Monday, January 31, 2022

Learning About The Traits Of The Locals Of The United Kingdom: A Simple Guide For Immigrants

For many immigrants who have successfully moved to a new country, the first few weeks can be challenging. They have to deal with a variety of things that are new to them. They have to know how to go about the new place that they are living in. They also have to learn where to get their daily necessities like food and groceries. It is also important that they know how to speak with the locals especially if the language spoken in the new country is a language that is new to them. In the case of immigrants who have chosen to live in the United Kingdom, they do not have a lot to worry about as there are plenty of places to get information on these things.


One of the main things that immigrants in the UK need to learn though would be the traits of the locals. Not a lot of information on the traits is available but this is a very important thing to know about. After all, immigrants will have to interact with the locals one day or another and it is essential that they understand their traits.


Here are some of them.


They want to have a good tan.


This is surely not a surprising trait for the locals of the United Kingdom. It is common knowledge that the country usually has cloudy skies and bouts of rain. The sun does not really shine that much as compared to other parts of the world. With that, one can expect that the locals would be having a pale complexion. This makes them want to have a good tan. Oftentimes, many would go out and do sunbathing during the rare times that the sun decides to show itself. If not, they would choose to go to a tropical place for a vacation or make do with spray tans.


They are proud of their country.


It is not a secret that the Brits are very proud of their country. Who wouldn’t? The United Kingdom has one of the richest cultures in the world that has been kept intact throughout the years. It is also home to the very popular British royal family as well as the place of origin of The Beatles, among many other things.


They may not say what they really mean.


Immigrants who have chosen to live in the UK may have to really learn how the locals communicate. One of their interesting yet confusing traits is that they may not really say what they actually mean. It can be a form of sarcasm and it is engrained in their culture. That is why knowing how this works may take some practice but it sure is worth it in the end.




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Friday, January 28, 2022

Immigration Plans For 2022 to 2024 Will Be Announced By Canada This February

It is not a secret that Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world for those who are looking to become immigrants. These individuals know that becoming an immigrant in Canada is not something that they can do overnight. A lot of work has to be put into it and it takes time for things to be processed. That is why many of these potential immigrants work hard to ensure that once they are able to find the best route to make it to Canada, they are already prepared with all of the requirements.


The government of Canada announces its plans on immigration on a regular basis or when there are new pathways to the country. That is why the Canadian government recently stated that it would soon be announcing the new Immigration Levels Plan for 2022 until 2024. This is something that many people around the world are looking forward to as it would mean having to align their own personal plans of becoming immigrants according to the country’s plans.


What’s in the Immigration Levels Plan?


The Immigration Levels Plan of Canada is a detailed one that shows what are the targets for immigration of the country for this year as well as for the next two years. It also includes the total amount of new immigrants that Canada is targeting to welcome through its different class programs which include humanitarian, family, and economic. These would be according to what the country needs for the various class programs and what immigrants they are targeting.


The Immigration Levels Plan for 2021 until 2023 has the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada targeting to bring in 411,000 new individuals as permanent residents of Canada for 2022. These current plans have worked as the country was able to land the 401,000 new immigrants that it has targeted for 2021. In fact, that number is considered to be the biggest number in Canadian immigration history. It is quite a great achievement for Canada to achieve such a number as the pandemic is still around and it is creating a number of hurdles for these plans to be achieved.


The numbers that are targeted


The current immigration plan is aiming at bringing in 241,500 new immigrants under the economic class and that is for this year. This would be done through a variety of pathways that the country has. This number covers around 59% of the entire target for immigration of Canada. Aside from that, the country is also targeting 103,500 immigrants through the family class via two of its programs. This number covers 26% of the immigration target. The remaining 15% which amounts to 66,000 new immigrants would be via the humanitarian class.




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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Why Do Immigrant Students Choose To Study In The United States of America?

Thousands and thousands of individuals from all around the world are looking for universities and colleges that they can have further studies in. Most of them would choose to go to the best educational institution as they believe that it is the right investment for their future. Plenty of potential immigrant students work hard to be able to make it to the country of their choice for their education. Among the many countries that are popular when it comes to further studies is the United States of America.


