Thursday, March 31, 2022

The BBQ Essentials: A Guide For Immigrants In New Zealand

To have a barbeque is something that a lot of people really do not quite relate to because in their home country, this is something that they do occasionally or even sparingly. However, there are countries in the world that are quite known for having regular barbeque sessions and even finding excuses to have one just because. Two of these countries famous for such would be the United States and New Zealand. Yes, New Zealand is also one of the top countries in terms of BBQ, and immigrants who live there are quite surprised to learn about that.


There are plenty of ways that people in New Zealand call this. Barbeque can also be just ‘barbie’ or even be spelled as ‘barbecue’. It can even be shorted to simply just BBQ. It is cooking outdoors and in New Zealand, this activity is already a huge part of the country’s culture.


What can be barbequed?


It seems like everything can be put on a grill and barbecued in New Zealand. However, it is important to note that there are some food that are usually the ones that are put on the grill. These are lamb, sausages, poultry, and beef and they are usually grilled when there are barbecue parties during summer. To go with this barbecued stuff, the locals of New Zealand would also prepare other dishes like potato salad, fresh vegetable salads, or garlic bread.


How are barbecues done?


Barbecues are often done by people with their friends and family. They would usually gather in one home’s backyard and start the grill. They would enjoy some drinks and chitchat with their friends and family while the grilling is happening. It would also be a great time to start preparing the side dishes that would go well with the barbecue. This is best done really during the summer because the weather is good and people can gather outdoors and not have to worry about rain. There are even items in the market that people can purchase so that barbecue grills are portable and they can take these to the location of their choice so they can best enjoy the outdoors. All they have to do is choose the one that works best for them.


It is also important to note that people in New Zealand who may not have friends or family in the country but would like to experience how a barbecue goes in the country can have the option to do so. There are cruises and food joints that offer such. There are even some of these services that are offered by the beach so people can not only enjoy the barbecue and the great weather but also enjoy the beautiful sand and surf that New Zealand offers.




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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Sticky Toffee Pudding And Why Immigrants Are Enamored By This Amazing Dish

To experience the food that is being served regularly in a country is something that a lot of travelers want to experience. As famous chef Anthony Bourdain said, experiencing the local cuisine is one of the best ways to learn about the country. And that is why a lot of travelers and tourists in the United Kingdom do their best to make sure that they get the best dishes that the country has to offer. Immigrants who are in the country also try their best to taste all of the local dishes and experience them while they are in the country.


One of the really amazing dishes that the United Kingdom is proud of is known as sticky toffee pudding. It is a dish made for those with sweet tooths and a dish that has the power to convert those without sweet tooths to become one. This dish is surely interesting and it has gotten a lot of immigrants in the UK enamored completely by it.


What is sticky toffee pudding?


This dish is quite a popular one all across the entire UK and it is a favorite dish of a lot of people. It is a dessert and it surely has been said to have been done right because it has captivated the interest and the tastebuds of a whole lot of people who have tried this delightful dish. It is indulgent and has made a lot of people satisfied and happy when they choose to have this.


Sticky toffee pudding is a cake and it has been steamed. It has been drenched in a good amount of liquid toffee which makes it even more interesting. There are times when this dessert is served with custard or ice cream, which is said to make it a lot more delightful than it already is. It is often recommended by the locals to tourists, travelers, and immigrants who are looking for something new to try, and those who try it for the first time are surely not disappointed at the very least.


Where did this come from?


The origins of this dessert have been British. The cake itself is mixed with dates that have been finely chopped. It is considered to be a really classic dessert in the United Kingdom not just by the locals but most especially by experts in the culinary industry. It is said that this dish first came about in the middle of the 20th century.


However, for those who are actually looking for the exact details of the origin of this spectacular dessert, these are actually unknown. There are a variety of claims but these have still yet to be proven. A number of pubs have claimed to have been the origin but they have yet to show proof that it started there. The dish became popular in the 1970s but it had been around much longer than that.




