Friday, August 28, 2020

Applications For Investor Visas In New Zealand Have Gone Up In Since Pandemic

When the disease known as COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, many countries, including New Zealand, closed their borders to stop the spread of the virus which is being transmitted from human to human. This has been hard for many individuals and for plenty of businesses and the economy but people’s lives are at stake and that is what is important. The pandemic has also been a cause for many people to believe that immigration would definitely be put to a halt since movement has been greatly restricted.

Despite that, New Zealand has been receiving a huge amount of applications for investor visas. The country has disclosed that this may be because those who are interested and are sending in their applications are looking for better living situations that have been exposed by the pandemic. New Zealand has been one of the top countries that have been able to easily contain and keep things from getting any worse. Many of the applicants were coming from countries that have been experiencing a slump in their economies.

The rising number of applications

When the outbreak had started, the New Zealand government had locked their borders. Despite that, the government said that the country has also received a huge amount of applications for visas from individuals who are interested in becoming immigrants in the country. Those who have analyzed the situation have said that this is most likely because of the country’s strategy for combating the coronavirus pandemic. It indeed is quite remarkable and that has made the interest of individuals wanting to move to the country go up and it has been a really huge increase.

With the impact on the economy, the government of NewZealand has been working on ways to bring the economy back up to its former glory.  The country’s agency for business development had said that the applications for investor visas were from individuals who wanted to invest in a company in the country or those who wanted to move the operations of their own business to New Zealand.

The response to the pandemic

How New Zealand has handled and responded to the pandemic is definitely worth looking into and it has been noticed by many countries around the world because of how efficient it has been. That is why it is not surprising that plenty of people are willing to move to the country to be able to live a life that is more attune to the life that people lived before the pandemic came about. With the economies of many countries going down because of this the disease, many are looking at greener pastures as so they say and New Zealand has definitely got it greener.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Brewed Tea And Classic Pork Pie: Two Foods In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Should Try

There is nothing more rewarding than having a steaming plate of one’s favorite dish after having a really stressful day. Food just seems to be the perfect cure for anything negative that a person may have experienced during the day. It gives people comfort and it gives people a really good feeling. That is why it is essential for people to know where to source the best food that they want to eat. In the case of immigrants who are in the United Kingdom, the country is home to some of the best dishes and drinks that are popular all around the world.

Two of the best things to have for immigrants in the UK are a really good cup of brewed tea and some classic pork pie. These are easy to find and are quite classics. They have been around for quite a while and they surely have been favorites the entire time that they have been around.

A good cup of tea brewed perfectly

Tea has always been synonymous with the Brits. And there is a reason behind this because the locals of the UK have always been known to having a cup of tea just because they can. They are known to drink at least three cups of this hot drink daily on the average. The UK is also known to be consuming 62 billion cups of hot tea annually. That is why it is not surprising how brewed tea done perfectly is associated with the Brits.

Tea was once served only people who belonged to the upper classes in the country and they were served with some light sandwiches as well as delicate and light pastries. This was the combination for afternoon tea for these people. But as society changed, so did the consumption of tea as more and more people outside the upper classes started to have this drink as well. This happened around the 18th century.

The classic pork pie of the UK

The origin of this delectable dish is Melton Mowbray, a small town in Leicestershire. It is made using pork that has been raised by the locals and the dish is totally a staple especially for picnics. The dish is also very popular during buffet parties. It is made with a tasty crust that has been made with hot water and lard. The filling is made from pork and is cooked with gelatin taken from the bones of the pig. The jelly is the secret as it helps keep the meat preserved so the pie can be kept and stored without it spoiling quickly. At present, the dish has been quite a famous thing to eat for snacks especially during afternoons in the summer.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

More Potential Immigrants Are Interested In Moving To Canada Despite Pandemic

The pandemic that has been caused by the novel coronavirus has not been stopping people from their plans to want to move to Canada and become immigrants there. Some may have thought that the pandemic would stop people from wanting to move anywhere in the world but a new study has been done and it has shown that the pandemic has even caused more people to move to the country. More and more people have become interested in becoming immigrants in Canada, as per the study.

This definitely is proof that even a pandemic that has caused people to shut their doors to the rest of the world to stop the spread of the virus is not stopping people from pushing on with their plans to want to move to Canada. This may be because the country’s response to the pandemic has been noteworthy and that these potential immigrants have seen just how well the country has been able to handle the crisis that has been brought about by the pandemic.

