Friday, November 29, 2019

Common Traits Of Locals In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Be Familiar With

Each place has its own set of quirks. Well, not necessarily the place but the people living in it. For example, people in the Philippines are known to be very welcoming and quite friendly that they can be easily be approached by strangers or travelers if they want to get more information or directions. In the United Kingdom, there are also some common traits that locals have. Keep in mind though that these traits can be different from someone’s home country and may find them weird. But immigrants whoa re in the United Kingdom should know about these traits lest they encounter people doing these.

So read on and learn about these common traits that one may encounter once they are in the UK.

Beer can be as early as possible.

At 7am, people may still be in their pajamas or may be rushing to prepare to go to work. Others may just be lazing around since they are not morning people. There are some who may still be asleep since it is too early. But there are people in the United Kingdom who can have a beer as early as possible and that is quite normal. These people are drinking this beverage maybe to cure a hangover or just to get some alcohol in because of the cold weather and the alcohol can help keep them warm. Well, at least for a bit.

Don’t worry though because these people are drinking beer early in the morning not to get drunk really. That’s for another time of the day. Also, not all people do this.

Innuendos make them giggle.

While some people may feel offended at innuendos, the locals of the UK can giggle at these. It is not that they encourage them but usually, they do giggle if the innuendos are coming from their friends or close family members and if they are given at an appropriate time and not totally out of context.

Making some tea even if they don’t really drink it.

They say that Brits really love their tea. Well, that is true. Tea is like their beverage of choice for all occasions and for all hours of the day. Maybe because they are so used to making tea that they often go through the motions of making one with the intent of drinking it without really realizing that they do not have the time to do so. Well, there’s always iced tea later.

Sunburnt people when the weather is warm.

It is not a secret that the UK is usually cold and the sun doesn’t shine too much since rain pours a lot. That is why immigrants shouldn’t be surprised if they see people already sunburnt when the weather becomes warm. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for one day but they will take advantage of the situation and get as much sun as they can. Sometimes, that ends up having too much sun.

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Canada To Experience 40% Increase In Immigrants Turned Citizens By 2024

There are different types of immigrants in Canada. Some have made their way to the country to work while there are those who are there for further studies. Some are there to start their own business ventures. And then there are those who are in the country as immigrants to start working their way towards becoming citizens. The road towards getting citizenship in Canada does not come easy though. There are a good number of requirements that immigrants must fulfill and they have to work hard for this to happen.

A study done by Statistics Canada has found out that there are lesser immigrants recently who have been able to achieve their goal of getting citizenship status in Canada. The government agency has also disclosed that this can be quite troubling and it is something that they are concerned about. However, they have also disclosed that seeing this trend, they are making sure that this will not remain as is and, in fact, they are already working on improvements thus having a target of 40% in increase.

A start and an end

For many individuals, becoming a citizen in Canada is both a start and an end. It is the start of their new journey and adventure as a citizen of the country. It is also the end of being a new person in the country – which is very true given that to apply for citizenship, one must have to stay in the country for a given number of years.

Citizens are allowed to vote and choose the right people who they would like to have a seat in the government. They can also run for office if they want to. When applying for jobs in the government, they would be a priority as compared to those who are not citizens. They are also going to have a Canadian passport and can go out of the country without having to worry that they won’t have a country to go back to. These are some of the perks that come with being a citizen and something that many previous immigrants now enjoy after getting approved for citizenship.

Government support

The government of Canada is proud to assist and support immigrants who are taking the journey toward citizenship. This is because the government is aiming at having a high rate when it comes to citizenship acquisition. So far, the country has been able to do this successfully and have also been able to maintain its high rate. This is a reflection that the country as a whole has been doing a great job when it comes to helping individuals integrate well into the new society and the new community that they are living in. There are programs that the government has put together to help immigrants and they have proven to be successful.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New Zealand Parent Resident Visa Route To Reopen Next Year

To be away from one’s parents to become an immigrant in a new country like New Zealand can be quite difficult for an individual especially if this would be the first time to be away from them for a long time, and in a new country at that. Being alone in a new place without anyone to go to, it would be quite a difficult ordeal. Who does one go to when they are not feeling well? When they need someone to share dinner with? When they want to talk their problems out?

