Monday, April 30, 2018

Chinese International Students Biggest Holders Of New Zealand Visas

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New Zealand, at current times, is one of the top destinations and goals for many potential immigrants. These individuals are looking for a new country that would become their new home and many have chosen and eyed New Zealand as the dream country to be in. However, wishing to become an immigrant in New Zealand is not just about one’s passion to be there. It is also about making sure that all the requirements set by the government of the country for immigrants should be achieved and submitted. This would then allow the government to send out visas to those who have passed the requirements.

There are a lot of these potential immigrants who are also looking for a country where they can get further education. New Zealand is also a top destination and goal for those individuals who want to get further studies as the country is home to a number of world-class colleges and universities. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of international students doing their very best to make sure that they are able to get to the country.

Chinese international students in New Zealand

According to data from the New Zealand government, Chinese international students have the most number of visas granted among all other international students from around the globe. These individuals have been granted such and so one can definitely see many Chinese international students there. As per the data last year, more than half of the international students who were given visas were from China. These individuals who were given such visas are allowed in the country and can pursue higher education there.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (also known as the MBIE) is the department of the New Zealand government that deals with public service. The data from this arm of the government has shown that there were almost 50,000 individuals who were given visas as immigrant students for the year 2017. Out of that number, there were 28,588 visas given to immigrant students from China. That is more than half of the total. The group had an average age of 21 years old.

All those international students

The MBIE had continued to disclose that around 2/3 of those international students who are in New Zealand are not only studying but are also working. These individuals were going for education in the country and had a lower level than a bachelor’s degree.

Iain Lees-Galloway works as the minister for immigration and he has stated that the country is also working on making sure that the education that they are giving would actually be of quality. This is definitely good news for all of those international students in the country and for those who are interested in pursuing education in NZ.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

These Things Bring Immigrants To The UK

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The United Kingdom is one of the top places in the world where immigrants are flocking to. However, many are still asking just what is in the United Kingdom that brings a lot of immigrants there. And there are also questions about what people should expect if they wish to live in the UK. Well, here are some of the things that are attracting people to this country in Europe.

Weird and eccentric is not scoffed at.

There are places where people who are weird and eccentric are being scoffed at. This is not the case for Britain. See, weirdness and eccentricity are welcomed here. In fact, people do not really bat their eyes at the weird people. So for potential immigrants who may think that they are weird and may not fit in, there is no need to worry as the UK is open to such.

The thing about weirdness and eccentricity in the UK is that the UK itself has cultures and traditions that may seem weird to other people from around the globe. There is the Christmas Day Serpentine swim where participants go dive in the cold waters on Christmas morning. Imagine the chill but there are a lot of participants each year.

And then there’s also the Goat Race which is done yearly. For this event, two of the country’s top universities go on a competition with goats. The universities are Oxford and Cambridge. So just imagine the competition using goats and those that are competing are universities that are world-renowned. Weird.

There are cities and there are villages.

For those individuals who are not so keen on being in the city, the country is home to really nice villages that they can live in. And for those who are looking to live in a big and busy city, there is London. These are options available for immigrants in the UK and it helps them find the type of life that they would like to live. If one is tired of the city, they can easily go to the countryside and have a good time basking in what the countryside has to offer.

Shopping, shopping, shopping.

Shopping can be therapeutic for a lot of people and immigrants who are into shopping really love the United Kingdom. It is a place where shopping is seemingly available everywhere. There are a lot of shops to choose from and the options are seemingly limitless. It is said that one cannot go through all the good stuff that are offered in the shopping centers and malls in the United Kingdom in just one day. One can find clothes, books, appliances, jewelry, and a whole lot more in the country. It is home to really good brands and so immigrants can find really good deals there.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Immigrants With High Skills Earn More Than Average Canada Citizen, Says Study

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A variety of reasons come with immigrants as per why they have chosen to leave their home country and become an immigrant in a new one. There are those who are looking for a more peaceful place to live in as theirs has been torn apart by war. There are those who want to be an immigrant because there are some personal issues that they would want to leave behind. And then there are also those who are seeking for a country that has a strong economy so they can have a better financial status.