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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Around 450,000 New Immigrant Students Accepted In Canada For 2021, Creating A New Record

Canada is a country that is known not only for its beautiful landscape and its strong economy but also for the quality of education that it offers. This is why each year, thousands and thousands of interested individuals send in their applications to make it to the country and study there. Education is a very important thing in today’s competitive labor market and investing in the best education is a big deal for a lot of individuals who want to further their careers. This is why Canada has become one of the most popular countries for those who would like to get the best education possible.


In 2021 alone, Canada was able to welcome around 450,000 new immigrant students to study in the country. This number is a really big one and it broke the previous record that was set back in 2019. This simply reflects just how much people are really interested in getting the best education possible and they saw that Canada is the best place to get such.


The study permit numbers


Before the pandemic happened, Canada was able to bring in over 400,000 new immigrant students. However, when the pandemic came about in 2020, the number went down to just a little over 255,000. According to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, their data includes all of the new immigrant students who moved to Canada to have their studies as well as foreigners who were already living in Canada and decided to have study permits.


More data from the IRCC showed that the biggest number of study permits were awarded from July to August and the total was more than 200,000. This is not really surprising though because this is the period before the academic year for 2021 to 2022 started. This also showed that a lot of individuals have pushed through with their plans of studying in Canada which may have been put on pause when the pandemic came about.


Easing the restrictions


There were a lot of restrictions put in place when the pandemic happened in March of 2020. This included stopping any non-essential travel and so immigrant students were unable to move to Canada to take their studies. However, by October 2020, Canada was finally able to have a better grasp of the situation and they were able to create health protocols that would help keep the disease at bay. With that, more and more immigrant students were accepted into the country.


By December 31, 2021, the top countries where the immigrant students came from were the following: India (217,410 immigrant students), China (105,265 immigrant students), France (26,630 immigrant students), Iran (16,900 immigrant students), Vietnam (16,285 immigrant students), South Korea (15,805 immigrant students), the Philippines (15,545 immigrant students), the United States (14,325 immigrant students), Nigeria (13,745 immigrant students), and Mexico (11,550 immigrant students).




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Monday, March 28, 2022

Mai Tai And How It Has Gotten Immigrants And Locals In The United States Of America Hooked On It

People do get tired from their day-to-day responsibilities and routines. They would need something to do to get their mind off what may be bothering them and get their mind off the usual things that they need to focus on. This is good for their mental and physical health. And for many individuals in the United States of America, they choose to get some drinks and drink away their stress after ending a really grueling week. Some can do it by their lonesome while there are others who choose to do this with their friends. Immigrants in the USA do this and it helps them meet new friends.


There are plenty of alcoholic drinks to choose from should people choose to go drinking to drown away their worries or issues. In the USA alone, people living there can choose from a huge variety of drinks that they can have. There are those who choose to go with just a simple drink like beer while there are those who go for mixed drinks or cocktails. Mai Tai is one of the popular ones that has gotten a lot of immigrants and locals hooked on it.


What is Mai Tai?


This popular drink known as Mai Tai is a cocktail and it is rum-based. Its origins are from Oakland, USA and it seems to have been first created in 1944. The name may sound different but it actually means “good” in the Tahitian language.


It is also important to note that this cocktail became popular by the 1950s, all thanks to famous singer Elvis Presley when he promoted the drink in one of his movies. With that exposure, the drink became known all over the world. Mai Tai has also been connected to the Tiki culture as well as settings that are Polynesian.


What is in Mai Tai aside from rum?


Aside from the rum which is where this amazing drink is based, it also comes with a variety of other ingredients that give it that distinct flavor which has amazed a lot of immigrants and locals in the USA. Mai Tai can be spiced and can also be given a coconut flavor. It usually has lime juice mixed in, as well as orange liqueur and orgeat syrup. It may also have curacao in it. There are also versions of this cocktail which make use of grenadine, bitters, or grapefruit juice.


