Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Learning Some Of The Popular Lingo Used In Canada By Immigrants And Locals

A lot of people from all around the world have been thinking about moving to Canada and become immigrants there for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons why Canada has become quite a big thing for this group of people is that the locals speak English mostly and so communication would be an easy thing. There really would not be much of a language barrier and those who are not so good at speaking English can further hone their English communication skills in the country.


However, what many immigrants in the country have come to realize is that though English may be the language spoken mostly, there are certain slang or lingo that are being used as well. These, of course, sound like English or are in the English language but can mean different things. With that, immigrants still have to learn the lingo in Canada to be able to converse well and communicate better with the locals.


Here are some of the lingo that are usually used in the country.




When in Canada, the term ‘true’ actually is used to mean ‘okay’. Though it also means that something is valid, in Canadian slang, it simply means ‘okay’.


I’m bringing over some sandwiches for the meeting. Sorry, that’s the only thing I could make given how busy I am these days.




Queue or lineup


It is important to know that a queue or a lineup actually refers to the line that people have when they are waiting for something. This is usually seen in movie theaters, food establishments, or public bathrooms. The terms ‘queue’ or ‘lineup’ can be used for such.


Is the queue at the bathroom long? I’ve been wanting to pee but couldn’t go. Mom’s been talking a lot tonight and I thought it would be impolite to just leave her while she was talking.


Whale’s tail


For immigrants who are in Canada, the term ‘whale’s tail’ does not really mean the literal tail of a whale. It is used to refer to the famous treat in the country which are also known as ‘beaver tails’ or as ‘elephant ears’. This treat in Canada is made by frying some pastry dough which can be smothered in various toppings like Nutella.


It’s been ages since I’ve had a whale’s tail. Can you pick some up for me on your way home?




This term actually means a sofa or a couch when used in Canada. It is often used by the elderly to mean this piece of furniture.


You kids better get off the chesterfield and wash your hands. We will soon be having dinner. You can go back there after you have finished your meal.




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Friday, August 27, 2021

Hand And Heart: A Really Lovable Pub In The United Kingdom Often Visited By Immigrants

Oh, to drink the hours away. That is definitely something that a lot of people would love to do should they have free time especially after spending most of the day working. And this is definitely what many people in the United Kingdom do which immigrants have observed while living in the country. With the tons of pubs and restaurants in the country, there is a huge amount of choices and options for those who would like to have a little rest and relaxation with some alcoholic beverages.


Yes, the United Kingdom is home to pubs and restaurants of assortment and it is up to the people in the country to choose where they would like to have their drinks. It can be by their lonesome or with friends or family. And these establishments are not only found in the cities but they can also be found in other spots as well. One of these is known as Hand and Heart and it sure is quite a lovely spot.


Where is Hand and Heart?


Some people say that the Hand and Heart is an understated pub but it has its own charm and is usually described to be quite loveable. It can be found in Nottingham and is among the cluster of pubs that can be found right below the castle in the city and right in the cliffs made of sandstone. This amazing pub has also been said to be one of the oldest ones in the entire United Kingdom so that should be worth a visit definitely. It is quite quirky as well given that it is made right inside a cave, which was fixed up and made to be really amazing.


To get to Hand and Heart, one has to go on a quick hike from the center of the city. This should take ten minutes and it is definitely worth it. Many immigrants find the whole experience unique and amazing. The locals go to this spot for some of the best ale in the UK as well as for dates. Hand and Heart is surely quite a good spot for such. The bar is cozy and it also has a piano for those who may want to play some music or just listen. The cave has been decorated with reclaimed furniture as well as fairy lights that give the entire place quite a rustic appearance.


What is in Hand and Heart?


Drinks, of course! That is the main thing that is served at Hand and Heart. The pub has a long list of drinks on its menu that include some of the best ones produced in the UK. The food is superb as well and these are made from ingredients sourced locally. The menu includes Sunday roast which is a must-try.




