Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UK Employers Back Up Immigration Process Focusing On Shortages On Skills And Labor

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The United Kingdom has been recently getting quite the heat because of its plans to exit from the European Union which it has belonged to for years. With this big move means that there would be big changes in the country. One of the top issues would be the lessening of the amount of immigrants that the country would be having since there would be no free movement between the UK and other member nations of the European Union. With that, this would mean that businesses and companies would need more immigrants to do the work that needs to be done.

On this potential issue, almost half of the total employers in the country are looking at giving a thumbs up for a new immigration system that would cover the whole country. It should be based on the shortage on skills and on the needed labor that the country needs. This is very essential as it would help give an answer to the lack of skills and labor that the country would be facing with the exit looming. This data is as per a report that the Adecco Group as well as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development have recently published.

The details in the report

It is known as the Labour Market Outlook. And this report took over 2,000 employers in the whole of Britain who took part in the survey. This is where the data came from. As per the study, it showed that that 13% of the lot were favorable for a policy that was based on sectors. There were also 5% of those that were part of the survey that were all for a policy that was based on regions. But the main thing to keep in mind here is that the employers are all for an immigration policy that would bring in the needed immigrants.

When asked, the employers had shared that they are all opting for a program that would help with the shortage on skills and labor that is starting to be felt in the country. Currently, the country has had quite some difficulty with finding applicants in the local place. There are a lot of jobs that need to be done and there are not enough individuals to do these.

What the employers need

According to Gerwyn Davis, the current immigration system is all about finding the best people and the brightest individuals. However, it is not all about that. Employers are looking for individuals who can do the jobs and most of these jobs do not necessarily need the best or the brightest for these to be done. This is also making finding the right immigrants quite a longer process.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trudeau Says Canada Open To Immigration And Trade

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Not a lot of countries are open to immigrants as Canada is. This country in North America does not look at the race of a person or the country that he or she is from. In fact, it accepts individuals from just about any country as long as the individual passes the requirements. And in a recent statement, the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has mentioned that despite the differences in the people in the country, this is actually a good source of strength.

Trudeau has also mentioned that the country is not only to immigration but it is also quite open to trade. In a recent engagement, he mentioned that there is a huge potential in trade if there is a more open connection between the country and India. This trade can potentially grow to $8 billion just for trade of goods. It could also grow up to $2 billion for services. These are two things that the country is open to and many countries should be able to take advantage of this chance to have a good connection with this really strong and powerful country.

The visit to India

The Prime Minister, along with his wife and three kids, paid a visit to India and paid tribute to the famous Mahatma Gandhi. Trudeau has been very inspired and quite impressed by the country. He believes that it shows truth, humanity and peace. It is a beautiful place, as Trudeau has mentioned. He continued to state that there are already connections between his country and India and these connections can be further improved so that growth will happen.

He also continued to disclose that in the case of immigration, Canada is moving towards bringing in the needed immigrants. Most countries are opting for the individuals that are like them but in Canada, it is the diversity that brings in the strength of the country. For many, diversity is a weakness but Canada believes that it is a strength and it definitely shows well.

Trudeau mentioned that his government is open to immigrants. They are investing in keeping the immigrants well and adjusted in the country so that they would later on become individuals who are more than able to contribute to the economy of Canada.

The Gandhi inspiration on immigration

Trudeau has shown that Gandhi has inspired him on how he has been running the country. He believes in trusting other people and being firm in fundamental ideas and principles. With the changes in the world, this kind of approach is more than necessary as it was years before. This kind of belief shows just how the country looks at immigration and how well this is doing good for Canada so far. It is not all about having the same kind of people in the country but it is about knowing how to trust people and having the right principles.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

More Billionaires Are Getting New Zealand Homes And Becoming Immigrants

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For some, the apocalypse is something that can really happen. Though not all agree with this, those who do cannot help but be prepared for it. After all, prevention is always better than the cure. With that, these apocalypse believers are looking for new places to settle in. It does not matter if they need to be immigrants – what matters is that they are safe in case the apocalypse does happen. So here is the deal – these believers have found New Zealand to be quite the place to be safe in when the apocalypse becomes real. And becoming an immigrant in New Zealand is definitely at the top of these believers’ list.

Some of the top business people and billionaires who may currently be living in Silicon Valley think that the apocalypse may become real and so they have made use of their resources to find the best spot to be safe in. Yes, New Zealand is on top of the list and the preparations have started. Working on the documents needed to be an immigrant is one and acquiring homes in the country is another.

