Friday, June 28, 2019

Canada Immigration Pilot Targeting Caregivers To Be Launched

There are new ways to enter Canada as immigrants. Thanks to two new immigration pilots that the government of Canada will be launching soon. These two pilots are targeting caregivers to come to the country as immigrant workers. Aside from these, another route would be via the Interim Pathway for Caregivers. This one will be reopened by July and would run for only three months.

Canada has a population that has been aging over the years and the birth rate is not that high to be able to up the average age in the country. This means that there are more and more individuals who would be needing care. Caregivers are definitely needed and the country does not seem to have enough of those around. Thus, the need to attract such skilled individuals to go to the country and become immigrant workers. Canada has been known to try and find local talent first and if that does not bring in good results, its government will try and look for the needed individuals from abroad.

The two immigration pilots

There are two immigration programs have been running in Canada – Caring For Children pathway and the Caring For People With High Medical Needs pathway. However, these two would soon be phased out. That is where the new programs will be coming in. These two would be the Home Support Worker Pilot program and the Home Child Care Provider Pilot program. According to the Canada government, these new pilots are going to help bring in the needed caregivers who are eligible to do the jobs in the country. These would also allow the caregivers to have a chance of getting a permanent residency status. To be able to do that, they have to have at least two years of working in Canada.

Those individuals who have already sent in their applications under the two current programs should not be worried though. If the applications have been sent in before the 18th of June, these will be processed still. However, applications sent in after that would not be accepted anymore.

Getting in via the new pilot programs

To be able to get into the country via the new programs, individuals who are interested have to be qualified and should meet the set criteria by the Canada government. The list of requirements includes the following:
  • Having a score of 5 as Canadian Language Benchmark under language tests
  • A year’s worth of post-secondary education in Canada or the equivalent abroad
  • Passes immigration qualifications

According to the Canada government, those individuals who are already working as caregivers in the country and still have a permit to work in the country and qualify for the given criteria can also send in their applications to get a permanent residency status via the new pilot programs.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lesser Immigration Rates In New Zealand Causes Shortage In Labor Market

New Zealand is a country that is known all around the world as being a nation that promotes work-life balance. Most places around the world are all for pushing its citizens to work harder to attain certain goals. People love working especially if this is bringing them more than enough money. However, what New Zealand is showing the rest of the world is that there is a need for work-life balance and people do not need to work the recommended hours daily to be able to do the things that they want to do.

This is one of the reasons why there are plenty of business owners in New Zealand who are worried about their staff. There has been a decline in the immigration rates in the country and this means that business owners are not able to get more workers especially if they have been building and expanding their respective businesses. There have also been delays in the processing of employment visas and this has made employees to work longer hours to help run businesses.

Businesses are suffering

Business owners in NZ are saying that because they want their employees to have enough rest as is their culture, they do try to provide them with good schedules. However, since there are not enough workers available to do the needed jobs, they have to close their stores for a day or two to be able to give their employees the chance to get some rest. It is a good thing for employees to be able to get some rest though it is not good for business. It is a good thing that business owners in the country are concerned about their employees and would do this despite their business operations having to suffer.

Plenty of business owners have expressed their concerns over this. They want their business to do good but they recognize that they need employees to get some rest as well. Though they do try to find more employees in the country, they find it hard to do so. That is why they were relying on immigrant workers to join them.

The call for a higher immigration rate

Those who own businesses in New Zealand are calling on the government to help them find the workers that their businesses need. They have done their share of looking for locals to help them out but there is just not enough of them around. That is why they are urging the NZ government to help them work on their immigration processes and rules to bring in the needed immigrant workers and get the businesses running as they should be. There has been no word from the NZ government yet but it is highly possible that they are working on a good plan to serve as the solution to this issue.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Immigrants From European Union Choosing To Stay In United Kingdom

When the United Kingdom was planning on doing an exit from its membership in the European Union, there have been reports of how many people from EU member nations have been quickly leaving the country and going to other EU countries. However, there are also a huge amount of immigrants in the UK who are from EU member nations who have been choosing to stay in the UK even if the exit was about to happen.

