Friday, June 30, 2017

British Economy To Go Bad If Immigration Limit Happens, Claims Business Mogul

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Upon reading the news, one can find a variety of stories regarding the proposed limit to immigration to the United Kingdom. This move has been made because the government, headed by Theresa May, has been looking at immigration and they believe that the numbers are too high. That is why, with the proposed exit from the European Union, the country is planning on “taking back control of its borders” and thus be able to limit the number of immigrants coming to the country. Currently, the UK is experiencing hundreds of thousands of immigrants. They are planning on limiting that to only tens of thousands.

This may seem like a clean plan to the government, however, there are going to be consequences. One of those that would be hugely affected by such a limit would be the business sector especially those who are in the farming industry, food and restaurant industry, and the hospitality industry. And when businesses are affected by the limit on immigration, this would also mean that the economy of the country would most likely suffer.

Business mogul takes his stand

Tesco is a private company in the United Kingdom and it is one of the country’s top businesses that have a huge amount of employees. The head of the company has shared his thoughts on the immigration cap and he has stated his stand on the issue. For him, be firmly believes that if this plan on immigration pushes through, the country’s economy will have to suffer a huge lot. The country would not be happy if this happens.

John Allan works as the chairperson for Tesco and he believes that his statement and stand on the immigration limit can happen. In a recent interview, he stated that the possible new policy on immigration to the UK just is too restrictive and will not help the UK economy that much. In fact, it can even drag the economy down.

He even continued that the whole country will go through worse. There will be a lot less jobs available for those in the UK. Another possible effect would be wage rates having to go down as well. Nobody will be happy about this.

Listening to both sides

Allan believes that this type of issue needs a good study. There should be a good and intelligent type of debate on the immigration situation. This way, both sides can share their thoughts and their studies on the issue so that a good conclusion can be made. After that, a good decision can be made weighing all the sides and points given during the debate.

It is also good news that the current Prime Minister of the country, Theresa May, has stated that she would be more than happy to listen to any concerns that could happen with the cap to immigration that she has been proposing and pushing to happen.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why Businesses Are Losing Immigrant Workers In New Zealand

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The plan to actually lessen the amount of immigrants to New Zealand is still being discussed and it still has to become reality. Despite this, businesses in New Zealand are already starting to lose their immigrant workers. This is primarily because the rules on immigration have made the immigrant workers start to work on their visas and get bonus points so that they can stay longer in the country.

Most of the businesses that are affected by this are those who in Auckland. Especially those who are in the restaurant industry. This industry has been employing immigrants and they take up a huge portion of the staff. Because of the possible changes to the immigration rules, these immigrant workers have then moved out of Auckland and have moved to other areas in NZ. With that, businesses employing such workers have now become short on staff. With that, they have to lessen the amount of hours that they are open. Businesses have stopped growing and development has gone down.

The case of a café

One of the cafes in Auckland has definitely felt the effects of the possibility of the changes to immigration policy in the country. This café is found in Mount Eden Village. According to one of the owners, they are now short-staffed because the immigrant workers that they have hired have left Auckland. This is primarily because the visas that they have for work would not allow them to qualify for further stay in the country if the changes to the immigration policy do continue.

So that these immigrant workers can continue to stay in the country, they would need to find ways to be able to get more bonus points for their visa. To be able to do that, they would have to leave Auckland. The thing about Auckland is that it is one of the most populated cities in the country and thus one of the top places that immigrants go to to find work.

The changes that can happen

It is the category of skilled migrants that would be affected by the changes if they do push through. The government is planning on sending these revisions to the policies by the 14th of August this year. This might be still a few months off, however, those who will be affected are definitely working on what they can do so that they will be sure that they can still stay in New Zealand as an immigrant.

Right now, businesses are having a hard time looking for immigrants who will take the jobs that have been left open. This is because the immigrants are making sure that they get enough points to stay in the country. And with those immigrants not available and the changes happening soon, businesses may have an even harder time looking for staff.