Each year, the USA becomes the home to many immigrant students who come from various countries around the world. These students choose to have their education in this country not just because it is one of the most popular countries in the world but because it is the home to some of the most famous educational institutions in the entire globe. Ask immigrant students in the USA and they would give a good number of reasons why they choose to study in this country.


Academic excellence


Some of the most popular and best universities and colleges in the world can be found in the USA. They are not only the best because they are popular but also because they have consistently made it to the top of the ranks in terms of the world university rankings. Educational institutions in the USA have really high academic standards as well as have the best practices to ensure that the quality of education is kept and maintained.


A flexible system of education


Another factor that makes the USA a top option for many immigrant students is because universities and colleges in the country have a huge amount of programs and courses for students to choose from. Students have the freedom to choose not only the course content but they can also choose the course structure. This helps them explore their interest more and focus on the things that they want or need.


Students get an excellent support system


Universities and colleges in the USA know the difficulties that immigrant students face. To help them, the universities and colleges have orientation programs as well as trainings and workshops that greatly help these students.


Cultural diversity


Known as the melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and races, the United States of America has a really diverse environment. This ensures immigrant students that they would be accepted and welcomed there. Discrimination will not be on the menu and they can focus better on their studies.


A vibrant life on campus


Most of the educational institutions in the country reflect the way of life that is purely American. Immigrant students can attest to the fact that studying in one of these institutions allowed them to experience the American way of life and be exposed to new cultural experiences.




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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

What’s With The Chevron Skink That Makes It Interesting For The Locals And Immigrants In New Zealand?

While many people are familiar with the usual animals like dogs and cats and elephants and giraffes, the world is such a wonderful and huge place that people still have yet to encounter a lot more animals in their lifetime. There are countries in the world that are home to some of the most unique animals in the world. There are also countries that serve as home to some endangered species. New Zealand is definitely one of those countries and immigrants who have chosen to live here are in for a treat as they can meet and encounter some of the most unique animals that the world has to offer.


One of the many amazing animals that can be found in this country is the Chevron skink. They are lizards and they have found New Zealand as their home. No other country in the world has the Chevron skink. Learn more about this lizard here.


What are the Chevron skinks?


Chevron skinks are lizards and in New Zealand, they can be found only on the Little Barrier Island and the Great Barrier Island. They are quite secretive and would choose to stay away from humans and other animals. They are so secretive that it is said that sightings of these lizards are quite rare. Around 500 sightings have been recorded so far since it has been discovered back in 1906. They are also known to be the longest lizards in the entire country.


These lizards are also categorized as nationally vulnerable by the country.


Its origins


The Chevron skink is a part of the Oligosoma genus, and most of the members of this genus are also found in New Zealand. This lizard’s scientific name actually is Oligosoma homalonotum. It belongs to the homalonotum species and that name means that it has a smooth back.


The locals of New Zealand call the Chevron skink as Niho Taniwha which actually translates to “teeth of the Taniwha”. This is actually a nod towards the very distinct markings on the back of the lizard which are V in shape. They are like chevron patterns, which also give it its English name.


Facts about this lizard


Known as the longest lizard of New Zealand, Chevon skinks can actually grow to more than 30cm and that is measured from its nose to the very tip of its tail. There are also dark bands that extend downwards right on its face. There is also a teardrop shape that is pale and distinctive between the two bands. These are distinctive and unique patterns that can be found only on Chevron skinks and these are identifying marks that allow people to recognize one. These lizards can make noises and would squeak or grunt if they are disturbed.




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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Talking Like The Locals Do: Some Slang Used In The United Kingdom Which Immigrants Need To Learn

To know how the locals talk and communicate is something that a lot of immigrants deal with when they are new in the country that they have chosen to live in. This is most especially true when they have chosen to live in a country that does not speak a language that they are familiar with. However, in English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, immigrants still need to learn how to communicate with the locals as the locals usually use slang.


Yes, slang is what can make things a wee bit difficult for people who are new in the country. These may sound English but they can actually mean something totally different. There is nothing to worry about though as this slang can be easily learned. Using slang in real life is also not going to be difficult especially if these are used frequently.


