Friday, November 25, 2022

Immigrants In New Zealand Learn More About The Country By Visiting The Many Cultural institutions There

Moving to a new country as an immigrant is one thing. Those who are able to successfully do so usually want to learn just about what they can do in the country. They also want to know how to go about places and where they can find the best spots, usually for food, groceries, and the like. They would also want to see what activities they can do. In the case of immigrants in New Zealand, many of them also want to learn more about the culture of the country. By doing so, they are able to better understand the new country that they are living in, as well as the people who live there.


One of the good things about living in New Zealand is that it has a rich culture, which has been preserved through the ages. With that, the country has ensured that people do not forget their culture and they do this by opening a number of cultural institutions which people can visit. Immigrants enjoy visiting these not only to learn about New Zealand but also to have a great time there.


What are some of the best cultural institutions in New Zealand? Here are some of them.


Te Papa Tongarewa


This is a museum that people in New Zealand can visit, and it is the national museum of the country. The exhibits found in this museum have themes that include the national history of New Zealand, as well as its natural history. There is even a recreation of the island, exhibits of the country’s wildlife, as well as a great art collection that people can marvel at.


Auckland Museum


Another place that people go to is the Auckland Museum, which is also known as the Auckland War Memorial Museum. This place shows immigrants the story of the country and its people. It is also a war memorial for Auckland, and has one of the country’s top three libraries on heritage.


New Zealand Drama School


This school in New Zealand is also known as the Toi Whakaari. It is a prestigious organization in Wellington that focuses on tertiary training. It has been around for more than a century and it has been able to meet its goal of training individuals to become the best designers, performers, and craftspeople that they can be. It is also great that it has opened its doors not only to the locals but also to students from other parts of the world.


New Zealand Opera Company


More simply known as the New Zealand Opera, this professional opera company is the only one of its kind in the country. It was born just over two decades ago. Its headquarters is in Auckland and it puts together a number of productions each year. It also has educational programs, and helps opera singers early in their careers.




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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Some Of The Most Used Slang In The United Kingdom Which Immigrants Should Be Aware Of

One of the top reasons why many immigrants choose to move to the United Kingdom is because most of the country speaks English. This means that they can easily interact with the locals, especially if they already know the language. Those who may want to improve their English skills can actually do so in the United Kingdom when they interact and converse with the locals. However, what most immigrants do not really realize at first is that, just like in any country or community, there is always slang. And slang in the UK can sound like English but actually means something different.


So what are the usual slang that people in the UK usually use? Here are some of them.


Taking the biscuit


This slang, when used in the UK, actually means that a person is already starting to push their luck.


After asking for an extension on the class project, Rowan was happy when it was granted to them. But he didn’t stop there. He even asked if they could all get high grades even if the project wasn’t that good. That was when he took the biscuit.




A waffle can mean that delicious sweet treat that people enjoy. However, when used as slang in the United Kingdom, this means that someone is droning on and on about nothing important, and is just talking incessantly.


When Margaret gets nervous, she tends to waffle. And that’s what she has been doing while waiting for her test results to come back.




While some people may think that a welly is some sort of food, it is not. In the UK, it means that someone has really given something a really good go.


Paula really wanted to perform on stage but was scared to do it. So when it was her time on stage, she really gave it a welly and she did well!




Some people may believe that “wobbler” means someone who may be wobbling when they walk or move. But in UK slang, this term means that someone has had a tantrum or someone has had a temper.


I now totally understand why James really does not like kids. They can be wobblers over the smallest things, making them very difficult to handle. I really don’t have the patience for such, and so does James.




While a “yak” may be an animal, yakking in UK slang actually means that someone may be rambling on or talking too much.


Sean had been messaging me earlier. He was asking me to call him so that he could excuse himself from the date he was in. He said the woman was beautiful but she had been yakking since the start of the date. Poor Sean.




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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Some Common Slang Used In Canada: A Quick Guide For Immigrants

While English and French are primarily the main languages that are widely used and spoken in Canada, immigrants in the country should also realize that there are slang that have been developed and used by the locals. When immigrants usually encounter these, they are unsure if they heard things right because it is something that they may have heard before but just does not fit the usual meaning. What is even more interesting is that there are tons of slang that are used in Canada, and immigrants should at least be ready to learn at least some of the most used ones.