For those immigrants who are looking for better paying jobs, going to Canada just may be the answer that they are looking for. According to a new study, immigrants who have just entered the country and come highly skilled are actually able to earn more as compared to the average salary of a citizen of Canada. This goes to reflect that many of these individuals are actually able to get good paying jobs and are able to work on their financial status.

The report that was done

This report was done internally and it was backed by the government of the country. The report has shown that immigrants who come with high skills and are quite hard working are able to earn just about the same as the average citizen or may be able to earn more than that average. This is based on people’s annual income in the country. This is especially true for those immigrants who have just arrived in the country and have started working the soonest time possible upon being an immigrant.

With the help of a request via the Access to Information, it was the Canadian Press who was able to have their hands on the report for the first time outside the government of the country. The report does not only focus on the average income of immigrants versus the average citizen but it also looks into the possible results for all of those immigrants who have come to Canada as a whole. The study looked into the economic status, as well as their social status and this data was based on the different immigration types that the country is allowing immigrants in.

The results of the study

By working and analyzing the data that they were able to accumulate, immigrants who have come from all the various programs to get to Canada were actually doing better in terms of personal economy especially through time. It also reflected that those with high skills were able to get started faster than most and get really good jobs, thanks to their skills and experience. This allows them to earn more than the average. They also tend to get good positions as managers.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Zealand’s Enticing Offers For Immigrants

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Many individuals have been working really hard to make sure that they are able to fulfill all the requirements that New Zealand is asking for for one to become an immigrant there. This has been keeping the government of the country quite busy as they have been receiving quite a huge number of applications per day.

For those who are unaware of what New Zealand has to offer, they keep on asking just what is the country offering that is making a lot of people really want to be there as immigrants and work their way to becoming permanent residents? What is this big thing about New Zealand that everyone seems to want to have a piece of it? Well, here are some reasons why people have been working their very best to make it there.

There are a lot of activities to do in the country.

The country has a lot of activities for people to try out each and every day. Finding one that suits them best can be quite difficult as there are a lot of options. Most of the activities are outdoors and people who really like spending time outside their homes are having a lot of fun in the country. Immigrants can explore their options and get quite a huge list of things to do.

Some of the things to try in the country include, boat rides, skiing, hiking, biking, rafting on rivers, bungee jumping, pampering oneself in spas, trying out the local cuisine, wine tasting, sunning in the beaches, checking out art studios, finding beautiful outdoor cafes, watching cultural shows, immersing oneself in hot pools, attending concerts, kayaking, visiting mud pools, and just plain enjoying the wondrous outdoors of New Zealand.

English is the main language.

Many people find it hard to move to a country where the language is something that they are not familiar with. This is not the case for New Zealand as English is the primary language spoken. All around the world, there are only a few countries who are not familiar with English. In fact, it is said that a huge portion of the world speaks and understands English. And with that, speaking the language in New Zealand is not going to be quite hard as English is the main language used for conversation. This would definitely not be a barrier for a lot of people from around the world.

Stress is going to be the least of one’s worries.

Stress can definitely get to a person. But this is not the case for those who are living in New Zealand. The country is famous for its work-life balance and that allows people to unwind and have fun. Work is work but there should always be a balance with living one’s life. Many people find the country to be laid-back and definitely not as stressful as other countries around the world.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why Is The UK Interesting For Immigrants

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What makes the United Kingdom quite a big hit among potential immigrants? Immigration in the country has always been busy as there is a huge number of applicants each and every day. The UK government has to process these applications and see which ones can get to the country as they have submitted all the requirements. The big question now is what makes the country quite interesting for these potential immigrants? Here are some reasons:

There is something about Christmas in the UK.

