Tuesday, June 30, 2020

All About Tea: One Of The Most Popular Drinks Immigrants Will Encounter In The United Kingdom

Tea is one of the most basic things that immigrants in the United Kingdom will be encountering once they are in the country. This is because the Brits really love their tea and they consume it seemingly at all hours of the day. As they say, they will always find an excuse to have their tea. So it is not surprising if immigrants get to have this kind of thinking as well as they stay in the country even longer.

This drink is being consumed a lot in the United Kingdom. The locals take them in various ways that it would not even be surprising if they have already invented other products straight from tea. They take it strong, or brewed. They steep their tea from tea bags or even from loose leaves. The United Kingdom is quite known for having a huge love for tea and they really are so happy about having this drink.

Looking for tea

A trip to the supermarket will give an immigrant an idea on how great the Brits are when it comes to tea. There are a lot of types and varieties of tea that can be found on the shelves and it would definitely be unlike the tea options available in their home country. That is how much they do love their tea. It also reflects just how much they love consuming it. If there was no market for such in the United Kingdom, the supermarket would definitely not have a whole lot of them available for consumers.

Just about every type and kind of tea available in the world market can be found in the United Kingdom. Producers of tea know that the market is huge in the country and that is why they make sure that their products are available in this part of the world. The supermarket may hold a whole lot of options for tea lovers but immigrants in the country may be astounded at the even more huge options that can be found in a proper tea shop. Yes, the UK has tea shops which can make choosing the best tea to purchase an even more difficult decision.

Pure tea or not?

How the Brits take their tea is yet another interesting thing to look into. Some take it as it is. There are those who love having their tea with milk or maybe with some lemon. There are also Brits who would choose to have sugar in their tea. But there is one thing for sure – it does not matter what time or what season it is. They are surely going to have their tea and immigrants in the UK should be used to that in no time at all.

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Monday, June 29, 2020

More Than 80% Of Growth Of Canada’s Population Is All Thanks To Immigration

A study has been done recently by Statistics Canada and as per the results, it showed that the population of Canada has grown from January to March 2020. It grew by 76,000 and 82% of that growth has come from immigration. At present, the population of this country in North America already has reached just about 38 million people. This, though, is the smallest amount in population growth that the country has experienced for the first quarter of a year since 2015. This can be attributed to the pandemic brought about by the disease known as COVID-19.

Since March 18, 2020, Canada has put a restriction on unnecessary travel because of the novel coronavirus that has made its way to Canada back in January. With the virus being spread from person to person, travel has surely been affected a lot. Restrictions had to be done to make sure that the spread of the virus would be reduced. With this, the study has seen that fewer immigrants and Canadians made their way to Canada as compared to the same period a year ago and that has been a huge factor in why the number is a lot less.

A strong start

It was a strong start for Canada in terms of the growth of its population for 2020 as compared to the number for 2019. For the first quarter of 2020, around 70,000 immigrants had been welcomed in Canada. This is definitely a higher number in comparison to the almost 66,000 immigrants that arrived in Canada a year earlier. With the experts looking at the numbers, it does seem like the immigration rate in Canada would have even gone higher if it were not for the coronavirus pandemic. The immigration rate had started to falter by March especially when the lockdown was imposed.

Arrivals of individuals with temporary residency visas were around 80% less as compared to the number in 2019. There has definitely been a downward trend to the arrival of immigrant students who have chosen to go to Canada to study. Many people want to be immigrant students in Canada but the virus has put their plans on hold.

The impact of the pandemic

The study from Statistics Canada reflected that the pandemic has had a huge impact on the number of immigrants coming to the country. The study also showed that the impact would even be greater for the second quarter of this year, especially in the number of permanent residents and temporary residents. This is going to be a huge thing for Canada and should be something the country has to prepare for given that it is a nation that is highly dependent on immigration to grow its population and also to help keep the economy strong.