The study that was done

The study was conducted just last June and it was a survey. Almost half of the people who participated in the survey have mentioned that the pandemic actually has been a huge reason why they have become even more interested to move to Canada. Compared to the results of a similar study done a couple of months earlier, April, more people have disclosed their interest to want to become immigrants in Canada. There is definitely an increasing number of people wanting to move to this country in North America.

The results for June had shown that there were a lot more individuals who said that the pandemic made them become even more interested in becoming immigrants in Canada as compared to the results for April. Aside from this, there were also fewer individuals who said that the pandemic changed their minds about moving to Canada. 45% of the respondents were a lot more interested while only 6% disclosed that their interest to move to Canada went down.

More numbers

The study has also reflected that fewer individuals have disclosed that they will continue on with their plans to become an immigrant in Canada but they will only delay their plans. For the June study, 32% said that they were going to delay their plans while the April study showed 35%.

Many of the respondents of the survey also disclosed that they believed that Canada was able to handle the crisis better as compared to their own countries. They said that the economic impact in the country was definitely a lot less worse as compared to what they are experiencing in their home country. Canada did feel the impact on the economy because of the pandemic but it was able to take hold of things and is starting to bounce back.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Number Of Immigrant Workers With High Skills Reach New Record In Germany For 2019

Immigrant workers who have high skills and have chosen Germany as the new country that they would live in has gone up in 2019. These individuals have been granted the EU Blue Card so they can move and work in the country. As compared to the number of immigrant workers with high skills that came to Germany in 2018, there were around 15% more of them who made it to the country for 2019. Those who do have EU Blue Cards come from countries that are not from the European Union.

According to the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (also known as the BAMF), around 31,220 individuals who were not from the European Union entered Germany in 2019 bearing an EU Blue Card. This is definitely higher as compared to the number that the country has been able to record for 2018. This surely reflects just how Germany is in need of highly-skilled immigrant workers who can help out with the country’s businesses and do certain jobs.

The growth of immigrant workers in Germany

Andrea Schumacher works as the Vice President of BAMF. On this, she has mentioned that the number of individuals that have been awarded EU Blue Cards has been regularly going up. This card has been launched in the country back in 2012. And since that time, Germany has become the most popular country in the European Union for individuals who wish to apply for an EU Blue Card. The country has also approved and awarded over 82% of the applications for such a card with each year.

This EU Blue Card is a permit and is known to be like the Green Card that is being used in the United States. The former provides the bearer a special residency status and this also allows them to get employment that they are qualified for in the country or in the rest of the European Union. Many of the bearers of this permit are academics who are not from the EU.

The numbers tell the story

According to the data from the BAMF, for 2019, around a quarter of all the EU Blue Cards that were awarded were given to people who were from India. Following those from India were residents of China, Russia, and Turkey. Out of every four EU Blue Card holders, only one of them were women.

Around 21.3% of the highly skilled immigrant workers who moved to Germany chose to go to Bavaria. Those who chose to go to Baden-Württemberg were at 16.2%. 15.8% of the lot went to North Rhine-Westphalia. Only 4.7% chose to move to Berlin, the capital of the country, and the state of Germany that has the most population.

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Athletes, Musicians, Artists, And Cultural Workers Who Are Self-Employed And Are Immigrants In Canada Can Have Possibility Of Getting Permanent Residency Status

If moving to a new country is easy and can be done at the snap of a finger, Canada would definitely be one of the countries in the world which would be having a huge population. This country has been one of the most popular countries of destination for many immigrants. After all, it is beautiful, has a strong economy, open to immigrants, and has many opportunities for those who are looking for greener pastures.

Recently, news from the government of Canada has made many of potential immigrants and those who are already in the country to smile. Individuals who are self-employed and are immigrants in the country have a huge possibility of getting awarded permanent residency visas. This, though, would be based on an individual’s work experience as well as their plans of continuing to be self-employed. There are many individuals who are self-employed and are planning on moving to Canada or are already in the country and this is good news.

The program

A new program is going to be the way for this happen and this is the Federal Self-Employed Persons Program that has been put together by the government of Canada. Via this program, individuals who are eligible are those who have the relevant experience in a number of fields and these are culture, arts, and athletics. Those who are eligible and have checked off the list of requirements under the program can now send in their applications to get a permanent residency status.