The PayPal guru believes in New Zealand

The person behind the creation of PayPal believes in New Zealand as a haven when the apocalypse happens. Peter Thiel, the PayPal guru, has just recently acquired a piece of land that measures 193 hectares. This was priced at around $13.5 million and would definitely be a piece of prime real estate. It can be found somewhere near Lake Wanaka, which is one of the best spots in New Zealand. Though there is nothing to live in there at present (unless the barn that is currently standing there is an option), Thiel definitely is working on it so that when he does become an immigrant, he can live there comfortably and safely.

Plans have been revealed and it was released that a panic room may be just what Thiel is working on. Being an immigrant is nothing that he need not worry too much about right now as he has already been given citizenship in the country. So this means that anytime he wishes to go to the country and live there, that can be easily done.

Why is New Zealand an immigrant magnet?

In a recent study that was done, aside from being a haven for the apocalypse, the country also is an immigrant magnet because the government is quite not that strict. The place also offers a work/life balance that is unlike any other place. Water is not hard to come by. It has also proven to be one of those countries where the air is definitely clean. It definitely is not hard for potential immigrants to choose New Zealand over any other country that is on the globe.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

3 More Reasons Why Immigrants Choose The UK

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The United Kingdom has been home to quite a huge number of immigrants through the years. And it is still one of the most popular as it offers a variety of options for people to entertain themselves with when they are living there. Aside from that, the country’s economy is also quite strong and that is what makes a lot of immigrants choose this country over any other one in the world.

Aside from these reasons that have been mentioned above, what else brings immigrants to Britain? Well, here are some of them.

Reason #1: Boredom is never an option.

Immigrants in the country cannot say that they can be bored. See, the country has a lot of things to offer and so boredom is never an option. There are plenty of things to do and explore. Think of London, for example. This city is just like New York in the sense that it never seems to go to sleep. While other cities in the world go to sleep when the moon is high and nigh, that does not seem to happen to London. That is why immigrants can go to London if they feel like wanting to experience the night life that this place offers.

Aside from that, the United Kingdom is home to a ton of places to explore. There are a lot of museums that one can easily get into and learn more about the place. Restaurants are everywhere as well and so it is a home for those who are food fanatics. There are festivals like music festivals to attend. The place has just tons of things to offer immigrants and locals.

Reason #2: The thing for brunch.

The weekend can make a lot of people stay up late and thus wake up late. So this calls for a super late breakfast and an early lunch and that equals brunch. A lot of places offer brunch and this makes quite a huge amount of individuals in the United Kingdom quite happy. After all, breakfast and lunch put together definitely makes for good meals.

What immigrants have to try for brunch in the UK can include French toast with bacon, bacon milk rolls, full English shakshuka, smoked ham with pancakes, smoothie bowls, cardamom bread, eggs Benedict with waffles, and a whole lot more!

Reason #3: Literary greats are born and made here.

For those who have a flair for reading and for literary greats, the United Kingdom definitely is the best place to go. It has been home for plenty of the greatest writers that include Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Sir Geoffrey Chaucer, and Sylvia Plath. There are libraries to explore and awesome history of literature to learn about. And yes, Harry Potter was also conceived here so definitely a great place to be in.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

$440 Million Allocation By Canada To Increase Immigration In Three Years

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While other countries in the world are doing their best to lessen the amount of immigrants that is coming to their soil, this is definitely not the case for Canada. See, this country is keen on making sure that more immigrants are making their way to them as long as these immigrants pass the requirements that they have already set. The country has been open to immigrants and it is known as one of the countries in the world where discrimination on immigrants do not necessarily exist. That is why many individuals are trying their best to make sure that they are able to pass the requirements and go through the process to become an immigrant in Canada.

As of recent, Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister of the country, has stated that the government has already plans on making sure that immigration goes up for Canada. Hussen has also continued that their current plans are working just fine and they are also pushing for $440 million in budget to be used to make sure that all plans of increasing the number of immigrants in the country become reality. This is definitely good news for all of those who are working their best to be an immigrant there.

The current status of immigration

Hussen has continued with an update on the current status of immigration in Canada. He mentioned that in November of last year, the country has decided to not push through with the immigration plans for one year so that they could be able to focus on an immigration plan that would be put in place for three years. This plan started this year, 2018, and would be ending by 2020. This plan is all about making sure that there is a steady increase when it comes to the number of immigrants entering the country and this increase would have to happen during that timeframe.

The target number of immigrants for 2018 would be 310,000 individuals and the government is planning on making sure that by the year 2020, the number would reach 340,000. Hussen has disclosed that this is a representation of the highest number of admitted immigrants to Canada in over a hundred years. It also is going to bring in the highest rate of immigrants in over 40 years if the plan definitely pushes through.