In a recent report from the Home Office, it does look like there is a huge number of EU citizens who are still interested in wanting to live in the United Kingdom. In fact, the number from the Home Office amounts to over 750,000 individuals who are from EU member nations. These individuals have already sent in their applications to be able to stay and continue living in the country. There may have been people who wanted to leave but there are also a lot of individuals who choose to stay and continue doing what they have been previously doing – exit or no exit.

The current UK situation for immigrants from EU

Recent updates from the government of the United Kingdom have it that immigrants in the UK who are from EU member nations still have over a year to be able to decide if they want to stay in the country. The deadline for applications for this status would be on the 31st of December in 2020. This rule does not depend on if the UK will still exit the EU or not.

There have been changes in leadership in the UK and so people are still pondering if this change would bring in a huge impact on how immigrants especially those from the EU are going to be treated in the country. This is with regards to if they can still stay in the country or if there would be changes in the rules with regards to their status as immigrants in the UK. Some of the immigrants who have left the UK were those who were unsure of their future in the country thus their decision. However, there are still plenty who have believed in the humane system that they still would be treated fairly just like any other immigrant in the country.

Status of individuals from the EU

The Home Office is quite open to the fact that immigrants from EU member nations will still be in the country. One official is more than happy to share that they believe that immigrants are people and will be treated fairly. Those from the EU are still the same and they think of them as friends and colleagues. And like any other immigrant in the UK, these people have also brought in their contributions to Britain.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Canada Names Communities Included In Immigration Pilot Program

For Canada, immigrants are a very important factor in how the nation grows and functions. This is why plenty of immigrants find their way to the country each year. Aside from that, Canada makes sure that they lure the immigrants that the country needs. For example, if there may be a lack of farmers in the country, then the government would create immigration programs that would be able to bring in those individuals that Canada needs.

In recent news, the government of this country has sent out a list of 11 communities in Canada which have been carefully chosen to be part of the country’s newest immigration program. This is the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. It has been designed so that communities in Canada which are small, rural, or may even be remote would actually be able to bring in the right immigrants. Again, this would depend on what those areas need. And as a way of luring in those needed professionals and skilled individuals, they are also offering them a permanent residency status.

The situation of the rural communities in Canada

The rural communities in Canada usually are not popular among immigrants. Immigrants do not usually choose to live in these places thinking that there are not enough job opportunities in these areas. However, what they do not know is that rural areas in Canada need people. Currently, more than four million locals are employed in these communities. That takes up around 30% of the total GDP of the country. This is as per the numbers from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC).

The government does try to find locals who can do the jobs needed in these areas. However, there are really times when there are not enough locals with the right skills to do the jobs there. That is why the Canada government goes outside the country to tap skilled individuals who can take care of the jobs that need to be done.

The goal of the immigration pilot

The main aim of the immigration pilot is to actually be able to assist these rural communities to have lower shortages in the labor market. The shortages usually happen because of low birth rates. Sometimes, it can also be caused by high rates of retirements. There are also areas where the younger and stronger ones choose to leave these rural places and go find opportunities in cities and other areas that have huge populations.

The IRCC had mentioned that when they chose the communities to be part of the pilot, they chose the places that needed more help with their economies. The agency also shared that if all works out, this program will be used as the basis for the entire country.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Immigration New Zealand Inspects Processing Period For Visa

There have been delays with the processing of student visas and this is not making the government of New Zealand happy. With plenty of reports and complaints coming in regarding the delays, the Immigration New Zealand has decided to take a look into the issue. They are going to inspect the process and look for possible ways that would help improve the period for processing. Immigration New Zealand has also started to look into the issue after Education New Zealand had created a document where it details their concerns about how student visa processing has been getting delays.

For Education New Zealand, their main reason for raising the issue to Immigration New Zealand is so that the latter can work on this and make sure that there are no delays happening. Education New Zealand believes that if the delays continue, there may be some problems that could rise up on their end when it comes to their goals for the economy. This surely reflects how one issue can affect all other parts of the system and the government is doing something so that issues are fixed and no greater issues arise.

The report from the ENZ

In the document from ENZ, it has been disclosed that ENZ has also received a number of complaints regarding the delays involving the processing of the student visas. These complaints have come from students, agents as well as providers of education. The document also revealed that if the delays continue, there may be a negative impact on the market as well as how people and potential immigrants actually look at New Zealand. Therefore, something must be done by the government to avoid this from happening.

