Monday, February 28, 2022

Know More About The People In The United States Of America: A Helpful Guide For Immigrants

While the United States of America is one of the most known countries all around the globe, thanks to the popularity of the movies and TV shows that have been made in the country, not a lot of people really know that many facts about the US. But despite that, a lot of people still choose to be immigrants in this beautiful country known as the United States of America. Well, who wouldn’t choose this amazing country? It is definitely one of the top countries in terms of commerce and economy and so the opportunities to having a good life are great here.


Those who are new immigrants in this country, as well as those who are still in the stage of planning of moving there, should know more about the country right and its people right now. It is best to be familiar with the traits of the locals because it would allow them to understand them better, adapt faster, and even appreciate the culture better.


Here are some random facts about the people in the US.


There are a lot of them.


At present, the American population is over 300 million. They are spread all over the US and that should not be a problem given that the country is a huge one. In fact, it is the third biggest country in the entire world.


They are varied.


Americans do not come in just one variety. There are a lot of them and they are varied in different aspects including religion, color, and language. This should not be surprising as the United States of America is one of the most popular countries of destination for immigrants. These immigrants have already been integrated into the society and they have shared their own culture with the rest of the American population.


They are individuals.


One very interesting thing about the Americans is that they really are into independence. They love being independent and they love to see themselves as individuals who are different from one another. They would do whatever it would take to ensure that they do not belong to the crowd.


They have issues with weight.


It is a sad thing though that more than half of the population of the US have issues with their weight. Around 66% of them are overweight. Around 37% of them are obese. This may be because of their food which is mostly fast food and they eat on the go.


They always want to have choices.


It is said that an American would rather be given choices than not have one. In the USA, the locals strongly believe in having the freedom to choose. They do not want to be restricted. They want to have the chance to pick out a good option for them.




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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Enjoy The Waitomo Glowworm Caves In New Zealand As Immigrants And Locals Do

Many people who have been to New Zealand are more than glad to share that this country is one of the best countries in the entire world. It is a haven for plenty of people as it is the home of natural wonders and beautiful nature. This is one of the top reasons why people who are choosing to travel to a new place opt to go to New Zealand. Aside from this, the country has also been a top choice for many potential immigrants who are looking for a place that still has a lot of nature that has been kept preserved for decades.


Immigrants and locals are quite happy to be living in the country. They have plenty of beautiful spots to visit should they wish to explore and the place is also a great area to experience a lot of activities, especially for those who are into the outdoors. One of the amazing spots that get a lot of visitors each year is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.


What is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves?


The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are lit naturally by hundreds and hundreds of glowworms. This is surely a really amazing destination that people can find in New Zealand. It is really unique on its own as one does not get to see a cave filled with glowworms and lit by them. This is why plenty of people visit it each year. It is also quite interesting that people who visit this place do not just get to experience seeing a naturally-lit cave but they are also able to learn more about the caves’ history as well as know more about why this phenomenon happens.


What else can people do in the area?


Aside from the unique experience that one can get from visiting the caves, people can also go on an adventure on the water. This activity is known as black-water rafting and The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company in New Zealand would guide people through it. Those who choose to take this activity would be floating on the water on an inner tube and they would go going down a stream that goes underground. Other activities available also include taking a leap from waterfalls as well as going rappelling inside the cave walls that are covered in darkness but naturally lit by the glowworms.


Those who wish to explore more caves can do that there as well. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that these other caves do not have glowworms in them. The Aranui Cave is one of them and people who visit it are able to see first-hand cave decorations made by the ancient inhabitants of the area.




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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Arthur’s Seat In The United Kingdom: A Place For Immigrants And Locals To Go Hiking In

The earth is an amazing place and that is a fact. It is home to quite a marvelous display of natural wonders and even man-made creations. That is why all humans are quite lucky to be living on this planet. The entire world may be a huge place but there are individuals who are more than willing to go out and explore what different countries have to offer. Those who are on the adventurous side must take a trip to the United Kingdom where there are plenty of wonderful places to visit which immigrants and locals in the country enjoy.


Of the many places in the United Kingdom, there is one that is really quite interesting. This place is known as Arthur’s Seat and it sure is a place that people must visit once they are in the country. Those who have already found their way there are sure to recommend it to others who have not been there yet.


What is Arthur’s Seat?


