Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Reading And Literature In Germany That Should Help Immigrants Learn More About The Country

One of the best ways to learn about something is through reading. It is an activity that can be very productive and can be very useful for people. It allows people to get information about things and make them explore places even if they have not yet been to that place. This is why people who are immigrants in Germany and may want to know more about the country can do this by reading books and literature written about the country and by people in the country.


Germany has always been one of the top countries in the world in terms of reading. Publishers in the country are able to publish at least 94,000 new books annually. Aside from this, the International Frankfurt Book Fair is held in this country as well. This event is the most important event for books in the entire world. Also, research has shown that almost half of the population at 44.6% reads one book at the very least every week.


The best of German literature


With Germany being one of the top countries when it comes to books and reading, it is not surprising that some of the best books in the world and some of the best writers in the world have come from this country. Reading these pieces of literature can help immigrants in Germany, new and old, learn more about the country that they are living in. They can choose when they can read about the country that they are in on their own time.


Here are some of the best writers from Germany who have written literature that are worth reading. This list is not comprehensive but it can give immigrants and potential immigrants a good idea about the country, its history, its culture, and plenty of other things.


  • Anne Frank – This German girl is probably one of the most famous writers in the country. Her diary was made into a book now known all around the world as “Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl.”
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – This writer is the person behind the famous play, “Faust.” This play focuses on the Faust and his soul, which he sold to the devil.
  • Karl Emil Maximilian Weber – The most famous work of Weber is “The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Capitalism,” which is a long essay known to be an introduction to top ideas that he, later on, focused on in some of his later works.
  • Cornelia Funke – This woman writer has been writing some of the best literature for children though what is considered her very first successful work is “The Thief Lord.” She is also behind the trilogy “Inkheart” which is known as Funke’s best work so far.




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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Provincial Government Of New Brunswick, Canada Plans To Increase Immigration Intake

When the Progressive Conservative Party became victorious in the recently held election in New Brunswick, it went on to fulfilling the promises that it had during the campaign period. One of the party’s promises was increasing the immigration intakes in this province in Canada. New immigrants in New Brunswick have been helping the province with growing its economy as well as growing its population. The province would also be following policies which were proposed by the victorious party with regards to immigration. These policies would cover three years of bringing in new immigrants to the province.


New Brunswick, just like most provinces in Canada, has been very reliant on immigrants for many years already. New immigrants joining the province have contributed greatly to the success that the province is experiencing in terms of its economy. The province has also been making sure that these immigrants are able to adapt to the new society that they will be living in.


Continuing the previous plans


Blaine Higgs is the current premier for New Brunswick and during the campaign, he has promised that the party would continue with the action plan running for five years that the current government has. This action plan is focused on growing the province’s population. The plan has the goal of bringing in 7,500 new immigrants each year until 2024. This is the number that the federal government has set as the maximum.


During the campaign period though, the parties running for office were both trying to outdo each other with the best programs and plans in terms of immigration. Right now, with the victorious party able to continue on with the current plans, New Brunswick would be benefitting from the increase of new immigrants. The party also has a goal of increasing and strengthening the culture of francophone in the province. There is also a goal of francophone immigrants taking around 33% of the population in New Brunswick by 2024.


Other plans for immigrants


Higgs also shared that the party would be working on increasing the population in the province via bringing in new immigrants. The party would also be trying to lure families to join the province and also try to make sure that they stay there. The party has a target retention rate for new immigrants set at 75% in the coming five years.


The party also is going to work with learning institutions that offer higher learning as well as with professionals groups to help bring in immigrant students, skilled immigrant workers, young individuals, as well as professionals. Aside from this, the party would also be investing in learning initiatives to help more immigrant students be connected with employers in the province and help them get jobs after finishing their programs in Canada.




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Monday, September 28, 2020

Little Blue Penguins, Kereru, And Weta: Animals That Immigrants Can Meet In New Zealand

Nature is beautiful and New Zealand is one of the best places to go to enjoy nature. Those who live in New Zealand get to enjoy the beauty of nature daily as the country is riddled with wondrous bodies of water, land formations, flora, and fauna that are definitely breathtaking. Immigrants in the country can attest to this and they have a grand time exploring the new country that they are living in.


