Friday, July 29, 2022

Talking Like A Local: A Quick Guide For Immigrants On Some Slang Used In Canada

There are two main languages used in Canada and these are French and English. English is the language that is used more as compared to French, as there are only certain areas where French is mainly spoken. That is why immigrants who have chosen to move to Canada are fine with just being able to use English. But what these individuals do not really realize is that just like with any other language used anywhere, people develop slang. In the case of Canada, these sound English, but they can mean a totally different thing.


Being familiar with the slang can help immigrants a lot. These slang are usually used in daily conversations so one can easily be confused about what the locals are saying if they are not familiar with the terms.


Here are some of the usual slang used in Canada. Read on and learn about them.


The Rock


One may think that it could be about that huge piece of stone or maybe the wrestler who is also an actor. However, in Canada, The Rock actually is slang for Newfoundland, an island province in the country.


I’m disappointed Jackson couldn’t join us today. But he had to go to The Rock with his parents. Something about taking care of some of their properties there.


T Dot


This slang actually is used to refer to Toronto. However, one must not be too confused because there are other slang that is used to refer to this city in Canada. Toronto is also called The 6, Hogtown, T.O., The Big Smoke, and The 6ix.


Many immigrants are only familiar with T Dot. They’re not familiar with other cities in our country. I’m not surprised though because that’s mostly where they jump right off the airplane.


The Peg


Although it may seem like this refers to the noun that is used for setting up tents or such, it is not. The Peg actually is slang for Winnipeg. Yep, the shortened form of Winnipeg.


I am excited for our family trip to The Peg. I haven’t been there and I was told there are plenty of things to do there.




People may think that this refers to a farm or maybe a place where there are a lot of cows, but it is actually not. Cowtown is actually how the locals of Canada refer to Calgary.


How long does it take to go to Cowtown? I haven’t been and my cousins and I are going there this weekend.


Yes b’y


This simply means ‘yes’. It is a popular slang used in Newfoundland.


Dan was okay with having the party at his house and he already said, “Yes b’y.” I’m bringing the chips! I hope he has a good sound system there.




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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Speaking Like A Local: Slang Used In The United States Of America That Immigrants Should Be Familiar With

A lot of people choose to become immigrants in the United States of America for a variety of reasons. One reason is that the country has one of the strongest economies in the entire world. Aside from that, it is open to various cultures and races and is even seen as a melting pot of such. Another great reason is that there are many opportunities in the USA for those who wish to take further studies or those who are looking for a better career. Many individuals also choose the United States of America as the country to move to because English is the main language spoken here and it is a language that many people all around the world know or are familiar with.


What many people do not quickly realize though is that, just like in any other country around the world, there is always slang or lingo being used by the locals. In the case of the USA, the locals may speak English, but they have also created slang or lingo which they use in their daily conversations. Knowing what the slang are should be very helpful for those who are immigrants in the country.


What are these slang? Read on.


Ditch. Or bail.


The slang “ditch” or “bail” actually means the same thing. It means that someone has chosen to cancel any plans that they may have with another person.


Joshua realized he had a lot of homework to do so he had to bail on his plans to go out with his friends.


Balling. Or ballin’.


There are many references that immigrants in the United States of America can use when it comes to this slang. This term actually means that one is experiencing or having a lifestyle that is luxurious. This slang does not in any way refer to playing basketball or such.


Anna had been dreaming of ballin’ since she was young. Now that she has a job, she has chosen to go after this goal. After all, she can now afford to.


Chill. Or chill out.


This slang, when used in the USA, does not necessarily mean having to put something in the refrigerator or the freezer, or basically make something cold. When used as slang, ‘chill’ or ‘chill out’ actually tells a person to relax. This is usually used by younger Americans.


After a very stressful day, all Mark wants to do is chill out at home.


Keep in mind though that this slang can also be used to describe someone who is more mature or someone who is more relaxed.


I really do not know how Scott can be so chill when it seems like everything is going wrong for him lately. I want to have that chill mindset as well.




