Saturday, April 29, 2017

Retail In UK Can Go Down With Controlled Immigration

There have been individuals and groups who were all for choosing to taking back the control over the borders of the United Kingdom. For them, immigration to the country has brought about a huge number of issues to the country and they would like that to stop. However, it is highly important to keep in mind that though there may be issues, immigration to the UK has also brought about benefits and these benefits are very important in keeping several industries in the country running smoothly.

According to the Office for National Statistics, or more commonly known as the ONS, the official branch of the United Kingdom government that works with data and numbers, if immigration is controlled and the number of immigrants are limited to a really low number, the retail industry of the country could actually go down and that would not be beneficial for the whole country. This industry should include wholesale businesses as well as restaurants. This is as per a statement that they had sent out last 12th of April this year.

The results of a survey

As per the ONS, they had decided to study the phenomenon that is known as UK immigration. They did their own research and worked out the numbers that they had acquired during the survey that they had done. They focused on the country’s work force. As per the results, there were some 761,000 individuals working in the retail industry back in the year 2016 in the country who were not natural-born Britons. Of the total, 508,000 individuals actually came from a variety of countries who are part of the European Union. There were around 27 countries that these workers came from.

With that, it is essential to keep in mind that the number of workers that really do provide assistance to the country’s retail industry and the country’s economy is huge. Take out immigration of the equation and the country can definitely have to go through a rough time picking up the pieces. These immigrants play a huge role in how the country runs especially when it comes to labor.

Stopping the negative effects

Of course, learning about the story that comes with the numbers, there has been a move from retailers to make sure that this does not happen to the country. Retailers from the United Kingdom have a trade association and this is the British Retail Consortium. The group has been working on sending out word that they are not going to be happy if this happens and so to avoid it, they are asking the government of the country to make the right moves.

If the right move is made, then it would be good for the country and the retail industry (and the rest of the country) would be thankful for the government for making sure that immigration is not affected so as to make sure that the economy also isn’t.


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Friday, April 28, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Attracting Techies

There are a variety of reasons why countries like New Zealand are open to immigration. One of the top reasons is that they need the people to live on their land. See, New Zealand is an island and it did not have that much people living in it. But, thanks to immigration, they are now slowly growing their population. This population is very important to the country’s economy as well as they are the people who do provide the manpower for a lot of businesses and for a lot of other services that the country needs to run smoothly.

Indeed, it is not a secret that to run a country, you would not only need a good government - you would also need quite the team of workers who will be doing all the other tasks that are needed to get the job done. Since there is a limited number of workers in the country, the government has now focused on attracting all of the skilled workers from other countries to choose immigration to New Zealand. So far, they are focused on attracting the technologically skilled individuals.

What the country does to lure immigrants in

One of the top programs that immigrants are using to get to New Zealand would be the LookSee campaign which is basically for Wellington, one of the top urban areas in New Zealand that is also one of the places with a really big population. The LookSee campaign for Wellington has been quite a success as it has gotten around 48,000 individual applications.

LookSee is actually a program that involves a number of groups working together. The list includes the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency and Immigration New Zealand. It also involves Workhere and NZTech. Together, they are able to create a good program that would entice the technologically skilled individuals to choose New Zealand immigration.

Technology roles for immigrants

Graeme Muller is the current chief for NZTech. In a recent statement, he shared that he is excited with what is happening. He is happy to see the demand for those who are skilled when it comes to technology. He is also happy to learn about the high amount of individuals who have applied for the roles. However, he has also continued to share that aside from just luring the technologically skilled individuals to be immigrants to New Zealand, the country itself should work on its educational system and institutions so as to help hone locals to have the skills needed.

Muller continues that New Zealand is not the only country that is in need of such skilled individuals. He says that there are other countries as well that need such talent. And so, by honing local talent and skills, the country is helping its own and is also helping other countries.


