Friday, September 30, 2022

New Immigrants Join Canada Via Start-Up Visa, And This Route Is On Its Way To Meeting Its Target For 2022

Immigration routes are designed not only to bring in new immigrants to the country but are actually made to ensure that the country is able to attract the needed type of immigrants. In Canada, the government ensures that the routes are able to target what the country needs for a particular period. If more engineers are needed in a specific province, the immigration route would be targeted towards that. Many routes have been designed to bring in skilled workers though there is also a route that is aimed at bringing in those who wish to start businesses in the country.


Known as the Start-Up Visa program, this route has been designed to attract those individuals who are interested in becoming immigrants in Canada and start new businesses there. It is still fairly new but it is looking to be quite an effective program for the country.


How is the Start-Up Visa doing?


This year, the Start-Up Visa (which is also known as SUV) route has become quite popular among those who are interested in moving to Canada as immigrants. In fact, the government is seeing that this route would be able to bring in many new immigrants which would set a record number for this route.


According to data from the government, from January to May of this year, the SUV has been able to bring in around 250 individuals who have been awarded permanent residency visas. These individuals have already moved to Canada and have already settled in the country. This means that the country is right on track towards meeting its goal of bringing in 600 new permanent residents via this route for this year. This is the biggest target that the program has had so far since it was launched back in 2013. It was only supposed to run for five years as a pilot program but because it has been faring well, the program has been continued.


The growing numbers


The pandemic may have hit the entire globe back in 2020 but it is a good thing that Canada has finally been able to keep things under wrap. It has reopened its borders and has eased the restrictions. This has allowed the country to welcome new immigrants. The data from the government has shown that the numbers from January to May 2022 have definitely shown a huge growth of new immigrants through the SUV. If this trend continues, the SUV would be able to beat the highest number that was recorded back in 2019.


There are two provinces in Canada that have been benefiting a lot from the SUV last. One of these is British Columbia which was able to bring in 200 new permanent residents through the SUV. The other province is Ontario which has welcomed 125 new permanent residents via this program.




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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Speaking Like A Local: Slang Used In The United States Of America That Immigrants Need To Learn

Many immigrants choose to move to the United States of America each year and they are happy to be there once they finally make the move. The country is known for having one of the strongest economies in the world and is also a place where there are plenty of spots to visit. That is why people really try to become immigrants in the United States of America as soon as possible.


There are some things that people should prepare for once they get the approval to become immigrants in the USA. One of these is knowing how to talk how the locals do. Yes, English is the language that is mainly used there. But there are slang and lingo that the people have developed over the years. These sound like English but may actually mean something else.


Here are some slang used in the United States of America. It is important that immigrants in the country learn these so they would know what they mean when they are already in the country.


Down to earth


This does not mean falling down to the ground or something related to it. In the USA, it is usually used to describe a person who is real, and humble. It is also used to describe someone who is easy to get along with.


Emilia had a grand time last night making new friends at the dorm. Many of them were down to earth and that pleased her a lot.




G.O.A.T. is not used to refer to the animal. In fact, it is an acronym that means “Greatest Of All Time.”


Who is the G.O.A.T. for you? It’s Steve Jobs for me when it comes to business.




While it may mean killing someone or something, when used as slang in the United States of America, slay is actually used to say that a person has done something quite well.


You cannot blame me if I really like Ivy. She slays her exams each and every time. I want to be like her one day. I just need to work as hard as she does.




This word still means that beverage, but in slang in the USA, it is used to mean the latest gossip, or the latest news.


Sorry if I took a long time to arrive home. Anna and I were talking and she spilled some of the latest tea.




This slang is actually used in the country to mean monotony. It is also used to mean that something is actually a lot worse than what has been expected.


Diego and Jasmine went out to watch a movie last night. Jasmine found it okay but Diego said that he thought that it was wack.




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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Powhiri: A Welcome Ceremony In New Zealand Which Immigrants Should Witness

New Zealand is an amazing country not just because it is naturally beautiful but also because its locals have been able to preserve the many cultures that can be found there. There are many countries in the world that have lost their culture, but that is not the case in New Zealand. In fact, this culture in this country is still alive and is still being practiced and passed down from generation to generation, ensuring its survival. This is one of the things that makes living in the country quite amazing and immigrants can attest to that.


