Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Culture Of Food, Social Occasions, And Alcohol In New Zealand That Immigrants Need To Know About

The culture of a country is a very important thing that immigrants should be learning about because, like it or not, it is a part of everyday life. An immigrant lives in a new country and thus he or she would be interacting with everything there because they cannot be just holed up in their home. They would be out and about and having a lot of time interacting with people and experiencing what the life and culture are in the new country that they are in. This happens to all immigrants around the world and this is not going to be different for immigrants in New Zealand.

Here are a few things that immigrants in New Zealand should know about culture in the country. These should help them understand how things go in the country and be able to adapt as well.

Food as part of social occasions.

The locals of New Zealand have this culture of using food as a good way of getting people together. They would share food with each other and bond while enjoying the food that they have. It does not matter where the gatherings are held – food is a big part of social occasions. People would usually bond over a picnic while at the beach. They also do this via hangi, which is a traditional method of the Maoris where food is cooked in an oven made of earth. They also bond over a barbeque with their friends and neighbors. It can be said that food is associated with friendship in the country.

At these social gatherings, New Zealand locals would also contribute to the food that the host has prepared. They may bring more food or even some wine or other liquor that the whole group could share. The host usually says that the guests should not bring anything. However, this does not mean that a guest cannot bring anything. They can do so and they often do.

It is also important for immigrants to understand that the locals of New Zealand are quite relaxed when given invitations. There are times when the locals would say that they would be joining a party or a gathering but would not really show up. Immigrants should not take this personally as this is just a norm in the country.


Alcohol is seemingly quite a huge deal all over the world especially when it comes to parties and other social occasions. In New Zealand, immigrants should learn that drinking is a culture especially when there are gatherings. However, there are always people who do not really drink or do not feel like drinking so it is also okay for them not to have alcohol. Also, any person who is 18 years old can purchase alcohol already.

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Family, Work, And Classes In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Know About

Learning about the United Kingdom and everything that is in it is something that immigrants have to do when they are already in the country. There are some things that they can do before they even make it to the country which is very important. And then there are also some things that they can only learn once they are already there. After all, the internet can only hold much information and people do not really share everything online.

With that, here are some things that immigrants need to know about the United Kingdom which could help them live and adapt better in the new place that they would be living in.

Taking care of the elderly.

Today, immigrants in the United Kingdom would see that the younger folk are committed to taking care of their elderly parents and relatives. Unlike other countries where the younger folk sometimes forget about giving time for their elderly relatives, the young ones in the UK give time to care for them.

Work has become mobile.

There are industries and jobs that allow employees and employers to be mobile and the number of younger workers who can work anywhere especially in the past few years have gone up. These younger people in the workforce have decided to work nearer where their elderly relatives are so they can look over them and continue to keep their relationships strong.

There is a social class.

It is interesting to look at the history of the United Kingdom since it has a class system that has been in operation for decades. At the top of the order would be those who are aristocrats and those who are part of the upper class. They are the people who have high nobility ranks and have titles that were passed on to them as well as privilege and wealth.

After them are those who are part of the working class or the middle class. They are, by tradition, hard workers and do not have any social privileges. In history, those who are part of the working class were not lucky enough to get higher education. This class is known to be the workers who are white collar. They live in private homes in suburban areas.

These classes have seemed to have changed with the changing of years and decades. Now, even those who are part of the working class or the middle class are now able to get higher education should they choose to. They also now have more business opportunities. The state of classes in the United Kingdom has seemed to have leveled the distribution of wealth. Despite this, the privileged elite is still at the very top.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Applications From Immigrants For Temporary And Permanent Residence Visas Still Being Accepted By Canada

Immigration documents are what individuals need if they would like to apply for temporary residence visas or permanent residence visas in Canada. And immigrants are very thankful to the government of Canada for giving them additional time for them to prepare and submit the needed documents to be able to apply for the visas that they want to have. Sometimes, these documents can take some time to process and so the additional time from the government would mean that they can take care of these and have them submitted on time.