According to the Canadian government, this new program has been put together to help a huge range of individuals from outside the country who are self-employed and are working in the fields of culture, arts, and athletics. They can be from various professions under these fields so they can be painters, filmmakers, athletes, freelance journalists, illustrators, music teachers, set designers, trainers, choreographers, or coaches, among many other professions in these fields.

The requirements

According to the rules of the Federal Self-Employed Persons Program, it is the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada which would be mainly working on the assessment of all the applicants and candidates. The assessment would be looking at an individual’s intent, experience, as well as their ability to make their very own employment opportunity in the country. The individuals should also first show and prove that they have two years at the very least of experience that is relevant to their field or career. It can be via being part of cultural activities, sporting activities, or arts activities that have been held at an international level. It can also be by having been self-employed in a business that is working in and around the mentioned fields. The individuals should also have the ability to contribute to further enriching the sports, arts, and culture of Canada.

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Take A Swim And Enjoy Time With Dolphins: A Thing That Immigrants In New Zealand Can Enjoy

A lot of people find themselves in New Zealand as immigrants each year and they are not regretting that decision. The country is quite known for being one that is open to immigrants. It is also known for having a strong economy and also for promoting a good work-life balance in all of its citizens. This is why plenty of people who have chosen to live in New Zealand are enjoying life as they come without having to burden themselves about having to work two jobs or even more.

Those who live in the country believe that they are blessed to be living there. Immigrants are happy that they have chosen New Zealand over the other countries in the world. They are able to live happy lives and are able to enjoy the things that the country has to offer. There are plenty of places that they get to visit and plenty of activities that they can do. One of these is going swimming and having fun with dolphins.

Where to go for dolphins?

There are plenty of people in New Zealand who have grown up or have been fascinated with dolphins. Well, who wouldn’t be? These animals are pretty cute and are friendly and being around them is something that does not happen often. Immigrants who are in New Zealand are pretty lucky since they actually can enjoy the water and swim with the adorable dolphins.

Kaikoura is a small town on the South Island and this is a good spot to meeting dolphins. The area is home to a dolphin species known as the Dusky Dolphin. This species is small that they are just about 2 meters in length maximum. They are also very playful and also acrobats that people get to enjoy them frolicking about and seeing them do their stunts. They love to do flips that people above the water really do love watching. Those who can swim can join the dolphins in the water and that makes for a really fascinating experience.

Is it safe?

The whole trip to Kaikoura is quite safe and so is the dolphin interaction activity. Of course, there are protocols that immigrants in New Zealand have to follow to ensure their own safety as well as to ensure the safety of the locals and of the dolphins. These animals are still wild animals and there are safety protocols that should be followed so that they are kept safe and healthy so they can continue thriving like they are currently are.

Many who have tried out the activity are more than happy to share that they had a really great time there and something that they definitely would not forget. The dolphins are kept happy and all people are happy as well with how the whole activity has been organized.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Traits Of The Brits That Immigrants In The United Kingdom Need To Be Familiar With

The culture of one’s country dictates the kind of traits that the locals have. A good example of this would be in the way people use words. In the Philippines, people have plenty of words that are used for rice – rice that has not been cooked yet, cooked rice, rice water, and everything else that has something to do with rice. This is because the country has rice as a staple and it is part of their everyday lives. The same goes true for Alaska when it comes to snow as it is something that they get almost every day. That is why immigrants in the United Kingdom are highly encouraged to learn more about the traits of the people in the country.

By being armed with information should help immigrants in the UK understand how things go there and would also help them not be surprised if they do encounter locals and their quirks. In fact, this is going to be inevitable and it is always a grand idea to learn more about a country’s locals’ quirks. It also makes for an interesting conversation.

So what are the traits of the Brits that immigrants need to know about? Here are some of them.

Fancy biscuits get served on a plate.

It is not a secret that the Brits love their tea. And when they have visitors, tea is the main thing that they would serve them. And biscuits are the best things to go with tea. So when visitors come a-knocking, Brits would prepare them tea and serve them fancy biscuits. These biscuits are served on a plate. Well, because it simply looks beautiful.

Sports events make Brits feel patriotic.

