Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Restaurants In New Zealand Need Immigrants To Function

Food is an important part of living. One can never really live without food. Food nourishes the body. It gives the body energy to do things. That is why a lot of people choose to build businesses based on food because they do know that this business will flourish. It is a need and people will want it.

In New Zealand, owners of restaurants are not happy about the possibility of having changes in the immigration policies of the country. See, the new policies are leaning towards allowing only a limited number of immigrants enter the country. For owners of restaurants, this is not a good thing as immigration has been helping the food and restaurant industry thrive. Immigrants have been serving as staff and have been really good at it.

The possibility of hard times for restaurants

There is a huge possibility that restaurants would take the grunt of a more “controlled” immigration system in New Zealand. Owners of restaurants are saying that their businesses could definitely suffer a lot especially if there would be lesser people available to work for these businesses. After all, these immigrants are hard workers and can be depended on to do the work well.

For those who say that they can hire the locals, restaurant owners have an answer to that one. See, they  have tried working with Kiwis (locals of New Zealand) but these people are far too choosy when it comes to work. Aside from that, they are also not as hard working as immigrants in the country.

The strength of the restaurant industry

There are people saying that the restaurant industry will not have to worry much as the changes in immigration policies will not affect them a lot. The truth is, it will. In the past several years, there have been more and more restaurants spurting in the country. This simply means that the need for food, and the lifestyle in the country have changed.

More and more Kiwis and immigrants are happy with eating out. Plus, there would not be an explosion of restaurants if there was not a demand for such.

The fear of owners

Many owners of restaurants are not happy with the proposed changes to immigration. If the policy changes, this means that restaurants would have a hard time filling in all the needed positions to keep the restaurants running smoothly. There may also be a possibility of having a shortage in staff.

What the New Zealand government is planning to do would be to actually work on the salary limit to get a work visa in the country. They plan to keep the limit up to $50,000 for each year. By doing so, a huge portion of the staff of the restaurant industry (as well as the hospitality industry) would be hugely affected.

That is why owners of restaurants are calling for the government to take a look at the new policies and find a solution that does not need to badly affect the country’s businesses and economy.


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