Friday, January 31, 2020

Whisky And Beer: Two Drinks In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Learn About

Immigrants in the United Kingdom are happy to be there. However, they have to deal with things that they never thought that they would be dealing with before they flew there. Examples of these would be homesickness and craving for local food. Sometimes, they also long for the company of friends and most immigrants do not usually have friends in the UK since they are new there. But, eventually, they are able to adjust and are able to discover ways on how to get over these obstacles.

There are plenty of activities that immigrants can engage in to be able to adjust well in the UK. They can go exploring the countryside or maybe even enjoy the lure of the outdoors. Some go on tours of the country during their days off work and learn more about the place. For some, they would rather go to a pub or a bar and enjoy a drink or two and maybe even earn new friends while they are there.

There are two drinks in a pub or a bar that may be known all over the world but have strong ties to the United Kingdom. These are whisky and beer. Read on and learn about them.


All around the globe, the UK is known for being a producer of Scottish whisky. When Scottish whisky is produced in this country, it means that manufacturers have to legally age it for three years at least. The drink should be stored in casks and be made in Scotland, thus the name.

Scottish whisky is known without the letter E as compared to whiskey. Whisky (without the E) is made using malted barley and is purely made in the UK. The one with the E is made everywhere else in the world. Immigrants also should know that in the entire country, there are only 115 distilleries that are officially allowed to produce this drink. This means that immigrants who choose to drink Scottish whisky are assured that what they are having is authentic.


Beer is definitely one of the world’s most popular drinks to have to unwind or get drunk. Next to wine perhaps. And this case is true even in the UK. In fact, it is the most popular in the country. As per data, out of all the drinks that are being ordered in pubs and bars, 70% of those are for mugs or glasses or bottles of beer.

This alcoholic drink has been brewing in the UK even before the ancient Romans have arrived in the country. These breweries have remained in the country that even until today, there are still a good number of them all around the United Kingdom. The country is also known for its production of ales and porters, two types of beer that are being enjoyed by people all around the world.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Tech Jobs In Canada That May Need Skilled Immigrant Workers This 2020

Canada is now becoming the new Silicon Valley. Many tech companies are now bringing their businesses to Canada and setting up headquarters in the country. This is good for Canada’s economy with new businesses coming up. However, it also means that the businesses and Canada would have to find ways on how to find the right skilled tech workers to do the jobs needed. That is why experts who are looking into this situation are saying that it is possible that skilled immigrant workers may be needed to come in and help out.

Experts who have been studying the trends have mentioned that this year, 2020, the tech sector in Canada would be needing a whole lot of new people to help out. The tech sector in the country has been growing and will continue to grow this year. This would mean that it would also need more skilled workers to help out. Immigration just may be the answer to fill those vacancies that may soon be popping up.

The need for skilled immigrant workers

There will definitely be a shortage in the labor market for tech workers and that is why the government of Canada has created programs that would help bring in those needed skilled immigrant workers. Two of the programs for immigration are specifically for British Columbia and for Ontario and they are aimed at recruiting the needed skilled immigrant workers. The program for British Columbia is the BC Provincial Nominee Program (also known as the BC PNP) has been extended until June 2020. For Ontario, there is the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (also known as the OINP) and it has already been in effect having draws just for candidates for immigration who already have tech experience.

This is a good example of how huge the tech industry in Canada is becoming that is why the government is doing what it can to help out. There is a definite need for more tech workers and Canada understands that it is not able to supply all of what the tech industry needs. That is why it is doing the best that it can to bring them in.

Potential tech jobs this 2020

As per the study, there are a number of tech jobs in Canada that would be in demand this year. The list includes developers, programmers, IT project managers, quality assurance analysts, data analysts, IT business analysts, senior software engineers, network administrators, and technical support specialists. These are jobs that really need technical expertise and it is not easy to find them as compared to general positions. Businesses in Canada are looking for the best right in Canada and the government is also helping them get more by recruiting tech skilled immigrant workers.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Cities And Entertainment: A Reason Why Immigrants Love Living In Germany

There are plenty of reasons why an individual chooses to become an immigrant in a foreign country. The most basic thing would be to go to a country that has a strong economy that would allow them to have financial stability. There are also those who are looking for a place that would be a lot less polluted than the one that they are living in. There are also some people who are looking for a new country because they want to do away with any political unrest happening in their country. These reasons bring a good number of immigrants to Germany each year.

