Friday, April 30, 2021

Immigrants In The United Kingdom Have A Taste Of Brown Ale And Many Are Hooked

If there is something that potential immigrants to the United Kingdom should know about the locals of the country, it would be that the Brits really love their liquor. Well, this is something that should not be really surprising given the kind of weather that the UK has. With the cold weather which happens most of the time, taking the time to relax and have some alcohol to warm up is just something that normally happens. Plus, taking the time to chill and relax after a long day or week at work is not really a bad thing.


It is a good thing for many immigrants and people in the UK who are in the mood for some alcohol that such a beverage is available in the many pubs in the country as well as in alcohol shops. Aside from that, there are plenty of options available for those who have different tastes when it comes to this drink. One of the available options is brown ale.


What is brown ale?


Brown ale is actually an alcoholic drink that is made to be like beer. It is old and quite versatile. It is said that this drink has its origins back to the time when the United Kingdom was still actively practicing the tradition of brewing beer. It was during the 19th century that this was practiced in the country and the name ‘brown ale’ was used to refer to all types of beer that were made using brown malt.


When pale malt was introduced to the market, brown ale slowly started to vanish. However, it was only by the 1920s that brown ale was slowly brought back to the market.


The modern brown ale


When brown ale was then brought back to the market, the very first brand that offered such was the Newcastle Brown. However, what most people should realize though is that the modern brown ale really does not have the same kind of process that was used by the original brown ale in the United Kingdom. But, of course, the modern brown ale still has used the original version as its foundation to become what it is today. The current version actually is a drink that has been made using the traditional version in the UK with a slight twist of the American brown ale version.


How does brown ale look like really?


This drink actually comes in a variety of shades of brown. The shades vary from dark copper to golden amber to dark brown. Unlike other types of beer, brown ale has a very distinct flavor of malt. There are also hints of biscuits, caramel, and toffee. There are also varieties that also have a touch of hop. The American variety though has a much heavier taste of hop.




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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Higher Immigration Goals Set By Canadian Province Quebec

When immigration had to be put on halt because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries including Canada also had to put a halt to bringing in new immigrants. This was because countries needed to enforce strict lockdowns and ban all non-essential travel. People were not allowed outside of their homes and had to learn to deal with not being able to physically be with their friends and family who do not live with them.


That was a year ago and things have definitely changed. Some lockdowns have been lifted and Canada is surely making sure that it gets right back on its feet. One of the major things that the government of this country is doing is making sure that it brings in the needed amount of new immigrants as it had been doing before the pandemic struck. And one of its provinces, Quebec, is making sure that it gets the immigrants it needs. In fact, the province’s government has shared recently that it is setting a higher goal for immigration which is going to definitely help a lot with its goal.


Bringing in more immigrants


This province has definitely been one of the places in Canada that has really felt the lack of new immigrants, who have been very helpful in keeping businesses running and helping the economy. That is why this Canadian province is doing the best that it can to make sure that it is able to reverse any of the adverse effects that the lockdowns have brought.


Nadine Girault is the immigration minister of Quebec and she recently mentioned during a press conference done online that the province had fallen short of around 18,000 new immigrants last year because of the pandemic. That is why it is doing the best that it can to make sure that the needed numbers are filled up this time around. Girault also continued that the government is looking at various scenarios on how Quebec would be able to achieve this and one of the ways that they have decided on was to increase the number of immigrants this year.


Recognizing the importance of immigration


Just like many other places in Canada, Quebec has seen the importance of immigrants and that is why its government is doing the best that it can to be able to bring in all of the needed immigrants that it has not been able to do last year. The government of Quebec has also shared that it knows that immigrants are a necessity in the province and they are doing the best that they can to make sure that the flow of immigrants to their territory goes faster than usual to help with the shortage in labor that Quebec is currently facing.




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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Around 450 Individuals Will Be Reunited With Their Immigrant Worker Family Members In New Zealand

When the pandemic started to cause chaos all around the globe, one of the very first things that countries did was to place lockdowns and ban all non-essential travel. The reason behind this was that the novel coronavirus that causes the disease known as COVID-19 is actually spread via person-to-person contact. So staying indoors was definitely the best thing to do to avoid getting the virus. New Zealand is one of the top countries that rushed to make sure that the disease does not spread in its territory.