So what slang is usually used in the UK? Here are some.




For most people, especially women, the term ‘pear-shaped’ may be something that they would think would be about a body type. However, in the United Kingdom, this term is used to mean something that did not go as had been planned.


Daniel was sorely disappointed when his plans for the entire day had gone pear-shaped.


Piece of cake


This term is used not to mean having a piece of that delicious cake. It is actually meant that something is quite easy.


Scott was really nervous during the entire time that the exam was about to start because he felt that he had not studied enough. He was quite surprised though that it was a piece of cake.




This is a term used to mean ‘stealing’. It can also be used to mean that someone has bought something with a really big discount.


Simon has been eyeing that big plasma TV for a long time already. It was a good thing that after months of waiting it out, he was able to pinch it during the Black Friday sale.




When used in US English, this term actually means angry or quite annoyed. However, in the UK, this term actually means that a person is really blind drunk.


How I was able to get home last night is something that would be a mystery to me. I was really pissed after that night out with friends.




This is a term that is used in the UK to mean that someone is really quite drunk.


For years, Shiela has not had any alcohol. Last night, she took one drink too far and ended up plastered.




This is a term that is used to refer to any person who is not telling the truth and spreading lies.


I don’t know how she lives her life telling porkies everywhere. How can she sleep well at night?




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Monday, January 24, 2022

New Immigration Record Set By Nova Scotia, Canada In 2021

Among the many countries in the world, Canada has been a very popular choice of many people around the world who are looking to become immigrants in a new country. This is because Canada is quite known to be very open to immigrants and has been bringing in and accepting thousands and thousands of immigrants each year for the past good number of years. It just shows just how open and welcoming the country is of newcomers and that is something that has caught the attention of potential immigrants.


However, many new immigrants choose to stay only in big cities that are quite popular. Some provinces do not get enough traction and that is why these provinces do their best to ensure that they also attract new immigrants to their place. One of the successful provinces in bringing in new immigrants to their place is Nova Scotia and these newcomers have helped make a new record in immigration in the province. Yes, Nova Scotia set a new immigration record in 2021.


The immigrants who joined Nova Scotia


According to the local government of Nova Scotia, the province was able to bring in a good amount of new immigrants who were professionals in various sectors. These sectors include transportation, trades, hospitality, education, and healthcare. And with the number of new immigrants that joined this province in Canada in 2021, a new record has been set for immigration.


Jill Balser, the immigration minister of the province, said that the province is growing at a rapid rate and with that comes planned growth. With such growth, many opportunities are also opening up, and even the locals are not able to fulfill those open jobs. With the help of immigrants who are professionals in their own sectors, these open jobs may soon be filled up. Canadians have long understood the big help that immigrants bring to help out with fueling the economy. These newcomers may also open new business ventures which would also mean opening new jobs for everyone. Immigrants also help out with filling in any gaps in the labor market. This is why Balser also mentioned that the province is doing the best that it can to ensure that these newcomers remain in the province.


The numbers for Nova Scotia


From January to October of 2021, Nova Scotia was able to welcome a total of 6,170 new individuals who were awarded permanent residence visas. This number is higher by 105.7% as compared to the same period in 2020. The final numbers for immigration for this province in Canada in 2021 are not complete yet but the immigration officials are positive that the final numbers are going to be really good. They are also expecting that the number would be higher as compared to the 7,580 new individuals that the province welcomed back in 2019.




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Friday, January 21, 2022

Over 1,000 Immigrants In New Zealand Became Its Residents A Few Days Before Christmas

For people who have become immigrants in a country and are aiming at becoming residents there, the best Christmas gift that they could get would be that change in status. And this happened to over 1,000 individuals who were immigrants in New Zealand. A few days before Christmas last year, these individuals were granted their residency and it sure was a very merry Christmas for all of them.


According to the Immigration New Zealand (which is also known as the INZ), over 1,000 individuals were able to get their residence through the 2021 Resident Visa category which was a new one. The applications for phase one of this category just opened on the first day of December last year. Those who were qualified sent in their applications and INZ processed them. And come December 22nd, these individuals were then granted their residence and they surely were quite happy at this early Christmas gift from New Zealand.