The animals in New Zealand have also been the center of attention for many immigrants and for a good number of locals as well. They are beautiful and are marvelous to look at. See, there are ordinary animals in the country that can be seen in other countries and then there are also unique animals in New Zealand that can only be found in the country. Animals are always adorable to plenty of people and New Zealand’s animals definitely do not disappoint.


Three of the amazing animals that people can find in NewZealand are the little blue penguins, the kereru, and the weta.


Little blue penguins


These little animals have a height of just about 25 centimeters or 9.84 inches and they are known all over the world for being the smallest. Years ago, the little blue penguins were a common sight all around the country, however, because of predators, the little animals have moved to islands that were offshore as a way of survival. Most of these penguins have colonies that can be found in harbors in the mainland that were sheltered, like Taiaroa Head and Oamaru. When the night comes, the penguins then go to the shore.




The kereru is a bird and it is also known in New Zealand as the wood pigeon. It is quite large and has a vest of white feathers. It also wears a crown of green feathers. This animal is not on the endangered list unlike many animals in the world so spotting them in the country would be quite easy. There are plenty of areas in New Zealand that are forested so kererus can be found here. A distinct characteristic of this bird is that it can make loud sounds when it flaps its wings.




Weta has been existing for a long time already – in fact, they have been living since the prehistoric times. They are invertebrates and their size can vary. They are known for having long bodies, tusks that are curved, and legs that are spiny. This animal seems to be evolving with time as new species still are being discovered with the last one discovered just around 30 years ago. At present, there are around 70 species that are known and 16 of these are endangered.




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Friday, September 25, 2020

Routes For Student Immigration In The United Kingdom To Open Earlier Than Scheduled

Individuals who may be interested in becoming immigrant students in the United Kingdom will definitely be happy about this latest piece of news from the country. As per the UK government, the routes for students and child students would be opening on the 5th of October this year. These routes are aimed at bringing in the best and the brightest immigrant students to join the country and it does not matter from what countries these immigrant students come from. The routes for those who are interested in becoming immigrant students will be opening earlier than scheduled and this is a part of the United Kingdom government’s goal of using a new immigration system which will be based on points.


This definitely should make a lot of individuals from around the world happy, given that a lot of people are interested in having an education in one of the best learning institutions in the United Kingdom. This is good news for them as it means that there now a route for them to be able to achieve their goal.


The importance of immigrant students


The United Kingdom has already left the European Union and the government’s plan is to make the UK even stronger with the help of immigrant students. Immigrant students have been bringing in contributions to the country in terms of the economy, the academe, and the country’s finances. The government has also disclosed that it understands that some of the potential immigrant students may have put their plans on hold to study in the UK because of the pandemic and that is why it is doing its best to make sure that these immigrant students are able to find confidence that the UK is quite a safe country to go to.


The UK government also has been working on the new routes to be able to attract the best and the brightest immigrant students to the country. Those who would be taking advantage of the routes should be able to enjoy the benefits that come with the new process that is more streamlined and should make them ready to join the autumn intake.


The goal of the new routes


The new routes from the United Kingdom are designed to treat all of the applicants equally and it does not matter what country they are from. These have also been made a lot simpler to make things easier for everyone. This is to make sure that the education in the UK would continue to be a leader in the whole world and that is why the country is doing its best to attract and keep the best, talented, and brightest immigrant students to take further studies in the universities and colleges in the country.




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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Around 56,000 Study Permits To Canada Approved, Says Immigration Minister

Education is something that plenty of people choose to focus on as it is said to be the only possession that a person can have that cannot be taken away from them. There are those who are good with the basic education that a person usually takes though there are those who really do their very best to get the best education that they can – and even pushing on to get further education. Canada has been one of the top countries for people who have been wishing to get further education because of the high quality of education in the country as well as the shorter time than it takes to complete a program.