Because of this, many people were stranded wherever they were. With the lockdowns placed immediately, not many were able to plan well. In New Zealand alone, many immigrant workers had to deal with not being able to go home to their families. There were also people outside the country who were unable to go back home to New Zealand because of the new rules. However, with the tides turning and New Zealand’s great response and handling of the situation, it is now slowly opening up its borders and has strict health protocols in place.


Reuniting families


One of the recent plans that officials of New Zealand has currently announced is that it is now starting to help families of immigrant workers be reunited. The officials have stated that they are estimating that the first batch would be around 450 individuals who are the children and partners of immigrant workers in New Zealand. They would be the very first to be reunited in the country.


Though the borders are still closed, there are now exceptions, as stated by Kris Faafoi, the Immigration Minister of the country. The aim behind this is so that critical immigrant workers would not have to long for their families since they can be reunited in New Zealand. This new rule would be taking effect by April 30th. This would be when Immigration NZ, the official agency of the country that deals with immigration and such, would go back to working on processing any visa applications that were sent in by family members of critical immigrant workers in the country. They would also be processing visa applications of family members of skilled immigrants and visa holders who are temporary immigrants.


A long way to go still


Faafoi did not really disclose the exact number of how many immigrants in New Zealand are still separated from their families because of this pandemic but he mentioned that the number is still in the thousands. The country still has a long way to go with its aim of bringing families together in the country but this is definitely a great start already. It would also mean that immigrant workers would not have to worry about their families back home and can focus better on the jobs that they hold in NZ.




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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

6 New Immigration Programs In Canada Has Huge Demand

There is good news for all of the individuals out there who have been planning on becoming immigrants in Canada. Yes, even in the midst of this pandemic, Canada continues to be in need of immigrants and it is a good thing that there are still a huge amount of individuals who may have put their plans on pause but are now more than willing to move to the country and fulfill their plans.


According to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the country would soon be launching six new streams that would allow the country to lure the needed immigrants. These new streams would be focusing on bringing in more essential workers and more international graduates. It would only be a few days’ worth of waiting as the immigration streams are set to be launched by May 6th this year. This surely is good news as it means that those who are planning on becoming immigrants in the country can do so via the streams.


The new immigrant streams


More information from the IRCC has revealed that the country is targeting to bring in as much as 50,000 new essential workers to the country and provide them with permanent residency visas. As for international graduates, Canada is targeting on bringing in as much as 40,000 of them and they would be granted the same type of visa.


Upon the launch of the new immigrant streams, Canada would then start accepting applicants via these streams. However, it is important to note that applications would not be accepted continuously as there is a deadline. These new programs would then close and stop accepting applications by the 5th of November this year. IRCC also disclosed though that the streams may close earlier when Canada has already been able to meet the quota that has been set, which is usually what happens in many of the immigration streams that Canada has. This just reflects just how many individuals are interested in making it to Canada as immigrants.


The need for immigrants


The government of Canada is doing this so that the country would be able to meet the target that Canada has for new immigrants in 2021. For this year, the target is at 401,000. This is simply not just to bring in new immigrants for the sake of doing so. Canada knows and understands how important immigrants are to the country especially in terms of the economy. And with the pandemic and Canada slowly starting to rise from the slump that it experienced last year at the start of this event, additional immigrants in the country would definitely help a lot towards recovery. Canada has long seen the huge contributions that immigrants bring and that is why it tries to bring in as much as the country needs.




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Monday, April 26, 2021

Common Phrases To Be Used By Immigrants Who Are In Germany

One of the many things that immigrants should know about the locals in Germany is that Germans are really quite proud of their country, their culture, and most especially their language. While there are countries where the locals would adjust to the language that both of them understand, in Germany, immigrants should be prepared to learn the language because it is highly likely that conversing with the locals would mean using the German language.


This is really not a bad thing though because it is a good way to keep the language alive. Plus, immigrants are the new people in the country and so they should learn how to adjust to the new place that they would be living in. Learning the language can be quite easy though especially if it is used in daily conversations. And knowing the basic phrases and sentences to get through the day can be helpful.


With that, here are some of the common phrases and sentences that immigrants in Germany may need to learn.


Ich bin aus Rio de Janeiro. / Ich komme aus Rio de Janeiro.


Immigrants who may be asked about where they are from and would like to say that they are from a certain city or place in another country can use this phrase. When translated to English, it simply means, “I am from Rio de Janeiro.”


Ich komme aus Brasilien.


Now, if the immigrant just wants to say from what country they are originally from, they could use this sentence. This actually means, “I am from Brazil.”