When making Mai Tai, all ingredients are placed in one container and then shaken vigorously to combine all of these different ingredients. It has to have ice to make it even better. Before it is served, it has to be strained and placed inside a glass that is usually old-fashioned in design. It is also often garnished with fruits like cherries, pineapple, or orange.




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Friday, March 25, 2022

Immigrants Learning The Slang: Some Commonly Used Lingo In New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the best natural views and spots that plenty of people choose to visit this country even just once in their lifetime. There are those who are lucky enough to come back a number of times to explore what the entire country has to offer. And then there are also those who choose to come back, but this time, they come back as immigrants in this lovely country. New Zealand is open to immigrants and those who choose to live in the country are quite proud to say that they love staying there because they can easily adjust, especially in terms of the language since English is the language is commonly used there.


However, with English being quite a dynamic language, it is not surprising to find that there are a lot of variations of the language being used there. These have been developed by the locals to mean things that are common in the country. This is known as slang or lingo and immigrants who choose New Zealand as their new home country would have to learn these to be able to communicate better with the locals.


Here are some of the commonly used slang or lingo that are used by the locals of the country.


On to it


In New Zealand, this slang actually means that a person is intelligent or is efficient.


I didn’t know that Sam was on to it. He really didn’t seem like it at all. I guess I learned that I cannot judge a person by how he looks or how he presents himself.




When someone is said to be a piker, this person has decided not to join an activity.


The whole gang planned to go hiking in the nearby woods for the weekend and camp there. But Sandra was a piker. She wasn’t too keen on being in the outdoors since she wasn’t feeling too well for the past few days.




This slang in New Zealand actually is used to refer to a coffee break or a tea break, whichever one prefers to have.


Tom was looking for William at the office earlier. He didn’t know that William was having a smoko at that time.


Snowed under


This lingo actually does not really refer to actual snow. In New Zealand, this means that a person has a lot of work or a lot of responsibilities to deal with.


Deirdre wanted to go on a vacation but she knew she had to postpone that. She was still snowed under and she decided to push through with that vacation once she dealt with everything.




When someone is said to be stoked, this means that the person is very excited.


Mario been planning on visiting Thailand for the longest time and now that he is ready for that, he is really stoked.




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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Immigrants’ Quick Guide To Some Of The Popular Traits Of The Locals Of The United Kingdom

How the locals act and do is something that many immigrants need to learn about. Since they are living in a new country, it is important that they know how the locals act and what their common traits are to help them better understand the locals and know how to properly interact with them. It is common that new immigrants in a country like the United Kingdom often have culture shock because they are not familiar with the traits of the locals. But with guidance and pieces of information here and there, those who prepare are ready to meet the locals and interact with them without having to be surprised at how the locals do things.


There are a number of traits that the locals of the UK have. Most of these are really not bad – it is just that the immigrants can get pretty surprised should they learn more about the locals and the culture. This is most probably because the culture of these locals are far different from what they were used to in their home country and that is what surprises them as most of them think that things are done pretty much the same way.


So what are these common traits? Well, here are some of them.


Laughing at themselves


To have the ability to laugh at oneself is something that one cannot find everywhere in the world. But in the case of the United Kingdom, immigrants would be able to discover that the locals can do such a thing. Other people or nationalities may not want to do this because they think that they should not laugh at themselves but the Brits have this as a common trait. They know that people are perfect and that they can laugh at themselves should they feel like it. After all, there is really nothing wrong about it.


Sunday is car wash day


Another thing that immigrants should be familiar with when it comes to the locals of the UK is that every day, most of the locals of the country choose to wash their cars. Perhaps because this is the best time for them to do so before a new week starts. Sunday is also a day of rest and that means that they have enough time to take on this chore so they could have a good start to the week with a clean vehicle.