There is good news for immigrants in New Zealand since the government has announced last October 7, 2019 that they would be reopening the route that would allow immigrants to bring their parents to the country. This is the Parent Resident Visa route and it would soon be back. There would be some changes though and immigrants should learn about the changes so they would know how to prepare to bring their parents to the country. After all, it is not just about sending in an application – there are requirements to fulfill.

The plans for the Parent Resident Visa

Starting this February 2020, this route would again be running and open for applications. Those immigrants who are interested can start sending in their Expressions of Interest (which is also known as EOIs). The first ones to pass the requirements and qualified to bring their parents to New Zealand would be given notifications by May of that same year. The people doing the screening and processing would be basing the applications based on the date when the EOIs have been received by the office of Immigration NZ.

The previous Parent Resident Visa used to have two tiers. Now, one of the changes that immigrants will find with the soon-to-reopen route would be that it would only have one system. Aside from that, there would be an increase in terms of the requirements in the finances of the applicants as well as the sponsors. The rules state that the required finances for any sponsor have been updated so that it would meet the median income in New Zealand. There would also be a limit of 1000 parents per year who can join their children in the country.

Opportunity for immigrants to bring their parents

The reopening of this route is definitely a godsend especially for those immigrants who are having a hard time being away from their parents. With this route, they can apply and become sponsors for their parents to join them in New Zealand. It would also mean that they can focus on whatever goal they have in the country because they would have their parents with them. Plenty of immigrants have been interested in this before so it is highly likely that more would want to bring their parents to the country.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

NHS Visa In The United Kingdom Would Be Fast-Tracked For Immigrant Nurses And Doctors

The preparations for the upcoming election in the United Kingdom on the 12th of December this year are ongoing. Political parties are working on their plans and their campaign propaganda. One of the newest plans would be making sure that applications for the NHS visa for immigrant nurses and doctors would be fast-tracked. This is as per the Conservative Party which is currently the minority in the UK government.

According to the Conservative Party, this plan to fast track the National Health Services (NHS) visa would allow the country to lure the needed health workers to the UK. It would also allow them to keep these skilled immigrant workers to stay in the country longer. The United Kingdom has been reliant on thousands of skilled immigrant workers in providing the needed health services of the citizens and everyone else in the country. This political party had previously imposed a policy with zero tolerance when it came to immigration. It looks like the winds have changed.

The stand on immigration

During campaigns before the election in the United Kingdom, immigration has always been one of the top issues that are being discussed and debated on. There are people who clamor for being able to have control over the country’s borders and that has become one of the major reasons why the population of the country had sent out their votes in agreement to the UK leaving the European Union.

With many people working in the health sector being immigrants, the country is now prepping for the possibilities when the exit comes into effect. There are quite many skilled immigrants in the health sector of the UK that are citizens of European Union member nations. Once the exit happens, these individuals may have to go back to their home country or to other countries if they do not wish to stay in the country especially since they would have to apply for visas to be able to remain living and working in the country. That is why the NHS visa has been planned to help the health sector retain their capacity to help people.

Targeting the best health practitioners

Many people have already realized just how things can go awry when the exit happens since the country would be losing many health practitioners which is very important in the UK. Experts have proven that the NHS has been quite reliant on the skilled immigrants that they have been employing. That is why the fast track of the NHS visas have been organized. With this, the country can easily bring in the needed health workers so that the country does not have to feel the loss of the other immigrants who had to leave the UK. The NHS visa is also meant to target the best health practitioners in the entire world.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

38 Individuals Become Citizens Of Canada During Ceremony In Cobourg

Many people wish to have the right to be called a citizen of Canada. Although the first step is making sure that they are able to make it to the country as an immigrant and prove their worth, they still have to go through an application process to be able to make it as a citizen. Those who have been successful enough in this endeavor are more than happy to share that everything that they did was worth it. After meeting all of the requirements, they say that the journey was all worth it.

Recently, 38 individuals who were immigrants have gotten to their goal which is to be awarded citizenship during a ceremony held in Cobourg, a town in Ontario, Canada, just for this. One of the individuals who got her citizenship was Cecille. Her smile stretched from ear to ear as she proudly showed everyone her papers. Her family and her friends who also attended the ceremony were very happy for her. According to Cecille, being handed this status is really one of the best opportunities that she has ever received.