How it happened


On December 22, 2021, there were 1,057 individuals who were granted their residence visa. These people were very happy was it was like an early Christmas gift that they received after working hard to ensure that they were able to get this. The INZ also shared that soon enough, another 500 individuals would be getting their residence visas as well.


Geoff Scott is the General Manager of the INZ and he said that this sure has been great news for all of those individuals who became residents of New Zealand, right before Christmas. On this development, he has mentioned that a good amount of these individuals have actually been waiting for so long already just to become residents of New Zealand. That is why to actually witness and see them receiving this visa is really heartwarming. He also mentioned that to see things move quickly right after their application for the 2021 Resident Visa is a really good thing to experience. He also continued that the new category is really spot on in terms of its quick delivery.


Processing the applications


The INZ received 11,697 total applications for the Resident Visa. The agency mentioned that this amount is actually bigger by 80% of what has been expected for the phase one applications. This just shows just how many immigrants living in the New Zealand are really focused and interested in becoming residents of the country. Scott also mentioned that right from the very start, the INZ has been committed to ensuring that the applications are processed at the soonest time possible and what is happening right now is proof that they are really able to deliver. The INZ will also continue the momentum and work on all the applications as soon as possible, especially with phase two opening in March.




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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Getting Some Drinks And Food At The Butcher’s Tap: An Activity Immigrants And Locals Of The United Kingdom Enjoy

For a lot of people who are living in the United Kingdom, there are certain shops or places that they prefer to still have around. Many of the locals are looking for great quality butcher shops where they can get the freshest and best meat around. They are also looking for pubs that are still traditional in their own way as there may be plenty of pubs in the United Kingdom but these are more modern in their own way. Immigrants who have been in the country for so long already know how the locals actually feel about these two shops.


Tom Kerridge, a well-known chef in the UK, decided that it was time to do something about this. And so what he created was a place where people in the country can have both a butcher’s shop and a traditional pub in just one place. Yes, it surely is an interesting idea that became quite a popular spot for many people in the country. After all, it is not every day that one gets to find a place that offers two shops. Kerridge named the place The Butcher’s Tap and it is aptly fitting.


The butcher’s shop


When one decides to visit this pub/butcher’s shop in the UK, one would be able to see the butcher’s shop right there. One of the many meats that are offered here would include the slabs of Hereford-cross Aberdeen Angus and these have been drying and aging by the shop’s windows. The walls also have been decorated with mincers made of cast-iron that really gives that beautiful feel of a legit butcher’s shop. The shop also has a chiller where the chicken is kept. Aside from that, there also is game as well as sausages that were made in-house. The shop also offers cheek and flank of ox as well as other cuts. All of these are sourced locally which is a good thing as it helps the local economy and local suppliers and farmers.


The traditional pub


Right where the butcher’s shop is, is the pub. It has a TV with sports playing on it. The pub also offers local beers and draught beers. The pub also has a simple menu but the dishes are surely amazing. People in the UK who visit are drawn towards the blazing hotdog that is served with pulled pork. The menu also offers pickled chillies as well as hot sausage rolls. These are the ones that are often sold out. The menu also has evening specials which usually include stuffed Yorkshire pudding, Irish stew, and pork ribs.


Many who have visited the shop usually find themselves coming back again because of how comfortable and nice the place is. Plus, they get to have the fresh and local meat that they want after having some delicious food and some beer there.




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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New Immigration Program Created By Alberta Should Help Bring In Tech Workers To Canada

Another immigration program has been created in Canada and this one has been designed to help bring in the needed immigrant tech workers to Alberta. With Canada being one of the countries in the world that is on top when it comes to tech businesses, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are in need of tech workers. And should there be a need for more and the labor market in the country is not able to provide all of them, immigration programs like this new one should help with bringing them in.


This is definitely good news for a lot of potential immigrants around the world who are looking for a route that would take them to Canada. Tech workers around the world who may be searching for better opportunities have been eyeing Canada as a great country to move to as immigrants as the country is now known as the newest Silicon Valley with many tech companies setting up shop there.