Making fun of other people


It is another trait of the Brits to actually know how to make fun of other people. Of course, this may not seem to be a good trait at all but it would be okay should the individual that other people are making fun of is aware of what is happening and may even use that instance to laugh at themselves.




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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Politeness: The Common Stereotypes Of The Locals That Immigrants In Canada Should Be Aware Of

When a person moves to a new country to live there, they would most probably do research about the place that they are living in. They would want to learn about how to get to places, where to find the best food, what activities are available, and even know about the rules and laws in the country. However, what they forget to do research on would be the traits that the locals of the country would have. Immigrants who have chosen to live in Canada are really quite lucky as the locals are known to be kind and good and not really difficult to interact with.


There are a lot of stereotypes about people and that is because people love to put things in a general perspective. Some of these stereotypes may be true at one point but may not be real in other cases. But it is best that immigrants know about these stereotypes and use their knowledge on this to gauge if it is real or not. Knowing something is surely better than nothing at all.


What’s the most common stereotype?


It is common knowledge all around the world that Canadians are very polite – maybe even excessively polite. Sometimes, it is said that the politeness that Canadians have may not even be needed at all in a lot of cases. However, being polite is a good thing and a positive trait, and immigrants who have found themselves in Canada are more than happy to be around polite people. It should be quite interesting to be around polite people and not have to worry about getting any rude behavior or words.


How is politeness displayed in Canada?


Immigrants in the country would be able to observe that Canadians really do take politeness and use it in their everyday lives. They know when to apologize for something. It can be said that the locals of Canada can be too polite and would apologize for just about everything but that can be an overstatement.


Another way that Canadians show off their politeness is by ensuring that they do not get into any kind of bragging, especially one that is in excess. They also avoid trying to praise themselves. They are humble in the things that they do and say. This is a good trait to have around and immigrants feel at ease being around such people.


In more ways than one, the stereotype of politeness has made Canadians quite good individuals. This has helped them become decent individuals and even well-mannered, which is a good thing. Many immigrants have even imbibed politeness and are more than happy to be polite to everyone around them. After all, being polite does not cost anyone anything.




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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Many Immigrant Students Choose To Study Film And Acting In One Of The Best Schools In The United States Of America – The New York Film Academy

It is not a secret that the United States of America is known as the country where some of the best movies in the world are made. This is the country where Hollywood is and where the grandest and biggest stars in the world are. That is why it is really not surprising why plenty of individuals around the world choose to become immigrants in the United States of America so they can experience the life that is usually projected in these movies. Of course, for those who may be thinking about studying film to be able to create great movies, this country surely is their top choice.


There is quite a number of film schools that can be found in the USA and people who choose to study in the USA for this have options. They can choose from a number of schools that offer film programs and they can hone their skills and craft there. One of these amazing schools is the New York Film Academy and it is one of the most popular in the country.


What is the New York Film Academy?


This school is focused on teaching its students film and acting. Also known as the NYFA, it is based in New York City though it also has campuses in Los Angeles and in Miami. It was created in 1992 by a former producer of films, TV shows, and theater shows – Jerry Sherlock.


This school was first built on the Tribeca Film Center in the USA where its classes were held. After two years since its inception, it moved its campus to the former Tammany Hall building which can be found on Union Square. From Tammany Hall, the school grew and it had to move to a bigger location, which is 17 Battery Place. The move was made after 23 years of being in Tammany Hall.


What is offered by the New York Film Academy?


In 2012, the New York Film Academy has over 400 employees and more than 5,000 students each year. A good amount of these students are actually immigrant students who have chosen to study film or acting in the USA. The school also offers various degrees – master, bachelor, and associate. It also has conservatory programs for one year or for two years. The students also get to have short-term workshops, summer camps, and even youth programs.


The NYFA offers a variety of programs and the list includes filmmaking, screenwriting, digital editing, acting for film, photography, musical theater, virtual reality, graphic design, game design, visual effects, 3D animation, documentary film, cinematography, and producing, among many others. The school also has been in partnerships with renowned companies like NBC News to ensure that their students get the best training and education possible.