For those who have not yet watched the film “Love Actually”, this should be high time to do so. This movie is set in the UK and it is set during Christmas time. There is definitely something about Christmas in the UK and immigrants should be more than excited to experience this season here. In some countries, Christmas only starts in December. However, in the UK, Christmas is such a big holiday there that from the middle of October, one would be able to see a variety of decorations and events that are focused on Christmas.

Immigrants in the country also get to experience looking at really wonderful window displays that are about Christmas. They can try and have fun at ice skating rinks and wander through the streets looking at Christmas decorations. There are plenty of Christmas-themed activities to try and do in the country and immigrants will definitely not feel sad during this season.

Movies have been shot here.

Plenty of movies have been shot in the United Kingdom and people may not necessarily remember what movies these were. However, once they are in the UK, they often get the feeling of being in a place that is quite familiar to them even though this is just their first time there. This is basically because the places have been used as a background in many movies.

So what movies have been shot in the country? The list includes Notting Hill, Love Actually, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Mary Poppins, A Clockwork Orange, The Omen, Assassin’s Creed, Bend It Like Beckham, The Da Vinci Code, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Fifth Element.

The UK can be weird.

How weird? Well, there are definitely laws that could make people raise an eyebrow (or guffaw with laughter). Weird laws that are still working in the country include dying in the Houses of Parliament as an illegal act. It is also illegal to publicly fly a kite, as well as the Salmon Act 1986 which warrants a more in-depth research for the reader. Of course, these are just a few of them. But it is highly important to keep in mind that ignorance of the law excuses no one.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

New Policy For Immigration In Canada Called A Blessing By Father Of Autistic Son

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For Samrat Saha, his big dream was to actually be approved as a resident of Canada. This was his dream for him and for his family. They are in Canada as immigrants and have been working hard to be able to be granted permanent residency status. Getting such a status seemed like something that they would only dream about as they have tried to apply for such but were given a denial. This was primarily because Saha’s son has autism and the rules really were not in favor of such. However, thanks to the changes done recently to Canada’s immigration policies, they have now been given the hope and are in big beliefs that they can now achieve the status that they have been working hard for.

The big changes to the immigration policy of the country have been made just recently and this was shared to the public through an announcement by Ahmed Hussen. Hussen works as the minister for Immigration of the country. The changes are definitely huge and it now allows individuals who have disabilities along with members of their families to be able to become immigrants in the country. This is definitely the type of news that Saha has been waiting for for so long.

Some people are worried. While some are not.

For some people, the changes are definitely something that they are worried about. For them, they have reservations on the kind of consequences that could happen once the changes are in place. Some have also expressed that the changes just may not be able to properly cover equality for all individuals with disabilities and may seem unfair for others.

On the other hand, there are individuals who are really happy for the changes that could be happening to the immigration policies. These people, like Saha, believe that Canada is now working towards rules that are fair to everybody. The country seems like it is already taking a stand and has principles when it comes to making sure that everybody’s rights are given the proper respect. It is also quite essential that the country is able to see that individuals with disabilities should not be held from being immigrants or from being permanent residents of the country especially if they have passed all the requirements and it is only the disability that is hindering them from achieving their aim.

Without the changes to the immigration policy.

Without the changes, the current policy says that the Canada government will not approve residency to an individual and his entire family if this individual has a medical condition or is disabled. This is primarily because this means that the country has to spend on the individual through its health system and social service system. The change will take this out of the equation and will mean giving a chance to individuals with disabilities.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Net For New Zealand Immigration Forecasted To Go Down

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For quite some time, the immigration levels in New Zealand have remained high. In fact, there was a period last year when the numbers each month seemed to break record after record after record. It was just a simple reflection of just how popular the country was to immigrants and how hard people have been working hard to be able to become immigrants in this country.

