Friday, July 30, 2021

New Zealand Speak: Some Common Slang, Lingo, And Phrases For Immigrants To Learn

To be able to communicate well and be able to send a message across is something that people do on the daily. However, not all are able to communicate well that the person on the other end is not able to understand what the sender means. That is why communication is said to be a two-way street – the person on the receiving end should also learn how the other person communicates. And this can be applied by people who may be moving as immigrants to a new country like New Zealand.


The thing about New Zealand is that the people here speak English mainly so knowing the basic language is not going to be difficult for newcomers like immigrants. However, what changes things is how English evolves depending on the people using the language, the culture in that place, and many other things. When this happens, slang or lingo is created and that is what immigrants should be learning because these can become ingrained in the language used by the locals.


With that, here are some of the common slang, lingo, and phrases that are commonly used by locals in New Zealand.




When in New Zealand, immigrants should know that this term actually is used to refer to abuse or to idiots.


I don’t know how Isabel has that drongo for a boyfriend. She’s just in love, I guess, and we can’t do anything about that.




A male who may be cool or may be good-looking is referred to as a dude. Unlike other countries who use the word ‘dude’, Kiwis use this term to mean something more than just a male.


Why don’t you join me and my friends later tonight for drinks? They’re all dudes, you would feel right at home.




In normal English, to feed means to eat something to nourish one’s body. In New Zealand slang, this term actually also means a meal.


I prepared some feed for you today. I hope you like mac and cheese. That’s the only thing I could cook without going to the supermarket.


Flat tack


When the term ‘flat tack’ is used, it actually means being at top speed.


Beau was quite surprised and very relieved that his girlfriend didn’t get harmed or injured since she was driving flat tack.




The word ‘green’ in normal English is used to refer to the color though it can also be used to refer to vegetables, envy, or the environment. Now, in this country, ‘greenie’ actually means a conservationist, which is quite understandable.


I don’t meet a lot of interesting people but greenies are definitely my favorite. I learn a lot from them and I believe in the same things as they do.




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Thursday, July 29, 2021

In The Midst Of The Pandemic, Canada Still Continues To Work On Growing Immigrant Numbers

When the pandemic was officially declared over a year ago, most countries around the world actually put their territories under lockdown. Movement was limited and so this meant that even immigrants were unable to make it to the country that they were supposed to move to. It created a lot of chaos and left people feeling unsure about the future that they had so carefully planned. Countries like Canada had to focus first on the health of the people rather than other important things.


However, with more and more information available on the virus that caused the pandemic and with more and more changes and upgrades in how the pandemic can be handle, Canada is one of the countries that was able to slowly get back on its feet. Though the process may be slow and painful, it was something necessary. One of the things that Canada started to build up on again was bringing in new immigrants. And even if the pandemic is still happening, this country is now working on growing immigrant numbers in its territory.


Helping the economy of Canada


Helping the economy come right back to its former glory pre-pandemic is something that Canada is focusing on right now. It has been able to focus on vaccinations and other health protocols to make sure that the people in the country are kept safe from the deadly virus. And this means that the country is now able to bring in the needed immigrants who have proven to be a huge factor in boosting the economy of Canada to greater heights.


Studies and research done have shown just how huge the role of immigrants is when it comes to growing the economy of Canada. These individuals are good sources of labor for many businesses that are looking for reliable individuals to help them out with their operations. There are also immigrants who bring in new business to the country which, in turn, helps boost the economy. Canada has long recognized the importance of this group of people and so it has been making sure that it is able to bring in the right amount and kind of immigrants that Canada needs for a certain period.


More benefits of bringing in immigrants


Aside from helping with the economy, immigrants are also beneficial to countries like Canada which has a low birth rate and an aging population. Immigrants help the population grow. They also provide their expertise and services especially in the healthcare industry who may need more people nowadays to provide help in the ongoing pandemic. With more people in retirement, this means fewer people doing the work and the immigrants help out a lot in that aspect as well.