In recent news, the Immigration Minister of Canada has stated that the country has been able to approve around 56,000 study permits just for the first stage. This is a huge amount and is a huge help to the country and to those who wish to study in the country after everything seemed to have come at a standstill when the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus wreaked havoc in the entire world.


Keeping everybody safe


Aside from the announcement by the Immigration Minister regarding the amount of newly awarded study permits, it was also announced that to make sure that everybody is safe, the federal government of Canada has been working to make sure that immigrant students are welcomed warmly into the country but have to make sure that the virus does not spread. The whole program on keeping all immigrant students safe as well as the entire country is being led by Health Canada. With the virus being spread from person to person, safety measures definitely have to be put in place.


The Immigration Minister has also continued that one of the rules that they have set in place is to make sure that the learning institutions have followed all the health requirements set by the area that they are in. This is one of the moves of Canada to make sure that everybody is safe from the virus and this includes not only the people who are in Canada but also those who are joining the country as immigrant students.


Bringing in immigrant students


Despite the threat of the novel coronavirus, it is interesting to note that a good number of learning institutions in Canada have shown and expressed their interest in continuing to welcome immigrant students. At present though, Canada still accepts immigrant students but they would be starting their program via online courses. There will be changes in the coming weeks and months and immigrant students should be prepared to travel to the country to continue their program once the travel restrictions have already been lifted.




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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Lake Königssee And The Lure It Has On Immigrants And Locals In Germany

For immigrants, exploring the new place that they are living in is something that they would want to do. It allows them to learn more about the place that they are now in and it helps them feel more at home where they are. In Germany, one of the places that immigrants go to when they want to explore the country is Lake Königssee.


Where is Lake Königssee?


Lake Königssee can be found in Berchtesgadener Land in the region of Bavaria. This place is near the border of Austria which is around 18 miles to the south of Salzburg. The lake is alpine which has water that is crystal clear that allows people there to have quiet and tranquil boat rides. The area where the lake is also has the St. Bartholoma church which is charming in its own way. And because it is in Germany, this church has a beer garden right beside it.


The landscape


When one visits Lake Königssee, they would see many cars parked in the Schonau village. This is because this is the only place where cars are allowed. To get to the lake, one has to walk. People who visit the place then walk to get to the pier where they can take a boat trip on the lake. The people would be able to enjoy the warm sun as it sparkles on the very clear water below. The boat trip would also allow people to enjoy the landscape that belongs to the Berchtesgaden National Park.


Many people who have taken the boat ride have been more than happy to share that they have found the whole experience to be quite invigorating. They claim that they were able to recharge and find peace and tranquility.


There used to be trips on Lake Königssee which made many people enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as do some hunting. However, a nobleman has mentioned before that he would rather enjoy the peace that the place has rather than go on a hunting expedition of the wildlife that the lake offers. Now, most people who visit the place the trip which takes them around the lake that spans almost eight kilometers. There are also inlets that can be found right between steep cliffs that look like fjords which are definitely amazing.


The Alpine National Park


Also during the trip on the tranquil waters of the Lake Königssee, one can get to enjoy the Alpine National Park, which is the only one in Germany. There are huge and high mountains to marvel at as well as deep valleys and lush forests. This area is a place where many flora and fauna thrive. It covers more than 210 sq. km. and plenty of wildlife live there including ibex, roe deer, birds, foxes, red deer, and chamois.




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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

New Immigrants In Canada Get Employment Assistance That Help Them Adapt Better To Expectations Of Employers

Despite the pandemic that has caused a lot of economies to go down and people have limited movements to stop the spread of the virus, a lot of people are still looking at new countries to move to. And for many potential immigrants, Canada still remains as their top country of choice. This is a good thing because Canada is still open to immigrants and recognizes the importance of immigration, especially during these trying times. Immigrants have been known to help the economy and in this day and age when the economy needs a lot of help to recover, bringing new ones in would be a very big help.


It is important to understand though that there are still obstacles that are hindering new immigrants in Canada from getting right to job opportunities. The new ones that have just joined the labor market may have to deal with issues with recognition of their credentials. There may also be barriers when it comes to culture and language that are said to have an effect on their confidence, as well as their capacity to communicate well with new colleagues or employers.