In recent news, it seems like experts have been looking at the immigration situation in New Zealand and they have found out that the numbers for immigration are likely to go down sometime in the future. This has been included in the report that has been created by the Minister of Business, Innovation and Employment (which is also known as the MBIE). The report has stated that the average migration numbers for the country will most likely go down to just around 65,000 individuals by June of 2019. This hypothesis has come from studying and uses the current policies and situations that immigration in the country is using. The average number of 65,000 is definitely lower from that of last year’s June number which came up to 72, 300.

The story found in the report

The report that was put together by the MBIE is known as the Migration Trends report and this one is made for the period 2016 to 2017. The newest one is the 17th one as part of a series of reports that are being produced yearly. Its focus actually is looking in-depth into any trends that come with temporary immigration as well as permanent immigration in the country. The data comes from official numbers from the government and these numbers are collected, studied, and analyzed to be able to find the story beneath.

As per the report, the latest period studied had shown that there was a decrease in the number of people who were given approval for residency in the country and the decrease amounted to 8%. The year before that, the country was able to get an increase of 21%. The difference is definitely huge and should say something about the trends that are happening in the country.

Some of the numbers

For the period studied, the report was able to find out that there was an increase in terms of the number of temporary workers that are in New Zealand. There were 152,432 of these temporary workers during the period studied and this number is a 16% increase as compared to the number of the year before that. This shows that many are venturing to the country despite just being a temporary worker there. Of course, it may also reflect the government’s policies on immigration and the need for workers.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

UK Work Growth May Be Affected By Curbing EU Free Movement

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According to experts who have been looking at the possible situation that the United Kingdom may be facing once the plan to exit the European Union happens, it is very possible that the work growth in the country would be greatly affected. This would be in terms of the lower growth in the number of jobs as well as a lower growth in terms of output from those who are doing the work. This would be very much likely be the situation once the United Kingdom pushes through with its plans of putting a restriction on the current free movement of immigrants from European Union member nations.

The migration advisers of the government who have been looking at what the future could bring if the plans push through is that the UK economy would also very much suffer because of the lowered growth in the number of jobs that the country would be experiencing. The lessened output in terms of work would also be a key ingredient in a weaker economy of the country. It is highly important that the government looks into these so that any plans can be made to make sure that these do not really happen.

What the experts say

Experts who have been focusing on the labor market have also looked at the data and created projections on what could possibly happen after the exit happens. Not having free movement from EU would bring about a lesser growth in terms of population in some parts of the country where these immigrants have chosen to reside in. At present, the country is in need of immigrants as their population is basically on the aging part. New blood could definitely boost the age average of its population.

Economists have also been saying that employers should be doing something about the possible things that could happen. Employers are suggested to work on having better wages so that they could bring in the needed immigrant workers to help them out with the work. It may also help inspire more of the locals to get up and help out with the various industries through their services and labor.

Paving the way for the final policies

New policies will be definitely made sometime in the future so as to be prepared for the exit from the EU. Amber Rudd, the country’s Home Secretary, has put together the commission that has been working on the data and the analysis of the numbers. Final plans with regards to the future policies may be put together by autumn of this year so as to help out have better plans and solutions to possible problems and issues. That way, any grave situations may be avoided so as not to affect the country greatly.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Immigrants, Weather, and Culture: What To Know About Canada

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People may have been wanting to go to Canada because of the things that they have heard about it about what they may have seen on the news. They may also have wanted to be an immigrant there because their current country’s economic conditions are not as good as they want it to be and so greener pastures are what they may be wanting. And Canada is a good answer to that.

For those potential immigrants that want to be in Canada, there are things that they should know. Here are some of those things that one must learn about the country before they actually step foot there.

What’s the weather?

One of the things that people cannot control is the weather. If immigrants are willing to see how it is to live with both the sun or and the snow, then Canada should be a wonderful place to be in. See, this country has got both the sun and the snow. The country has got both and people can experience just how it is to have these types of weather around.

Some may say that snow can be tough. However, it is important to note that there are really good pieces of clothing that can help individuals battle it out with the snow. There is no need to worry though as the snowy season in Canada is not too harsh as it can be in other portions of the world.