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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sports In Germany: A Quick Guide For Immigrants Who Have Made Their Way To Germany

These days, sports has been a trending topic for many people all around the world because of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games happening at present. And it cannot be denied that it is a good topic of discussion given the many different teams from around the world competing to see who is the best in each sporting event. There are countries like Germany that do not only showcase their sports skills but also bring to light some issues that they want to address. This is a really good thing to have as it also helps teach people sportsmanship and immigrants know how important this is especially since they may be rooting for their home country while living in a country that is not originally theirs.


Immigrants who are in Germany and may be looking for some sports to play would find the country to be quite a good place to be in. See, a variety of sports are played here and one can simply find a group or a club that they can join so they can play with them.


Germans are into sports


If immigrants or potential immigrants in Germany are worried that they may not find people who are into sports in the country, then they should stop worrying because the truth is, Germans are really into sports. It is said that there may be around 27,000,000 locals who have chosen to become members of a sports club or two. And then there are around 12,000,000 individuals who have chosen to do sports on their own. The numbers are staggering which is basically a good way of showing just how much people in Germany are really into sports.


This definitely means that people who may be interested in learning a sport or would like to do sports can actually have a lot of options when they are in Germany. There are tons of different clubs available and a lot of people who practice sports so it means that finding people who they could play with or even compete with is not going to be a difficult thing to do.


A popular sport in Germany


One of the most popular sports in Germany is football and the country even has a football competition which is known as the Bundesliga. It brings a lot of interested people in watching and supporting the players during the game and many attend the matches. In fact, the number of people who attend the games are actually one of the highest in the entire world in terms of professional sports. Germans are quite known to be really good at football that the national team is one of the strongest in the world. It has won a good number of World Cups and it continues to prove how good they are.




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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Some Lingo For Immigrants To Learn Before They Move To The United Kingdom

While the United Kingdom actually speaks English as its main language, one cannot deny that the English language is so dynamic that there are plenty of terms and slang and lingo that come out every now and then. These differentiations actually happen in just one country like the United Kingdom or within specific groups or communities. This may seem confusing for a lot of folks but it is a great thing to experience because it just goes to show that the English language is very much alive as it is still continuously still developing. Immigrants should be prepared for this because they will be mingling and communicating with the locals in the country.


So without further ado, here are some of the slang and lingo in the UK that are usually used by the locals. This should help immigrants and even tourists and travelers in the country to better understand what the locals are saying.


Hard lines


Immigrants may think that ‘hard lines’ actually may mean drawing darker lines or something of that sort. However, the thing is, in the United Kingdom, this term actually means ‘bad luck’.


Scott was having his share of hard lines today. He missed his train, stepped into a puddle, and forgot to bring his lunch.


Her Majesty’s pleasure


A lot of people who are new to this term may think that this is something that is good and pleasant, it actually means the opposite. ‘Her Majesty’s pleasure’ actually refers to being in prison.


Meena wasn’t sure what was happening but she found herself at Her Majesty’s pleasure and she knows she didn’t do anything illegal or wrong.




No, this does not have anything to do with horns. In the United Kingdom, ‘honking’ actually means being quite sick.


Bella was not just feeling under the weather. In fact, she was definitely honking that she had to be brought to the hospital.




This slang does not have anything to do with the sweet jams that go well with bread. It also does not have anything to do with having a great time listening to music or making music. ‘Jammy’ actually means getting quite lucky repeatedly.


Who doesn’t want to be jammy? A lot of people sure could use it.




Khazi is surely not a shortened form of Kazakhstan. In fact, it is not related to that country at all. This term, when used in the UK, actually is slang that means the toilet.


The khazi was definitely what Tom looked for upon reaching the gas station. His stomach had not been feeling well since they left home for their vacation.




This term actually means taking a snooze or taking a quick power nap.