What are these slang? Well, here are some of the common slang that immigrants in Canada should be familiar with.




No, this is not a name. But it is a noun. This actually is used to mean a convenience store. It is mostly used in Quebec, and it is actually short for depanneur, which is the French term for “convenience store.” Other terms used aside from “dep” include bodega, milk bar, market, corner shop, and corner store.


I’m running to the dep in a bit. Anything you’d like me to get for you while I’m there?




This term is used in Canada, but it is more popularly used in Toronto. This is used not in the usual way but actually is used to mean going to an event or a place.


Tonight’s Daniel’s birthday party. You reaching?




When someone is said to be a keener, it means that this person can be over-eager, or someone who may be trying too hard. It also means a brown-noser.


I honestly don’t like keeners. It seems like they just have to please everyone, and I hate that.


Loonie and Toonie


In Canada, loonie is actually used to refer to the one-dollar coins that have the bird loon on them, thus the term. On the other hand, a toonie is the Canadian two-dollar coin.


I can’t join you today. I forgot my wallet and all I have is a loonie and a toonie.




While many may think that this is used to refer to the animal, it can also be used to refer to dollars.


Can you spare me ten bucks? I forgot to withdraw some money earlier, and I’m short on cash. I have to pay for this stuff.




“Beauty” is another slang in Canada. It is often used to mean that something is good or is awesome.


Melissa and Kevin went on a camping trip just last weekend and they came home with raving descriptions of the place. They said that the entire experience was a beauty. This made me think that I should go there as well.




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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

What Is Zion National Park And Why Immigrants Love Visiting This Park In The United States Of America

When one becomes an immigrant in a new country, one of the things that one loves to do is explore just what the country has to offer, most especially if they have never been there before. They love to first explore the area where they will be living in and see where they can get the essentials, food, and how to go about the area. When they have done so, they would choose to explore even further and see what else is outside their area of residence. That is exactly what immigrants in the United States of America do. They take the time to actually see beautiful spots and amazing places that the country offers.


Among the many places that people love visiting in the USA, one of these is Zion National Park. It has been welcoming plenty of immigrants each year. Of course, it also welcomes tons of locals and tourists as well.


What is Zion National Park?


Zion National Park can be found in the southwest part of the state of Utah. It used to be a refuge for many people as it was a quiet spot. However, nowadays, it is bustling with activity, thus quiet is not a good word to use to describe it. That is understandable, though, because this park in the USA is one of parks that gets the most visitors. According to the park’s data, it usually has over four million people visiting there annually.


To get there, one can take a drive from Las Vegas which spans 166 miles. Or, if one is to drive from Salt Lake City, it would be 308 miles. But the drive is all worth it as the place is really beautiful.


What can people do in Zion National Park?


There are tons of activities that people can do at the Zion National Park, aside from just enjoying the beauty and grandeur of the place. One of these activities is checking out what is known as The Narrows. This is the slimmest part of the Zion Canyon and it is one of the most popular spots there to go for hikes.


Another spot to check out at this national park in the USA is Angels Landing. It is a trail that goes right up to an elevated land. People who want to go there will have to go 1,488 feet uphill. The entire hike, back and forth, would total 5.4 miles. There are sheer cliffs as well as steep switchbacks for those who are really into challenging hikes.


Observation Point is yet another good spot to go to. Right there, one can have a bird’s-eye view of almost the entire national park. The entire trip back and forth would total 8 miles.




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Monday, November 21, 2022

Immigrants And Locals In New Zealand Enjoy Whale Watching

It is not every day that people get to see an actual whale in the flesh. That is why immigrants and locals in New Zealand are considered to be some of the luckiest people on earth. They can easily make a trip to one of the many spots in the country where whales are aplenty. And that is one of the many activities that people living in New Zealand can do – whale watching. It is an exciting activity and one that people would remember for ages.


There are many spots in the country where whales can be spotted. Of course, this is not surprising given just how pristine the locals have kept the environment. That is why whales have chosen to thrive in New Zealand waters. The locals also know how to take care of these animals, which is why they are protected. And with New Zealand being surrounded by these pristine waters with food sources, whales surely love staying in the area.