The benefits to Canada

The Immigration Minister has continued to state that with the growth, 60% of it will be quite helpful in boosting the immigration programs that the country has through economy. Through the given period, the skilled individuals in the country would increase because they would be selecting them through the Express Entry system that they have already got in place.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

3 Reasons Why Immigrants Are Choosing To Move To New Zealand

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The number of immigrants moving to New Zealand has risen in the recent years. There was even a period when the numbers just kept on going up and up until it has reached a plateau. Despite that, the numbers have remained just about the same. This simply means that there are a lot of people choosing to go to New Zealand and build a new life there.

So what reasons are these exactly? And what makes New Zealand one of the best countries to move to?

Reason #1: The country is very laidback.

Most people who have lived really busy lives and wanting to get really good pay would make their way to big cities in their country to work. But the hustle and bustle of the metro life can really take its toll. That is why when they get tired of such a life, they would choose to find their way to a place that is more laidback and still has the right amount of opportunities for work.

New Zealand is such a country. The whole setting is quite relaxed that stress can easily move away from one’s body. It is also quite known around the world for its work/life balance type of culture. There should always be a balance between work and living life. For those who are looking for such a place, New Zealand definitely is the best country to move to.

Reason #2: The country is quite young.

People go to old countries for travel most of the time. They look at beautiful and historic buildings and houses to learn more about the place. If this is something that people want to be in as an immigrant, New Zealand is definitely not that place. This is because NZ is still pretty young. It has only been around for several decades as compared to old countries in Europe which has gone through a lot and so they have a lot of history to go around for everyone.

But for those people who are looking for something youthful to revive the youth in them, New Zealand would be one of the best countries. Immigrants are keen on seeing just how much more the country can do and being a part of the growth of such a young country is making them feel really proud and happy to be there.

Reason #3: There is enough space for everyone.

New Zealand is large in terms of land area and there are not a lot of people living in it. That is why it is said that there is more than enough space for everyone who lives there. Of course, there are a few areas here and there where the population can be more than all other parts. But these are just a few and immigrants get to enjoy the rest of the country that is not so crowded.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

UK Business Leader Sends Warning On Immigration Policy

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The United Kingdom is known as one of the most popular choices for those individuals who are potential immigrants. These people are looking for a new country to live in and the UK is definitely on top of most lists. Soon, the country will be pushing forth with its plans to exit the European Union and this will be bringing about a huge change in the country and how it is currently running. One of the country’s business leaders has come to send out a warning to the government that this move may actually bring about some negative impact to the country and if nothing is done, the economy could definitely be affected big time.

According to the chief of the British Chambers of Commerce, in the near future, the United Kingdom just may have a gap in the needed skills. A delay in the immigration policy just may also help out in bringing new issues that could be bad for the country as businesses and firms who need these immigrant workers would not be getting the help that they need.

The potential issues and crisis

The business leader of the BCC has continued that companies and businesses in the country are starting to go through a crisis with recruiting the right people to help them do the jobs needed. There are already shortages in labor that is happening and this would be even worse if nothing is done. Some industries are already going through rough patches. That is why this leader is pushing the British government to actually do something and do something fast. He is urging on Prime Minister Theresa May to actually produce and send out details on what the new immigration system would be after the exit happens.

Adam Marshall works as the general director of the BCC and he has noted that businesses have seen a lack of potential candidates for really important jobs that businesses need done. The government has been given a warning that if the new immigration policy system would be quite strict, these businesses would definitely not be doing well.

The numbers and the story

The BCC has currently done surveys on the matter. According to the data, almost 3/4 of businesses have been trying to find candidates and recruit them but difficulties are being faced. This is definitely a problem that the government should be facing and should be working on.

With the kind of issue happening and could be happening in the future, the UK government definitely may be cooking up something soon to make sure that the businesses do not suffer and so do the UK economy which is currently one of the strongest in the world at present.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Canadian Immigrants’ Data May Surprise Most People

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The United States of America has recently been reported to be pushing to have an immigration system that would be based on merit and this new system that would be created should most likely be patterned after the one that its neighbor, Canada, is currently using. Canada has been known to have a good working immigration system that fits the country’s needs and brings in the right people. This system has been known worldwide and many countries are trying to emulate the same system to fit the needs of their own.

Although there are countries that are saying that the immigrants that should be coming to their soil would be from affluent ones and not from those that are not really developed, Canada has data that would surprise those who may believe in such. See, Canada has not been focused on the country of origin of its immigrants but instead are focused on bringing in the right people that would help them with just what it needs. This is what the merit is based on and not really the country of origin. The country of origin does not matter but the skills and background of the people do.

