Thursday, July 30, 2020

Ministers See Immigration As A Vital factor In The Recovery Of Canada’s Economy In The Midst Of The Pandemic

Canada is one of the few countries around the world that is very open and welcoming of immigrants and has made immigration a priority. With its beautiful sceneries, modernized developments, a lot of job opportunities, open culture, and acceptance of immigrants, it is not surprising why many individuals from all corners of the globe are wishing and planning of making it to Canada sooner or later. The country has been putting a lot of importance on immigration and has been bringing in a huge number of newcomers each year. However, because of the pandemic brought about by the coronavirus and the need to limit the movement to help stop the virus from spreading, immigration in Canada had to be put to a halt.

Recently, a number of ministers of the country have been looking at the situation of the country in terms of immigration and their recent analysis has shown that the country should be focusing on immigration even more if it wishes to recover from the losses that it has incurred because of the pandemic. This is definitely a reflection of just how important immigration is to Canada.

Recognizing the importance of immigrants

Ministers who were handling federal, territorial, and provincial areas had a meeting recently and they had a discussion about immigration and how the country can bring in more new people. They also discussed and worked on potential plans for the coming years with regard to immigration. They were able to put together a plan known as the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Strategic Plan for Immigration and it would be for 2020 until 2023. The plan focuses on recognizing the contributions that new immigrants bring to Canada and how they help build communities and make them become vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous.

Marco EL Mendicino, the current Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, has mentioned that immigration has been a huge help in bringing supplies of food, health, and fuel within the country. He also said that immigration is definitely a huge key when it comes to recovering from the economic repercussions brought about by the pandemic. Canada will continue on opening its doors to new immigrants to help have a nation that is strong, diverse, and prosperous.

The vital immigrants

There are immigrants that are deemed important by Canada and these are the immigrant students and the immigrant skilled workers. These two types of immigrants have been contributing greatly in boosting the economy of the country so bringing them in would definitely be helping the economy and the communities. This is not going to be a short-term solution but it will definitely be for the long run. It will be a challenge right now because of the pandemic but with how Canada has been handling things, it may soon be reopening its doors for immigrants soon enough.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kiwi Birds, Sea Lions, And Yellow-Eyed Penguins: Animals In New Zealand That Immigrants Need To Learn About

Aside from the beautiful flora that an immigrant can enjoy in the new country that he is living in, there are also animals that are worth knowing. In the case of New Zealand, the country is known for having pristine nature and so one can definitely expect that there would be animals here that should be given proper appreciation. There are places in the country where one can visit and learn more about these animals and that should be something that immigrants should experience at least once in their lives.

So what are the animals in New Zealand that immigrants should learn about? Well, there are plenty of them in the country. However, here are three of them.

Kiwi bird

This is most probably the most famous bird in New Zealand. Any list of animals in the country will definitely be never complete if this is not included. This is spelled using small letters because kiwis are birds and Kiwis (a proper noun) refer to the locals of the country.

So what is the kiwi bird? Well, this animal is a small bird. It cannot fly and its lifespan is from 25 to 50 years. Its feathers are like hair and that is quite different for a bird. It has really strong legs though it does not have a tail. There are around five different types of kiwi in New Zealand. It has a really strong presence in the country’s culture. The natives of the country are also doing their very best to make sure that this beautiful bird does not go extinct.

Sea lion

The sea lions in New Zealand that are native to the area used to thrive along the entire coast of the country and this is according to archaeological information. They could also be found on the North Island, on Stewart Island, and on the islands of the sub-antarctic. However, there has been a decrease in their population and so most of them can now only be found on the Otago region as well as in the Southland region. There are still some of them on the sub-antarctic islands.

The male sea lions of the country have a much darker color as compared to the females. They usually live up to 25 years.

Yellow-eyed penguins

The yellow-eyed penguins of New Zealand are also known as hoiho and they are also known for being one of the rarest of their species in the entire world. There has been a huge decrease in their population and in their nests and this change is said to be because of humans and how they have been interfering with the natural habitats of these animals. It is best for people to keep a distance from the hoihos to ensure their safety. They can be usually found in and around the areas of Stewart Island, and the Banks Peninsula of the South Island which is near Christchurch.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Cotswolds: A Beautiful And Idyllic Spot In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Visit

When a person is an immigrant and he just arrived in a new place, one of the very first things to do would most possibly be to explore the place that he is in. It allows him to know how to get in and about the new place that he would be living in. This is the reality for all immigrants around the world since they are all new in the country and in the community. This is also the case for all immigrants in the United Kingdom.