This definitely is a reflection that New Zealand does need its immigrants and the government should be looking at this.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bill C-6 Now A Law; Canadian Citizenship Within Arm’s Reach for Immigrants

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Not a lot of people may have heard much about this bill but this bill can change the way citizenship happens in Canada for all of those immigrants. This bill is the C-6 and it is an act that had a main purpose of doing amendments to the Citizenship Act of the country. Now, this is no longer a bill - it has now been made into law, thanks to the Royal Assent. This means that the changes to the Citizenship Act that have been proposed in this bill have now been made into law.

What comes with the new law is that all of the permanent residents that the country has can actually go ahead and apply to become a citizen of Canada. They can do such in a shorter amount of time as compared to when the law has not yet been revised. This means that those with a permanent resident status can become a citizen in a sooner time possible as compared to before. This would mean that they would be able to enjoy the benefits of being a citizen sooner.

Though the law may have already been passed, the bill has stated that it will take effect sometime late this 2017 or maybe early in the next year. There are some changes though that immediately took effect last 19th of June. Here are some of those:

Revoking citizenship of dual citizens

The previous law states that those with dual citizenship can have their citizenship revoked if they are found guilty of spying, terrorism, or treason. The revoking of citizenship will depend on their sentence.

In the changes to the law, this provision does not hold true anymore. Dual citizens of the country who are guilty of such crimes will be given a sentence as based on the justice system of the country. They will be treated just like all other citizens of Canada.

Intention to continue living in Canada if given citizenship

The unedit law states that all applicants of Canadian citizenship have to declare that they intend to continue to reside in the country.

The new change stipulates that this is no longer active. All applicants do not need to declare such an intent once they are given Canadian citizenship. This should allow all of those individuals who are citizens of Canada to go live abroad if needed especially if it is for work purposes or for reasons that may be personal.

The changes made

The Bill C-6 has already been passed and is now a law. The minister of Canadian immigration has declared that this should help out all immigrants who may want to pursue being a citizen of the country. He believes that the bill will help out a lot be a citizen in a shorter amount of time as compared to the previous law stipulations.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Softer Brexit Vision From Tory Chancellor To Achieve Continuity Of UK Immigration

Many people are not happy about the exit of Britain from the European Union, which is much more known as Brexit. They are against this for a variety of reasons. However, in recent news, the Tory Chancellor has been looking at the situation and the possible consequences of this move. According to him, he is pushing for a better type of exit which is deemed to be “softer” so as to have a better continuity of immigration in the United Kingdom.

In one of his most recent speeches at the Mansion House, Philip Hammond was all for pushing still good connections to the European Union despite the plan of the country to exit it. He says that it was some sort of globalization which would be quite helpful to the country and to the union as well. He continues that he is trying to make sure that immigration will not be put to a halt or cut to a really low limit as what had been previously talked about and debated much on.

The softer exit for Britain

This new plan just may be what both the country and its citizens are aiming for. According to Hammond, this plan that he has is all about making sure that there will be links to the European Union still despite them moving away from it. He believes that this move will ensure that there will be the right jobs still available and open for those who need it.

This should be quite a good plan as it means that the country’s economy just may not need to suffer. Some of the members of the EU had been more than proud to announce that they just may not be dealing with the UK if the original Brexit plan pushes through and that could really take a huge effect on the UK economy. Plus, there have been studies that the exit just may not be quite helpful as it can also mean that industries in the UK will have to suffer because these industries really need immigrants for the labor.

Going against the grain

Theresa May is the UK’s prime minister and she has other plans. That is why Hammond is going against the grain. He has stated that he is doing this because he believes that the country may have plans to exit the European Union but it is important that it does so in such a way that the move will not hurt the UK. It should still focus and give importance to jobs for the Britons and also make sure that the economy is not compromised.

This is good thinking on the end of Hammond as he is able to see beyond the move. There have been studies on the possible consequences and these show that Britons need immigration and it should not be halted or given a limit.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Fast Rate Of Immigrants In New Zealand

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Why is New Zealand becoming quite the destination for all of those people who would like to be immigrants? What is in this country and what makes it quite special for those looking for new soil to call home?