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Entry In Germany: What Immigrants Coming To The Country Need To Know About

The Federal Foreign Office of Germany has recently sent out an explanation about the changes and tweaks in the country’s rules with regards to entering the country in the middle of the pandemic that has put a lockdown and travel restrictions to all countries around the world. Many countries have suffered from all of the lockdowns and the freezing of movements that are put in place to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Now, the countries are doing the best that they can to start reopening their borders, bringing in the needed immigrants and have tourism start back up. Germany is not any different and its government has created a plan to get things going once again.

It is important for any person traveling to Germany to know the rules so that they would know if they are allowed to get there. It would also help that they understand what to expect for any newcomers to the country given that many countries around the world impose quarantine for those who come from outside their territory. The rules in immigration and entry to Germany have changed as the response to the coronavirus outbreak also changes.

The exemption of the travel ban

One of the things that the government of Germany has done in response to the pandemic that has been creating havoc all around the world is to put a ban on all travelers coming to the country, especially those who are not part of the nations that are members of the European Economic Area. Of course, the country also has put in exemptions. Those who are exempted are the nationals of Germany, as well as the nationals of members of the European Union including close members of their families. The nationals of the countries Switzerland, Lichtenstein, United Kingdom, Norway, and Iceland including close members of their families are also exempted.

The last two mentioned categories are given permission to travel to Germany and through it if that is the way that they need to take to get back to their home country and if there are no other routes available during the lockdown. Individuals who have legal residency status in Germany are also allowed to enter the country. Those people who cannot give any kind of proof that their entry in Germany is urgent have been refused.

The need to undergo quarantine

As regulated by the government of Germany, people who are entering the country are required to undergo quarantine. Individuals who are also coming from countries like South Korea, Italy, China, Japan, or Iran should provide the government with information regarding their trip and that is when a disembarkation card will be given to them.

Immigrants who are allowed to enter Germany should be ready to go through more secure and strict checks. There will also be more questions that are comprehensive and immigrants and travelers will be asked such. Health checks are also going to be done as per the discretion of the federal government of the country.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Which Immigrant Workers Can Now Enter Canada?

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has recently sent out an update with regards to the guidelines that would be very useful for all of the immigrants with work permits and who are exempted from the current strict rules so they can now enter Canada. It is important to keep in mind that despite the strict rules right now that have been in place because of the global pandemic, the government of Canada has disclosed that it is still up and open for applications. The IRCC is accepting new submissions and they are also processing them.

The travel restrictions are still in place in Canada however, the government of the country understands that it needs immigrant workers. And that is why it has worked out a plan that would allow the country to bring in the essential immigrants who are quite important to the economy of the country. To clarify things, the IRCC has shared information to help guide individuals and know which immigrant workers are exempted from the restrictions.

The exemption from restrictions

The travel restrictions in Canada started on March 18th and it was put in place so that the COVID-19 disease would not spread fast and wide over the population. It is still in place and would end on the 30th of June. In the midst of all these, those who have work permits have been exempted from the restrictions given that they are traveling to the country because of important reasons and this is known as essential travel.

The guidelines on this have been given out by the IRCC so as to help give clarification to many people around the world who may have work permits in the country. It is important that people should know what is known as essential travel and what is not to avoid further movement of people and save everybody the trouble and avoid getting the virus which can be deadly. With such a clarification, people are able to know when they can travel to Canada and if they cannot so they can stay home and be safe.

Immigrant workers with a work permit

All immigrant workers who are classified as temporary foreign workers and are outside Canada are exempted from the travel restrictions as long as it is for essential travel. These individuals can be people who are citizens of other countries and have a work permit in Canada with them. They can also be individuals who have received an introduction letter from the IRCC but have not yet received their work permits from the country. Those who belong to the second category should be able to present that letter before traveling to the country. These individuals are the ones who do important and essential work in the country.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Restrictions In New Zealand Border Eased For People And Immigrants Involved In Sports, Infrastructures

With the way that the government of New Zealand has handled the pandemic, the country is now reeling in the benefits that come with it. The country was one of the first nations in the world to impose a lockdown on its borders and so immigrants and other people who wished to enter the country had to put their plans on pause. But that sacrifice has been quite beneficial now that the country has controlled the spread of the novel coronavirus and it has also started to ease the restrictions on its borders, which is a good thing.

