and are raring to share their tech skills and knowledge with the company that they are working for. Though they may have originally planned on being immigrants in the United States, the country’s policies have deterred them from doing so, thus they have chosen to go to Canada, which is a good thing given how much benefits the country is reaping.

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Bay Of Islands: A Beautiful Place That Immigrants In New Zealand Get To Enjoy

Immigrants in all countries around the world usually choose to live in a new country not because they want to enjoy beautiful views. For most of them, the reasons are practical and something that would affect how they live. The most common reasons for people choosing to become immigrants would be because they want to pursue further studies, or find security and safety, or get a good job, or start a new life. There are not really a lot of people who say that they are choosing to go to a country like New Zealand and live there because their main reason is that they want to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Beautiful places are just an added bonus for immigrants. It may not be a big factor but it influences how immigrants choose the country that they would want to live in. In the case of New Zealand, immigrants are quite happy to be in the country given the work-life balance that is being practiced here and they are also quite grateful that the country is home to plenty of beautiful spots like Bay of Islands.

Bay of Islands

This place is one of the best spots for people who are into activities that involve water. As they say, water is therapeutic. Just being around water and enjoying the cool, refreshing liquid helps relieve people of stress. For immigrants in New Zealand, they are happy that there is a place like Bay of Islands where they can go to relax and get some activities done. People who go to Bay of Islands can do various activities. They can go fishing, or sailing, or enjoy a lot of watersports.

To reach Bay of Islands, one can drive from Auckland. This spot is a three-hour drive from the city. It is a gorgeous place that has 144 islands. So this means that people can enjoy a lot of things to do and a lot of spots for relaxation. The place has been able to attract a lot of tourists and locals each year and many who have visited the place are more than happy to share the wonderful experience that they had.

What to do there

There are a lot of things to do in the Bay of Islands. Tourists in New Zealand, immigrants, or locals, have a lot of options for things to do in the area. They can go scuba diving if they wish to. There are businesses there that offer introduction lessons on diving. The beauty of the world underwater can be discovered by those who choose to do this activity.

They can also choose to go on a trip where they can meet and have fun with dolphins. A boat will them out on the water where they can see dolphins and whales as well. Sometimes, they can also jump right into the water and swim with them.

These are just two of the many activities in the area. Those visiting the place can explore all other options offered there.

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Fish And Chips, And Haggis, Neeps And Tatties: A Food Guide For Immigrants In The United Kingdom

Food is a necessity and immigrants in the United Kingdom are aware that the country is home to a variety of delicious foods that they can choose from. Some of them find it hard to find some good food that hits home especially for those immigrants whose food preferences are still leaning towards the comfort food of his or her home country. But soon enough, these immigrants become more adventurous with their palate and start to explore the options that are available for them in the UK.

Here are two of the famous foods that immigrants can enjoy while they are living in the United Kingdom. These are pretty common so finding them would be a breeze.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips in the UK is quite a staple. It is also the most popular meal that one can find in the United Kingdom. The locals love this meal and they usually recommend this meal to tourists and to immigrants alike.

Those who have tried this meal are more than happy to share that they find it to be quite amazing. There are some who do variations but they just are not as good as the original way that it is made and prepared. There are restaurants that do fancy versions of fish and chips though locals are more fond of the old way of preparing it.

Immigrants who wish to try this meal should get them from the real chip shops. It would also be better if they ask for recommendations from the locals. These people know best when it comes to where to get the best fish and chips in town. Most of the best ones are said to be made in towns by the seaside. In the city of London, there are just a few and it is best to get recommendations. The locals prefer those that have been cooked with the lightest batter cooked to make the fish quite crispy.

Haggis, neeps, and tatties

This dish is definitely something that immigrants in the UK should try. It is quite a feast that one will never forget for a long time. In fact, they may even be ordering it most of the time because they have gotten hooked on its taste.

Haggis is a traditional pudding that is from Scotland. It is made from the heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep along with onions, spices, stock, and oatmeal. It resembles the taste of a sausage that is spicy and meaty and quite delectable.

The haggis is the main event for this dish and it comes with neeps and tatties. Neeps are actually turnips and tatties are potatoes. The pudding is served with these two and they make quite the perfect combination.

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Canada Still Is Top Country In Terms Of Quality Of Life This 2020 And Immigrants Agree

For the fifth time straight, the world has given Canada the honor of being named the top country when it comes to the quality of life. This honor is given yearly and this is the fifth year straight for Canada to be enjoying the title. This is one solid proof as to why immigrants and potential immigrants have been choosing to live in Canada over any other country in the entire world.

Out of all the countries that were included in the study, Canada still maintained its top rank after being the owner of that rank for five years straight this year. It took the top spot for the category on political stability. It took second place for the category of having a great job market. It took fourth place for the category on the system for public education that has been developed well. Canada also had a high ranking for the category on the system for public health that has been developed well.