The route for tech workers


The new route for immigrant tech workers is known as the Accelerated Tech Pathway and it was announced just last January 13 by Tyler Shandro, the immigration minister of Alberta. This province in Canada has already started accepting any applications for this since December last year. Tech professionals who have been planning on moving to Canada have been more than happy to learn about this and work on their applications to make it to the country.


Shandro also shared that with the new route for tech immigrants, immigrant tech professionals who have made it to the country actually can become permanent residents in Canada in a shorter time. In fact, they can become permanent residents in just six months as long as they have a job offer for an occupation that is in demand in the tech industry in the country. This has gotten a lot of interested individuals around the world to be really quite excited about the possibilities.


Tech companies in Alberta


Canada is home to thousands and thousands of tech companies. And it is interesting to note that in Alberta, there are over 3,000 of these companies. The tech sector in this province in Canada has grown by 233% since 2012. Perhaps because of the huge number of tech companies in the country, there is a higher demand for more tech workers, and there is definitely not enough talent in the country to fulfill all of those needs. That is why having an immigration program that would bring in the needed tech workers is now what Alberta has done to help out the tech companies. Some of the in-demand workers in the province right now are workers who are experts in technical knowledge and skills, as well as those who would be doing sales.




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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The City Of Bath, Its Roman Baths, And How It Amazes For Locals And Immigrants In The United Kingdom

Many people have wanderlust. This means that they have this really strong desire to go out and travel and explore. For some, they want to explore the world and learn more about the people and everything else that is on this planet. However, not all have the resources to do so. But that does not mean that they cannot go out and give in to their wanderlust. For most people, being able to go around in the country that they are living in is more than enough already. The locals and immigrants living in the United Kingdom can definitely attest to this.


It is also interesting to note that these people who wish to go out and explore have different preferences. Some would like to go out and enjoy the sun. Others love learning so they would go and explore museums and such. And then there are also those people who choose to go to cities. And one of the favorite cities to explore in the UK is Bath.


Where is Bath?


This city in the United Kingdom is unlike the popular cities that people are quite familiar with - like New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Las Vegas. Bath is a city but it is small but despite its size, it is surely one of the most amazing places to visit. It is beautiful and quite remarkable and can be found in Somerset. It is proud to have a good amount of tourist spots that people can visit any time of the year.


What is in Bath?


One of the famous spots in this city in the UK is something that has been around for 2,000 years and is known as the Roman Baths. It is a magnificent spot and the baths have been built around the hot springs in the city. Many people really enjoy this place because of the history that it holds and just how amazing it is to actually be in the presence of something that has been around for that long.


Aside from that, the city is also home to Georgian Townhouses that are quite famous for their honey color. These can be found right on the Royal Crescent. Other places to see include the beautiful countryside, the Avon Valley, and the Mendip Hills.


There is also a good number of buildings in this city in the United Kingdom that are said to be important historically or architecturally. It is said that around 500 of the buildings in the city of Bath are included in those important ones. This is why Bath has been given a status as a World Heritage site. This accolade has made the city become popular among a lot of locals, immigrants, and travelers.




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Monday, January 17, 2022

Lingo Used In Canada Which Are Often Used By The Locals And Should Be Learned By Immigrants

How the locals talk is something that immigrants should learn. And this goes true for just about any other country out there. While English-speaking countries like Canada can make immigrants be really confident knowing that they already know the language, it is still important for these newcomers to know the lingo used in the country. Yes, the lingo is used in just about any country out there and it is something that immigrants should learn.


It is important to keep in mind that while most people in Canada use the English language to converse or communicate, using slang is something that is ingrained in the culture. It is something that they use on a daily basis and will sound English. However, newcomers may have a hard time understanding things when slang is used as these can mean different things. Becoming familiar with some of the slang can help a lot.


Here are some of the slang often used in the country which can be a big help for newcomers to the country.




This is not a place, if used as slang in Canada. Chesterfield actually means a couch or a sofa.


Jon was picking a good Chesterfield with his new wife. He said that he is in charge of picking this furniture because he had to make sure that he was comfortable sleeping there. You know, in case they get in a fight and he had to sleep somewhere other than their bedroom.




A toque is a piece of clothing and it is used to mean a beanie or a hat used in winter or during colder weather.