Whales in Auckland


One of the spots that people can go to for some whale watching is Auckland. Whales usually play in the waters of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. The Hauraki Gulf is a part of the Pacific Ocean and is around 4000 sq. km. and is near Auckland and Coromandel. When one visits this park in New Zealand, one can learn and maybe even see many ocean life. It is home to many rare and even exotic living things.


One of the species that one can find in the Hauraki Gulf is the Bryde’s whale which is considered to be critically endangered. It is also amazing to note that more than 25 marine mammals found in the southern hemisphere can be found in this place. This simply shows just how bountiful the waters are in New Zealand, most especially in this area.


Finding whales


Another whale specie that can be found in New Zealand is the sperm whale. One of the best spots for this is Kaikoura. Kaikoura can be found on the South Island’s east coast, and it is one of the few places in the entire world where one can easily see this whale specie. Sperm whales are the biggest among toothed whales. They grow to more than 15 meters in length. They usually dive really deep into the ocean waters so they could feed. To spot this mammal in Kaikoura, one does not have to wait for a specific season. They can be seen all throughout the year.


Orca is another whale specie that can be found in New Zealand. Orcas are also known as killer whales. They can be spotted in New Zealand starting December until March. Those who are into humpback whales can spot these around June and July.




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Immigrants In The United Kingdom Enjoy The New Inn For Its Freshly Prepared Dishes

Most restaurants and food establishments usually do not offer dishes that make use of the freshest ingredients. Some of them, most especially those that are considered as fast food, have already processed their ingredients so that all they have to do is heat up the dish and quickly serve it to customers. That is why food establishments that offer the freshest dishes are a godsend for many people. That is also why immigrants and locals of the United Kingdom really love visiting The New Inn, because it serves dishes that make use of the freshest ingredients, which makes the dish really tasty.


What makes The New Inn different from most food establishments?


The New Inn is a food establishment that can be found in Shalfleet. The menu is usually described to offer quite a variety of dishes, which makes a lot of people happy about it. It is known to make use of the freshest local catch, most especially the fish, during summer and spring. The fish is usually caught and delivered daily to this establishment in the United Kingdom to ensure that it is fresh daily. When autumn comes around, the menu of The New Inn changes as well. The establishment’s specialties now would focus on those that make use of the freshest fruit, vegetables, and dairy, which are delivered to them by local producers.


The place is also amazing in the sense that the crew of The New Inn makes sure that they provide the warmest service possible. Plus, they also have all gone through training to ensure that they really know a lot about the items on the menu, which enables them to properly help out guests who may need more information or suggestions.


What are some of the best dishes available at The New Inn?


One of the best starters that one can have at The New Inn is black pudding bon-bons that have been deep fried. It is a delicacy in the United Kingdom, although not all people can appreciate it that much. Another item on the menu is Seafood Royale, which is a huge platter that includes prawns, whitebait, crab, lobster, and fish that are all succulent and fresh. It is even quite delectable after being cooked in butter. Those who love cheese could actually choose to have an even greater experience with the Royale platter. One has the option to add some gallybagger, which is a local cheese that is nutty and sweet. Now those who are not too keen on seafood have other options too. One of these is the pork belly which is cooked with chili. One of the best desserts is an apricot crème brulee that has crème infused with lavender.




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Immigrant Students In Canada Can Now Temporarily Render Over 20 Hours Of Work Each Week

Many immigrant students choose to pursue their studies in Canada, not just because the country is beautiful but also because it has one of the best education systems in the entire world. Those who have chosen to study in this country are also lucky because, recently, immigrant students can temporarily render over 20 hours of work each week during an academic year. The country previously allowed immigrant students to only work a maximum of 20 hours.


This is definitely good news for many immigrant students who are in the country to learn. Many try to get a job while studying because it does not only allow them to earn money but also allows them to get working experience in the country. Exposure to the working environment in Canada would give them a chance to be more knowledgeable about being in the workforce and learn some tricks of the trade that only real-world experience can give.