The immigrants who are in the UK are in for a treat because the country still has a whole world of culture still preserved there. This would allow immigrants the chance to explore a beautiful place to explore. They have a lot of options and trips and travel that is worth taking. One of these beautiful spots in the United Kingdom that immigrants need to visit would be Cotswolds.

Where is Cotswolds?

Cotswolds is a really beautiful spot in the UK. It has around 1,287 sq. km. of countryside that would just make people feel relaxed and feel all the stress go away in just an instant. This place is also known to be one of the places in the country that have been photographed a lot because of its very natural beauty.

To get there, a person has to take a trip to the west of London. Cotswolds can be found near other tourist spots that include Bristol and Bath. Cotswolds is also very near to other counties that are worth visiting in the UK and these include Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Warsickshire, Somerset, and Oxfordshire.

What can people do in Cotswolds?

Cotswolds has been a popular place for many immigrants, locals, and tourists. This is the best place to go to for people who really wish to experience the real rural life of the Brits. The place offers people the chance to explore the numerous greens in the villages that are quite quaint. There are also pasturelands that are quite so idyllic.

People who visit this beautiful place in the United Kingdom are also able to take the trail network known to be quite extensive. One of these trails is the Cotswolds Way which is 16 kilometers in length. Those who visit this spot can enjoy riding on horses or they can also go biking should they choose to. There are also market towns that are popular among visitors who wish to learn more history about the place.

Aside from just visiting Cotswolds, the nearby areas also offer beautiful spots to visit and this includes the Lake District National Park where one can find some of the biggest lakes in the country and offers a number of activities to try out.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

The Roles Of People In Canada That Immigrants Need To Be Familiar With

Canada is one of the popular countries in the world which potential immigrants have been eyeing to move to. They would make sure that they are able to meet all the requirements that the government of Canada has set in place for those who wish to apply. And many of these interested people are able to make it to the country after working on all of the requirements. With Canada being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it is not surprising that many people wish and do everything to make it there.

For those who are going to move to the country, it is important that they understand things about the country. This would help them understand how things go about there and how to be able to adapt better. When an immigrant is knowledgeable about the new place, it would allow him to focus on other things rather than spending time still trying to understand everything. Knowing a little is always going to be better than not knowing anything at all. One of the things that immigrants in the country should know would be the roles that people play in the country and in their culture.

Hierarchy is not that important

While there are a lot of countries where the hierarchy of people is a priority, this is not the case in this egalitarian country known as Canada. Hierarchy will be there but it is not of high importance in daily living.

The locals are known to have strong personalities in their own ways and they are not that happy if they have to change their behavior a lot or their personality so that they would be able to please other people. The locals of the country see aggressive conformity as something that is not necessary and they may see it as a phony move.

Children and speaking

The children in Canada these modern times are allowed to be outspoken and they are also allowed to be independent even if they are still young. They are allowed to talk with the adults and that includes their own parents or their teachers. Of course, this has to be done with the same kind of respect that they do when talking with their friends. The children can talk to adults casually.

The workplace and speaking

In the workplace, talking casually is also allowed. Employees and employers can speak to each other casually as long as respect is maintained. Most people in the country believe that being able to do that would be a good way to have a workplace that is friendly for everyone. The culture in Canada is that in the workplace, if people are able to interact with each other as if they were all standing on level ground, it would be a good thing. This is practiced widely in the entire country.

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Religion In Germany: A Quick Overview For Immigrants In The Country

While there are people who do not really give much time for religion and beliefs, there are people who are big on this. Religion is just like the weather – it is something that will always be there and there will always be people who may be big on this or who may have their beliefs but are not too open about it. That is why it is highly recommended that people who are choosing to become immigrants in Germany should learn about the religion in the country so that they can be prepared and be knowledgeable about the place that they would be living in. Religion and beliefs will always be around and it is something that one can easily avoid.