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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Nanaimo Bars Definitely Make Immigrants In Canada Love The Country Even More

While there are people who are into savory dishes, most people actually have a sweet tooth. People will explore their country or even other countries to look for new dishes to try. This is surely not surprising given just how much joy food can bring to people. This is why immigrants who have worked their way to make it to Canada surely are quite happy to be there with the tons of food choices available. One of those is a dessert known as Nanaimo bars.


This particular dessert is something that immigrants have tried at least once upon arriving in Canada and they have found themselves wanting to have more of it. It is not surprising given just how much sweet treats like this one can really make a person crave for more. And when a dessert is as delicious as this one, a person can definitely be hooked. Canadians themselves really love this dessert. It is surely should not be a surprise if immigrants did not love it.


What is a Nanaimo bar?


People who like dessert bars definitely love this dessert that is made in Canada. It is quite rich and comes with three layers. Each of the layers is already awesome on their own but putting them all together makes each bite quite an experience. This dessert’s three layers are made up of a crumb mixture, butter icing that is vanilla in flavor, and melted chocolate. Such a powerful combination has made this dessert in Canada quite a remarkable one.


When did it start?


When this wonderful started actually is still a topic for debate. Some say that it started back in 1952 when a recipe for a chocolate square was found. This recipe was found in The Ladies Auxiliary to the Nanaimo General Hospital which is a book. This could probably be the very first time that such a dessert was made. See, in 1953, another cookbook was published and this was when the very first recipe for the Nanaimo bar was seen.


Where can the Nanaimo bar be found?


Well, of course, it can be found in Canada and that is why plenty of people in the country are obsessed with it. However, such a beautiful dessert can be found just about everywhere in the country, so it should not be quite difficult to find. The locals highly suggest though that individuals who may want to have this can make it themselves. The recipe can be found on the website of the city of Nanaimo and it is the very recipe that was made by Joyce Hardcastle after the mayor of the city in 1985 wanted to find the best and the most definitive recipe for this dessert bar.




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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

4 Steps New Zealand Is Making To Reopen The Country To Immigrants And The Rest Of The World

It may seem like New Zealand has put up a fortress for the past year and a half but for a good reason. With the pandemic that has threatened a lot of lives, this country has been one of the fastest when it comes to creating solutions that would help stop the spread of the virus that causes the COVID-19 illness. Their solutions included closing all borders of the country which significantly helped stop the further spread of the virus. New Zealand had to do this thing though it could be quite difficult because the country looked like it had closed its doors to the rest of the world.


Difficult as it may seem, the solutions that the country had done have helped lessen the threat of the pandemic on the people living in the country. New Zealand has one of the lowest numbers in terms of the cases of COVID-19 as compared to many other countries around the world. With that, things are just about back to normal in the country.


Now, New Zealand has created four steps that it is taking to be able to reopen its borders to immigrants who may want to join the country. These steps are very essential not just for immigrants but also for opening up the country to the rest of the world without compromising the safety and health of the people living there. These are the steps.


Step 1: Immediate response and pre-general population vaccination

  • All individuals entering the country would be required to undergo the Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) which would be for 14 days.
  • Travel to New Zealand would be restricted only for citizens and residents of the country, and a few limited exceptions.
  • Testing of individuals is a requirement before departure to New Zealand and after arriving in the country.
  • To control any outbreaks, there are alert level restrictions in place.
  • The use of key prevention tools are required which includes health measures like QR scanning and mandatory use of face coverings.
  • All priority groups should be vaccinated and these include border workers and groups that are at-risk.


Step 2: General population vaccination and development of additional tools

  • Vaccination of the general population should start September 1.
  • New Zealand starts to explore new ways and alternatives to the MIQ and will be run by employers.
  • MIQ still remains compulsory for all individuals.
  • Capacity of health facilities and contact tracing systems will be made stronger in response to the Delta variant and other variants.
  • To control any outbreaks, there are alert level restrictions in place.