The roads towards a citizenship

For Cecille, the whole journey was amazing. She has been an immigrant in Toronto and has a temporary residency status. For the first time since setting foot in Canada, she was going to Cobourg on the last week of October this year with high hopes. That trip was bringing her to her citizenship in Canada. Cecille said that she had to work hard for around nine to ten years as part of the whole journey and she was enjoying every minute of it despite the challenges and obstacles that she met. She made her way to Canada in 2010 after leaving her home country, the Philippines.

When she got a notification informing her that she was getting her citizenship, she was ecstatic. She also learned that it would be held in Cobourg which was the nearest place for her so she started making plans for that special occasion. She did research about the place and made plans. Aside from being a part of the citizenship ceremony, she also wanted to take the opportunity to explore the area since it was going to be her first time there.

Reminiscing her journey

It was not all smooth sailing for Cecille to get to this point. She said that she had to work hard to be able to fulfill all of the requirements. She had to start as an immigrant worker in Canada and made her way to applying for permanent residency status. And all of these didn’t happen in just one week or one month. It took her years but she said that she was able to enjoy the entirety of it.

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Growth In Population In New Zealand Continues To Remain At Good Levels, Thanks To Immigration

New Zealand continues to be one of the top destinations for immigrants mainly because of being a country open to immigrants. Aside from this, the country is also known for having a work-life balance which is something that is not that widely practiced around the world. The economy of the country is also strong that people living here would not have to worry about having financial instability because of a fluctuating economy.

Thus, it is not surprising to see a huge number of people from around the world sending in their applications just to be an immigrant in this country. Of course, not all applicants get to make it to this country, however, those who do come arrive in huge numbers. With the nation having a huge land area with not enough people, New Zealand has been known for accepting immigrants to help out not only with the labor market but also with population growth. With many people becoming immigrants in the country, the high growth in population has been maintained and still at healthy levels, which is a very important thing.

Movement of people in New Zealand

Immigration has been one of the major sources of movement in New Zealand. Plenty of people from around the world move to this country for a variety of reasons. Some people in the country believe that there are a lot of them coming but not everyone is in agreement. Studies have confirmed that immigrants in NZ have been beneficial in growing the population. There has also been proof that immigrants have been very helpful in keeping the economy of the country quite stable.

Another type of movement in the country would be the locals of the country flying out and leaving a gap in the population, which the immigrants are trying to fill. Locals leaving is not really a problem since this has been happening for so long already and the immigrants coming in are the ones who are filling the gaps and even growing the population. Thus, those who do say that there are plenty of immigrants in the country really haven’t counted in the number of locals who have left.

The trend in movement

There are many locals of New Zealand who leave the country for long-term or have an extended stay in another country. However, they are easily replaced by the huge amount of immigrants who are coming to the country for short-term or even for long-term. Some have even gone on to becoming citizens of the country. Data has it that there are more immigrants coming as compared to locals leaving, thus the growth in the population. Also, most immigrants who come to the country are young and start families in the country which also helps with the growth.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Over Half A Million Citizens From EU Sent In Applications To Continue Living In United Kingdom

Immigrants in the United Kingdom who are also citizens of European Union member nations are currently thinking about what could happen to them when the exit of the UK from the EU pushes through. There are plenty of these immigrants who have been in the country already for so long. The country also has seen the contributions that these immigrants have brought. However, with the exit, it means that citizens of EU member nations would no longer have preferential treatment when it comes to immigrants in the UK.

One of the plans that would be put into place once the exit happens is to remove any preferential treatment. This means that any immigrants from EU member nations would have to go through the same process as immigrants from any other country in the world. That is why many EU citizens who have already found a home in the UK have already sent in their applications so they continue living and working in the country.

Many EU citizens have sent in applications

In the previous month, over half a million EU citizens who are in the UK as immigrants have sent in their applications so that they can continue with being in the country even after the exit has happened. This is as per official numbers of the UK government. They are applying to continue to work and live in the country. This definitely shows that there are a lot of EU member nation citizens who are in the country and are choosing to remain there, mainly to work there.

The Home Office has received around 590,300 individual applications that have been sent in via the EU Settlement Scheme. This is just for citizens of EU member nations who have chosen to remain in the country. As of the end of October 2019, the country has been able to receive a total of 2.4 million applications from EU citizens. Over 1.9 of the applications that the country has received have already been processed. 60% of which have been given a permanent residency status which is going to be known as settled status once there is no more freedom of movement.