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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Over 5000 Employers In New Zealand Apply For Accreditation To Be Able To Hire Immigrant Workers

A lot of business owners in New Zealand understand the need for immigrants, especially immigrant workers. For many of them, immigrant workers are some of the best employees that they can ever employ. These individuals have proven to be reliable, flexible, and hardworking. That is why employers in New Zealand are more than happy to have them as their employees who can help with the operations and growth of their businesses.


However, with recent changes in the rules in the country, employers in New Zealand are required to apply for accreditation from Immigration New Zealand. Once they are approved and get accredited, that is the only time that they would be able to hire any immigrant workers. This is the newest update and a lot of employers in the country have rushed to get the accreditation that they need. This simply reflects just how important immigrant workers are in the country and to the businesses there.


Applications for accreditation are pouring in


According to the Immigration New Zealand, it has already received over 5,000 applications from employers in New Zealand. These employers are applying to get accreditation so they could continue to hire new immigrant workers to help out with their businesses. Many have even rushed to get accreditation before the opening of the Accredited Employer Work Visa route which opened just last July 4, 2022.


As per data on June 30, the INZ received around 5,282 applications from employers. All applications started to come in just last May 23, so this is definitely a huge number. So far, out of all the applications that the agency has received, around 3,800 have already received approval. These employers can continue to hire and employ immigrant workers. The agency continues to work through the applications until all of these have been processed.


The employers have been rushing to get the accreditation that they needed because the Essential Skills category for visas closed on July 3, 2022 and that means that the day after that, those employers who want to bring in immigrant workers to the country should be accredited by the INZ to be able to do that.


What employers need to get accreditation


INZ disclosed that employers should really not have a difficult time applying for accreditation because the requirements are quite easy to fulfill. They have to fill out the application form and honestly include and declare what they need to declare as required by the form. Businesses should not have had a loss for over 2 years, should have a cash flow that is positive for the last six months, should have enough investment to make sure that the business is viable, or should a two-year plan at least that is credible. Once approved, they can legally bring in immigrant workers to New Zealand and not face any repercussions.




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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Pale Ale: A Golden Drink In The United Kingdom Which Immigrants Enjoy Immensely

Care for a drink? Plenty of people in the United Kingdom would choose to get some drinks on the weekend or after a really hard day at work. It is their way of unwinding before going home and getting some sleep. This is something that many immigrants in the United Kingdom have also started to adapt, and it also allows them to learn more about the food and drinks in the country while also being able to make new friends by chatting up with the other people who are also in the pub or bar or restaurant.


What many immigrants really find amazing is that the country holds a good amount of alcoholic drinks to choose from. There are some that they are already familiar with and then there are those that are totally new to them. Those who are on the adventurous side are more than happy to try out those that they are unfamiliar with. Pale ale is a commonly safe drink that many immigrants choose to have and they have never gone wrong with choosing it.


What is pale ale?


It is a beer style that is usually colored gold or amber. It is brewed and uses pale malt to make. It was first called as such in around 1703 and the term was first used for beers that were made using malt that was dried using coke with high carbon. This style of making the drink made the beverage lighter in color as compared to the other beers that were popular during that period.


Through time, manufacturers of this beer in the United Kingdom have worked on various ways and processes, and ingredients to make it. There are now different ways to make it and the amount of hop used have also changed. These different processes and ingredients have paved the way for different varieties of pale ale. They usually differ in strength and in taste.


What are the different types of pale ale?


It may already be confusing to immigrants and to those who are not that well-versed when it comes to pale ale, but there are really different types of this beverage. Among the known varieties include amber ale (developed by the Collier brothers in 1876 in the UK), American pale ale (created in 1980), Australian pale ale (a version that comes with a dry finish), biere de garde (brewed in France’s Nord-Pas-de-Calais region), blonde (very pale in color and brewed in South America and Europe), burton pale ale (developed in the later part of the 19th century), English bitter (first appeared in the early part of the 19th century), India pale ale (made for export to India), Irish pale ale (comes with a sweet or caramel taste), scotch ale (strong ales), and strong pale ale (comes with at least 5% alcohol content).