So what are the religions that are being practiced in Germany? Is there something about the religion/s in the country that immigrants should be aware of? Well, read on and find out to get a quick overview of how things go in the country.

The major religions in Germany

More than half of the people who are living in Germany have disclosed that they are Christians. This group makes up around 65% to 70% of the entire population. Of this group, 29% of them have shared that they are Catholics. 4.4% of the population of the country has disclosed to be Muslims. Around 36% of the people living in the country have not identified with any religion or not belonging to any religion or belief. A study has also shown that people who are non-religious, which includes those who are agnostics and who are atheists, have become a majority in a number of the huge cities in Germany. These cities include Hamburg and Berlin.
  • Christianity in Germany comprises a huge portion of the population. There are different sectors though when it comes to Christianity.
  • Protestantism – Includes the Evangelical Church in Germany, Baptists, Pentecostals, Bund Freier evangelischer Gemeinden, Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church, and Evangelical Lutheran Free Church among many others.
  • Catholicism – Includes the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, Old Catholic Church, and Maronite Church Catholics.
  • Orthodox Christianity and Nestorianism – Includes the Coptic Orthodox Monastery of St. Antonious, Eastern Orthodox Churches, Greek Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy of Western Europe, Serbian Orthodox Church, Romanian Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchate, Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, Coptic Orthodox Church, and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Other religions in Germany

Immigrants in Germany may think that Christianity and Muslims and non-religions are the only religions or beliefs in the country. However, that is not true. There are other religions being practiced in the country as well but they are not so known because they are minorities. The list includes Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Yazidism, Baha'i Faith, Neopaganism, and Sekten.

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Canada’s Population Growth May Get Help From Immigration

The population is a huge factor when it comes to making sure that a country is competitive in terms of making it big in the global economy. And according to a recent study done, Canada would have to make sure that it continuously gives importance to immigration and make it a priority if it wants to keep its rank in the top part of the global economy. By working on immigration at present, it would be helping the country’s economy right until the end of this century.

Canada has long been reliant on immigration to help bring up the low population. It has a huge land area but a low birth rate. The population is also aging and so the number of people in the labor market has also been going down. That is why the government of the country has been doing its best to lure and retain immigrants in its territory via various routes. These immigrants can help bring up the average age, boost the birth rate, and be an addition to the labor market.

The study that was done

The study that was done showed that there may be a decline in the population around the world by the late part of the 21st century. It also continued to show that in 2064, the population of the whole world would be at its peak at around 9.73 billion. However, the population would start to go down to up to 8.79 billion come 2100.

The researchers who did the study have also seen that the population of Canada would be peaking at around 45.2 million by 2078. It would also then start to go down by 44.1 million by 2100. These numbers though are said to be a conservative estimate as compared to another research that has been done back in 2018 which said that the population in Canada would be around 45 million in 2040 if the immigration rate in the country is able to reach at least 1% of the population for each year. The growth of the population would also be quite independent on the immigration levels in the country by 2030.

The current situation in Canada

A significant portion of the growth in population in Canada is because of immigration. Last year, around 82% of the growth of the population in the country was because of immigrants arriving in the country. The remaining 18% of the of the growth was because of births during that period. Statistics Canada has also mentioned that the growth from births in Canada has been going down with each year so immigration has been the one picking up the slack. This is why the government of the country has been focusing highly on immigration so as to help bring up the population when it has already recognized that growth from births has not been going up for several years already.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Seafood: Food In New Zealand That Immigrants Can Definitely Enjoy

New Zealand is a beautiful country and most of the world knows about this. It is not a secret that this country has been able to keep its nature pristine without sacrificing its economy and its growth. This is one of the reasons why plenty of potential immigrants do their very best to make it to this country and live here. There are not so many countries in the world that can offer a strong economy and beautiful nature in just one place. It can be said that New Zealand has been able to achieve the perfect blend between modern development and nature.

Immigrants who are in the country get to enjoy two worlds in just one place. And because of the wonderful nature that has been kept intact, people living in New Zealand also get to enjoy food that nature is offering. One of these precious foods that immigrants can enjoy is seafood as the country is surrounded by water and has over 14,000 km of coast. Having access to seafood is quite easy.