More numbers

As per data from the Home Office, 40% of the applicants have been awarded a status known as pre-settled. With this, they can continue to stay and live and work in the UK. However, they would need to send in a new application to get a settled status. They have to do this after they have lived in the UK for at least five years. That is if they wish to stay in the United Kingdom on a permanent basis.

The biggest number of applications came from those from Poland at 456,600. Citizens of Rome came in 2nd at 388,600 applications, and the Italians were at 3rd at 259,300 total applications.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Immigrants In Canada Are More Likely To Set Up A Business And Create Opportunities Compared To Locals

In a new study done by the Business Development Bank of Canada (also known as the BDC), it has been found out that the scene for entrepreneurs in Canada has been growing and developing. In fact, it has become even more diverse. The changes have been attributed to the immigrants to Canada who have been helping pave and create new landscapes in this field.

The study has also found out that the new immigrants in Canada have a much higher chance of starting their own business in the country. The businesses that these immigrants make and start in the country have been known to grow rapidly. These businesses have also been known to open more jobs which are good for the labor market and the economy of the country. The ventures of immigrants in Canada in terms of starting their own businesses is higher compared to the individuals in Canada who have been born in the country.

More results from the study

According to the study from the BDC, the immigrants in Canada have a higher entrepreneurial rate as compared to the Canadian-born. In fact, the rate is double for the immigrants. This means that immigrants in the country have twice more chances of starting a business than those who were born there. The business could be just about anything. It can also mean starting a business from scratch or purchasing an already existing business and running it themselves.

In 2018 alone, there were a total of 251,600 immigrants who have become entrepreneurs when they moved to the country. This number is higher by 22% as compared to the number of immigrant entrepreneurs back in 2006. It reflects that immigrants are quite ready to take risks and venture into business despite being in foreign soil. They perhaps see the opportunities and the chance to grow that business in Canada.

The number could still grow

Given the results of the study and the current trend in immigrant in Canada, the BDC has stated that it can be expected that there would be more immigrant entrepreneurs in the country in the coming years. Previous studies have shown that by 2032, it is projected a huge amount of the growth in population in Canada would be attributed to immigrants. The estimate would be 80% of the growth in population would be taken by the newcomers.

The BDC has also concluded that with more and more immigrants joining the country each year, it is highly likely that the country is also continuing to be diverse. And with this trend, it also means that more and more entrepreneurs would most likely sprout in the country. This is a good thing not just for the immigrants but also for the locals as well since more jobs are created. The economy is also going to be benefitting from this since good businesses help strengthen the economy.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Immigration Rate In New Zealand Maintains Its High Level

A ton of individuals who live in the different corners of the world has been looking for a new country that they can be an immigrant in. They plan on doing so for various reasons. Some choose to leave their home country in search of greener pastures. Others want to be reunited with their families who are living in other countries. There are people who wish to get additional education. These are just some of the reasons why individuals choose to move to another country like New Zealand.

Yes, New Zealand is one of the top countries that has been receiving a huge number of applications for potential immigrants each year. That is not really surprising given that New Zealand is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to the quality of life. It has a strong and stable economy and it is also quite known for the work-life balance that is being promoted all around the country. People who are part of the workforce get enough income for them to get their basics as well as allow them to enjoy life.

The number of immigration

The arrivals of immigrants in New Zealand have maintained its high rate. For the year that ended in March of 2019, the number of immigrants who have arrived in the country has reached around 150,000 in total. This reflects the high amount of individuals who have pushed through with their plans to move to the country as immigrants and have been able to do so successfully.

It is important to note though that despite the huge amount of individuals joining the country as immigrants, there are also a significant number of individuals who have decided to leave the country. Included in this group are the previous immigrants. These are the ones who may have already finished their studies in the country and need to go back to their home country or those individuals who have already finished their work visas. This is as per data and analysis done by Statistics New Zealand, the country’s agency that deals with data and statistics.