Step 3: New travel pathways reflecting risk

  • Introduction of three new pathways to get to New Zealand: low risk, medium risk, and high risk. Low risk means that vaccinated individuals who come from low risk countries would not be required to isolate. Medium risk means vaccinated individuals who come from medium risk countries would be required to undergo modified isolation. High risk means individuals who are not vaccinated and individuals who are vaccinated but come from high risk countries would be required to undergo the MIQ.
  • Testing will continue.
  • New Zealand will continue to assess countries with regards to risk.
  • Alert levels and public health measures will still be followed. Lockdowns will less likely be in place.


Step 4: Quarantine-free travel for all vaccinated travellers

  • Quarantine will not be required for all individuals who are vaccinated and have a negative test.
  • Unvaccinated travelers will be required to undergo MIQ.
  • A population that’s resilient as well as health systems that are resilient to any outbreaks.
  • Public health measures and testing to be done at borders.
  • Requirement of booster vaccinations.




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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Liverpool And Manchester: The Usual First Stop For Immigrants In The United Kingdom

If there is one place in the United Kingdom that welcomes most of the immigrants in the country, it would be Liverpool and Manchester. This is not just because it is a popular place but because Manchester is where the international airport is located. With that, many immigrants would first step in the United Kingdom right in Manchester.


The international airport that is right in Manchester is often the spot where many people who wish to go to the northern parts of the country often go. And before immigrants, locals, and tourists embark on their journey to the northern part of the UK, they would also take the time to explore just what Manchester and Liverpool has to offer. These spots are definitely filled with plenty of beautiful places to go to and not a lot of people miss out on the chance to check them out.


What is in Manchester?


Of the many places that are worth visiting in Manchester, one of the most popular spots would be Castlefield. This place is quite known in the United Kingdom because of its Victorian houses and canals that have been preserved well through the ages. And then there are also Roman ruins that are worth visiting and exploring. Many of the old warehouses that can be found in Manchester have been converted into hotels, shops, and restaurants that are really amazing and have this certain appeal to all visitors. Aside from these, another great place to visit once in Manchester would be the Manchester Cathedral as well as the Town Hall which is quite historic.


People who are interested in culture do have options, too. There are museums in Manchester which include the Museum of Science and Industry. There are also art galleries like the Manchester Art Gallery. These are great spots to visit especially for those who would like to learn more about specific things.


What is in Liverpool?


To get to Liverpool from Manchester, one can take the train and travel for an hour. The visit to this place is really worth it as it offers quite a huge assortment of places to go and things to see. The most popular reason why immigrants should visit Liverpool is because this is the place where the famous band The Beatles actually started growing into the cultural phenomenon that they are known until now. There are tons of Beatles attractions in this place in the UK and it includes the Cavern Club which is right where the band made its debut in the music world back in 1961. This is also the place where Beatles’ members Paul McCartney and John Lennon had homes in. For fans of the “Fab Four”, Liverpool is a definite place to visit.




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Monday, August 23, 2021

Just About 40,000 New Immigrants Joined Canada This July 2021

One of the many comments that Canada received with regards to its immigration target for 2021 is that it is quite an ambitious goal. However, recent numbers are showing that Canada is definitely right on track towards meeting this ambitious goal. It has been able to bring in a good amount of new immigrants with each month this year and it just goes to show that plenty of people are really interested and working hard to make it to the country, and that Canada is also doing its best to make sure that it meets the target that it has set.


Marco Medicino, Canada’s Immigration Minister, has mentioned that the country is definitely right on its way towards meeting the goal for 2021 when it comes to its immigration target. For this year, the goal is to bring in 401,000 new permanent residents and halfway through the year, the numbers are definitely looking good despite some obstacles that may have been in the way earlier.


The numbers so far


According to the government, the country was able to bring in around 39,500 new immigrants just for July alone. The number is even greater as compared to the total new immigrants that Canada welcomed a month ago. For June, the total was 35,700. There was a definite increase in the number of new immigrants that had been welcomed in July as compared to June.