Most countries make their citizens work really hard especially if they would like to earn more money than the ordinary person. In NZ, the country promotes a work/life balance and this is quite the healthy type of balance that the world needs nowadays. It is also home to a secure and safe political ground. It also has a really strong economy. Aside from these, the country also is home to quite remarkable and picturesque views that can make you forget everything else.

This is why it is not surprising if the country has become quite a popular option for all of those who are looking for a new country that they would be making their home. And that can be reflected in the huge number of immigrants making their way to the country in the recent years.

Fast rate, more immigrants

Compared to the immigration rate in Australia, the rate in New Zealand is around twice. Also, compared to that of the United Kingdom’s, the NZ immigration rate is around three times higher. Or maybe even more. This is as the numbers and the data from all countries. It seems like a really good reflection of just how popular New Zealand is.

A research has been done on just how fast and how much immigrants NZ is taking. According to the research, there is an average of 14.7 individuals for the current 1000 in NZ’s population that are immigrants. And that is for the start of January until the 30th of June in 2016. Indeed, that is quite a huge number and immigrants are definitely pouring in the country.

As compared to the numbers in Australia for the same period, Australia’s average is around 7.5 for every 1000 in its population. There is definitely a huge difference between the two.

The future plans for NZ immigration

There are two people who have been looking at the situation and may be planning on putting a limit to immigration. These are Andrew Little, the leader of the Labour party, and Iain Lees-Galloway who is the spokesman for the immigration branch of the country. They are planning on making sure that immigration gets a lot less of around 30,000. This is their plan if they still are part of the government.

According to Little and Lees-Galloway, they wish to put a limit to immigration because they believe that the country needs a little break from the huge amount of immigrants coming to the country. By having a break, the country can focus on infrastructure which is currently a problem because of the growing population.

Of course, it is best if they do a study on the possible effects if the limit is put in place.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Canada Sets Annual Standard Of 300,000 Immigrants Minimum

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The United Kingdom’s government may be pushing to lessen the number of immigrants that their country is receiving. And they are trying to target less than 100,000 per year. This may be the country’s goal. But on another side of the planet, Canada has set a standard minimum for immigrants coming to their country. The country has set at least 300,000 individuals to be immigrants on their soil. This means that this would be the minimum and that they are more than willing to accept any more who may want to come.

Ahmed Hussen who works as the minister for the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship has spoken. He said that the country will not go under 300,000 of immigrants for each year. This is the target for this year. They have based their minimum to the numbers from July 2015 up until July 2016. For that period, the country has received a record of 320,932 individuals coming to Canada.

The Canadian immigration plans

Hussen has continued to disclose in a statement that he cannot really tell just how much immigrants will be coming to the country by the next year. However, he is more than happy to state that it will definitely not go down below the 300,000 base.  The baseline for the number of immigrants has been set because the government has seen the benefits that these individuals have brought to the country’s economy. He further stated that putting a base number of immigrants is actually a reflection that the UK is quite open and committed to the thought that immigration is quite a very important factor to the country’s strength in economy.

Of course, Hussen has also shared that the government is making sure that they do not just bring in the at least the minimum number of immigrants. The government is also working on making sure that the new citizens are also feeling welcome to the country. If they are not yet permanent residents, there will be programs available so that the permanent status would be easier to achieve.

Improving immigration in the country

One of the top things that the Immigration Department of Britain is doing is working on programs. These programs have been made so as to make sure that the immigrants in the country are able to integrate well into the society economically. There are also programs made to help these immigrants be reunited with their families by making moving to Canada for the families a lot easier than the usual process.

With such, those who may be interested in being an immigrant in Canada would find it quite good to move there. They would also be able to find being an immigrant there quite beneficial.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Unemployment Will Double If Theresa May Continues With Immigration Cut Plans

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Any government of any country try their very best to make sure that citizens have good and stable jobs. This would mean that their citizens can live on their own and can achieve whatever it is that they would like to achieve for themselves. Aside from that, citizens that are employed are good citizens and help with the country’s economy. The government also has to spend less on welfare if people living in the country are employed.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries in the world that has a really strong economy. Most of its citizens are employed. However, things may change if the current Prime Minister, Theresa May, pushes to continue with her plans to cut immigration to the tens of thousands. Currently, the country is enjoying immigration numbers in the hundreds of thousands. A study has recently found out that if the cut is made, it is highly possible that unemployment in Britain would most likely double. That is not a good sign.