Edinburgh is one of the few cities in the world that can actually claim and be proud to be home to a volcano that is already ancient. Yes, there are a lot of volcanoes on earth but not a lot are as old as this one in the United Kingdom. This ancient volcano in the UK is known as Arthur's Seat. It is a grassy, and rocky summit that goes 351 meters above sea level. It can be seen from just about anywhere in the city and getting there would only take a short walk straight from the Royal Mile.


To begin the ascent on Arthur’s Seat, one must first go to Holyrood Park. Even though it is just a short hike, it comes with its own obstacles that would get one’s heart racing. One can take a break at the summit and enjoy what the area has to offer. People here can take in the views of various prominent spots in the UK which include Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument, and the surrounding areas.


Climbing Arthur’s Seat


It is popular for hillwalking and is quite easy to climb, as per testaments from those individuals who have ventured into climbing this spot in the United Kingdom. Though it can be climbed from just about any spot, the most straightforward path that one could take would be from the east. Here, a grassy slope rises right above Dunsapie Loch. From there on, the climb would be fairly easy and does not come with a lot of obstacles as compared to other trails. There are also rock climbing spots on Arthur’s Hill but this activity has been restricted to ensure the safety of those who wish to try it out. One can still get permission should they wish to go rock climbing in the area.




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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

More Immigrants To Be Accepted In Canada This Year

Each year, thousands and thousands of immigrants from various countries around the world choose to move to Canada. While the numbers may say that there are a lot who are interested to move there as immigrants, not a lot are able to do so because of a variety of factors. One of them is not having the requirements that the country is asking from potential immigrants. Another is that a lot only plan to go there but never really get to work on their applications.


However, for those who are really interested and are set on being an immigrant in Canada, there is good news. According to the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines, the country would be accepting even more immigrants this year. The announcement was done just recently and many people who are interested in doing this are really quite happy with the news. This means that they have bigger chances of actually making it to Canada.


The plans for immigration in Canada


This year, the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines has announced that Canada intends to welcome 430,000 new immigrants. These individuals will be brought in to help fill up the job openings in the country. It is important to note that Canada may be looking outside its territory to look for individuals who can do the jobs that are still open, but it also means that the country has done its share to ensure that it has exhausted looking for such individuals in its labor market.


According to the embassy, Canada was successfully able to bring in a total of 405,000 new immigrants in 2021. This is the biggest number of immigrants that the country has ever been able to accept in just one year. And with a higher target this year, it means that more and more individuals who want to be immigrants in the country have the chance to do so. They just have to ensure that they are able to meet all of the requirements set by the Canadian government.


The need for more people to join the labor market


When the pandemic hit and people were required to stay in isolation in their own homes, many businesses had to decide how to go about coping with the pandemic. There were some businesses in Canada that were able to continue doing what they did because their employees can work from their own homes. However, there were businesses that were not so fortunate and had to close shop. This meant that many people were also out of work.


Many jobs had already been recovered last year but there are still a lot of positions available. The Canadian Embassy also continued to share that there are still hundreds of thousands of open roles that still remain vacant and these are spread among different sectors.




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Monday, February 21, 2022

Immigrants Enjoy What The United States Of America Has To Offer – And The Grand Canyon National Park Is Quite A Popular One

Each year, many people from different countries look for a new country to move to as immigrants for a variety of reasons. For most of them, it would be to reunite with family who has already moved to that country. There are also those who decided to become immigrants in a new country so they could pursue that career that they have been aiming for. Some people choose to become immigrants to take further studies. And all of these reasons are the ones given by immigrants who have chosen to move to the United States of America.


Many people say that those who move to the USA are really quite lucky. Not only do they get to be in one of the strongest countries in the world, but they also get to enjoy everything that the country has to offer. And the USA definitely does not disappoint as it is home to some of the greatest places to visit. The Grand Canyon National Park is surely one of those.


What is in the Grand Canyon National Park?


The Grand Canyon National Park wouldn’t even have the word "grand" if it really was not grand at all. In fact, many say that it is more than grand. Here, one can find a gigantic gap and this park in northern Arizona is certainly a natural wonder. It measures more than 277 river miles in length, up to 18 miles in breadth, and a mile deep.


The Grand Canyon itself has been expanding for six million years and this is all because of the huge and mighty Colorado River. It is really something amazing that one cannot easily see such a thing anywhere in the world. That is why people who are in the US, including immigrants and locals, flock to the Grand Canyon National Park and admire its grandeur. The canyon itself is red and orange in color and when the hues come together, it makes for an amazing experience.