And when it comes to having some sun, bask in the sun and find out how glorious the sun can feel on the skin during the summer months. The country also has really good places for people to go to so they can really enjoy the rays and enjoy summer.

What’s the culture like?

Many immigrants who have made their way to Canada have been more than happy to disclose that the country and its citizens have been quite welcoming. This attitude towards immigrants has helped them adapt better in the new place that they are in. For those immigrants who are afraid that there may be racism and such in this country, they should not be worried as the country has been known to be home to a ton of different cultures and so being of a different race is not something new.

In fact, looking at the numbers, there are really a lot of officials in the Parliament that have come from different races. Going around the country’s cities and provinces, one can definitely find a variety of cultures, languages and even religions. Being from a different country is not going to be a big deal and in fact, immigrants can find communities that can help them immerse well in Canada and also be able to find a home away from home through the help of those who are of the same culture as theirs.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Learn Why New Zealand Is Appealing To Immigrants

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For many years, many individuals have been moving across the globe to make their way to New Zealand. This is not a secret and that is why one can definitely see quite a huge number of immigrants in the country.

The question though is what makes New Zealand quite appealing to all of these immigrants? Right now, the numbers have remained high and there seems to be quite a huge number still of interested individuals who are working on all the requirements so they can become a part of the country.

#1: The food is from everywhere.

Although New Zealand may have local dishes like Hangi, colonial goose, pork and puha, anzac biscuits, afghan biscuits, hokey pokey ice cream, lolly cake, and pavlova, individuals who may still be looking for new types of food can find that there. As a country where immigrants are plenty, it is not surprising to find a variety of dishes from all around the globe. There are Asian cuisine restaurants, European dishes, and other gastronomic delights from everywhere else in the world. Now, if immigrants are just keen on trying out the best of New Zealand’s food, they can definitely feast on lamb, cheese, seafood, and wine as these are products of the country and are being exported to other countries.

#2: Plenty of housing options for everybody.

Because the country is quite huge and the land area is definitely large, one can expect a lot of housing options for everybody. Space is definitely not an issue. Of course, there are spots around the country where housing can be difficult as most of the people flock there and this happens mostly in the big cities. However, for those immigrants who are looking for a less stressful life outside the city, then finding housing options there are going to be huge.

#3: A democratic country that one can enjoy.

There are countries that claim to be democratic but really do not give its citizens that much freedom. However, this is not the case in New Zealand. The whole country is free and people do not have to go with just what most people are doing. Moving from one place to another is definitely open for everybody and so immigrants can definitely see just how locals are okay with moving and traveling around the country.

Respect for other people is highly regarded and so race does not matter. There is also no such thing as classes that put individuals in certain groups where they should “belong”. Immigrants who have been in the country are more than happy to share that they have noticed that dressing to look like they have come straight out from fashion magazines is not a big thing. In fact, appearances are not given that much priority.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Two Reasons Why Immigrants Love The UK

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Immigrants need to find something to love in a new country that they will be living in. This is because it would be quite hard for them to easily go back to their home country in case something does not work out right for them. In fact, they have to be able to adjust well to the new society that they would be working around in.

In the United Kingdom, immigrants should not have a hard time finding something to love there as there are plenty of things for people to experience here. What are these things that the UK has got? Well, read on and find out.

Reason #1: Plenty of communities to be involved with.

For those individuals who feel like getting involved in various communities is a really good thing, then the United Kingdom is definitely a good place to be in. See, the country is home to quite a huge number of communities that vary. So finding the right one should not be too difficult. Also, for those immigrants who are having a hard time adjusting to the new country that they are in, these communities should be able to help them with that. And if finding something new to eat is what makes immigrants happy, these communities can help them with that as well as they bring something unique from their own country and share it with the community that they are involved in.

The real reason for the huge number of communities in the UK is because a huge portion of the population of the country is made up of individuals who have come from other countries or individuals who have a foreign background as children of immigrants themselves.