Sporting events are fun things to watch and the Brits really love watching them. It makes them feel good and makes them support their favorite team, especially if it is a UK national team that is competing against other national teams. Brits say that watching sports makes them feel even more patriotic than usual.

A pint of beer goes well with a pack of crisps.

After a hard day of work, many locals would choose to unwind by getting themselves a pint of beer. This pint of beer definitely goes well with a pack of crisps (crisps are actually chips in the United States). Well, everyone deserves this every now and then.

Newspapers are a thing in the morning.

The locals of the United Kingdom have a habit of getting their morning paper and reading them while having breakfast or while commuting on their way to work. This is one of the things that they have to do in the morning and it helps keep them updated about the things that are happening in the country and in the entire world.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Reasons Why Many People Work Hard To Get A Canadian Citizenship

Many Western countries have been accepting immigrants to help them with the workforce and even with the population. Many of these countries have been needing help with the mentioned stuff because their population has been aging and this means that more and more people are becoming senior citizens and are not going to be part of the workforce. These are also countries that have a low birth rate and that is not helping with the population. Canada is one of these countries.

Canada is has been bringing in plenty of immigrants in the past years and it is also known to be one of the countries in the west that has gotten the highest rates for immigrants who have been able to receive their citizenship. In the country, there are two ways to get citizenship. One is by birth and the other is via naturalization. Immigrants get citizenship via the naturalization process.

The benefits that come with having a citizenship in Canada

People who are citizens of Canada actually can participate in politics in the country. This is for all stages of politics in the country which can be municipal, provincial, or federal. Citizens can vote and give their support to the people who they believe would be the best to lead. This also means that citizens can also run for a position in the government and run for election.

Citizenship from the country also allows them to hold a job that needs a high security level and this includes federal level jobs. The law of the country also allows its citizens to have dual or even multiple citizenship. This should mean that those who get their citizenship from Canada can still hold on to their citizenship from where they were born. Kids who were born to Canadian citizens automatically get citizenship.

Citizens of Canada are also awarded a Canadian passport. This should allow them to travel easier to various countries that do not require a visa. There are countries that need still need travelers to have visas and those who have Canadian citizenships find it easier to get them.

Getting citizenship from Canada

Immigrants in Canada who wish to become citizens should first meet the criteria that the government has set so the can apply for a citizenship via naturalization. Some of these requirements include having a permanent residency status in the country, having lived in the country for three years at least out of the five years before sending in their application; being able to speak French or English enough that they can communicate properly with the communities in Canada (French and English are the official languages of the country); and should not have a criminal history.

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Bratwurst and Currywurst: Two Delectable Foods In Germany That Immigrants Need To Try

One cannot go without food. It is the source of nourishment that keeps the body going. It is important that people get to eat on a regular basis so they can continue doing what they need to do and accomplish. In the case of immigrants in Germany, they should be able to learn just what cuisine is available in the country so they would know what to eat when they are already living there. Some may have a hard time adjusting especially if they have gotten so used to eating just the food from their own country. However, it is not a hard thing to do because food in Germany is not only nutritious but they are delicious as well.

Two of the most popular foods in Germany that immigrants should try at least once during their stay in the country would be bratwurst and currywurst. These are two very delicious foods that are worth eating. Many who have tried them found themselves wanting to get more. So what are bratwurst and currywurst? Read on and find out.

What is bratwurst?

This is made of pork and it is a staple in many German barbeques. However, there are varieties of bratwurst and that depends on the area where it has been made. The most famous of them are the ones that are made in Nürnberg and they are made to be short and thin. Bratwurst that are made outside the territory of Nürnberg are a lot bigger and have more fat in them. It is said that the bratwurst that is fatter and bigger among most of the variants in Germany are made in Frankfurt. This should not be a huge problem though as all the varieties are really delectable and are worth tasting and having for a meal.

Cooking bratwurst is really not a difficult thing to do especially if it is during a party. One can have a grill set up already and then place the bratwurst on the grill. Cook the bratwurst for around two minutes for each side and then simply place it inside a bun. Or one can simply just eat it as it is, after grilling, of course.

What is currywurst?

This is also another sausage that can be found in Germany. Currywurst is known to have originated in Berlin. It was created in 1949 by Herta Heuwer. It is made using pork and is wrapped in what is known as ‘darm’ in Germany – pigs’ intestines. There are variations too that do not make use of darm. It is often served with white bread or with French fries. The people in Berlin are so serious about currywurst that they have even put up a museum just for it.