Bringing in more immigrants is part of the Immigration Levels Plan which would be running from this year until 2023. The total amount that Canada is planning to welcome would be at least 401,000 new immigrants for each year that is included in the plan. This is definitely a big number as the usual target per year for Canada before the pandemic happened was just around 341,000. There is really a big difference and in the midst of the pandemic when there are plenty of protocols and safety measures in place, the number can be really deemed to be ambitious.


Needing more immigrants


When the pandemic struck early last year, countries had to put lockdowns in place. Non-essential travel was also banned. This put a hamper on things especially on the plans of immigrants who have been accepted in Canada. Canada also felt the effects of not being able to bring in more immigrants and so with protocols in place, the country is doing its best to bring in the much-needed immigrants who have shown that they are a huge key to the continued economic development of the country. And with the economy suffering when the lockdowns occurred, more new immigrants are definitely going to be a big help bring up the economy back to its former glory once more.




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Friday, August 20, 2021

Giving Gifts And How It Is Done In The United Kingdom: A Guide For Immigrants

People say that one of the best ways to show that appreciation for someone would be to give that person a gift. It does not have to be grand or it does not have to be really expensive. It can be a simple token to show appreciation. However, it is also important to understand the customs that come with giving gifts especially if one is an immigrant. See, not all countries follow the same customs and traditions when it comes to giving gifts. In the case of the United Kingdom, there are certain customs here that can be different from the home country of an immigrant.


With that in mind, it is important to understand the customs of a country. Immigrants should keep this in mind because what may be considered normal or positive in their home country can be deemed as a negative act in another country. It would not hurt to learn more and be on the safe side of things especially when one is in a country that they are new in.


So in the case of the United Kingdom, what are the customs when it comes to giving gifts that immigrants should know about? Well, here are some of them.


When being invited to a home


If a person is invited to the home of a host for a party or gathering or event, it is a custom in the United Kingdom for the person who was invited to bring some small gift to give to the host or the owner of the house. This gift does not have to be huge. It can be something simple like a bottle of wine or maybe some chocolates or flowers.


When invited to join a dinner party


People who may have been invited to a dinner party may give flowers to the host before the actual dinner party. They can have the flowers sent to the host of the party. However, it is also okay for a guest to actually bring those flowers on the same day of the dinner party.


When receiving gifts


The locals of the United Kingdom have this custom of opening gifts upon receiving them. There are countries where this is not practiced and some people would open their gifts when they are already at home or when they are alone. This is not the case in the UK. Instead, they would open a gift given to them when they actually receive it.


When giving gifts in a business setting


In some countries, giving gifts as a part of a business deal or transaction or in a business setting is a normal occurrence. However, immigrants in the United Kingdom may want to think again as this is not a usual thing that happens in the country.




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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Immigration Minister Says Canada Is On Track With Meeting 2021 Immigration Target

While many experts have said that the immigration target that Canada had put in place for 2021 is quite an ambitious one, Canada does not think so. In fact, its very own immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, has lately disclosed that the country is on its way towards meeting the target for this year.


The immigration situation had been quite bad when the pandemic started and borders had to be closed up. This meant a lot of people who were supposed to be immigrants in Canada had to postpone their plans until the borders were open again. Despite the low influx of immigrants, Canada had to make do with that as the health of the entire country was at stake given how the virus operates. And now that the borders are reopening, the country is more than happy to share that they are back on track and are doing the best that they can to make up for all of the months that they were not able to hit their target for immigration.


Right on track


The immigration minister has been more than proud to share that the country is on the right track towards meeting what it has set for its immigration target for this year. Canada has a goal of being able to bring in at least 401,000 permanent residents who are newcomers to the country just for 2021 alone. And Mendicino is happy to share that given the number of new immigrants that have entered the country in June and July this year, it does seem that things are looking good.


In July this year, Canada was able to have 39,500 new permanent residents which is quite a good number already. A month before, in June, there were around 35,700 new immigrants who were recorded to have entered the country. With those new numbers, Canada has already been able to record a total of over 184,000 new permanent residents so far. And 2021 is still far from over, thus meeting the target is very likely to happen.