Among the many things that people can do in the country would be to experience the culture for themselves. There are ceremonies and practices that are really amazing and nothing beats experiencing it first-hand. That is why immigrants are encouraged to go and do this whenever possible. One of these ceremonies to try out is known as Pōwhiri.


What is Pōwhiri?


This is a welcome ceremony and it usually is done on a marae, which is a meeting ground for the Maori. However, it is also important to note that it can also be held anywhere else that its hosts choose. It is done to greet visitors and do this in a formal manner. This does not have to be all about greeting dignitaries or celebrities. It can be something as simple as greeting visitors to the place, or welcoming new student immigrants who would be studying in New Zealand.


What happens during Pōwhiri?


The entire ceremony starts with what is known as a wero, or a challenge. A warrior that is one of the hosts would challenge the visitors to be able to deem if they are friends or foes. This warrior would then put down a feather or a small branch which the visitors would pick up as their way of showing that they are friends and do not have any ill will.


After that, an elderly woman would call their ancestors, which would be an indication that it was time to go to the marae. A woman from the visitors would respond to the call and then all of them would walk to the marae together. It is done quietly and slowly. The women would be in front of the men.


With everyone on the marae, the hosts and the visitors in New Zealand would sit in front of each other. There would be speeches, which are mostly done by elderly men. Songs would then be presented after the speeches are done. Gifts would then be given to the hosts, and then each group would greet the other with a hongi which is done by pressing their noses together. Then it would be time to feast!




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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Enjoy The Chester Zoo In The United Kingdom Like The Locals And Immigrants Do

Some people believe that visiting a zoo is an activity that is meant only for children who are still very interested in animals and such. However, what most people do not really understand is that a visit to the zoo is not just for children. It is an activity that plenty of people can enjoy, and that includes adults. Yes, adults can have a grand time at the zoo as well. Ask the locals and the immigrants of the United Kingdom and they would be more than glad to share that a chance to visit the zoo is something that they would not pass up on.


Those who are really into animals would have a grand time in the UK because it is home to a number of beautiful and amazing zoos. Yes, there are zoos in the country and those who want to visit them can do so. One of the many zoos that people in the UK can visit is the Chester Zoo and it is known to be the most visited spot that can be found outside of the country’s capital, London.


What is the Chester Zoo?


This popular and amazing zoo can be found in Uptown. It just more than one mile in the northern part of the city center of Chester. It receives many visitors each year and most of them are families with children.


It first opened back in 1931 and it is the brainchild of George Mottershead and his entire family. At present, it is one of the biggest zoos in the country with 51 hectares of pure natural beauty.


A charity group, North of England Zoological Society, now runs the zoo, as the zoo does not have any kind of funding from the government. Each year, it gets over 2 million visitors. It is even considered as the best zoo in the United Kingdom and one of the best zoos in the entire world.


What can one see at the Chester Zoo?


The site makes use of 125 acres where over 11,000 different animals are living. These animals belong to around 400 different species. A visit to this zoo would be quite a great experience given that there are tons of animals to see up close and in areas that resemble their natural habitats.


What is important to keep in mind that it is not just the animals that people can really enjoy when they visit this zoo in the United Kingdom. The Chester Zoo also has gardens for people to relax in. These gardens have been landscaped and offer a great place to rest after exploring the grounds.


The area is really big so one can choose to go on the monorail system in the zoo to be able to easily get to some of the best spots in the zoo itself. These include the penguin pool, and the Chimpanzee Island. One should also visit the biggest tropical house in Europe which can be found there.




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Monday, September 26, 2022

Whitehorse: A Wonderful City In Canada That Continues To Enthrall Immigrants

It is not a secret that Canada is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer. It has one of the best healthcare systems in the entire world. It also has an education system that is renowned worldwide. The country is also home to one of the richest art and culture scenes. Canada is also known to have some of the nicest people in the world. That is why it is not surprising why people choose to become immigrants here. And those who are successfully able to move to the country are lucky since they can explore the many wondrous spots that Canada has to offer. Whitehorse is one of those.