The ENZ also continued that the delays in the processing of the visas of the immigrant students may be the reason for New Zealand not to be able to reach its goals especially those under the New Zealand International Education Strategy. The goal currently is to be able to reach a value that amounts to $6 billion by the year 2025. The INZ is more than willing to do its job and see where the delays are coming from and what to do so that those delays do not continue to happen.

The INZ move

With the issues now out in the open, the INZ and the ENZ are now working together to be able to find solutions to the problem at hand. Together, they are looking for ways to be able to improve the period of processing of visas for immigrant students. According to the INZ, the agency has already committed to making sure that all providers of education in New Zealand continue to trust the country’s immigration agency as well as all the other processes that the agency does.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Know Slang In The United Kingdom Before Becoming An Immigrant

A language should be dynamic. It should not be stagnant. It should change as people change. If it becomes stagnant, it may end up just like the dead languages Latin and Aramaic. And this is definitely reflected in how British English continuously changes – just probably like all other languages around the world. Things change and so do languages. This can be seen in how slang has been developed – just like in the United Kingdom.

Studies done in the language in the UK have shown that it has been continuously evolving. It is transforming and is making sure that it is able to adapt to how trends, culture, and people are changing. The same goes for slang in the country. Some slang may be too old and not being used while new ones are constantly being created. As they say, the language of a country or a place depends on how people there live their lives. For people, snow is just snow. But for those in Alaska and in places constantly covered in snow, there are various terms and slang that can be found there.

In the case of immigrants, despite them knowing English and can speak it fluently, slang can be a totally alien language for them. That is why it is highly suggested that potential immigrants in the UK should know about some slang in the country. That is why here are some of the slang that is usually used in the country. Learn and be prepared before embarking on that trip to the United Kingdom.


When this slang is used, it usually means excellent or brilliant. It is also used to describe passing a test or a hurdle quite well.

Example: Billy is ace at his golf game.

All to pot

This is considered to be one of the older slang in the UK but it is still being used around the country. When the term is used, it means that the situation has gone out of control or is really quite a failure.

Example: Her life plans went all to pot when unexpected things started happening like illnesses and wrong investments.


When a person is surprised by anything, this is the usual expression that is used. Keep in mind though that this slang is used when the surprise is good or positive. It is not used for anything that can upset a person.

Example: Blimey! Those trees are huge!


When this term is used, it usually means something different from what the word ‘blinding’ usually means. Commonly, blinding means loss of sight or something negative. In the UK, this slang is used in a positive way that it means great or excellent.

Example: How she handled that situation was blinding.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Quebec, Canada Immigration May Rise To 52,500 In 2022

All of those individuals from around the world who are looking and planning on being an immigrant in Canada would find this recent piece of news to be quite interesting. It does look like the province of Quebec in Canada is planning on upping the number of immigrants that it would be receiving on its soil and territory soon. This means that there would be more chances for those who want to be immigrants in Canada to be able to make it there with more openings available. Quebec is one of the top cities in Canada that are frequently being chosen by immigrants as the place where they would want to live in.

Quebec has a plan that would last for three years. This plan is deemed by experts to the solution to making sure that immigration levels in this Canada province go back to the same levels it had back in 2018. This year, the province had cut the immigration levels by 20% and they are seeing the effects. That is why they are planning on bringing back more immigrants to their territory.

Targeting the numbers

According to experts, the new program that the Quebec government has created would be able to bring in an approximated 52,500 new individuals to the province by the year 2022. This is as per all of the proposed changes that the local government has disclosed just last 7th of June. That number actually means that there should be an increase in the total number of immigrants entering Quebec soil. This would mean that there should be about 10,500 new people added. The maximum number of immigrants that have been slated for this year is only 42,000.

These are just part of the proposal and there is still nothing sure yet. These proposals have been recently introduced. But what is sure is that the officials of the government of Canada would be studying the proposals. There would also be public hearings and these proposals would be used so that immigration would be better for Quebec and for the whole country.

