Friday, December 27, 2019

Non-EU Skilled Immigrant Workers Can Enter Labor Market In Germany Easier Than Before

The labor market in Germany is in desperate need of more laborers. The demand is high but there is not enough supply from the country. Germany has already tried attracted skilled immigrant workers from citizens of co-members of the European Union but there still is not enough. That is why the government is now looking beyond that and is trying to get non-EU skilled immigrant workers to go to the country and help out. Skilled immigrant workers can help fill out the vacancies that the country has been suffering from as of late.

Detlef Scheele works as the chief of the country’s Federal Employment Agency. According to a statement from Scheele recently, Germany is already aiming at attracting skilled immigrant workers from a certain number of countries around the world. Of course, that would depend on what skills the country is in need of and they would target countries where there is a surplus of these professionals. That way, it would be a win-win situation for both countries and also for their economies.

The need to target immigrant workers outside Germany and the European Union

Scheele has also disclosed that the Federal Employment Agency will also start out with creating partner agreements. This would help simplify the immigration of skilled workers to make it to Germany. The applicants would not have to go through the usual process which may take some time. With the new set-up, immigrant workers can easily find their way to Germany so they can immediately start working and provide their services and skills to the companies and businesses in the country which would be a great thing for Germany.

At present, Germany already has such partners with two countries – Mexico and the Philippines. The country has already been able to recruit a good number of skilled immigrant workers that it needs but there are still not enough. Germany is in need of plenty of skilled workers and Mexico and the Philippines are not enough to supply everything that Germany needs in terms of labor. At present, Germany is already eyeing Brazil, India, and Vietnam to tap into their labor market.

The easier path to get to Germany

Early this 2019, Germany has already approved the Skilled Workers Immigrant Act. This one will soon be open on the first day of March in 2020. The main goal of this would be to make sure that skilled immigrant workers who are from outside the European Union and would want to go to Germany and work there would not have a hard time getting to the country. The act is keen to bring in individuals who are already skilled in the German language, and has the skills that the country’s businesses need.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Work Experience And Education In Canada Gives Immigrants More Earning Potential Says Study

There are many people from different countries around the globe who have chosen to move to Canada as immigrants. They go there for various reasons and that includes finding a good job that would allow them to earn and send money back home. There are also those who are in the country to study and get globally-recognized education that they can use to further their careers or use the knowledge that they get to help them with their plans for the future. 

A new study has been done and it showed that immigrants who have work experience in Canada can help them have better earning potential. They would be able to have a higher chance to get wages higher than those of entry level individuals which usually is what new immigrants without any work experience in Canada would get. The study was done by Statistics Canada, the official agency of Canada that deals with data, numbers, and statistics.

The study that was done

The report looked at permanent residents in Canada who came to the country in 2016. It looked at the income that these people had. As per the results of the study, those individuals who had work experience before in Canada got the highest in terms of the median wages for entry personnel. The period covered for the whole study was one year. This reflects that employers would give more compensation for the immigrants who have already had work experience in Canada as compared to those who are just at it for the first time.

Permanent residents who were new to their status and have studied in the country and have also worked there had an entry wage of $39,800 on average after one year of entering the country. Those immigrants though who were holders of work permits but did not have a Canada education or work experience in Canada had an income amounting to $38,100 on the average after one year.

Analysis of the numbers

According to Statistics Canada, the wages for those with work experience in Canada and Canadian education actually are quite at par with the entire population of the country. The median for entry wages for 2017 was at $25,900. This was actually a good one and was the highest one ever recorded for immigrants since 1981.

The agency has also disclosed that the growth that they have observed in terms of wages for entry-level personnel can possibly be because of the increasing amount of immigrants who are permanent residents of Canada who already have work experience in the country. Employers recognize this and are happier to employ them given that these individuals already know the ins and outs of being an employee in the country. 

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Immigration New Zealand Reaches Out And Explains Immigration Policies

In today’s world, information is key. To be ignorant is really not an excuse anymore given the tons of ways that people can get information. That is why it is very important that people do their best to do research and to find out just what they need to know. The internet is always a great source of information – it is all about the right sources and knowing when something is fake or not. However, there are times when the need for the conventional way of getting information or giving information like talking to people face to face. This is the case for Immigration New Zealand when they went out and talked to immigrants about the changes in immigration policies in New Zealand.