Whitehorse is a city in Canada and it may not be as popular as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary but it has its own charm that makes first-time visitors come back again and again and again.


Where is Whitehorse?


Whitehorse can be found in Yukon and it is the biggest city in the northern part of Canada. It was incorporated back in 1950 and can be found on the Alaska Highway. The downtown area of Whitehorse as well as the areas of Riverdale can be found on the Yukon River’s shores. This city in Canada got its name from the White Horse Rapids. It is also near the Pacific Ocean.


With regards to the weather, Whitehorse has a milder climate as compared to communities in the northern part of Canada. During winter, the days can be shorter, while during summer, the city can experience daylight that lasts for 19 hours. The Guinness World Records has also reported that Whitehorse is a city that has the least air pollution not just in Canada but in the entire world.


Things to do in Whitehorse


Visitors at Whitehorse have tons of different things that they can do and try out. One of these places is Miles Canyon. There is a deep river here with a wooden suspension bridge that people can try to get across. There are also different trails that would allow visitors to explore the area.


Another place to visit in this city in Canada is the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. One can find a variety of animals here which include arctic ground squirrels, musk ox, caribou, mule deer, arctic foxes, and mountain goats among many others.


The Emerald Lake is yet another beautiful spot that one should not fail to visit when they are in Whitehorse. It is a beautiful lake that allows people to simply marvel at the wonders of nature and enjoy the picturesque scenes all around.


Those who would just like to relax and have some drinks can visit the Yukon Brewing Company. The staff is friendly and kind. People who visit can choose to have a tour of the entire facility or simply relax and taste some samples.




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Friday, September 23, 2022

Common Traits Of Americans: A Short Guide For Immigrants In The United States Of America

While many people think that they know how Americans act and behave based on what they see in movies, TV shows, and the like, these traits are not always true. In fact, some may have been just made up while others may have been exaggerated. That is why it is always best to do the right kind of research to learn more about this. Immigrants who are new to the United States of America or those who may just be planning to move to the country are urged to learn about these traits first as they may be a lot different from what they presume they know.


So what are these common traits that Americans have? Here are some of them. Read on and learn.


Hands on hips


When Americans have their hands right on their hips, it does not mean that they are being rude or anything of that sort. In fact, when they do this, it means that the locals of the USA are quite relaxed about the situation or whatever it is that they may be engaged in at that moment.


Folded arms across the chest


On the other hand, when people see Americans with their arms folded tightly across the chest, this means that they can be serious about something. It could also mean that they may be angry about something or even acting cold towards something.


Falling in line and waiting for their turn


Another thing that immigrants in the USA need to know about the Americans is that these people are used to falling in line if there is a queue. There are countries where the locals would push their way to the front of the line or stand too close to the person in front of them. That is not the way that it is done in the USA. See, the locals are willing to patiently wait for their turn and would give enough space to the people around them.


Restaurant servers


Another great thing about the USA is the restaurant experience. When dining at a restaurant, the server would politely go to the table and introduce themselves with his or her name. These servers are also friendly and would be more than ready to help guests with anything that they need during their dining experience.


Tipping at restaurants


When dining out in a restaurant in the United States of America, guests should understand that tipping is necessary, most especially when they have received good service. The usual tip would be 15% to 20% of the total amount on the bill.


Eating with just one hand


Americans usually would eat with just one hand which he or she would use to hold a fork. The other hand can be found on their laps.




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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Immigrants Can Enjoy Wine Tasting While Visiting Vineyards In New Zealand

One of the many things that people enjoy doing is trying out something new. This is a great way to explore what the world has to offer while learning more about different places and cultures. That is why immigrants living in a new country go out and explore. It helps them while away the time while also learning about the country. It also helps them combat that feeling of homesickness and maybe even help them adjust to the new culture of the place where they are living. That is why it is said that immigrants who have chosen to move to New Zealand are really some of the lucky ones because they have tons of new things to try and new places to visit.


New Zealand is home to tons and tons of beautiful spots and many amazing adventures and activities. Those who are living in the country can choose from the many activities offered there. Among the many new things to try out would be to go wine tasting while visiting vineyards. Yes, there are wonderful vineyards in New Zealand and doing wine tasting while they are there is the best way to sample some of the locally produced wines.