The losing end

The research looked into the effects of the possible immigration limit. According to the results, the workers in Britain would be suffering the most. See, a limit to immigration would mean that there would also be a lower economy. The UK economy is getting its strength from businesses and these businesses employ immigrants.

The numbers also continue to disclose that with the plan of having only tens of thousands of immigrants allowed in the country, unemployment in Britain would almost double. The numbers could go to a high of over three million and that is quite a huge number.

Businesses in the UK grow with the help of immigrants. Owners of businesses choose immigrants as they are hard working and are also quite flexible. Without them, there would be a lot less workers in the country and would then halt the development and growth of businesses. And this would mean that workers in the UK would have to deal with a lot less employment options.

The story of the study

The group behind the study is the Migration Matters Trust. It is a group composed of politicians, leaders in business, and trade union people. The group had done the study to check any relationship between unemployment, employment, and immigration. They used a decade’s worth of data.

Currently, the country has around 1.6 million unemployed individuals. If the immigration limit happens, unemployment can rise up to 3.1 million. That is if immigration numbers went down to less than 100,000 which is the target of Theresa May. The tens of thousands of immigrants in the UK happened during the middle of the 1980s and it did not do well for the country.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1 Million Increase For Population In New Zealand, Thanks To Immigration From Asia

New Zealand, the country that seems to be projecting a paradise-like effect to a lot of people nowadays, has been experiencing a constant increase in population because of the huge amount of immigrants coming to the country. This is not surprising as there are a lot of people who would want to escape the country that they are currently in right now and move to a new one that offers a better environment and a more stable economy. Add to that the picturesque surroundings and a really nice lifestyle, you got yourself a real winner.

Recently, the official agency of NewZealand that deals with data and statistics, Statistics NZ, has come up with new numbers that show just what could possibly happen in the next years to come. This is actually based on the trends that have been happening. According to the agency, they are predicting that the country will have a million more citizens, thanks to immigrants from Asia. This should happen in the upcoming 20 years. Asians currently make up the largest group of immigrants in New Zealand.

The growing population
The report from Statistics NZ has also further disclosed that the increase in the population will also include the growth of major ethnic groups in the country. As disclosed earlier, Asians have been the top immigrants in New Zealand and thus this group should also bring about a huge portion of the increase.

With the increase in Asian immigrants, the Europeans and other groups in the area would be getting lesser and lesser through time. In fact, the agency is projecting that this group should get a drop. In 2013, this group took about 75% of the total population in the country. However, by the year 2038, the projection would be that they would only be taking 66% of the population. That is definitely a lower number so that should mean lesser Europeans coming to the country or more of the other groups getting in.

The changes in population
Peter Dolan works as the senior manager for population data for Statistics NZ. In the report, he mentioned that the European group would actually be experiencing a slower development in numbers. This would primarily be because of the older age that these people have when it comes to immigrating. See, other ethnic groups tend to be younger when they become immigrants to NZ.

Because of birth rates that are higher as well as more immigrants coming in, the new ethnic groups, primarily Asians, would be helping boost the population. Aside from Asians, the ethnic Maori would also be experiencing an increase in their share of the population. They took 16% of the population back in 2013 and they are projected to take 18% by 2038.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Canadian Visa Immigration Program Targeting Specialized Talent Abroad

To be able to get the type of skills and talents that their country needs, Canada has created a new plan which they have already put into action just very recently. Sure, it would be a good idea to have an educational system that teaches the skills and talents needed, however it would take some time before they are able to have the people that they need. The new immigration program will be able to attract the talents and skills that are necessary and in the shortest time possible.

The top businesses that would be taking advantage of such a program would be the technological companies. The whole immigration program is quite new and pretty much in its infancy but the businesses are happy with it. Of course, they are still being cautious about it as they still have to find out how it will work for them in the long run.