The plus side to hiring immigrants


An expert in immigrants have seen that the newcomers in Canada bring with them new experiences, new skills, and new ideas which are very beneficial to the company that they would be working for. However, these new immigrants may still have barriers that they need to overcome which includes learning how to speak English or French better but this is just a minor one. Studies have it that new immigrants eventually prove to be good employees, stay with the company that they work in for a long time, and contribute a lot through their work.


This is something that many employers in Canada really like because it allows them to save on training and the costs of hiring and training new employees. Many employers even prefer to hire new immigrants given how most of them become valuable employees for many companies in and around the country. These individuals also help with the labor market as they provide the additional manpower that the labor market of Canada needs.


Canadians are willing to help


Many immigrants in Canada have been quite happy to share that they have been getting great help not only from their employers but also from the locals which allows them to adapt better to being in the country. For Canadians, they are quite open to immigrants and they understand the importance of having these newcomers. The new immigrants help with the labor market and they also have been a great help in growing the country’s population. These are the main reasons why the locals are more than happy to lend a hand and make the new immigrants feel at home.




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Monday, September 21, 2020

Roast Lamb And Maori Hangi: Delectable Food In New Zealand That Have Been Filling The Stomachs Of Hungry Immigrants

Food may not really be a big factor for many immigrants when they were choosing the country that they wanted to move to. But once they are in that country, food becomes a big factor in their daily life. This is the case for immigrants all over the world including those who are in New Zealand. They would have to be able to eat the food that is offered in the country that they are in and be used to what food is offered there.


In the case of immigrants in New Zealand, the food here is not that different from other Western countries so not a lot of adjusting has to be done. However, there are a lot of dishes in the country that are deemed to be really delicious though there may be versions of those dishes around the world. How delectable these dishes are can be attested to by the locals themselves and by the tourists and the immigrants who have tried those out. Here are two of those dishes that have immigrants coming back for more.


Roast lamb


The locals of New Zealand and even immigrants in the country have found roast lamb to be quite delicious and this dish has become a favorite for them. This is because the lamb farmed in New Zealand is quite delicious in itself. This meat is also very much a favorite by people all around the world. The country has been exporting this meat to the entire world and it is one of the top exports of New Zealand.


Roast lamb in the country is cooked with rosemary as well as a lot of vegetables that are in season. It is a meal in itself and has got a lot of people smacking their lips just thinking about it. It can be found in plenty of restaurants in New Zealand that finding one that serves this is not going to be difficult. When made with the freshest of ingredients, this meal can definitely be something worth going back to over and over.


Maori hangi


Immigrants in New Zealand may have tried Maori hangi dishes one time or another. Maori hangi is a style of cooking that is traditional and uses an earth oven. In Rotorua, they have a feast that uses Maori hangi style and people joining the feast can enjoy food that has been cooked via steam from pools heated by nature.


This used to be the norm in the country when it comes to cooking, however, nowadays, Maori hangi cooking is used during special occasions. The usual foods used for Maori hangi are mutton, vegetables, pork, and chicken. There is even a pudding made using the Maori hangi style. Dishes cooked this way are not so usual anymore but there are special occasions and places in New Zealand where these can be experienced.




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Friday, September 18, 2020

The City Of York In The United Kingdom Has Gotten A Lot Of Immigrants Visiting It Yearly

To be an immigrant in a new country like the United Kingdom would be a great opportunity for a person to achieve something that he or she has set his sights on. There are immigrants in the United Kingdom who are there to work, while there are those who have moved to the country to study. There are also those who have made it to the country to live there with their families. These are a few reasons why people have chosen to go to the UK. And for those immigrants who are in the country already, it is a huge opportunity for them to explore just what the country has to offer.

One of the best places that the United Kingdom has is the City of York which has been the destination for many immigrants wanting to explore the country better. It is known as a popular destination not only for immigrants but also for tourists as well as for locals who would like to enjoy the city of York.        

So what can be found in the city of York? Read on and find out.