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Monday, March 21, 2022

What Immigrants Need To Know About The Culture And Lifestyle In New Zealand

Each year, thousands and thousands of new immigrants join New Zealand. These individuals find the country to be the best option for them and they do whatever it takes to be able to meet the requirements that are being asked by the government. That way, they can successfully move to the country as immigrants and start their lives there. With New Zealand being one of the most open countries for immigrants, it is not surprising why many individuals from around the world choose to live in this beautiful country.


One thing that people need to learn when they join New Zealand is the culture and the lifestyle that the people in the country have. This is because culture and lifestyle are something that these people practice daily and it would be great for immigrants to be familiar with them because this is what they would be interacting with and, sooner or later, be practicing. They surely would not want to stick out like a sore thumb or do something that would be against the locals’ culture and lifestyle.


The culture of New Zealand


Immigrants who have chosen New Zealand as the new country that they would call home know that the locals are really open-minded. This is a culture in the country that makes people choose to move there. The locals are also very welcoming of people and it does not matter where these people come from and what their own cultures are. With this kind of people around, immigrants are more than happy to say that they were able to adapt easily and feel right at home despite being in a country that is new to them.


Another interesting fact about the locals of New Zealand is that they are also kind people and they have a high tolerance. They are also very friendly and ensure that the people in their country feel welcomed and do not feel left out. They are also tolerant of different religions and respect these religions and the beliefs that come with them. Of course, the locals also do expect that other people would do the same. They ensure that all people in New Zealand are being fairly treated and would feel safe no matter where they are in the country.


Spreading positivity


One thing that many immigrants have observed about the locals of New Zealand is that they are quite positive people. They try to look at everything in a positive light. This is certainly a big factor in what makes the country quite a beautiful country to live in. The locals also do ensure that they have a work-life balance and that is practiced well. This allows people to have time for themselves and for their families which is a great thing that helps them keep up this positive attitude.




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Friday, March 18, 2022

Porridge, Prat, And Other Slang Used In The United Kingdom: A Quick Guide For Immigrants

How the locals talk and communicate is something that immigrants in a new country should learn to do. Immigrants live in a place for a long time and so they must learn how to communicate properly with the locals since these are the people that they would be interacting with day in and day out. Those who have chosen the United Kingdom as their new home is quite lucky as they do not really have to learn a new language as the main language spoken here is English. The only thing that immigrants need to learn in the UK would be the slang that the locals use.


Yes, there is slang in the UK like in any other country around the world. This just goes to show that the language is dynamic. Most of these do not really sound like a new language but what the terms mean can be different from what people would usually imply.


What slang are usually used in the UK? Well, here are some.




While porridge may mean a type of food in most English-speaking countries, this slang actually means something else in the UK. Porridge actually means prison.


What do you say we go and take some bottles of wine at the store and pay for it? I’m sure we’d be doing a stretch in prison for that.




This slang is actually used to mean that a person is stupid. It could also mean that a person is behaving foolishly.


Tia wasn’t too keen on seeing her twin acting like a prat today – like when her twin submitted her test paper without answering all questions and when she decided to skip class just to hang out with her friends.


Put a sock in it


In the United Kingdom, when a person is told to “put a sock in it”, it means that the person should be quiet. This is actually a rude way to tell a person to do so.


For three times already, Mila was politely told to be quiet by her father. But Mila continued with her tuneless singing that her father told her to put a sock in it.




This term is actually slang used to refer to the British pound.


I think I had a good deal when I bought this amazing pair of pants for only a quid!




In other countries, this slang is known as trash or garbage. However, in the UK, it is known as rubbish.


Michael had to clean his house as he was moving to a new one. He had a hard time choosing what was rubbish and what was not. It was a good thing he had his friends come over and they had to decide that for him.