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Monday, July 25, 2022

Immigrants In Canada Enjoy Bannock And Are Happy To Recommend It To Others

Described to be versatile and quite delicious, Bannock is food in Canada that immigrants are happy to recommend to others who have not tried it out yet. It may be just a simple bread, but it is definitely a staple in the diet of the Aboriginal people in Canada. However, there have different versions made of this food in these modern times. There are some that are now baked which are made to be heavier and denser than the classic version. There are also fried versions which are crispy on the inside and quite fluffy on the outside. Immigrants who may be looking for a simple bread that they could have daily are more than happy to choose Bannock over any other bread that is available in the country.


This bread may seem just like any other simple bread out there, but once one tries it out, they may change their mind and say that it is definitely different from the others. Learn more about this here.


What is Bannock?


This bread may have been around for ages, but it has started to gain popularity again in Canada in the past few years. What made it become popular again was because of the different variations and tweaks that people making the bread have done. All around Canada, one can find Bannock in cafes and bakeries, and it surely is a must to try it.


Bannock is basically a flat bread. It is usually round and big and uses grains as its ingredient. To serve, it is usually cut into a number of pieces.


Its name came from dialects used in the Northern parts of Canada. It was also first called “bannuc” back in the 8th century. It was also first made in Ireland, Northern England, and Scotland.


Are there varieties of Bannock?


Yes, there are. And it seems like there is a large number of varieties of this bread. There are some that are made from the flour that was used to make the bread. There are also some that have been leavened while there are others that were not. There are also some that come with additional ingredients. There are also Bannock that has been baked, while there are those that have been fried.


It is also important to note that there are a number of varieties of Bannock in Canada, as they have been made especially for different occasions, festivals, or rituals. It is said that there are specially made versions that mark the changes in the Gaelic seasons. There is the St. Bride’s Bannock which is made just for spring. There is also the Bealtaine Bannock which is made just for summer. There is also the Samhain Bannock that signifies the start of winter.




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Friday, July 22, 2022

Experts Urge United States Government To Create Immigrant Programs Aimed At Bringing In International Tech Talents

Ever since World War II happened, the United States of America has been enjoying being the dominant country in terms of technology. This is why tons of tech companies have decided to put up their headquarters or offices in the country. With that, it is important though that the government of the United States of America continue to help this industry and the businesses under it. The best way to do this would be to help the employers bring in the needed tech employees. Although there are a lot of tech people in the country, getting more tech immigrant workers to join the country and be part of this industry would be a big help.


Many experts who have been looking at the situation in the USA are suggesting that the government should do even better than what they are doing today. It should focus more on getting more tech workers to the country and bring in the best of international tech talents. By doing so, the country would be able to keep and sustain its dominance in the technological industry.


The current tech situation


The thing is, nowadays, it is not only the USA that has become the home of many tech companies in the entire world. There are other countries that are slowly gaining foot and are moving towards overtaking the USA in its spot in the tech industry. However, if the country wants to maintain its spot, it should be working on programs and routes that would help bring in more talented tech immigrant workers to the country. It should be done with urgency.


Aside from this, the government of the country should also start focusing on how it would be able to retain the talented tech immigrant workers who are already in the country. By doing so, tech businesses can continue doing what they have been doing without having to go through the hassle of having to look for new employees, go through the hiring process, and go through the training process, among many other things.


What the USA must realize


It is important for the USA government to realize that a lot of other countries are also trying to lure in the top tech professionals. If the USA wants to continue to be on top of things, they should be working on this as quickly as possible. These tech individuals know that they have a lot of other options when it comes to a country where they can use their expertise and so the USA should be able to bring them in and make the country look the best compared to other countries in need of tech professionals. That way, tech immigrant workers would choose the USA over any other country out there.




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Thursday, July 21, 2022

New Immigration Visa Route To New Zealand To Be Open For Applicants Starting September 2022

While there are still people who believe that immigration does not bring any benefits to a country, that is not how the people of New Zealand think. The people living in the country sincerely believe that immigrants in New Zealand bring many benefits. And this is why the locals greatly support the immigration programs that its government has put together to bring in new people to the country. This is a great thing because there are tons of individuals who are doing their very best to be able to make it to New Zealand.


One of the newest immigration visa programs that the government of New Zealand has created would soon be open to accept applications by September 2022. This new route is going to be known as the Active Investor Plus and it is a new visa category. This is going to be quite an interesting one for potential immigrants and would also be a great help to the economy of the country which has experienced a huge hit when the pandemic happened and borders had to be closed.