More than 20 hours each week


Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada announced a month ago that immigrant students in Canada would be allowed to go over the minimum 20 hours of work per week starting November 15, 2022. Students can take advantage of this only until December 31, 2023. Yes, it is only a temporary setup and is considered to be a one-time measure that has been designed to assist with the labor shortage that is happening in Canada at present. There has been a shortage of workers in the country recently, most especially in a number of positions, including food services, hospitality, and retail. This move from the IRCC also does not have any restrictions on the kind of employment that immigrant students can take.


With this measure, around 500,000 immigrant students in Canada can take advantage of this. This is the current number of immigrant students that are in the country at present. Those who would be joining the country during the period that the additional work hours are allowed can also take advantage of this.


A blessing for immigrant students


This move from the IRCC is considered to be a blessing by many immigrant students. This is because it allows them to earn extra money, which they can use to pay for their tuition, pay their rent, buy food, purchase any things needed for school or their necessities, and the like. Those who would like to take advantage of this would not need to get a work permit once they arrive in Canada as an immigrant student. Aside from being able to work for over 20 hours each week during an academic year, immigrant students may also work during academic breaks. During this time, they would also have no limit in terms of the number of hours that they could work.




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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Immigrants In The United States Of America Choose To Stay In Phoenix For Its Year-Round Sunny Climate

Not a lot of people are too happy about the cold weather, much more snowy weather. That is why they try to find a place where they can live and enjoy the sun all year long. Many immigrants who have chosen to move to the United States of America know that the country is huge and usually has snowy weather. However, there are also places in the country that have the sun all-year long. One of these is Phoenix, Arizona and that is why many immigrants (and even locals!) choose to live here so that they do not have to worry about cold weather.


What should people know about Phoenix?


Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and it is a city in this US state that has the biggest population. In fact, it is the fifth city in the US in terms of population. It started out as a community revolving around agriculture back in 1867. It became a city in 1881 through incorporation. The city also has a hot climate, which is usually described to be desert-like.


What can people do in Phoenix?


Thanks to the sunny weather all-year round, people who have chosen to live in this city in the United States of America can do many activities. There are tons of spots that one can visit in the area. There are also many activities that they can try out.


One of the places that one can visit is the Musical Instrument Museum. It is a unique museum because it is the sole museum in the entire world that is focused on showcasing musical instruments. Musicians and those who are interested in music can have a grand time learning about these when they visit the place. Those who have visited are more than happy to share that the entire place is beautiful and those who have curated the items have done a splendid job.


Another spot that people would be interested to visit is Taliesen West. Because of the sunny weather in Phoenix, Taliesen West became the home for the winter of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Nowadays, people can now go on tours of the place. It has also become campus of the School of Architecture at Taliesin, as well as the campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.


People who are living in this city in the USA can also visit the Desert Botanical Garden. Many people think that since the city is more of like a desert, they believe that it is all brown and sandy there. However, one can be amazed at the Desert Botanical Garden. It is 140 acres and has over 50,000 plants to see. It has also been designed so that it has calming paths that would allow people to relax and enjoy the place.




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Hospitable Kiwis Help Immigrants In New Zealand Feel Right At Home

Aside from the natural beauty and the work-life balance that is being promoted in the country, many people choose to be immigrants in New Zealand because transitioning to a new life there has proven to be quite easy. Many previous immigrants have shared that adjusting to life in New Zealand is not difficult because the locals (who are known as Kiwis) are some of the most hospitable people around. Yes, that’s true. Kiwis are known to be quite hospitable people and they can easily make newcomers feel welcome immediately.


In fact, a survey done by Immigration New Zealand back in 2015 has shown that over 90% of immigrants have described Kiwis as friendly (or even very friendly) people. This is one of the major reasons why they find it easy to adapt to the country. Aside from that, there is even a word in Maori for hospitality and that is Manaakitanga and it stems from the trait of providing mutual respect to all people. It also shows just how much value is given to hospitality as seen in the culture of the country.


