Thursday, April 13, 2017

Canada Is In Need Of More Immigrants

Why are countries like Canada open to welcoming immigrants to their soil? There have been plenty of discussions on the disadvantages of immigration to countries but these countries still continue to accept immigrants. This simply means that countries that continue to accept immigration as a part of their country is benefitting from it. Simply put, for these countries, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

According to a number of studies done in Canada as well as in the United States, with more and more immigrants coming to the country, the need to create more jobs goes up. With that, the economy of that country also improves. Thus, one can say that immigration is definitely beneficial to the economy of a country and Canada is no stranger to this.

The immigration situation in Canada

It is true that Canada has been receiving a good amount of immigrants each year. If immigration was not helpful to the country, the government would have limited the number of immigrants coming in or would have stopped it altogether. However, the truth is, immigration has been more of a blessing than a bane and so they continue to welcome the newcomers with open arms.

With the policies and the requirements that Canada has set into place for all of those interested immigrants, they are able to filter the immigrants that come in. The studies done on this have shown that a huge number of immigrants have better education as compared to Canadian residents. With the point system in place that the country’s government has created, selecting good candidates mean also looking for those interested individuals who have skills that the country could use.

Filling in the skills needed

Canada currently needs a lot of workers who would fill in all the blanks. There are a variety of professions that are needed as per Canadian labor. The list includes doctors, engineers, and nurses. Of course, there are other professions that the country needs and which immigration has been able to solve.

With immigrants coming to the country, they are able to do the jobs needed to be done. Many Canadians are moving to more populated provinces and cities and so some provinces need more manpower. The immigrants are the ones who make up for these.

According to the numbers from Paul Darby, there would be a need for three million workers who have the right skills and this would happen by the year 2020. Darby works as the director for the Conference Board of Canada. With this statement, the country is continually bringing in immigrants to its soil as it helps them lessen the growing need for laborers. Without them, the economy of the country just may have to suffer and that is not something that they would like not to happen.


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