The Canada way of immigration

For Canada, it is all about finding the right people who would be able to help the country be just what it needs to be. It can be in terms of labor or in terms of its need for new citizens to bring about a younger population. While other countries are trying to do away with potential immigrants who come from countries that have a low economy, Canada does not. Those other countries believe that people from countries with a low economy would only bring the country down because they will not be able to help the country much and would only depend on the state for their everyday living.

However, this is not the case in Canada. Canada welcomes all immigrants that pass the merit system and the whole process and it does not matter what country a person is from. While some countries may be shying away from low economy countries, Canada’s immigration data show that it has been welcoming a significant amount of them as long as all requirements are met. This definitely reflects that the country of origin is really not an issue.

The Canadian data

Looking at data on immigration in Canada, one can definitely see that low economy countries are not an issue. The 2016 census in the country has reflected that in the previous five years, there were two times more immigrants who have come from the Caribbean and Central America as compared to immigrants from the United States. The data also showed that immigrants were also more from Africa as compared to immigrants from the US and Europe’s Northern and Western parts.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

New Zealand Immigration Trends To Be Discussed In Conference

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In New Zealand, the latest trends on immigration as well as any latest issues on this will be put under the microscope. This will happen during a conference that is held annually. This conference is the Pathways conference and it is held annually by the Massey University. Happening next week, those who would be attending the event will definitely be learning more about trends in immigration as well as issues that surround it. Aside from this, issues and trends in diversity in the country should also be discussed.

Paul Spoonley works as a sociologist at the university. He usually can be found making statements to the media regarding immigration in New Zealand. Spoonley is one of the organizers of the event and he also works as the spokesperson for it. On this event, he has stated that this conference will definitely be a place for the commentators on immigration should be found, as well as analysts of government policies and researches. Among the topics that would be discussed should include leadership in religions, communities of immigrants, and how newcomers to the country are getting the welcome that they need.

The exchange of information

Events like this definitely are a place for exchanging information and views on immigration and diversity. According to Spoonley, the people behind it are happy to have some of the best people to be part of it. One of those would be Steve Vertovec, a professor as well as a director for the Max Planck Institute. He is known to head the department on religious diversity and ethnic diversity studies. He will be the headliner for the conference next week. It was him who actually coined “super-diversity” which actually refers to just how high diversity in populations have become compared to previous years. During the conference, he will be discussing trends that are happening.

Those who would be attending the conference will be able to learn more about immigration trends and how it can affect a country. It should be a good place for getting information especially if one is interested in learning more about immigration and what immigrants have to go through to get to the country that they wish to be a part of.

The history of the conference

This annual conference came into being back in the 1990s. It was put together to help with the analysis of data on research that was done on immigration in the country and around the globe. Known as the Pathways, Circuits and Crossroads conference, this helps tackle a lot of trends and issues that can definitely affect a country. This year, the event will be hosted by Capturing the Diversity Dividend of Aotearoa (also known as CaDDANZ) group behind research and studies. The organizers are expecting around 200 individuals from various groups to be joining.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

UK Needs Immigrant Workers To Work On Fields

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The agriculture industry and the food industry are two very vital parts of any country. Without it, the whole country would starve. Or, those who are living in the country would definitely have a hard time purchasing the needed food as the country would have to import them, thus resulting to high prices. This is definitely not good for any economy. That is why agriculture spots are found in most countries as this is a very basic necessity for people to thrive and survive.

In the case of the United Kingdom, a recent report has shown that the country is definitely in need of a lot more immigrant workers to help out with the work that the fields need. A study has shown that the country needs over 4,000 individuals who would work on the fields. With Britons not really that keen on doing hard labor and moving to a new part of the country for work, the best way to get the work done would be to get help from immigrants. Fruit farms and vegetable farms are producing the goods. The only problem is that there is not enough people to do the work of harvesting the produce.

The story of the fields in 2017

According to the news, thousands of people were needed in the fields last year, 2017. Because of the lack of immigrant workers working the fields, there were a number of fields with fruits and vegetables growing on them that were left to rot. There were not enough people to harvest and do the work on the produce. The owners of the field and the farmers had to take a big hit on their losses and that is definitely not something good to experience.

The number of vacant positions for working in the fields came up to over 4,300. The year ended with this number still not completed. The data is from a survey that was done by the National Farmers Union (which is also known as the NFU). That number of vacant positions for farms and fields actually is about a half of the market for horticulture.

Most of the workers were actually immigrants and they were from the eastern part of Europe, as per the data. Only 0.6% of the field workers had come from the United Kingdom. This definitely reflects just how much the country needs immigrant workers for this very important job.