Reaching that goal


Mendicino is feeling very positive about how things are going and he has also shared during a phone interview that Canada is definitely ahead at what they had expected they would be able to accomplish by July of 2021. And despite getting a good amount already, he also continued that the country would be even pushing the pace further to get in more new permanent residents that Canada is targeting. The Immigration Ministry is very focused on meeting the goal that it has set for this year and they are doing all the best that it could do to be able to deliver. With how things are going, it is not going to be a surprise if and when Canada hits its target.




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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

What’s The Plan For New Zealand Immigration? Here Are The Guides The Country Is Following.

While the whole world reeled from the effects that the pandemic brought, New Zealand has been at the forefront at working out strategies on how to lessen the spread of the virus in its territory. One of the very first things that New Zealand did was to close its borders and put in place strict health protocols. Many potential immigrants had to put their plans on hold. Many countries followed suit and have been closely following what the government of NZ would do next. How this country handled the pandemic has become a standard among many other nations.


And now that there are a lot of advances happening in the world of science and medicine which has been focused on the pandemic and how to cure the disease, many countries have started opening up their own borders and are welcoming in new immigrants. In the case of New Zealand, what are its government’s plans?


Guided by objectives


According to the government of NZ, they have worked out new plans that would help them reopen their borders once again. These new rules are actually guided by five objectives. These are the five objectives.


1. Maintaining elimination strategy to stop the virus.


New Zealand has been one of the successful countries to have control over the spread of the virus via its elimination strategy. Through this, the people of the country are able to enjoy life as normal without having to worry too much about the virus. The elimination strategy basically is all about making sure that the virus is kept out of New Zealand so the people in the country would not be threatened by it.


2. Ensuring all eligible locals are given the chance to be vaccinated as soon as possible.


One of the best ways to keep the virus at bay would be via vaccinations. So far, not all individuals are eligible to get the vaccine. In this case, the government of NZ has made sure that all the locals who are eligible would get the vaccine as soon as possible.


3. Reducing the need to enforce additional lockdowns by continuing to keep contact tracing systems and health protocols in place.


With contact tracing systems as well as health protocols in place, New Zealand aims to reduce the need to put in place more lockdowns. The systems and protocols have proven to work and continuing to use them is a great decision.


4. Maintaining the strength of public health tools.


Public health tools have also been used widely in the country and have helped with the battle against COVID-19. The government has decided to make sure that these tools are continuously kept strong and working.


5. Developing new paths for people to travel in and out of New Zealand.


By developing new paths, people who need to travel to and from New Zealand can do it. These would be strict as to make sure that the virus is kept at bay but it sure is a good sign that borders may be opening soon enough.




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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Having Some Eggnog Is An Experience For Immigrants In The United Kingdom

Although eggnog is a drink that is very popular in many holiday movies and TV shows, it is a drink that is not really that popular in the daily lives of people who live outside the United Kingdom and even in the United States. These two countries are the two major ones that are known to have a love for eggnog in popular culture and so immigrants who may have found their way to the UK or the US would have to experience this amazing drink for themselves.


This drink is quite popular during winter and many immigrants in the UK are quite surprised to find out that eggnog is also considered to be a staple during the winter and also during the holidays. And for those who have been hearing about eggnog for years already because of popular culture, to have the chance to experience it is definitely a great thing. The entire experience especially the first one is worth remembering and immigrants in the UK are not afraid to share their experience.


What is eggnog?


This drink often served during winter is thick and creamy. It is also quite warm to the body and is spiced. To make this, one uses milk, eggs, alcohol, and sugar. It is said to be one of the really best drinks when the cold temperatures come and many kids have been dying to have a sip of it. Of course, that would not happen as there is alcohol in eggnog. Immigrants in the United Kingdom who have tried this out for the first time are more than happy to share that they would be glad to have more of it.


Where did it come from?


As per the source or origin of eggnog, there have been a number of theories about where and how it all began for this delicious drink. According to some who have done their study of the source of this drink, one of the most viable origins of this drink is that people actually tried to do another version of the posset, which is a hot beverage that is made using spiced milk that was curdled using wine or ale. This claim is basically because the eggnog uses eggs and alcohol, which is something similar to the posset.