One of the top seafood spots

Kaikoura is a town in New Zealand and it is one of the famous spots in the country for seafood. Based on the Maori language, the town’s name is made up of two words. Kai is the first word and it means food. The other word is Koura and it means crayfish. With that, one can definitely say that the town is quite known for its seafood.

A visit to Kaikoura would allow immigrants, travelers, and locals to have a grand time having a great time exploring the various shops and restaurants that offer seafood dishes. The highways in the town have a number of places to get a seafood fix. Nin’s Bin is one of the famous places to get seafood. This shop is run by a family from the area and they have been selling good quality crayfish and they have been doing this since 1977. Many locals are really quite happy to show the way towards this place as they usually love feasting here. The place offers a good place for people to enjoy the crayfish that has been lovingly cooked with butter and garlic and they are able to do this while enjoying the beautiful view by the beach.

Other kinds of seafood available

Crayfish is just one of the types of seafood that people can enjoy in New Zealand. People also get to enjoy Queen scallops, snapper, and whitebait. There are also various types of fish available as well as crabs and lobsters and shellfish. It is important to keep in mind that these seafood are caught from the sea and they are all sustainable – there are not farmed and bred for mass production just like in many parts of the world.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

University College London: One Of The Top Colleges In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Attend

Plenty of people around the world are looking for ways to better their lives or their careers. To do that, they would pursue and take further education or look to get educated in one of the top or best universities or colleges that teach the path they have chosen to take. Many of these people would study in their home country while there are others who would venture and go to countries like United Kingdom and become immigrant students to have an edge over other individuals in their home country. After all, it is not every day that a person can afford to leave their home country and study abroad.

The University College London (which is also known as UCL) is one of the educational institutions in the United Kingdom that has been bringing in many immigrant students. The country is home to many universities and the UCL is definitely one of the best in the country.

What is the University College London?

The University College London is actually the very first university in the country that has allowed the enrollment of students from different classes, religions, or races. It was also the very first university in the country that allowed women to enroll and study there while being on equal ground with the males. This is based on the educational philosophy that Jeremy Bentham had and Bentham is the spiritual founder of this educational institution.

The UCL is also quite selective when it comes to admitting students. It makes sure that they filter through the list of potential applicants. The school is also known to be one of the best when it comes to having graduates that are the best and are very employable. This beautiful university has its main campus in Bloomsbury which is in central London.

The education from UCL

Even before admission for undergraduate studies, individuals are required to have good grades which should be As in pretty much all subjects. This is to ensure that the students would be good and that the school would be getting the cream of the crop. It is also known that the programs that are quite competitive in this university in the United Kingdom include politics, philosophy, and economics.

The students of the university

Almost half of the students of the University College London are immigrant students. Most of them are from Asia and the next biggest population are immigrant students from the rest of Europe. This goes to show that the school is one of the best in the country as it has been able to attract the attention of plenty of individuals from outside the country and these immigrant students have worked hard to be able to get into the school.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Almost 1 Million Jobs Created In June In Canada Which Sparked Interest Of Many Potential Immigrants

One of the things that has suffered greatly when the pandemic spread all over the world was the economy. The economy had to take a side step as the health of the people all around the world has been given priority over anything else. This was the case in many countries all around the world which included Canada.

Now that the virus causing the pandemic has been contained in a number of countries already including Canada, restrictions on lockdown have slowly been lifted. With the lifting of such restrictions, the recovery of the economy of Canada has also started to work. Many people in the country have already gone back to work when with the lockdown, only those with essential tasks can do so. There were those who were able to go back to their old jobs with their former employers which some had to look for new ones. But the thing was that people were now able to go back to work and start to heal the economy.

The numbers tell the story

From February until April, there were around 3 million individuals in Canada that did not have jobs because of the lockdown that was enforced to help curb the spread of the virus. Some 2.5 million individuals were also not able to work because of reasons connected to the novel coronavirus pandemic. These are the numbers that Statistics Canada has reported recently.