The country still accepts applications for temporary and permanent residence visas. Despite the current pandemic that is wreaking havoc all over the world, Canada is still doing its best to bring in skilled immigrants. The pandemic may be bringing in a lot of trouble and worries to a lot of people and Canada is doing its best to contain it. The country is also doing its best to make sure that it also has the needed immigrants that the country also needs.

Pathways to Canada

At present, there are plenty of pathways to be able to move to Canada. Provincial governments of the country as well as the federal government are currently running over 80 pathways for economic classes. Aside from these, there are also plenty of other pathways that individuals can take to be able to move to Canada. There are pathways for families or for refugees. There are also routes for immigrant students to take. These are just a few.

With the onslaught of COVID-19 all over the world, Canada is surely working on making sure that despite bringing in the needed individuals and immigrants, the whole country would still be safe from this plague. The government has created special measures that have been designed to keep the country safe from the disease even if there are plenty of new individuals moving to the country. The special measures will help limit the spread of the virus.

The announcement on submission of applications

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) has stated that people are very much welcome to keep on submitting their applications for a temporary residence visa or for a permanent residence visa. This agency of Canada has also disclosed that it is currently being lenient on applicants for temporary residence visas.

The agency has also continued to share that it is also not refusing any applications right now if these applications are non-compliant. It also continues to work and process all of the applications that have been sent in the various centers for processing in the country and in other centers around the globe. This is good news because it means that the country has not closed its doors on any applications despite the pandemic.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Being Direct And The Love For Rules And Organization: Traits Of The Locals Of Germany That Immigrants Need To Know About

Governments of countries that are receiving a lot of immigrants like Germany create programs that help the newcomers integrate well into society and adapt the ways and culture of the new communities that they are living in. This is why they try to help the newcomers be able to do well in the country. Immigrants also have to do their share to be able to adapt fast and adapt well and that includes knowing and becoming familiar with the things that happen in the country.

Immigrants in Germany usually have to learn about the language first before even going to the country. This is because Germans are quite proud of their language and it is the main language spoken there. So to be able to communicate with the people there, immigrants should be able to speak and understand the language. They should also know the traits that Germans have so that they would not be surprised once they are in the country. Here are two common traits that Germans have that immigrants should be familiar with.

Being direct.

The locals of Germany are known all over the world as people who are direct about everything. Because of this, they are not known to be quite diplomatic. Other immigrants may see this kind of trait as rude but it is the norm in the country. With that, immigrants in Germany should start becoming familiar with this trait to make sure that they do not get easily offended once Germans start becoming direct with them.

There is a reason behind this and that is because Germans are quite focused on their goals when they interact with other people. They want to go straight to the point. Beating around the bush is not an option. They are not keen on small talk unlike many countries in the world. Immigrants may find it difficult at first but they would be able to adjust soon enough that communicating with Germans is quite simple because there are no hidden meanings in what they say.

The love for rules and organization.

Immigrants in Germany may be surprised to find out that the country has plenty of laws that are meant to regulate different factors. And what is even more interesting is that there is no dissent from the people. In fact, the locals simply love to follow these laws. History has it that this trait of Germans is from the values that Prussians have left behind in the country. Prussia was a kingdom in Germany and it was quite known for being very organized and having an army that was very effective.

Some do say that this is already a form of over-regulation and it causes people to become not flexible. However, this system has worked well for the Germans and that has led them to become known all over the world as being efficient people.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

University Of Toronto: One Of The Top Universities In Canada That Is Bringing Student Immigrants In

Canada has been a top country of option for many individuals around the world. It has been that way for many years now because of it being quite a good country to live in and work in. The country has also been quite open to immigrants and is in need of them as their population is aging and so getting into Canada would be the main goal for many immigrants who are looking for a better country to live in as compared to their home country.

Education is also another big factor as to why people choose to go to Canada. Student immigrants have been making their way to the country to get higher education or further education. The educational system in this country is definitely one of the best in the world and diplomas and certificates from schools in this country are being recognized all around the world. One of the top universities that have been bringing immigrant students to Canada is the University of Toronto.