Reason #2: The love for culture.

Culture is something that most people need. And for some, it is something that they want to have. For those who want or need culture, the United Kingdom is the best place to be an immigrant in. It offers a variety of places to get the dose of culture that they want or need. There are plenty of countries around the world but access to culture does not come as easy as it does in Britain.

There are museums that one can visit and among these museums in the country are some of the world’s best. There are cinemas that should help immigrants find escape through videos and movies and films. There are places to marvel at pieces of art and there are theaters to visit as well as galleries to spend time in. The country is definitely a great place to be in and immigrants are more than happy to share that they find the place to be something worth living in.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

2018 Starts Eventful For Canada Provincial Nominee Programs

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In Canada, the government makes sure that it does its best to make sure that there are enough workers to do the needed jobs in various industries. It also makes sure that whatever needs the country has and the solution cannot be found right there, it will do its best to make sure that these needs are given a solution. This is how programs like the Provincial Nominee Programs have been put together. The goal of these programs would be to actually make sure that there are enough people working on what needs to be done.

In recent data, it has been disclosed that the first quarter for this year, 2018, have been quite eventful and busy especially for the country’s Provincial Nominee Programs (which is also known as PNPs). According to experts, this has happened as important changes to the programs have definitely made the performance of these programs to be better than it was before. It is not a secret that the Canadian government does its best to make sure that any changes needed in the programs are done so that these would work better and more efficiently. And it seems like those changes are doing just what it should be doing.

2018 and the first quarter

According to data, during the first quarter of this year, the Provincial Nominee Programs of the country had gone through activity that was quite significant. It also showed significant innovation which means that these programs are doing quite well. These are the programs that make sure that any provinces in the country as well as other areas are able to have nominations for people to get a permanent residency status. Those that would be nominated would all depend on the needs for laborers in the specific area. During the first three months of 2018, the PNPs in the areas of Ontario as well as British Columbia were doing quite well and have kept the government quite busy.

The Canadian government has Multi-Year Immigration Levels which is a plan on immigration. With this, it has made the target for immigrants through PNPs to 55,000 for the year. This is 4,000 more than last year’s numbers and quota. Despite the increase in numbers, it has been quite a busy first three months of 2018.

How busy it was

The PNP for Ontario, which is known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (or the OINP), have definitely had its fair share of activities for the first quarter of this year. It has been noted to be among the busiest PNPs for the period. The most active one for the OINP was the stream on Human Capital Priorities (which is also known as the HCP). It had been able to have seven rounds of sending out invitations.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Things Immigrants Should Know About New Zealand

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There are definitely a lot of people who are doing their best so that they would become immigrants in New Zealand. And these people should definitely learn more about the country and everything in it before they actually start heading to the country. It is best to be armed with knowledge especially in a new country that is far away from the people they have grown with.

So what should immigrants know about New Zealand? Well, here are some of the things that one should know about the country.

The people are friendly and quite positive.

Ask around and ask people who have been to New Zealand. Most of them will say just how friendly the locals of the country are. There are countries in the world where being friendly is not a priority. However, for New Zealand, being friendly is definitely everyone’s game. This is said to be because the Kiwis are more relaxed as people and have a really positive attitude when it comes to their outlook in life.

Because the people are quite so friendly, they are also known to be individuals who are down-to-earth. This means that they are not so keen on having pretensions or having illusions about things and about other people. They are also quite practical about things and are grounded in terms of their ideals.

Love a variety of cultures? New Zealand is the place to be.

New Zealand has become a nation because of immigrants and immigration. Thus, one can definitely say that the country has become a melting pot of cultures from all around the globe. Being an immigrant in New Zealand may seem hard but it will be quite easier as many people there are more than willing to help out as they have started out as immigrants themselves.

At present, a majority of the population of New Zealand has European origins. Of course, it is important not to leave behind immigrants who have hailed from Asia as well as other countries in the Pacific. Despite being colonized for a time, as compared to other nations which have been colonized, New Zealanders are not quite racist and are happy to have plenty of cultures around them.