Filling the gap

The gap needs to be filled but with the upcoming exit of the UK from the European Union, that gap may continue to present itself. The government needs to look into this need and work on its immigration programs to get the help that horticulture in the country needs.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Canadian Occupations In Demand This 2018 For Locals And Immigrants

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Immigrants are going to have a huge amount of opportunities to choose from this 2018 as a recent study has disclosed just what occupations in Canada are going to be in demand this year. Both locals and immigrants can have a go at applying for these in demand occupations should the opportunity arise for them. Locals may not be willing to move to another place in the country if the job calls for such so immigrants may have a better chance of getting such opportunities as they are more willing to move to another place if needed.

As per the recent study, those who have coding skills are going to be quite in demand for the year. This is not surprising as the country is home to quite a huge number of IT companies. These companies in Canada are looking for individuals who can code and who can work their way around codes who would be under their employ. This new study has shared detailed information on what occupations would be highly in demand.

The study on 2018 in demand occupations in Canada

Aside from individuals who are well-versed in coding, the study has also disclosed that other professions that would be needed include business analysts, software engineers, as well as project managers for IT. It can be seen that these are all related to technology and computers. This simply reflects just how the country has become home to IT and computer companies and so the need for such individuals to help them out.

This study is actually done yearly by Randstad Canada, a company that focuses on human resources. For this year, the study has reflected that business analysts would be in demand and the ranked list of professions has put such analysts in the fifth spot. The seventh spot was for project managers for IT. Found on the ninth place was software engineers.

According to Randstad Canada, the study that they did was based on jobs that were needed, openings, placements, and other employment data. They took the data from a variety of markets in the country. With the data, they put them together and analyzed them.

The top 10 occupations

Looking at the study, one would be able to find the top ten occupations that would be highly in demand for this year. The list has shown general laborers to be in the top spot. It is closely followed by sales representatives. In 3rd place are accountants, followed by engineering project managers. On the sixth place are business analysts. The 7th spot belongs to customer service representatives. IT project managers take 8th. The 9th and 10th places are for software engineers and forklift operators, respectively.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Zealand Grants Nepal Earthquake Refugees Residency

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In April of 2015, a big earthquake shook Nepal. This was known and reported as Gorkha earthquake. It was quite devastating as it took the lives of almost 9,000 individuals. Aside from those, there were around 22,000 who got injured because of it. The Gorkha earthquake was measured to be at a magnitude of 7.8.

Because of this, plenty of people were left homeless. Some had to resort to fleeing their country because they believed that it was unsafe to live there anymore. One of the countries where these refugees fled to was New Zealand. And New Zealand, being a nation that was built by immigrants, was more than happy to share their land with these homeless people.

Recently, the country has granted Nepalese refugees who found haven in New Zealand residency. This is definitely good news as it means that these individuals do not have to fear about being sent back to their own country. Plus, with a residency, they can fully appreciate and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

The story of a couple refugee

Two of those who made their way to New Zealand were a couple. Recently, they were given residency status and thus this means that they continue living in New Zealand and this was all because of the post traumatic stress disorder (which is also known as PTSD) that they have gotten because of what they had to go through during the earthquake in Nepal back in 2015. PTSD is not a simple matter and it can be a part of the lives of individuals for many years.

The couple who found a new home in New Zealand had to leave their country. They were already retired and they did not have place to call home in Nepal as the earthquake destroyed that. The earthquake also gave them trauma. They continued to suffer from chronic pain. These were not really good things to have and so New Zealand decided that they could stay in the country for as long as they wanted.

Residency granted

The couple had tried to get a refugee status previously. However, they were denied that. The good side though is that they were given residency status as a part the country’s humanitarian reasons.

The couple definitely is in good hands now that they are in New Zealand. Being new to the country is not going to be quite a big deal as most of the people there have come from other countries as well. Immigrants are all over the country and so they know how it feels to be in a new country. There are support communities that assist newcomers to the country. This is how immigrants are able to adapt to New Zealand.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Three Things The UK Has To Offer Immigrants

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Looking for a new country to live in is the top priority for a lot of potential immigrants. The reasons for wanting to leave their home country are different and varied. It can be a reason of economy. It can be a reason of safety. It can simply be a reason that comes with one’s whim and wish to just live in a new place. But whatever the reason, the United Kingdom is definitely one of the top countries in the world that potential immigrants are eyeing to move to. That is not surprising and here are three reasons why.

The UK is home to the most popular royal family in the world.

For those who have dreamt about being a princess or be a part of the royal family, the United Kingdom definitely is allowing them a chance to get a look at the castle where the family lives. This is because the country is where the most famous royal family in the world lives. Yes, for those who would like to see the place where Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Catherine, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte spends most of their time, this is the right country to go to. Though it would not make them a part of the royal family, immigrants can simply dream and wonder about how it would be like to be part of that family and rule the nation that they are living in.