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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Canada Competing As Top Immigration Choice Among Students

A number of students who are currently studying in the United States has had problems recently with the immigration ban that the Trump government has put up. With that, some has had to go back home to where they have come from while there are some who have not been able to go back to the country because of ban. This has been quite problematic for the students who may have been looking for higher education.

However, there seems to be a bright light for these individuals shining from the neighboring country, and that is Canada. With no immigration ban in the country and it being open to immigrants, these students are now looking at Canada as a top choice to be an immigrant to and get the education that they need. After all, the country also is home to really good educational institutions and universities like McGill University, the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and Western University.

Canada is a ray of hope

For many people who are having a lot of trouble with the United States because of the ban, Canada is now looking like a ray of hope. It has been welcoming to all of those who have found themselves country-less and it also is quite near the United States. It has been quite the option for a lot of people and Canada has not disappointed.

Ted Sargent is currently working as the international vice president of the University of Toronto. He has recently stated that this is the moment for Canada as well as the time for opportunities. Indeed, it is. It is able to hone the minds of many individuals who are looking for better education and it also been able to make use of these minds as most of them decide to stay in the country long after receiving their degrees. It is a win-win situation for all parties.

Applications for immigration are getting higher

According to Paul Davidson, looking at the applications and the numbers connected with it, the number of international students has definitely gone up. And the numbers are not just for the university that he is associated with. Davidson said that the numbers have gone up for most of the universities that the Canada houses. As president of the Universities Canada, Davidson definitely has access to these numbers.

Looking at the numbers for the past 10 years, international student numbers have definitely gone up twice. However, in the past year, with the events and issues in various parts of the globe, these students who are also looking at immigration have definitely made the numbers go even higher for Canada.


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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Immigration Needed In UK For Service Industries

To all of those individuals and groups who may have been happy about the certain move of the United Kingdom government to exit the European Union, it is quite essential that they do understand the consequences if this plan goes about. See, the truth is, the services industries in the United Kingdom are dependent on the labor and the expertise of these immigrants. Putting total control over immigration can actually affect the services industries and in a bad way.

Studies have been done and completed and the end results have shown that those immigrants from the eastern part of Europe who are now working in the UK are a godsend. They actually work hours far longer than most. They are also individuals who have more than enough knowledge when it comes to doing the job at hand. When you have such individuals working for your business, it would definitely be quite beneficial for your business. You would want such individuals on your side.

The services industries in the United Kingdom

The services industries are one of the top industries that the country has been benefitting from immigration. The services include the industries on health, public administration, as well as hospitality. These are huge industries and they are very essential to the country and its residents. With immigrants helping out, the tasks that are needed to be done are completed. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the official branch of the government that deals with data and numbers, there are over 1.5 million of these immigrants working on the services industries and that is definitely a big thing.

Aside from the European immigrants working longer hours and knowing more information on the tasks at hand, these individuals are also good for business as they also are okay with working with wages that are lower than most.

The numbers and the immigrants

As per the analysis that has been done by the ONS on the data that it has been able to collect, there are around 3.4 million of the immigrants already working in the country. That is a huge amount as they take 11% of the total number of workforce of the country which totals to 30.3 million. Just imagine 11% of that workforce gone, it would definitely change the system of the whole country and that could affect the economy greatly.

Of the 3.4 million immigrants already working in the country, those that are from the European Union and are immigrants in the country take up 7% of the total amount of workforce. That is a huge amount indeed. So far, the country is already reaping in the benefits of these individuals and not  a lot of the residents do understand their importance.


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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Immigration Situation In New Zealand

New Zealand has been quite a favorite among all of those people who are interested in moving to another country and be an immigrant there. It has been competing with Canada for the top spot and it definitely has a lot of good things to offer those who may be still confused as per where to go. And then there is that movie, The Lord of the Rings, which has been shot in the country and that has brought about an even huge amount of people knowing about the grandeur that is New Zealand’s own and being interested in living there.