Experiencing the different locally produced wines


One thing that most people do not really know about New Zealand is that it is home to some of the best wines. It offers many options of white wines and red wines. And those who are interested in trying them should try and visit one of the many vineyards in the country. Yes, New Zealand is not only home to some of the fabulous beaches and striking mountains – it is also where one can find a good number of vineyards. By visiting these places, one can surely do wine tasting and know what the locally produced wines taste like.


It is also important to note that New Zealand has diverse climates. This is an important factor because it allows different areas in the country to specialize in different types of wine. That is why those who are interested in wines can choose to visit all the different vineyards that are in the country.


Areas to visit


One of the places that immigrants can choose for a visit to a vineyard would be Marlborough. It is an area that is known for producing some of the best wines in New Zealand. It is also where one can find Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Central Otago is another place that one should consider visiting. This can be found in the areas of Queenstown and Wanaka and is best known for producing Pinot Noir. Another great spot is Waiheke Island, which would only take a ferry ride of 40 minutes from Auckland. One can find many vineyards here. It has a hot climate which is great for Pinot Gris and Syrah.




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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Humor In The United Kingdom: A Quick Introduction For Immigrants

There is nothing like the good vibes that humor brings. People would resort to watching comedies or reading funny books so that they could get positive vibes and feel happy. There are also those who would choose to go out with friends and have tons of laughter with them. However, what most people do not understand is that humor can differ depending on the location. This is something that immigrants in the United Kingdom can attest to. Many of them were surprised when they actually experienced how humor is practiced in the country.


But what is British humor?


Humor in the United Kingdom is an important factor in the country’s culture. It is also used widely in how people communicate. It is said that British humor is more direct and more specific. They can come in the form of jokes and these jokes can be the start of great rapport in an informal sense. These jokes help people feel closer to each other despite having differences. Humor in the UK, when used in a strategic way, can be used to introduce some ideas that can be risky and also be used as a way to criticize but in a funny way. People usually use humor in the UK to lighten up some serious topics.


There are people in the country who may want to poke fun at some things, and they would use humor to make it not so serious. Some of the common topics that people poke fun at would be the royal family, religion, society, class, and politicians. Good friends even use humor to poke fun at each other.


Immigrants in the United Kingdom may find British humor to be quite different from what they have gotten used to. It is usually used with sarcasm though not all people know when other people are being sarcastic. That is why many new immigrants say that British humor is quite harsh. But they soon learn that they should not be offended since they are usually just jokes.


Things to remember about British humor


One of the things that immigrants should know about British humor is that they should not be too serious about everything. Most of the jokes are usually to highlight one’s flaws but these are done in a way that makes them more relatable.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that British humor usually is witty and tongue-in-cheek. People should be aware of this, although it is best to keep in mind that many people use this technique only on people that they like. Plus, the locals would deliver such jokes using a play on words, and a smiling face. Taking things too seriously is not going to take anyone anywhere.




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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Basic Etiquette In Canada: A Short Guide For Immigrants

How the locals act and behave is something that immigrants should be knowledgeable about since they are new to a country and they do not want to stick out like a sore thumb just because they did something taboo. This is why it is always best for new immigrants in a country like Canada to know the basic etiquette before they actually move to the country. It would help them be prepared and know what to do when they are already in the country. Doing this would also help them be more confident when interacting with the locals.


Although there are some known etiquettes about Canada, like the locals known as polite individuals, there are still a lot of things that immigrants should know. To help them, here are some of the basic etiquettes practiced in the country.


Saying please.


When asking for help from someone, it is best to always use the word “please”. It is a good way to show politeness since one is asking for a favor from someone else.


Saying sorry.


While a lot of people are having trouble saying the word “sorry”, immigrants in Canada should be used to saying this word as it is a common one to use in the country. The locals commonly use this word especially when they are in social situations which have become awkward for the parties there. Sometimes, they even use “sorry” even if there is nothing to apologize about. It is just their way of politely acknowledging an awkward situation so they can move on from that and keep any conversation moving.


Avoiding asking personal questions.