The history of the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto was first controlled and run by the Church of England. It was the very first university that was put up in “Upper Canada” which was a colony back then. It was made and designed to be a collegiate system and would be very much similar to the prestigious and top universities that were in the United Kingdom.

The achievements of the university

Throughout the years that it has been around, the University of Toronto has had a list of achievements that are even pioneers to be proud of. It has become the very first publishing house for the academe in Canada. It also is the very first faculty for forest science in Canada. It has also achieved to become the very first university in Canada that has reached over C$1 billion in terms of endowment.

The University of Toronto also has been the place of birth for academic movements that have become influential not only in Canada but in the entire world. These movements include Toronto School which focused on communication theory as well as literary criticism. It also includes the theory of NP-completeness which is a big thing in computer science. The University of Toronto has also been a place of movement for the research looking into treatment using stem cells.

The current University of Toronto

The downtown campus of the University of Toronto nowadays has a number of buildings that have a lot of history in them. Immigrant students here enjoy these beautiful buildings and the stories behind them. The campus is also one of the best in Canada with sprawling courtyards that seem to be quite as good as the best ones in Europe. It has over 700 degrees for undergraduate studies and over 200 for postgraduate studies.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

High Earners Get Fast Tracked Process For New Zealand Residence Visas

Skilled immigrant workers who have chosen New Zealand as their new home are definitely going to love this new update from Immigration New Zealand. According to the agency, many skilled immigrant workers in the country are high earners and that makes them a priority when it comes to processing residence visas. High earners have become a top priority for the country and their applications for permanent residency have been fast-tracked.

There have been reports though that plenty of immigrants who have been applying for permanent residence visas are complaining that the process is taking too long. This is why Immigration New Zealand has created this solution to make things go faster. The agency would be able to process more applications by first prioritizing those who are skilled immigrant workers who are high earners. The agency believes that this would help make the queue go faster and it would be able to process all of the applications coming in.

The priorities of Immigration New Zealand

As per an announcement from Immigration New Zealand, the skilled immigrants in the country who are high earners would be the ones who would be given priority. To be considered as a high earner, a skilled immigrant worker should be getting $106,080 at least as their annual salary. Those skilled immigrant workers who have jobs that have occupational registration as a prerequisite would also be included in the list of individuals who are going to be given priority.

The new system of processing applications for permanent residence visas would be taking out the old system which was to process the first ones that come in. As per an expert on immigration who has been looking at the situation in NZ, this new system would be a good way to ease out any complaints and get the ball rolling. It would also instill and stop any complaints that are coming in of how Immigration New Zealand is handling the applications.

The need to prioritize

As per the Immigration New Zealand, they are saying that there is now a need to prioritize so that the applications would be processed a whole lot faster. Experts who have been analyzing things have mentioned that this is a good move from the agency because it means that the agency is quite open to changing and adapting to what is needed from them. There may have been a delay to their response but it is quite a good thing that they are moving forward and being proactive about it. This move from Immigration New Zealand should also push and encourage more people to go on and continue with sending in their applications. The agency has to make sure that these applications are processed since New Zealand is in need of skilled immigrant workers and their skills and services are needed.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Eye Contact And Weekend Binge Drinking: Traits Of UK Locals That Immigrants Need To Know About

Going to a new country like the United Kingdom is not as simple as most people may think so. Aside from adjusting to the new climate and having to create a new home, immigrants in the UK should also learn how to get about the place and know where to get their necessities. It is also important that they know how to adjust and learn how to live away from their friends and family who were left back home. Immigrants also need to know about the culture of a place and even a new language if they are not English speakers. They should also think about learning the traits of the locals since they would definitely be interacting with them on a daily basis.

With that, here are some common traits among locals in the UK that immigrants should know and be familiar with.

Americans may be forward and Brits find it to be a bit much.