There has been a huge amount of people choosing and immigrating to New Zealand. The question now here is if it should become an issue or is it already an issue. After all, immigration has been changing the structure of New Zealand in various ways and the government should be taking a look at the effects. Keep in mind though that the effects of immigration can go both ways - good and bad.

Is immigration an issue?

Paul Spoonley is one of the top professors in the country and he has taken a look at the immigration situation in the country. He has seen that with immigration in the country coming with really high numbers, it is not surprising that there are changes happening to the country because of this. There are issues that go with it and it is essential that the residents as well as the NZ government should take a look at these issues and not just oversee them.

It is better to look at the issues as early as today and if there are problems, solutions should be found or made. This is not something new especially in countries where immigration is high. There have been countries where immigration is an issue. And so Spoonley is asking if it will be an issue for the country especially with the elections coming up soon.

The reasons for immigration

There has been a variety of reasons as per why individuals choose to be an immigrant in New Zealand. One of these is because of the beautiful climate that the country has. The climate, added with its wonderful nature, can boost one’s emotional state and make them feel more relaxed and stress-free. This is what most people have as a reason why they choose to move to the country.

Another good reason is that when it comes to taxes, the country offers one of the lowest when it comes to personal tax. Who would not want to live that way? You could get more out of your hard-earned salary and that sure is going to help you a lot.


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Friday, April 21, 2017

Trudeau’s Program For Canadian Immigration

For Justin Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada, immigration is a really important part of Canadian society. It also helps a lot when it comes to the country’s economy. With that, one of the things that Trudeau has done during the period when he was still campaigning for office, he had a platform that was highly focused on immigration.

One of the top policies that he had in mind during his campaign was to make changes in the whole Canada immigration system so that it would be better and would make all immigrants feel welcome. He took office back in 2015 and one can definitely see the changes that he has done at present. These changes are Trudeau’s promises put into action. For many of Trudeau’s supporters, these changes simply reflect Trudeau’s character regarding making promises. Plus, the country has been benefitting from the changes.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a type of program that is available for those individuals who are looking to be immigrants in Canada.  This program is available for all of those skilled workers who would like to live permanently in the country. It is also available for international students who have already received their degrees.

Of course, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot is available for these types of people but it comes with limitations. Even though you may be part of the above categories, the permanent residence means that it not would be in your area of choice. Instead, you would be living in any of these: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia. These are the only options.

As for this program, the Immigration branch of Canada had already started getting applications. It just started in early March this year. So far, the office has been able to receive around 2000 applications. That is definitely a huge amount for a short amount of time.

What happens with the program

With the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, it is required for the federal government of Canada to work with the Atlantic provinces and their respective governments. Together, they will then have to work with employers who are in the region.

What happens is that employers can provide employment to workers and will also help them out with any requirements needed to be a permanent resident. The employers are also the ones who will help these workers settle well in their new country. The government, on the other hand, will be the ones to work on the permanent residency applications which should take them six months to a year. This should rid the immigrants of any hassle that usual immigrants go through.


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

UK Immigration Is Still A Necessity


There have been individuals and groups who have been pushing for laws and policies that would lessen the number of immigrants coming to the United Kingdom. For these individuals and groups, lesser immigration numbers is something that the country can do with. This is the very reason for the UK’s move with its exit from the European Union.

This may be so and this may be the clamor from these individuals and groups. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are benefits that come with immigration and this is something that not a lot of people really do realize. There are members of the parliament who have spoken regarding this. They have disclosed that even though the exit would help control immigration in the country but it does not necessarily mean that the country would be totally limiting the numbers to a really drastic amount as the country needs immigration.

Businesses need immigrants

One of the top groups in the UK that really need immigrants are business owners. These owners of businesses are really the ones who benefit the most when it comes to immigration. Even if the UK continues to exit the Union, the country will still be needing these immigrants. After all, if businesses in Britain do not continue to flourish like they do now, the whole country’s economy would have to suffer and that is not something that Britons would not want to happen.