What is the Active Investor Plus category?


This new visa category has been created by the government of New Zealand with the goal of attracting and bringing in high-value investors who are also experienced. These individuals must be willing to invest in businesses in the country. This Active Investor Plus route would be taking the place of the two currently existing visa categories, which are Investor 1 and Investor 2.


To be eligible for this new route, an individual should be ready to invest at least $5 million in a business in the country. However, only half of that can be used as investment in equities that are listed.


This new visa category would be open by the 19th of September this year. Also, it is important to note that any applications for the Investor 1 visa and the Investor 2 visa would not be accepted by New Zealand starting July 28, 2022. However, any applications for those visa categories would still be processed in a timely manner by Immigration New Zealand.


More details on the Active Investor Plus


Stuart Nash works as the Minister for Economic And Regional Development in New Zealand and on the new visa category, he stated that the country has a lot of amazing businesses that are working hard and are already making a mark in the global arena. That is why the country’s government is keen on supporting all these businesses so that they would grow more and become successful brands in the global scene. By bringing in new investors, it would help these businesses grow and the new visa category is the strategy that the government has decided on to bring in those needed high-value investors.




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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What Welsh Cakes Are And Why Immigrants In The United Kingdom Have Chosen This As One Of Their Fave Foods

To have a tasty snack or a treat is a great reward for many people. Most people have a sweet tooth and so sweet stuff is always a welcome treat. Some people even reward themselves with something sweet from time to time when they do a great job or just when they need some food to give their own emotions some comforting food. It does not matter if one is in their home country or an immigrant in a country like the United Kingdom. What matters is that people get to have some comfort food that their sweet tooth is looking for.


One of the many delicious and sweet treats that one can find when they are in the United Kingdom is known as Welsh cake. It is a really tasty treat and one of the favorite sweet foods that immigrants in the country really love. Even the locals love it and would often offer this to their friends and family who are visiting. Unlike other desserts that are eaten after a good meal, Welsh cakes are often eaten when one is relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea.


What are Welsh cakes?


Welsh cakes are also known as pics or bakestones. They are a type of sweet bread in Wales in the UK and are a traditional one. They are really popular in Wales and the rest of the country for a long time. In fact, it is said that these Welsh cakes have become a popular sweet treat since the late part of the 19th century.


Why are they called bakestones?


Many people who have heard of Welsh cakes being called bakestones have been asking why they have been known as such. These cakes are actually also known as griddle cakes. The reason for being called such is because they have been traditionally prepared and cooked on a bakestone. They can also be cooked on a griddle that is made from cast iron that is around 1.5 cm. thick. There are also some who refer to this sweet bread as griddle scones.


What are Welsh cakes made of?


The main ingredients used in making this delectable treat in the UK are flour, currants, milk, eggs, and some lard or butter. Spices are also added to the mixture to make it even better and the usual spices used are nutmeg and cinnamon.


After mixing all of the ingredients together, the mixture is then transferred to a round container. When cooked, the Welsh cake would be circular in shape and would measure around 1 cm. to 1.5 cm. in thickness and around 7 cm. to 8 cm. in diameter. They can be served fresh out of the oven or cooled down and are given a dusting of caster sugar.




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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

How Long Do Immigrants Need To Be In Canada To Be Granted Citizenship?

Becoming an immigrant in Canada is one thing. Becoming a citizen of the country is another. These are two different things and two different processes that individuals have to go through. But despite that, plenty of individuals from all around the world would do their best to become an immigrant and then a citizen. One cannot become a citizen of Canada without becoming an immigrant first. These two are connected, and one is a prerequisite to the other.


So how does one become a citizen? What are the usual requirements? What does one need to do to be granted citizenship in Canada? Read on and learn more about how this goes about.


The need to stay in the country for a minimum amount of time


What many people do not realize is that there are certain requirements that one must fulfill for them to be able to apply for citizenship in Canada and become a citizen of this beautiful country. One of the major requirements is for an individual to stay in the country for a minimum amount of time. A person who wants to become a citizen of Canada should be physically present there for 1,095 days at the very least. They have to be able to fulfill this requirement during the five years requirement of being an immigrant before they can go and apply for citizenship. That is three years of having to be physically present in Canada.


