Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Immigration System In The United Kingdom Is Points-Based

The government of the United Kingdom has decided to go ahead with using a new system for immigration since the country has already exited the European Union. The new system has long been planned for and it would be based on points. Though there have been many groups and individuals who have voiced out their dislike for the new system that the government has been working on, the UK government has decided to push on and use it.

Those who have been voicing out their opinion about the system for immigration has said that they believe that it is quite outdated. Now, it does seem like the immigration system has been exposing the loopholes that the system was not prepared for – a pandemic brought about by the coronavirus. Despite this, the government believes that the system that they have put together is still going to work best for the country and it will continue to use it to help bring in the needed immigrants in the country.

The new system for immigration

The Home Office has sent out a guide that clarified the plans of the government and this was disclosed back in February. The rules specified on the details of the individuals who can join the United Kingdom as immigrant workers starting in 2021. It should serve as a guide for all employers in the country. With the new system, individuals who will be awarded visas would be based on that person’s skills, salary, and qualifications. It would also be based on the shortage of occupations in the country.

This is going to be a big change for business owners in the United Kingdom, the document from the Home Office continued to share. It also shared that it is a change that the businesses have to follow so they will need to adapt to the new rules. The new rules will be giving equal opportunities for all people who are not from the United Kingdom. Even those from the European Union who may have been given preferential treatment before will be on equal footing with individuals from other countries.

Bringing in the best and the brightest people

Priti Patel is the UK’s Home Secretary. He said that the new policy on immigration was made to be such to help bring in the best and the brightest people to the country. There has yet to be a plan on how to bring in those that may be classified as individuals with low skills. These low skilled immigrant workers are the ones who have been keeping countries running in the current outbreak of the coronavirus. The UK government has been urged to quickly work on this to help the country out. These trying times need these low-skilled immigrant workers the most.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Education And How This Helps People Become Immigrants In Canada

With the many pathways to get to Canada, those people who are interested in making it to Canada as immigrants find the best one which they could qualify for. If they are not yet qualified, they do what they need to do to make sure that they are able to do so. They would work hard and make sure that they are able to make it to the country that has been a dream for them.

There are some ways that a person can easily make it to the country. One of them is to have a degree from a university or a college. The country has been looking for some individuals who can help out with the jobs that the country’s businesses need done. Many of these jobs need skilled immigrant workers and most of these need a degree from a university or a college to be qualified as skilled. The list of jobs includes IT experts, engineers, and technicians. These professions cannot be easily gained just by learning on one’s own time but rather a formal education is needed.

Investing skills and knowledge in Canada

Canada has announced to the entire world that it is open to all people who are willing to be immigrants there. They are looking for people who would like to invest their skills and their talents in the country and share their services to the businesses that need them. The country is definitely in need of more people not just to help the aging population but also to help the workforce. With that, the government of the country has already put a target of bringing in 350,000 new immigrants each year until 2021.

One business owner has been looking at the data and the situation of Canada in terms of its labor market. Despite having a huge population of 40 million, the country still needs more people to help out. With many people having retired, there is just not enough to help out the businesses that have set up shop in Canada. This is why business owners are happy that the government of Canada has been doing its best to help the businesses which would also help strengthen the economy of the country. Immigrants coming to the country are expected to contribute their skills and knowledge to the country.

Entering Canada with education

The immigration system in Canada uses points. Points are awarded to a person for their educational attainment, their work experience and their proficiency in the French and/or English languages. There are also points awarded for their country of origin. With regards to education, the points awarded depends on the highest attainment that a person has achieved. It all depends on what the individual has reached in terms of education and if that education has an equivalent to the standard of education in the country.

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Traveling In And Around Germany: What Immigrants In Germany Need To Know About

When immigrants make their way to Germany, they can be quite amazed at the huge amount of culture that the country has to offer. They would then try and know their way around the place that they would be living in because it would allow them to know how to go to the places that they need to go to. They can explore the vicinity and be familiar with the things that come with living in the country.

Soon enough, when immigrants have already found their footing in the country, they may soon find themselves wanting to explore more. They may want to visit new places and also be interested in exploring what the country has to offer. It is a good thing that Germany has quite a beautiful transit system that would allow immigrants to do just that. That is why it is important that immigrants learn how to get in and about the country so that they can see Germany and everything else surrounding it.