By May, the country started to reopen and recover from the effects of the lockdown. It was a slow start but it was a start. There were around 290,000 individuals who were then able to go back to work which meant that businesses started to also recover since they were able to have transactions once again. And by June, more and more businesses were able to reopen and so the unemployment numbers have started to go down once again. More and more individuals in Canada were able to have jobs again and the month was able to see 953,000 individuals having jobs again. In total, May and June were months when the country was able to have 1.24 total individuals being employed once again.

More on the report from Statistics Canada

In June, the unemployment rate was already at 12.3% which is definitely lower as compared to a month before which had an unemployment rate at 13.7%. More and more people were also open to having jobs once again by June which had a participation rate from the labor force of 63.8%. As compared to the 65.5% that was recorded in February, this surely is a good sign. This also shows that more and more jobs have been opened once again and created opportunities for people in Canada. This has also piqued the interest of many potential immigrants as the country is faring better at recovering as compared to many other countries.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Wiblingen Abbey: A Beautiful Place In Germany That Immigrants Need To See For Themselves

While a lot of people think that Germany is mainly just about beer and fast trains, well it is not. Germany is home to plenty of beautiful spots that locals, immigrants, and tourists can explore when they have the time to do so. One of these beautiful places that they can visit is Wiblingen Abbey and it is definitely worth a visit.

So what is it about Wiblingen Abbey that is worth the trip? Well, read on and find out.

What is Wiblingen Abbey?

The Wiblingen Abbey actually was used before as a Benedictine abbey. It was built back in 1093 so it has been around for centuries already. What makes it quite famous is its Rococo library which is quite exquisite. Those who venture to this place in Germany can marvel at the beautiful and grandiose columns and statues. There are also ceiling frescos that can leave visitors in awe.

Where is Wiblingen Abbey?

This former abbey was used as a barracks later on, and it can be found on the south of the two rivers Iller and Danube. This is in the city known as Ulm which can be found in Baden-Württemberg, a state in Germany. Those who wish to visit the Wiblingen Abbey can find it in the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, which means that aside from the beautiful abbey, one can still explore its surroundings after.

What is Wiblingen Abbey’s history?

Back in 1093, two counts named Otto and Hartmann von Kirchberg decided to create this beautiful structure. To do this, they worked with the monks who belonged to the St. Blaise’s Abbey which can be found in the lands of the Black Forest which was near the Iller River.

By 1099, the very first parts of the abbey have been built and they were consecrated. The very first abbot who took care of the entire thing was named Werner von Ellerbach. That same year, the counts that founded Wiblingen Abbey then offered the structure a splinter that was part of the Holy Cross. This splinter was something that the founders were able to get when they participated during the First Crusade.

What can one see in Wiblingen Abbey?

The abbey has a library and a church and they can be found in the Northern wing of the Wiblingen Abbey. These places can be visited by locals, immigrants, or tourists in Germany. Those who want to learn more about the place can do so because there are guided tours made available for all of those who are touring the place. The museum of the abbey was opened just in 2006 and it used to be one of the convent’s guest rooms.

The remaining parts of the North wing of Wiblingen Abbey as well as the connecting commercial buildings are currently used by the School for Medical Documentation of the University of Ulm.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Immigrant Students Get Help From Changes Made By Government Of Canada

As per a recent announcement from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), there will be changes in the rules for immigrant students which would help the learners go on with their plans of getting an education in Canada. This is a move from the government of Canada because immigrant students have been bringing in huge contributions economically and socially to the country and that is why despite the pandemic, the country is still doing its best to help get more immigrant students be interested in pursuing education in Canada.

Canada has been one of the top countries in the world which has been a popular destination for immigrant students. That is why it is not surprising that before the pandemic pushed countries into lockdowns, Canada has been able to bring in more than 640,000 immigrant students. If the lockdowns have not occurred, the country could have been able to bring in more by this time of the year. With an education system that is renowned around the world, it is not surprising why plenty of immigrant students wish to get educated here.

The help from IRCC

The IRCC has mentioned in its statement that the changes would be able to help immigrant students who are planning on studying in Canada in a number of ways. The statement also continued that the IRCC will give priority to study permits and process them first. These would be for the immigrant students who have already sent in their applications online and these applications are already complete. A complete application would make things go faster for potential immigrant students.