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Thursday, March 17, 2022

35,000 New Immigrants Joined Canada In January 2022

Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals from all around the world choose to send in their applications to Canada so they can move there as immigrants. However, not all are accepted. But despite this, hundreds of thousands still are able to make it to the country. This is a good thing because Canada is one of the few countries in the world that are open to accepting immigrants as this country has recognized the importance of these individuals to their country.


Recently, Canada has created a goal in terms of the number of immigrants that it is targeting to bring in for a certain period. Some say that the goal is quite ambitious as the target is to bring in more than 400,000 new immigrants this year. With the pandemic bringing the number of immigrants significantly lower than usual, to bring in this amount of new immigrants is a big move for the country as it wants to make up for those that they were not able to accept at the height of the global health crisis.


Doing good so far


According to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the country is actually having a great start to its goal of bringing in more than 400,000 new immigrants for this year. As per the data from this agency, Canada has successfully been able to welcome 35,000 new immigrants for January 2022 alone. This number is definitely a good one and it just goes to show that Canada is on its way towards meeting its goal for this year.


The immigration plan


Canada has a plan for immigration and it is known as the Immigration Levels Plan 2022 - 2024. With this, the country targeting around 432,000 immigrants to successfully join Canada just for this year alone. This number is said to be the biggest number in the history of immigration in the country.


In 2021, the country has been able to bring in more than 405,000 new immigrants and a good portion of them have been working towards making their way to becoming permanent residents. 2021 surely has carved its name in the history of Canada’s immigration as it became a year that broke its immigration records. For the very first time since 1913, Canada has been able to successfully bring in more than 400,000 new immigrants.


As per the plan for immigration, the target for the economic class would be around 56% of the total number of immigrants. However, for January this year, Canada was able to bring in 65% for this class and it surely is higher than what has been planned. Aside from this, 20% of the new immigrants for January 2022 came via the family class.




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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The Grand Canyon In The United States Of America Is Definitely Grand And Immigrants Are In Awe Of It

When Mother Nature works, one can expect that it is going to be quite amazing. And that is surely the case for The Grand Canyon which can be found in the United States of America. This is one of the top spots in the country and in the entire world that has successfully made a lot of people be totally in awe of the power and the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. It is understood if travelers and immigrants are quite in awe of this really amazing natural spot but the truth is, even the locals of the country are also amazed by this.


Those who have been able to visit this place can say that despite the grandeur that it shown in the photos that have been published in many books and were also posted on the internet, the entire place is best experienced by actually visiting this place. Yes, that is true. The photos just do not give the place enough justice.


What is The Grand Canyon?


This canyon has very steep sides. What is amazing about this beautiful place in the United States of America is that Mother Nature created this not overnight but through years and years of hard work. The Grand Canyon has been carved with the help of the Colorado River and that is what made it become what it is today. It is surely majestic. It is 446 km in length and the widest is at 18 miles.


What activities can be done in The Grand Canyon?


Hiking - Many people go to The Grand Canyon to go hiking. In fact, they say that this place in the USA is quite the dream for those who are into hiking. This is because the place actually has a huge portion that is undeveloped so everything is pretty rough and nothing is manmade. It surely is all about enjoying the outdoors, nature, and the challenge that have been created naturally. There are miles and miles of terrain to hike on and explore. This is one of the things that attract a lot of visitors to the area.


Riding on mules - Those who are not so keen on going hiking but would like to explore the place can actually do so by riding on mules. There are specific trails where mules can go and people can take these animals and enjoy The Grand Canyon. There are mules for rent in the area and mule rides with guides.


Riding a train - Yes, that is correct. There is a train that runs through The Grand Canyon. It is a very different experience and something that people should try. To take this, one has to drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and take the train there which would take them directly to the park.