Beautiful transit system

Germans are known for their efficiency and that is reflected in the country’s transit systems. Trains are one of the major ways of getting from one place to another and Germans are always treated to trains that always come and go on time. Using the trains as an excuse for being late is definitely not acceptable. The train system in Germany use rail connections that are high-speed and they connect the country’s big cities.

Immigrants in Germany know that using the trains is not only efficient but is also quite cheap on the pocket. The country is also home to a train system known as ICE which can go at 330 km per hour. Aside from that, the people in the country are also treated to trains that are not just fast and cheap but are also quite spacious and clean.

For towns that are smaller, people there can make use of buses that are also quite reliable and inexpensive as well. Germans can always choose to own a car to drive around but many choose to take public transit since it is efficient.

Traveling outside Germany

People in other countries can have a hard time getting in and about their country to visit other countries. This can be because of the expensive plane tickets or the location of their country. However, people in Germany can actually enjoy exploring not just the country itself but other countries surrounding it.

The country is in quite a good location that going to other countries in Europe would not be quite a difficult thing. Plus, traveling outside the country is quite easy and is also very affordable. That is why immigrants love living in Germany since they get to explore not only the beauty that the country has to offer but they can also easily explore a good part of Europe.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Reasons Immigrants Are Choosing Canada During These Times

No country is really safe from the coronavirus and Canada has been one of the countries that is doing its best to contain the virus so it does not spread and wreak even more havoc than it already has. Canada has been doing the best measures to do this and has advised that people should not go out and just inside their homes instead. Borders in and out of the country have been closed and are only open for important trips. But the way that Canada has been handling the situation has been attracting the interest of many potential immigrants.

Many things may have been put to a halt in Canada but the system for immigration definitely has not. As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC), the country is still open to receiving applications from potential immigrations and they are working on processing the applications. Many immigrants are very interested in living a better life in Canada even with the pandemic being a threat. These immigrants have various reasons why they are choosing Canada and here are some.

Canada is in need of immigrants.

Before the crisis brought about by the coronavirus had found its way on Canada, the government of the country had just released its plan on the newest immigration levels that it was aiming for. The target for the year would be 390,000 right up until 2022.

The crisis may already be in the country and there is still a need for immigrants in Canada. The country still needs to help its population. Immigrants have been helping bring down the average age of the country’s population, which is currently aging. There is also a need for immigrants to help out in the labor force.

Applications today would ensure that immigrants arrive in the country after the crisis.

Starting on the application today can help individuals make it to Canada at the soonest time possible. The application can take some time given the current situation but it does not mean that it would not be processed. The government is looking at around six months to a year of waiting for the approval or disapproval of any application. However, it also means that those who apply right now and get approved later on would surely not have to worry about the coronavirus crisis since, hopefully, it would be gone by the time they get word back.

Canada is working on a quick recovery plan.

The government of Canada has been working hard and long to create a plan that would help the country and the people in it rise up once again after the crisis is over. Aside from that, the government is also working on measures that would help make sure that the country would not be too affected by lessening the impact of the crisis.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

In This Time Of Having A Pandemic, New Zealand Continues To Thrive, Thanks To Immigrant Workers Who Are Not Categorized As Skilled

Many countries around the world, New Zealand included, have been doing their best to bring in immigrant workers who are categorized as skilled. They are the ones who come with the necessary skills that the country needs and most of them require years of education and experience. The list includes engineers and architects and technicians and IT professionals and the like.

However, with the pandemic sweeping all around the globe, things are definitely changing and the skilled immigrants are usually holed up in their homes and could not go out as highly recommended by the medical sector. But there are things that are basic and people need and there are people known as frontliners who are now risking to go out and do the jobs that they need to do. In New Zealand, immigrant workers who have not been given much attention before because they are unskilled are now working hard to help keep the country and its citizens thriving. The tables have definitely turned and New Zealand is thankful for these “unskilled” immigrant workers who are keeping their country afloat.

The previous preference for skilled immigrant workers

New Zealand has been known all around the world to be quite open to immigrants. However, what many people do not know is that the country has long been preferring skilled immigrant workers over those who do not have the necessary skills that the country is looking for. With the changing of the times though because of the pandemic known as COVID-19, New Zealand is now reliant on the services that these unskilled immigrant workers are providing.