A committee of the Commons focusing on the exit has looked into the situation regarding immigration. According to them, the UK government should look into this. Plus, they should also look into rules and policies which would allow all workers from the EU to actually be exempted from some controls that would be put into place if immigration is given more control. These workers are essential as they are the ones which most businesses employ.

More control but not necessarily reduction of numbers

This committee has also continued to disclose that the exit would necessarily mean that the UK would be having a greater control when it comes to immigration. However, it continued that the main objective of the government is to actually have control of immigration especially for the members of the EU. It is important to keep in mind too that this does not mean that they are really looking at the reduction of the individuals coming into the country.

Members of the Parliament are also sharing that when it comes to control over immigration, they are looking at making sure that the immigrants are given the chance to work in various areas of the country and not just in the main cities. These areas should include those places that need workers.


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What You Need To Know About Life In New Zealand

Have you been planning on taking advantage of moving to New Zealand? Many have done that. Many have chosen to leave the country that they were born in (or the country that they have lived in for the most part of their life) and be an immigrant in New Zealand. This is not surprising as the country offers quite a huge amount of good things. Plus, the country is open to immigrants joining them.

Now, if you are one of those who are interested in taking the jump and move to New Zealand, there are some things that you should need to know before you actually go ahead and live there. These are according to other immigrants who have found their way in the country and are now living there. It is highly important that you take these into consideration so you can gauge if immigration to the country is the right thing for you to do.

Choose a good house.

It is important to understand that if you would be going to New Zealand, you should find a good house to live in. There are still old homes still standing that do not have the right amount of insulation and that could not help you keep warm in the winter. So choose a newer house to live in when you are there. That way, you would enjoy winters and summers just the same.

You have to battle homesickness.

This may not be the first time that you would be away from your home. But remember, once you are an immigrant in New Zealand, New Zealand will be your new home. It would take you some time to actually be able to go back and visit your original country. Plus, you may have to shell out some huge bucks to get a plane ticket home and back to New Zealand so visiting home may take some time. Sometime sooner or later, you will feel homesick and there is nothing you can do about. You should be strong enough to battle this. And you should learn to love New Zealand because it is now your new home.

Be ready for the outdoors.

It would be a total waste if you would not be able to enjoy New Zealand and all its natural beauty because the country is totally decorated with these. So you should be ready for the outdoors. If you are not an outdoors person, living here just may be the very thing that could change you. The country has plenty of wonderful spots to offer and you can simply go out, take a seat, and bask in the beauty that nature has to offer.


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Canada Immigration

Have you been considering Canada immigration? Many have done so and many have also taken the jump. And this is quite reflected in the huge number of individuals who have chosen Canada as their new country and their new home.

If you still have not made up your mind on being an immigrant in Canada or not, then you should try and read these reasons why you should:

Reason #1: Justin Trudeau.

This does not need any real explanation. Ask the women who are swooning over this guy and would definitely love anything he says or does. But seriously, Justin Trudeau is really one politician with such a strong charisma and knows his laws well.

Reason #2: Politics.

If you are tired of the type of politics happening in your country, Canada offers something better. The country has liberal politics which is also quite progressive. This means, your voice can be heard and they are not stuck on the old-school type of ruling a country.

Reason #3: Friendly Canadians.

It has been a running joke all around the world that Canadians are quite the friendly people. If you bump into them (purposely or not), they would be the one to apologize to you. Yes, that kind of kindness and that kind of friendliness. You definitely would not feel alienated in any way once you choose to reroot in this country.

Reason #4: Health care.

How much do you usually spend for a check up with your doctor? Or how about for an overnight stay in the hospital? Most people would rather be sick and deal with it themselves rather than go to the hospital because of the fees that they have to pay. Getting sick is quite expensive, they say. But if you are an immigrant in Canada, you may have to enjoy visits that are not going to cost you an arm or a leg just to get better.