Another way that the IRCC would be helping immigrant students is via an approval process where there are two stages though this would only be temporary. Those who wish to be immigrant students in Canada but could not submit all the requirements yet can submit their applications. These individuals, if approved, can already start their study program in their home country via the internet. This would be applicable for those who already wish to start studying this fall and their applications should be sent in before September 16, 2020.

The need to help immigrant students

Aside from making sure that the applications of potential immigrant students to Canada are processed, the IRCC also said that it also has prepared measures and these have been rolled out to make sure that those who would like to start their programs already by the fall can do so. The government of Canada has recognized that the crisis brought about by the novel coronavirus may not go away as easily as some people may think and that potential immigrant students may be uncertain about their plans because of this. This is why the IRCC is doing the best that it can to help these individuals push on with their plans in the middle of the pandemic.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

More And More Potential Immigrants Are Showing Interest In New Zealand

New Zealand has been one of the top countries for those individuals who are wishing to move to a new country as immigrants. This country is well known for its culture of work-life balance and for its friendly people and beautiful environment. It also has a strong economy, world-class education, and plenty of job opportunities. That is why it is not surprising why plenty of individuals have been eyeing this country as a possible new home.

With the recent pandemic that has put the entire world at a standstill, New Zealand has been one of the many countries around the world which has been able to have control of the situation. The country has had a great response to the pandemic and it has been proactive in making sure that the virus does not spread to as many people in the country as possible. This has been one of the greatest reasons recently for many people why they are even more interested in becoming an immigrant in New Zealand.

The borders are still closed

New Zealand has been one of the first countries to lockdown its borders so as to help stop spread the novel coronavirus that has been the main reason for the pandemic. At present, it is slowly easing the lockdown on the borders. However, even when the borders have been closed to people outside the country, more and more potential immigrants have been looking at New Zealand as a great place to move to. This is as per an announcement from Immigration NZ, the country’s official agency that deals with immigration data and processes.

The agency has mentioned that it has been able to record a greater amount of traffic from people outside the country who have visited the website. Aside from this, more and more individuals were sending in their applications for a visa to the country despite knowing that the country is still under strict lockdown from people outside the country. The applications are still in the agency’s database and they still are not yet processed. Immigration NZ has mentioned that there are over 100,000 applications at present and are on queue.

The numbers game

Based on the data from the Immigration NZ website, people from the United States have been visiting the website and the total of visitors has gone up by 65% as compared to the month of July a year ago. For the same period, the number of people visiting the website from the United Kingdom has gone up by 18%.

The top two countries when it comes to having the highest number of visits to the Immigration NZ website were the United States, and the United Kingdom. Following behind these two countries are India, Australia, and South Africa.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Office For Talent Being Planned By United Kingdom To Help Hasten Entry Of Scientists

A new office is being planned by the government of the United Kingdom and it will be focused on talent. This new office will be the one in charge of looking at the approval of visas and would be the point of contact for the top scientists around the world to get to the country. This is as per a recent announcement from a road map from the R&D.

The entire plan is being worked out and has a budget that has been allocated for boosting the science industry in the country. This has been a plan that the Conservative Party has been pushing – and that is to give priority to science after the United Kingdom has done its exit from the European Union. The plan also includes a huge plan to have funding for research and development by 2024. To do this, they were planning on having lesser bureaucracy that has been a big obstacle in the growth of research, publishing, and diversity in the workforce in the science industry.

More of the plan

Part of the plan is to use a £280 million budget that would be used as a support package for research for all of those individuals and groups that did not have funding because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Aside from this, there will be £300 million that is intended to help upgrade infrastructure and facilities that are going to be used for scientific purposes. These are definitely good as the science community definitely needs a lot of help nowadays, especially that science is really needed nowadays when the whole world is in the middle of a pandemic.

As per the plans for the Office for Talent, it would be set up in the office of Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister. There are still no details about the functions that the office would have though. However, there have been some rumors saying that the office would be the one in charge of overseeing the rules that would be put together by government agencies in terms of immigration.