It is important to understand though that it is not about being racist or hostile towards people who belong to this category. In fact, New Zealand is quite known and is proud of being a country that is friendly to all kinds of people. It is quite progressive too and the locals believe that it is because of their culture of spreading fairness and kindness to all people. It just so happened that the skilled immigrant workers that the country has been recruiting were the ones that the country needed the most when there was no pandemic yet.

The help from the “unskilled” immigrant workers

Right now, with most people holed up in their homes to avoid spreading the virus and help out with containing it, there is still a need for the basic services and goods and that is where these “unskilled” immigrant workers are helping out. New Zealand is continuing to thrive despite the pandemic and they are the ones in the workforce who are manning the supermarkets and the food distribution services. They are also the ones helping out with the petrol stations and helping out with aged care. They have also been providing their services for security services.

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Imperial College London: One Of The Universities In The United Kingdom That Attracts Immigrant Students

The importance of education is something that has been instilled in most people by their parents since they were kids. They keep saying that education is one thing that parents can give their kids that nobody else can take away from them. Education also serves as a person’s armor in this world where knowledge is a big thing. And for many, the need to find a good pathway is what they are aimed at. The Imperial College London in the United Kingdom is one of the most popular universities in the world that immigrant students choose to study in.

For many immigrant students around the world, they wish to take a good program that would help them on their way to a good career or to help them enhance their current careers. They aim to study in one of the top universities in the world because it would help them achieve their goals. With a world-renowned education, their resume would stand out. Aside from that, immigrant students can be sure that they would be getting a quality education. Imperial College London surely has been able to do just that.

The history of Imperial College London

This university in the United Kingdom was formed back in 1907. It all started when three of the colleges in London had merged and has become the Imperial College London. It can be found right next to the Kensington Palace which is in the Royal Borough right in Chelsea and Kensington. It also has other campuses in other spots in London.

The student population

At present, the university has around 16,000 students and around 8,000 staff who help out in teaching and running the whole campus. As per the student population, it is quite open to immigrant students and there is definitely a huge amount of them in the school. Imperial College London has immigrant students who come from over 125 countries. This definitely reflects just how much the world looks at the university and how the university accepts these international students.

Achievements under its belt

This university in the United Kingdom has been quite consistent in getting ranked as one of the best universities in the world. It has also been one of the top universities in technology, medicine, business, engineering, and science.

Imperial College London also has produced some of the top scientists. It also has been able to produce medalists in Fields as well as winners of the Nobel prize. Many government advisers as well as influential policymakers have been honed in the four corners of the campus. A good amount of graduates from this university have also gone on to have successful paths including creating innovations that have been groundbreaking for industries and businesses.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Pilot Agri-Food Immigration Pathway In Canada Currently Postponed And May Be Launched In May

The government of Canada has long planned the pilot Agri-Food Immigration program to help bring in the needed immigrants who can help out with the agriculture and food industry in the country. These industries are some of the most vital in Canada and in just about any other country in the world. A lot of work needs to be done in these industries and Canada needs all the help that it can get to make these industries running smoothly.

However, the current crisis that has been brought about by the coronavirus has been a cause for delay in the implementation of the immigration program. The start date would have to be moved. The government of Canada has decided to reschedule the launch of the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot so they can focus more on responding to the problems that the coronavirus has brought about. It would also allow the government to help contain the virus and not let it spread even further.

The changes in schedule

Now, the pilot program for the agri-food industries have been rescheduled and the new date that it would start accepting applications would be on May 15, 2020 and would end on May 14, 2023. The first date that it was supposed to open and be in effect would be March 30 but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government of Canada has decided to move the opening date.

With the new immigration pilot, immigrants would be able to use it as a pathway to make it as permanent residents of the country. Those who would be able to take advantage of this pathway would be workers in the country who are part of the agri-food sector, especially those who are in the industries that produce mushroom and meat. This is definitely a good way for the country to bring in the needed help and help retain them in the country. Food and agriculture are very important industries and Canada needs all the help that it can get.