Another basic etiquette in Canada pertains to asking personal questions. Canadians see asking these questions as impolite. One should not be asking people about their age, weight, salary, or wealth. They should also not be asking about how a person’s marriage or relationship is going. These are very personal questions, especially if the parties do not have a close relationship. Immigrants also have to refrain from asking people about any political affiliations or who they have cast their votes for.


Do not spit in public.


While spitting is okay in other countries, it is something frowned upon in Canada especially if one spits in public. The locals consider this action as a rude one, so it is best to avoid doing such a thing in the country.


Always fall in line.


Another thing that immigrants should know is that one should learn to always fall in line. It does not matter where they are – if there is a line, always go to the end of the line and one must always wait for their turn. It is a way of respecting the peace and order, and it is also a way of respecting those who have first waited for their turn.




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Monday, September 19, 2022

Glacier National Park: An Amazing Place In The United States Of America That Immigrants Visit

People are naturally curious beings. They love going on adventures not just to get an adrenaline rush but to actually explore and learn more about the world that surrounds them. The natural curiosity that people have actually has made tourism and travel one of the top industries in the world today. These industries do not even waver in growth and keep growing with each day. People want to know about the world and they would do what they can to do that. This is why immigrants who have chosen to live in the United States of America are quite lucky because they get easy access to public transportation and they have a huge country to explore and learn about.


One of the many spots that people visit in the USA is the Glacier National Park. It is a wonderful work of nature and has made a lot of people amazed at its grandeur and beauty.


What is the Glacier National Park?


This national park has been named as such after the glaciers that were remnants of the Ice Age. It can be found on the border of Montana in the USA and Canada. The Glacier National Park has also been referred to as the Crown of the Continent because it is naturally beautiful. There are a lot of things to be amazed at here and people just cannot get enough of the entire place.


Hikers love going to this national park in the USA. There are many different trails that people can choose from. These trails vary in difficulty so everyone who wants to hike can choose the one that would suit them best. One of the easiest trails is the Trail of the Cedars where one can enjoy the towering beauty of the cedars. On the other hand, one of the most difficult trails in the Glacier National Park is known as the Grinnell Glacier and those who take this route get to enjoy views of the surrounding areas from the top.


Aside from these trails, the Glacier National Park also has over 700 lakes and a number of striking waterfalls. There are also two mountain ranges here and tons of wildlife.


History in the park


The Glacier National Park is also home to a National Historic Landmark and it is the Going-to-the-Sun Road. It is a route that people can take to admire the scenery without having to leave their cars. The entire road spans a total length of 50 miles. It is also known as an engineering marvel in the USA since it offers access to beautiful views as well as drop-off points for many hiking trails.




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Friday, September 16, 2022

Mateship In New Zealand And What Immigrants Need To Know About It

Each place has something unique about them. Some places may have flora and fauna that can only be found there. There may be a language that is only spoken there. There may also be some structures that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And in the case of New Zealand, one unique thing about it is mateship, though it is something that it shares with Australia. But it still is unique and mateship cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


But what is mateship really? Well, it definitely is not connected to mating or reproduction. It is an entirely different thing and immigrants in New Zealand should be aware of this.


What is mateship?


Mateship is actually a cultural idiom and it is shared by New Zealand with its neighbor, Australia. It symbolizes friendship, loyalty, and equality. It is a positive thing and it is highly practiced in New Zealand.


The word itself comes from “mate,” which means friend not only in New Zealand but in Australia. It is slang that the people in these countries use to refer to people who are close to them. So, in a sense, mateship is really about friendship and being loyal, not just to their friends but also to their own people.


What is its history?


Mateship is said to have started back during World War I. It was used to refer to the kind of loyalty that was shared by the soldiers of Australia and New Zealand. Nowadays, though, mateship is being used to refer to the kind of kinship or friendship that can be found between team members in sports. It is also used to refer to the kind of comradeship that people have in real life.


Using the term ‘mateship’ is actually a great way to describe just how friendly and loyal people are, especially when these are needed the most. The locals of the country are definitely described as such and immigrants can attest to that. Mateship in New Zealand is seen not only during the best times but also even during tragedies in life.