The analysis of immigration

Tehseen Islam works as the manager for population insights of Statistics New Zealand. On this, she has shared that the number of immigrants who have arrived in the country for the year as of the end of March of this year was actually bigger as compared to the year that ended in July of 2016. During that period, it was when New Zealand has experienced a peak in the number of immigrant arrivals which amounted to around 64,000 individuals. This surely is a reflection of just how popular New Zealand is among potential immigrants and how many individuals are doing the best they can to make it to the country.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Skilled Health Professional Immigrants Get Fast Processing In United Kingdom

Plenty of health professionals have been eyeing the United Kingdom to be the place to move to. The country is home to many skilled immigrants who are part of the health industry and many want to join them. This is not surprising given that the country is home to one of the best health services and institutions in the entire world – many health professionals would want to be part of that industry and learn more and also be able to put into practice their skills and knowledge.

A recent update in the United Kingdom immigration system has got many potential immigrants from around the world to be excited about the opportunities. It seems like the government of the UK has created plans so that health professionals who are interested in joining the growing health community of the country would find it easier to move there. There is a new visa scheme that would make the processing of visas for these individuals faster and easier. This new scheme is known as the National Health Service visa scheme.

The NHS visa scheme

According to the proposed rules for the NHS visa scheme, professionals in the health industry who are interested in joining the UK’s NHS as immigrant workers would be getting additional points when they apply. Their applications would also be processed faster. There would be preferential treatment for these individuals given that there is a demand for these people and their skills and experience in the medical industry.

Priti Patel works as the interior minister of the Home Secretary. According to her, these plans are based on a points system scheme that they are trying to put in place. It would be based on the immigration style that is being used in Australia. The interior minister has also shared that by using such a system for health professionals wanting to be part of the UK health industry, they would be able to have control over the numbers. They would also be able to easily track and process applications of skilled immigrants whose expertise is needed in the country.

Attracting global talent

Patel has also continued to disclose that the country is aiming at attracting and bringing in the needed talents from around the globe and have them become part of the National Health Service of the UK. This is to ensure that the NHS would be able to continue to give the best services to the people in the country. The scheme is also a good way to do that without adding more strain to the current immigration system. The aim is to be able to lure in some of the best doctors, nurses, and other health professionals needed in the UK after the UK does its exit from the European Union.

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Too Many Immigrants In Canada? More And More Canadians Do Not Think So.

There are some claims going around that there may be just too many immigrants already in Canada. There are some people who say that the Canadian government has been lenient and accepting far too much of these immigrants into their soil. To take a look and see if any of these claims are true, a study has been done recently. The survey was made basing it on public opinion with regards to immigration in Canada. The study has shown that there are more and more Canadians who believe that immigration is a positive thing for the country. From April of this year until October, the number of Canadians who believe such has risen.

This basically shows that instead of having more Canadian locals saying that there is too much immigration happening in Canada, there are more and more locals who are saying that this is not true. The numbers are even growing which shows more support for immigrants and immigration in the country.

The study that was done

The survey is known as Focus Canada and it is done by Environics Institute. Compared to the study done in April of this year, 59 per cent of the respondents had mentioned that they disapproved of the statement that said that Canada has too much immigration happening overall. The study that was done just this October has shown even more locals saying that they disapprove of the statement. From 59%, the October study has reflected 63%. This is the highest amount of people since 2008 saying that immigration is good and that there is not really too much of it happening in the country.

Only around a third of the locals have said that they agreed with that specific statement. And that number has not changed since the last survey was done. 2,008 locals of Canada were interviewed as part of the study from October 7th until the 20th. Another study would be done in the future to see if the locals have changed their views or not.

The results of the study

The study has also shown that eight out of ten Canadians believe that immigrants and immigration are essential in helping the economy of the country. It also reflected that more and more locals are supporting education and this is from locals all around the country. There has also been an increase in support that was noticeable in some areas like Quebec, the Prairies, and Atlantic Canada.

Those who gave more positive views on immigration were individuals who the younger ones, the women, the ones with higher educational attainments, and the ones who had more financial security. The study also revealed that those who had a negative outlook on immigration were those who have issues with losing their jobs.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Immigrants In New Zealand Has An Increasing Number Of Children, Seniors

Recent news has announced that the government of New Zealand has finally decided that it was time to bring back the program that would allow immigrants in the country to bring their parents there. This decision has come in the midst of the rising number of individuals who are at least 60 years old who are entering New Zealand as immigrants. So far, the recent number of seniors entering the country is one of the highest ever recorded.