The agency recently pushed on with a program they created. They went to communities where immigrants are and they did their best to be able to explain and get questions answered about the rules in visas in New Zealand. That way, people would know and would get the right information straight from them.

Explaining the changes

The parent visa category has been reintroduced in New Zealand just last August. It was good news for plenty of people especially those who are from other countries and would like to be immigrants in New Zealand. It has also become good news for those immigrants in the country who have been wishing of bringing their parents to join them in the country. The reintroduction of the parent visa category did come with changes though and the rules have been changed.

With the changing of rules, some immigrant communities in New Zealand were excited while there were some who had a lot of questions and contention to the new rules. This prompted some officials of New Zealand to do something about it as soon as possible. That is why Immigration New Zealand had created a plan to reach out to these immigrant communities and do their best to explain the new rules that came with the parent visa category. Meetings with immigrants are planned to be held in various communities around the country. Some of the first places on the list have already happened.

Behind the meetings

Matt Hoskin works as the National Manager Engagement of Immigration New Zealand. He and his team organized the whole set of meetings that would be done with immigrant communities around New Zealand. They were also the hosts of the meetings.

During the most recent meeting, they gave concise presentations about the changes in the rules and they also gave explanations on why such rules have been changed. They also encouraged the participants to throw them questions so they can address them properly. The meeting ended with the immigrant communities understanding the whole thing better.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

United Kingdom Will Need Immigrants To Fuel Science Industry

The science industry in the United Kingdom is one of the best in the entire world. The country has been a home for many universities and institutions that have focused on research and scientific advancements that the world is now currently enjoying. It has also been very supportive of the scientific community and has had programs that helped the industry become even better than it has been before. Thanks to skilled immigrants that the science industry in the UK needs, the scientific community has been able to continuously do proper research and have great discoveries and advancements that have been helpful to the entire world.

Recently, there has been talk about what would happen to the science industry once the United Kingdom has pushed on with its exit from the European Union. Once the exit happens, there would be no freedom of movement between the country and the rest of the European Union member nations. Many of the people in the science industry are actually immigrants from these countries and so they may have to leave the country once the exit happens. The science community may be in peril.

Scientists are standing on unsure ground

Despite the support that the scientific community has been receiving from the government, scientists are still feeling that they are standing on unsure ground. They do not know what is going to happen when the exit pushes through and they are fearing that they may be left with just a few number of people working on the research and the developments. This would not be good because it would mean that they have the budget but not enough people to do the work and the work is as important as the budget.

However, the government of the United Kingdom is intent on making sure that the work that scientists do is not interrupted and so they have been planning on creating programs that would be put in place and would start working once the exit happens. This would ensure that the science industry continues to do what it does. The program is also set on targeting the best and the brightest minds to help out. These scientists from outside the country would be more than willing to go to the UK to work especially with the beautiful reputation that the country has when it comes to science. To be part of it all would be a great honor for anyone.

The support for science

The government is continuously supporting the science industry as it had before. It would be a great thing for any skilled immigrant to be a part of this industry in the UK since it would mean that they are part of something huge and something that has been benefitting the entire world with the work that they do.

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Canada Opened Immigration Pilot And It Is Now Open For Applications

Individuals who are interested in making their way to Canada as immigrants now have two more options that they can take to get to their goal. A lot of people from around the globe do their best to make it to Canada but not a lot of them are able to do so. There are different pathways to get to Canada and some individuals just apply without really knowing if they were eligible for that pathway or not.

Now, Canada has opened a new pilot which is known as the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and it is now open and accepting applications from individuals who wish to go to Canada as immigrants. It is just accepting applications at the moment but not yet fully operational. Once it is, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot will then give employers the power to recruit and bring in foreign workers who are eligible for the jobs that they need to be done. These employers would have to be from the 11 communities that are part of the program. The communities are from Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Alberta.

How the program works

Those individuals who have been given a recommendation by an employer in any of the participating communities in Canada will be able to make it to the country as an immigrant. Soon enough, they may also go on and send an application to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to get a permanent residency status in the country.