The chance to be able to get a photo of one of the members of the royal family are definitely higher for people who are in the UK and so this is definitely one good place to be in.

Love bikes? There is a public rental system for bikes here.

Individuals who have a knack for pedaling and cycling around a place can definitely have a grand time living in the United Kingdom as immigrants. The country has a public bicycle rental system that allows individuals to rent a bike and go from one place to another. It helps beat traffic and also gives people that much needed exercise that riding in a car would not give. There are more than 700 stations for these public bikes so there is no need to bring them back to where it was first rented. Bikes definitely are a good way to get around.

Living with different nationalities.

For some people, learning about a new culture is definitely a perk. Of course, this is definitely good as people get to explore the world through other people. With the UK being one of the top countries for immigrants, one can definitely expect quite a big variety of people and nationalities here. Being friends with people from other nations can help individuals get a peek of one’s culture and also get to learn more about their countries, their habits, and their lifestyle.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Immigrants Credited For Canada’s Reputation As One Of Top Countries With Educated Residents

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Canada has been given the recognition and accolade of being known as one of the top countries in the world that has well-educated residents. This is not quite a surprise as the country is home to some of the best universities and colleges that are quite known from all around the globe. It is the home of the University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Toronto, and the University of Alberta among many others. Many individuals go to the country as immigrant students just to be able to get world-class education.

Recent studies have it that this recognition of Canada as one of the best countries that have well-educated residents can be credited to the immigrants who have made their way to the country. Numbers have it that 36 per cent of children that are born of immigrants are actually quite accomplished educationally that they hold degrees from universities. This is definitely higher if compared to the 24 per cent of children who have parents that are born in Canada. This reflects that many immigrants are pushing their children to be accomplished educationally and inspiring them to learn more and get more education that is available in the country.

The thought behind the phenomenon

A good number of immigrants to Canada actually already hold degrees from a university. They also come with the thought and the principle that their children should also have the same. They make sure that their children achieve well in academics. Because of this, these immigrants are encouraging and pushing their children to take the road to getting higher education. This thinking and principle of immigrants have become a huge factor in Canada for it to become one of the world’s countries with really educated residents. This has been what an analysis from a government branch in the country has been able to get from a study that they did.

The Immigration Department of the country has sent out a report which has been put together using data from the statistics department. The report has shown that 35 per cent of the children that have immigrant parents hold university degrees. These are those individuals who were 25 years old to 35 years old.

The countries these immigrants came from

Canada has been home to immigrants who come from different countries around the globe. The top countries that bring immigrants to Canada include China, India, and the Philippines. The study has shown that over half of the children of immigrants who have hailed from China or India actually finished their degrees from a university in the country. A third of the children who have immigrant parents from the Philippines hold university degrees. This reflects that individuals from these three countries instill in their children the importance of education and higher education.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Zealand Work Visas Wanted By Britons and Filipinos

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New Zealand is known as immigrant haven. Many individuals want to move to New Zealand and be an immigrant there. For those who are not able to fulfill all the requirements to become an immigrant in the country, their next goal would be to be able to work in the country at the very least. Recent numbers show that there are plenty of individuals from the United Kingdom and the Philippines who have been applying and working on getting work visas from the country.

Statistics New Zealand has also shown that a significant number of immigrants to the country have now decided to leave the country. This is as per the data that the office was able to compile for last year, 2017. As per the data, the net immigration numbers show that this is around 2 per cent in increase as compared to the number back a year previously, 2016. Of course, this is definitely not a really huge number that would really affect the country in the long run. Despite this, there are still more and more interested individuals working on being immigrants to New Zealand so the number of people leaving is really replaced easily by the new immigrants coming in.

The data and what it says

Peter Dolan works as the manager for population statistics for the country’s Statistics New Zealand. Recently, he has stated that this movement in immigrants leaving the country is known as a cooling effect. This cooling move that has happened a year before actually is a result of what he has described as the increase of the individuals leaving NewZealand essentially after they have joined the country as immigrants before.

Craig Ebert works as a senior economist for the Bank of New Zealand. On this phenomenon, he has stated that the rates are actually small and not really that significant to have a great effect in the country. Despite the number having a slight increase for last year, the overall total of immigration numbers are still quite high and that is helping alleviate the number of individuals who have left. There is really no big change that should happen in the near future as the numbers that have left are easily replaced by those who are coming in.