When immigrants arrive in Germany and they get to know the country even better, they are even happier to find out that the country has a lot more to offer than the basic things that they were looking for. This is surely a good thing and this is what makes immigrants stay in the country and even recommend Germany to other people who are looking for a new country to live in. One of the great things that immigrants discover in this country is that it has tons of beautiful cities that provide a whole lot of entertainment which helps them forget about being homesick.

The lure of the cities

Many people surely want to live in a country that has beautiful and big cities because, for them, it means that there are more job opportunities. Germany has got a lot of them. It also has a very reliable public transport system which allows people to easily go to places that they want to go to. Immigrants in the country have been more than happy to share that the public transport has allowed them to go to plenty of places in the country and enjoy the things that the country has to offer easily. They do not need to have their own car to explore.

The big cities in Germany may seem like all other cities in the world but they still have that distinct German features and characteristics that people will still feel the culture of the country.

Know the cities

Berlin is one of the cities in Germany. This city has been able to lure young people who have an inclination for the arts not just from the country but from all over the world. It is very German in terms of design and culture and despite it being a big city, it is quite affordable to live here. Aside from Berlin, there is also Munich which is known for having a quaint feel despite being a huge city. Frankfurt is famous for being a city that’s all about business. Hamburg is known as the gateway to the world.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Immigration System In Canada Is A Force To Reckon With

Experts who have been looking at immigration systems of different countries have found out that the one being used by Canada is one of the best in the entire world. It has even been deemed as a model because of the policies that have been put in place and have proven to be effective in serving the interest of the public. Such a study has been done to see which immigration systems work best since many of the countries with strong economies are now in need of immigrants to help them keep their numbers up.

Many of the countries that are in need of immigrants are trying to do their very best to make sure that any untoward effects that are brought about by the aging population which means that there would be more people in retirement and lesser people in the workforce. Aside from that, many of them are also having to deal with low birth rates which are also not helping in terms of the growth of the population and the growth of the labor market.

Immigrants help the economy

In a recent study done regarding the belief of Canadians in terms of immigrants and if they are good or bad for the country, 80% of those that were part of the study have disclosed that they believe that these new people in Canada are good for the country’s economy. Though there are still a good number who believe that these people bring about problems to the country, many public surveys’ results have consistently shown that the majority of the locals of Canada is very supportive of immigrants and immigration.

Environics Institute is one of the organizations that have created a study to be able to see the thoughts of Canadians in terms of immigration. Their study has shown that locals are happy with the good things that immigrants bring. The respondents have also disclosed that they would rather have the levels be kept as is or maybe even reduced by a certain amount.

Why does Canada have a great immigration system?

Another study that looked at why Canada’s immigration system is working great is because of four important factors which are geography, politics, history, and policy. The geography of Canada is quite good because it is isolated which allows it to have control over the entry of people to its territory. In terms of politics, Canada has a population where most of the people have immigration backgrounds, especially those who hold positions in the government which allows them to have open minds about immigration. The country also has a long history of immigration which makes it embedded in the culture. With regard to policy, the government has created policies and rules that are effective in serving the public’s interest via its immigration laws.

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Immigrants In New Zealand Share Why This Country Is The Best Place For Them

There has been a huge amount of people from around the world who have decided to find a better place for them to live in because their country is just not giving them what they are looking for. A huge amount of people go through the whole process of applying to become immigrants in a new country. One of the most popular countries that these people go to is New Zealand and thousands and thousands of new immigrants arrive in this country each year.

An article recently has been published and it has discussed why there are many citizens of New Zealand who have decided to up and leave their home country and go to other countries like Australia. For many, it does look like New Zealand is not a great country to be in. However, many have come out and have been more than glad to share their opinion on why they have chosen New Zealand to be immigrants in and why this country is the best place for them.

Two opposing ideas

When that article has been posted, many have read about how some citizens of New Zealand left their country and went to live in other countries. They had shared that they were not happy living in New Zealand and most of them disclosed that their reason for leaving was the high cost of living in the country.