More on Manaakitanga


Aside from it being used to describe hospitality, it is also used to mean generosity, kindness, and support. It is a way of showing care and respect not only for fellowmen but also for guests who go to their homes but also for foreigners who have decided to visit New Zealand. And what is even more interesting is that the locals practice and embody this, without really being conscious of it. It is embedded deeply into their culture that it comes quite naturally to them. It is part of their daily lives and it is a good thing to have this.


For many Kiwis, they really appreciate just how diverse their population is. It has become a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities. It is something that they have lived with since birth and they have become used to this kind of situation. They see the good side of things and really love learning about the cultures and lifestyles of people from other countries, without having to forget and sacrifice their very own.


The homey and relaxing culture


Immigrants who have found themselves in New Zealand are more than happy there. They easily feel right at home, especially since the locals are warm and welcoming. The culture is also very homey and relaxing, informal and quite laid-back. The locals are also quite easygoing, which helps immigrants in New Zealand greatly. Everything is not rushed and stuffy, and this allows them to relax and feel that they are embraced in the country. The locals also treat new people well, and ensure that they feel right at home and part of the New Zealand family.




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Lake District National Park: An Amazing Park In The United Kingdom Which Immigrants And Locals Enjoy

Parks are beautiful places that people can visit to just relax, have picnics, or just while away the time. It is a good thing that the United Kingdom is home to many of these, and people have a place where they can just relax without having to spend any money. It is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and breath in fresh air. Immigrants in the country also love going to these parks, and locals do the same as well.


One of the many parks that people can enjoy in the UK is the Lake District National Park. It can be found in North West England. Those who live in the area or those who are visiting the area can actually choose to enjoy the place when they want to.


What is the Lake District National Park?


It was on May 9, 1951 when this place became a national park. The original boundaries were kept until 2016, which was when the Lake District National Park’s area became extended by an additional 3% towards the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This was done so that some areas in the Lune Valley were added to add area that had high landscape value.


An interesting fact about the Lake District National Park is that it is the national park in the United Kingdom that gets the most visitors. Data has it that the national park gets around 16.4 million people visiting it each year. It is not surprising given that it is the biggest among the 13 national parks found in Wales and England. It is also the second biggest in the United Kingdom, with the Cairngorms National Park as the largest.


The Lake District National Park’s goal is to ensure that the landscape is protected, and this is done by putting in restrictions so that changes done by commerce or industry does not happen. A huge portion of the park is privately owned, and over half of it is agricultural land. Those who own parts of this national park include farmers, the National Trust, the Forestry Commission, United Utilities, and the Lake District National Park Authority.


What can be found in the Lake District National Park?


It is interesting to note that not only locals and immigrants visit this national park in the United Kingdom. Travelers in the country also choose to visit this spot. After all, there are tons to see and do here. One of these is checking out the 12 of the biggest lakes of the UK. There are also over 2,000 miles of routes and trails that people can explore should they feel like doing so. There are also beautiful scenery and even more magnificent views that one may think that they are looking straight at a painting.




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Friday, November 11, 2022

Bringing In More Immigrants To Help With The Workforce Is Canada’s Plan

Canada is a country quite known for being quite open to immigrants. It has been welcoming thousands and thousands of new immigrants each year. This has made the country quite popular among those who have been looking for a country where they could move to. They are not disappointed because Canada continues to create routes and programs that would help bring in immigrants. After all, the country has recognized the huge benefits that immigrants bring. It is a win-win situation for all.


What is interesting is that Canada does not simply bring in new immigrants. It creates a good plan that would help bring in the needed immigrants. For example, if there is a lack of engineers in the country, then Canada would create a route that would help attract engineers. The country’s immigration plans all depend on what the country needs at that time. At present, the immigration plan is to bring in as many immigrants as possible, and if the country is able to meet its target, the number would break all previous immigrant records.


The immigration plans


According to the federal government, it is planning on bringing in at least 1.45 million new immigrants and permanent residents, and the country is planning on doing this in the next three years. That number has been divided into three years. In fact, in 2025, the target for Canada is to bring in at least 500,000 new people. The total number may seem big but this is being done to be able to answer the issue of labor shortage.