He hasn’t had a decent sleep for days now and he needed a kip before going to that meeting.




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Monday, July 26, 2021

Why Immigrants In Canada Are Choosing To Visit Jasper National Park

Each year, tons of people dream and wish that they could make it to Canada as immigrants. However, not all of them really push through because of some obstacles on their end. Those who are really set on moving to the country do their best to meet all of the requirements of Canada and a good amount of them make it there. Those who are not able to meet the requirements work hard as well so that they would be able to in the future.


There are plenty of reasons that make people want to move to Canada and be immigrants there. And it is quite a pleasant surprise that the country offers a lot of beautiful spots for these new immigrants to go and explore. After all, just focusing on their main purpose is not what is all about. Taking the time to relax and enjoy what a place has to offer is a great thing to do to deal away with all the stress and maybe even cure one’s homesickness.


Of the tons and tons of spots to visit in Canada, one of these is Jasper National Park and it has regularly brought a lot of immigrants to the place.


What is Jasper National Park?


Jasper National Park is actually one of the places in Canada where wildlife still exist. Those who have been able to visit there are more than invigorated by the views as there are panoramas all around which are often described as kaleidoscopic. Immigrants who have visited the place are really happy to have chosen to go there as the entire thing is totally different from what they usually see around Canada.


Upon arriving at the park, they can go on treks in and about the place. They can also view Mount Edith Cavell from the Jasper National Park. They also can go right to the mountain if they chose to. They can also choose to go to the Maligne Canyon which offers caverns.


Where is Jasper National Park?


This beautiful spot in Canada can be found in the eastern part of Alberta and it is a popular spot for many adventurers in the country. It also holds the honor of being the biggest part that can be found in the Canadian Rockies. It has also been designed to be a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The entire park is really huge. In fact, it is composed of over 2.7 million acres which people can explore on their own if they wish to.


What is in Jasper National Park?


There are tons of flora and fauna to be appreciated in this park in Canada as well as a lot of animals which include moose, wolverines, and caribous.




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Friday, July 23, 2021

Shortage Of Immigrant Workers In New Zealand Cost Businesses Money

What people knew as normal changed when the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 disease was declared. The whole world was in chaos and there is still a lot of uncertainty. Scientists are doing the best that they can to find a cure and to work on a vaccine that can help keep the virus that causes the disease at bay. Health workers had to keep things running and continued to provide treatment and relief for the patients. Countries like New Zealand imposed lockdowns and made sure that their borders were only open to residents of the country so new immigrants were definitely out of the question.


The priority here is the health of the people and that is what New Zealand did. By locking their borders, they had more control over the movement of the people and they were one of the first countries to successfully handle the situation. However, one of the downsides of doing such was that even if businesses were able to come back from the chaos and the pause caused by the lockdowns earlier in the pandemic, owners of such endeavors are feeling the loss of money because operations cannot go as usual because of the lack and shortage of immigrant workers who used to help out.


Growing the economy


Just like in many other countries, the economy has been badly hit in New Zealand because of the pandemic. The decision of the government to do this was for the sake of the health of its residents and it is the act that it chose to do to help suppress the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, many businesses had to close for a time but now they are back to business and economic growth is happening to the country.


The economy may be growing and the businesses may be back to what they were doing. However, a lot of business owners are feeling the effects of closed borders. Many businesses in New Zealand actually rely on immigrant workers to help out with the operations. With closed borders, no new immigrant workers are able to come to the country and so business owners have to make do with what they have. However, many business owners are claiming that this is costing them money as the usual output is not the same as before.


The need for immigrants


It cannot be denied that immigrants really do play a huge role in how businesses thrive in New Zealand as well as how the economy grows. With more immigrants in New Zealand, business owners can have them as employees and get the needed output and maybe even more. However, for over a year now, the country has had to deal with the lack of immigrants. Most of the affected businesses are restaurants as well as cafes that have been employing immigrant workers for their staff.