It is also important to note that there are specific days that are counted towards these 1,095 days. According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the days that count are those considered to be “full days” and these are those days that one is physically in Canada and should be there as a permanent resident.


Those who are temporary residents in Canada can still start counting the days. However, each day that they physically stay in Canada would only be counted as half days. This means that they would need to stay much longer in the country as compared to permanent residents.


Other important requirements


Of course, this is just one of the requirements. Other requirements from the Canadian government on applying for citizenship include being able to speak English and/or French well so that they can communicate properly with the people in the country. Individuals who are anywhere from 18 years old to 54 years old should submit proof that they are proficient in either one of these languages. They should also not have any kind of criminal history. Individuals who also want to gain citizenship in Canada must also be aware of the rights that the citizens of the country have along with their responsibilities. They should also have basic knowledge of the history, political system, and geography of the country.




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Monday, July 18, 2022

Some Rules In The United States Of America Which Immigrants Should Be Aware Of

It does not matter if one is a tourist or an immigrant in a country. What is important is that people know how to follow the rules or the customs in that country. As they say, “Do as the Romans do,” and that is why people should do just what the locals do. One must not bring their own rules to a new country that they are in because that is not how things go. Instead, one must know how things go in that country and follow them. No country is an exception to this and the United States of America definitely is one of them.


Those who are planning on moving to the USA as immigrants should be familiar with these rules and the country’s culture. Although a lot of people are familiar with how things go in the USA from movies and TV shows, it still would be best to learn them. Here are some of these rules.


Littering, graffiti, and loitering.


Littering or throwing any kind of garbage on the streets is something that is against the law. Those who do this will have to pay a fine or go to jail as punishment. The same goes true for creating graffiti (or writing or drawing on walls), and loitering (which is defined as simply standing around and just doing nothing).


Discrimination and insulting statements.


Any discrimination against other people’s race, ethnicity, or religion is also against the law and is punishable. This is considered to be a hate crime. The same goes true for making any statements that are insulting to another person because of their ethnicity, race, or religion.


Purchasing alcoholic drinks.


People who wish to purchase alcoholic drinks in the USA must have an ID with a photo. This person must also prove that they are over 21 years old.


Cigarettes and smoking.


In most of the states in the USA, individuals who wish to smoke can only do so in specific places. They also could not purchase cigarettes if they are under 18 years old.


Names and nicknames.


Americans are known to be informal people that addressing them does not need someone to call them with a Mr., Ms., or Mrs. Instead, they can just be addressed just by using their nickname or their first name.


Talking with strangers.


To have a stranger smile and talk to someone else is a normal thing in the USA. Americans do that a lot and they may even share stories that are personal to complete strangers. This may not be a normal thing in other countries but it is in the USA.


How are you?


When someone asks a person “How are you?”, this person is not asking them how their health is or how things are going for them. Instead, it is used to greet someone in the USA.




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Friday, July 15, 2022

Immigrants In New Zealand Get To Learn About Tikanga Maori And They Find It Interesting

People who choose to move to a new country as immigrants are some of the luckiest people out there. It is not just because they can start a new life which plenty of individuals want to do. Those who choose to be immigrants are also lucky because they can explore a new place and this is a great perk especially for those people who are into learning new things and experiencing new activities. Those who choose New Zealand as their new country that they would be calling home are surely going to have a grand time exploring and experiencing just what the place has to offer.


What a lot of people do not really know is that New Zealand has its rich culture intact. The people do their best to preserve it and still practice it. That is why in this age and time, getting to know culture that has been around for ages is a really different experience and one that would stick to a person for a long time.


The Maori culture


The Maori culture is still alive in New Zealand. And the way of doing things the Maori way is known as Tikanga Maori. In a nutshell, it is about doing things in ways that are still considered to be culturally appropriate and culturally respectful. This is how the Maori culture is still alive in New Zealand.


Immigrants who have chosen New Zealand as their new home should know about Tikanga. That way, they would be able to properly understand the culture and would also help them avoid any uncomfortable moments. It is important to note that the New Zealand culture is influenced greatly by the Maori culture and Tikanga. Also, different tribes in the country may also have variations of Tikanga.