Experts have seen the importance of immigration in Canada. Without immigration, it is highly likely that the workforce of the country will not be growing. Canada has been plagued with an aging population as well as a low birth rate. The effects of this include fewer people in the workforce. But with many businesses choosing to set up shop in the country, there is a need for more people to join the workforce, and this is where immigrants come in. These individuals also help out with growing the economy, which is very useful nowadays because economic recovery is at the top of the country’s priorities.


Businesses are thankful for immigration


What the government is doing to help out with the workforce situation is not happening unseen. Many business owners are quite thankful for what the government of Canada is doing to help improve the lack of workers. That is why the federal government is trying to bring in many immigrants, which around 60% of them being part of the economic class. These are individuals who choose to go to Canada to offer their professional skills. Business owners are happy to note that the immigration programs of the government help them greatly have the needed skilled workers.




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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Immigrants Get To See The Iconic Bison In The United States Of America

The animal kingdom is huge. There are tons of animals all around the world and most people are often always amazed when they get to see an animal that is unique or one that they have only seen in photos, movies, or TV shows. One of these animals is the bison and it can be found in the United States of America. The locals of the country are quite lucky to be able to see this animal in the flesh, and many immigrants in the USA are also quite happy that they are able to experience seeing this themselves.


What are bison?


These animals are big bovines. Some of them have already gone extinct. But there are also surviving bison species. One of these is the American bison which currently can be found only in North America. This species also has a huge number which is a great thing. It is also referred to as buffalo by the people in Canada and the United States of America. However, the American bison is really not related to the real buffalo.  The bison species that can be found in North America has two subspecies. These are the Plains Bison and the Wood Bison.


Bringing back the bison numbers


The bison has been featured in many books, photos, stories, and movies. It is even said to be the most iconic mammal in the USA. It even has a national campaign helping it out. There was a time when the American bison was on the verge of extinction. It was a good thing that the scientists easily recognized this and so campaigns were made to ensure that it did not suffer a sad fate. And thankfully, after years of protecting the bison, the numbers have definitely gone up and more and more bison are now roaming the country. Plus, the country also created the National Bison Range which has helped the animal grow in number.


It was thanks to US President Theodore Roosevelt that the bison finally grew its population. In 1908, then-President Roosevelt signed a law that allowed the government to purchase pieces of land, solely for the purpose of bison conservation. He had been hoping that the move would help preserve the specie and make its population grow back to when there were millions of them roaming lands and prairies in the country.


Roosevelt surely would be proud to know that his plans and actions back in 1908 had bore fruit. The lands used for bison conservation are now the home to many bison. In fact, people in the USA can find themselves enjoying the sight of these animals roaming in the wild as they have done decades ago.




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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Cape Reinga, A Mystical Place In New Zealand Which Many Immigrants Find Fascinating

Not a lot of people are into the mystic life but there are those who are fascinated by it. And in a place like New Zealand where the culture has been kept rich and alive for ages, it is not surprising to find certain areas which are still seen as mystical and quite magical in their own way. Immigrants who are in New Zealand really find one of these places quite fascinating and it is known as Cape Reinga. This place definitely comes with a lot of stories in and around it. It also is a beautiful place that attracts many people to see if it is mystic in real life and to actually enjoy what it has to offer.


Where is Cape Reinga?


To go to Cape Reinga, one must be willing to travel to the northernmost part of the North Island in New Zealand. It is at the tip of the Aupouri Peninsula. It can be found over 100 km to the north of Kaitaia, which is the nearest small town in the area.


What makes Cape Reinga unique?


According to legends from the Maori, this place is right where the spirits of people who have passed away leave the Earth and make their way to Hawaiki, which is the ancestral homeland of the Maori. It is said to be the place where spirits take that huge and important jump to paradise. In fact, what is even more interesting is that Reinga actually means “underworld” in the Maori language.


What can people do in Cape Reinga?


This place in New Zealand is actually waiting to get recognition as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a favorite spot for many tourists and immigrants in New Zealand. In fact, it is said that it has more than 120,000 visitors per year. The numbers also show that the number of visitors to Cape Reinga grows by around 5% each year.