Where is York?

This city can be found in the northern part of the United Kingdom and it is known to be a medieval city. It has also been the capital of the ecclesiastical Church of England for the longest time and one can find one of the most beautiful and grandiose cathedrals in the entire country here. This church is the York Minster and it is the biggest church built during the medieval times. The history of this church can be traced back to when Christianity was still spreading in the world back during the 3rd century. Despite being around for the longest time, the York Minster still is a proud structure that shows off Gothic designs and looks amazing even if it is that old.

Taking a tour

Immigrants who have taken a tour in this city in the United Kingdom have visited a number of beautiful spots. One of these is a chance to get inside the church and marvel at the beautiful stained glass window designs that have been put there during the 14th century. The interiors where the choir sits is worth a look as well.

Tours in York also mean having to go to the City Walls which are quite ancient and are quite long - spanning almost five kilometers and circles the old city center. Once a person is there, he or she can marvel at the beautiful sights offered at the spot which includes The Shambles, which is a narrow roadway built in the 14th century. There are also views that show off the buildings made using fine timber and are something that people do not get to see these days.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

13,645 Immigrants Were Admitted In Canada For July 2020

The movement of people has been restricted all over the world when the pandemic brought by the novel coronavirus wreaked its havoc. Since the virus can be transferred from person to person, many governments put their territories on lockdown and Canada is one of them. The lockdown meant that only essential travel would be allowed and only those individuals who are deemed as frontliners are the ones who can go out of their homes. This put a toll on many plans that people had but it had to be done for the safety of everyone as the disease caused by the virus can be lethal.

However, through time, many countries, including Canada, has been able to slowly recover from the trials brought about by the pandemic. Canada has slowly started to open its doors for those who are interested in making it in the country and it is also slowly working on its economy so that it would be brought back to its former glory – or maybe make it even better than before. And that is why for the month of July this year, Canada has been able to record only 13,645 immigrants.

The low number

During normal days when the pandemic has not overtaken the world yet, July is considered to be a really busy month for immigration in Canada. That is why experts are saying that 13,645 immigrants accepted and welcomed by Canada for July 2020 is a low number. As compared to the numbers for July of previous years, the intake for permanent residence for this month has gone down. Compared to the number for July a year ago, the 2020 number has gone down by more than half at 63%. During that year, the country was able to approve 36,615 new individuals and they were awarded permanent residency visas.

History has shown that when July comes around, Canada is able to bring in a lot of new immigrants. Experts say that this primarily because it is that time of the year when the weather is quite warm in the country. It is also the time of year when the new school year is just around the corner so many people who are there to study or who have children with them move to the country before school starts so they can enroll and prepare for the new school year to come.

Lower even as compared to June 2020

It is also surprising that there were fewer immigrants welcomed by Canada for July 2020 as compared to the number of new immigrants welcomed by the country in June 2020. There were 19,200 more new immigrants that came to the country for June. June 2020 has been recorded as the month with the highest number of immigrants welcomed ever since the pandemic has affected the entire globe.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Different Studies Find Out That Immigrants In Germany Are Able To Integrate Well

A lot of people have been dreaming of making it to Germany as immigrants. This country is known for having a strong economy, beautiful spots, and a good quality of life for its citizens. These are some of the main reasons why plenty of individuals have been eyeing Germany as a place to be an immigrant. And a huge portion of the people who have wanted to go to Germany has definitely done the best that they can to be able to move there at the soonest time possible.

One of the things that the government of Germany has to work on though would be to help the immigrants in their territory be able to integrate well in the new society that they are living in. This is a basic thing in most countries that have been accepting immigrants. This is to ensure that the new immigrants are able to adapt to where they are living in so they can be good contributors to society in their own ways. Recent students have shown that Germany has been able to help immigrants integrate into the country well.

The studies done

There were four studies done in the country that showed that immigrants as well as refugees have been able to integrate well in society. Of course, as nothing is entirely perfect, the German Institute for Economic Research (also known as the DIW) has disclosed that despite that, there are still some parts that need to be improved. This is definitely good news for Germany as it means that the programs that they have put together and implemented are working well with a need for some tweaks here and there.