There are already a number of websites available for perusal by any interested party or individual. They have been only since the 15th of November and they were from the communities of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Altona/Rhineland in Manitoba, and Thunder Bay in Ontario. The community of Sault Ste. Marie as well as Altona/Rhineland have already opened their inbox for any applications coming in from interested individuals who already have with them a legit offer from any employer in their community. The individual should have an offer that is for permanent employment or for a full-time employment.

As for Thunder Bay, at present, they are only taking inquiries from the employers in their locality who are interested in participating in the program. Those who do and have been approved can start to post the vacancies they have on the local website this December 2019. Applications for Thunder Bay will be accepted starting the 2nd of January next year.

How about the other communities?

There are some people asking, “How about the other communities that are part of the program?” Well, these communities are still working on the things they need to prepare for and so their websites and all other available information are still underway.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Study Shows Germany Needs Around 260,000 Immigrants Annually To Meet Demands In Labor

In a recent report, it has disclosed that a study was done on the need for immigrants in Germany. Germany has a number of jobs that are not being filled because of the lack of people in the labor market. The population in Germany is aging and so there are not enough individuals who can do the jobs that businesses need to be completed. That is why Germany has been thankful for the freedom of movement that is open between European Union member nations. Immigrant workers have come to Germany and they have been very helpful in getting jobs done.

However, in a study that had been published recently, the number of immigrant workers from the European Union would be going down and this could highly affect the strong economy that Germany is currently enjoying. Without enough workers, businesses may close shop or may have to operate for shorter hours and that is not good for the economy. As per the study, the country should be able to bring in at least 146,000 immigrant workers annually and these individuals should not come from countries that are part of the European Union.

The results of the study

Starting 2020 until 2060, Germany should be able to bring in at the very least 260,000 immigrants each year. There are labor shortages in the country because of the lesser amount of immigrant workers who would be coming in from the European so this country should go and look for more immigrant workers from outside the country and outside the European Union. This number would help fill up the need for laborers which is all because of the decline of the number of suitable laborers from the country, thanks to the aging population.

The research was done by the Bertelsmann Foundation who also published the results of the study they did. With more and more Germans aging each year, by the year 2060, the number of people in the labor force would go down by at least 1/3 and that is a huge number. 1/3 of the current labor market in Germany amounts to 16 million individuals and that does not even include the immigrant workers in the country. A shortage in laborers would definitely be in the works if the German government does not tap immigrant workers from other countries and this shortage can be detrimental to the economy of the country.

The skilled workers needed

Given the situation, it is safe to say that Germany is in need of immigrant workers who can work in all the industries. All of the industries would be in need of workers and the country just does not have enough of that. The strong economy is pushing businesses to do better and work better and that could only be accomplished by having enough employees to help out.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Immigrants Applying For Permanent Residency In Canada Now Required To Have Biometrics

The road to Canada as an immigrant can be quite difficult especially if an individual is not ready. There are requirements that are needed to be fulfilled and some of these requirements are not always on-hand. However, for those who are really determined to become immigrants in Canada, whatever obstacle may be in their path, they would really not care about how difficult they may be because they will do everything that they can to make it there.

For some people, becoming an immigrant is just one step. Their main goal really is to have permanent residency status in Canada and later on become a citizen of the country. If getting to the country is a big deal for many of them, so is the main goal. They would still have to apply for it and have to fulfill all of the requirements that the government has set for those who wish to get such a status. While others find this to be a hassle, there are also some who choose to look at it as a good way of enjoying the country and also enjoying the entire journey that they need to take to make it to their goal.

Biometrics needed for those applying

One of the most recent news is that Canada is now asking individuals to have their biometrics if they wish to apply for permanent residency status in the country. The government has already prepared for this and so they have already opened service centers all across the country so that those who wish to apply can have their biometrics taken. All an immigrant must do to have their biometrics is to visit the nearest service center.

As per the recent update, all immigrants who wish to apply should give their biometrics. Also, before December 3rd, the applicants had to send in their fingerprints as well as their photos. Those who wish to get a permanent residency status should have theirs taken. Biometrics is now a requirement for those who wish to get a work permit, a study permit, a visitor visa, or a permanent residency status. This also includes those individuals who wish to get an extension for their work permits, study permits, or visitor visas.

The goal of taking biometrics

To know where their biometrics can be taken, immigrants can check out the website of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The website lists 58 service centers that are scattered all around Canada.