The visa immigration program

Canada has a Global Skills Strategy. The country has put this in place so that they would be able to help businesses in the country be able to get the talent and the skilled workers that they would need from around the world. It has been working fine and has been able to give Canadian businesses the labor force they need.

Now, the new visa immigration program is actually a part of this Global Skills Strategy. It started functioning last 12th of June. It is still in its pilot stage which will last for 24 months. It is worth 7.8 million dollars.

The country has designed this program so that firms and businesses are able to have the global talent that they need in a short span. Once they find the talent that they need, the process should take just about two weeks only. This is quite a fast process as compared to the usual timeframe which takes around twelve months.

Making things better

Patty Hajdu is the federal Labour Minister. She has recently said in an interview that the government has been talking with the businesses in Canada and they have been able to learn that getting the required talents they need has been taking a long time. Because of the length of the whole process of getting the individuals there, they usually lose the talents that they have tapped.

Unbounce is a tech company in Vancouver and Sascha Williams works as the chief operating officer there. In a statement, she said that there were times when the company needed engineers of certain experience and skill levels. The company was able to make deals with these talents and the engineers have been more than happy to be immigrants in Canada. However, it took quite a while for the visa to be prepared and so they lost the engineers to other jobs waiting for them.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Creative Industry In UK Will Suffer If Immigration Is Limited

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Previous reports have it that immigration cuts will be affecting the United Kingdom greatly. The proposal for such cuts has been made by the current Prime Minister, Theresa May. If the upcoming plan for the United Kingdom to actually exit the European Union happens, this would be the perfect time for the plans on the immigration limit to materialize. It would allow them to have more control over their borders and this means that they would be able to control the number of people coming in as immigrants.

There will be industries that will be greatly affected by this change if it does happen. The farming industry as well as the restaurant and hospitality industries are some of those that will feel the effects. Now, a new study has shown that the creative industry in the country will have to suffer the same consequences as those that were previously mentioned. Yes, a limit on immigration can change the UK – and not in a good way.

Studying the possible changes
The group behind the study on the effect of the immigration limit on the creative industry in Britain is the Creative Industries Federation. This group is actually an independent body that represents the country’s institutions that focus on the arts, creativity, culture, and education. They created the study so as to be able to see if the industry that they are revolving in would be affected by the changes and if the effects would be good or not. The organization has claimed the creative industry in the country as the one that grows and develops the fastest and helps out the country’s economy largely.

As per the study, the change would actually mean that there would be a lot less workers that the industry would be able to have around. Thus, the skills that they would be able to hone and harness would also be limited. Yes, immigrants bring with them a huge amount of skills that this industry needs to progress as it does.

The statement on the changes
John Kampfner works as the Creative Industries Federation’s chief honcho. According to him, it is all about finding the right talent and this is the greatest challenge that they have to work with. By limiting the number of immigrants that come to the country, they would have an even harder time getting the talents that they would need.
He continued that the workers that come to the country as immigrants are quite the contributors when it comes to the creative industry in the United Kingdom. He shared that it is not a secret that the country has gaps in the system of education. It is the immigrants that fill those gaps in the skills needed. With immigration limited, there will definitely be a bad effect on the growth of this industry.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

The Rich Are Choosing New Zealand Immigration

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What used to be an uninhabited island is now one of the top countries in the world chosen by those wanting to live in a new country. This is New Zealand and being quite a popular country for immigration, the numbers are continuously rising there each year. Especially lately. If you are going to take a look at the history of the country, the last time there was an immigration spurt was when an oil crisis rocked the world.

Nowadays, there may not be much of an oil crisis as it happened years ago but the things happening in the world has definitely made people want to look for a more tranquil and better country to live in. there are plenty of huge things happening right now that all you need to do is simply browse a news section anywhere and you would understand the confusion happening in the mind of most people.

The surge in population through immigration

At first it was not given much attention because it was quite a small country. Who would see it when it was quite close to a huge country like Australia? However, it gained quite popularity when it showed quite promise because of the natural wonders that it had. Plus, its locals were very relaxed and had a peaceful way of life.