The weather was biting cold and Emma just didn’t have her toque with her. She was lucky her friend had an extra toque in the car.




This slang actually is something that is used mainly in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is used to mean a hoodie or a sweater.


Melissa wasn’t feeling quite well today so she decided to don a bunnyhug to keep her warm and comfortable the entire day.


Nize it


This term is actually quite popularly used in the area of Toronto but it can be used in other parts of Canada as well. It is meant to tell a person that they should stop talking or just be quiet. It is pronounced just like ‘nice’ but has a ‘z’ instead which gives it its meaning.


The kids were quite unruly in Angelina’s class. She tried to be more understanding as it was the first day of the week and the kids probably missed each other. But her patience was running thin that day so she decided to tell the class to nize it or else.




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Friday, January 14, 2022

Refreshing Drinks In New Zealand Which Immigrants And Locals Get To Enjoy

To have a refreshing drink (or even more) after doing hard work or during a really hot day can be a really good idea. This is what many people do. After all, there is something beautiful about having a beverage or even sharing it with friends or family. Many people around the world, including those living in New Zealand, do this to while away the time or just to share quality time with loved ones. Immigrants who may be having a hard time adjusting to life in New Zealand and feeling really homesick can go out and spend time outside their house and enjoy the country while having some beverages.


It is a good thing that New Zealand is home to plenty of beverage options. People in the country can choose which one they fancy at the moment. There are alcoholic beverages and there are non-alcoholic ones. It is up to them to choose which one is the best one for them at the moment.


What are some of the best refreshing drinks that people can find in New Zealand? Well, here they are.


Flat white


This is coffee culture in New Zealand. It is said to be a failed cappuccino but, despite this, became such a beautiful and delicious beverage that is loved and a favorite of many people in the country. It is made with a double shot of espresso and then some thick and quite silky milk is added to create a thin layer of foam on the top. It is not as milky as a latte but it sure has a lot less foam than a cappuccino.


Lemon & Paeroa Aka L&P


Those who may have a liking for fizzy drinks and lemon flavor would definitely love this beverage. This is made right in New Zealand. It celebrated its 50 years of being in the market in 2018 and it sure has proven just how much of a favorite it has been by the people in the country.


Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc


People who have a liking for wines should really love this beverage. It is one of the most popular wines that is produced in New Zealand. It is made from a variety of white wine grape. This sauvignon is made to have pungent flavors that are also grassy and this has become a distinct characteristic of this drink. It is good to drink with green vegetables, dishes that use a lot of herbs, grilled fish, and salads.


Lewis Road Creamery Flavoured Milk


This flavored milk in New Zealand was first offered to have the chocolate flavor and on the first day that it was released in the market, it immediately sold out. Soon, there were new flavors offered which include strawberry, Irish coffee, and double caramel milk.




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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Immigration Rules In The United Kingdom May Be Eased To Help Bring In Care Workers

Care workers may not have been given that much attention in previous years but because of this pandemic, the need for such professionals has definitely been highlighted. This is the reality in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom. These professionals are really essential nowadays especially with the pandemic still continuing to create chaos. They help care for those who need such services and they ensure that patients are given proper attention and assistance.


One of the things that the pandemic has exposed though in countries like the United Kingdom is the gap in the workforce. In the case of this country in Europe, the gaps in the workforce include those for care workers. This is according to data from the UK government, which showed that the country needs more care workers, amounting to thousands of them. This is as an effect of having over 40,000 workers in the social care sector leaving just in the past half year.


Recruiting the needed care workers


The government of the UK is doing the best that it can to ensure that the country has all the needed care workers to help out. One of the main things that the government is doing is relaxing the immigration rules and this is done not for all but only for care workers, home care workers, and care assistants, who are the professionals that are included in the list of occupation shortages in the United Kingdom. By doing so, the country can attract and bring in easily all of those professionals who do essential work, especially in this pandemic.


As per the country’s Department of Health and Social Care, challenges in the labor force, especially for care workers, had shown up because of the pandemic. That is why the UK government ensured that the limitations on bringing in the needed care workers would be eased as the care sector in the United Kingdom had been having severe difficulties.