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Friday, August 14, 2020

19,000 Immigrants Welcomed In Canada For June

When the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus made its way to Canada, the country decided to put a lockdown on all of the borders to help stop the spread of this deadly virus. Only those people who were frontliners and those who were considered to be doing essential travel were allowed to move in and about. This meant that even immigration had to be put to a halt. That is why the number for immigration has definitely gone down since the start of the lockdown which was in March this year.

With the country being able to have a good handle over the virus, the government has started to open up its borders and start the recovery of its economy which has been badly hit because of the pandemic. Now, this has also been a way for the country to start bringing in again immigrants who are quite beneficial to the country. For June, Canada was able to record the highest level for immigration since the pandemic took its toll.

The data for immigration in June

There were around 19,200 new individuals who were given permanent residency statuses in Canada for June 2020. This was according to data that was released by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC). This number is definitely the highest since the start of the pandemic in Canada. For May, the country was able to record only 11,000 new immigrants and only 4,000 back in April.

The number for June may have been the highest since the pandemic begun, however, it was still far off from the number recorded for June a year ago. In June 2019, Canada was able to bring in more than 34,000 new immigrants to its territory. This is quite understandable given that there were a lot of disruptions brought about by the pandemic and it is a really huge thing given just how much the rate has gone down since March. Knowing just how much immigrants are important in Canada, this is good news definitely.

The top countries where immigrants came from

According to data from the IRCC, the top 10 countries where the immigrants for June came from has India at the top with 6,760 new immigrants. India has been the leader as the top country of origin for many immigrants in Canada in the recent months and years. China is at second place with 2,010 immigrants, and the Philippines in third with 900 immigrants. Fourth and fifth on the list is the USA with 740 immigrants and Pakistan with 595. Following closely behind Pakistan is Brazil and the United Kingdom with 560 and 535 immigrants respectively. Nigeria is in 8th place with 530 new immigrants. Iran with 390 new immigrants and South Korea with 355 new immigrants took the 9th and 10th rank respectively.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Traits Of Kiwis That Immigrants In New Zealand Should Be Familiar With

A lot of people have been fascinated by New Zealand since it is quite a beautiful country. It has been said to have the best of both worlds – nature and modernity. That is why a good amount of tourists in the country have found themselves not wanting to leave the country. And so, when they get back to their home countries, they start working on going back to country – this time as immigrants.

When asked, these immigrants in New Zealand say that the country is really beautiful but it is just one of the factors that made them decide to choose the country over many other countries in the world. According to many of them, the country is also the home of Kiwis who also are a big factor in their decision to stay in the country.

Those who have no idea about the Kiwis, or the locals of NZ, they bear some traits that immigrants need to be familiar with. Here are some of them.


Immigrants who are already in the country for quite some time can say that the locals are very much easygoing and have a positive attitude. They look at life in this way and take things as they come because they believe that no matter where the journey takes them, things will eventually be good in the end. This easygoing trait is also reflected in the lifestyle that they have. It has also been a major reason for many immigrants in New Zealand why they chose this country over the tons of countries in the world to move to.


This trait of having the attitude that they can do pretty much anything can be tied directly to their nature that is pretty easygoing. It allows the people in the country to take on their passions like work on charities and push through with taking up a new sport or competing in one. It also allows them to do quite well at work because they believe that they can do so they go and do it to the best that they can. This is a good trait because it helps the locals of New Zealand achieve the things that they want to achieve.


The Kiwis are also very humble individuals. They may have a lot of feathers in their cap but they do not like to brag about them. They also are not keen on individuals who may be boasting about their own achievements. They expect people to be as humble as they are and stay grounded despite having achieved much. A good example of this would be Richie McCaw, a rugby celebrity in the country who turned down an offer for knighthood because he does not want the accolade.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Talk The Talk: Terms And Lingo In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Learn

Communication is a big thing since people need to be able to get messages across and get messages back. If there was no way to communicate, it would be quite difficult for people to understand each other. That is why it is highly recommended that people who are immigrants in the United Kingdom should go and try and understand the “talk” that the locals do. Although the United Kingdom speaks English, there are still certain terms, lingo, and slang that need to be learned by people who are new to the country.