This year, immigrants came to the country in the hundreds of thousands. At the start of the year right up until the end of March, there were around 100,300 individuals who made their way to the country. This is definitely a huge number and experts are saying that it is the biggest that the country has seen so far since the country was colonized by the Europeans. This is as per the data from the Statistics New Zealand, the official agency that deals with data and statistics in NZ.

What makes NZ a top choice

Many rich and wealthy individuals (and their families) have been eyeing and choosing New Zealand as a country of choice when it comes to immigration. These wealthy individuals come from a variety of countries and they are simply looking for a place that would provide them the peace, safety, and stability that they really want. After all, most countries nowadays are experiencing famine, wars, and a lot of other types of unrest that would not make you feel safe.

What makes NZ a top choice is that it is beautiful naturally. It is also quite stable in terms of politics and economy. The country also promotes a work-life balance which is something that cannot be found in most countries on Earth. With these, it is not surprising that this country keeps being a top option for those looking to find a new country to call their own.


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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Immigrant Integration In Canada Is Shared Responsibility

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Living in a new place can be intimidating. There are a lot of new things to learn and new people to meet. And then there are also new rules to follow. This can make moving to a new place quite difficult for a lot of people. This is simply for moving to a new place in your own country. It would definitely be even more difficult if someone had to move to a new country. It would mean having to deal with a new culture and that can be far from what they are used to. Aside from that, there may even be a new language to learn.

Canada is known as a country that is open to immigration and thus it should be able to help out all of those who have decided to move there. The question though is whose responsibility is immigration integration really? As per an expert looking into the situation, it seems like immigrant integration really is a responsibility that is shared by both immigrants and Canadians. Now that is fair.

The debate between immigrants and Canadians

Many have been asking. Whose responsibility is it really? Does the responsibility lie on immigrants? That it is their duty to make sure that they are able to properly integrate themselves in the new community that they are in? Or is it the Canadians’ responsibility to actually make sure that the community is welcoming to immigrants?

The answer to this is that both of these peoples should bear the responsibility when it comes to integration. Immigrants should make sure that they know their way in the new country that they are in. On the other hand, Canadians should also do their best to make sure that immigrants do not feel left out or feel intimidated in their new country.

Welcoming immigrants with open arms

The person who had been looking at the situation is Ninu Kang. Kang works as MOSAIC’s director. MOSAIC is actually a non-profit organization and it focuses on assisting refugees as well as immigrants be able to integrate well in their new society.

According to her, immigrants tend to live together and group together because they are afraid of racial slurs or maybe even racism. Of course, in Canada, this is highly discouraged. Most Canadians are really positive when it comes to immigrants and immigration because they do understand the need of their country for such people. So far, Canadians have been more than helpful to immigrants in their country.

Of course, there are still times when discrimination happens but Canadians are not that supportive with such behavior. Things are not perfect but the locals do their very best so that it would be.


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

May’s Immigration Slash And The Possible Fall Of The UK Economy

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It is not a secret that Theresa May, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has been working out changes in the country’s immigration policies. The change would include a slash in the number of immigrants that the country is welcoming. For the past several years, the number of immigrants coming to the country has been going up. It is estimated that the immigrants are coming in in the hundreds of thousands.

Now, what May is planning on doing is to actually put a limit to the number of immigrants that are coming into the country. According to statements from the country’s Prime Minister, she is looking at making sure that immigration in the UK comes down to only tens of thousands as compared to the hundreds of thousands that the country is currently having. This may be her plan but she has to make sure that she does the research first on what could happen when the limit becomes a reality.

An economist speaks

Economists have been looking at this situation and what changes could happen to the country when it comes around. One of the top economists of the country have said that limiting the immigration numbers in Britain may actually be a cause for productivity and economy experiencing significant drops. That is not really a good thing to happen. And aside from the drops in productivity and economy, the taxes in the country are also seen to increase later on.

This economist is Ken Rogoff. Rogoff works in Harvard and has also served as the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund.  His analysis of the situation was recently disclosed and he stated that if immigration is given a limit, the United Kingdom just may have to suffer from a decrease in its national income. This can be detrimental to the economy and so May should actually take a look at the policy that she is proposing.