Reason #5: Educate yourself.

You really want to go to college but from where you live, that should cost you quite a hefty sum. In Canada, universities and colleges do offer good education but would not ask you to spend all your life’s savings (or lack thereof) just to get the education that you want. Yes, education is of quality but you will end up having a diploma and not much of a debt as compared to education in other countries.

Reason #6: Skiing.

Have you ever seen the slopes of Canada during winter? If you have not, go ahead and try to look for one. The view is always amazing. And the experience is something that you could get to experience each year. That is, if you live in Canada.


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Monday, April 17, 2017

No Cutting Of UK Immigration, Says Cabinet Minister

There have been a lot of qualms regarding the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Some are for this move because they believe that there is too much immigration happening in the country and that means a lot of new issues could start sprouting in the long run. Those issues could include problems with housing as well as providing jobs for all of the residents in the country.

However, it is important to note, that as of recent, one of the ministers of the government has spoken about the issue on immigration to the United Kingdom. According to him, to actually reduce immigration and put a total halt to it would something that cannot be done and something that the country would not afford to do. According to this person, the very reason for this is that immigrants are happy to get jobs even for a cheaper salary than Britons. That is why businesses choose to hire them especially for all the hard work that Britons would not dare pursue.

Immigration all boils down to labor

Although the government of the United Kingdom has been looking at the exit as a way to reduce immigration to the country, this goal definitely would not push through. The country’s economy could suffer and that is something that the country could not afford to happen. As per the Minister of the Cabinet who has spoken regarding the reduction of immigration, this person has chosen not to disclose his identity.

The minister has also continued to share that the country’s aim to reduce immigration to just around tens of thousands would be quite a difficult task to achieve. It would affect the whole country in a negative way and that would not be good. The minister also continued to disclose whether the aim to lessen immigration would be good for everybody. He shared that perhaps the issue at work here would not be the free movement of all people but instead it would be the issue of labor and its free movement.

The public does not mind

There were negotiations previously when David Cameron was still in power. According to the anonymous Cabinet Member, Cameron failed to do a very crucial part when he was still negotiating immigration in the country. The minister continued that the truth is, Britons actually do not have much of a problem when it comes to free movement of labor in the country. How many people come to the country and live there is not an issue. The real issue is if these individuals actually are helping with the country’s economy. So far, these immigrants do help with the economy and so the British public is happy.


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Friday, April 14, 2017

More US Citizens Interested in New Zealand Immigration

Recent numbers from the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand has reflected that the number of United States residents who are applying for immigration to the country have definitely gone up. This is as per the report done by the Associated Press via a request on freedom of information.

The report had continued that there were more and more Americans who have shown interest in moving to New Zealand by visiting the website on immigration. The numbers, as compared to the same period a year earlier, were definitely and significantly higher. However, those who really do go ahead with the application are still quite low.

Why only a few go ahead with immigration

Though there may be a variety of reasons as per the huge jump in interested individuals from the US getting interested in immigration to New Zealand, only a few do go ahead with the deed. There are various reasons why this is so. One would be that New Zealand is really far from the United States and that means that those who may have to be immigrants have to spend a huge amount of money just to get there.

Another point could be that New Zealand may still be far from the United States in terms of culture and in terms of environment. For those who are accustomed to what they have seen and grown with in the US, jumping at the opportunity to live in New Zealand may be too big a deal for them. See, New Zealand is mostly a country that has an economy based on farming. It is not as industrial or as commercial as the United States. So those who are not used to that may have a hard time adjusting to the new environment. Thus, their hesitation to actually go ahead with the application.

Those who have chosen to take the jump

One of the people who have taken the jump from the US to New Zealand is Alanna Irving. Irving is 33 years old and she used to be an entrepreneur of a technology startup company which was based in San Francisco. When she was 27, she decided to be an immigrant. Now, she is happily married to a local of the country.