Mateship is definitely embedded deeply in New Zealand culture and so immigrants and travelers can definitely see and experience this in the country. Of course, one has to be observant to be able to see it but it is there. It is something that the locals do not discuss really because it is something that they have been practicing for decades and is quite a natural thing for them. Immigrants who have been staying long in the country may even adapt mateship and what it symbolizes after some time and it is a good thing. After all, mateship is a positive thing and people can all benefit from this.




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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Immigrants Find Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch In The United Kingdom To Be Quite A Mouthful

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is not a random set of letters that have been put together. In fact, this is a real place that can be found in the United Kingdom. The locals are familiar with it, of course. However, for travelers and new immigrants in the country, this place’s name seems like the letters were just pulled out of thin air. But it is a real place and it is a real name.


One of the things that new immigrants in the UK do to challenge themselves would be to try and learn how to pronounce it. Many have given up saying that the name is quite a mouthful, which it really is. And then there are also those people who have created shortened versions of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch when referring to it. Pronouncing this may not come as easily as other names of places and it may take a while to get used to pronouncing this. But that is the challenge and it can be quite fun learning how.


Where is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?


This place’s name is actually Welsh and it is a small town which can be found on Anglesey Island. It is the longest name not only in Wales but also in the entire United Kingdom.


Those who have tried to say this name believe that it is a tongue twister of some sort but is most definitely not. It also has an English translation and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch actually means “The church of St Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St Tysilio’s of the red cave”. Yes, the translation is also quite long, which is a reflection of the name itself. The entire name has 58 characters in total and has 18 syllables.


In 2011, the census showed that the population in this small town was at around 3,100. More than 70% of those living in this place can actually speak Welsh so pronouncing the name of their town is really not that difficult for them.


What can people do in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?


Aside from learning how to pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, this town also has some amazing spots to offer. One of these is the Plas Newydd House and Garden. One can appreciate the beautiful sceneries and views from this spot. It also used to be the home of the Marquess of Anglesey and the house itself has been built to be quite elegant.


Another place to visit in this town in the UK is St. Mary’s Church. It is not as majestic as most churches in Europe but it has its own charm.


Other places to visit in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch include the Oriel Ger-Y-Fenai, the Llanfairpwll Railway Station, the Horatio Nelson Memorial Statue, and the Indy Climbing Wall.




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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Reasons Why Student Immigrants Choose Norquest College In Canada

For many people, education is of utmost importance to them. They would do everything in their power to get the education that they believe they need or the education that they want. After all, as an old adage goes, “Education is the only thing in the world that people cannot take away from you.” This is probably why tons of individuals each year do their best to have the best education possible. That is also why it is not surprising why tons of individuals choose to go to Canada as immigrant students. This country is popular all around the world for having one of the best educational systems in the entire world.


Canada has tons of colleges and universities that student immigrants can choose from. One of these is NorQuest College and each year, thousands of new immigrant students choose to enroll here. It is a good thing that the school is open to individuals from all around the world and so it is one of the popular choices for immigrant students looking for a college or university to study in.


What is NorQuest College?


This post-secondary institution known as NorQuest College can be found in Alberta in Canada. It has over 17,000 students and more than 60% of the student population are individuals who have not been born in the country. This is real proof that many immigrant students choose to study here among the many educational institutions in the country. The students of the college come from over 130 countries. It is said that there are over 75 different languages spoken there. NorQuest College has two campuses and these are in Wetaskiwin and in Edmonton.


Why do immigrant students choose NorQuest College?


There are a number of reasons why immigrant students choose to study in this college in Canada. Here are some of them.

  • Learning opportunities are available for everyone. Those who wish to take post-secondary education may do so at NorQuest College and the school does not discriminate against who can study there. Opportunities to learn are available here. Those who are still unsure about what program to study can check out the list of programs that the school offers. NorQuest College also ensures that the programs are relevant to what the workforce needs and it also makes sure that the programs and courses are taught by some of the best individuals from related industries.
  • Open to students from anywhere in the world. It is not a secret that NorQuest College is open to students who hail from any country in the world. That is one of the main reasons why many immigrant students choose this college in NorQuest College. Different cultures and races are accepted, respected, and valued here.
  • A modern school. NorQuest College is a modern college and makes sure that it is committed to ensuring that it is up-to-date with the changes in society and the world. It is also committed to ensuring that all people studying here do not feel left out.