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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Almost 70,000 Applications Received By New Zealand After It Opened Resident Visa Category

The pandemic has really hit the entire world hard and everyone is affected. Many businesses had to close down. People had to stay inside their homes. Healthcare workers have to be on the frontlines to fight the virus that caused the pandemic. Deliveries became the norm. Countries had to close their borders. And with the border closures, many people who may have had plans to move to a new country like New Zealand to become immigrants had to postpone what they were supposed to do.


The pandemic has yet to be declared to be over and it is a good thing that the governments of countries were on the tip of their toes to ensure that things go back to normal as soon as possible. There were countries that immediately closed their borders while there were some that found other ways to ensure that the pandemic does not hit their country hard. In the case of New Zealand, it has created a plan that would keep the virus at bay to ensure that things go back to normal and immigration goes back up once again.


One of the recent moves from New Zealand has been to open the Resident Visa Category and start accepting applications. This move has gotten a lot of individuals interested and the applications have come rushing in.


Attracting a lot of applications


The government of New Zealand had announced the 2021 Resident Visa Category a year ago and it had opened and started accepting applications for this route back in December 2021. When that opened, a rush of applications was received by New Zealand even until today. So far, the country has been able to receive over 68,900 applications which came from around 132,000 individuals from around the world. That is a huge number and it simply reflects just how much people are really interested in moving to this beautiful country and only the pandemic was stopping them.


A second phase has been opened for this visa category in New Zealand, and it was opened on March 1, 2022. Since that has been opened, the country received somewhere around 45,000 applications that came from more than 77,500 individuals from around the world. It is a good thing that the country has allowed submission of applications through its improved platform for Immigration Online.


The system is working


Geoff Scott works as the General Manager of Immigration New Zealand and he recently stated that with the way things are going in terms of applications, it does seem like the upgraded system that New Zealand is using is working well. The number of applications that the country has received through the upgraded platform is actually a big achievement and the number surely has surpassed the numbers in the past.




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Monday, March 14, 2022

The Ginger Pig Is Not A Dish, But A Great Pub Immigrants And Locals Go To In The United Kingdom

Getting some drinks is something that a lot of people want to do when they have been stressed out or just need to go out and relax. This is something that many people around the world experience and do on a regular basis. Such is surely the case in the United Kingdom and immigrants and locals have their own favorite spots where they can have the drinks that they want. There are people who would choose to go have drinks with their friends and family in their homes. For many people, getting some drinks would require going to a pub because it is the best place for such.


One of the many pubs in the UK for having drinks is The Ginger Pig. While many think that the name is a dish that is surely delectable, it is actually the name of a pub. Its unique name has also become a reason why people choose to go there.


Where is The Ginger Pig?


The Ginger Pig is located in Hove and this area is known for its seaside views, yet people in the area may have to deal with some elements that can be quite aggressive. But it is just good if the people visiting this place in the UK are able to visit on a really nice day. However, despite any kind of weather, one of the best places to visit when in Hove would be The Ginger Pig.


The Ginger Pig is a pub that has pub siblings. Yes, there is such a thing. Its siblings can all be found in the area of Brighton and their names are The Ginger Dog, The Ginger Fox, and The Gingerman. They surely are all redheads! All of them, including The Ginger Pig, have created quite a good reputation that people in the area are more than happy to give them praises.


What is in The Ginger Pig?


The Ginger Pig is quite homey as it has a warm atmosphere as well as bar stools that are very comforting. But how it looks and feels is just one thing. This pub in the UK is also quite known for its menu as it holds some of the best classics in the UK often found in pubs. Of all the items on its menu, The Ginger Pig is quite known for its array of dishes that make use of meat. One of the top items is known as the Bloody Mary. This is vodka but it uses bone marrow that has roasted well and has umami flavoring. And then there is the roast sirloin which is a usual dish during Sundays. It comes in a deep red flavor that gives people who eat this a really silky taste that just suits it so well.