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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Open Work Permit To Be Soon Introduced In Canada For Immigrant Student Graduates And Essential Workers

Another open work permit would soon be available in Canada and this is as per an announcement from Marco Mendicino, the country’s Immigration Minister. This permit would soon become an option for all of the essential workers who are already in Canada. It would also be available for immigrant students who have graduated from a program in one of the colleges and universities in the country. This is a great thing especially for immigrant student graduates who are more than happy to get some experience in the field they chose and practice what they have learned.


According to the Immigration Minister, starting on the 26th of July, all temporary residents who may have already sent in their applications for the new route to become a permanent resident will be actually eligible to go for an open work permit in Canada. They can use this so that they can continue to stay in the country and do some work while they actually wait for the decision of the government with regards to their application.


Less worries for those with pending applications


This update surely is good news for plenty of people in Canada who may be waiting for the decision on their applications. These people usually continue to worry about their status which is quite unsure and can cause them a lot of stress. However, it is good news that such an option is now available and it would mean that these individuals in Canada can continue to stay in the country and also be able to get work experience while they are waiting for the very important decision.


Before this new program was launched, those applicants still waiting for the decision were unable to apply for the Bridging Open Work Permit (or BOWP) and this was because of the technicalities that can be found in the policies of the country. Because of this, these individuals were risking the chance to leave Canada if the decision is still not released by the end of their legal stay.


A step forward


According to Mendicino, the new path that the country has released for individuals to make it as permanent residents is actually a big step forward for Canada. The country is eyeing around 90,000 total immigrant graduates and essential workers who would be benefitting from this route. However, Mendicino continued that 90,000 is just the start as the scope may even go bigger and it would also be a lot faster than other paths. This is a good thing to do because it means that individuals who have been doing a lot of great work to help Canada especially during this pandemic can continue to stay in the country and offer their services.




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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Pilgrimage Church Of Wies: A UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site In Germany Often Visited By Immigrants And Tourists

For many immigrants who have come from around the world, moving to a new country is something that they have worked hard for. Most of them usually make the move with a good reason at hand and that can include reuniting with their loved ones, taking further studies, or maybe having a job offer. These may be the main reasons but, on the side, many of these immigrants are also looking forward to explore the new country that they are living in. It is a good thing though that many countries like Germany offer plenty of beautiful spots for these newcomers to go to.


One of the amazing spots that people in Germany can visit would be the Pilgrimage Church of Weis and this should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. After all this spot is not only a great place of faith but also quite amazing given that it has been listed by UNESCO as a cultural world heritage site. Now, that is something that a lot of people do not get access to.


What is the Pilgrimage Church of Wies?


This beautiful piece of architecture can be found in Germany’s Steingaden, Bavaria. It has really bright colors as well as lively frescoes that would be really quite a marvel to look at. Being listed by UNESCO, this surely is quite a masterpiece and seeing it in person is definitely an experience that would be worth everything. It uses Rococo architecture and it is situated in an area that allows people in the church to actually enjoy the beautiful scenes offered by the Alpines.


What makes this even a lot more beautiful is the fact that through the ages, the Pilgrimage Church of Wies has been preserved in the Alpine valley that it is in. People who visit this church in Germany definitely have a great time there just marveling at the entire thing. This church is the work of art of Dominikus Zimmermann, an architect, and he surely made it to be a church that is rich, colorful, and vibrant.


What’s the history of the Pilgrimage Church?


Wies is a hamlet in Germany and it is said that in 1738, it has been a place where a miracle has happened. People said that tears were seen on a simple figure of Christ which was made of wood. This statue was found on a column and was not worshiped anymore by the monks there. Because of the miracle, people then built a chapel made out of wood so they can place the miraculous statue. This started a lot of people coming to the chapel to witness the miracle and worship as well. It then became a pilgrimage for believers.