Recruiting scientists

Last February, the government of the United Kingdom had brought about what is known as a global talent visa and this one has been designed to help make the recruitment of scientists and science technicians to go faster than usual. This would especially be faster if the immigration of these individuals were on a grant application that was successful and was given by a funder that was recognized in the country. This definitely is a reflection of just how huge the country looks at the importance of science to the country. The UK has, for years, been known as one of the top countries for science in the entire world.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Asian Talents Not Able To Work In The US Find Warm Welcome In Canada

The issuance of work visas in the United States has been suspended via an executive order from the country’s president just recently. This suspension would be taking effect for the entire year. With that, plenty of potential immigrants who were supposed to be going to the US were now left in limbo and not knowing where to go. It is a good thing though that the neighbor of the United States, which is Canada, has been more than open to these immigrants and was more than willing to open its borders for these talented immigrants.

This is definitely good news for these potential immigrants who were more than willing to leave their home countries and offer their skills, talents, knowledge, and experience to companies in the US. With the suspension of work visas in the US, Canada can now reap the benefits that come with welcoming these individuals into their soil. These immigrants can share their services with the businesses in the country and help with the economy.

Welcoming the tech talents

On this, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada has told immigrants that if they cannot or do not like to go to the United States, they can choose to go to Canada instead and they will be warmly accepted. This was the Prime Minister’s statement during a tech conference a month ago. This was also a good attempt by Canada since it has been working on pushing the tech industry in the country and it has been supporting it for years now.

One of the ways that the Canadian government has been helping the tech industry was by trying to lure and retain professionals that were highly skilled to join the country through an immigration system that was easier and with a lot less hassle. Canada has been aiming at helping the tech industry become huge and energetic and it encourages tech businesses to set up shop there. With the newest update in the US, this could be a really good way for Canada to be able to bring in more tech immigrants.

Welcoming tech immigrants with open arms

Trudeau also continued to share that businesses in Canada who may be eyeing someone from outside the country to do tech jobs that were of high value or needed high tech skills can get the support of the government to help bring in that person. In two weeks’ time, a person can be granted a work visa so they can move to Canada and start working there. He also continued that what may be happening in the United States will definitely not affect Canada’s plans. Canada is more than happy to welcome immigrants who have chosen to live in the country.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Frankfurt: One Of Germany’s Biggest Cities That Immigrants Should Explore

The world is huge and it is always a great thing to explore and see what it has to offer. It is a beautiful place that needs to be seen and experienced. And despite the lockdown that the world is going through at the moment because of the pandemic, many people are still raring to find out and experience everything. This is why immigrants who are in new countries like Germany should go and find the time to see what the new country that they are in has to offer when things are safer.

Frankfurt is one of the places that immigrants in Germany can visit when things allow them to. It is one of the biggest cities in the country and it holds a lot of different things to explore, experience, and just marvel at.

Knowing Frankfurt

In terms of size, Frankfurt ranks fifth among all the big cities in Germany. It is currently the home to over 700,000 individuals. In the state of Hesse, this city is the largest in area. It is also known as one of the global leaders in finance centers. This is where one can find huge financial institutions like the Deutsche Bank, the European Central Bank, and the German Federal bank among many others.

Frankfurt is also where immigrants may have landed in the country first. The city’s airport – the Airport of Frankfurt – is one of the busiest in the entire world. This airport is also one of the region’s biggest employers.

This huge city is also home to plenty of modern industries and that is what makes the living costs here go above the average. The opportunities for work here are huge though and that is what makes it a really popular city for immigrants in Germany. There are plenty of work opportunities and yet the rate of unemployment is quite low.

Spots to visit in Frankfurt

One of the interesting spots to visit for immigrants in Germany would be Römerberg. This is the Old Town Center of Frankfurt and one can find the really beautiful public square right here. There is also plenty of beautiful architecture that can be quite amazing to look at.

The Städel Museum is also another beautiful spot to visit in Frankfurt. Immigrants who visit this museum in Germany can view a grand collection of paintings and artwork that have been made in the 14th century. One can find various art pieces here made by the greats like Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas, and Monet among many others.