In recent news, the country has already eased the restrictions that it has put in place for certain people. Individuals who will be participating in over a dozen events in sports in the country can now start flying to the country. Aside from them, New Zealand is also easing the restrictions for immigrant workers who are involved in projects in infrastructure. They are the ones who are now qualified to enter New Zealand.

Those who can enter the country

Not all sporting events are included in the list of those who can enter the country. Those who can make it to the country are those individuals who are part of the Ironman competition. Also included are those who are a part of the championships for junior badminton. Those who will be participating and will be working as crew members in sports events like America’s Cup and New Zealand Golf Open are also allowed to enter the country. Also included are those who are part of the world cups for cricket and women’s rugby which will happen next year.

As for those involved in infrastructure projects, those that can enter the country are the ones who would be working on the building of hospitals as well as upgrading roads in New Zealand. They also include those who would be working on water treatment plants. The immigrant workers who would be entering the country have to be involved in projects that have been given approval by the New Zealand government. They also are not required to meet the annual income threshold of $106,000 which is needed for those who are considered as long-term immigrant workers.

Easing the restrictions

The changes in the restrictions for these individuals have already been imposed recently. The companies that are involved in these events and projects would be the ones to shoulder all of the costs that come with putting them under quarantine, as is required by the government of New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand has also disclosed that is recognizes that any restrictions on the country’s borders have been a cause of hardship for many of the immigrants in and outside the country, especially those who had to be away from their families and loved ones and those who were not able to go back to their jobs.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Salt Beef Bagels And Welsh Tea Breads: Two Foods That Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Try

Food is a necessity for every person and there are people who go on adventures with the goal of exploring new places and exploring new dishes. Think Anthony Bourdain and his travails in the various parts of the world where he shared with his audience the stories in those countries, the culture, and, most importantly, the food. Food is definitely a huge part of life and so immigrants in the United Kingdom and in any other country should learn the taste and explore the local food because that would be the only source of food that they have. They may want to eat food from their local country but that would be difficult to come by especially if they are in a new country.

That is why it is important that immigrants in the United Kingdom should try and be familiar with the local food that the country has to offer. The food in the country is delicious and it is all about learning to be adventurous and eat whatever is available there. After all, sustenance is something that they need and the local food is what would give them that.

With that said, here are two foods in the UK that immigrants in the country should try out at least once – the Brick Lane salt beef bagel (a traditional food), and Welsh tea bread (which is also known as bara brith).

Salt beef bagel from Brick Lane

Immigrants who are in the United Kingdom can take a visit to Brick Lane which is in London. It is a beautiful place to explore and the best spot to get the traditional salt beef bagel. The Jewish community of the country is the one behind this delectable meal and many of the locals have come to love this food.

This food was concocted back in the late part of the 1800s. They used boiled beef which is a staple in the country and then tweaked the whole thing by adding in some spices used for pickling (which is a reflection of the way food is prepared in Central Europe). The beef is then sandwiched in a warm bagel, along with English mustard. The end product is a beautiful meal that is not expensive and quite delicious. From that time on until present, the salt beef bagel has become a favorite in the country.

Welsh tea bread

This is also known as bara brith which actually is a Welsh term that means “speckled bread”. It is a classic bread that is served with British tea. It is baked using spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and then given additional dried fruits (like apricot, currants, and raisins). The end product is a bit moist but has a beautiful texture and has a flavor that really goes well with tea.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Some Centers For Visa Application To Canada Are Reopening

Sometime in the middle of March, plenty of countries around the world had put a lockdown on their borders and in their communities, Canada included. This is because of the pandemic that was spreading all around the world known as COVID-19. This put everything at a standstill and people had to adjust to a new normal because the virus causing the disease was spread through humans. Now, humans are highly suggested to wear masks when going out in public, go out of their homes only when completely necessary, avoid mass gatherings, and even avoid face-to-face meetings. Movement in Canada has been restricted so that even immigrants have to put their plans on hold.

Now that there are places in the world that the pandemic has been contained, some of these countries have started to ease up their lockdowns. In Canada, several Visa Application Centers (also known as VACs) have also started to open and entertain clients though with only limited services. This may seem like too much of a hassle but it surely is better than having them all closed.