The proper integration of immigrants in Germany has been one of the goals of Angela Merkel, the country’s Chancellor who has recognized that there is a challenge that the country faces back in 2015. During that time, she saw that the country had more than a million immigrants and refugees just for that year alone. The challenge was how the country could help these individuals integrate and adapt to German society.

What the immigrants expected

As per the studies that were done, immigrants as well as refugees in Germany have disclosed that they were expecting highly of being able to adapt well in the country that they would be able to support themselves fully as well as support their families well. They have also shared that to achieve this, it usually takes them around two years after they have arrived in the country. Now, as per the recent studies, half of the immigrants that were part of the study has disclosed that they were already employed so that is definitely good news and the success rate of the programs of the government is definitely good.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Mental Health Services Available For Immigrants In Canada, Thanks To New Program

Most people would only look at physical health but never really give much attention to mental health. However, it is important that mental health is also given much importance as physical health. And it is a good thing that an organization in Ontario has put mental health services as a primary factor to help new immigrants in Canada settle better.

Many people who have heard about this program and initiative has applauded the people behind it. Mental health may not be given much importance by many but it is definitely something that can be plaguing many people, especially immigrants. See, immigrants are in new territory and they have plenty of things to think about including making sure that they are okay physically and having to cope with being away from their families and friends. These new people are also going to have to deal with living alone, adapting to the new environment and culture, as well as understanding the way of life in Canada.

The new program

The new program is known as the Newcomer Health and Wellness Program. The funds to keep it running comes from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC). A $2.2 million budget is being used for this program. As per the people behind it, the program has been put together and has been designed so that it would be able to meet any needs that each new immigrant in Canada would have. It would also be done in such a way that the assistance would be made more personal and more comprehensive. It is also aimed at helping immigrants as well as refugees who are at least 12 years old.

The group behind the program is the Canadian Mental Health Association, York Region and South Simcoe (which is also known as the CMHA-YRSS). It is under the umbrella of a non-profit group operating in the whole country. This branch is focused on helping the region of York found in the Greater Toronto Area.

The research on immigrants

Much research has been done on new immigrants in Canada and their mental health. The results have shown that these newcomers can be quite vulnerable when it comes to having mental health problems. One of the studies done by the IRCC with Statistics Canada has shown that when new immigrants arrive in Canada, they are basically healthier as compared to those born in Canada. It is a phenomenon known as the healthy immigrant effect. However, because of all the stress as well as strains that come with differences in culture and language, and the whole process of adapting to the new place and society, their mental health starts to deteriorate. Thus, the need for this new program to help immigrants.

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Talking In New Zealand: Slang That Immigrants Need To Learn

It is important that an immigrant is able to communicate well with the locals in the new country that he or she is in. Though there are a lot of countries where English is the main language spoken like New Zealand, the language is quite dynamic and so it means that there would be variations in how the language has evolved in that place. Most of these are considered to be slang and may sound English but would be quite difficult to figure out by people who are not familiar with them.

For immigrants or upcoming immigrants to New Zealand, it is important that they take the time to learn more about the slang in the country and know how to use them and what they mean. That way, they would be able to communicate like a local when they are already in the country. Here are some of the slang that one can start learning about.

Chur bro

This actually means “cheers” and “brother”, in a shortened form. It is another way of being grateful and saying “Thank you” in New Zealand.

“I got you some fresh vegetables from my garden. Enjoy!” “Chur bro.”

Cuzzy bro

Cuzzy bro is a term that is a form of affection used by the locals in the country. This is often used to refer to a person who someone considers to be a good friend.

“Hey, William. I want you to meet Saydie. She’s my cuzzy bro.”

Kia ora

This is a regular greeting that an immigrant in New Zealand would often hear. It is a friendly greeting and it is in Maori. It can be used to mean “Hello” and also to mean “Thank you.” Some people say that this term is not quite slang but it is definitely not used in many countries, so it is part of this list.

“Kia ora! How are you today?” “I’m good. Hope you have a great day!”