What are some of the common Tikanga?

  • Shoes must be removed before one enters a house. If one is unsure, it is okay to ask.
  • While it may be okay to touch a person’s head in other countries, this is not a common thing in New Zealand. For the Maori, a person’s head is sacred. So touching it without an invitation from the person is considered to be disrespectful.
  • Putting a hat on the dinner table is not a good thing. Anything that is connected to the head is treated with politeness and this goes true for hats and pillows as well.
  • To pass some food to other people, make sure that it does not go over a person’s head.
  • Sitting on the dinner table is considered taboo and rude. This is even graver when one sits on a table that has food. In New Zealand, this is seen as an unclean act. The same goes true for putting one’s bag on the dinner table.




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Thursday, July 14, 2022

New Visa In The United Kingdom Aimed At Bringing In Top Immigrant Talents To Join Tech Industry

There are thousands and thousands of tech workers and professionals all around the world and many of them have been aiming at joining some of the top tech companies in the world. The USA is one of the top countries where one can find tons of tech companies but other countries are slowly following suit. Many tech companies are choosing to set up shop in other countries like the United Kingdom and so potential immigrant workers now have other options. They can choose to go to other countries other than the USA.


The United Kingdom is currently working on attracting and bringing in the top tech talents from all around the world. The country is doing this through a visa route that is known as the High Potential Individual which is aimed at bringing in talented individuals who have graduated from certain programs which include research, science, and engineering, and these individuals should have finished their studies from one of the universities that are known in an international level.


Who can apply for the High Potential Individual visa?


The main criteria for the High Potential Individual route would be that individuals who would like to apply should have finished their studies and graduated in the last five years. They should have finished their chosen program from one of the top 50 universities in the world that are not in the United Kingdom. 20 of the 50 schools that are on the list of the Home Office can be found in the USA, and these include some of the top tech schools which include Harvard, MIT, CalTech, and Stanford.


Individuals who wish to apply for this route would not need to have a job offer from a company in the UK. Once they get the visa, they can already work in the country for two years if they hold a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Those who have doctorates can work in the UK for three years.


The goal behind the High Potential Individual visa


Rishi Sunak is the finance minister of the United Kingdom and in a statement, he said that the UK wants tomorrow’s businesses to be built in the country today. This is why the country has created the route to entice recent graduates to use this amazing chance to start creating the careers that they want to have in the UK. This statement was made during the rollout of the route last May.


So far, the visa route has become quite popular with tons of people already showing their interest in it. This may be because the route is quick and not that complicated as compared to other visa routes. An individual would know what the decision is with regards to their application in just three weeks, as compared to months of waiting for other routes.




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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Canada’s Economy Will Benefit Well From Increased Immigration Rates, Says Country’s Business Leaders

One of the things that makes Canada a force to reckon with is that it is doing its best and working hard towards ensuring that it becomes the most ideal home for all of the brightest and the best global talent who belong to all the different industries. This is what the country is doing to ensure that it is able to attract these top individuals and have them decide to become immigrants in Canada.


What business owners say


Recently, the Business Council of Canada has done a study and a report about the results has been published. The study was done with 80 businesses in Canada as respondents for the survey, and the topic was how these businesses use the immigration programs of the country to bring in the skilled workers that they need. Those businesses that were included in the survey have a cumulative total of more than 1.6 million employees.


According to the results, 2/3 of the businesses have said that they use the immigration system of the country to help them recruit the talent that they need from outside the country. The rest of the lot disclosed that they hire immigrant workers who are already living in the country.


The need for more immigrant workers


At present, the vacancy rate in the country has reached record-breaking numbers. Businesses in Canada have to deal with labor shortages and experts who have looked into the situation are saying that the number may continue to increase until 2030. By that time, more than 9 million Canadians would have reached retirement age which is 65 years old. That means fewer people in the labor market. And given the low birth rate in the country, the labor shortage would definitely continue.


The study done by the BCC also disclosed that all businesses that took part in the survey said that the labor shortage in Canada is widespread. They all are having difficulties finding the right skilled workers that they need to keep their businesses running smoothly and this is for all industries. The areas with the most labor shortages are British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario.