The previous numbers

In 2015, the immigration levels of Quebec were at 53,084. In 2016, it was at 52,388. The year after that, it was at 51,118. This means that the cut this year surely had great effects on Quebec. The cut was made because it was a promise made during the election. The main reason why was that new immigrants in Canada, especially Quebec, were deemed to not be able to adapt well in the new society that they are in since a huge portion of the population of this province speaks French, unlike most parts of Canada which speak English. However, it does seem like the cut has not been positive for Quebec thus the need to restore the previous levels.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Luge, And SkyJump: Two Interesting Activities In New Zealand That Immigrants Need To Try

Immigrants who are in a new country can have a hard time adjusting to the whole thing. There are some people who would only function when needed – like going to work – and that is it. They would not do anything else. After work, they would trudge home and lock themselves up in their room or in their house.

On the other hand, there are immigrants who can easily take on the challenges of being in a new country. Although some really have a hard time adjusting, they do try their best to make sure that they get to know the place that they are in. After all, experts have suggested that those who may be battling some obstacles on their path can find a solution to it by checking out the surroundings and the factors. In this case, immigrants should go out and explore what the new country has to offer to be able to adjust well.

For immigrants in New Zealand, finding a good thing to do while in the country would not be quite a difficult thing to do. There are a lot of places to go to and a lot of activities to try out. By experiencing something new and exciting, immigrants can easily forget about how homesick they are and focus on the possibilities that lie ahead in the country.


Luge is available in New Zealand. It is an activity that those who are brave of heart can indulge in. If an immigrant is faint of heart, then he or she can try to just head over and watch how the people do it. This activity is done at Skyline Queenstown and also at Skyline Rotorua. For those who are interested, these are two scenic places in New Zealand that are really worth the visit. Aside from luge, there are plenty of other activities in these areas that immigrants can try.


SkyJump is also another activity that immigrants can try in New Zealand. What is good about doing this in NZ is that those who will do the activity will have to do it from a tower. So imagine having a really good view of everything else down below. That surely would be a good thing to experience. Aside from that, those who do the SkyJump would also be able to experience seeing a volcano nearby. Wow! Definitely another good place to visit for both immigrants and tourists.

Those who do not have the courage to try and do this can still visit the place where SkyJump happens. They can explore the area and find good food as well as find some good spots to spend the time in. There are also good sceneries around which can be worth the trip.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Divide Between North And South, And The Accents Of The UK: What Immigrants Need To Know

For those who are interested in moving to the United Kingdom and being an immigrant in the United Kingdom, there are some things that they need to know about the place that they would be living in for quite some time. There are immigrants in the UK who would be there for only a short period while there are also those who would be living there indefinitely and for a longer period. However, all of them would share the same thing – not having enough knowledge about the new country where they would be living in.

This is why previous immigrants to the UK have thought that it would be good to share with potential and upcoming immigrants things that they should know about the place. The United Kingdom comes with interesting facts that can prove to be useful or can just be trivia for immigrants. However, they can come in handy once they are there and the immigrants can use them as conversation starters or even just to have something to share when talking with locals.

The divide between the North and the South

Immigrants may think that the United Kingdom is just like their home country which is not divided into any other segments – provinces and cities excluded, of course. However, what they should know is that there is a division between the North and the South. Yes, there is such a thing. The only people in the UK who are not really that involved in that divide are those who live in the Midlands.

Aside from the simple divide that comes with location, there are stereotypes that come with it. Think of it like how the Americans differentiate themselves from the Canadians who are their immediate neighbors. In the case of the UK, it is between those who live in the North and those who live in the South. They say that those from the North are frank yet friendly. On the other side of the country, the people here are said to be soft and not keen about the cold.

The accent game

Most people know about the American English accent and the British English accent. However, what many immigrants in the UK are surprised to find out is that in the United Kingdom itself, there are still plenty of different accents. Though they do speak English, one who is not keen on hearing different accents being spoken may have a hard time understanding what is being said.