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Monday, July 19, 2021

Finding The Tickell Arms In The United Kingdom As A Watering Hole For Many Immigrants

All around the world, liquor and alcoholic beverages are a huge thing. These drinks have become a way for people to meet new people, spend time with loved ones, or just simply while the hours away. And for immigrants who may be in a new country like the United Kingdom, having some of these beverages are a great way for them to interact with the locals or even just spend time relaxing and trying to get a grasp of the new place that they are living in. It is a good thing that in the UK, there are a good number of pubs that immigrants can go to should they feel like having a drink or two would be good for them.


One of the pubs in the United Kingdom which have been considered to be a good spot for many immigrants is The Tickell Arms. And on an ordinary day, there can be a considerable amount of people there having some food or just enjoying their drinks.


What is The Tickell Arms?


The Tickell Arms can be found in Whittlesford which is around five miles to the south of Cambridge. It is a pub that is quite pretty in its own sense and is also very welcoming to people who would like to spend some time there. This pub can be found right in the middle of an English shire and it is quite a sight to see when the sun is high up in the sky. It is a pub right in a country house that is painted blue and it also has woodwork in it that is quite ornate. Some who have been to this pub in the UK say that they feel like they are right inside one of the Elvish homes in Lord Of The Rings.


The interior of The Tickell Arms is homey but is also quite elegant. It has a restaurant and conservatory which is a new addition, and it can be found right next to a beautiful garden with a pond and a waterfall. Now, that sure is a sight to see!


What can be found in The Tickell Arms?


People who have found themselves in this pub are quite happy with the options that have been made available to them. Most of the beer there are local UK brews which definitely deserves a great nod. There are also wines available and some of them are sourced from the country as well. Food is also available in this pub. One of the most popular and sumptuous dishes to be tried here would be the duck parcel which is quite rich and satisfying. Other dishes to try out would be the pork tenderloin as well as the Tenderstem broccoli with red wine gravy.




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Friday, July 16, 2021

Fewer New Immigrants Make It To Canada In May 2021

Each year, the government of Canada has a target when it comes to the number of new immigrants that it would be bringing in and welcoming to the country. The target usually is a huge number and so far, Canada has been able to hit the target quite well – except, of course, when the pandemic hit and restrictions and lockdown were put in place.


However, recently, Canada had another quick stumble when it comes to meeting its target in terms of the number of new immigrants that it would be bringing in. See, just this May 2021, the country was able to welcome just around 17,100 individuals who were given permanent residency statuses. This was definitely a lot lower as compared to the previous months’ number. But given the situation where things are still quite uncertain because of the pandemic, it is not surprising if this happens. In fact, it is, so far, the one of the months that had a low number of new immigrants.


Data from the IRCC


Data from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada were released recently and it definitely showed a slowing down in terms of the number of new immigrants that are coming in Canada. May 2021 marked the fourth month straight that a lower number of new immigrants had been recorded in the country. This is right after experiencing quite a strong start this 2021. This can perhaps be attributed to the unpredictable changes in the rules when it comes to handling the pandemic not only in Canada but in other countries as well.


In January, Canada was able to bring in around 24,680 new immigrants and around 23,400 in February. By March, the country was able to bring in around 22,400 new immigrants and around 21,100 by April. Including the new immigrants in May, Canada has successfully welcomed a bit over 108,000 new immigrants for the first five months of this year. And if looking at the immigration plan of Canada, it has to bring up the pace if it wants to meet its target.


An ambitious immigration plan


A number of experts who have been looking at the plans that the Canadian government has with regards to immigration have said that that plan may be quite ambitious. See, Canada has planned on bringing in around 401,000 new immigrants each year starting 2021. This has been noted as the biggest and most ambitious goal that Canada has in its immigration history. However, this plan has been made as such because the country believes that new immigrants can be a huge help to the country in terms of helping the economy recover from the pandemic. It has long been proven that immigrants have been very beneficial to the economy and Canada recognizes that.