The Grand Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is managed by the National Park Service has left its visitors always in awe. Each year, it is said to attract around six million visitors.


What is in the Grand Canyon National Park?


One of the things that people get to see at this amazing park in the United States of America would be the Colorado River. It goes through the 277-mile-long canyon. This body of water is a great and popular spot for whitewater rafting that people can enjoy should they choose to. The park is also a great place to go hiking in and it boasts of amazing trails which include the Bright Angel and North Kaibab. There are also towering rock formations and even sweeping panoramas.




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Friday, February 18, 2022

Exploring The Bay Of Islands In New Zealand Is An Activity Immigrants Should Do

To go around and enjoy New Zealand is definitely something that many immigrants in the country really should do. While there are some immigrants who are fine with just staying where they are, there are also a lot of immigrants in New Zealand who are open to exploring just what the entire country can offer. After all, it is a whole new different country from where they are originally from and it would be really great to enjoy the new place.


The accessibility of New Zealand is one of its best features and a big thing for many immigrants and locals. The best views aren't just for the wealthy and those with riches. Anyone can appreciate the breathtaking beauty of this area. There are a lot of things that people can explore and enjoy. There are activities for those who are up for adventure and there are also activities for those who just want to sit back and just relax. And the Bay of Islands is a place for all people.


What is the Bay of Islands?


The Bay of Islands is a beautiful spot in New Zealand with its lush and green surroundings. Everyone has access to this place that is just like a very rich haven with its pristine beaches, amazing and unpopulated islands, and isolated inlets. Aside from these, some of New Zealand's most interesting and valuable historical sites are hidden in this part of the North Island.


The Bay of Islands can be found lying between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula. It is where one can find the boutique towns of Opua, Kerikeri, Paihia, and Russell. To get to this place, one has to take a drive for three hours or a flight that would only take 35 minutes from Auckland.


What activities are in the Bay of Islands?


To really immerse in this little piece of land that can is seen to be some kind of paradise, one can go and rent a boat or maybe even just a kayak. People can go out on the water and then paddle to some spots like the Hole in the Rock which is on Piercy Island. Some people can even be lucky enough to go out on the water and be able to find themselves meeting some really interesting species that find New Zealand as their home. These animals include dolphins, fur seals, penguins, and whales.


Those who are not so keen on navigating through the waters alone can join a cruise offered by some businesses on the Bay of Islands. People who join the tour could explore the area on a sailboat and would spend an entire day on this cruise. The cruises usually allow their guests to go kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming at some of the great spots.




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Thursday, February 17, 2022

What Is Stout And Why It Has Become A Favorite Among Locals And Immigrants In The United Kingdom

When people need to relax a little after being so stressed in life, in class, or at work, they look for something to do that would allow them to do that. There are many things that people can do to relax and one of them is having some drinks. Those who are living in the United Kingdom choose to visit parks or spend time reading or even visit museums, especially immigrants who are new in the country. There are also those who wish to just have swigs of something with alcohol in it and make their way to pubs or bars.


Stouts are one of the chosen alcoholic beverages of people in the UK. Given the usual cold weather that the country experiences, having alcoholic beverages that can warm them up is something that they really welcome. There are plenty of alcoholic beverages offered in pubs and bars in the UK and stouts are definitely one of the most popular.


What are stouts?


Stouts are dark beers that have been fermented and they usually carry a characteristic roasted flavor. Their origins can be traced back to the British porter style, which originated in London during the 18th century. There has been a goal to make a fuller, stronger porter and that actually led to the development of the stout. This is the humble beginning of the stout and the end product was something that a lot of people really enjoyed when it was introduced in the market.


The aromas of roasted malt and roasted barley, and a suggestive scent of coffee, chocolate, or cocoa, are typical in stouts. The traditional dry stouts are usually dark brown to black in color, and with a medium-light to medium-full body. This drink that is popular in the UK is also creamy, smooth, and silky in texture. They usually also have a little hop flavor and a dry finish. These are the common characteristics of stouts that make people enjoy this drink.


The current stout


Nowadays, the stout category can be fairly diverse. It is said that the best stout that would represent the entire range of stouts in the market would be the legendary Guinness Stout, as it is actually seen as the prototype of stouts. The current stouts that are available in the UK are varied and these include sweet, English, Foreign Extra, American, Imperial, and oatmeal. These usually have a stronger presence of hop and they come with a variety of other options or styles. There are also draught stouts and bottle stouts with the draught stouts made to be a lot creamier. The stouts that are available in the market nowadays are best enjoyed with alpine cheeses that have been aged as well as those that are blue-veined.