The VACs that have opened so far

Many of the VACs of Canada that have opened are in various countries around the world. This means that these spots would be able to accommodate all of those potential immigrants who are trying to apply and send in their requirements. Individuals can go there and provide their biometrics which is very important for their applications.

At present, there are already 23 VACs that are already open but provide limited services. Here is the list:
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Bahrain – Manama
  • China – Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Jinan, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Shenyang
  • Germany – Düsseldorf
  • Greece – Athens
  • Iraq – Erbil
  • Israel - Tel Aviv
  • Italy – Rome
  • Japan – Osaka, and Tokyo
  • Malaysia – Kuala
  • The Netherlands - The Hague
  • United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi, and Dubai

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) have made sure that safety measures have been put in place in these VACs so that all of the people coming there (both applicants and employees) are safe from the virus. Included in the safety measures are making sure that social distancing is practiced, hands are clean, temperature checks are done, and face masks, face shields, and gloves are used.

Movement in Canada

There are still travel restrictions in Canada and these will be so until June 30. At present, those that are exempt from this are the immediate families of citizens. Holders of work permits are also exempted especially if they have to do an important or essential job in Canada. Students who have study permits that were approved on or before March 17 are also exempted. All individuals coming in should undergo quarantine for 14 days when they arrive in the country and they should also show that they have a proper plan for their quarantine.

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Greeting People In Germany: A Quick Lesson For Immigrants

Living in a new country would mean having new adventures and enjoying the new surroundings that would be available there. It means having to adjust to everything as they will all be definitely different from the country of origin that a person may have come from. And in the case of immigrants who are in Germany, one of the many things that they need to learn would be the language.

German is the language spoken in the country and the locals are very proud of their language. While in other countries, English is the best language to use, in Germany, it is all about German. The locals know how to speak German quite well and one can find only a few who can speak English well. As new people in the country, immigrants have to be the ones to adjust and not the other way around.

One of the basic things that an immigrant in Germany has to learn is to know how to greet the locals. It is a great way to make a great impression from the locals. Plus, meeting people will definitely not be avoided so greeting them properly is the best way to go. The phrases for greeting Germans are quite simple. Here are some of them.


This greeting means “Hello”. It can be used any time of the day that you wish to greet someone in Germany.

Hallo, wie geht’s?

This greeting means “Hello. How are you?” Immigrants can use this when they would like to ask someone how they have been.

Guten morgen.

This greeting means “Good morning”. This is used to greet other people in the morning.

Guten tag.

This greeting means “good day” literally. However, if used to greet people in Germany, it is usually used to mean “Good afternoon”.

Guten abend.

This greeting means “Good evening” and it is used to greet other people at night.

Gute nacht.

This greeting is used to tell someone “Good night”. Usually, it is used to greet someone before they go to sleep.

Vielen dank.

This is a quick phrase which means “Thank you very much”.

Ich danke ihnen auch.

This actually means “Thank you, too”. It is often used as a reply when some other person tells them “Thank you.”

Tschüss, bis zum nächsten mal.

This sentence means “Goodbye. See you next time.” It is a great sentence to use at the end of a conversation with someone in Germany.

Schönes Wetter heute, nicht wahr?

They say that the weather is a really great conversation starter. So for immigrants in Germany who may want to strike a conversation with a local, using this sentence can be a good way to do that. This actually means “The weather is lovely today, isn’t it?”

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Immigrants In Canada: What Country Is The Leader This Year So Far?

From January until April this year, Canada has been able to bring in 74,000 new individuals that are now immigrants in the country. This may not be as what the country has initially planned for the year, but with the havoc that is being spread about by the coronavirus and movement has been greatly restricted not only in Canada but in many other countries around the globe, Canada has to make do with what they were able to bring in.

The country had to put a lockdown along with many other countries around the middle of March this year which put a halt to bringing in new immigrants. However, before that, the country was already receiving and bringing new immigrants. The immigration rate has been quite high which was definitely going as planned. Before the lockdown was even imposed, the immigration minister had just announced that there was a new plan which was quite ambitious but was not impossible. The country was planning on bringing more than a million immigrants and make them permanent residents. This was going to happen this year until 2022.