Ich bin Brasilianer.


Immigrants in Germany who may want to say what their nationality is can go and use this sentence. This actually translates to, “I am Brazilian.”


Freut mich, Sie kennen zu lernen.


After being introduced to someone in Germany, an immigrant may want to say something back to their new acquaintance. This sentence would be the best thing to say. In English, it means, “Pleasure to meet you!”


Freut mich, dich/euch kennen zu lernen.


In a more informal setting and the immigrant was introduced to younger people, he or she may actually use this sentence. It means pretty much the same as the previous sentence.


Wie lange lebst du schon in Stuttgart?


While in a conversation and the immigrant would like to ask the person they are talking to how long they have been living in Stuttgart (or any other city or province in Germany, or any other place in the world, for that matter), this sentence would be a great one to use. It means, “How long have you been living in Stuttgart?”


Leben Sie schon lange hier?


Now, if someone wants to ask another person how long they have been living in the area, they can use this which, when translated to English, means, “Have you been living here for a long time?” This is a polite way of doing so.




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Friday, April 23, 2021

Immigrants Enjoy The Local Dishes In The United Kingdom Like Fish And Chips And Find Them Delectable

Food may be a basic necessity like water and sleep but it is also something that many people can have quirks with. The thing about food is that people have various options and they choose food that is good according to their tastebuds. And in the case of immigrants, like those who are in the United Kingdom, having an adventurous palate is going to be helpful since they are on new soil. Finding food that is just like what they were used to having back in their home country may be a bit difficult and can be a bit on the expensive side. That is why it is highly encouraged that they go and try the local cuisine as they are readily available and would not bore a hole through one’s pocket.


It is a good thing for immigrants in the United Kingdom that there are plenty of good food in the country that really does not require one to have a really adventurous palate. Two of these really delicious dishes that are made and offered in the UK are fish and chips, and haggis, neeps and tatties. Read on to learn about them.


Fish and chips


This is definitely the most popular among all the meals that an immigrant can find in the United Kingdom. It is also quite a staple in the country that it pretty much can be found everywhere in the country. It is not surprising though because plenty locals really are into this dish and they love having it on a regular basis. If rice is staple in many countries in Asia, one can safely say that it is fish and chips for the Brits.


To find fish and chips in the United Kingdom, one can pretty much find it everywhere in the country. However, it is always a good idea to talk to some locals about where to find the best ones. There may be fancy restaurants that serve this but their fish and chips just is not at par with some of the smaller shops. Getting recommendations from the locals would allow people to experience the best fish and chips in the area.


Haggis, neeps and tatties


The star of this dish is definitely haggis, which is a type of traditional pudding from Scotland. It is mainly made using the heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep with onions, spices, stock, and oatmeal. It is served as a sausage that is meaty and on the spicy side but is definitely quite a delicious treat. Haggis, neeps, and tatties is actually a dish that has this delicious sausage that is served with turnips (neeps) and potatoes (tatties) on the side. The whole combination is a really great experience and something that people in the UK enjoy a lot.




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Thursday, April 22, 2021

6,000 Immigrant Caregivers Targeted By Canada By The End Of This Year

The healthcare industry is one of the top industries in the world right now that is experiencing a whole lot of pressure. Healthcare workers are doing a lot of work nowadays because of the pandemic. And for countries like Canada that have an aging population and fewer people in the workforce, getting help from immigrant workers who specialize in healthcare is the best solution for them in the meantime. For years, Canada has been bringing in immigrants to help out and nowadays, there is an even greater need for such professionals.


One of the healthcare professionals that Canada needs nowadays are caregivers and that is why the government is doing the best that it can to be able to bring in the needed individuals. There are a lot of applications coming in for permanent residency visas and Canadian immigration has stated that it is working hard to go through all of them and award a total of 6,000 permanent residence visas by the end of this year.


Work done by the IRCC


Last April 14, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) had stated that applications of potential immigrants who are caregivers would be processed and then finalized. These individuals are those who have already completed all of their work experience in the country. Aside from that, the IRCC also said that it would be finalizing the applications for permanent residency visas of the caregivers’ immediate family members.


Aside from that, the IRCC also mentioned that it would be working on applications and making decisions for the first stage of application for a minimum of 1,500 interested individuals. This would be for the pilot programs known as Home Support Worker and Home Child Care Provider. Their goal for this one would be by June 30 of this year. This would mean that there would definitely be more healthcare professionals in Canada who would be granted permanent residency visas so that they can continuously help in the healthcare industry in the country.