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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

In 2021, Canada Successfully Brought In 405,000 New Immigrants

According to fresh data received from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, Canada exceeded its target for immigration in 2021 by successfully welcoming a total of 405,303 new permanent residents last year. These new immigrants are what Canada has been looking forward to having since the start of the pandemic when immigration had to be put on pause. This is a big number given that the pandemic is still not over and there are still tons of potential immigrants who are scared to go ahead with their plans of moving to the country.


Only once in the entire history of Canada has the total number of new immigrants reached 400,000, and that happened back in 1913. In 1914, World War I happened and immigration rates went down. And in today’s situation, with the pandemic still ongoing, many people are still scared to venture out and start a new life in a new country because of the uncertainty of things. However, with how Canada has been able to have a good grasp of how to run things in the midst of this pandemic, a lot of people have taken courage and pushed ahead with their plans.


Immigrants help out with economic recovery


To help out with the post-pandemic economic recovery of Canada, the immigration plans for 2021 to 2023 aimed at bringing in around 401,000 new immigrants in 2021 alone. The pandemic started in March of 2020 and during that year, Canada was only able to bring in 184,000 new immigrants. It was during this year that Canada’s growth in terms of its population reached one of the lowest levels in its history since World War I. Before the pandemic happened, the country’s plan was to bring in at least 341,000 new immigrants each year.


Canada has been bringing in new immigrants each year as these individuals help the country out in many different ways. With the economy being heavily affected by the pandemic, these new immigrants are very much welcome as immigrants have been known to greatly help out with the economy. It is a good thing that the country has been able to handle the pandemic well which is a big factor for many people to choose Canada as the country to move to.


Meeting its target


For Canada to meet its target for 2021, the IRCC ensured that it awarded permanent residency visas to a good amount of its temporary residents. As per the IRCC, in the midst of this pandemic and the limitations on travel and other obstacles, this was the best and most effective way to meet its goal in terms of immigration. It does seem like a really good plan as it was able to bring up the total of new immigrants higher than the previous years.




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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

New York And How It Has Been A Popular Destination For Immigrants In The United States Of America

New York City… It is probably the most popular city in the whole world. Everyone knows of this place on earth for the glitz and the glamour and the culture and that one place in the world that simply never sleeps. And that is surely the truth as New York City continues to be alive every second of the day. This city in the United States of America surely has quite attractive for a lot of people and that is why it is not surprising to find a lot of immigrants in the country choosing to live here.


Being the center of the financial world and businesses, New York City is definitely a popular choice for plenty of people who are looking for opportunities. Its popularity in movies and in television shows also surely helped a lot of people to decide that this is the city for them. But what else do people really need to know about New York City?


Facts about New York City


New York City is also known around the world as NYC. It is the city in the US that has the biggest population. In 2020, its population was at 8,804,100. It is also the most densely populated among all major cities in the country. NYC can be found at the southernmost tip of the state of New York. It is also a metropolitan area and is the biggest one in the entire world.


It does seem that everything can be found in New York City. It has been described to be the capital of just about everything – cultural, media, financial, commerce, research, education, tourism, art, sports, fashion, dining, politics, technology, and entertainment among many others. It is also so popular that it is the city in the entire world that has been photographed the most. Who wouldn’t be taking photos of this huge and amazing city? It seems like every corner of this place is Instagram-worthy.


More facts about NYC


NYC can be found in one of the biggest natural harbors. It is also made up of five different boroughs which are Brooklyn (Kings County), Manhattan (New York County), Staten Island (Richmond County), the Bronx (Bronx County), and Queens (Queens County). It is also quite interesting to note that NYC also is one of the top gateways for immigration in the USA.


There are more than 800 languages that are spoken in this city, thus making it the city in the entire world that is most diverse linguistically. There are more than 3.2 million of its residents born outside the country. This just goes to show just how popular the city is for plenty of people around the world and these individuals have chosen this place to be where they would be living in among the many other cities in the US.




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Monday, February 14, 2022

How The Settings Are Changing For New Zealand’s Borders And What Immigrants Can Look Forward To

It has been almost three years since the pandemic started and there has been no news yet that it is about to end. People’s lives have definitely changed to adapt to the pandemic and countries have to make do with what they can to keep their economy up without sacrificing the health and safety of the people in the country. There are countries like New Zealand that decided to close their borders and even have to stop bringing in immigrants for the sake and safety of the people living there.