Working with what they can work with

Interruptions have definitely been one of the obstacles that Canada is facing right now especially with immigration. The country has been highly in need of more immigrants and so it has been making do with what they can work with. Right now, despite the restrictions and such, the agency handling immigration has already gone back to work and has started processing applications from potential immigrants. There are definite restrictions to movement but the agency is trying to do the best that it can.

There have been definite changes in terms of how immigrants are being allowed in the country. There have also been an easing of some restrictions but major ones like social distancing and avoidance of face-to-face meetings have been taken into consideration. By doing so, the virus is contained and it does not spread any more than it already has, which is a very important thing to achieve.

What country leads in terms of immigration?

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) has released new data which shows just where the new immigrants in Canada has been coming from for 2020. India still remains as the top country where the new holders of permanent resident visas have come from. Those who have come from India made up 24% of the total amount of new permanent resident visa holders from January to April 2020.

Experts suggest that the main reason why India has been a leader in this regard because the people living in the country know how to speak the English language fluently. Another good reason is that the locals of India has the key characteristics that are needed in making a person eligible for immigration in Canada. These characteristics include having credentials from a college or university and also having work experience.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

With Relaxed Borders In New Zealand, Essential Immigrant Workers Are Now Allowed Entry

As per recent news from the government of New Zealand, it has announced that the rules for immigration in the country will have to adapt to the new normal that the whole world has got to follow to stop the risk of the disease known as COVID-19. The changes are going to be major but they are going to be really helpful for those immigrants who want to be reunited with their families in the country. While previously there has been a requirement for dependents and the partners of the residents and the citizens of the country to have to travel together, this rule has been scratched out already.

The government of the country is also planning on making new criteria that would be for requests for those immigrants who can be classified as Other Essential Workers. These criteria would be used to create policies and programs that would be for short term criteria (which would less than half a year), and for long term criteria (which would be six months or more).

Immigrant workers who are considered short term and long term

Immigrant workers considered short-term in New Zealand would need to have skills that are unique, specialist, or technical that are not available in the country. They should also have a project that they would be working on that is time-critical like infrastructure projects. On the other hand, those immigrant workers who are considered to be long term should have a salary that is double the medium rate in the country. They should also have a job that is really important for science programs to be completed or to continue. They may also have a job that is important for an event that is approved by the government to be executed or delivered.

Phil Twyford works as the Minister for Economic Development and he said that there will be a threshold for all of the other essential immigrant worker visas and it will be quite high. This is an important thing to put in mind especially for those who may be planning on moving to the country as immigrants.

Other criteria for Other Essential Workers

Those essential immigrant workers can also request that their partner and their children who are still dependent on them be approved to join them in New Zealand. Those who have been approved under this category should also first go through quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days. During this time, the quarantine and isolation expenses would be shouldered by the person’s agency that sponsors them, by their employer, or by themselves. This quarantine is not going to be limited to essential immigrant workers – this will be implemented for all individuals who arrive in the country.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Immigration Situation In The United Kingdom In The Midst Of Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has been the source of many huge changes that people have no choice but to follow. It has created a new normal for everyone. This is definitely something that even the people in the United Kingdom also have to deal with. The rules have changed especially for mass gatherings and the like. That is why people including immigrants have to know the rules and follow them so as to help stop the spread of the deadly virus. 

One of the things that has been greatly affected by the pandemic brought about by this virus includes immigration. In the UK, as a country that needs immigrants, immigration has been put to a pause for some time to make sure that the virus does not spread any further. The country had to make do with the number of immigrants that they currently have and make things work. However, nowadays the government of the UK has created a plan that would follow the rules of the new normal and yet still be able to bring in the needed immigrants to the country. 

New people arriving need to undergo quarantine for 14 days

Any person who arrives in the United Kingdom starting June 8, 2020 will be required to undergo quarantine. They will need to do this for two weeks as per an announcement from the Home Office. Of course, there is an exception to this and that would be those who have arrived from what is known as the Common Travel Area which includes the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, and Ireland. 