This is not a surprising thing since New Zealand is quite known for its beautiful and well-preserved nature which is good for those who are looking for peace and serenity, especially during their senior years. Many people who have experienced stress for most of their lives choose to be immigrants in this country since the country also promotes a work-life balance, thus making people a lot more relaxed and chill. A huge number of retirees who are looking for a better country to live in choose New Zealand.

Numbers for immigration in New Zealand

In a report published by Statistics New Zealand, the government agency has noted that there were around 8930 immigrants who arrived in New Zealand that were at least 60 years old. This is in a 12-month period that ended on July 31st of 2019. The agency has disclosed that this was the highest ever recorded number of seniors moving to New Zealand as immigrants since they have started to compile data back in 2015.

There have also been a number of immigrants who are 60 years old and above who have chosen to leave the country and move to a new one or go back to their home country. For the same period, around 7000 have left the country. This means that there are not really that many senior immigrants who are in the country since many have moved in while there are also a significant amount of seniors who have left.

Children of immigrants in New Zealand

Data from Statistics New Zealand have shown that children of immigrants have also accounted for a huge amount of the total amount of immigrants in the country. For the same 12-month period, there were around 14,800 immigrants who were less than 18 years old who have joined their parents in New Zealand. This number amounts to 28 per cent of the entire amount of immigrants for that period. That number is higher as compared to the 20.3 per cent of children of immigrants recorded for the same 12-month period ending in July 31st of 2014.

Adding the number of senior immigrants and those who are minors, the two groups total to around 31.6 per cent of the total number of immigrants. This number is surely higher than five years before when their total was just 24.7 per cent.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Talk The Talk: Lingo In The United Kingdom Immigrants Need To Be Familiar With

Most of the immigrants who make their way to the United Kingdom speaks and understands the English language. This is a very good thing because it means that they can converse with the locals and they can understand each other. The UK uses English as its primary language and so it is quite easy for many immigrants.

However, one of the things that immigrants in the UK need to learn would be a variation of the language which is seen in the lingo that the locals use. Those who are not familiar with the lingo may seem befuddled because they know that the people there are speaking English and yet they really do not understand a thing that they are saying. This is what happens when the locals use the lingo.

Some immigrants use context clues to try and understand what the terms mean but not all of the terms can be understood using this technique. That is why it is highly recommended that immigrants in the country and those who wish to be immigrants there should be familiar with the common lingo so that they can easily understand what the locals are saying and so they can also easily fit in since they can talk like the locals do.

With that said, here are some lingo commonly used in the UK. Read on and learn.


This term is one of the most common slang used in the UK. It is a term that is used as an endearment or a way of showing affection but in a friendly manner. The locals usually use it when referring or talking to a friend that they have a close relationship with. Mate is used in the UK as ‘pal’ or ‘buddy’ or ‘dude’ is used in the United States.

I got the chips and the game ready. See you tonight, mate.


The term ‘minging’ may seem positive but it is actually a better term used by the locals of the United Kingdom instead of ‘gross’ or ‘disgusting’. The Brits are known for their sarcastic humor so this term fits nicely.

That dish looks minging -- I wouldn’t touch that if I were you.


This term is one of the more popularly used lingoes in the UK. It means ‘dirt’ and many people around the world who watch Brit shows or movies or read British comics or books are familiar with this term.

I just cleaned the house so you better make sure your shoes do not have any much on them.

Nice one

This phrase is yet another example of sarcasm in the UK. However, there are instances when it is also used as it is.

You forgot to turn off the stove when you left the house? Nice one.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Values Test For Economic Immigrants May Soon Be Introduced In A Province In Canada

A policy has been proposed by a province in Canada. If this proposal passes and gets the green light, economic immigrants who wish to join this province in Canada would have to take a values test and pass it. This province is Quebec. According to Francois Legault, a Premier of Quebec, any potential immigrants who wish to be part of Quebec should be able to pass the test if they are knowledgeable about values which include men and women having equal rights.

Many immigrants may feel dismayed over this because it means that they have to study for another test and make sure that they pass it. However, this values test is not something that one should really study hard for but may take and learn from news and values observed and discussed in Canada. Canada is known for being one of the best countries in the world which upholds the rights of people and the environment. Having a heart for this would allow individuals to easily pass the test.

The values test

According to the provincial government of Quebec, the questions that potential immigrants would be answering would be based on its own charter of rights. The policy is still under discussion but has a high chance of being passed. It is proposed to be effective starting on the 1st of January next year.