It is not a secret that Americans are forward when it comes to their thoughts and their actions. It may be okay for the rest of the world but for the locals of the UK, they think that such forwardness is a tad much. Well, that is not surprising given how curt and how Brits try to be polite as much as possible.

Eye contact is avoided while riding the tube.

While other people may find it okay to have eye contact with other passengers of the tube, Brits do try to avoid doing this as much as possible. It is a trait of Brits that they bring not only on the tube but in other places as well. The only times that they do make eye contact is if they want to have a conversation with someone or if they know the person that they are making eye contact with. They do not make eye contact with strangers.

Weekends are for binge drinking.

Immigrants who find themselves in a pub or a bar in the UK on a weekend should not be surprised if there are a lot of locals there who are going on binge drinking sprees. Well, that is the time that they have set for sprees and because it means that they can have a great time without having to worry about work the next day.

Having other people pass through doors first.

Locals of the United Kingdom are polite that immigrants would find them having other people pass through doors first. For example, if a Brit is about to enter a door and someone comes along and would also be going through that door, the Brit would most likely have the other person pass first. This is a normal thing in the UK and immigrants should not be surprised about it.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Immigration Levels In Canada To Increase In The Next Three Years

Canada will continue to experience an increase in its immigrants as the federal government continues to encourage more people to join the country. The government of the country has aimed at bringing in more immigrants in the next three years. By 2022, Canada would have over a million new immigrants. This aim of the government is all to help the country bring in new people that would help the workforce and the aging population which is what Canada is trying to solve right now.

While other countries have been putting a limit on the maximum number of new immigrants that they would be accepting for each year, Canada’s government has been working on bringing in more. Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister, has announced the plans on immigration levels. He has disclosed that this year, Canada will be awarding 341,000 permanent residency statuses. In the next year, it would be 351,000 and by 2022, the country would be getting 361,000 new people with permanent residency statuses.

More information on the plans

Mendicino shared that by 2022, the newest permanent residents of Canada would be taking up 1% of the country’s entire population. He also continued to share that the plan of the government would be beneficial for all Canadians. This is primarily because immigration has been a strong driving factor for the growth of the country’s economy. Immigrants also contribute to Canada’s diversity. They are also known to bring in innovations. Employers in Canada are also quite happy to have access to global talent which businesses need to survive and to grow.

People who have been holding positions in the Canadian government have all been working tirelessly to be able to achieve this. Aside from just bringing the number of new immigrants in the country up, the government has also, for years, been doing the best that it can to bring up the number of individuals with permanent residency statuses. The hard work that they have put in so far has helped greatly to achieve what they have now.

The numbers so far

In 2018, Canada was able to record since 1913 over 300,000 individuals who have been granted the chance to join the country as immigrants. It was also the same year that the country was able to grant permanent residency statuses to 318,000 individuals. A year after that, the numbers went up. Canada was able to bring in 341,000 new immigrants and that surely is above the target that the government has set their sights on. This is surely a good thing given the huge need for more people to help out. The government has also been set on helping the new people out adapt to the cultures and values that Canada has so they can do better.

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

New Law In Germany Helps Skilled Immigrant Workers Move To The Country

The Skilled Immigration Act of Germany has been introduced by the government of the country and it has been made to help bring in the needed skilled immigrants. As part of the European Union, Germany knows that it can tap into skilled individuals who are from other European Union member nations. However, there is just not enough of these people to help the country out. That is why the Skilled Immigration Act will be helping the country bring in skilled immigrant workers who are not from EU member nations so they can live in Germany and work there.

The new law has already been in effect since March 1 this year. Its primary application is for professionals who are qualified and that includes individuals who have already a degree from a university or if they have vocational training which can include the likes of plumbers and electricians. These, of course, would depend on the professions and services that Germany needs.

The details for those who are interested

For those individuals who would like to be immigrants in Germany and may not have a university degree but has a vocational training, the program for vocational training should be at least for two years. For those individuals who are interested in becoming immigrants in Germany who have a university degree, the degree that they have should be something that is recognized in the country or is something that is equal or can be similar to a degree earned in a German university.