Individuals who are looking for work visas

As per the data from Statistics New Zealand, there are more and more individuals from the United Kingdom who have entered the country to get work. Aside from the UK, there are also more and more Filipinos who are looking to get work visas to be able to move to the country and work there as well. The data on individuals who have gotten work visas, there is an increase of 11 per cent when it comes to the number of individuals who have arrived in the country holding work visas with them. The huge amount of growth in this category has been thanks to those who hailed from the Philippines and the UK.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

UK PM May Rethinks Position On Immigrant Students

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Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has softened up a bit on her stance regarding immigrant students to the country. International immigrant students have now been classified as individuals who really do not bring about any long-term effects on the numbers of immigration. This is what the prime minister has recently admitted. For the past months, she has been adamant that they do. Now, she has changed her tone and has finally admitted that these individuals really do not have such effects on the immigration numbers of the country.

Back when Theresa May was still working as Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, she had been more than happy to share that international students in Britain have such a big effect in the long term to the country. She has been quite tough on this and believes strongly about it. She had brought this thought with her even as she had become the country’s Prime Minister. She also had been making sure that all immigrant students went through the hole of the needle because she believed that these individuals were coming to the country in the guise of studying when they were really going to find work in the country.

The change in her position on immigrant students

May had been recently interviewed in China and she had explained her change of position on the issue. She had disclosed that there were random colleges and educational institutions in the country that were taking in international students. They were also offering fake courses. May continued that these institutions have now been closed and are now no longer operating. That is why she now believes that international students really do not have significant effects in the long term on the number of immigration in the country.

She continued to share in the interview that it is essential to go back at what was happening in the UK and with the international students during the time that she was serving as the home secretary of Britain. She said that those colleges and educational institutions had paved the way for her claim. However, since these have been closed now, so have her views on the issue at hand. Most of these unscrupulous institutions were bringing in international students but they were mostly to get them to work and not really for studies.

The ONS shares its study

The country’s Office for National Statistics had done a study and it had looked into the data of exits in the past year. Even though there were students who have stayed more than what was indicated on their visas, these individuals really did not bring any significant issues that would stay in the country for a long period.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Scandinavia Inspired By Canada Immigration

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Found in the northern part of Europe, Scandinavia is actually a region. The countries that are part of Scandinavia include Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. It may sometimes also mean those countries that are a part of the Scandinavian Peninsula so that should also include two more countries and these are Iceland and Finland.

These countries are really nice countries and have been the destination for many individuals. It is definitely quite interesting to take a trip to those places and get to know just what they have to offer. Getting in and out of these Scandinavian countries is actually easy as they are really close to each other.

Recently, the region has been more than happy to share that they have become inspired by how Canada makes immigration work. It is not just about how to make immigrants happy and successful in their new country but also with regards to all the policies that go with immigration to Canada.

The inspiration that is Canada

The world has become quite popular to the whole world recently. It has even been known as Scandimania, as the increasing number of people is really getting quite interested in the region. With more and more individuals finding their way to this corner of the world as tourists, there is definitely an even bigger chance that these people will find the region to be quite interesting and worth living in. With that, it is quite interesting to understand that the number of immigrants should also go up.

With more and more finding Scandinavia to be quite interesting to be immigrants in, the countries must also be ready for what could happen. Immigration policies should be polished to make sure that the whole process becomes easy and fast for those who are involved in the whole transaction. With Canada having one of the best immigration policies and programs in the world, Scandinavia has set their eyes on it and might possibly be borrowing what Canada has already put in place. Canada’s immigration policies have definitely served as quite an inspiration and that is thanks to just how well they have made things work.

The Scandinavia immigration situation

Other countries have also been looking at Scandinavia because of the really strong growth of their economies. There is also social equity which is unlike other parts of the world. And so, people are also becoming interested in the place, especially for those who are looking for a new country to be an immigrant in. That is why it is not surprising that many have shown interest in moving here. With Canada having really good immigration policies and a smoothed out process, Scandinavia definitely has set their eyes on Canada and how it runs immigration on its soil.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

New Zealand Welcomes Influx Of British And American Immigrants

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There is quite a remarkable increase in the number of residents from the United States as well as from the United Kingdom that have become immigrants in New Zealand as of recent. This is as per immigration numbers from the official branch of the NZ government that deals with such. Studying the numbers and the trend, the influx of British and American immigrants has been primarily because of two major events that have happened in their home countries. For the Americans, it is because of the election of Donald Trump into the presidency of the country. And for the Britons, it is because of the country’s vote to exit the European Union.

It is quite safe to say that though the majority votes in both countries have helped pave the way for such big changes, there are still a huge number of residents who do not really agree to the majority vote. This is why those who are not happy with the major events have decided that it is best to move out of their country and be an immigrant. With New Zealand being quite a popular immigration destination, this country has now become the home of those looking for a new country to grow roots in.