Those who have been immigrants in the UK before have said that this has been a challenge for them but it was a welcome challenge because they find listening to the different tones and accents to be fascinating. In time, they all got used to the different accents and were able to understand what was being said.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Tech Pilot Immigration Program Extended By British Columbia, Canada Until June 2020

For those individuals who are interested in being immigrants in Canada, there are various ways to get there. It is all about finding the right program and making sure that they are qualified for those programs. These programs are basically built and created to bring to the country the needed individuals. One of these programs is the tech pilot immigration program that has been working quite well specifically for British Columbia. It is known to have been running for two years and it is a really good way for immigrants to make it as permanent residents of Canada.

Aside from these, the tech pilot immigration program for British Columbia has been put together to be able to attract and lure all of the best tech individuals in the globe and help out in the country’s tech industry. There has been a list of occupations and professions that the country needed and the list totaled to 29. It does seem to have been working quite well for British Columbia as Canada has benefitted from these individuals who have made it there and the province has decided on extending this program.

Running until June 2020

The Tech pilot immigration program has been doing well that British Columbia has decided to let this program continue running right until June of 2020. This is a program that has been running in British Columbia for quite some time now. It is fairly new but it has been quite good for British Columbia and for Canada that it will continue running for another year.

This program first came into being back in 2017 and it was launched under the Provincial Nominee Program of British Columbia. The Tech Pilot immigration program has been designed to be able to bring in global talents to help out the tech scene in Canada, specifically British Columbia. To be qualified, a person must already have a job offer from a tech company in Canada. The job offer should at least be for a year. An individual who is interested in obtaining a permanent resident status should have 120 days at least in their stay in British Columbia when they send their application in.

Occupations under the Tech Pilot

There are a variety of occupations that can be found under the Tech Pilot immigration program. The list includes the following:
  • Managers for telecommunication carriers
  • Managers for computer systems and information systems
  • Managers for motion pictures, broadcasting, performing arts, and publishing
  • Engineers – Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Software, and Computer
  • Consultants and analysts for information systems
  • Administrators for data
  • Analysts of databases
  • Software designers
  • Programmers
  • Developers of interactive media
  • Web developers and designers
  • Service technicians for electronic equipment of households and businesses
  • Technicians and mechanics of industrial instruments
  • Technicians of computer networks

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Friday, June 14, 2019

The United Kingdom, Great Britain, And Its Area: What Immigrants Need To Know

There are some things about the United Kingdom that old immigrants and new immigrants need to know about. Yes, it is always good to know about the country that they would be living in for a while. Plus, knowing a little something about the country or the place where they are can spark a bit of confidence in them and pride that they know a bit about it. Another good thing is that they can use a bit of trivia for them to be able to have a good conversation starter with other people.

That is why those who are experts at immigrants and immigration are saying that for those who are new in the United Kingdom, they should go and learn as much as they can about the new place that they are living in. It should not be quite difficult because these are useful information and they are pretty interesting.

Here are two interesting things about the UK that immigrants can learn about:

The United Kingdom does not necessarily mean Great Britain.

A good portion of people and even some of the locals think that the United Kingdom is synonymous to Great Britain. Like the two terms mean the same country. However, that is not necessarily true.

When one speaks of Great Britain, this actually pertains to the main area of England, Scotland, and Wales. That is Great Britain. On the other hand, when one speaks of the United Kingdom, then this pertains to all of those mentioned previously along with Northern Ireland. So basically, the United Kingdom covers Great Britain.

This surely is an interesting fact and can be a good means of starting a conversation with a stranger that could become a friend later on. Plus, it could encourage one to let their new friend tell them more about the country and what places are good to go to. It could also be a good way to learn more about the country and get even more interesting facts.

The whole UK is not that huge.

One may think that the UK is a really big country. However, if one is comparing it to countries like New Zealand, Australia, or Russia, then the UK can be quite a small country. See, comparing the United Kingdom to Australia would make the UK look like a really small place. This is because Australia is 32 times bigger than this country in Europe. So for immigrants who are used to really big spaces, then this country may not be that big for them. On the other hand, in terms of population, the UK surely has more as compared to Australia.

Definitely another fun fact that an immigrant can use to strike up a conversation.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

New Zealand Creates Budget Depending On Citizens’ Happiness

In recent news, New Zealand is now being seen as the very first country in the Western world to actually give priority on its citizens’ well-being as compared to the growth of its own economy. Not a surprising thing though as the country is quite well known for already having a strong economy. And by focusing on the mental wellness and happiness of its citizens, the government can be assured that its citizens would be doing the best that they can to be able to boost the economy. Happy people work better and help build the economy a lot more effectively.