Marco Mendicino works as the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada. On this update, he said that the program for biometrics will actually help the immigration system of the country become more efficient and have more integrity. This is mainly because Mendicino has disclosed that fingerprints as well as photos of individuals are knowns as quite reliable in identifying individuals.

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Over 54,000 Immigrants Gained By New Zealand For The Year That Ended In September 2019

All around the world, there are people who are wishing to be one of the successful individuals to be given an immigrant status in New Zealand. For these people, to be able to achieve this is a dream come true. Many want to be an immigrant in New Zealand and they do have various reasons why. They all have their own explanations about why New Zealand is the best place to be in. There are those who wish to stay in New Zealand only for some time especially for those who want to study there or work there for a time. And then there are those who wish to stay there for the rest of their lives.

Recent news has it that the recent number of immigrants who have entered New Zealand for the year that ended in September 2019 has been more than 54,000 individuals. This means that there are really a lot who do wish to make it to the country. It is interesting to note that these 54,000 individuals are just a percentage of the total number who sent in their applications and the requirements to be considered. These are the ones who were successful enough to make it to the country.

The numbers for immigration

For 12 months that ended in September 2019, New Zealand received a total of 54,623 individuals who would be living in the country as immigrants. This is higher by 10.3% as compared to the same period a year before. This data is from Statistics New Zealand, the official agency of the country that deals with numbers, data, and statistics.

Many of the immigrants who arrived in the country for the mentioned period are going to stay in the country for the long-term. There have also been a number of immigrants who have left the country but there were more who have arrived in the country, thus the increase in numbers. There were 19,968 individuals who arrived in the country and there were also 95,345 who have left it. Thus, the total gain of 54,623 for the given period.

The source of immigrants

For the given period, the country with the most number of immigrants coming to New Zealand is South Africa. The current number of immigrants from South Africa is 10,024 which is almost 50% higher as compared to the same period for the previous year which was only 5,973. After South Africa, the next country that had the most number of immigrants entering New Zealand for the given period is China with a total of 9,331. India followed with 8,169, the Philippines came 4th with 7,207.

Of the total number of immigrants who came to New Zealand, these individuals came with different visas. This surely shows how varied the reasons immigrants have when coming to the country.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

Top Universities In The United Kingdom That Offer Masters Degrees In Marketing Women Immigrant Students Are Taking

Marketing is an industry that used to be dominated by males. It was a world where women couldn’t be movers and shakers. They were not made for this role. But that was years ago. Now, women are some of the top movers and shakers in the marketing industry. And in the United Kingdom alone, plenty of women study and work hard to be able to make it big in the world of marketing. The country is home to some of the best colleges and universities that have masters degrees in marketing and not only do locals study these but immigrant students also do.

So which schools have the best masters degrees in marketing in the UK? Well, here are some of the most popular ones that woman immigrant students are pursuing in the UK.

Middlesex University

This university can be found in London. Women students who study here choose to take digital marketing courses since it is one of the fastest growing arms of marketing. It is a public university and there are plenty of immigrant students in this university in the United Kingdom. Among the programs offered include:
  • Corporate Marketing Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Branding and Stakeholder Communication
  • Strategic Marketing

Swansea University

This university can be found in Wales. It is quite known for the strategic marketing masters degree that it offers. Strategic marketing is one of the newest branches of marketing and is gaining quite a huge amount of popularity. There are also plenty of immigrant students here and women are plenty as well. Among the programs offered include:
  • Management Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing

University of Greenwich

This university can be found in Greenwich in the United Kingdom. It has a long and rich history. Among its most popular masters degree programs is on strategic marketing. Women love to study here because of its gender policy on equality. Among the programs offered include:
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • Strategic Marketing Communications

University of Manchester

This university can be found in Manchester. It is quite well also for its high-caliber marketing programs. It is also quite popular for having scholarships given to students who are qualified. The university also has faculty who teaches practical approach when it comes to marketing. Among the programs offered include:
  • Marketing

De Montfort University

This university can be found in Leicester in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t have high tuition, unlike other schools. It also has facilities that are world-class which women immigrant students take full advantage of when pursuing their postgraduate studies. Among the programs offered include:
  • Marketing Management

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Immigrant Students With Entrepreneurial Plans Can Benefit From Immigration Route From Saskatchewan, Canada

There are plenty of individuals from all corners of the world who have been eyeing Canada not as a place to visit but as a place where there is quality education. Many do their best to aspire to be able to get the education that they want to get. That is why each year, Canada has been receiving a huge number of applications from individuals who wish to be immigrant students in the country. Many of them make it to the country to pursue their dream education.