There are also some claims that the combination of eggs and alcohol was first done by monks. But it is also interesting to note that drinks that were milky in nature and laced with alcohol were also quite enjoyed in Europe during medieval times. One can definitely safely say that so far, the source of this amazing drink has yet to be found. Who knows? It may have come from the United Kingdom or anywhere else.




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Monday, August 16, 2021

In The Midst Of This Pandemic, Canada Allots $100 Million To Help New Immigrants Integration

When a country opens its doors to immigrants, it does not just simply open its doors. It also has plans on how to make sure that the newcomers are able to adjust well and integrate well into the new society and communities that they would be living in. This is the case in Canada and that is one of the reasons why this country is one of the most popular countries for potential immigrants. Canada has been known to be open to immigrants and it is also known to do its best to make sure that immigrants who have chosen Canada are able to integrate well into society.


For any immigrant living in a new country, such a thing is a big help to them. To be living in a new place without knowing anyone there can really be quite difficult. But with the proper support from the government, there is a big chance that they can do well and be a great member of the society or community that they now belong to.


Having a budget for immigrant integration


It is amazing to think that as per the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizen Canada, the government of the country has allotted $100 million to be used to fund and ensure that new immigrants in the country get settlement services. This would help them have their needs even in the midst of this pandemic that is making things a whole lot more difficult than usual. And to a new immigrant in a new country like Canada, being able to adjust and settle well can be made even more difficult. Support like this can be a godsend to many new immigrants.


The IRCC continued to disclose that this fund will be used in the next three years and its main use would be to provide and deliver settlement services to all of the new immigrants in Canada. These services include assessment, language training, services that are related to employment, community connections, skills development, and information, and they are offered by providers of settlement services in the country.


Helping new immigrants in Canada


As per information from the IRCC, the projects that would be coming from the $100 million fund would be very good ways to help with newcomers’ integration in communities. It would also help support these new immigrants well in the midst of this pandemic that is still raging across the world. The funding would also help settlement services in Canada, with most of them moving online because of the restrictions that have been put in place. It would also be used to find out what services are new immigrants in Canada needing while also making sure that the services are available, especially online which is now considered the new normal of doing things.




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Friday, August 13, 2021

Immigrants Are Surely Amazed At Hangi, Food In New Zealand That’s Not Cooked The Usual Way

There are plenty of ways to cook food and it can be seen in how people prepare their food all over the world. Of course, most of the time, food is prepared depending on what is available in their area. For example, people who live in forests would perhaps find ways to prepare food using stones and wood that they have in the area. But what is interesting really which has made a lot of immigrants amazed is how some groups in New Zealand still continue to prepare food using a method that they have long been practicing, even before modern times happened.


What is this method that some groups in New Zealand still practice when it comes to cooking food? It is all about cooking food underground. Yes, that is right. They cook food not on a stove or on a grill or via barbeque but beneath the ground. And this is nothing short of amazing. It is known as Hangi.


A traditional oven


The Maori people who live in New Zealand continue to cook by putting food beneath the ground. This practice is something that a lot of people cannot really relate to because it is not practiced all around the world and is not really a very popular way of cooking food. However, this group in New Zealand still practices this as a part of their tradition.


Cooking via hangi is quite amazing because of how unique it is. It is a traditional way of cooking for the Maori and people describe it as cooking in an oven but the oven is made of earth. Nowadays, with the tons of ways that people can cook and prepare food, hangi cooking is mostly done only during special occasions to make the food even more special. The usual food cooked via hangi include mutton, pork, and chicken, along with vegetables like kumara (which is also known as sweet potato), potato, and pumpkin. Hangi cooking is usually done in Rotorua which is the central portion of the North Island.


How is it done?