Keeping families together


According to Marco Mendicino, the minister for immigration of Canada, many people have been working hard to be able to go to the country and become a caregiver. They do their best to care for the families and the elders in Canada. However, it is a good thing that the country understands that most often than not, these caregivers often have to be separated from their families who are left in their home country. Canada understands the importance of being with family and that is why it is working hard to make sure that these important immigrant workers in the healthcare industry get the chance to be with their loved ones in the country.




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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Common Traits Of New Zealand Locals: An Immigrant’s Helpful Guide

While not a lot of people really do a lot of research about the traits of locals in the new country that they would be living in, immigrants who have successfully moved to a new country including New Zealand say that it is important to still be knowledgeable about the locals. After all, people are social creatures and they would need to be in contact with other people. That is why knowing how to interact with them and being able to have a good idea about what their traits are would make immigrants be able to interact better with them.


With that, here are some of the common traits of the locals of New Zealand which can serve as a guide for the new and potential immigrants of this country.


Caring for the environment


While some people say that they do love the environment, not a lot of people really do anything to make sure that the environment gets the help that it needs. But that is not the case for the locals of New Zealand. See, the locals are aware of the environment and they are doing everything that they need to help it. They understand the importance of nature and they will make sure that the country continues to be green. They care about everything in the environment and make sure that they volunteer to continually support any programs that the government has created.


Journeys and voyages


One of the very people who have made their way to New Zealand were actually voyagers and people who took the journey to get there. Even before there were famous explorers, the Maori people were the ones who took their boats and took the trip to unknown lands. They had canoes and became the very first people to live in the country. This trait has been passed on to generations and generations of Maori and is something that can also be seen in the locals of the country. The Kiwis nowadays are not afraid to try on new ventures and take on adventures that the world has to offer.




The very first people who lived in New Zealand were actually brave people who were also independent. They started to create farms in the country and created settlements for them to live in. They worked hard to make sure that the place they chose to live in was habitable and it took a lot of work. This showed just how skilled they really were. Being pioneers, such have been passed down to the next generations as well that the current New Zealanders were also pioneers in various fields including business, computers, film, fashion, and sports among many others and are etching their name all over the world.




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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Immigration Came In Strong For Canada In February 2021

For years, Canada has been working hard to be able to bring in as many immigrants as it can to its territory. This is basically because the country has recognized just how important immigration is for Canada and how it has been very helpful in many aspects. See, immigrants have been able to help with the labor market. They have also helped with bringing up the population of the country as well as helping keep the economy strong.


Canada’s move to be able to make immigration in the country would be to create programs and goals for it. It would set a specific number of immigrants to bring in each year and that number would be divided by the number of months per year. This was only put on hold when the pandemic struck and people had to remain indoors so travel was not deemed essential. But in recent months, Canada has slowly been able to regain what it had been able to achieve in terms of immigration. And February 2021 has been a strong month for the country.


Welcoming new immigrants


The numbers have shown that Canada is definitely on the right track when it comes to working its way towards being able to achieve its target. For 2021, the country is targeting 401,000 immigrants to bring in. And for February 2021, the number surely shows that Canada is doing its work well in terms of immigration. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has announced that for that month alone, Canada was able to welcome 23,375 new immigrants who have been given permanent residency visas.


This number is really a good one given that in January of this year, Canada was able to bring in almost 25,000 new immigrants. This is a good start to achieving the goal as the total for January and February is already around 48,000. This is already a good amount as compared to the same period in 2020. For January and February 2020, the total of new immigrants was around 50,600.


More numbers for March this year


The pandemic created a lot of chaos last year when it happened and Canada definitely was not immune from it. Lockdowns have been imposed by the mid of March last year and so it goes to follow that immigration was definitely affected big time. That is why it is not surprising to see that the number of new immigrants that joined Canada this year is going to be a lot bigger than the number of immigrants that Canada welcomed last year. The immigration system this year has already been stabilized and the government is working hard to make sure that the numbers are met this year to ensure that what was gravely affected in 2020 would be able to make up with it this year.




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Monday, April 19, 2021

Immigrants Find Art In Germany To Be A Marvelous And Unique Collection

While some people may say that art is not a really big deal, one just simply cannot imagine a world without art. It may seem not a big deal but it really is. The world would definitely not be the same if art was something that cannot be practiced and the pieces of art would not be available for people to appreciate and enjoy. There are many countries around the world where art is just all over the place (in a good way, of course) and Germany is definitely one of those. The locals and immigrants in this country get to enjoy unique and marvelous pieces of art that are definitely worth the appreciation.