Other places to visit in Frankfurt should include Museumsufer (also known as the Museum District), the Palm Garden (the biggest botanical garden in the country), the Senckenberg Natural History Museum (a modern museum featuring natural history), and the Frankfurt Cathedral that has been around for centuries.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Talented And Skilled Immigrants Are Choosing To Move To Canada

Canada is an awesome country and many immigrants living there can attest to that. Entrepreneurs are very thankful for immigrants as they have brought great contributions to the growth and development of their business ventures. At present, because of the pandemic, the number of immigrants coming to the country has slowed down and gone down but plenty of business owners in Canada are still putting the country in a good light so as to keep enticing the potential immigrants to make their way to the country.

There are plenty of potential immigrants who have set their sights on moving to the United States but have not been able to do so because of the rules of the country on immigration. With that, these immigrants have chosen their sights on the nearest country that they can go to and that would be Canada. The country is open to immigrants and they are very welcoming of these newcomers.

Bringing the immigrants in

The government of Canada has been working on various programs and routes that would serve as pathways for potential immigrants to make it to Canada. These programs are different from each other and that would depend on what the country needs in terms of immigrants. One of these programs is the Global Talent Stream and this route has been able to bring in more than 40,000 new immigrants who have now shared their talents and skills and experience with various companies that they have worked for in the country. These immigrants have been given tech roles and these include web designers, digital media, design, computer engineers, and software engineers.

Under this program, skilled workers were able to get their work permit in two weeks right after they have received approval for the Labour Market Impact Assessment. For the approval, this should take about two weeks to get. This means that getting a work permit would be a lot faster as compared to other routes.

The need for immigrants

Canada has long been reliant on immigrants to help with their economy. Immigrants have also been very helpful for Canada in bringing up its birth rate as well as bringing up the average age of the population. Immigrants have also contributed a lot to the labor force and that is why the country has been open to immigration and has been very welcoming of them.

With the pandemic bringing about a lot of havoc to the entire world including Canada, many countries have closed their borders and have stopped bringing in immigrants. However, in the case of this country, Canada has still kept its immigration routes and programs open for those who wish to apply. This is good news as the pandemic has allowed a lot of people to want to go to countries where the pandemic has been handled properly.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Greeting People In New Zealand: A Guide For Immigrants

For immigrants who are in New Zealand, one of the things that they have to get used to would be the language. This is how they will communicate with the locals and it is important that they understand how people talk in the country. But there is no need to worry, especially for those who are planning on moving to New Zealand soon. See, the language of the country is basically English but has been mixed with other languages so it should not be fairly difficult.

The New Zealand language

This language can be said to be quite unique on its own. Though majority of it is English, it has been highly influenced by some phrases and words from the Maori language. It also has a mix of some slang from Australia. Those who are in the country say that it is important for immigrants to be familiar with some words and phrases from the Maori language as these are incorporated in the language used in the country. Some of the places in the country are also from the Maori language so it would be a big help to be familiar with those.

Learning a bit of Maori

There are five vowel sounds that are used in the Maori language. These are a, e, i, o, and u. A is pronounced just like the a in ‘car’. E is pronounced like the e in ‘egg’. I is pronounced like the ee in ‘wee’. O is pronounced like the o in ‘four’. And u is pronounced like the o in ‘to’.

The language also has consonants – eight of them – which are used just like how they are used in the English language. These consonants are h, k, m, n, p, r, t, and w. There are also two more consonants that are different than how they are used in English – wh and ng. Wh is pronounced just like how ‘f’ is pronounced in English. As for ng, it sounds just like that in ‘wing’. However, in Maori, there are words than can start with this consonant.

Greetings in Maori

It is always a good thing to learn how to greet the locals in New Zealand. Most of the greetings are in Maori and it helps to learn that. The locals are often surprised when they meet immigrants who can greet them in the native language and it can be a good conversation starter.
  • Hello – Kia ora
  • Hello everyone – Kia ora tatou
  • Greetings to you (to one person) – Tena koe
  • Greetings to all – Tena koutou
  • Welcome – Haere mai / Nau mai
  • How’s it going? – Kei te pehea koe?
  • Good – Kei te pai
  • Really good – Tino pai
  • Farewell / Goodbye – Haere ra / Ka kita ano
  • See you later – Hei konei ra

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