Now, these immigrant students are given a student permit which allows them to study in the country. However, once that expires after they finish their studies, they have to leave the country and go back to their home country or to another country. They have to abide by the rules. However, recent news has it that in Saskatchewan, Canada, a new pathway has been opened and this will allow immigrant students who have finished their degrees can continue staying in the country.

The new pathway

Immigrant students who have graduated and finished their programs would be happy to learn about a new pathway that would allow them to continue staying in Canada. This would be open for those individuals who have finished their programs from one of the eligible institutions in Saskatchewan that offers post-secondary degrees. They would be eligible for this pathway if they have plans of starting their own business in Saskatchewan.

This new pathway is part of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, which is also known as the SINP. The pathway is going to be known as the International Graduate Entrepreneur Category. It has been recently announced by the local government of the province.

Jeremy Harrison works as the Minister for Immigration and Career Training and on the new route, he mentioned that it will help keep the immigrant students in the country and in the province. Most of them usually leave the country after finishing their degrees and the province wants to retain them where they already are. Harrison also disclosed that it is a good idea to retain these individuals since they have also been able to adapt already to the province.

The plan

Harrison has also shared that the plan would be to keep these immigrant students in the province since they do not need to adjust because they have already adapted. Aside from that, it would be a good thing for the province to have new businesses which would also mean new jobs would be created. This would help this province in Canada continue to be competitive in having more of the brains and keeping them there as well as competitive in terms of investments. This plan is going to run alongside the province’s plans of bringing in more skilled immigrants and entrepreneurial immigrants.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

In 20 Years’ Time, A Third Of People In Germany Will Have An Immigrant Background

One in every three people in Germany will have an immigrant background. It can be they are an immigrant themselves or they can have immigrant roots. This will happen in the next twenty years as per experts who have been studying Germany and its need for immigration. By the year 2040, around 35% of the total population of Germany will have an immigrant background. This is as per an expert on immigration who is doing research on this phenomenon in the country.

This phenomenon could definitely change Germany and make the country even better in terms of diversity. These immigrants will be bringing their culture, beliefs, and nationalities to the country and they will be incorporating these with the cultures, and beliefs that Germany has. The immigrants would unite those and bring out different people – more open to different cultures and beliefs which is definitely a good thing. Experts even tag this as a good way to help make the country become even more diverse. Diversity has never been a bad thing in terms of making a nation stronger.

The numbers tell a story

The expert who had been studying the immigration patterns in Germany has said that at present, there are around a quarter of the entire population being immigrants in the country or have immigrant ancestry. In the coming 20 years, it should go up from around 25% to around 35% at least. There are also forecasts that it may even go up to as high as 40%. In some of the big cities in Germany where the population is high, there may even be up to 70% of immigrants there or individuals with immigrant backgrounds.

In the case of Frankfurt, one of the biggest cities of Germany, one in every two people living there may already be an immigrant or have immigrant ancestry. For Berlin, it is projected that there should be around 35% there at present. The expert also continued that what the big cities of the country is experiencing today in terms of immigrant population would be what the entire country would be experiencing in the coming years.

More information on immigrants in Germany

For the study done, a person is considered to be someone with an immigrant background if he or she has one or both parents not from Germany or not born with a citizenship in Germany. There are people who are thinking that the locals of Germany would become the minority if more and more immigrants continue to join the country. However, that is not really the case. Those with German ancestry would always be the biggest group in the entire country and that is not really a cause for concern. With the need for more skilled immigrant workers in the country, this trend is highly likely to happen.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Canada Takes Top Spot As Best Nation For Investments And Immigration

Many people from around the world dream of going to Canada even for just a visit. The country is one of the most popular in the world for people who want to go on vacations, for people who are looking for a place to be an immigrant in, and for people who are looking for new and more job opportunities. And the numbers of people coming to the country for various reasons are outstanding. These people just reflected what a recent study has shown.