Aside from these, individuals who also are interested in becoming immigrants in Germany should already have an offer to be a skilled employee in the country. This is something that an individual should have with them even before they go ahead and apply for a visa to be a skilled immigrant worker in the country. These are very important things that individuals should take into account before they go ahead and send in their applications.

Opening the doors to non-EU skilled immigrant workers

In the past, Germany has been known to be quite a difficult country to get into as an immigrant especially for individuals who are not citizens of the European Union. However, the government of the country has recently realized that the entire country is in need of skilled workers who would be using their skills and knowledge to help keep the economy going strong. As per the numbers, Germany is in need of over a million skilled workers.

Before, Germany had a rule that individuals who were not from the EU could only become an immigrant worker in the country if there were no available people from Germany who can do the job or if there were no available people from the EU who could do it. Now, this rule has been removed.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Family Life: What Immigrants Need To Know About Families In Canada

The difference between being an immigrant in a new country and being a tourist or traveler is that an immigrant would have to stay there for quite a long period as compared to just visiting. Immigrants would need to adapt to the culture and the lifestyle that a country possesses. They would also need to understand how things go so as to be able to know how to fit in and adapt since they would be living there for a long time. This is why immigrants in Canada are encouraged to learn more about the country and its culture even before making their way there.

One of the most important aspects that immigrants in Canada would be encountering would be family life. Families are everywhere and it is quite important that immigrants are familiar with how things go for families in Canada. This would allow them to understand things better and even use this as a good conversation starter.

Households and families

Right about until the mid-20th century, many of the households in Canada were being run by couples who were married. However, by 2010, the data showed that the number has actually gone down significantly. This is primarily because of couples or partners who have chosen to live together without getting married first or without any plans of tying the knot.

Common-law partnerships

Another thing that immigrants in Canada need to know about is that unions that are common law are already recognized officially in the country. These unions have just about the same privileges and rights as those couples and partners that are married. It is important to understand though that the rules that cover common-law unions differ in each province.

For example, in Newfoundland, Labrador, and British Columbia, common-law couples should have to live together for at least two years before they can be given the same rights as couples who are married. In Ontario, the rule is that the common law couple should live together for three years at least. However, if they already have a child, they should live together for at least one year before being granted the same rights and privileges as married couples.

Those that make up the household

Families in Canada have also changed in the past 30 years. The common trend nowadays is that households are now becoming smaller and there is also a rise in the number of single parents in the country.

Same-sex couples

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Canada since 2005. This now gives couples of the same sex to have the right to get married like ordinary couples can. They can also be part of common-law unions like the rest of the couples of the country who have done so.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Adventure Park And Museum: Activities For Immigrants And Their Families In New Zealand

One of the things about New Zealand that brings individuals there to become immigrants is the culture of the place that is quite friendly for families especially for those with kids. Some would go to the country on their own first to be familiar with the place and would, later on, decide that it is the best country to move to and so they would bring their family there. Some would go to New Zealand with their spouses and would choose to start their family there.

There are plenty of beautiful opportunities in New Zealand that would allow families of different sizes to enjoy what the country has to offer. There are activities that families would enjoy and would allow them to bond more with each one. That is why it is not surprising why New Zealand has been a very popular choice among those with families or those who want to start their own families.

So what can immigrants and their families enjoy in New Zealand? Here are two.

The Agroventures Adventure Park Rotorua

Immigrants and their families who have chosen to visit this beautiful spot are more than happy to admit that they had a really great time spending an entire day there. Primarily because there is something for every member of the family to enjoy. The Agroventures Adventure Park Rotorua has plenty of exciting activities that families can take part in. The list includes bungee jumps, jet boating, shweeb, freefall, and super swing.

The Agroventures Adventure Park Rotorua can be found in Velocity Valley in New Zealand and it is known to be a place where speed and adrenaline can be found. It is also known as the only spot in the entire country where people can sample various adventures in just one place that spark adrenaline rushes each and every time. It opened its doors in 1998 and provides exciting activities while allowing people to enjoy the beautiful views that the place has to offer.