“I made this chocolate cake just for you because I heard you weren’t feeling well.” “Kia ora.”


These are terms that mean the same thing and two of the most frequently used terms in New Zealand. It is pronounced as it is spelled out. It is oftentimes used to make a statement become a question.

“Those chips were the best!” “Yes. You had a lot, aye?”

Sweet as

This slang is usually used to mean approval of something or to acknowledge that something is quite good or okay.

“Have you watched the latest Tom Holland movie? How was it?” “Sweet as.”


This may not be considered to be slang as it is also used in other countries as well. Like in New Zealand and everywhere else, awesome also means excellent or fine.

“The beach today was awesome! I couldn’t get enough of the surf.”

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Families In The United Kingdom: Something That Immigrants Need To Be Familiar With

The United Kingdom is one of the top countries in the world which has been chosen by immigrants to be their new home. This is not surprising since this country is known to have a strong economy, wonderful people, nice weather, and plenty of opportunities. These reasons have allowed plenty of people to dream and aim to be able to make it to the country as soon as they can. And despite the United Kingdom being a Western country that has cultural influences all over the world, there are still some things that potential immigrants and immigrants in the country still need to learn about to be able to adjust better and understand the culture there better.

One of the things connected to the culture in the UK that immigrants should be familiar with would be families and how they run. These are basic things that are part of daily living in the country. Read on to learn about them.

Giving birth and taking a leave from work

For families in the United Kingdom, the mother is usually the main person who takes care of babies and of small kids in the family. As part of the employment law, mothers are able to go on a work leave after giving birth to a child. This is to ensure that the mother is able to recover from giving birth and is also able to take care of the new baby. This surely is a good thing because it means that a mother can tend to her health work her way towards recovery. It would also allow her to enjoy being a new mom and enjoy having her new baby around. Being able to take a year off work is something that not a lot of people from other countries can enjoy. They have to rush through giving birth and taking care of the baby for a month or two and then have to go back to work after that.

Returning to work

When a mother goes back to work after giving birth, someone must be there to take care of the new baby. Oftentimes, the grandparents step in and do this. This is what usually happens in the United Kingdom – the grandparents take the place of the parents while they are at work. They care for the new baby and for any other children that the family may have. There are also families though who choose to bring their kids to a nursery if the grandparents are not around or if they are unable to care for the kids.

Genders and colors

Families in the UK usually expose kids to gender roles and colors. Girls are usually expected to wear pink while boys will be in blue.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Locals And Immigrants Benefit From Additional Jobs Created This August As Economy Of Canada Starts To Recover

When the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus has spread all over the world, governments of countries have decided to put their territories on lockdown. Since the virus does not move by itself but is being spread from person to person, the movement has been limited. This is why lockdowns have been put in place. Many countries were put on lockdown and Canada has been one of those. Those who have been planning on moving there as immigrants had to put their plans on hold.

Aside from these, there were also around three million jobs that were lost because of the limit on movement. There were businesses that had to close because they can no longer sustain keeping the business up. The economy of Canada, as well as many other countries, have been gravely affected since most of the lockdowns have been put up last March. Of course, the economy may have suffered but this is the best move to do as the disease caused by the virus can be deadly.

The economy is recovering

Three million jobs are three million jobs and the effect on the economy and the daily lives of those people who don’t have a source of income can be really devastating. That was in March. Now, several months later, more and more people are able to get jobs once again. The economy is starting to recover and this means that things are starting to look better for Canada.

A survey was done just for August and the results have just been released recently. The data shows that when Canada has started to ease the restrictions on the movement of the public, businesses were finally able to open up again and with that also means needing more employees. More employees mean more jobs opening. The locals of the country as well as immigrants have both benefited from this. With more jobs opening and being created, those individuals who were in need of jobs finally were able to grab one that would help them earn for their daily and financial needs.