That sparked a lot of citizens and immigrants in New Zealand to share their thoughts on the article saying that New Zealand is still the best country for many people. They have shared that though there may be a number of Kiwis who have decided to pack up and leave their country of origin, many immigrants still are finding their way to the country because New Zealand has a better lifestyle than most countries around the world. Some have even shared that compared to its neighbor, Australia, New Zealand is still the better option.

The perks of living in New Zealand

Immigrants who are in New Zealand have shared that some of them have lived in Australia. They said that they had much more money when they were living in Australia but that was not enough. In terms of lifestyle, New Zealand was better. In fact, they even said that it would not be nice to compare New Zealand’s lifestyle to Australia’s because New Zealand is far better. They see New Zealand as a spa retreat. It is filled with plenty of natural spots that are worth visiting and are worth enjoying. It is also able to produce a lot of food that the people in the country can enjoy knowing that it is grown right in the country and so it is fresh and organic.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Stonehenge: A Place In The United Kingdom Immigrants Should Explore

Staying in a new country as an immigrant can be a tough thing to do. A person is far away from his or her family and the feeling of homesickness can definitely be overwhelming especially if one is not prepared for it to come. Then there is also not having enough good friends around who can help him or her with some stuff – or maybe just to talk or unwind. And then there’s not knowing how to get around and missing the food back home. This can happen to immigrants in the United Kingdom and it is always up to that person to do something about it. After all, home can be too far away.

For some immigrants in the UK, one of the things that they do to battle all of the challenges that come with being in a foreign land would be to go and explore. Knowing the new place that they are in would definitely be a good way to be busy and to be knowledgeable about that place. Traveling and exploring also helps immigrants feel happy even just for that time because they are able to marvel at new things and new sights – like Stonehenge.

One of the oldest

Stonehenge is famous all around the world being one of the oldest sites that a person can visit. It also belongs to the list of World Heritage Sites and that is not surprising. It used to be a place where people would go on pilgrimages some 4,500 years ago. Studies have shown that the whole thing has been put up to be used as a place to worship. However, at present, people would usually go there not to worship or for pilgrimage but actually to marvel at its grandiosity. Mostly tourists like travelers and immigrants in the United Kingdom would go there and the place receives thousands and thousands of these every year.

The beauty that is Stonehenge

The whole place is sprawling. Its area is over 20 sq. km. and one can just imagine how beautiful and serene the entire spot is. That is not surprising given that it used to be a place of worship and a venue for pilgrimages. Immigrants and tourists in the UK enjoy going there to marvel at its grandeur and also to find peace and serenity on the grounds.

Aside from the famous spot, Stonehenge is also known for having a visitor center that has been designed to be high tech and state of the art. One can learn about the history of Stonehenge as well as understand possibly how the whole thing has been built. Those who wish to visit the place may want to purchase a ticket ahead of their visit to ensure that they can be accommodated given the tons of visitors that flock to the spot each day.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

New Citizens Of Canada Says Getting Citizenship Is The Best Gift For Christmas They Received

Recently in Charlottetown in Canada, there were 70 individuals who came from 11 different countries finally had their oath which made them Canadian citizens. It was the last step that they had to take legally so that they can become a citizen of this country. It took them a long journey to get to this and these people were surely quite excited and happy knowing that they have finally reached the end of their goal which is to become a citizen of Canada. It may be the end of their journey as immigrants but it also is the start of a new adventure in their new status as citizens.

For these new Canadians, this is a great moment in their journey because it means that they have finally achieved their goal. To get here, they did not just sit back and relax. They had to take care of a lot of requirements and made sure that they were able to fulfill all the duties required of them as an applicant for citizenship. Now, they are the newest and happiest citizens of Canada.

The journey from Nigeria

Mogbonjubola Olanipekun is one of the newest citizens of Canada. She came from Nigeria and got to Canada as an immigrant. To become a citizen, it took her six years but now she says that she is quite happy that she has finally gotten to her goal. In an interview, she mentioned that she believes that she is the happiest person at the moment where they took their oaths of citizenship. She has been waiting for this to happen for years and she believes that this is the best gift she has ever received for Christmas in her entire life.

Olanipekun also mentioned that she had chosen Canada to be the new country that she wanted to live in because it meant that she would be able to live in a place where she did not have to worry about their safety. She came to the country as an immigrant with her husband and her children. She also said that the country is a great place for her children to get a good education. It would also be a great country for her children to grow up in.