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Friday, March 11, 2022

Record Immigration Goals To Be Met Until 2024 Set By Canada

Canada is one of the top countries in the entire world when it comes to immigration. This country is open to bringing in a huge number of new immigrants each year and it successfully is able to meet its goals. This is not a surprising thing as Canada has been known to be really open to immigrants and individuals really have the country as their top choice. They see the strong economy that the country has as well as other wonderful benefits that they cannot get in their home country.


Recently, the government of Canada has created a target when it comes to the immigrants that it would be bringing in. The new target is said to break records as it entails bringing in over a million new immigrants starting this year until the end of 2024. Should Canada meet this huge target, the entire world would not really be surprised given the huge number of individuals who are really interested in moving to this country.


Bringing in immigrants


For the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, its local government has created its own plans in terms of the immigration levels that it would be targeting. The target for this city is 431,645 new permanent residents for 2022 alone. For 2023 and 2024, the target of Ottawa would be 447,055 and 451,000 respectively. These numbers are the biggest targets that has ever been set for immigration to Canada by a city in the country.


Some people may think that these numbers may be too high and may be difficult or even impossible to achieve. However, Ottawa already has been able to bring in a number quite close to its current targets. In 2021, the capital of Canada has successfully been able to bring in 405,000 new immigrants and this number broke its previous records. So to say that achieving its targets for this year until 2024 is impossible is a mistake. Ottawa can do it and it can surely do it well.


Targeting immigrant students


A statement from the government of Canada has mentioned that immigration is a very important factor in the growth of the labor force of the country. With around five million of the locals to retire by this decade’s end, an increase in immigration is definitely needed to ensure that the economy stays strong. The country is prioritizing immigrant students in its target as these individuals get to learn in the country know how things go, and would be a huge help should they decide to continue to stay in the country and offer their knowledge and skills to the industries there. Canada is also quite happy to note that after the pandemic first started, the number of immigrant students have declined but the numbers have surely gone up again this year.




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Thursday, March 10, 2022

The Delicious Key Lime Pie Has Many Immigrants In the United States Of America Wanting More Of It

If there is one thing aside from music that can make people come together, it would be food. Food is therapeutic and food evokes a lot of emotions in people. Food makes people create new memories and it also makes them remember old ones. And people who are in the United States of America - locals, immigrants, and travelers - are quite lucky because the country is a literal melting pot of food. The people in this country love food and there is a variety of food that can be found here that would definitely make anyone’s mouth water by the simple thought or image of it.


One of the many foods that can be found the US is the very famous key lime pie. It is the official pie of the state of Florida and that is surely where one can get the very best version of this. However, it is also important to note that this pie has many variations too and they can be found all over the country.


The origins of the Key lime pie


This pie is a tart pie and is quite famous all over the world. It was first made in the Florida Keys and that is where the limes that were used to make this food were sourced. This also quite simply explains the name of this really delectable pie.


It is said that the very first Key lime pie was made by Aunt Sally, a woman who worked as a cook for William Curry, a salvager of ships and the very first millionaire in Florida who was self-made. Aunt Sally is the brains behind the creation of this very famous pie and she made the first one in the late part of the 1800s. However, aside from Aunt Sally, it is also said that the sponge fishermen of Florida, USA also have had a hand in how the Key lime pie is made nowadays. It is said that these fishermen actually were the ones who helped bring in the needed ingredients that Aunt Sally used to create the pie, and they may also have given Aunt Sally the idea of how to cook it, since most of the ingredients used could actually be cooked by people even while they were at sea.


How is the Key lime pie made?


This famous dessert in the United States of America makes use of a number of simple ingredients, that when put together result in this delicious treat. The ingredients make use of lime, sweetened condensed milk, and egg yolks. It can be served without any topping. However, many people opt to have a topping of sorts. Some choose to have meringue as topping, while there are some who choose to have it with whipped cream. This pie also can have a crust or no crust at all. The usual crust used would be a pie crust or one made from graham crackers.




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