The Te Papa Museum

The Te Papa Museum is the main museum in the country. It can be found by the waterfront right in Wellington. Immigrants and their families should have a trip to this beautiful museum as a part of their itinerary when they have free time, especially if they are visiting the capital of New Zealand. All throughout the year, the museum has various exhibits that are very interesting and also exciting. The exhibits are also friendly for families so parents would not have a problem with what their kids can explore. It would also be a great place to get more information about New Zealand and learn more about the country that they are living in while doing so in a very entertaining manner.

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Monday, March 16, 2020

The New United Kingdom Immigration System Is Points-Based

The United Kingdom is currently in a transition period. After it has finally left the European Union on the 31st of January this year, that was the start of the transition period for the country. This period will end on the last day of this year. During this time, as per the agreement between the UK and the European Union, nationals from the EU who have moved to the country before the 1st of January 2021 will be allowed to stay in the UK. However, to be able to do that, they should have to apply via the EU Settlement Scheme before the end of June in 2021. This would make sure that their immigration status will be confirmed.

This would allow the citizens of the EU who are in the UK to be able to stay there if they wanted to. Of course, they would have to comply with any requirements that the government of the United Kingdom is looking for. This would also be good for the UK since it would mean that there would not be a sudden shortage of workers who are helping out businesses there.

The new immigration system plans

The government of the UK had a statement released last February 19, 2020. As per the statement, the country has plans to put in a new system for immigration. There are changes proposed to the current system and once it has been approved by the Parliament, these will then be included in the current legislation and would then be taking effect by the 1st day of 2021.

The government of the UK has nine months and a few weeks before the changes are in effect. Preparations need to be done especially for organizations and businesses that will be affected by this. There will definitely be changes that could happen and that would include costs going up. The whole process of sponsorship may even be a bit more difficult for employers who are bringing in immigrant workers to help them out with their operations. Of course, with the changes, this is understandable and in time, they would be able to adjust and keep the sails up for smoother sailing once again.

Introduction of the new system

The new system, as per the UK government would be firm and would points-based. So any individual who would like to make it to the country as an immigrant should go through this. It also does not matter if the individual is from the European Union or not. All individuals should have a visa if they wish to stay, live and be able to work in the country. Only those from Ireland would not be using this system as they have a special status that allows them to be able to move to the UK and work there freely.

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Friday, March 13, 2020

The Top Cities In Canada That Attract The Biggest Number Of Immigrants

The whole country of Canada has been in need of immigrants and it is not surprising if each of the cities of the country is doing its best to make sure that they are able to attract the immigrants that they need. Some experts even say that the cities are competing against each other to make sure that they get the immigrants. But it is not something to worry about since the cities are doing this with good thoughts in mind and it is a healthy competition overall.

For 2019, the top three cities in Canada that were able to attract the biggest number of immigrants per capita would be Regina, Toronto, and Charlottetown. Ottawa also joined the group as the newest member of the 1% club. This means that the provinces have been working hard to get what they need without resorting to bad deeds or unscrupulous activities. And the local governments of these cities are happy that they were able to achieve that well.

The competition to get the most immigrants

Canadian cities are in healthy competition to get the most number of immigrants. The whole country has been affected by an aging population along with birth rates that are low. These have made the entire Canada lack a lot of people in the workforce and the population needs to grow if they would like the country to have a bright future. That is why cities in the country are doing their best to make sure that they get the immigrants that they need to help keep their local economy and the entire nation’s economy strong.

In 2019, Canada was able to bring in over 341,000 new immigrants. That is around 0.9% of the entire country’s population. The country is also known for having a number of effective and efficient programs that have helped bring in the needed immigrants. The programs all depend on the needs and the goals that each city or the entire country needs. So far, these programs have proven to be effective and that they have been able to bring in the immigrants. 