The journey from Vietnam

For Hang Tat and Dung Nguyen, a married couple from Vietnam, Canada has always been a country that they have been eyeing for so long. They arrived in the country five years ago and upon receiving their citizenship, they felt that they are now freer and now have more options. They see Canada as a place where there is freedom despite being an immigrant and they also see the country as a place where opportunities are better. The couple also shared that in Canada, they believe that they can raise their family well and their children can live in a good environment.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

500,000 New Immigrants Needed In Germany Each Year

Germany may be one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life and also in terms of the economy. It is beautiful and a wonderful place to live in. It also holds its culture quite intact and the Germans are quite proud of that. However, what most people do not know is that this country in Europe is in definite need of more people to help out with the tasks needed by businesses to run. That is why experts are saying that Germany should be open to bringing in 500,000 new immigrants each year to help out with the problem in labor.

The reason why Germany has found itself in this situation is that it has a low birth rate and that it has an aging population. This means that there are more and more people who are retired or are not anymore part of the labor market – and there are less and less people available to do the jobs needed in the country.

The importance of immigration

Experts have looked at the situation in Germany and they have concluded that immigration is a very important factor to ensure the country’s good future. Being one of the oldest countries in the entire world, it should continue to exist. Retirement is happening rapidly in the country with more and more citizens entering retirement age. Regression may be what could happen to the country if immigrants do not come in.

Immigration is also seen as a good source of diversity. The country is open to this and it is a good thing especially for individuals who are interested in living in the country and work there or study there. After all, diversity is good for any community or any country. Diversity makes a place better and it helps people there create a society that is even better than before. Other countries may not be open to diversity but that is not the case in Germany.

The need for more new immigrants

The target is 500,000 immigrants per year, and this is as per an expert analysis of the situation in Germany. That is what the country needs – the rough amount. This is the number that Germany needs if it wants to contradict the huge change in demographics. Basically, bringing in new immigrants each year will help lessen the vacancies and the need for more laborers in the market. It should also help boost the population and maybe even bring up the birth rate.

Of course, experts are saying that the country’s government still needs to know the kind of immigrants that it wants to bring in and for what purposes. It should also be able to create programs that would bring in the needed skilled immigrants that would help greatly in businesses and jobs in the country.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Looking At The Express Entry Route In Canada For 2019

There was a total of 85,300 individuals who received invitations from Canada for the Express Entry route in 2019. These individuals who received invitations can apply and be one step closer to getting a permanent residency status in Canada. The Express Entry pathway is the main route for people to be immigrants in the country and it is focused on bringing in skilled immigrant workers.

As per the data from the country, this total of invitations sent for 2019 is actually huge that it is the next to the biggest number of invitations sent since the Express Entry route has been put into action. This route was put in place in 2015. The biggest amount of invitations sent was back in 2018 with a total of 89,800 invitations. Canada is definitely able to bring in the needed skilled immigrant workers to its territory and help out with the vacancies and get the tasks done. The country is also able to target the needed individuals who hold the skills and experience that it needs.

Overseeing three immigration programs

The Express Entry route is the main system that oversees and manages the total pool of immigrant candidates. Canada has three federal immigration programs that are aimed at immigrants who are highly skilled. These programs are the Federal Skilled Trades Class, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Worker Class. The Express Entry is also a part of the Provincial Nominee Program (which is also known as the PNP).

For 2019, there were 26 total draws done by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and taken from the pool of candidates under the Express Entry system. The draws ranged from 3,200 candidates to 3,900.

For the last quarter of last year, the size of the draws went up to a high of 3,900 invitations. This is the highest total recorded and it happened in October 2019. Come November, the total went down to 3,600. By December, two rounds of draws were done. Each draw for December had a total of 3,200 invitations.

How invitations are given

Invitations To Apply are given to candidates under the Express Entry system and they do this using the candidates’ Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The CRS score is based on the candidates’ education, English or French proficiency, age, and skilled work experience among a number of factors. In all of the draws that were done in 2019, the score range that the Canadian government used were 438 for January 2019 and 475 in October 2019.