Cooking via hangi is simply not just about putting all the ingredients together and throwing them into a pit and covering it up. The food is usually cooked via steam which comes from geothermal pools that have natural heat in them. Thus, the flavors of the food are quite different from those cooked the usual way. Aside from the usual main dishes, the Maori has also been able to create a dessert cooked via hangi and it is a pudding that is quite delectable. This is definitely an experience that immigrants in New Zealand have really enjoyed and something that travelers to the country have to try at least once.




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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Immigrants In Canada Have Huge Chance Of Starting Their Own Business There, Says Study

There are a number of compelling reasons why immigrants are all for choosing to move to Canada and start new lives there. And there are also a number of even more compelling reasons why Canada is very open to welcoming new immigrants. One of the main reasons why immigrants are choosing to go to Canada is because the country has one of the strongest economies in the entire world and it is very open to people like them. And on the end of Canada, welcoming immigrants is beneficial for its economy because they are reliable workers and are also very entrepreneurial.


While some believe that not all immigrants in Canada are entrepreneurial, a recent study done has found out that this group actually has a huge change that they would start their own business in the country, and this is as compared to the locals. And the study found out more about why this is so.


The reason behind being entrepreneurial


According to the study done recently, immigrants are highly likely to start their own business in Canada as they are already open to starting a life that is different from what they may have had back in their home country. Aside from that, it does take guts to actually have the courage to move from their home country to a new one like Canada. With that, they are already more courageous than the average person and are also open to taking risks. This is what pushes them to take the risk of starting a new business in the country.


With more juice in them and keeping the immigrants up on their toes, it is really not surprising to see more immigrants becoming more entrepreneurial, especially in a great place for startups and small businesses like Canada. This is according to the study that was done by Peter Vandor and was published in the Journal of World Business. Vandor is a lecturer and a senior researcher at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Taking the risk and being an entrepreneur in a new country


Not all people are risk-takers and it does seem like immigrants definitely do not belong to this group. They have already taken the risk to uproot and move to a new country like Canada, so it is really not surprising if they still feel that bravery to go ahead and start a new business in the country that they are now living in. Of course, these immigrants take risks that are reasonable, which is a very important factor to consider. Just like their decision to move to Canada, they did the research and the hard work before actually jumping right into the entrepreneurship pool.




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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Enjoying The Local Dish In Germany Known As Rouladen Is Something Immigrants Do

People need food. Without it, people would not be able to do the things that they need to do on a daily basis. The problem with people though is that they can be choosy when it comes to the food that they want to eat and this can be seen in how immigrants have qualms about trying new food. Immigrants who have found their way to Germany can say that they were, at first, afraid to try out the local dishes. However, finding food that they are used to having is not easy to do, they do become adventurous in the end and try out what is available in the country.


Many immigrants who have already gone and tried the local dishes in Germany are quite happy to share to the world that one of the best things that they have tried in the country is the dish known as Rouladen. It is not surprising given just how much work was put into the dish and how great it tastes once it is done cooking.


What is Rouladen?


This dish is actually a traditional dish that is prepared in Germany. It is also known as beef rolls or steak rolls. It can also be referred to as beef birds. People in Germany really like this dish as it is quite sumptuous. It comes served with some potato dumplings and even red cabbage. Many locals say that Rouladen is a very important part of their childhood and continuous to be a favorite up until this day.


In the country, Rouladen is served on special occasions, given that it is a traditional dish. It is served during Christmas, during birthdays, or even during other important holidays. As long as there is a special thing or occasion to celebrate, one can definitely expect Rouladen to be part of the menu.


Preparing Rouladen


Preparing the meat to be used for Rouladen can be really tedious and time-consuming. That is why locals who have experience cooking this dish strongly suggest that people who would like to try and prepare it themselves would be to go to a butcher in Germany and ask for meat that is ready for Rouladen. Most butchers have this available.


According to locals, Rouladen is prepared by adding in some mustard, ham, pickles, and onions right inside the meat. Then the meat is all rolled up and secured and then placed inside the oven to cook. This does not take just minutes to cook. In fact, it may take hours for the meat to properly absorb all the flavor and become really soft. It may seem like a lot of waiting but it sure is worth it once the Rouladen is ready.