Individuals who wish to be part of the province of Quebec should take the values test. If in case they do and they fail, they can always retake the values test which is being administered online. To be able to pass the values test, an individual must have a grade of 75% at least.

Individuals who are having a hard time with the values test can take a course that would help them pass the test. This is optional but it can be highly helpful for those who have no idea about the charter of rights in Quebec.

The test is designed to have 20 questions. It would have questions on various topics which would include the part of Quebec that speaks French, democracy, equality among men and women, and state secularism.

The goal of the values test

Simon Jolin-Barrette works as the immigration minister for Quebec. He mentioned that the goal of this test would be to help new immigrants in Canada, specifically in Quebec, be able to integrate well into the new society that they would be living in. It would also help them better since they already know the rules and the values that people follow in the province. The values that are followed in Quebec and the rest of Canada are not entirely controversial but are more on the humane side of things which makes things a lot easier.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Aged Care Immigrant Workers In New Zealand Have Chance To Become Permanent Residents

Many people move to New Zealand to become immigrants. They are there for a variety of reasons. Some are there to build a new life. Some have chosen one of the top universities or colleges for further education. There are some people who chose to go to New Zealand for work. Those immigrant workers who are in New Zealand and are working in the aged care sector have recently received good news – they have a huge chance of getting a permanent residency status from the government.

Changes in the rules in immigration are allowing people who are working and providing elderly care to be a step nearer getting a permanent residency status. Immigrant workers who belong to such an industry are happy with the update. This change in rules is actually a way for the government to retain such skilled immigrant workers in the country. It can be difficult to find skilled workers who can do proper work in elderly care and that is why the government is helping the industry retain the workers who are already in New Zealand.

A change in the list

The list of occupations that are now included in those skilled immigrant workers in New Zealand who can move up and be granted a permanent residency status has been updated. Aside from those who are part of the elderly care industry, there are other professions as well which have been added to the list. Those that have been added include beauty therapists, train drivers, and bungee masters.

The complete list of skilled immigrant workers who are qualified for the permanent residency status update can be found in the Operational Manual of Immigration New Zealand. This list has been recently updated and announce. According to a spokesperson for Immigration New Zealand, the occupations and professions that have been included in the list were those that are quite difficult to fill. There are occupations in New Zealand that can be easily filled up and then there are those which have given employers a lot of trouble since finding the right people with the right skills has been quite difficult.

Why finding elderly care workers has been difficult

According to experts who have looked into the different industries and occupations, finding elderly care workers has proven to be quite a task. This is because the skills needed for this does not only mean giving the right kind of physical care for the elderly of the country. They should also know how to provide emotional support and that is a skill that cannot be taught in school or during training.

There are plenty of elderly folk in New Zealand and they sure are in need of people who would help them in their day-to-day needs. This is where elderly care workers come in.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Fish And Chips, Haggis: Food Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Be Familiar With

Food is essential. One cannot live without food. It is where humans get their energy and their sustenance so they can continue living and do the things that they need to do. It is also a good source of nutrients that help them become healthy and not get sick always. Plus, a human that is hungry is not a pleasant creature. That is why immigrants in the United Kingdom are highly recommended to be familiar with the good food joints in the country so they would know where to get the food that they would need to be a healthy person and a healthy member of the community.

Here are two famous foods that immigrants should be familiar with when they are in the United Kingdom. It is important that they know what these are because they would most likely encounter them in most food establishments in the country.

Fish and chips

Most of the world thinks that chips are the usual potato chips or corn chips or any kind of chip for that matter. However, when in the United Kingdom, chips are actually French fries. So basically, fish and chips in the UK are fish and fries. This meal has been around the UK since 1865 and it has seemed to be a popular food choice in most parts of the country. At present, there are over 10,500 food shops that specialize in this meal.

The fish is dipped in a light batter and then it is fried until it becomes crispy. The usual types of fish that are used for this meal are haddock and cod. Many suggest that this is a really good meal to have because it is quite handy since one can eat it while on the go. Plus, it is a much healthier option compared to other meals that one can eat while being mobile.


Most immigrants in the United Kingdom would not even associate haggis with some sort of sausage but it is. Haggis has been around the country for a really long time already and it has started in Scotland. It is made using the organs of a sheep. It also has oatmeal, suet, onion, and some seasoning.