Experts say that a factor that should explain why the minimum requirement for CRS score has gone up for 2019 is that there is a higher number of candidates under Express Entry who have also received provincial nominations from Canada.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

New Zealand Immigration: What Can Happen In 2020?

They say that the new year means new beginnings and new chances to take. It can also mean another year to continue improving oneself or making things better. That is why people are always asking what they plan to do for the new year. With 2020 right here, there are also tons of people who are working on making their plan to move to New Zealand as an immigrant become real. There are plenty of people who wish to become immigrants in this country but have only kept on planning but never really made any move to make it real.

So now that 2020 is here, what can one expect in terms of immigration to New Zealand? Some experts have looked into the trends and updates from the government of the country and have created just what could be expected to happen in this new year. There will definitely be changes and people who plan to be immigrants in that country should be prepared to adjust to the requirements as well.

A residence program for two years

Experts believe that one of the very first things that one can expect from the government of New Zealand would be a new residency program that would be running for two years. The country is in need of more residents and the government should be working on it as soon as possible. It would be a good thing if this pushes through especially for immigrants who are planning on going to the country or for immigrants who are already there.

The government of New Zealand has previously set the limit of new residents in the country lower last time. They have set around 50,000 to 60,000 only per year. However, given the need for people in the population, it is highly likely that the government may soon push on and raise that limit. However, there may be specific requirements for new residents that should be fulfilled and that would depend on the kind of needs of New Zealand. This could include education, skills, and work experience.

Work visas issued faster

The New Zealand government is also working on a new work visa program that would soon be implemented. This one would make the whole process faster. Skilled immigrant workers needed in the country would be able to get their work visas faster since there would be assistance from their employers in New Zealand. This way, the immigrant workers could get to the country faster and start doing the jobs that were waiting for them. This is a good thing because it would mean that the businesses would get the laborers that they would need to continue operating and even grow. The economy of the country would also be happy about this as thriving businesses help the economy.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

University Of Cambridge: One Of The Top Universities In The United Kingdom That Has Been Attracting Immigrant Students

Education is a treasure that people couldn’t take away from anyone. That is why plenty of people invest in education because it is going to be their armor in the world and in creating a good and successful career. There are those who are okay with just finishing their high school or their college education. And then there are those who have become so passionate about learning that they continue on taking new programs that would help them satisfy their thirst for more knowledge. The United Kingdom is one of the top countries for immigrant students since this country is known for having one of the best educational systems in the entire world.

The University of Cambridge

One of the most popular universities in the United Kingdom is the University of Cambridge. It has been the school of choice of many locals and of immigrant students as well. It is a collegiate university and is one of the universities in the country that has been around for quite some time. It is also one of the most prestigious ones as well, not only the UK but in the entire world as well. It can be found just an hour’s drive away from the city of London.

The annual data from the school has shown that it is home to over 18,000 students each year. It also has around 9,000 staff who help keep the campus running. The university also has 31 colleges that students can choose from before entering. Some of these colleges have been around even back in the 13th century, which goes to show just how long the university has been around. It also has over a hundred departments.

One of the best

The University of Cambridge has been a popular choice among local students and immigrant students who are looking for higher education. The school is known all around the world for being excellent in mathematics. It has also been the school for many of the famous scientists from the United Kingdom. At present, the university has 117 total of Novel laureates with affiliations to it. It also has a total of 11 mathematicians who have affiliations with the university and have won 11 medals in Fields.

To be able to get into an undergraduate program in the University of Cambridge is quite the feat because the competition is high. That is why those who are not able to make it as undergraduates do try again – but this time to pursue further studies. Many locals and even immigrant students prepare to be able to make it to the university for further studies and help them learn more or learn a new program. Students here also get to enjoy beautiful libraries that hold some of the most wonderful collections of published work.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Immigration Just May Be The Key To Better Economic Growth In Canada In 2020

For 2020, economists are looking at the United States and Canada to be on the road towards trying to get the top rank in terms of economic growth. This is with regard to all of the countries that are part of the Group of Seven. The economists who have done a study on this have also released that the latest data as per the population of these countries shows that the United States and Canada have different ways of working out how to expand their economy. For Canada, immigration is one of the major ways.

Canada has been riddled with problems with regard to growth since it has an aging population as well as a low birth rate. With this, the country is in high need of people who would be joining the labor market so that businesses and companies can get the jobs done and can grow more, which are quite beneficial to the economy. That is why the government of the country has been working on bringing in the needed workers via immigration programs.