According to her, she has found the country to be quite a remarkable place. Society is far different from what she was used to and she is happy with that. She has seen just how people in New Zealand prioritize different things as compared to what was considered priorities back in the US. She has continued to disclose that in this new country, it is all about equality and that is reflected in the society. Irving continued that the country’s residents think more for the community rather than just for themselves.


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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Canada Is In Need Of More Immigrants

Why are countries like Canada open to welcoming immigrants to their soil? There have been plenty of discussions on the disadvantages of immigration to countries but these countries still continue to accept immigrants. This simply means that countries that continue to accept immigration as a part of their country is benefitting from it. Simply put, for these countries, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

According to a number of studies done in Canada as well as in the United States, with more and more immigrants coming to the country, the need to create more jobs goes up. With that, the economy of that country also improves. Thus, one can say that immigration is definitely beneficial to the economy of a country and Canada is no stranger to this.

The immigration situation in Canada

It is true that Canada has been receiving a good amount of immigrants each year. If immigration was not helpful to the country, the government would have limited the number of immigrants coming in or would have stopped it altogether. However, the truth is, immigration has been more of a blessing than a bane and so they continue to welcome the newcomers with open arms.

With the policies and the requirements that Canada has set into place for all of those interested immigrants, they are able to filter the immigrants that come in. The studies done on this have shown that a huge number of immigrants have better education as compared to Canadian residents. With the point system in place that the country’s government has created, selecting good candidates mean also looking for those interested individuals who have skills that the country could use.

Filling in the skills needed

Canada currently needs a lot of workers who would fill in all the blanks. There are a variety of professions that are needed as per Canadian labor. The list includes doctors, engineers, and nurses. Of course, there are other professions that the country needs and which immigration has been able to solve.

With immigrants coming to the country, they are able to do the jobs needed to be done. Many Canadians are moving to more populated provinces and cities and so some provinces need more manpower. The immigrants are the ones who make up for these.

According to the numbers from Paul Darby, there would be a need for three million workers who have the right skills and this would happen by the year 2020. Darby works as the director for the Conference Board of Canada. With this statement, the country is continually bringing in immigrants to its soil as it helps them lessen the growing need for laborers. Without them, the economy of the country just may have to suffer and that is not something that they would like not to happen.


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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

UK Immigration Is Not New News

Have you already heard about the Museum of Immigration and Diversity? If you have not, then it is highly recommended that you go on and read this article. This is all about that place and it also talks about the history of immigration in the United Kingdom. This topic is something that you can easily find in most news pieces nowadays. However, it is essentially important that you learn about this especially if you have plans on being an immigrant to the country.

You may have been thinking about moving to the UK as an immigrant and you are not alone. There are plenty of other people like you. They are making plans and some are dreaming about living there. Now, you can learn about immigration in the country and see just what information you can use to be able to push through with your plans or to simply motivate you in pushing forward.

What is the Museum of Immigration and Diversity?

The United Kingdom is home to quite a number of museums and the Museum of Immigration and Diversity is one of those. It can be found in Spitalfields which is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

It is a simple building if you are going to look at it from the outside but once you get inside, there are a lot of stories inside that would tell you about the history of immigration in the country. Of course, one of the interesting things about its building is that it is pretty old, as it was built back in 1719, and it definitely has seen quite a lot of happenings in the country.

The story that goes with the building

The building that houses the Museum of Immigration and Diversity actually has been built as a house. It became shelter for the Huguenots who were running away from being persecuted back in France. It also became home to all those families who had to leave Ireland because of famine. Later on, the refugees who were Jewish made it their home. The list goes on and on.

Until later on, all of these vital pieces of information were put together and it became the museum that we now know of. Everything was organized and everything was put into place. That way, all of those who were interested in learning more about immigration in the UK and the history of immigration in Britain can easily learn about it in a building that was also vital in the whole process.