With this move, the country is making its presence known all over the world yet again. And it is making its reputation being a good icon for progress be even sturdier than before. It has recently released a statement that it would be having a budget that would not really focus much on economic progress but rather on how happy its citizens are. The economy is important but the happiness of those who work hard for its economy is even more essential.

The call for kindness

It does take a leader to change how things are being run and in the case of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, the current Prime Minister, to make this huge change. Last year, she went to the United Nations and had a speech. It was during that time that she had called her fellow leaders to have more kindness especially since the world of politics can be quite brutal. And to be able to motivate others to do the same, she also mentioned that New Zealand would be a good example. She said that NZ would then become a place where they will measure success not by the GDP but by how people are living better lives.

Indeed, she has made that come true and it is a good thing that she has focused on her people’s happiness. There is not one country in the world that focuses on the happiness of its people except for New Zealand. People’s happiness should be a major factor for those in government because it definitely reflects just how well the government is doing their job.

The budget on happiness

Most countries take happiness for granted. Most people think that happiness is something that cannot be given. However, if governments do things like New Zealand does, then there is a high chance that happiness can be achieved by people through good projects and programs.

New Zealand now has created a good budget that will be used on the well-being of the people living in the country. This is the very first of its kind and the whole world will definitely see if this is a good thing or not later on.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Immigration Pilot Program Launched By Nova Scotia, Canada To Target Skilled Workers Needed

In recent news, the province of Nova Scotia in Canada has created a pilot program for immigration that will be able to bring in all of the needed skilled immigrant workers there. There has been a lack of certain professionals who would do the necessary jobs in the province and the government and the local businesses that need them have been working hard to be able to find locals who can do what is needed. However, that attempt has been a failure as they have now created a new pilot program that would bring in the needed professionals to Nova Scotia as immigrants.

Aside from the immigration pilot program, the province of Nova Scotia in Canada has also updated its programs for the Entrepreneur stream and for the International Graduate Entrepreneur stream. This is a good sign because it means that the programs that the country has for immigration are not archaic. They are also flexible and would change and be updated depending on what the province’s needs are. They could not be hiring a lot of engineers when the need has already been filled and there is just an oversupply of them. Instead, they will only look for the professions which are needed.

The pilot stream in Nova Scotia

The government of Nova Scotia has created a pilot stream for immigration and it will run for three years. It would be open for all of those applicants who would already have a job offer from one of the businesses in the province. Of course, it would not be just any job offer. It would have to be for an occupation that is part of the list of the pilot stream. They are looking for a good number of skilled immigrants with specific occupations.

The immigration pilot will be a part of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program in Canada which is also known as the NSNP. The professions that are part of the list are actually those that are under the stream known as Occupation in Demand. They are the ones that have a high demand in the labor market in Nova Scotia. So if there are a huge number of farmers wanted, then this occupation would surely be a part of the list. The list will definitely change as more and more occupations are filled.

Those who are eligible

This new stream for immigrant workers is now open and eligible individuals can start sending in their applications. Of course, they need to first have a job offer from an employer in the province. It should be a full-time position and a permanent one. Occupations that are under this list include nursing aides, orderlies, associates for patient services, and drivers for transport trucks among many others.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

New Zealand Global Impact Visa Allows Immigrants In Country To Help With The Global Good

The reasons why people from around the world are choosing to go to New Zealand as an immigrant are varied. There are those who want to be in a country that is still filled with natural wonders and has plenty of natural resources still. There are those who are looking for greener pastures. There are those who just want to leave their country for personal reasons and create a new life somewhere else. Whatever their reasons may be, New Zealand has been a top favorite among those looking for a new country.

New Zealand has been open to immigrants since it has been a nation with years of history of immigration. It has plenty of programs that allow potential immigrants to apply and be approved for immigration. One of those programs is the Global Impact Visa and it has been quite a successful way for individuals to make it to the country. Plus, its goal is not just for the good of New Zealand but also for the good of the entire world.