The population difference between the United States and Canada

In a report last December 30 by the Census Bureau, the United States has experienced a lower immigration amount. The number of immigrants that are being accepted in the US has been going down for three years straight up until 2019. The lowest amount ever recorded for the decade is 595,000 immigrants. The country is also experiencing lower birth rates. These have affected the growth of the country’s population – this is the weakest ever recorded for this century.

As for Canada, the country has been able to bring in an average of 437,000 immigrants to its soil. Canada may be smaller in size as compared to the United States but its population is growing, thanks to the government’s stance on immigration. Immigrants have been helping the country experience a fast increase in its population, despite the lower birth rates. The data for 2019 has shown that it is the fastest growth in population that the country has experienced so far in 30 years.

The way towards economic growth

Additional data has shown that the United States and Canada have different ways to deal with their aging populations. Canada has seen the benefits that immigration has been able to bring to its territory and that is why it has become reliant on that. On the other hand, the US has been relying on its own workforce to be able to have gains in economic growth.

Experts who have been analyzing this have studied the trends believe that by this year, Canada would be a tough competitor with the way that it is dealing with the lack of people in its labor market. The US would also be a good competitor though Canada actually may be doing better.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Germany Creates Plan To Lure Skilled Immigrant Workers To The Country

Germany is one of the top countries in Europe but not a lot of people think that it is in need of a huge amount of skilled professionals. The government of the country has tried to find these professionals right from their own land but has not been able to find enough. That is why the country is now looking outside its territory and has created a plan that would help bring in the needed skilled immigrant workers. At present, Germany needs IT experts and nurses at the top of the list. It is also in need of other professionals aside from these two.

The government of the country has been able to get some of these professionals from other member nations of the European Union but the number that they are able to attract is not enough yet. That is why the new plan is to find these professionals from outside the EU. The plan has been put together to be able to bring in the needed skilled immigrant workers and make the whole process easier for them.

The plan

The government of Germany has recently signed a plan that would allow the country to start recruiting skilled immigrant workers who are not part of the European Union. This would allow the businesses to get the needed skilled workers that are quite important in keeping the operations going and the ventures growing. Any vacancies would be filled, thanks to this plan. Before the signing of the agreement, the government first had a summit which was attended by officials of unions and also by representatives of businesses in Germany.

After the meeting, a memorandum has been drafted and agreed on by all of the attendees. In the memorandum, one can find the outline of the plans that would allow Germany to attract the needed immigrant skilled workers and get them right to the country. Germany may be known for bureaucracy and the new plan would allow the skilled immigrant workers to come to the country without having to go through all of this.

The agreement

As per the agreement, employers would be in charge of helping the new immigrant workers with learning the German language. They would also be in charge of helping the new people find a residence in Germany. Employers would also be the ones to create a list of all the jobs and vacancies in their companies or businesses that would be open for foreigners.

The government of Germany has also agreed that they would make sure that the processing of visas for these individuals would be made faster. That way, potential immigrant workers would not be deterred to come to the country. This would also allow the immigrant workers to get to the country as soon as possible and get started on their jobs.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

1 Million Immigrants In The Next 3 Years Is Canada’s Target

A new program for immigration will be introduced by Canada soon enough and this one will allow communities in the country to choose the immigrants that they would be bringing in to the country based on the needs in laborers and skills of that specific community. With this new program, the country will be able to bring in around a million new immigrants in the next three years. This is according to an announcement that Marco Mendicino has given recently. Mendicino works as the Minister for Immigration of Canada.

The minister has also continued to share that the design of the new program for immigration is to help the communities in the country have an easier time finding and bringing in the laborers that they need and are not able to find easily in their community or in the country. The program would also allow the communities to welcome the new immigrants better and help them adjust to the new surroundings that they would be living in.

The need for immigrant workers

Mendicino has continued to share that the plan that the government of Canada has put together will be good for communities since the people living in those communities know exactly what they need in terms of labor shortage. They would be pinpoint exactly what skills they would need based on the experience, expertise, and abilities of the immigrant workers. The communities would also know what opportunities are available in their locality.