For this year, Canada has been able to make it to the top spot in terms of being the best country for investments and for immigration. This is the second time in two years that the country has been able to take this spot. To be able to get a good ranking for these categories, a country is measured by its capacity to lure and attract individuals to go there to work, study, or live. It is also measured by the quality of life in the country as well as the quality of the business environment. Canada has successfully done these and topped all other countries.

The study that was done

For this year, Canada was able to make it to the third spot. There were 50 countries included in the study done by Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index. This ranking claimed by Canada is actually an improvement over last year’s ranking where it placed fifth. France placed second while Germany took the top spot. To get the rankings, the researchers did 20,035 total interviews online. The interviews were with individuals who were over 18 years old and they were from 20 different countries.

There were six categories used to rank all of the 50 countries included in the study. Out of the six categories, three of them were topped by Canada. These three categories were immigration and investment; governance; and people. In the top five countries overall, it was only Canada that was able to achieve an improvement in terms of tourism, culture, and governance. The country surely has been working hard to make this happen and the results can now be seen based on the study that was done.

The investment and immigration category

The score for immigration and investment is actually based using five attributes. These are quality of life, investment in business, work and life, educational qualifications, and equality in the society. According to a spokesperson for the research group, the index for investment and immigration is actually used to evaluate the power that a country has to actually attract global talent as well as global capital. Canada has been able to work on this aspect thus the reason why it has been able to make it to the top of the ranks for this category.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park: A Beautiful Place Immigrants Need To Explore In New Zealand

One of the best places for immigrants is New Zealand and that is not a secret. Plenty of people from around the world wish to live in this country. A good number of individuals from around the world do their best to make sure that they are able to make it to the country at least as an immigrant and experience life there for a time. It is not surprising if many are wishing to live here given the natural beauty that the country has which has been preserved and well taken care of through the years.

Immigrants in New Zealand are highly encouraged to enjoy the country which is quite understandable. Not all immigrants in the country are going to live there for the rest of their life so while they still can, they should go about and explore what New Zealand has to offer. One of the highly recommended places to visit would be the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park.

The Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

This park in New Zealand is rugged. It is made up of rock and ice and it is amazing to look at and even more amazing to visit. It has a total of nineteen peaks that are more than 3,000 meters in height. This is also where one can find the Aoraki/Mount Cook which is the tallest mountain in the entire country. This national park in New Zealand is also a part of the Te Waipounamu - South Westland World Heritage Area because of its natural beauty and preserved nature. So this place is definitely a good spot to visit for those immigrants who are quite on the adventurous side.

For those with a sense of adventure

Immigrants who are looking for some adventure can definitely visit this national park. However, experts say that those who would like to enjoy this place should not be inexperienced with climbing on rocks and ice. The weather can also be quite severe and one must go there prepared. The best thing for immigrants to do if they wish to go there and explore would be to get help from an expert of the area and to go in groups. They would be given the equipment that they would need to have and what they need to do to prepare for the terrain.

No forest, but tons of plants and wildlife

If visitors to the place are thinking that they would be able to enjoy the forest, they would be disappointed since there is really no forest there. However, the entire park is filled with beautiful plants that live in the Alpines. There are over 300 of them there which visitors can enjoy. The park is also home to many birds and other wildlife. The place is a favorite among those who love spending time with nature and its creatures.

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Friday, December 6, 2019

International Students In The United Kingdom Can Get 2-Year Post-Study Work Visa

Immigrant students who are in the United Kingdom have learned of some good news that they can make use of. The government of the country has recently announced that there is now a new visa in town and that is the post-study work visa which would allow the bearer to use for two years. This would open ways and opportunities for immigrant students with the right skills and knowledge to create flourishing careers in the country.

This is a good thing for the immigrant students so that they can already pave a path for their careers. It would mean that they would be able to find a job in the United Kingdom after they finish their education in the country. They can start using the skills and knowledge that they have acquired from studying there. It is a good way of contributing to the economy and to the industries in the country after receiving their education there.

The post-study work visa

The new pathway is available for all of the immigrant students in the country. It is important that these individuals have a legitimate and valid status of immigrant student from the United Kingdom government. They should also have completed a program of any subject. This program can be of undergraduate level or any program approved by the UK Higher Education Provider. The post-study work visa would then allow any student eligible to work in the country or to look for work in the country. They can work in any position or any career that they choose for two years right after they finish their program.