So what are these terms, lingo, and slang that should be learned? Well, there are a lot of them, given that the English language is quite dynamic so it is constantly evolving and that depends on the place and how people use the language. In the case of the UK, here are some of them.

Bog roll

A bog roll is the kind of special paper that people use when they are in the bog. What is a bog? Well, it refers to the toilet. So a bog roll is essentially a roll of toilet paper.

I really don’t understand why people have bought a lot of bog rolls to help spare themselves from the coronavirus.


When something does not go according to how it has been planned, this means that it was botched.

His friend overheard their plans for a surprise party so the whole thing was botched.


To call someone a barmy is not a good thing to do because this is not a kind thing to do. Barmy means that a person is bonkers, crazy, or silly.

Look at how he acts! He’s a barmy!

Cheesed off

Cheesed off means being displeased or being annoyed.

Immigrants in the United Kingdom will find that most of the Brits are cheesed off by the weather that they get each day.


People from the US may order chips when they are in the United Kingdom but they will be surprised when they find out that in the UK, chips are actually French fries. Chips are potatoes cut into strips and have been deep fried.

I can eat chips everyday and still not get tired of them.


A place that can be very busy is known as a chock-a-block. It is usually used to describe shops, streets, and roads that can get a huge amount of people or traffic.

He hates going to the meat shop as it is always chock-a-block.


When a person is thrilled to every part of their body or is very delighted and quite happy, they are known to be chuffed.

Upon receiving her letter of acceptance to Harvard, Margaret was totally chuffed.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Poutine And Bacon: Two Delectable Food That Immigrants In Canada Need To Try

Food is something that people cannot live without. It is a source of nourishment and just a good way to let the stress out if one has been through a really tough day. That is why it is important that people fill up their tummies and get the sustenance that they need to be able to get through each day. Those who are immigrants in a new country like Canada may be looking for comfort food especially since being in a new place can be quite a difficult thing. However, they may not be able to get the food that they want which may only be available in their home country. That is why it is important that immigrants need to learn about the local food so that they would know what is pleasing to their tastebuds and what would be good for their bodies.

In a place like Canada, the food here may really not be that different from many Western countries. However, there are some food which may not be easily found in other countries but they are certainly still delectable. Two of them are poutine and bacon.


Poutine may be quite famous in Canada but it definitely has made quite a name for itself and is considered to be a culinary gem in the entire world. It is also said to be one of the most definitive dishes in Canada and has also been described as outlandish.

Regarding its origin, poutine is said to have been invented in Quebec. There are a number of small towns in the province that are claiming that the dish came from their areas. No official announcement has come out though regarding the town of origin. This dish has been around since the 1950s.

According to food experts, there are many variations of this food so far. However, the real deal actually uses gravy that is meat-based and is quite peppery. The curds that are also used on the fries are described to be squeaky. However, foodies do say that despite the variations, poutine is definitely good food to have no matter the version.

Canadian bacon

Bacon just is the best and a lot of people will agree with that. However, in Canada, the bacon here is also known as peameal bacon or Canadian bacon. It is not like the usual bacon that most people know of. Canadian bacon does not use the belly of the pig. Instead, Canadian bacon uses the lean part of the pork loin. It is then brined and then later on rolled around in cornmeal. It has been named as peameal bacon because around the turn of the century, when Canada was still exporting pork to countries like England, yellow peas were used to preserve the pork, thus the name.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

21 Million Of Population Of Germany Has Immigrant Background

Immigration has been a very important factor in the growth and development of the economy of a number of countries in the world, including Germany. Many immigrants made their way to Germany for various reasons throughout the years and it cannot be denied that these immigrants have already embedded themselves in the country especially when it comes to the population. Many immigrants have already become citizens in the country and there are also those who have started their own families there.

That is why it is not surprising that the data from the country has shown that more and more of the country’s population already has an immigrant background. For 2019, the numbers have shown that an additional 2.1% of the population of Germany has an immigrant background. This shows that immigrants have definitely found their way to be a part of the population which they surely have. The biggest group of immigrants are from Turkey.

The numbers tell the story

In 2019, the official data from the government of Germany has shown that there were around 21.2 million people in the country that had an immigrant background. This number is definitely higher as compared to the previous year, and that is based on the official numbers that the Federal Statistical Office has reported. That 21.2 million with an immigrant background actually take up around 26% of the population of the country.