The top cities

Toronto remained to be the city in Canada that has been able to attract the biggest amount of new immigrants. It led all other cities with a huge margin. In 2019, it was able to get around 118,000 new immigrants which is around 35% of the entire new immigrant population. Following Toronto and making up the top five are Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton. When it comes to per capita, Charlottetown is the city that took the top spot in entire Canada. Experts who have been looking at the data have mentioned that this is primarily because of the success of the programs in the city that has been able to bring in immigrants from the economic class.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Quick Peek At The New Labor Immigration Rules In Germany

A new set of rules and laws on immigrant workers has been put in place by the government of Germany just last March 1st. This set has been put together as the country is in need of more workers. There is currently a huge need for skilled workers and there are not enough of them in the country. That is why the German government is now searching outside the country and bring in immigrant skilled workers. The new rule and laws on immigrant workers in Germany are important especially for those individuals who are looking for jobs in the country.

In the past years, some foreign workers have shared that they are finding it hard to just fly over to Germany to look for work. This is mainly because the leaders of the country thought that Germany does not have the right policies on immigration. However, with the changing of times and the aging population, the leaders of the country started to focus on bringing in the needed skilled workers if they wished to keep the country’s strong economy as is.

The new rules

Starting on the 1st of March, the new laws will be the one that is taking over the process of how immigrant workers are going to be making it to Germany. Of course, the laws have to specify just which skilled individuals are going to be allowed in the country. The immigrant workers have to be qualified and have the skills that the country needs.

The recent rules now do not have any restrictions with regard to the educational attainment of an immigrant worker. Now, the new rules state that a skilled person does not necessarily have to have a college degree or a university degree. The new rules also state that a skilled worker is a specialist and can be any person who already has a certificate from vocational training. The training that the skilled worker has to have though should be at least for two years. That certificate is now recognized to be equal or just the same as a degree from Germany.

Make it to Germany

Interested individuals can go to the website known as “Make it in Germany” to get information on the qualifications that Germany is looking for. This is a site where information on the needed skills can be found. The government of Germany has also been working hard to make sure that the processing of applications should be done in just three months. Of course, it is important that applicants should submit all of the required documents for the application to be processed in the given amount of time. Once an application has been approved, the government of Germany would be issuing a work visa to the applicant after four weeks.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Canada Enjoys Strong Economy, Thanks To Immigrants’ Contributions

In a recent round table, a discussion has been done among a number of leaders regarding the development of the economy in Alberta, Canada. The leaders included Adrienne Clarkson, the former governor general of Canada; Abdulfatah Sabouni, Aleppo Soap’s CEO; Arif Khimani, the head of the finance and administration department of the MobSquad; and Jason Ribeiro, the director of strategy of the Calgary Economic Development. Clarkson has been one of the founders of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and this group assists the new citizens of Canada become involved and be a part of life in Canada.

During the discussion, the group talked about immigration and immigrants. Clarkson had shared that each immigrant is courageous because they have left behind them everything that was familiar to them even if what was familiar to them was not good things. However, that was what made everything familiar to them and it was theirs since they were kids. So to be able to pack up and become an immigrant in a new country and try to make a new life there is something that takes a lot of courage.

Benefitting from immigrants and immigration

According to Ribeiro, immigration has played a vital role in Canada and its provinces. Alberta has been one of the places in Canada that have been benefitting a lot from this. Ribeiro has also been looking at the numbers and the data of immigration in the country. He has said that Canada has brought in a huge amount of immigrants and they are quite good to the economy.

Among the total immigrants, 45% of them are well-educated, having completed bachelor’s degrees or even higher. Ribeiro has mentioned that the economy in Canada is flourishing, thanks to the immigrants, with high education or not. The country is open to making the economy even better and Ribeiro said that it is not just about focusing on expanding and growing technology. The economy that Canada is working on is going to be inclusive, diverse, and also quite flexible so as to be able to accommodate all types of people. Ribeiro has also mentioned that Canada is going to do this by attracting the best talent and brains to help out.