The Global Impact Visa

The Global Impact Visa of New Zealand is about three things – immigrants coming to the country and helping them have renewal of their intellectual abilities, bringing a positive impact to the country’s economy, and helping them have a positive outlook in life. The immigrant visa under this program will allow anyone to live in the country. They can also start a business there if they want to. They can even choose to continue to live in NZ if they wish to after the visa has ended.

To be able to take advantage of this visa program, individuals are required to be interesting. They should also have good intentions about their choice to move to New Zealand. They should also come with good ideas that would help other people and the country. They should also be in contact with other individuals who have the same requirements. All of these have been put together two years ago when the program has been created.

Getting in via the Global Impact Visa program

Those who are interested in being in NZ via this program will have to go through an interview to be done by a committee. It will be comprised of four individuals and they will judge candidates based on a variety of factors which includes a person’s talents, backgrounds, and ambitions. Each year, the program is able to give out around 70 to a hundred of these and the program runs until 2020. After that, the NZ government will take a look at the program and do an evaluation if this is good and needs to continue. Visas that immigrants get from this program are valid for three good years.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

More Skilled Immigrants Needed In The United Kingdom Shown In List

What the United Kingdom needs right now are more skilled immigrants to join their workforce. In fact, it has created a list of all of those professions that the country needs. The government of the UK has done its best to be able to find those professionals right from their own country, however, there is not enough of them to fill the job vacancies. Therefore, they are now looking abroad to fill in those spots.

The current list of skilled immigrants that the UnitedKingdom is looking for has a wider range. There are spots needed to be filled by architects and archaeologists. There are spots that need to be filled by web developers and veterinarians. It is wide and huge now so this means that there are a lot of opportunities open for plenty of interested immigrants to the UK.

The UK government has recently disclosed that there has been a slump in terms of the number of people entering the country as immigrants. This opening of new opportunities for skilled worker immigrants should get the numbers up again.

The status of immigration in the UK

The United Kingdom has been a member of the European Union for many years and being a member of this organization means that residents of member nations can easily move from one country to another as long as these countries are part of the EU. That means that workers can move to whatever EU country they choose to move to. But there has been a lesser amount of people going to the UK, perhaps mainly because of the potential exit of the UK from the EU. There have been talks about it but it does seem like this is not going to push through.

Starting with 2009’s numbers, over 3 million of individuals outside the UK has moved to the country and have been given permanent resident status. However, these are not enough as the country still needs more people to help out by being part of the labor force. With the country’s aging population, more new and young blood is what the country needs.

Expansion in industries

The huge amount of immigrant workers that the UK is looking for is mainly because of the expansion and growth of businesses in the country. There are now more businesses in the health industry which means that there is a need for more professionals to do the jobs needed to run these businesses. The same goes true for the IT industry as well.

The good thing about those occupations needed that are on the list is that businesses can offer jobs to those who are abroad and those potential immigrants that have a job waiting for them in the UK can have their visas processed a lot faster than usual.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Food In Canada Immigrants Need To Try

Food. It is something that all people need to have daily to sustain one’s energy, health, and clarity of mind. Without food, one can start to deteriorate and not function well. Plus, it has always been said that a person who goes hungry can turn into a monster just to get that basic need. And for immigrants, it is always important that one nourishes their bodies so that they can deal with all the obstacles that come their way in the new place that they are in.

It is a good thing that finding good food is not that difficult for immigrants in Canada. There are plenty of fresh produce that one can find in the market and there are also tons of wonderful stuff that are not too scary or weird to eat. The usual problem of immigrants is that the new country that they are in does not have the usual kind of food that they eat. Plus, there may be food there but they can be too weird and just not good for one’s palate. After all, people eat food that they like. Despite eating a necessity to survive, many still are choosy when it comes to the food that they eat.

For immigrants in Canada, here are some of the foods that they must enjoy.


This is surely the most popular food that has its origins in Canada. It is sinful and it surely is something that one must try. It is made up of golden brown French fries, some cheese, and really delicious gravy. Just that combination can get one’s mouth watering. There are plenty of other versions like some meat and bacon and everything else one can think of but the classic is surely worth indulging in.