The in-depth knowledge of the community would also help them find the right people to help them out with their skills and knowledge. The community would also be able to help these new immigrants settle better and faster in the new place that they would be living in for a time.

There has not been any given date yet when the new program would take effect and would be implemented. However, Mendicino has said that it would most likely be implemented sometime this year.

Instructions from the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has also given instructions to Mendicino to create a new plan which would allow the country to bring in a million new immigrants in the coming three years. These new people should be the ones needed by the country and its businesses and they would be the ones to complete any vacancies. There are plenty of vacancies in the country since the population in Canada is aging so there are not enough workers to the jobs. The country also has a low rate of births which is not helping with the problem with the need for more people in the labor market.

As per the Conference Board of Canada, the organization is seeming that by 2030, more than nine million of the citizens of Canada would be at retirement age. This means that the government really does need to do something to be able to fill in all those vacancies.

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Many Immigrants Choose New Zealand To Give Their Children A Better Life

When Henry Vaaelua thought of finding a new country to be an immigrant in, he did his research. He wanted to find a country that would be good for their goals. He and his family had different reasons for wanting to move to a new country but he and his wife, Feao, wanted a country where they can give their children a better life. His research led him to New Zealand and he has not looked back ever since.

Vaaelua is originally from Samoa. Two years ago, he brought his entire family with him to New Zealand to live a life that was better than the one that they were in. When they moved, he had two sons. David was 4 and Lafoga was 3. Now, he has a daughter named Leafa and is currently one year old and is already a Kiwi by birth. Vaaelua and the rest of his family are now officially citizens of the country during the naturalization ceremony which happened just last December.

The reasons for moving

In an interview, Vaaelua said that he wanted to move to a better country because he wanted his children to have better lives and not grow up like they had. When they were still in Samoa, Vaaelua earned by being a cook with low wages. He also felt like there were not enough choices for him there. He wanted his children to have good options and could work well and get paid well also.

Now that they are in New Zealand as immigrants who have become citizens, Vaaelua says that the standard of living in the country is far better compared to his home country. He says that being here for two years has already shown him that the standard of living is definitely better in New Zealand. He also said that corruption is not as rampant and not as obvious as it was in his home country. Corruption can also not be easily seen in the police forces, health care, or even in the law. Vaaelua said that when they were in Samoa, they had to pay so that people would do the things that he needs them to do.

Welcoming new citizens

Nigel Bowen is the current mayor of the Timaru District in New Zealand. He is part of citizenship ceremonies and he said that he considers being a part of such big events to be the best thing that comes with his job. He believes that it is a good thing to be able to share the joy that the newest citizens of New Zealand have. Bowen also said that he thinks that it is a great thing to welcome the new citizens to the country and he loves seeing the diversity that is happening because of these ceremonies.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Family Culture: What Immigrants Need To Know About Family Relationships In The United Kingdom

The family is a very important aspect of one’s life. It is something that one cannot easily do away with. It is always important to be close to one’s family – even just via communication if work or life meant that one has to live far away from the rest of the clan. Each country has its own set of cultures and beliefs when it comes to the family. That is why immigrants who are making their way to the United Kingdom or are already there may have to learn about the family culture in the country. Knowing such would allow them to adjust better and also be able to relate better to the people that they would be interacting with.

Here are some of the things that immigrants need to know about family culture in the UK.

The family standard

Until around the mid-20th century, marriage in the United Kingdom was the standard for a family to start. It had to have two parents. The father was the head of the family.

In the last number of decades though, some things have changed. Many families have been raised by single parents. There are also couples who have chosen not to get married and yet live together. These would have been quite unacceptable in the UK some decades ago. But things have definitely changed and the society has been open to such a setup.


There has been a time in the country when divorce was something that the country frowned upon. It was not something that society accepted. However, nowadays, divorce is already something normal and is accepted by the whole country.


The usual thing would be for couples of different sexes to get married. However, the United Kingdom has recognized that not all couples are of the same sex and that couples like that also do work. In the past few decades, marriage between two people who are of the same sex has already been permitted in the country.

Taking care of the elderly

For many centuries, it has been expected that the younger folk should take care of the elderly in their families. This continues to be the norm today and the younger folk recognize that it is a responsibility that they have to do for their elder relatives. Immigrants who are not used to this may be surprised why some younger people choose to stay with their families despite job opportunities. Many want to take care of their elderly relatives and that is why they choose to stay and give them care.