This dish is something that Scotland is quite proud of because it is so tasty and because it has become so popular among plenty of people in the UK including immigrants. It is also very delectable that a poet from Scotland, Robert Burns, had taken the time to write a poem about it and relish in the delight that the dish brings. The poem was written in 1787 so the dish has been around for a very long time now. Many immigrants who have tried this sausage has been more than happy to have good words to describe it.

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Atlantic Canada Is Enjoying A Revolution In Immigration Trends

From 2011 until 2016, the area of Atlantic Canada had gone through dealing with really weak growth in its population. In fact, it was recorded to have the lowest growth in the entirety of Canada. Experts who have looked into this have found out that the low growth in population has mainly been because Atlantic Canada has not been receiving a huge amount of immigrants. Immigration has been a huge driving force in many provinces and cities in Canada.

It is important to understand that the growth of a country’s population is very important so that there would be a growth in the economy. A stable and strong economy is something that a country should have because it means that it is doing good. In the case of Atlantic Canada, immigration is important for it to help out in the national economy of Canada. A growth in its economy would help the area continue to enjoy its high-quality standards of living.

The need for more immigrants in Atlantic Canada

Given the previous history of Atlantic Canada not having that many immigrants coming in for the previously mentioned period, the region has had some problems keeping up its economic growth. The provinces that make up the region have made sure that they are working on this and doing their best to bring in new immigrants to their place and make sure that these immigrants stay there and not in other places in Canada. The provinces are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

With all the hard work and dedication that the provinces of the Atlantic Canada region have put in, the area is now reaping in the benefits. The region has now brought in the immigrants that they need and the area is also enjoying a growth in their population which is quite needed. More and more immigrants have found their way to Atlantic Canada and that is thanks to all the hard work that the region has done to reel them in.

The numbers of immigration in Atlantic Canada

The area makes up 6.5% of the population of Canada. However, it has had a hard time bringing in immigrants to its territory. During the early part of the 2000s, it has only brought in 1% of the new immigrants. But things are changing for the better as the current numbers show that Atlantic Canada has brought in 5% of the total of new immigrants. And the additional 14,000 new immigrants in Atlantic Canada has been very helpful for the region.

Experts say that this change is really worth everything. A celebration should be in order. However, the region should also continue to continue what it has been doing to continue to attract and retain the immigrants right there.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

New Zealand Government Has Not Set Any Limit For Immigration

Countries in the world that are open to immigrants usually set limits when it comes to the total number of new immigrants that they would be accepting for each year. The number would be based on the needs of the country as per studies done. New Zealand is one of the countries in the world that is open to immigrants especially since they need more new blood because their population is aging and there is also a need for more skilled workers. Recent news has it that the government of the country has not set a limit yet regarding the maximum number of immigrants that they would be accepting in their territory.

According to the Labour party of New Zealand, the government has already tried to create estimates on the limit for immigration. There have been plans on cutting the number of immigrants who are entering the country however no number has been set as of press time. This is as per an announcement made by Iain Lees-Galloway, the current minister for immigration of the country. This means that things are still being worked out and nothing is definite yet. Surely, a piece of good news for potential and interested immigrants.

The initial plans

During the election in 2017, the Labour party has disclosed that they were planning on lessening the number of total immigrants who would be joining the country. According to the party, they were looking at just bringing in 20,000 to 30,000 individuals as immigrants. However, as per Lees-Galloway during an interview, the government of New Zealand has not yet set any target as of present. So there is nothing to worry about though for those potential immigrants or those immigrants who are looking at moving to the country.

Lees-Galloway has also disclosed that the 20,000 to 30,000 limit was just a rough estimate. However, they did not really look at it as a target. He also shared that the New Zealand government does not really have a target when it comes to immigration. Plus, the government decides on how many immigrants to accept in the country depending on the nation’s needs. With the current trend in immigration in New Zealand and the country’s rules on moving there, the country is enjoying a stable and strong economy. There is also a lower rate of unemployment.

The rumors on the limit on immigration

The minister for immigration has also disclosed that there had also been rumors going around that the government was going to put a limit on the number of immigrants that the country would be accepting per year to 10,000. However, there is no truth to that one. Right now, the government is focusing on making sure that the immigrants coming to the country are not just in urban spots but are also in places where they are needed.

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