By going to and visiting various spots in Germany, people can definitely have a look at the various pieces of art that the country has to offer. Art is pretty much everywhere and they are definitely unique. Plus, it is a good thing that the country has been able to preserve a good deal of art that have been made and put together throughout the years and decades. Not a lot of countries have been able to do such.


Influencing art all over the world


The art in Germany may not seem like a big deal to those who do not really appreciate it, looking back at the history of this art can make them see that it has played a really big role in how art in the West has been shaped and how it has been developed. Some of the great types of art that were greatly influenced by art in Germany include Ottonian art, Carolingian art, and Celtic art.


History of art in Germany


The various pieces of art in the country show various styles and they also tell a story of what has happened during the time that they were made. There was a time when Gothic art has been quite the rage not only in the country but also in the entirety of Europe. This type of art can be seen in various paintings and sculptures that are still around.


During the 15th century, many altarpieces were also made in the country. Artists in Germany have also explored and worked on various styles through generations. There are still pieces that were made using the Baroque style. Some were made using the Rococo style and Neoclassicism. There are also pieces that were made using Romanticism, which one of the really popular styles that has shaped and made German art quite popular all around the world.


Plenty of artists have lived and created masterpieces in Germany. The list includes Franz Stuck, Caspar David Friedrich, Adolf Menzel, Albrecht Durer, and Matthias Grunewald among many others.




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Friday, April 16, 2021

Common Traits Of The Locals In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Be Aware Of

There are common traits that people can find among the locals of the United Kingdom. Although they may already be quite ordinary and nothing worth looking into for the locals and those who have already been living in the country for a long time, new people who come to the UK like immigrants may be surprised to see and observe these traits. After all, these traits may be something they have never encountered back in their home country.


It would be a great idea for new immigrants to learn about these traits that the locals of the UK have. See, knowing these can be helpful for them to understand how the locals do things and not be surprised when they encounter one of these traits. It would also be a nice way for immigrants to easily adapt to the country and learn how things go there. With that, here are some of the common traits that immigrants may need to learn about the locals of the UK.


The weather is a great topic of conversation.


There is something about the weather that makes it a great topic of conversation in the United Kingdom. While it is also a topic being discussed in different places around the world, this topic is a common one in the UK. The locals often choose this topic over plenty of other possible topics and talk about it at great lengths.


Queues are not a big deal.


While many people around the world hate standing in line for various things, queueing is not a big deal for the locals of the country. It is something that they regularly do and they have no qualms about it. They can be very patient people when it comes to queues.


Sarcasm is around.


While not many people really understand sarcasm when it comes around, immigrants who are in the United Kingdom should try and be aware of this. The locals of the country use sarcasm a lot and one should learn how to differentiate sarcasm from the rest.


Soaps are good things to watch.


There are people who are not fans of soaps (soap operas) and the people of the UK are definitely not a part of this category. The Brits love watching their soaps and that is not surprising given the good list of soaps shown on TV which includes Doctors, Holby City, The Grove Family, Doctor Who, Fleabag, Line of Duty, Sherlock, and Normal People.


Drinking alcohol.


Immigrants who love drinking can find good buddies in the UK. The locals have a penchant for getting some alcohol and getting drunk. Pubs are full of people who love to do this and immigrants can find the best drinking buddies here.




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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pop, Canuck, And More: An Immigrant’s Guide To Lingo Used In Canada

To be able to speak and understand the language in a new country is something that immigrants need to learn. After all, they would be living in a new country and it is important that they know how to converse with the locals. Locals may not necessarily know the language that immigrants know so it is up to the newcomers to adjust and learn how to communicate in the new country. It is a good thing though that immigrants who have chosen to go to Canada may not need to adjust a lot since the country speaks English for the most part.


The only thing that immigrants in Canada need to worry about would be learning the lingo that the locals use. Each place in the world has its own lingo even if they do speak English, so it should not be a surprise to know that there is such a thing in this beautiful country.


With that, here are some lingo used in Canada which immigrants may want to learn as they can encounter these one time or another while living there.




In Canada, this actually means soda. It is a beverage that is quite delicious and is carbonated. It can also be packed with sugar which is why not a lot of parents let their kids have it regularly.