For those immigrants who are into bread, then bannock is the right food to find in Canada. It should not be quite difficult because it is a staple in the country for those who are of aboriginal origins. It is a simple type of bread that should get one through pangs of hunger. There are different nowadays though and that includes fried ones.

Butter tart

Butter is good. A tart is good. Butter tarts? Well, that should definitely take the cake. They are known to be simple food but they surely can make one’s taste buds quite happy. They come in pastry shells that are quite flaky and delicious. The filling of the tart is usually made up of butter (of course!), egg, and sugar. The ingredients are simple but they surely can make one pretty happy just by eating it. It is a traditional food in Canada and many have become hooked on it.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Wonderful Places For Immigrants To Experience In New Zealand

The world is huge and there are plenty of places to explore. Even being in one’s country, there are plenty of new spots to discover and enjoy. There is nothing stopping someone from exploring what the world can offer. And in the case of New Zealand, an immigrant can be in the country for a long time and not really explore everything in the country because there are lots to discover there.

The country is filled with plenty of natural wonders as well as man-made spots that are worth exploring. Experts are telling immigrants and locals to try and find the beauty that New Zealand has to offer. With that, those who have been bitten by the travel bug can go and find a lot of places in the country to go to.

Craters of volcanoes.

It is not every day that one can get to see volcanoes, much more craters of volcanoes. But these are in abundance in New Zealand. The country is home to plenty of these and there are craters that can be visited by those who wish to see one up close. Of course, these are the inactive ones and those that do not pose any kind of danger to those who would be near them. It surely is a magnificent thing to be near one and just marvel at how powerful nature can be if it wanted to be.

Lakes or beaches are not too far.

For people who are living in a major town or a major city, they are blessed to be living in a place that is near a lake or a beach. It is not a secret that natural bodies of water like lakes or beaches have a positive effect on people who go there. Immigrants can feel a bit more stressed than usual living in a new country and handling new situations, and so they can easily visit a lake or a beach during their free time without having to spend a huge amount of time traveling to get there.

The very first spot that the sun rises every morning.

It is an interesting fact that New Zealand is a place where the sun hits the earth first each and every day. Yes, that is correct. It is in NZ that the very first rays of the sun hit each day so it would be quite a good experience to do just that. For immigrants who would like to see this happening, all they have to do is travel to Gisborne and that is where they would get to see that. That way, they would have bragging rights that they have experienced the very first rays of the sun for that day before the entire world did.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Over 600,000 Individuals Enter The United Kingdom As Immigrants In A Year

The statistics have it. There have been over 600,000 individuals who have made their way to the United Kingdom in just one year and that number has been recorded for the whole of 2018. These individuals moved to the country as immigrants. That surely is a huge number and it is said to be just around the same as the population of a city like Belfast.

This number is something from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (which is also known as the ONS). According to the ONS, the numbers include those individuals who have come to the country and have mentioned their intention to stay in the country for at least a year. The ONS has also mentioned that despite the huge number of people who have come to the country, there were also around 250,000 individuals who also left the country.

Despite that, it does look like there are still more people coming to the UK as compared to those who are leaving. This is surely good because it means that the population of the country would go up and the average age would also go up. The current population is aging and the country needs more young blood.

The trend in migration in the UK

According to the ONS, for the whole year of 2018, the United Kingdom received 602,000 individuals who are new to the country and have come as immigrants. However, there were also around 343,000 individuals who left the country. Despite this, there are still more people who have come to the country and stayed totaling to 258,000 individuals who are still in the country.

Aside from this move to grow the population of the UK, the government has also been helping out those that needed refuge and asylum. For 2018 right up until the end of March of this year, the government has given asylum as well as resettlement to a total of 17,304 individuals. This is an increase as compared to the previous year’s number of total of individuals who were granted such. The last time the country had given out such a huge amount was back in 2003.

An analysis of the numbers

The numbers came out along with a report that the ONS had put together. According to their analysis, they have observed that the trends have been changing when it comes to patterns in immigration. These changes starting happening back in 2016. Many who come to the UK are for work. However, since 2016, they have seen that there are lesser people who come to the UK to work for a long period. Most of the people who go to the UK for long-term work are from the European Union member nations.

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