Many people who have plans to become immigrants in New Zealand had to put their plans on pause. With the closed borders, they would not be able to push through with what they want to do in the meantime. They have to patiently wait until the government decides to reopen them again and allow new immigrants to join New Zealand. That is why it is good news when the government had announced a five-stage plan towards reopening the borders.


Step 1


As per the government of New Zealand, from February 27, 2022, Kiwis who are fully vaccinated as well as other travelers who are eligible would be able to enter New Zealand. However, they should be traveling from Australia. Upon entry, they would have to go through a self-isolation system.


Step 2


From March 13, 2022, Kiwis who are fully vaccinated as well as other travelers who are eligible can enter New Zealand. They can come from any place in the world. They also have to go through a self-isolation system upon arrival. The border exceptions would also be expended for critical workers and skilled immigrant workers who are earning 1.5x the median wage at least. The family members of highly skilled immigrant workers can also join the country.


Step 3


From April 12, 2022, the country would expand the border extension more and include a maximum of 5,000 immigrant students before the 2nd semester starts. The expansion would also include holders of temporary visas who meet the requirements.


Step 4


By July 2022, all those who can enter New Zealand without a visa will be allowed to enter the country.


Step 5


Starting October 2022, all categories for visas will be reopened. Visa processing will resume as normal.


Going through self-isolation


This is available only for all fully vaccinated travelers. They would have to do self-isolation for 10 days. They also would have to undergo three rapid antigen tests upon arrival at the airport. The first one to be used on the first day. The second one would be on the 5th or 6th day. The last one would be an extra and to be used as a backup. If a person tests positive, they would be required to have a PCR test including genome sequencing so the country will quickly know what variant it is.




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Friday, February 11, 2022

Welsh Cawl And How It Entices The Tastebuds Of People In The United Kingdom – Including Immigrants

Not a lot of people are fans of soups. They just do not really like having it as they feel like it is not really considered a meal. However, many who are not fans of soups have changed their minds when they tasted Welsh cawl. Yes, this is a soup and it is offered in the United Kingdom. The locals of the country love it and even immigrants who have tried it out are more than happy to have it the next time around or would gladly recommend it to those who have not tried it yet.


With the weather in the UK to be quite on the colder side of things, the Welsh cawl is definitely one of the best things that people there can have. The dish can be perfect to give warmth. Aside from that, it is also delicious and surely a great one to have especially on a cold day. It is also a healthy dish as well.


What is the Welsh cawl?


This dish is made using a number of ingredients which include swede, carrots, potatoes, leek, stock, and a type of meat. Those who may not be into having meat can easily just remove the meat part and make this into a vegetarian dish. So one can simply say that this dish in the UK is friendly to all types of people who have different preferences in terms of the things that they eat.


Those who have tried out this dish have claimed that the Welsh cawl is surely quite filling. It does not only give one warmth while eating it, but it also ensures that the person having it is full. This amazing dish also goes quite well with some cheese and some warm bread. Definitely, the best thing to have during a really cold day. Travelers and new immigrants in the UK should really try this one out while they are in the country.


More about the Welsh cawl


This amazing dish has been around for some time already. In fact, it is really a traditional dish and has filled the stomachs of plenty of people. It is a stew that is really great to have and some families have even created their own versions of how to make it become even better. Most of the recipes that are still around have been handed down through many generations. And through its name, one can definitely say that this is something that has been in Wales for a really long time as it is its place of origin. In the Northern part of Wales, the Welsh caw is also known as lobscows. The locals of the UK usually make a huge batch of this and save some for the next day, when the dish tastes even better.




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Thursday, February 10, 2022

High Interest In Immigration To Canada Continues As Shown In New Survey

Throughout the years, Canada has been one of the most preferred countries by plenty of people around the world to be immigrants in. This is because the country is quite known to be open to immigrants and welcomes thousands and thousands of new immigrants each year. It is also a country with a strong economy and a great system of education. With that, people who are interested in becoming immigrants usually put Canada at the top of their list of countries that they would like to move to.


When the pandemic hit almost two years ago, immigration slowed significantly down as non-essential travel was not allowed not only in Canada but in other countries as well. However, the government of the country is doing the best that it could to ensure that they have a great hold over the situation. This has shown potential immigrants how well the country is when it comes to handling the crisis. This is also one of the top reasons why the interest in immigration to Canada still remains high.