Travelers including immigrants who have arrived in the country may be able to pre-arrange their accommodations for self-isolation. However, for those who have not pre-arranged this, they will have to stay in facilities that the UK government has prepared for such a purpose. The whole quarantine and self-isolation process has to be strictly implemented to contain any virus that the person may have brought with them. Those who are in self-isolation should not leave their area for a total of 14 days. If they do, the UK government will be giving them penalties for breaking the rule. 

Extending visas

The Home Office of the UK has also given extensions for visas for those individuals including immigrants who cannot leave the country yet because of the pandemic. The extension would be given to those individuals who have visas that were expired starting January 24, 2020 and before May 31st, 2020. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that those who need a visa extension were not given such automatically. They still had to request for such an extension. The extension has also been extended again last May 22 after an announcement from the Home Office and this would be done automatically. 

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Immigration In Canada Went Down By 26% In March 2020 Because Of Pandemic Despite Its Need For More Immigrants

It fell by 26%. That is how much lower the total number of permanent resident visas were issued to immigrants by the government of Canada for the month of March 2020. The data is in comparison to the number of permanent resident visas issued for February 2020. The data has also been published by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC). Looking at the data, it definitely shows just what the effect of the pandemic brought about by the coronavirus has been on Canada and its system for immigration.

In the first half of March 2020, Canada still did not go into lockdown. But despite that, the lockdown had been a huge factor in the more than a quarter percent decline in the number of issued permanent resident visas. This really does show just how important movement is to Canada and to the rest of the world and the pandemic has put the entire world at a standstill. With the need for more immigrants in the country, the government of Canada has to make do with what they have on hand.

The numbers of immigration

In March 2019, the number of permanent resident visas issued by Canada had gone up 33% as compared to the number for February 2019. This is sure quite the opposite of what has happened this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. With almost all provinces in the country seeing immigration rates go down by 30% for the month of March. The lockdown surely has affected the entire country. Only two provinces were spared with New Brunswick experiencing no change in numbers as well as Alberta which got only an 8% decrease.

This definitely means that with Canada’s need for more immigrants, this has been a setback for the country. However, it definitely means that the country would be ramping up their programs until it is able to reach its immigration target. Canada has been increasing the immigration levels for several years already and it has been aiming at bringing in more immigrants to help the country with its labor market and with its aging population.

The effect of the pandemic

Immigration of those from the economic class had suffered because of the pandemic and it happened all around the country. Immigration via family reunification as well via refugee class also felt the effects of the lockdown in all provinces. There were some gains but there were more losses.

Alberta had the most minimal change in terms of immigration across Canada. It experienced a 9% decrease for economic class immigration, 8% decrease in family class immigration, and a 5% decrease in refugee class immigration. Following Alberta is New Brunswick with only a 9% decrease in economic class immigration, a 40% increase in family class immigration, and a 43% increase in refugee class immigration.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Language And Clothing: Things About Germany And Its Locals That Immigrants Should Know About

Before the newest immigrants in Germany make their way to the country, they would need to prepare first. There are plenty of things that they need to make sure that they have like clothes, meds, documents, and all other essentials that they need to bring with them to the country. They need to bring the essentials with them especially if these cannot be easily found or bought in the country.

Aside from these, new immigrants also need to prepare for their move to Germany. This means that they would not just prepare their stuff but they would also need to prepare themselves. They should have the mindset that they are going to the country and would be living there for some time. Plus, they also need to learn what they need to know about the country since they will be interacting with the people there. It is best to know how to act and understand the place that they will be living in.

Language and clothing are two of the things that immigrants should learn about the country. Read on and learn about them.

The language

More than 95% of the people who live in Germany speak one language – German. It can be the standard German or it can be any of the variations or the dialects of German. The country has also already recognized that there are four languages in the country that are considered minority. These are Lower and Upper Sorbian, Danish, Saterland and North Frisian, and Romani.

The country is home to plenty of immigrants who come from various parts of the world, thus one can find a number of languages being spoken there as well especially in communities. Other languages being spoken include Turkish, Russian, Albanian, Greek, Polish, and Kurdish. There are more other languages that one may find being spoken here.