The weather’s so hot I may get some pop from the store. You want me to get you some?




This is actually a term that is used to refer to the locals of Canada. Yes, Canucks are Canadians.


I met some Canucks today and they were exceptionally nice!




Zed is not a name of a person or a store or a game. When in Canada, immigrants should know that this term is actually used to refer to the letter Z. Reading the letter Z as “zee” is also okay but the locals usually refer to it as “zed”.


How many names do you know start with zed? I can list a few.




This term is actually used to mean ‘kilometers’. It is a way of measuring things and is part of the metric system. One klick equals 1,000 meters.


I saw him run several klicks before he actually started slowing down.




People in Canada use this term to actually mean a person who is trying his best to please other people. It may also be used to refer to a person who may be too enthusiastic. It can be used to mean ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’.


I met a keener today. He wasn’t really weird. In fact, I enjoyed picking his brain.




This term is actually slang that is used to say that a person has got to give all that they have when everything seems to fail. In short, it just means to focus on the task ahead and just get it done.


Paige has not been in her best shape lately at work. Her boss told her to just give’er.




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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Waiheke Island: A Piece Of Paradise In New Zealand That Immigrants Are Enjoying

Immigrants who have chosen to leave their home country to go to a new one have a huge decision to make. This is actually trying to decide on which country to go to. Many of the potential immigrants around the world actually are eyeing New Zealand not just because it is a country with a strong economy but also because it is a great country that is beautiful and has lots of places to explore.


Immigrants really do know that it can be quite hard to be away from family and friends and that is why New Zealand is a really good place for them. See, this country has friendly locals who can help new people out. It also has plenty of great natural spots that are awesome to visit and can help immigrants forget even for a little bit the homesickness that they feel. That is why it is not really a big surprise to find out that many people are choosing New Zealand out of the many countries out there.


One of the many places that New Zealand offers people is Waiheke Island. Learn more about this spot right here.


Where is Waiheke Island?


From Auckland, Waiheke Island is just around 30 minutes via boat. This is a small island that can be found right smack in the Hauraki Gulf. Plenty of people who have gone here are more than happy to share that it is the best place for those who love wine. See, the island may be small but it has a lot of vineyards. Sampling the available wines can be done by going from vineyard to vineyard. There are tours available on the island for those who would like to try it.


Is there food?


Of course, there is food on Waiheke Island. This place in New Zealand houses restaurants and spots for people to eat in. There are good ones which would allow people to have a delectable meal while enjoying the ocean view. And yes, there is always wine to go with the food.


What else can be done in Waiheke Island?


Eating and drinking are just two things that can be done in this place. There are others, too! See, this island in New Zealand has a community that is focused on vibrant art. There are olive groves to explore as well as beaches and forests. There are various tours available for those who would like to explore the different things on the island. People can also go hiking and swimming and just enjoying the beauty of the place. There are also hotels to stay in for people who wish to stay longer there. Some of them even offer spa packages to help people relax even more.




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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

303,000 New Jobs Added In Canada In March, Locals And Immigrants Get More Opportunities

Working hard to bring back the economy after it has been badly hit during the start of the pandemic, Canada is definitely reaping in the fruits of all of its hard work. In March this year, one year after the economy started to decline, Canada has been able to experience a growth in its economy that is nearing the levels that it enjoyed before the pandemic started. Aside from that, locals and immigrants in the country get more job options available to them as additional new jobs were added.


The economy of Canada, like in any other country in the world, has definitely suffered when the pandemic hit and it is a good thing that the government of this country are at the tip of their toes and are working hard to make sure that the downward spiral of the economy does not continue to happen. Of course, they also had to make sure that the health and safety of the people in the country are the priority though.


The situation


Recently, Statistics Canada went ahead and checked the condition of the labor market in March. The third wave of the pandemic has been happening this time and it is important to take a look at what the new wave is going to bring to the country, especially in terms of the economy. It is a good thing that Canada has been prepared for this and it shows that it can afford to focus on the economy while making sure that the disease caused by the novel coronavirus does not wreck havoc in the country.


Because of the right health protocols in place, Canada has been able to be a bit lenient. Canada had a lot fewer restrictions in a number of its provinces. In Ontario, almost all parts of the province can now enjoy the outdoors as the orders to stay at home have already been lifted. The only limit to this area would be that several establishments and services have to remain closed and these include dining, recreation, fitness, and personal care.