Corruption is definitely not a priority.

A lot of countries around the world make it to the news for being corrupt. This is not the case in New Zealand as corruption seems like something that is not a priority for those in the government. In fact, the country has been ranked as second in a recent study which is the Corruptions Perceptions Index. This means that there is definitely less stress there as corruption is something that people do not have to worry about.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More EU Nationals Applying For UK Citizenship

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With the upcoming move of the United Kingdom to exit the European Union, many nationals from European Union member nations are making sure that they do not have to leave the UK. With the exit, it means that there would not any more free movement between EU member nations. This means that those EU nationals in Britain will have to leave the country once the free movement ceases to exist. This is one of the reasons why many of the EU nationals in Britain are now applying for citizenship in the country.

According to the most recent report on immigration and citizenship in the country, there has been quite a spike upwards when it comes to the number of EU nationals who have actually sent in their applications to become citizens of the United Kingdom. The data has also reflected that the biggest increase in applications have been from those individuals whose native countries are Spain, Germany, and France.

The numbers go up

Getting citizenship in the United Kingdom means having to comply with all the requirements set by the UK government. That is why all of those immigrants in the country are doing their very best to make sure that they are able to get all the requirements in order so they would be granted the citizenship that they want to have.

As for the most recent data, there has been a significant increase in the number of citizens from Germany, France, and Italy who have sent in their applications to become a citizen of Britain. The news on the exit of the UK from the EU has been going around for the past three years and since that piece of news has gone out, many of those EU nationals have definitely worked on getting citizenships in the UK. This definitely shows just how important the UK is to these people and that they would choose to live here rather than go back to their own country.

There were almost 30,000 individuals from EU member nations who have sent in their applications for citizenship. This data has been collated from June of 2016 right up until 2017. With the exit getting nearer and nearer each day, the number definitely is going to continue to rise.

The data speaks

Data from the UK government has shown that those from Poland are on the top of the list of those who are doing their best to get a citizenship status in the UK. These are the ones who have been topping the list for the past three years.

The biggest spike in terms of the number of applications actually comes from those from Germany. From January of 2016 right up until June of 2016, there were only 797 applications sent in from this group. However, a year after that, for the same period, the applications have gone up to a high of 2,338.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Masters Graduate Stream In Ontario, Canada Reopened

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Graduates of masters programs who are interested in being immigrants in Canada have been very thankful for the Masters Graduate Stream that is being offered by Ontario for some time. However, the hopes of those who were planning on making it to the country through this stream were short-lived when the province has decided to stop running it.

However, recently, those who have all the requirements to be qualified for the Masters Graduate Stream and are willing to be immigrants in Canada are definitely going to be happy with the newest update on this. See, the province of Ontario has decided to bring back the stream and so they have reopened it just quite recently. This stream is surely one of the most popular streams in the country and among students from around the globe. The reopening happened on the 5th of April and they were opened to all those who were interested and were international graduates. Applications were open to all who were interested in it.

How the reopening fared

In an announcement on the morning of the 5th of April, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (which is also known as the OINP) has announced that it will be reopening the Masters Graduate Stream. After the stream was opened, less than an hour later, the OINP had to close it again. This was not because it was not doing well but because the stream had received quite a huge amount of applications and that number had definitely hit the quota. That is why the stream had closed quite so quickly. This just goes to show just how many individuals from around the world want to really become an immigrant in the country.

The OINP offers two programs for immigration under the International Student Category and the Masters Graduate Stream is one of the two. As for the other one, it is for those individuals who are graduates of PhD and these individuals should have successfully completed any degree from an eligible academic institution in the province of Ontario.