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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Houston’s Charm That Makes A Lot Of Immigrants In The United States Of America Choose To Stay Here

Each year, thousands of new immigrants make their way to the United States of America. Being a huge country, these new people have to choose where they will be living. Most of them choose to live in cities and choose one that they are really familiar with. Many choose to live in big cities like New York and Houston. That is not surprising given that these two cities in the United States of America have been the location for many different movies, books, and TV series.


Choosing to live in a big city is not a bad idea. This means that new immigrants would have access to some of the best dishes in the world as well as amazing public transport. They would also be able to have access to many opportunities that small towns cannot offer. Houston can offer such things to new immigrants in the USA and it is not surprising why many choose to live here.


Where is Houston?


Houston can be found in the state of Texas. It is the top city in Texas that has the biggest population. It is also the fourth city in the entire country with the biggest population. Houston can be found in the southeastern part of Texas. It is near the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. Its capital is Harris County.


What does Houston offer?


There are some things that immigrants in the USA need to know about Houston. One of these is that it is the sole city in the country that does not have zoning laws on lane use. This implies that people can build anything anywhere. Some people even describe the city as haphazard and has not been planned out.


Another important fact about this city is that it is the capital of the world in terms of space exploration. It is also the world’s capital in terms of air conditioning. It is also the world’s capital in terms of the international energy industry, petroleum exploration, and capital punishment.


What can one do in Houston?


There are plenty of places that one can visit in this city. One of these is the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It is a science museum where one can find amazing collections of minerals, dinosaur skeletons, and models of space stations. It also has a planetarium.


Another place that people can visit in this city in the USA is the Houston Zoo. This place has been described as a small city where one can see various ecosystems. It has more than 6000 animals living there. It is a great way to learn about the natural world while having fun.


The Space Center Houston is a place that one should not forget to visit. It is one of the top attractions of the city. One can find over 400 space artifacts here. There are also many exhibits where one can learn about space exploration and other related things.




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Monday, September 12, 2022

Immigrants In New Zealand Enjoy Piha Beach And Everything That It Offers

There is something about the beach and the sea that brings healing to many people. That is why plenty of people who go on vacation choose to go to the beach. Those who have chosen to go to New Zealand are happy to enjoy the tons of various beaches there, and they claim that people who live in the country, which includes the locals and the immigrants, are quite lucky people since they are able to enjoy the beaches any time that they want to.


The country is surrounded by the sea, and so people have many beaches to choose from. One of these beaches is known as Piha Beach and it is a very popular spot for those who are looking for a good place to hang out or enjoy the many activities that are offered there. In fact, this place is quite popular for surfers as well as for those who are into surfing.


What is Piha Beach?


Surfers flock to this spot in New Zealand as this is a famous place to catch a lot of waves. It is also a place where many people on holiday choose to spend their time. Photographers who love taking photos of landscapes also visit this place a lot because of its natural beauty. Piha Beach is a favorite beach for many people living in Auckland who want to enjoy the beach without having to be too far from their homes.


Piha Beach has black sand, unlike many famous beaches around the world. It is also described to have a rugged look and it is something that has attracted many to visit it.


Where can Piha Beach be found?


Finding this beach is not really that difficult. It can be found on the North Island’s west coast. It is just around 40 kms from Auckland so traveling here is not going to take that long. This beach in New Zealand has some of the best waves in the country, and the waves are right on the Tasman Sea. The waves can be quite strong here that there was even an instance back in 1997 when the competition known as Uncle Toby’s Iron Man was held here that there were canoes that snapped in half and were never found again.


This spot is known as the place of origin of malibu board riding in the country back in 1956 when two lifeguards from California introduced it to the locals. The waves, currents, and rips in the area can be described as unforgiving so it is not really for those who are looking for mild and gentle waves. Those who wish to take a dip in the waters should do so only in areas that have been marked for such an activity, where surf clubs patrol the area and look out for people who may be in need of rescue.




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