The numbers and what they say

As per the data from Statistics New Zealand, the net number of residents of the United States has gone up by 65 per cent for the year 2017. This number includes a net gain that amount to 2,127 and these are the immigrants that are permanent and staying in the country for long term. The increase in the number of immigrants from this country has gone up after the election of a new president back in November of 2016. Those who were not happy with the results have decided to make a move and become immigrants in New Zealand.

As for the UK immigrants, the net number for 2017 has totaled to 6,371. This is definitely bigger to the number two years earlier. In 2015, the net immigration number for UK residents was only 3,614. This is a significant year as it was a year before the actual referendum on the European Union membership has come about, and this referendum has happened in June of 2016.

These numbers are actually official data and they have just been released recently by Statistics New Zealand.

More information from the numbers

The numbers discussed earlier are actually on the basis of the skilled immigrants who have come to the country. Taking the whole total of immigrants from the two countries for last year, there were around 20,000 individuals who have made their way to NZ. Economists believe that one of the top reasons for immigrants choosing NZ is because this country has a really strong economy and growth is continuing to rise.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Three Reasons Why UK Is A Great Country To Move To

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For all of those individuals who are thinking about moving to a new country and do not really know just where to go, this article should be able to guide them. The United Kingdom is one of the best immigration destinations in the world for years and it sure does not seem to change in terms of its popularity for potential immigrants. This is primarily because the UK has had a really long history of immigration and that is definitely not going to stop anytime soon.

So what are some of the reasons why the United Kingdom has become really popular for potential immigrants? Here are some.

It is a place for fashionistas.

Individuals who are really into fashion and love everything about it, then the United Kingdom should keep them pretty happy. Immigrants in the country definitely enjoy the fashion industry here. This is because the country is home to top fashion designers in the world as well as events. There is the London Fashion Week and then there are really high-end fashion shops all about the country. For those who are into vintage, people can find a lot of shops that sell such in the UK, too.

It is a spot for world renowned sites.

People who are really into sites and spots that are famous around the world, the United Kingdom definitely is a good place to move to. There is a reason why the country receives millions of visitors each year. In 2012, the country’s capital has had 16.9 million individuals visiting. That is for the capital only and so it should mean more for the whole country. So immigrants who would be more than happy to say that they live in a place where famous sites are can definitely find the UK to be quite a good place for immigration. It is home to the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. It is also the place to find the London Bridge as well as beautiful countryside spots that are hard to ignore.

It is a place for pubs (and other liquor stops).

For those people who love getting drunk or simply love trying liquor of different sorts, being an immigrant in the UK definitely should make them happy. People in the country love to drink, especially after working hard the whole day. Getting some relaxation through some bottles of beer or shots of liquor is quite popular. That is why, in the capital of the country alone, one can definitely find over 7,000 pubs. So there is a lot more for the whole country. Immigrants can definitely unwind in one of these places and maybe even meet new people who can become their new friends in Britain.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Invitations Sent To Immigration Candidates From Ontario, Canada Stream

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Canada has special programs made especially for certain places that really need immigrants. These programs are actually dependent on the kind of need that the place needs. Some just need immigrants because there are a lot less residents there. For others, it is a case of not having enough workers. These streams are made by the government so as to help out these certain places in the country.

For the Canadian province of Ontario, there is a program which is known as the Human Capital Priorities Stream. This one has recently sent out 380 invitations that have been given to individuals for them to apply. The applications would be for them to be a part of the candidates included in the pool for Express Entry which is run by the federal government of the country. This program would bring the necessary immigrants to the country as long as they are able to fulfill the needed requirements that the country is asking for.

The search for the candidates who are eligible

This week has gotten two new announcements right from the Human Capital Priorities Stream. These announcements came in the form of Notifications of Interests, which are also known as NOIs. With these, it has been stated that the province of Ontario is searching the pool in the Express Entry system for all of the candidates for immigration who are eligible and who just fit what the province needs. By finding the right candidates for immigration to Canada that are available in the Express Entry system, their need for the immigrants that they are looking for can be fulfilled.

All of the candidates who get an NOI will have the option of applying for a nomination in the province of Ontario. Once an immigration candidate is successful, they will then be able to receive 600 more points in their score in the Comprehensive Ranking System, which is known as the CRS. This is very important as they are nearer to being able to apply for a permanent residency status in the country.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The province’s stream is known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (and it is also known as the OINP). According to the official statement from the people behind the program, the NOIs that were sent out were directed to immigrant candidates who already had scores in the CRS that were from 433 to 444. These individuals were the ones who already submitted the needed profile to the Express Entry system from the 1st of January this year up until the 25th of the same month.

To become an eligible candidate for the Human Capital Priorities Stream of Ontario, the candidates should have at least 400 points for their score in the CRS. There are other criteria and requirements that the candidates must be able to have and submit.

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