A bit of the Masters Graduate Stream

The Masters Graduate Stream is really quite popular because it does not require applicants to have a job offer. Other types of streams do need applicants to have a job offer from a company in Canada. This is not the case of the Masters Graduate Stream. According to the people behind the stream, this stream has been put together so that international graduates who have finished their masters studies in Ontario need not move out or away. This means that those graduates of masters programs will be able to help out the province with their chosen field of expertise since they have been given a good residency status to keep staying where they are.

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13 Immigrants Are Now New Zealand’s Most Recent Citizens

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The process of being an immigrant is not something as easy as going to the grocery store and purchasing what is needed. In fact, it can be described as a process where one’s patience can be tested. There are requirements that an interested individual must be able to fulfill and these should be in accordance to the rules and policies that the country has set. So for those who have been wanting to be immigrants in New Zealand, these people would have to make sure that they are able to fulfill all the needed requirements to be granted the chance to be an immigrant in this country.

Being an immigrant is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the immigrants want to become permanent residents of the country as it offers quite a relaxed and wonderful lifestyle that is beneficial overall for people. With that, immigrants have to go through another process to be able to get the residency status that they want. And recently, thirteen new citizens have been granted the status that they have been working hard for.

Welcoming 13 new citizens

The newest citizens of New Zealand had their own stories to tell regarding how they were able to get to their goals. For one of them, the process was quite eventful and so the reward is definitely worth it. The latest citizenship ceremony had happened last 29th of March in Hawera in New Zealand.

For Julia Collier, the whole journey was definitely something that she could tell her grandchildren about. Collier was from Mexico originally and she definitely is happy that she has now gotten the status that she has long wanted and worked for. It took her eight years to be able to get to her goal but it was all definitely worth it. For her, New Zealand is not just a home for her. As an immigrant, she has already found a home in New Zealand and has loved what it has got to offer. Now that she is officially a citizen of this place, she is very proud to say that New Zealand is not just a home for her but it is also her country.

The citizenship ceremony

For those who have worked long and hard to become citizens of New Zealand, the citizenship ceremony definitely puts everything they have worked hard for official. Most of those who attend such include the family and friends of the new citizens. It also includes councilors of the districts as well as board members of communities. These people are the support groups who do their best to make sure that the welcome to the newest citizens of the country would be something that they would remember.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Ending European Free Movement In The UK Could Lead To Population Shrinkage

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The world has been talking about the upcoming plans of the United Kingdom to actually go through with its exit from the European Union. This is a big deal and it will definitely have great effects to the country. According to a new report, one of the top changes that could happen to Britain if this move goes through is that there would be a shrinkage in population especially in some parts of the country once free movement of EU member nation immigrants come to a halt.

According to a new study that was done, some parts of the United Kingdom would be experiencing shrinkage in terms of population. This should happen once the net immigration also slows down because of the end of the free movement between European Union member nations. This is as per the very first inquiry done on an official basis with regards to what the country would need in terms of immigration and immigrants. The labor market in the country would definitely be affected by this greatly as there would be a lot less immigrants in the country.

The newest report and its findings

The report was done by the Migration Advisory Committee of the country and it was published just a week ago. The findings had disclosed that a huge portion of employers in the country have been hiring workers straight from the European Economic Area (which is also known as the EEA) along with three other countries – Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway. As per the employers, they are hiring from these places because locals there are qualified to do the work and are also a lot more motivated as compared to workers in Britain.

Another point that the committee has been able to see is that the wages of these immigrant workers may also be a big factor in why UK employers are choosing to get employees from these countries in Europe as compared to hiring locals. These immigrant workers can be paid a lot less as compared to paying local Britons. This would mean that they are able to get more savings for their business. Of course, not many business owners would claim that such is true.

Meet the MAC

MAC is the other term for the Migration Advisory Committee and it was Amber Rudd who actually put MAC into action. Rudd is the home secretary of the country. And with Rudd’s authorization, the MAC set out just last July to actually go ahead and do an investigation on what the effects would be to the labor market of the country once it pushes through with leaving the EU. The committee also had to work on checking into what the country would need in terms of immigration so that its economy would remain strong.

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