Indeed, one can say that Britain immigration is definitely not new news. It is old news and immigration has played a vital role in it becoming the nation that it is now.


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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Work Visa Holders Push New Zealand Immigration Numbers Higher

New Zealand is currently one of the top countries when it comes to welcoming immigration to its soil. It is quite high up on the list of countries which possible immigrants are choosing to go to. The country also is open to all of those individuals who may want to live in the country as it has a lot of land area and only a small number of residents for a land that size. It needs people to live in it and work there so as to help bring the economy to better heights.

Recently, New Zealand has gained much popularity for all of those individuals who would like to find a new country to call their own. And with their needs and New Zealand’s needs, the country is now welcoming quite a huge number of immigrants to their soil. The numbers are outstanding and these numbers continuously break old records and astound more and more people.

These are the figures.

This year, 2017, has been more than astounding when it comes to the immigration numbers for New Zealand. See, the official numbers of the country have been able to count 71,333 individuals who have decided to call the country home. This number was only for the numbers in January and February of this year.

This was a close record as the previous record for the same period was 27 individuals less. But still, a record is a record. Plus, the New Zealand immigration department has come to disclose that the immigration numbers for the month of February this year had gone down. That seemingly did not have any effect on the overall total.

The lure of New Zealand is definitely reflected in these numbers and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Those with work visa.

According to the numbers from the Immigration department of the country, what had comprised about a huge portion of the individuals to the country were the ones that had work visas. These individuals were then closely followed by those native New Zealanders who had decided to come back to the country. Also, there were a lot less students coming in as compared to previous numbers.

Peter Dolan works as the senior manager for population statistics at Stats NZ, the official body of the government that deals with the data. According to Dolan, around a third of the total individuals coming to the country as part of the immigration data were actually all those people who had work visas with them. These were the people who had been given the access to the country to live there by providing work to companies in the country.

Of all those who held work visas, around 25 per cent of these were from the countries and the United Kingdom.


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Monday, April 10, 2017

Canada Immigration Leaning Towards Workers, Study Claims

A recent study has been done and the results have been published. According to the results, immigration in Canada has been leaning towards workers who can contribute to the country’s strong economy. In fact, the numbers do show that the number of foreign workers who have a temporary residency status and have received permanent residency status have gone up. It used to be nine per cent. Now, it has gone up to 21 per cent. That is definitely a significant increase.

Compared to twenty years ago, one foreign worker out of five has been given a permanent residency status. That is definitely twice the number as compared to twenty years earlier. This is what the study has been able to get. The study had actually been looking at the system of immigration in Canada and the results show that the whole system has actually been leaning more towards all of immigrants with temporary residency status.

A further look at the study on Canada immigration

Back in the middle of the 1990s, the data from Canada has it that nine per cent of the total foreign workers who had temporary resident status actually were given the upgrade of permanent resident. However, compared to the end of the year 2014, 21 per cent of these temporary resident status worker immigrants had been given the permanent status. This definitely reflects the huge increase that is very much undeniable.

The study on the policies on Canada immigration and workers is the very first of its kind. It focused on the foreign workers who have come to the country and they connected that with all of the policies surrounding immigration. It also focused on just how these policies are helping keep the workers with the help of permanent resident status.

The policies that change the game

Years before, Canada was all about building itself as a nation. The country would let any immigrants in and would provide them permanent resident status. However, with the changing of government, the country was then ruled by a Conservative government. With that, the country had a new type of immigration system where they would take any immigrant workers to the country who held temporary resident status. To keep them in the country so that Canada can take advantage of their skills and fulfill the country’s needs for laborers, their policies now changed so that all those immigrant workers would now hold permanent resident status.

This comes with both advantages and disadvantages but it does seem like there are more advantages. Immigrants are quite happy with the changes though and the country is also benefiting from this set up.


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