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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Arts In New Zealand Is Highly Appreciated By Immigrants And Travelers

The world of arts is everywhere and this world would not be as colorful and rich as it is if it were not for arts. Not a lot of people realize this though as art is everywhere and it is ingrained in the culture of a place so it is something that is very usual and normal. However, for people who are new to the place like immigrants and travelers, the art in a new country is something that they can highly appreciate. This is something that is happening in New Zealand and the arts scene in the country is definitely for the books.


In New Zealand, arts is something that the government of the country and the locals really put a lot of effort into. And that is definitely reflected in how highly regarded arts is in the country and how much it is appreciated by the immigrants as well as the travelers and tourists. Art tells the story of a place and one can definitely know more about New Zealand by taking a further look into the arts of the country.


Keeping the arts in New Zealand alive


The influence that the arts in New Zealand have has been mainly because of the country’s goal to have a national identity that would be quite unique as compared to other cultures and other countries. The entire country had this goal and so they worked together to make this happen. There have been a huge number of famous individuals who have done their share to make sure that the arts in the country stands out among the rest and all of the things that they did came together to be able to achieve their goal.


There have been a number of writers who were active in this endeavor during the late part of the 19th century onwards which included Katherine Mansfield who was known for writing short stories as well as R.A.K. Mason who was a poet. Historians also joined the cause which included William Pember Reeves. Ethnologists were also active in the endeavor which included Elsdon Best as well as S. Percy Smith.


Visual arts in New Zealand


Aside from the people in the world of literature who joined this amazing call in New Zealand for keeping arts in the country unique and alive, there have also been people involved in visual arts who did their fair share to keep the endeavor running. One of them was Frances Hodgkin who may have lived a good portion of her life outside the country still did her best to make sure that she did what she could for the world of arts in New Zealand. Some groups eventually emerged which artists Don Binney and Colin McMahon joined to help out bring commercial galleries to become recognized in the country especially in big cities and towns.




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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

More And More International Students In Canada Are Choosing To Become Immigrants In The Country

Each year, the government of Canada receives a huge amount of applications from potential immigrants. The country has been a popular choice among individuals who are planning on becoming immigrants and that is mainly because Canada has, for years, been a country that has been open and welcoming of new immigrants. And each year, this country has been accepting thousands and thousands of these people.


There are a number of reasons why people have chosen to become immigrants in Canada. One of the top reasons is to become immigrant students or international students. With the high quality of education that Canada has, it is definitely not a surprise to see plenty of people around the world wanting to take advantage of this. Plus, education in the country is known worldwide so it means that having been educated in this country would mean having their education recognized anywhere in the world. This is quite beneficial especially for jobseekers.


More and more immigrant students choose to study in Canada


With the government working hard to bring in immigrants each year, it is not surprising if the government continues to create programs and other ways to make sure that immigrant students do not leave the country after they finish their programs. The students can continue living in Canada and be able to contribute to the economy and to the society by putting into practice whatever lessons and skills they have learned from their program. The government has definitely seen the importance of these immigrant students to Canada. It considers these learners as a good and promising group that would help in the labor market.


As per the data from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC), from 2000 to 2019, the total holders of study permits in Canada had gone up. In 2000, the number recorded was at 122,700 while in 2019, this total went up to 642,500. Many people have definitely seen the advantages of studying in Canada thus the increase.


Immigrant students are choosing to stay in Canada


After the year 2000, out of every 10 immigrant students who chose to study in Canada, three of them have moved to becoming a permanent resident of the country. And these individuals have accomplished that in 10 years since they have first received their permit to study in the country. This is as per a report given by Statistics Canada. Aside from this, for the same period, half of the students who have taken master’s degrees in Canada have also become permanent residents. Out of every 10 immigrant students who took doctoral degrees in the country, six of them have chosen to become permanent residents right in the same timeframe.