The increase in the population that has an immigrant background actually takes up around 2.1% in addition as compared to the number from a year before. However, the Federal Statistical Office has also mentioned that despite the increase, it was also the lowest increase of individuals in Germany since 2011 that have an immigrant background. A person who has an immigrant background is actually defined in Germany as a person who may have at least one of his parents to have been born without having citizenship in the country.

More information from the data

As for the 21.2 million individuals in Germany who have an immigrant background, more than half of them had been born with a German citizenship. This meant that at least one of the parents of these individuals actually had been awarded a German citizenship or actually was a citizen of the country at some point.

Aside from that, around 65% of those individuals who had an immigrant background actually came from another country in Europe. From this group, around 35% or around 7.5 million of them actually came from a country that was also a member of the European Union. Also, around 22% of the total 21.2 million individuals, which is around 4.6 million, were from Asia. Around 3.2 million of them were from the Middle East. Around 5% of them came from Africa.

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Employment In Canada Is Slowly Recovering While It Also Recovers From The Pandemic

When Canada has recognized that the pandemic caused by the coronavirus has already made its way to the country, the government has put restrictions so that movement of people would be very limited. This is not to hinder their freedom of movement but it is entirely because the novel coronavirus is being transmitted from person to person. By keeping people under quarantine, movement is restricted and the spread of the virus would be kept at a minimum or none at all.

Now that the spread of the virus has been contained, the government of Canada has now tried to slowly lift the restrictions. One of the biggest effects of quarantine is that some people lost their jobs because businesses were closed. Now that things are getting better and movement is slowly going back to normal, people are now able to start going back to their jobs or able to find new ones as businesses are also starting to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

The easing of the restrictions

The restrictions on movement have slowly been eased and the data for the month of May has shown that the restrictions have definitely made things a lot more difficult for the workforce in Canada. Now that people are able to start moving about again, data has shown that for May, the average earnings for each week has gone up. This definitely shows that people have been able to go back to their jobs or have been able to find new jobs already after they lost theirs because of the lockdown.

This definitely is a good sign because it means that the economy is slowly going to start recovering as businesses are also recovering. This means that people would have a higher chance of also recovering their finances and be able to work which they need to support their daily expenses and such. The economy has definitely been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and people now being able to go back to work means that this should help the economy go back up again.

Increase in numbers

In Quebec, the construction industry has been able to show an increase in the payroll which means that there are more projects happening and more people have been working in the industry. This is just for the month of May. The other industries have actually shown a decrease in payroll though. The reason for this is that the construction industry in this province in Canada has actually been allowed to go back to usual in the middle of April so the numbers have surely gone up for May. The earnings for the week for this province have also gone up by 2.6% and this is as compared to the data for May a year ago.

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Bay Of Islands: A Destination In New Zealand That Immigrants Need To Visit

The world may seem to be quite big but this should not stop people from exploring it. It is quite understandable though that not all people can do that because of the expenses that are incurred during traveling. That is why it is important that when a person is in a new country as an immigrant, it is important that they take the chance to do so. And that is why immigrants in New Zealand are highly encouraged to venture and explore just what the country has to offer.

New Zealand is home to plenty of beautiful places, being one of the top countries where nature is still pristine. People who are in the country have a long list of potential places to explore and experience. One of them is the Bay of Islands and it is definitely worth checking out. Read on and find out more about this destination that is worth the visit.

Where is the Bay of Islands?

People who are into activities that involve water should visit the Bay of Islands. This is a sweet spot in New Zealand for such. Those who love going sailing or fishing or doing watersports can do such right here.

To get to the Bay of Islands, one has to travel for around three hours by land if they are from Auckland. It is a gorgeous place that is composed of 144 islands in total. It can be found right between the Pererua Peninsula and Cape Brett.

What can one do in the Bay of Islands?

The water is something worth exploring in this area of New Zealand. Since it is made up of a lot of islands, there are a lot of things to do. Immigrants who are into water activities can definitely enjoy this spot. The locals who love the ocean surely find themselves traveling to this place when they can. One day spent here is just definitely not enough.

There are scuba diving activities that can be enjoyed. For those who do not know how to do this can take advantage of courses that teach introduction to diving. Those who take part in these intro courses would be taken by ferry right into the bay so they can have a grand time enjoying a world that is kept secret by the water.