Keeping a strong interest in immigration


A study was recently done on potential immigrants and the results showed that there remains to be a strong interest in Canada as a country to move to. The study did a survey on more than 13,000 potential immigrants and was done in August 2021. This was done in the midst of the ongoing pandemic and to also see just how people’s views changed (or did not change at all) on their plans of moving to Canada as immigrants.


A similar study was done back in 2020 and comparing the results, it showed that there has been no decrease in the interest of potential immigrants in choosing Canada as the country to move to. The survey’s results also showed that almost 52% of the respondents declared that the pandemic did not have any kind of impact on their immigration plans. This really shows just how well Canada is handling the situation and how potential immigrants have seen this.


Other data shown in the results


More data has been analyzed and it showed that 33% of the respondents disclosed that they really felt that the pandemic would have a negative impact on the availability of jobs in Canada. This has gone down from the 45% who said the same thing in the study done a year before. On the other hand, 35% of the respondents said that this pandemic has had a positive impact in terms of the availability of jobs. Aside from these, around 58% said that they were definitely interested in becoming immigrants in Canada because the government of the country has a handle on the pandemic and the country’s healthcare knows how to care for patients who have the virus.




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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Learning The Benefits That Come With The F-1 Student Visa In The United States Of America

A lot of people around the world need or want to have additional or further education. A good amount would choose to have their study right in their own country. However, there are also a lot of individuals who choose to take their studies in another country for a variety of reasons, and having the best education is one of those. That is one of the top reasons why the United States of America is one of the most popular places for immigrant students as it is home to some of the best educational institutions in the world.


Each year, thousands and thousands of immigrant students make their way to this country. To be able to do that, these individuals need to apply and be granted an F-1 visa. Otherwise, getting into the USA for their purpose of having further studies would not be possible. This visa comes with its own share of benefits and here are some of them.


Unlimited F-1 visas are awarded


There are some types of visas that come with a limit when it comes to the number that is awarded per year. So if the visa type comes with a 10,000 limit, it means that only 10,000 individuals can be accepted to the USA. In the case of the F-1 visa, this comes with no limitations when it comes to the number awarded per year. With that, it is good news for those who wish to study in the country as there is no limit as to the number of people who can become immigrant students there.


The chance to enter the US


The F-1 visas would allow the person bearing it to be able to enter the country and become a full-time student there. This person would also be able to get the education that is recognized around the world.


Traveling in and out of the US


Another great benefit that comes with having the F-1 visa would be the chance to travel within the country and even outside during the entire time. This is a great perk and shows the flexibility that F-1 holders can have. People who have such a visa really enjoy this as it means that they can explore the United States on their own time and know more about the place and what it has to offer. They can also leave the country and return without any hassle as long as they are the bearer of this F-1 visa. They would not also have any trouble staying in the US with the visa.


Reuniting with family in the US


It is also a great thing to have family while studying in the US under an F-1 visa. So family, dependents, and the spouse of an F-1 holder can join them in the country. All these family members need to do is apply for the F-2 status and get approved for it.




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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New Zealand Is Ready To Open Once Again To Immigrant Students For The 2023 Academic Year

When the pandemic started, New Zealand is one of the first countries to enforce closed borders. This was done despite the untoward effects that came with the closure of borders. But the safety and health of the people in New Zealand were what was important. The borders continue to remain closed now especially for immigrants as the priority is still ensuring that the disease that caused the pandemic does not create chaos in the country like what has happened in other countries where the disease has spread quite a whole lot.


Many people want to move to New Zealand but are unable to do so because of the restrictions and the closed borders. However, there is sure good news on the horizon as the country’s government has announced that it would be once again opening its borders for immigrant students for the 2023 academic year. This is surely a good thing as the country is home to many great universities and colleges and before the pandemic, New Zealand has been a destination for many immigrant students.


Reopening the borders for immigrant students


New Zealand has a plan when it comes to reopening its borders and it has five steps. It has been welcomed greatly by plenty of people as it is a great step towards allowing immigrants to join the country. Those who wish to be immigrant students in New Zealand are some of the overjoyed individuals at this plan by the government as the country will start to process student visa applications again by October 2022.