Close family ties

Relationships between family members still remain strong. Some younger folk may have to travel as part of work but they are still close with their families because of the various ways of communication available nowadays.

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Population Growth In Canada Driven By Immigration In 3rd Quarter Of 2019

The biggest rise that has been recorded in Canada in terms of the growth of its population happened in the 3rd quarter of 2019. As of the 1st of October in 2019, the population of the country has been estimated to be at around 37,797,496 as per a report from Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada is the official agency of the Canadian government that works on data and statistics. The agency has also disclosed that the population recorded on October 1st is actually higher than what has been recorded on the 1st of July by 208,234.

This increase is the very first instance that the population of Canada has gone up by over 200,000 in just one quarter. The increase for this quarter marks 0.6% of the entire population. Statistics Canada has disclosed that this is the biggest growth that they have been able to note since it has been using the accounting system for the demographics of the country which they have been using since July of 1971.

The story of immigration for the quarter

According to Statistics Canada, the increase in population has been mainly because of immigrants joining the country. It also is because of non-permanent residents who have decided to go to Canada and work there temporarily. For that quarter in 2019, Canada welcomed around 103,751 new individuals who came to the country as immigrants. There were 82,438 individuals who came with non-permanent residency statuses for that same period. The agency has disclosed that this is the first time that such a huge gain was noted in just one quarter.

Immigrants who will be in the country temporarily or permanently have taken up around 83.4% of the entire population growth in Canada for the mentioned quarter. British Columbia had taken the highest amount of growth for the quarter with an increase of 0.7%. Newfoundland and Labrador took the least amount of growth in population for the quarter with an increase of 0.1%. The rest of the increase which amounted to 16.6% of the total was because of the number of births in the country minus the total amount of deaths.

The future of population growth in Canada

Experts who have been looking at the phenomenon have shared that they believe that the population of the country will continue to rise because of the high levels of immigration that Canada is experiencing. Immigration is the main source of growth in population. Experts believe that when it comes to natural increase (which is the number of births minutes the number of deaths), the numbers will continue to go down. Canada has a population that is aging and it also has a low rate in terms of births. If not for immigration, the country would most likely have a population that would continually decrease.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

20.8 Million People In Germany Have An Immigrant Background

Germany is one of the most popular countries in Europe that people go to as immigrants. The country is known for having beautiful places to go to, a strong belief in going green, and amazing technology. There are also tons of job opportunities here given that its population is aging and there are not enough people in the labor market. Immigrants who are looking for greener pastures are happy to join the country and provide their skills and services to the businesses in Germany.

Many people from around the world have made their way to Germany and that is why around 25% of the population of the country has an immigrant background. The country currently has 82 million as population. A quarter of that population has an immigrant background which is really not surprising given how open the country has been to immigrants. This data is from statistics that the government has accumulated through the years.

The immigrant background of the population

Destatis is the official statistical agency of Germany. In a recent report, the agency has disclosed that 20.8 million residents of Germany have an immigrant background. A person who is classified under this category is one who is an immigrant in the country or may have at least one of his or her parents born as a citizen of other countries. That number is for 2018, and it is an increase of 2.5% or around half a million from the statistics in 2017.

For 2018, more than half of the individuals with an immigrant background already have citizenship in Germany. The remaining 48% are actually individuals who may have a residency status but still hold a passport from another country. 10.9 million of these individuals with an immigrant background have citizenship in the country and half of them received such citizenship upon birth. This means that half were born in the country while the rest were naturalized.

Reasons for immigration

As per the data from Destatis, the top reasons why many people have chosen to become immigrants in Germany included family which amounted to 48%. 19% mentioned that they were there because of employment. 5% have disclosed that they were in the country to pursue education.

From the total of individuals who have shared that they were in Germany for family reasons, 72% of them have come from countries in Europe. 85% of the people who have said that they were in the country because of employment reasons have also have from countries in Europe. For these groups, the top countries in Europe where the immigrants came from were Romania, Italy, and Poland.

Around 15% of the immigrants in Germany came to the country to seek asylum and came as refugees. Half of them have hailed from the Middle East.

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