Those who may be afraid of getting deep into the water still can enjoy the ocean. There are cruises that are available for those who want to do it. The chances of meeting dolphins and even whales are huge, especially on good days.

These are just a few of the things that people can do in this area in New Zealand. Those who have traveled and visited the place are more than happy to recommend it to other people.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Felin Fach Griffin: A Sweet Spot For Immigrants In The United Kingdom To Unwind After A Hard Day At Work

There are many immigrants who are in the United Kingdom because of job opportunities. They go to the country and leave their families behind because they have been offered or they have found a better job or career as compared to what was available for them in their home country. Work immigrants in the United Kingdom are known to be hardworking and to be quite flexible and that is why they do deserve to have a relaxing and chill time after doing well at work.

The UK has plenty of sweet spots that immigrants can go to for some relaxing time. The easiest and best way to unwind after doing a great job or for going through a hard day at work would be to get some drinks before going home. This has been the best way for many immigrants because it does not require them to travel for some time to get to their destination. Going to new places can wait for holidays or for weekends. One of the best spots to relax in would be the Felin Fach Griffin.

Where is the Felin Fach Griffin?

This spot is found in the Welsh valley that is right in the middle of the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains. It is a good bar that is conveniently located for those who are on a trip, locals, and even for anglers who are in the area. It is a bar that has been designed to be quite homey and would make guests feel right at home. What is even more interesting is that the place has a variety of ales that guests can choose from and they are locally made and are also priced just right. The interior is quite warm and very relaxing, thanks to the design prowess brought about by David J. Williams and Eugene Fisk, two local artists.

The pub also is open for guests who wish to stay the night or two in this town in the United Kingdom. The Felin Fach Griffin has bedrooms available upstairs which are designed to be luxurious and definitely comfortable. Visitors who have chosen to spend a night or two here were more than happy to say that the rooms were remarkable and made them feel quite cozy and that they were in a cottage in the country. Now that is something that not a lot of hotels or pubs or inns offer.

The food on the menu

The Felin Fach Griffin has received a number of accolades already for being a beautiful place. But that is something that people can enjoy there. The pub also offers quite a number of delicious food on the menu. The menu actually changes depending on the season and the available ingredients. Immigrants in the UK who find themselves here can take advantage of the three-course meal that is only offered for £29.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Jasper National Park: A Beautiful Place In Canada That Immigrants Can Enjoy

Canada is a naturally beautiful country with its tons of spots that people can visit and enjoy. Immigrants who find themselves in this country have been blessed to have a chance to explore Canada during their leisure time. With the numerous spots that are worth visiting, an immigrant in the country can live there for five years and not be able to finish visiting every place when they have free time. After all, this country is huge so traveling can be an obstacle to get to everything.

Those who are in the country encourage newcomers to discover just what Canada has got to offer and take the chance to enjoy it. After all, looking at beautiful wonders can be a really good thing for one’s health and for one’s entertainment. One of these amazing spots that people should visit in Canada is Jasper National Park.

What is Jasper National Park?

For people who are into the wild, the Jasper National Park is the place to go. Those who have visited the area have said that panoramas are just about everywhere. The views are definitely worth the trip and trekking is one of the activities that people can enjoy. A person can go to the summit of Mount Edith Cavell. They can also choose to explore the caverns that belong to Maligne Canyon.

This spot can be found on the eastern portion of Alberta in Canada and it is a great place for those who have a great sense of adventure. It is the national park that can be found in the Canadian Rockies. It has already been awarded a spot in the list of World Heritage Sites from UNESCO. The whole area covers over 2.7 million acres and that surely is a huge area that people can explore on their own time. Aside from the amazing views and panorama, people there can surely spot a number of animals while they are in the place. These animals include moose, wolverines, and caribous.

Other things to know about Jasper National Park

When a person chooses to visit this park in Canada, they can expect to have a grand time there especially if they really like nature a lot. There are mountains as well as rivers to enjoy. There are even glaciers there. It has been used as a base camp for many adventurers. The place also has tours and excursions that are open for those who wish to try them out. There are also activities for those who love the cold weather which includes snowshoeing and skiing. This place has definitely got a lot of options for adventurers and wildlife explorers. It is worth the trip and visit that many people find themselves there every year.

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