There are a number of amazing things to do in Cape Reinga. One of these is visiting the Cape Reinga lighthouse. It takes around 10 minutes of walking to get there, and one is treated to some of the best views of the lighthouse and the cliffs around it. Another place to visit would be Toputaputu Bay. It is a great beach and quite scenic as well, where people can go for a swim or just have a picnic on the shore. Another activity to do would be to go sandboarding right on the sand dunes of Te Paki. And the most mystic spot in Cape Reinga is known as Spirits Bay. This is known as the jump-off point for spirits who are leaving this planet. It is a stunning place which is also called Kapowairua.




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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Brits, The Way They Do Things, And What Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Know About Them

When a person decides to move to the United Kingdom, he or she should not just focus on packing all of their belongings and buying a plane ticket. There are a lot of other things to take care of. This includes knowing where in the United Kingdom they would choose to live in, knowing how to go in and about the country, knowing the rules in the country, being familiar with the customs and culture, as well as knowing what foods can be found there. One of the things that they usually forget to prepare for is knowing how to interact with the locals and being familiar with any common traits that the locals have. And what are these traits? Here are some of them.




One of the major traits that the British have is punctuality. They are always punctual. If they are late, it must be for a very good reason. In fact, they hate being late because they consider this to be rude behavior. Immigrants in the United Kingdom should be aware of this and should also not be late when meeting with anyone. If one is going to be late, it is best to contact the people that they would be meeting to inform them that they are arriving late and why they would be late.


Being in queues.


People in the UK respect queues. They do not mind standing in line and waiting for their turn. They also find it rude when people jump the line. What is interesting about this is that when the Brits see someone jumping the line, they would most definitely let that person know that they are not happy with what the person did. Immigrants in the UK would definitely learn a lot of patience by respecting and following the queue.


Keeping a proper distance.


There are countries where people can converse with another person and be really close to each other. However, that is not the case in the United Kingdom. It is said that to be on the safe side, the right and acceptable distance between two people in conversation would be an arm’s length. If one is closer than that, it may be seen as aggressive and could cause the other person to be uncomfortable.




It is also important to understand that the British are also very polite people. One would most definitely hear the locals saying phrases like “Sorry,” “Thank you,” and “Please” quite often in daily conversations. It is a normal thing for them and it sure is a good trait. Many immigrants eventually adapt and become politer with each day that they are living in the UK, and bring this with them wherever they go.




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Monday, November 7, 2022

Canada Plans On Bringing In Huge Number Of Immigrants That Could Break Former Immigration Records

The government of Canada has recently announced that it plans to welcome a staggering amount of new immigrants to the country and it plans to do this in the next three years. The number that the government has announced would be 1.45 million new immigrants. It also mentioned that Canada needs that much new immigrants to help out with the shortage in the labor market that the country needs to address at the soonest time possible.


Canada has been dealing with an aging population and a low birth rate. The combination of these two has brought about fewer people in the labor market who are ready to do the many jobs that businesses in the country need help with. The fastest way to work out this cinch would be to bring in immigrants who are more than willing to offer their skills, talents and services to the labor market.


Canada’s immigration plans


According to the federal government of the country, its Immigration Levels Plan is to bring in as much immigrants as possible. These immigrants should be able to help out fill the job vacancies in Canada which has amounted to a million so far. These individuals are also going to help out the industries in the country that are highly affected by the labor shortage. The top industries include manufacturing, trades, health care, and engineering.


Aside from that, the Immigration Levels Plan also has strategies that would help the country in terms of economic growth for the long term.


Benefitting from immigrants


For years, Canada has been focusing on immigration which it has been using as a great way to combat the aging population, as well as the low birth rates in the country. It is a good thing that the government has been able to see the issue and understand that something needs to be done to fix it. That is why Canada continues to create programs and routes that would help bring in the immigrants that would greatly help the country. In fact, the country has ensured that it has been able to maintain high levels of immigration ever since the 1990s.


Potential immigrants are choosing Canada


Many individuals who are looking for a new country to move to have been opting to go to Canada. In fact, it is said that in every five Canadians, one of them is an immigrant. This is the highest rate that has been recorded in almost one century.


For many potential immigrants, Canada is the best place for them to go to. Many of them choose the country for quality higher education as well as for more employment opportunities. The country also offers immigration policies that are a lot friendlier.




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