The labor market


With more and more businesses now allowed to open, more and more jobs have become available for locals and for immigrants in the country. Just this March 2021, the economy has started to go back up. Aside from that, over 300,000 new jobs have been opened once again so people in Canada can take advantage of those job openings. There has also been an increase in employment in many provinces in the country. A good amount of jobs that were lost at the start of the pandemic have also been recovered, which is a good help to the economy and to people who have lost their sources of income last year.




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Monday, April 12, 2021

Why The Neuschwanstein Castle Is A Favorite Spot To Visit Among Immigrants In Germany

To go around and enjoy what a new place has to offer is something that immigrants can do. This does not matter what country they go to since there are plenty of spots in a country that are worth visiting. And this is definitely the case in Germany. This country has got plenty of beautiful places that have attracted a lot of immigrants who want to explore the place that they are now living in.


Germany is one of the great countries in Europe where immigrants can have a great time exploring what the place has to offer. It has plenty of beautiful spots that show off its culture and heritage and immigrants can have a grand time learning about the country there. Among the many places that people can go to once they are in Germany would be the Neuschwanstein Castle and it is a marvel all by itself.


What is the Neuschwanstein Castle?


The Neuschwanstein Castle can be found in Hohenschwangau, Bavaria. This one has been around for ages since it was built back in 1886. While some people in Germany may think that a castle is just like any other castle out there, one should keep in mind that the Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most popular ones in the country and in the rest of Europe as well. One of the important things to keep in mind about this is that the Neuschwanstein Castle has been used as the castle of Sleeping Beauty in Disneyland.


The Neuschwanstein Castle is quite a majestic piece of architecture. It was built right on the top of a cliff. Inside, one can find a lot of rooms that are very detailed and ornate. Some even say that going there makes them feel like they are part of some fairy tale where they are the princes or the princesses. That is why it is not surprising why this spot receives over 1.4 million of visitors there each year.


Becoming part of the fairy tale


Most people grew up with fairy tales and stories of wonder and lore. They dreamt of being princes and princesses and the Neuschwanstein Castle surely is one of the ways to be able to live that – at least for a day. The Neuschwanstein Castle has towers and turrets. It has throne halls and frescoes. It surely is a great and wonderful place to visit in Germany. This wonderful castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II back in 1868 and was completed after several years. He had it built because it became his world of fantasy, thus the wondrous details. If not for him, immigrants and people in Germany would not have such a place to visit nowadays.




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Thursday, April 8, 2021

The Ufford Crown: A Hidden Gem In The United Kingdom For Immigrants To Discover

For many people who have been eyeing the United Kingdom as the best place to move to as an immigrant, to be accepted and given the chance to do that would be something that they would be ecstatic about. However, what most of these people do not realize is that moving to a country like United Kingdom is really not a walk in the park as there is the adjustment stage that one has to go through. But for those who are really focused about this, adjusting to a new place is not really going to be a big deal.


In fact, there are people who are just so happy to be living in the country that they have been eyeing for so long. The United Kingdom is a really great country and there are plenty of spots for immigrants in the country to discover. One of these spots is known as The Ufford Crown.


What is The Ufford Crown?


There may be a lot of spots in the United Kingdom that are worth discovering but The Ufford Crown should definitely be on that list. See, this is a pub that can be found in Suffolk and it is tucked right out of sight unlike many other pubs in the country. It comes with a 16th century vibe that is very unique in the United Kingdom. While many people know where to find the recording studio known as Decoy (which is quite famous all around the world), they do not know that The Ufford Crown is just quite near it.


Once inside The Ufford Crown, people can actually appreciate the interior which is quite elegant and very contemporary. The exterior of the pub though is quite a stark contrast given that it is a ramshackle though still very beautiful in its own way. It surely is something of a wonder and is a very nice place to visit and spend some time in.


What can be found there?


To get some of the best food in the United Kingdom, The Ufford Crown is definitely the best place to go to. The dishes here are cooked by a chef who underwent training from an executive chef. The food has yet to disappoint and that surely is an amazing thing. The menu in this pub in the United Kingdom includes a scotch egg that comes with caramelized onions, a heavenly pork belly dish, delectable mashed potatoes, and a carefully prepared apple sauce among many others. There are also some dishes that are available only during certain times of the year, depending on the availability of the ingredients needed. Of course, The Ufford Crown also has quite a good list of alcoholic beverages that people can choose from and enjoy.




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