Care workers who can qualify


It is important to note that not all care workers are qualified to make it to the country. The UK still has some rules and requirements for them to make it to the country. Care workers should have a health and care visa which has to be for 12 months. They should also be receiving at least £20,480 as their annual salary. The United Kingdom government also would allow these care workers to bring with them their dependents which could include their children and their partner. These are the changes that the UK has done to the health and care visa, and the government believes that it will help boost the care labor force and help lessen any pressures that the care sector in the country is experiencing.




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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

55,000 New Jobs Added In Canada In December 2021, Immigrants And Locals Happy About This

It does seem like the entire world suffered when the pandemic hit early in 2021. Countries had to place restrictions and have people do social distancing to ensure that the virus does not spread as people can get it from close contacts. With that, businesses had to close down - some temporarily, while others had to close down for good. It was not a good thing and this meant that many people became jobless in the midst of a crisis. Some immigrants who were supposed to move to Canada had to postpone their plans as non-essential travel was not allowed. Governments were quick on their toes to do what they can to get everything back to normal and Canada is no exception.


The hard work that the government of Canada has done from the onset of the pandemic has been helping a lot. Nowadays, things are almost near normal in the country. And one of the amazing signs that things are good is that job opportunities in Canada went up with 55,000 new ones added.


In the midst of a new variant


The novel coronavirus which has caused the pandemic has been mutating and the newest one is known as the Omicron variant. This has been creating a lot of chaos once again as the number of cases is rising since this strain is said to be more contagious. However, before the number went up, Canada has been able to add a good amount of new jobs that would be quite beneficial not only for the locals but also for the immigrants living there as well. The data came from the Labour Force Survey done by Statistics Canada from December 5 to 11, 2021.


During the time that the survey was done, there were more people who were already working full-time. There was a growth in employment and most of this happened in Ontario. The most gains that happened in the growth in employment were in the education and construction industries. Many people living in Canada were able to benefit from this as it meant being able to have a job despite the pandemic.


Bringing immigration rates up


While many people do not necessarily see the connection between immigration and jobs, Canada should be a good example of this. Immigrants help out countries like Canada in many ways than just simply bringing the population up. This group also helps out with the economy by providing their services and skills to businesses in the country. They also help out by being investors of new businesses or purchasing existing ones. That is why bringing up the immigration rates is highly helpful to Canada and its economy. It helps create new jobs and amazing opportunities in the country.




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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Clothes, Titles, And Business Cards: A Short Guide For Immigrants In The United Kingdom

There are some things that people really do not give too much attention to especially if it is something that they have been used to dealing with on a daily basis or since birth. A good example of this would be food. People living in India may be used to eating spicy foods because that is what they have grown up with and they really do not take that much notice of it until something changes. And this is why immigrants should really try and learn more about the country that they would be moving to. In the case of people who have chosen to move to the United Kingdom, many have been quite surprised to find out that there are still some customs and traditions that they need to learn about the country despite the UK being quite known all around the world.


Three things that immigrants in the UK might want to learn about would be clothes, titles, and business cards. Immigrants who may be new in the country or those who are just on their way to the country may want to learn about these.




Things may have changed in the past years or so, however, there are still some instances when professionals are still expected to dress smart. This goes true especially for businesses that are still on the conservative side. Dresses must be simple. Women can also have trousers on along with a smart blouse and a jacket on top. It is all about dressing neatly and smartly.




Formal titles for professions are used in the UnitedKingdom. Aside from this, to be polite, men are addressed with a “Mr.” while women who are married are addressed with a “Mrs.” and a “Ms.” for those who are still single. When doing business, these titles are usually used. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that there are also some workplaces that do not really expect people to do this. The more conservative ones do. That is why to be on the safe side, it is best to use these titles unless told not to.


Business cards


Business cards are really important especially when doing transactions with other people in the United Kingdom. People usually hand out business cards after a meeting. There is really no fancy process or ceremony on how to hand out business cards in the country. Casually handing them over is okay. Some people are usually surprised though when they see other people writing on the business card. This is not an unusual thing especially if the person who received the business card may want to jot down some notes or some reminders to themselves about the person who gave them the card.




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