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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Sunday Roast And How Immigrants Enjoy This Delightful Dish In The United Kingdom

Many adventurers and travelers say that the best way to learn about the culture of a place or a country would be by indulging in the local cuisine. Food can tell so much about a place and it is also a great way to spend time with friends and family and even make new friends in a place that a person is visiting. People can tell interested individuals about their food, which definitely comes with a lot of stories. And though the United Kingdom may seem like a place that does not have much of a unique culture, one can definitely learn so much through the food there.


Yes, food holds that special kind of power. Aside from that, it also is filling and something that can be enjoyed alone or enjoyed with people. And in the case of the UK, one of the top dishes that immigrants there have come to enjoy is the Sunday roast. It does not matter what kind of meat is used but it is quite a delightful one.


What is the best meat for a Sunday roast?


For a lot of people who are not from the United Kingdom, the type of meat used for a Sunday roast is something that is really important. Perhaps because of how the meat tastes and feels. Or perhaps because of some religious or personal beliefs. However, the locals of the UK would recommend that just about any kind of meat does well for the Sunday roast prepared in their country.


It does not matter if the Sunday roast is made using lamb or beef or even chicken. It also does not matter if pork is used or turkey. All of these are great meats. The important thing is how the meat is prepared which makes the dish quite sumptuous.


What is Sunday roast?


In the United Kingdom, Sunday roast is actually a family tradition that is shared on, yes, Sundays. Families gather and would enjoy sharing this beautiful dish. The meat is served with tons of vegetables, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and a lot of other sides that go well with roast. And the best part of this all is the unbelievably delicious gravy that just makes things even more delectable.


According to the Brits, they know how to properly get good servings of this dish. They would get their plates and then start heaping all of the food into it. They have also devised a trick on how to be able to stack everything up without spilling anything. It does take a lot of practice to be able to successfully do that but it is worth it when one is able to successfully do so. They then enjoy the meal with everyone while sharing stories and just enjoying each other’s company.




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Monday, August 9, 2021

94,000 Jobs Opened In July In Canada And Immigrants And Locals Are Rejoicing

For many countries, the main goal these days would be to bring back the glory that their country has been enjoying before the pandemic hit. It can be safely said that the entire world reeled from the effects of the pandemic and for many of them, they have been able to put in the proper protocols to keep the virus’ effect at bay. With the right health protocols, countries like Canada have been able to start rebuilding what they have lost when the pandemic started which includes immigration levels, the economy, and jobs.


Working on bringing back what it has been enjoying before the struck is one of the priorities of Canada nowadays and immigrants and locals in the country are rejoicing. This means a lot for the people in the country and they are thankful for the quick response that the government has. And just this July, Canada was able to bring up its economy even closer to the height that it had enjoyed before the pandemic came about.


More jobs opening in Canada


A study has been done just recently known as the Labour Force Survey which was spearheaded by Statistics Canada. The group looked at the conditions in the labor market from July 11 to 17 and analyzed the data that they had collected. As per the analysis, Canada was able to successfully lower health restrictions because of lower cases recorded and higher rates of vaccinations. These two are very important in bringing things back to normal.


The results from the study had shown that the country was able to open 94,000 jobs in the month of July alone. This number is quite close to the number that Canada had in February 2020, which was the month before the pandemic was declared. The number for July actually is just 1.3% lower than what was recorded in February 2020. It definitely reflects just how far Canada has gone from reeling in all the effects that the pandemic brought and the things that the government has been doing are working quite well.


Immigrant numbers go up as well


With the health protocols in place, Canada has been able to bring in new immigrants as it had planned. Aside from that, these immigrants have also experienced a higher employment rate for July as compared to the rate in March 2020. This definitely is good news for both immigrants in the country and businesses in the country. See, many business owners in Canada prefer employing immigrants since they are known to be quite reliable employees and are willing to do the hard work. Aside from that, with the country’s aging population, business owners have definitely been leaning towards immigrants who are younger and more able to do the work.




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