Understanding that there are delays

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has shared that individuals who may be working on all of the needed documents that they would need to apply via this route should be prepared for delays. They may experience delays in getting the documents that they would need given that the focus of Canada right now is to make sure that the virus is contained. Most of the services that provide and process these documents have been suspended temporarily or the workforce is not enough because of the current situation to help out with responding to the situations brought about by COVID-19. Given the new date of launch, individuals who may need to work on their documents should have enough time despite the delays to work on their documents.

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Immigrants And Refugees In Germany Are Essential In Filling Gaps In Labor

With a population that is aging, Germany has been working hard to be able to find the right people who will be able to help out with its workforce. And with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has now looked at sources of added laborers to help out deal with this. At present, the top groups that the country has seen to be good help for them would be the immigrant communities and the refugees that are in the country. Just like in any country in the world, Germany needs all the help that it can get.

Germany has been dealing with the pandemic as much as it can. The government of the country has also been looking and anticipating shortages in terms of medical staff to help out care for those who may have gotten the disease. The government is also anticipating a shortage in the number of farmworkers. With that, Germany’s government has decided to open up the jobs even for those individuals who are usually not permitted to do the work. This is how Germany is dealing with the gaps in labor.

Equipped with equipment but not enough staff

As per the government of Germany, the country is equipped. They have more equipment that has been put as reserves in case the pandemic becomes even worse. However, the government is also quick to recognize that they may have the equipment but they do not have enough staff from the medical field who would man the hospitals. That is why the government and medical authorities have recognized the importance of tapping immigrants and refugees to help out. It is not the solution but it can be a temporary answer to the growing crisis.

The regional medical board of Saxony has also started to advertise to get the attention of immigrant doctors in the country so they can help out with the rise in the number of cases of individuals who have become positive for Covid-19. As per the ad on Facebook by the board, immigrant doctors who are in the region can help with caring for patients who have been affected by the virus even if they still do not have the license to do that in Germany.

The response

As per the most recent update from the regional medical board, there have been around 300 immigrant doctors who have signed up. Many of those immigrant doctors have already applied for licenses and their applications are still underway and not yet complete. They have also quite flourishing careers back in their home countries before they made their way to Germany. The regional medical board also disclosed that they may not have the license but the help that these immigrant doctors can give to the country is quite welcome.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Immigration To Canada Amidst The Coronavirus

The coronavirus bringing along COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc all around the globe. Cities and countries are on lockdown and nobody can get in or out easily. Governments are trying to contain the virus and people are advised to do social distancing to help slow down or even stop the spread of the virus. Canada has been working on containing the virus as well and it also wants to make sure that it continues to work on what the country needs as normally as possible. There are adjustments that need to be made especially in terms of immigration policies and Canada has been working on that.

Here are some of the vital information that individuals and potential immigrants should know about the immigration policies in Canada which have been put in place in the past few weeks. The rules can change and that would be dependent on how the whole pandemic pans out.

The people who can be allowed to enter Canada.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) has stated that there are only certain people who are allowed entry to Canada during these trying times. The period that the IRCC has stated for this to be in effect would be right up until the end of June 2020. The people who are allowed entry and are known as exempted individuals are urged to regularly monitor the website of the federal government of Canada before they actually buy that ticket.

The people who are known as exempted individuals are the following:
  • Citizens of Canada
  • Permanent residents
  • The immediate family of citizens of Canada
  • The immediate family of permanent residents
  • Applicants for permanent residence visas who have received approval for their application before March 16. They should also not have traveled to the country yet.
  • Foreign workers with temporary status
  • Immigrant students who have a study permit that is valid or has gotten approval on March 18, 2020
  • Passengers who are transiting

Immediate family are a dependent child, a parent, a step-parent, a spouse, a common-law partner, a grandchild, a tutor, or a guardian.

The rules on land travel

Canada has also changed the rules on land travel. There has been an agreement between the USA and Canada. In the agreement, all traffic that is non-essential would not be allowed between USA and Canada. However, Canadians who were visiting the USA can still go back home to Canada.

Immigrants who may want to get an update on their immigrant status are advised not to travel to the border of the two countries. They should wait for further notice from the Canadian federal government. This type of travel is seen as something that is not essential. Those who are in the country temporarily can apply for an update on their status online on the website of the IRCC.

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