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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Bonn: A City In Germany Immigrants Go To Because Of The Job Varieties Available

When an individual decides to become an immigrant in a new country, there are strong reasons why they chose to do that. Of course, the reasons vary with each individual and the most common reasons among the many immigrants around the world would be to get further education, to be united with their family, or for work. This is the same case for immigrants who have chosen Germany as their new country that they would call home.


There are plenty of cities in Germany that immigrants can choose to live in and one of them is Bonn. This city is quite a popular one among immigrants not because it is a city but because it holds quite a good amount of job varieties that are available to those who are looking for a job opportunity. After all, there are people who would like to explore their potential and see what career would suit them best. Bonn can surely offer that with the seemingly unending number of job varieties available.


Job options in Bonn


Immigrants who are in Germany and are looking for a job there can choose to go to Bonn because it is one of the top cities in the country when it comes to salary rates and job opportunities available. This city is home to a good number of small businesses and medium businesses. Getting a good salary here is also quite possible.


Bonn is also a great city for those who are looking for a good place to live in because the unemployment rate here is quite low. The average salary of employees is also high. The average resident in this city is estimated to have an annual salary of €65,000. So this sure is a great place to choose if one decides to move to Germany as an immigrant. This city is also known to have an environment that puts modern research on top of things which is quite essential in terms of improvements in science.


Things to do in Bonn


Just like most cities in Germany, there are a ton of things that can be enjoyed and appreciated by immigrants, locals, and tourists in Bonn. One of them would be taking a visit to the Haus der Geschichte. This is a museum that offers a good summary of the contemporary history of Germany which starts from World War II up to the current time. Another good spot to visit would be the Beethoven House which used to famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s house which has now been turned into a museum. Other places to visit could include the Bonn Minster (one of the oldest churches in the country), the Altes Rathaus (which is the Old Town Hall), and Poppelsdorf Palace (a baroque-inspired dwelling that has been around for over 200 years now).




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Monday, July 12, 2021

Giant’s Causeway In Northern Ireland Has Amazed A Lot Of Immigrants In The United Kingdom

What not a lot of people really know is that the United Kingdom is one of the top countries in the world that is open and welcoming to immigrants. And that should be something that many potential immigrants should know. The United Kingdom is one of the countries in the world that has a strong economy and offers great education opportunities for those who may be looking for further studies. Aside from that, the country also offers some of the best sights and spots to visit that are really worth enjoying once immigrants are already in the country.


There are definitely plenty of places to visit in the UK and those who are already in the country have gone ahead and visited them. Among the many places that immigrants, locals, and visitors in the country can go to would be Giant’s Causeway and it sure has brought a lot of great and positive emotions to those who have already seen its grandeur.


Where is Giant’s Causeway?


Ireland is still a part of the United Kingdom though many people often forget that piece of information. The northern portion of Ireland is where one can find what is known as the Emerald Isle and it is definitely a place worth exploring, especially for those who are new to the country. There are plenty of beautiful spots in this corner of the UK and one of these, and possibly the most popular, is Giant’s Causeway.


What is Giant’s Causeway?


For those who may not have any idea what Giant’s Causeway is, it is actually a natural feature that can be found in the United Kingdom and it is quite stunning in its own way. It is all natural but it does not look like it is totally natural. In fact, many have thought that it was made and crafted by man. But it really is nature who has carved and worked on this spectacular spot.


It is also quite interesting to note that Giant’s Causeway in the United Kingdom is also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Well, that should not be quite surprising given the majesty of the spot. It is quite unusual given its columns of basalt that come in layers. It then juts upwards right out to the sea and the shore which makes it look like a really huge, gigantic staircase. This is right where its name was taken from.


It is said that there are around 4,000 steps of these amazing steps and this has not been created by man. In fact, it was made more than 60 million years ago when there was a period on Earth that volcanic activities were quite intense. People who have been there are more than happy to share just how great the feeling is once they got to see this natural wonder.