The study that was done

The study is known as the 2020 Best Countries and it was done by the US News and World Report. There were 20,548 respondents included in the survey and they were individuals who came from 36 different countries. They were asked to be part of the survey where they had to share their perceptions on 73 different countries. These countries that were included in the study had been assessed using nine categories. The categories were then weighed to be able to come up with the final score. The nine categories used were the quality of life, adventure, citizenship, heritage, open for business, movers, power, cultural influence and entrepreneurship.

Switzerland was one of the top contenders and it was able to rank a really high final score as well. However, as compared to Canada, Switzerland was not able to take any top spot in any of the categories used for the study.

The results of the study

For the category on citizenship, Canada took the second spot and Sweden came first. The countries that were able to get high scores in this category were those that people perceive to have a care when it comes to issues like the environment, religious freedom, gender equality, and human rights. They were also deemed to be progressive, trustworthy, have political power that is distributed well, and respect human property rights.

For the category on open for business, Canada was on the third spot with Luxembourg and Switzerland taking the first two rankings. Those countries that took high scores for this one were the ones that were seen as friendly to businesses. They were assessed by looking at the level of bureaucracy, corruption, government practices, tax environment, and manufacturing costs.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Diverse Landscapes In Germany That Immigrants Are Enjoying

Germany may not be a really big country as compared to a number of other countries around the world and yet it has quite a diverse amount of landscapes that have been the source of enjoyment of its citizens, of immigrants, and tourists who happen to be in the country. People who have been to Germany or are living there are more than happy to say that the country is the best place for those who are looking for adventure and for those who are looking for diversity.

Many people who go on travels or want to explore usually love going to places where the outdoors just has a lot to offer. After all, most people’s lives are spent indoors and so traveling and exploring is a time for them to explore the outdoors and the beauty that it has to offer. Germany has plenty of beautiful places outdoors that are worth visiting. Even in cities in Germany, people can take advantage of the outdoors since there are beautiful bicycle networks that would allow people to enjoy their time outside their homes or offices.

The Bavarian Alps

Compared to the Swiss Alps and the Austrian Alps, the Bavarian Alps in Germany are not as huge. However, these are quite rugged in their own beautiful way. Aside from that, immigrants, travelers, and locals alike can easily go there if they wish to and marvel at its beauty. Those who are into winter sports can try and have fun on the slopes. There is the Oberstdorf ski resort that they can go to where they can find the biggest downhill slope in the country that is four miles in length.

The beaches

While there may be snowy mountains, Germany also is home to beaches. Of course, they cannot be compared to the tropical beaches but they are still unique in their own way. The North Sea Island that can be found in Sylt has dune sands that are quite breathtaking. It can be found around five miles of the northwest coast in Germany. There are plenty of vacation homes that one can rent out there.

The forests and hiking

Hikers would find adventure in Germany. Some immigrants who love to hike do this on their weekends off. There are beautiful forests to enjoy like the Black Forest and the Harz. There are plenty of trails to take and explore. Those who have tried out the forests have said that the trails have scenic views that people get to enjoy while they are on a nature adventure. If this is something that people do not want to do, there are nearby rivers like the Isar River which is in Munich that has log rafts that people can take.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Canada Runs Ahead Of US In Its Ability To Lure Skilled Immigrant Tech Workers

Experts are saying that if a war is happening right now in attracting the best skilled immigrant tech workers, then it is Canada who is winning the race. The United States may have been at the forefront a number of years back but Canada has definitely worked on its strategy and has now taken over the spot that used to belong to the US. Experts are even saying that the US may already be losing its touch when it comes to bringing in the needed immigrant tech workers.

Toronto, Canada has received and experienced really huge growth in terms of the number of jobs related to technology and this is as compared to all cities in North America. This is as per data for the last five years. Toronto has been able to take out previous contenders like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. Another Canadian city, Vancouver, has made it to the top five in this regard. This just reflects just how well Canada has been able to tap into global tech talent.

The booming tech industry in Canada

It is undeniable that the technology industry is quite huge nowadays. The growth is continuous and people are embracing the products and services that this industry is offering the market. Now, Canada has taken a huge share of this growth in the tech industry. Thanks to the immigration policies enforced in the United States right now, Canada has been able to reap in the benefits. Skilled immigrant workers are having a harder time getting into the US because of the country’s immigration policies and so they are now looking for other options and Canada is just across the border. Tech companies and businesses have also jumped across to Canada since the country allows them to easily bring in any skilled immigrant tech workers that they need.

Another reason for the boom in the tech industry in Canada is that there are many entrepreneurs who are from countries which have a population that is majorly Muslim. The US has a travel ban on those countries and that is why these entrepreneurs are now bringing their business to Canada instead.

Bringing in the needed tech immigrant workers

Canada has policies on immigration that are easier for both tech immigrant workers and tech companies. Immigrant workers needed in the country are able to get into the country far easier as compared to years before. Companies are also happy that they can easily tap and bring in the needed workers, thanks to Canada’s policies on immigration. In the last two years, the streamlined visa that Canada has has been able to bring to the country over 40,000 tech immigrant workers. That is why it is not surprising why Canada has been able to take over the spot that used to belong to the US.

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