The numbers

For August 2020, employment for citizens of Canada has gone up by 1.4%. New immigrants had an employment rate of 1.6% and for old immigrants, it went up to 2.2%. Analysts have it that the increase was perhaps because of the lesser people in the country since there were a lot fewer immigrants coming in because of the lockdown and the restrictions on the movement of people. A huge portion of these employments was for full-time jobs and that is a good thing since it means that the economy and the businesses are definitely starting to recover. Most of the new jobs opened were in the services industry and it was followed by the industry of the production of goods.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Munich: A City Of Employment That Immigrants In Germany Need To Know About

Immigrants who move to various countries do that for a variety of reasons. Some of these people are fleeing their home country because of war or famine or anything that they want to move away from. There are also people who are moving to a new country to get the kind of education that they have always wanted to have. There are those who are moving because the new country is where their loved ones are already living. And then there are also those immigrants who have moved because of career opportunities, which is the case for many immigrants who are in Germany.

Germany is a huge country and one of the top cities where people choose to go to is Munich. This city has been a constant favorite especially among those who are looking for career opportunities or for jobs. Munich is one of the biggest cities in the country and it is home to many people looking for greener pastures.

What is in Munich?

Munich is the biggest city in Bavaria and it is a place for that many potential employees flock to. This city is also known around the world for being one of the top cities in terms of industry especially in the fields of engineering, health, and technology. It is a hub for many people who are in Germany and are looking for opportunities. And with Munich being the center for many great businesses, it is not surprising why plenty of immigrants and locals choose to go there.

The statistics for 2013 have shown that there were more than 750,000 individuals who were employed and working in this big city in Germany. A huge portion of them was involved in various industries – and most of these employees were in the industries of communication, transportation, entertainment, government, science, and trade. The biggest group of employees in Munich for that year were involved in manufacturing.

Cost of living in the city of Munich

Living in Munich can be a bit costly if it was compared to most of the cities in Germany. It is a good thing though that wages in this big city is greater than the average wage in the entire country. This is primarily because of the employees in the place that are very much qualified, thus the high salaries. So this means that despite the high cost of living in this city, people here also get to enjoy higher earnings and have seemingly unlimited job options. This balances everything out or even leans toward the positive side of things, making the city a great place for work in Germany.  Definitely not surprising why plenty of locals and immigrants choose to go here rather than other cities or places in the country.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The University Of British Columbia: One Of The Schools In Canada That Immigrant Students Go To

Education is something that a lot of people wish to have. Some are lucky enough to be able to get the education that they want to have while there are others who can only go to school for a few year levels or for primary education but never really be able to take higher education because of a variety of reasons. Some are lucky enough to push on with their ambitions and take further education because they have the capacity to do so and there are those who are even luckier to study in the school that they have been eyeing. Canada has been one of the top countries in the world where immigrant students choose to get their education.

Canada is home to many outstanding colleges and universities that offer some of the best programs in the world. Many immigrant students opt to apply and enroll in one of these colleges and universities as the education system in the country is recognized the whole world over. One of the universities chosen often by these immigrant students is the University of British Columbia.

Where is the University of British Columbia?

The University of British Columbia is known as one of the oldest universities in Canada, and it is also known as a university that is very competitive. It also has two campuses – one is based in Kelowna and the other one is in Vancouver. The Vancouver campus has 12 faculties while the Kelowna campus has seven.

The Vancouver campus is known as the main campus and it is located near a number of beaches and offers students who go here a chance to enjoy beautiful views of mountains in the North Shore. The campus also has several memorial gardens and botanical gardens that are worth visiting. It is also home to a performing arts center that is renowned in the country and the entire world.

What other things is the university known for?

There are several scholarships being offered by the University of British Columbia. One of these is the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award that is often awarded to students who are from countries torn by war. Aside from this, this university in Canada is also proud to have eight winners of the Nobel prize associated with them. It also has 71 scholars of Rhodes and also 65 holders of Olympic medals.

The university is also where one can find the biggest cyclotron in the entire world. The cyclotron is a kind of particle accelerator and it is found in the national laboratory of Canada for nuclear physics and particle physics.

The University of British Columbia is also proud to have three prime ministers of the country finishing programs with them. The present prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, holds a bachelor's degree in education from the university.

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