The tech industry in the country has been one of the hardest-hit industries in Canada. The industry is continuing to grow and there is a huge demand for skilled workers all around the globe. Those individuals who have been practicing computer science, information technology, and engineering are among those that are in high demand. It is important to note though that this is something that this industry has been dealing with for a number of years already, even before the pandemic hit. Getting help from the government with the labor shortage can make the industry become even stronger.




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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Maui And Why It Is A Popular Spot For Tourists, Immigrants, And Locals In The United States Of America

The United States of America is a really big country and because of that, one can definitely expect a lot of beautiful spots to explore. This is a really big thing for tourists who visit the country. And this is really a great bonus for many immigrants who have decided to call the United States of America their new country. With the tons of beautiful spots, one would not have a hard time finding the next place to go to especially during holidays and long weekends. It would allow them to know more about the country, the people, and the culture.


Of the many spots that the USA has to offer, one of these is Maui and it is an island. This is quite a big thing as there are not a lot of islands in the country as compared to others countries in the world. It is a tropical spot that has brought in a lot of people who love the warm and humid weather and it has plenty of wonderful things to try and experience.


Where is Maui?


This island is not really big like the Big Island but it is also not as small as Lanai Island. Maui is also described to be not as busy as Oahu Island but also not as quiet as Kauai Island. Maui is an island that is just right for many people who choose to visit this spot in the USA. This island in Hawaii has just about anything and everything that is distinctly Hawaiian. It has some of the best wildlife that people can enjoy and it also has a lot of places where people can learn about its history and experience the culture.


What can people do on Maui?


There are a lot of things that people can do and try once they are on this island in the USA. One can choose to learn the hula dance from professionals and join them upon knowing how the dance is done. The hula dance is part of the Hawaiian culture and is something that a lot of people visiting the area try to learn at least once in their lives.


Those who are into golf can experience the sport in some of the best fairways in Maui. There are golf courses with a good view of the coast which makes the whole experience quite amazing.


Other activities that people can try out would be going on a zip line and enjoying the sights as they zip through it. They can also choose to go snorkeling in the beautiful and clean waters surrounding the island. The ocean holds some of the most beautiful fishes and is also home to different sea turtles. Those who just choose to relax can do so on the many beaches on Maui.




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Monday, July 11, 2022

Jet Boat Rides In New Zealand Have Many Immigrants And Locals Hooked

Water has healing properties, and not just in terms of quenching one’s thirst or replenishing any lost water in one’s body. Water also helps people relax and recharge and that is why plenty of people choose to go somewhere with bodies of water and engage in various activities there to help them de-stress or even just relax. That is why it is said that people who live in New Zealand are one of the luckiest people since there is plenty of water in the country. This is also a great thing for many individuals who are looking for a new country to move to as immigrants.


One of the many activities that people in the country have engaged in is jet boat rides. Many locals and many immigrants in New Zealand have tried this one time or more and many are already planning on taking one in the near future. This is an amazing activity to try out, especially for those who are too keen on being in deep water but would like to explore the clean waters more.


What are jet boat rides?


A local farmer in New Zealand back in the 1950s was the one who created the jet boat. This is a boat that is able to move in the water by shooting water in its rear. It also does not have any propellers like the usual boats out there. This is a good thing because it means that jet boats can actually go through shallow waters and rivers that normal boats with propellers could not pass through.


When one goes on a jet boat ride in New Zealand, it is known as a classic adventure. There are tons of these offered all over the country, given that New Zealand is home to many bodies of water. People who take these adventures are happy to enjoy nature while on the boat. The boat can also go really fast on the water and can even do great turns. It is really an adventure that people are more than happy to do again.


Jet boat tours in New Zealand


There are tons of jet boat tours that people can choose from once they are in New Zealand. One of these is taking one in Huka Falls which is near Lake Taupo. By taking a jet boat tour, one is able to go really close to the beautiful waterfall that is quite powerful and has turquoise water. Another tour is to the place known as The Squeeze. This tour starts in Rotorua and takes people to the Tutukau Gorge. Once there, people can go off the boat and enjoy what is known as the thermal waterfall. There are also warm pools for soaking in the area.




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