The possibilities of the immigration limit

Although the reduction of immigrants to the United Kingdom is proposed, it will not happen in just one snap. The government has already defined the reduction to happen in five years. Of course, it is quite an impossible thing, as is reflected in previous years. May has worked previously as part of the Home Office and yet she has not been able to reach the target. She has worked there for six years. So the plan of five years may not really quite happen.

Add to that the consequences that come with it, the whole government of the United Kingdom just may have a difficult time making it push through. A really bad economy can really hurt the country greatly and the UK may just not be ready for it. If it can be prevented, then it should be prevented as early as possible.


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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1400 Workers In 900 New Zealand Farms Are Immigrants

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Businesses need workers. This is no secret. If you are the owner of a business and you want to do everything, that should be quite a problem. Owners of businesses who are not willing to delegate tasks may have to accept the fact that their business will remain as it currently is. There would be no room to grow. Truth is, the bigger a business grows, the more people it needs because there will be more work done.

With that, it is safe to say that in New Zealand, businesses are doing well. At present, there have been a lot of workers who are offering their services and have been employed by around 900 farms all around the country. Most of these employed workers are immigrants and they amount to around 1400. That definitely is a huge number. And the very reason why businesses are choosing immigrants is because they have proven to be quite the hard workers and the reliable ones.

Employing immigrants in NZ

Venture Southland is an agency in New Zealand and it is tasked to monitor and work on the Southland region and the projects that deal with economy and community development. According to the agency, they were able to record over 1400 workers who are immigrants in New Zealand. These 1400 immigrants have been employed by over 900 farms focused on dairy products which are located in the Southland region alone.

This definitely says that there are a lot of jobs waiting for immigrants in New Zealand. It is up to them to find the job that suits them. As compared to the Kiwis (or the locals of NZ), immigrants persevere more and do more work. They also are more flexible when it comes to moving to a new place to get some work.

With the numbers, this simply states that the dairy farms are reliant on immigrants. Without them, these farms definitely would have a lot of work not completed and these farms just may not be able to reach any quota that they may have set.

The changing immigration laws

The immigration laws in New Zealand are changing. With these, of the total immigrant farm workers (and their families as well), only half would be able to stay in the country and gain residency status. As for the others, they would only be able to have a secure job for three years only. After that period, they would then have to make sure to fulfill any other requirements from the immigration agency. If not, they have no choice but to leave the country.

This definitely is a concern among farm owners. It would mean less immigrants to employ and that would mean more work left undone. The government should be looking into this to make sure that local businesses do not suffer.


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Monday, June 12, 2017

Immigrant Investor Programs In Quebec, Canada, Accepting Applications

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Many countries are doing their best so that they would be able to attract the right kind of immigrants to their country. It is essential that they do their very best so as to figure out the type of immigrants that they would need. Most of the time, it is all about economy, economy, economy. With the right people coming to the country and being able to contribute to the economy, this country would be more than happy to have them.

Right now, Canada has been working out ways to make sure that they get the right people interested in moving there. See, Canada has been more than open to immigrants and plenty are quite happy to move to the country. Now, the country needs more than just immigrants. What the country needs are immigrants who can help out with businesses and who can help keep the economy be even stronger than before. With that, Canada has opened immigrant investor programs specifically for Quebec, one of the country’s top cities. Applications for this program are open.

It started on May 29th.

This new immigrant investor program just for Quebec had started on the 29th of May this year. What is interesting about this is that it has already been running for quite some time now. There had been quite a lot of people interested in this and so the applications became full. That is why the country had to put a stop to it for some time. Now, on the 29th of May this year, the country decided to open up all the applications for the program once again.

This program is known as the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, or is more commonly known as the QIIP. It would not be quite a surprise if there would be a lot of applications coming in once again. Canada is quite a good country to be an immigrant in and to be able to have a chance to be an investor in the country would be quite the deal.

What the QIIP is.