As per details from the New Zealand government, part of the plan is to accept and bring in a maximum of 5,000 immigrant students to the country. These individuals would be allowed to enter New Zealand by April 2023 and they would be included in the border exception class. With the processing coming right back by October, this means that those who have been accepted can actually enroll and study in one of the universities or colleges in the country. New Zealand is known for having some of the best institutions for higher education in the world and has been a popular destination for those who wish to get additional knowledge.


The path towards reopening the borders


To open the borders, the government is preparing for the influx of immigrant students in New Zealand. It is not simply just about opening the borders. The country must be ready. That is why, right now, the country is working on ensuring that the people in the country are vaccinated and have also received booster shots. The goal of New Zealand is to ensure that it is the most vaccinated country in the world as well as the one with the most booster shots. This is to protect its people from the threats brought about by COVID-19.




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Monday, February 7, 2022

Natural Population Growth In The United Kingdom To Go Down, Immigrants To Play A Part In Growing The Population

The population of a country is a big factor in how the future of the country will be. The people are the ones who grow the population, who help out with running the country, and who also are part of the labor force. That is why countries like the United Kingdom are working on growing their population as its population is aging. This means fewer people in the workforce, fewer people being born, and more people needing care. And for countries like the UK, the way to grow its population would be to bring in immigrants to help out.


Recent numbers have it that the growth in population in the UK is estimated to slow down greatly in this decade. The reason for this would be because of the lower birth rate. And the best thing to work around that would be to ramp up on immigration and bring in the needed immigrants to help the country out.


The numbers


According to some experts, the population of the United Kingdom is projected to go up by 3.2% which would come to a total of 69.2 million by 2030. This is the growth projected from the 2020 data which is at 67.1 million. In the decade that ended in 2020, the population of the UK grew by 6.9% which was a growth of 4.3 million. Aside from that, data also showed that the population in the UK went up by 15.6% or 3.9 million from 1995 to 2020. It is projected that from 2020 to 2045, the population will grow by 5.8% or 3.9 million. This is as per data from the Office for National Statistics. With that, by 2045, the population of the country would amount to 71 million.


The data also showed that the number of deaths would be greater than the number of births in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. This is because most people who live in these places are part of the baby boomers who were born after World War II.


Immigration to the rescue


James Robards is the statistician for household projection and population of the ONS. He said that with the projections, immigration is going to be having a huge role in the growth of the population in the United Kingdom. This has been the case for many countries and the UK is definitely not an exception. That is why the government of the UK would surely be doing the best that it can to ensure that there would be a lot fewer issues that would arise with having an aging population and fewer people in the workforce. This would also be good news for a lot of potential immigrants who are aspiring to move to the UK.




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Friday, February 4, 2022

Canada Starts New Measures To Make Processing Of Immigration Applications Go Faster

One of the many things that has made a lot of people stop their plans of moving to a new country is how slow the processing of applications is. Many individuals are really interested in moving to a new country as immigrants but it's how long the processing time that discourages them from doing so. However, those who are really set on being an immigrant in a new country like Canada will do everything that it takes to be able to meet the requirements and are patient enough to wait for the results of their application.


It is surely good news when Canada’s immigration minister Sean Fraser has recently announced the new plans that the country has with regards to the processing of immigrant applications. He mentioned that these new plans would help keep the processing back on track and make the immigration system in the country even better. This means that things would go more smoothly and faster and those who are working on being immigrants in the country would benefit a lot from this change.


Making processing times shorter


To be able to make processing time shorter, the government has actually allocated a total of $85 million in its 2021 budget. This would allow the agency to have a reduction in processing times in the entire Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Aside from this, Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, has also told Fraser to work on the reduction of processing times.


Fraser has mentioned that with the budget given to this endeavor, the country would be able to make the processing of applications faster. The agency is hoping to be able to return to fast processing standards for various permits including study permits and work permits as well as for renewal of permanent resident cards. The target for this would be by the year’s end. The budget would also be working on the reduction of processing times for applications for proof of citizenship as well as for visitor visas.


The target


In 2021, the IRCC was able to work on more than 500,000 applications for permanent resident visas. According to Fraser, for the first three months of 2022, the target would be to work on 147,000 applications for permanent resident visas to Canada. This number would be twice as much as what has been processed for the same period a year ago. The country is really ramping up on the processing of applications and this sure is a good thing for both the country and the applicants.


Aside from this, this February, Canada would also be introducing the Permanent Residence Application Tracker which would be used for spouses and for dependents for them to see the status of their application online. This would allow them to know how things are going and what is already happening to their application to Canada.




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