The clothing

At present, the people who are in Germany dress just like most people around the world – garbed in western fashion. When they need to go to business meetings or attend to anything related to business, one can find them wearing simple suits in dark colors or maybe even dark shirts to go with the suits.

Although the usual get-up of people in Germany are western, there may be times when immigrants would find that some of them are wearing their traditional garb or traditional costumes. Each region has its own design in terms of traditional costume and they are all quite beautiful to look at. One good example is Bavaria, a state in Germany. For men, the traditional costume would be leather trousers that fall above the knee. For the women of Bavaria, they don a dress that has a bodice, a full skirt, a blouse, and an apron. These are usually worn during festivals.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Citizenship Ceremonies In Canada Will Soon Be Done Online

There are a number of individuals in Canada who have already passed all the requirements and are now the newest citizens of the country. However, to make things official, they still have to have their swearing-in ceremonies. That has yet to happen because the ceremonies were postponed because of the crisis brought about by the COVID-19 disease that has been spreading much havoc around the world.

There is nothing to be worried about though as recent news has it that the swearing-in ceremonies may have to change venue – they would soon be done online. The ceremonies would be done virtually and that is not a surprise. Many things have now been happening online including meetings, classroom lessons, and even weddings. This is to make things happen despite following the social distancing rule. Virtual is the way to go now and Canada is also adapting by using this channel to swear in the newest Canadians and make them official members of the country.

The plan of the government of Canada

According to the government of Canada in a statement that it had released recently, it will be starting to use virtual ceremonies to swear in the newest citizens of the country. This will be done as soon as possible to make sure that the newest citizens get to officially become a part of the country. There are many individuals who have worked long and hard to be able to get to this point and the government understands that.

The Canadian government has also shared that the first batch who would be taking part in the ceremonies are those who have a really pressing need for the citizenship. The batch would also include those who have already had a schedule for a swearing-in but the activity was postponed because of the pandemic. This surely reflects that the government of the country is doing its best to make sure that those who have earned their citizenship will continue to get this despite the hardships and obstacles that the country is facing at present.

Safety measures

As a response to the pandemic, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) had cancelled temporarily all scheduled ceremonies for citizenship as well as all tests. They did this over two months ago as a way of making sure that there would be no further spread of the virus in the country. It is one of the safety measures that has been made in Canada. Despite the temporary cancellation, the government also mentioned that the activities would be rescheduled soon and the virtual ceremonies is the government’s response. With a need for social distancing and the call for no mass gatherings, virtual citizenship ceremonies can definitely work.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

New Zealand Is Exploring Potential Options To Bring Immigrant Students Back to The Country

New Zealand has been one of the top countries around the world for people who choose to take their education further. The country is home to many world-class universities that has helped plenty of people change careers, upgrade their careers, or simply learn new things that they have wanted to learn. However, because of the pandemic that has been brought about by the novel coronavirus, New Zealand had to close its borders to help stop the spread of the virus. Among those who have not been able to travel to the country are immigrant students.

Recently, universities in the country are already thinking of possible ways of helping their immigrant students make it back to the country despite the lockdown. Among those plans include using chartered flights to get the immigrant students back and so they could start working on their programs again. The Australian Chamber of Commerce, in the meantime, has given a suggestion of setting up a bubble that is known as “trans-Tasman” which would allow people from New Zealand and from Australia to move between the countries freely.

The plans for immigrant students

Grant Guilford is the vice-chancellor of the University of Wellington in Victoria. According to him, the universities in New Zealand had been talking about the plans for using chartered flights to be able to get the immigrant students back to their universities. The University of Wellington is one of those who are okay with the idea of using chartered flights. Of course, he also mentioned that the universities of New Zealand are also going to be working with the authorities in immigration and authorities in health to make the plan a successful one. They have to consider a good process especially in terms of putting the immigrant students under quarantine when they get to the country.

This is surely a good idea from the universities in the country. The government of New Zealand has been doing a great job in working out the plans of combating the pandemic and this surely will be another plus point for the country to attract even more immigrant students.