This would mean that all of the new graduates would then have the chance to continue to stay in the country and work there should they choose to for two years. Of course, they would have to complete the requirements set by the government. They can start working and use their skills and knowledge to help the industry that they have chosen to be a part of.

The goal of the post-study work visa

The main goal of the post-study work visa would be to recruit some of the best talents from around the world and help retain them in the United Kingdom. This would allow the country to benefit from what these individuals can contribute to making businesses and the economy do better and remain strong as it is now. These individuals have been known to be great contributors to breakthroughs in various fields like science, research, and technology. The government has recognized the important contributions that these individuals give to the country and thus it is doing its best to be able to benefit from these individuals while also giving them the chance to start or even further their chosen careers.

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Option Entrepreneurs Have To Be Immigrants In Canada

When it comes to startups, Canada has a very active environment for these. Plenty of entrepreneurs who have decided on having their own business choose Canada because it allows for these businesses to flourish. The country is also open to such startups and it has become recognized all around the world. After all, not every country in the world has a fertile environment that allows such business ventures to grow and flourish.

Many businesses in the country have started out as home-based ventures and that has not been a problem in Canada. From starting as a home-based business, many of these have moved on to become successful enough to expand and create huge ventures. This situation in Canada has inspired plenty of other potential entrepreneurs to start their own ventures and aim for success. This is a good thing since it inspires a lot of new generation of entrepreneurs to try their luck at having their own business. It also helps lure a lot of immigrant entrepreneurs to join the country and start their venture there.

Supporting foreign immigrant entrepreneurs

Good businesses – startups or huge corporations – help a country’s economy. Thus, the government of Canada is supporting the people behind them. In fact, it is also doing its best to lure foreign immigrant entrepreneurs to bring their business to the country. To do this, the government has a number of programs that support them.

One of these is the Federal Start-up Visa Program. This route to be an immigrant in Canada aims at entrepreneurs who have the drive to start or bring an already existing business to Canada. That way, these brave souls can also open up jobs for the locals and for immigrant workers. These entrepreneurs must also be brave enough not only to bring their business to the country but also be ready to expand and bring their venture to a global audience.

Getting into Canada as an immigrant entrepreneur

Those who wish to apply for this program must first have with them a commitment that would come from an investor group in Canada or an organization that offers capital funds who would be willing to invest in the business that they wish to bring to start in Canada. If that is not applicable, they can also try and get an acceptance from one of the programs that offer incubation of businesses. This would not require them to use their own finances.

An applicant should have a minimum of $200,000 CAD as an investment if they have been accepted by a group that offers capital funds. One would need $75,000 CAD as the minimum investment if they have been accepted by an investor group. It is highly important that to get accepted, they should have a solid business idea which would be worth investing in.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Why Does Germany Need Immigrants To Continue To Be Competitive?

Germany is in need of dependents and that is according to an economist who has been studying the country’s economy as of recent. The study has shown that the country should be dependent on immigrants given their current situation. It is estimated that by the year 2060, Germany will be needing immigrants if it wants to continue to be competitive in the global scene. Immigrants are seen to bring a significant amount of contributions that help the country become more diverse. Their contributions are also seen as helpful in making the country’s society be successful.

Low birth rate, higher life expectancy

From the start of the 1970s, the birth rate in Germany has started to go down significantly. While that happened, the average age for life expectancy has started to go up. This means that there are lesser young ones while many people grow old. Without giving much importance on immigration, the number of people in the labor market in Germany would definitely go down by at least 40% by the year 2060.

By taking some numbers and doing some calculations, experts have seen that Germany should keep the average amount of immigration in the country at around 400,000 per year. If the country is able to keep this amount of immigrants each year, the number of people in the labor market can remain stable which is a very important thing to also keep the economy stable. It is projected that if there are not enough immigrants coming in each year, Germany will have a population with most of them having retired and not enough people in the labor market.

Locals will have an immigrant background

Research has been done showing the effect of immigration in Germany. At present, around a quarter of people who are in Germany are immigrants or are descendants of people who have moved to Germany. The descendants are usually the first or the second generation. If the government brings in 200,000 to 400,000 immigrants each year which is the healthy amount needed to keep the labor market running well, in 2030, there will be around 30% to 40% of individuals who are living in the country who will have an immigrant background.