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Friday, July 9, 2021

Gestures That Immigrants In Canada May Want To Avoid

While there are gestures that do not really mean anything wrong in some countries can actually be offensive in other countries. This is why it is important for people who are interested in becoming immigrants in a new country like Canada should learn about them so that they can be prepared and not end up in some kind of brawl or fight or argument just because they used a gesture that they thought was safe to use.


Keep in mind though that there may be offensive gestures in Canada but this does not mean that there are a lot of such in the country. There are just some that are deemed to be offensive or obscene and so people especially newcomers to the country like immigrants should be aware and avoid them. After all, knowledge is power and knowing what to avoid so as to stay away from any kind of trouble is definitely going to be a great blessing.


So what are the common gestures in Canada that immigrants may want to avoid? Read on and find out.


Raising the middle finger


Even in other countries, raising the middle finger has a negative connotation. This is the same in Canada. It is a really strong gesture that shows off anger and frustration for another person. People often use this when they are driving and someone is not properly following traffic rules.


Making a thumbs down


This gesture is quite mild in terms of being a negative gesture and it usually shows disapproval.


Putting the elbows on top of the table while still eating


When dining in Canada in a setting that is more formal, putting one’s elbows on the table while they are all still eating is considered to be a rude type of gesture. However, in more casual settings, doing this is really not that rude.


Having an open mouth while eating or talking while one’s mouth is full


This is common etiquette in Canada that people should not have an open mouth while eating or while chewing. It is also not a good idea to talk while their mouth is still full. By doing so, the other people who may be looking can consider such gestures or manners to be quite gross.


Yawning without covering it


If one yawns and that yawn is not covered by the yawner with his or her hand or something else, then it is considered to be a rude gesture.


Directly pointing at strangers or staring at them


While there are countries where pointing at strangers is just an okay thing to do, this is not the case in Canada. directly pointing at strangers or staring at strangers is a rude gesture. It is even considered to be a type of leering or ogling, and these are definitely not good behavior.




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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Tamaki Māori Village Is One Of The Places To Visit And It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Local, An Immigrant, Or A Tourist In New Zealand

While many people believe that traveling to another country and moving there is all about focusing on jobs or education or whatever main goal they have had to move there, immigrants can say that it is also about experiencing just what the new country has to offer. In the case of immigrants in New Zealand, they are quite lucky to be living in a country where they can experience not a country with job/education opportunities but also get to experience a new culture and beautiful sights.


New Zealand is a country where culture is still intact despite the modernization in some areas of the country. That is why immigrants, locals, and tourists in the country are quite happy and very lucky to be there and be able to explore what New Zealand holds. Among the many places that one can go to experience the culture of the natives, Tamaki Maori Village is surely one that should be visited and enjoyed.


The Tamaki Maori Village experience


Experiencing this cultural village in New Zealand is quite something. This place is said to be more refined and also more comprehensive as compared to other cultural villages in the country. It can be more expensive as well but it surely is worth it as the vibe is totally different and people really get to enjoy it a whole lot more.


Going there should start by taking a bus trip that would take people straight to the Tamaki Maori Village from Rotorua. Then, once at the village, people would then be going through a variety of stations. In each station, there are Maori who come garbed in various traditional clothes. They would offer explanations of the history of the people as well as their culture. It is like an educational tour that is very interactive and interesting. The Maori would also explain their tattoos as well as the roles of people in society in their culture.


Having a great time


While many people believe that an educational tour of sorts can be quite a boring experience, a trip to the Tamaki Maori Village will prove them all wrong. The entire thing is so vivid and very rich that it sticks to one’s brain for so long and they get to experience and learn everything first-hand. Aside from that, there is also a cultural show that visitors get to enjoy in this cultural village in New Zealand which would allow people to appreciate things better. The whole trip ends with a really huge Hangi buffet which is something worth looking forward to. There is really something about food that makes people bond more and enjoy the entire experience. The Tamaki Maori Village has definitely got that one pat.




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