Making it as simple as possible

The plan to use chartered flights is still being studied right now. The universities believe though that using this would be a really good thing because they want to make things as simple as possible so that the immigrant students would not have a hard time. Of course, there are still other factors to take into consideration so no concrete plan has been put together yet.

The universities are also talking about the accommodation for the immigrant students especially since they would have to be under quarantine when they get to the country. Being under quarantine is compulsory nowadays as part of the health requirements of New Zealand to help make sure that there would be no risks of bringing in the coronavirus in the country.

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Monday, June 8, 2020

From The Full English Breakfast To BBQs: Traits Of United Kingdom Locals That Immigrants Need To Know About

Each place has its own quirks. There are certain cultures and lingo that are applicable only in one place or area. This is something that is real all around the world and the United Kingdom is no exception. For those immigrants who are new to the country or are still trying to learn what the UK is all about, one of the important things to learn about would be the unique traits or quirks of locals. Knowing these would allow them to better understand the locals that they get to deal with on a daily basis.

So what are the traits of the locals of the United Kingdom that may be different from all other people around the world? Well, read on and learn about some of them.

The search for the fry-up.

Locals of the United Kingdom are proud to admit that even when they go out of the country, they are prone to searching for fry-ups. Perhaps they do forget that they are not in their country and that the fry-up (also known as the full English breakfast) is something that is not served regularly in all countries. Plus, they have probably gotten used to having this on a daily basis that they do need to have it even while outside the UK.

Thinking that brightness equals warmth.

With most days in the UK known to be dull and gray, locals of the country are quite welcoming of warmth. One of their quirks would be to immediately think that because a place is bright, it should also be quite warm. But we all do know that this does not happen all the time.

A bacon sandwich is always the best.

Well, this quirk may not be something that is all for the locals of the United Kingdom. Bacon is love and so a bacon sandwich is definitely the best. Locals of the country believe that a bacon sandwich tops all types of sandwiches out there. Well, many other people who are not from the UK may also think so.

Trying to avoid annoying someone else by not asking for help.

The locals of the UK are known for trying to avoid asking for help from anyone because they think that it would annoy the other person. The Brits are quite known for being too polite and not get in someone else’s way. And so it is quite understandable if they also believe that asking for help equates to annoying the person that they were asking for help from.

The BBQ goes on.

BBQs are known for good weather and the like. In the UK, locals love good weather and would have a BBQ. But there are times when the weather can change but the Brits will continue on with their BBQ despite that.

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Canada Has Always Been A Popular Choice For Potential Student Immigrants

Plenty of people around the world has been wanting to move to Canada and be an immigrant there. This has been a good reason why the country has become one of the most popular immigration destinations for plenty of individuals. And that popularity is not just because of any ads or stories that people get to see or learn about online. Canada has plenty to offer for immigrants and for all people living there and that is seen by those who wish to move there.

So what is it about Canada that makes it quite a popular choice for many people around the world? It definitely is not just about the beautiful place or the wonderful people. It is about plenty of things like good work opportunities, a strong and stable economy, and a world-renowned educational system. The government of Canada also creates good pathways that would help people make their way to the country without much hassle. The country needs plenty of immigrants and that is why it is opening up routes to make sure that the immigrants it needs are well on their way to the country.

Studying online

A huge amount of potential immigrants have chosen Canada to be their destination because they are looking for a country where they can take further studies or learn new things from universities or colleges that are accredited and known all over the world. This allows them to have an advantage over other people in their home country once they do go home after finishing their programs in the country.

Right now, with the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Canada has offered to those individuals who wish to study in Canada a chance for them to do so without having to travel for the meantime as movement and travel has been restricted not only in Canada but in many other countries around the world as well. There are colleges and universities that offer online studies right now so people can still work on their programs and not put a pause on their education. The good thing is that these individuals can still take advantage of the post-studies work program which would allow them to experience working in Canada once they have completed their program.

Taking the education route

Education has always been a huge factor for many individuals. Though many have already finished study programs in their home countries, they do know that if they wish to work in Canada, they would have to study a program that is offered there so that their credentials would be updated and so they can be considered by companies in the country. This has been a path that many individuals take especially those who have plans on becoming permanent residents in the country.

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