Searching outside Canada

Businesses in Canada that include startups are more than open to employing skilled immigrant workers to help out with the tasks and duties. Some business owners have even moved their headquarters from other countries and brought them to Canada. They have also brought their workers with them during the move which allows Canada to benefit in terms of the economy which is a good thing. However, businesses also make sure that they tap into the communities and find laborers from Canada. There are jobs that they have that can be done by the locals.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Traits Of The Locals Of New Zealand That Immigrants Should Be Familiar With

To be an immigrant in New Zealand is a goal that many people from around the world want to happen. There are those who are able to make it are definitely fulfilled that they are able to make it to the country as per their ambitions in life. However, those who make it to the country are highly encouraged to learn more about the country that they would be going to since they would be living there for quite some time. It is not simply just about learning about beautiful places or the job opportunities that are available there. It is also about learning about the people and the food and the culture and all other small things that come with living in New Zealand.

So what are the traits that are common among the locals of New Zealand? Here are a few.


Immigrants who are in New Zealand would be amazed at how easygoing people are in the country. They have this belief that things will always turn out fine. That is how they think of life as a whole. There may be struggles but things will always become good in the end. This kind of attitude and trait that they have can also be seen and reflected in the lifestyle that they have. This trait has been one of the major reasons why plenty of people from around the world wish to make it to the country as immigrants and it is not surprising given that most of the countries in the world are always on-the-go and rushing to get things done.

Can-do mindset

The mindset that they can do things can be connected with how easygoing they are. It is an attitude that is given a high value not just in the workplace but in all various aspects of life. The locals of New Zealand join charitable goals, accomplish feats in sports, and complete work-related targets. It can be difficult to be positive all the time but that seems to be something that the locals of New Zealand can easily do since it is embedded in their culture. People around the world like the locals of the country quite well because of this particular trait.


Another endearing trait that the locals of New Zealand have is being humble. They are not keen about bragging about things that they have accomplished or have achieved. They also are not that keen on hearing about other people talking about their achievements or their accomplishments. The locals are also expecting that the celebrities or the sports idols that they really admire to continue to keep their feet on the ground despite being able to do the things that they are able to do.

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Monday, March 9, 2020

Talking The Talk: Lingo In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Learn About

Knowing the language of a place that a person is in is important. One needs to understand and to communicate to do a lot of things. When a person that is an immigrant is new to a country like the United Kingdom, it is important that they are able to communicate well with the people in the country. Although English is the main language being spoken in the country, just like in any other place, the locals have created their own lingo. The lingo may sound very English but what those words or terms mean can be really different from how they sound.

To help out immigrants in the UK be able to communicate better, here are some lingo that they should be familiar with. These should help them understand and get their message across with the locals.


If a person is described as chuffed, it means that the person is very happy or is very pleased about an idea, a situation, or just about anything.

My friend surprised me with an impromptu trip to the beach. I still am chuffed about it.


If a person says that they are knackered or is ready for the knackers yard, this means that the person is really quite tired. The term actually is from the term “knacker” which is an old term and it is used to describe a person who would slaughter horses who are already old and worn out. This person does a job that takes physical strength and is tired from doing his job so he can no longer continue.

We have been searching for my friend’s lost dog the whole day, I’m so knackered right now.


Bants is actually a term that is short for “banter”. This means joking around and exchanging witty and fun statements with other people.

My stomach is hurting after all the bants with my friends.


A person who is described to be cheeky is a person who can be a bit rude or can be a bit disrespectful. However, he or she can be doing that in an endearing or even cute or funny manner.

That little boy’s quite cheeky and I find it adoring.

The term is also used when someone is drinking or eating or doing something which is not good for them or which should not be done at all.

I didn’t tell my mom I had a few cheeky beers before I went home.


Immigrants in the United Kingdom who are much more familiar with slang in the United States would know that fag is a term that is used for a gay person but it can be derogatory. However, that term in UK lingo actually refers to a cigarette.

I tried to quit but I am in so need for a fag right now.

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