The effect of immigrants in Germany

Most developed countries are becoming more diverse when it comes to ethnicity and that is not really a bad thing. The same is true in Germany especially in the coming years if the government decides to focus on immigration and bring in immigrants who can help with the labor force. At present, most of the immigrants in Germany are from European Union member nations. There are also a good number of immigrant students and most of them are from China.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Canada Expecting To See An Increase Of 40% By 2024 In Immigrants Becoming Citizens

Canada has been working on the policies and rules when it comes to immigration and citizenship. For the past decade or so, the government has been reviewing its own policies and have made tweaks where they are needed. As per a study done by Statistics Canada, there are lesser and lesser immigrants getting inducted as citizens of Canada. This is a legitimate concern in the country and the government is making sure that there are improvements in the policies so that the number could rise once again.

To be a citizen is a goal that many immigrants in Canada have. It signifies that they have finished their journey as a newcomer in the country and it also marks the beginning of their new adventure as a citizen of the beautiful country. They now get to enjoy the rights of all of the individuals who have been born in Canada. Many strive for citizenship and when they get theirs, they are more than happy to have it after working so hard to be able to achieve that.

Canada works on the road towards citizenship

The government of Canada has been encouraging everyone to help immigrants in the country on their road towards getting citizenship. They are proud of what they have achieved so far. The country has an acquisition rate for citizenship that is high. This is a very essential indicator that the country is doing its best in helping immigrants become integrated into the new society and country that they are living in.

As per a study done by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Develop (also known as the OECD) back in 2018, there has been 91% of immigrants in Canada who have been living in the country for 10 years minimum. These were those who eventually got their citizenship. That number is surely higher as compared to the 63% average. Other countries that have high citizenship acquisition rates are Australia at 81%, and the United States at 62%. The difference is quite huge, thus showing how great a job Canada has been doing in helping their immigrants.

Changes in policy

In recent years though, the number has gone down in Canada. A study done by Statistics Canada has shown that the government is working its best to make sure that the numbers go back up once again and not cause any significant effects in the country. The government has already removed any previous tweaks that have led to the lesser number in citizenship without compromising the quality of the individuals who would become citizens of the country. That is why it is projected that by 2024, there will be an increase in the rate of 40% which is surely a very significant amount.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

New Zealand Has Always Been A Favorite For Many Immigrants: Here Are Some Reasons Why

Statistics have it that in New Zealand, for every 10 people, three of them were not born in the country. it means that they are immigrants and the country continues to bring in skilled immigrants despite these individuals have a huge range of options from the tons of countries around the world. What makes New Zealand the top country of choice for these immigrants?

The walk to remember

For many immigrants, that short walk across the auditorium to get to the Mayor is a really big thing. It is something that they would not forget. This is the time when immigrants who have applied for citizenship in the country have been awarded their certificates that would be proof that they are the newest citizens of New Zealand.

These immigrants-turned-citizens have all their families and friend with them during the ceremony in support. They are cheering them on and happy for this achievement. Ceremonies like this are held monthly in New Zealand and these turn immigrants into the newest citizens of the country.

Happy immigrants

Immigrants are happy to be in New Zealand. Many of them are skilled immigrant workers and help the labor market in the country. They also share their skills and experience with the different businesses in the country. Although there are plenty of countries around the world that need their skills, the immigrants in New Zealand have chosen this country for many reasons.

According to many immigrants, they chose New Zealand because one of the main things that they consider before choosing a country to move to is to be in a place where people are nice. And that is a reality in New Zealand. The country is known for having locals that respect other people no matter what the background or the race and they are very accommodating as well.

Another thing that keeps immigrants in the country is that they can still be proud of their heritage because the country does not impose their own culture on the immigrants. They can wear their clothes from home or even share their culture with others. They are not frowned upon when they do that and it makes them happy because they do not have to forget where they came from.

The statistics

In a recent study done by Statistics New Zealand, there are plenty of immigrants in the country right now, which is really not surprising. The data also has it that New Zealand has become a home to people who have come from the majority of the countries around the world. It has become a melting pot of sorts and people are happy to be in the country. As long as they are able to respect each other and the locals, there is really no problem in New Zealand. The country is open to diversity and the locals embrace it.

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