The QIIP is out to offer all of the international investors the chance to actually have a status as permanent resident. This would be quite a good deal as it means that once you are able to pass the requirements, you can easily get the status that many people have a hard time getting. All a person needs to do to be able to apply for this program is to actually invest $800,000 CAD in the country. It is going to be having a guarantee from the Quebec government.

This is also a good program to be a part of as applicants can also include family members for the immigration once approved.


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Friday, June 9, 2017

UK May Be In Trouble If Immigration Numbers Fall


The government of the United Kingdom may not just realize it yet, however, if the numbers continue to fall for immigration in the country, Britain just may have to deal with financial trouble coming their way. Right now, the country is still working on its exit from the European Union which is a plan that they have been working with for quite some time now. However, the very thought of the exit just has been pushing people in the country to make drastic moves themselves. Since they do not like it, European immigrants in the country are starting to leave the UK.

If this continues, the country may have to deal with a less powerful economy. These immigrants are actually the lifeblood of businesses in Britain. Owners of businesses really like employing immigrants for the very reason that they are quite the hard workers and they also are quite okay to move to areas in the country that need their services. If these immigrants continue to leave the country, business owners would be having a hard time finding replacements.

The data game

The Office For National Statistics, also known as the ONS, is an independent group that provides official data and numbers for the UnitedKingdom. It is known as the country’s group that specializes in data and statistics.

According to the ONS, in the year 2016, there were already 117,000 citizens of the European Union who have decided to move to Britain. That is definitely quite a huge leap as compared to the 31,000 individuals who have come to the country a year earlier. However, the numbers also have disclosed that there are more and more individuals who have left the country and move to a new one.

UK needs immigration

For those who have been living in the country and who have invested in businesses, these individuals can definitely share just how important immigration is to the country. Right now, with the huge amount of immigrants coming in the hundreds of thousands each year, business owners are not having a hard time finding those who will do the jobs that are needed for their businesses to succeed.

However, come the time that the current UK government decides to push through with the country’s exit from the European Union, the government will then move on with making sure that only tens of thousands of immigrants are able to enter the country each year. That would mean a lot less immigrants in the country and also a lot less people doing the labor.

Owners can personally attest that the immigrants are a blessing for them as they are not choosy when it comes to the work that is available. These immigrants are also quite reliable with the tasks given to them and can really work hard.


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Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Zealand Economy Should Be Thankful To Immigration

Records have been broken. Again and again and again. That is, looking at the immigration data in New Zealand. An expert in immigration has been looking at the data and the situation in New Zealand. Despite many individuals saying that immigration in NZ is a bad thing as there are plenty of issues growing, immigration expert Paul Spoonley is saying that as long as the country keeps its standards in immigration high and good, the country would continuously be benefitting from it.

Spoonley is a renowned professor at Massey University in the country. He says that the important thing to remember is the contribution that these immigrants bring the country. The issues are there but the contribution to the economy that the immigrants bring is way heavier than the issues that seem to have crop up.

The rise in numbers

According to data from Statistics New Zealand, there has been a rise in the number of immigrants who have come to the country in a year. The average should be around 72,000. That is definitely a huge number and it has been bringing a lot of concern for many people. Some believe that there are too many people in the country. However, what is happening is that there are more people living in top cities but the country is really not that populated if you are going to take a look at the whole area.

There are issues that have risen which include inadequate housing as well as problems with public facilities and transportation. However, from Spoonley’s study, he has disclosed that immigration has just amplified the existing conditions. That is why it is more noticeable now.

The research

Spoonley has been heading a huge project. This is worth five million dollars and it is looking into how immigration is changing the landscape of New Zealand. It is also looking at the diversity that is happening in the country and the effects that it brings.

The study has seen that in the coming 20 up to 30 years, population in the largest cities of New Zealand just may go up by 500,000. That is definitely huge and if these cities continue to be what it is, these places would definitely be filled with a lot of people.

What could be done is to actually make sure that there are more new places that people can live in and not just these main cities. That way, there would be a lot less problems happening in the most populated areas. Immigration has been a huge factor in the country’s strong economy as they provide the best labor and are reliable workers. By putting jobs in other areas, the chances of people moving to these areas just may happen and so overpopulation in the top cities would not be a reality.


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