Friday, December 29, 2017

Immigrant Workers In Canada Recognized As Important Part Of Food Industry

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Immigrant workers in Canada are now given the recognition that they deserve. Especially those immigrant workers who are a part of the food industry in the country. This is because the country believes that these individuals really give a good amount of contribution to helping the country be fed and eat well. After all, it is not a secret that food is a very basic thing that all individuals need. And if a country’s residents and citizens are not fed well, one can definitely be sure that these people will not be able to contribute well to the country’s well-being and instead may bring about a lot of chaos.

As they say, hungry people are not the best type of people to deal with as their basic need is not met. However, for individuals who have met their basic needs, one can definitely be sure that they will be model citizens and will be able to contribute greatly to the country through the work that they do and the contributions that they can bring to the country through their expertise and skills.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a program from the Canadian government that helps bring in the individuals needed so as to be able to do the jobs that are vacant. This is basically for those who are part of the food industry. The problem with those who have come to Canada through this program is that immigrants are not given much benefits as compared to all other types of immigrants in the country. That is why immigrant workers through this program have to deal with the everyday living problems like an unsecure future for their families since they would not know just what to feed them.

Those who work in farms cannot be a permanent resident of the country but they can only be such if they get married to a citizen of the country. It is still the same old system where bosses rule high and mighty over the lowly farmers. However, the government now sees the kind of situation these people have and so they have decided to work on the program and be able to give the right benefits to those immigrants under such a program in Canada.

A new report shows up

A new report has shown up recently in Canada and it is from the Standing Committee. It has looked into the immigrant worker situation in the food industry and has seen just how important such jobs are. With that, by providing these immigrant workers the right benefits and the right recognition, these individuals can definitely do more and not be afraid of the future. If an individual has the right talent and skills to continue working in the farms, the government can make sure that this individual keeps his/her job. There is also a high chance of being a permanent resident of the country.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Zealand Lures Immigrants Through Warm Welcome

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There are only a few countries in the world where a warm welcome can be found. Not many countries have a culture where welcoming foreigners and immigrants are something that they indulge in or even spend time with. In fact, they just would not care if there are people from other countries where they live. Some are even not happy to have new people in their country.

However, there are countries who are more than happy to welcome new blood to their soil. And the list of countries who belong to such a category include New Zealand. This country has been quite known around the world for having such a reputation. That is why many immigrants are more than happy to fulfill all the needed requirements so that they would be able to live and enjoy what New Zealand has to offer. It is really something to be welcomed quite well to a new place especially if these newcomers do not know anyone around.

A study reflects this

Immigration New Zealand is the official branch of the NZ government that deals with immigrants and everything else related to them coming to the country. This branch has created a survey and the results really reflect just how warm and welcoming New Zealanders are. According to the results, out of ten immigrants, nine of them disclosed just how warm and welcoming they find the locals. The type of welcome that they have experienced has been equal or even more than what they had expected to get when they got to the country.

A survey was also done by Expat Insider back in 2015. For that one, the results showed that 94% of all of the immigrant respondents have been more than happy to disclose that they have found the locals to be quite friendly or even very friendly. In a global survey, New Zealand has found its way to the second spot for the category where immigrants were asked what country they were able to settle in quite easily.

The warm culture of welcoming new people

It seems like the people of New Zealand are quite the naturals when it comes to having a warm culture of welcoming new people. This is not surprising as the country was built from having a lot of immigrants coming there. Being in a new place is not a stranger to those who are in the country and so they really do understand just how it feels to be in a new place without knowing anyone.

With that, this type of culture has been able to bring in a lot of immigrants and has been able to keep those immigrants in the country as they are more than happy to stay there with the type of lifestyle and culture that they have been given upon arrival.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

UK Labor Shortage Will Happen After Exit; Robots Won’t Save Country

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With the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union looming, many businesses and companies are getting worried. Most of the labor force that they have is actually immigrants who have come from members of the European Union. Many of these individuals have already fled the country and have gone back to their home countries. And this has left many business owners worried and lacking manpower.

There are groups who support the exit and they believe that the answer to this would be to bring in enforcements and that would be through robots. Robots have been known to do things more effectively and more efficiently than humans can. They have been known to replace humans in doing plenty of jobs especially in the field of manufacturing. They lessen the amount of time humans spend on producing items and make more than people can. However, robots can only do so much and those who have looked into this possibility have said that robots will never be able to replace humans completely.

The future for the UK still remains cloudy

There seems to be no updates whatsoever regarding the real plans that the country will have to follow once the exit does happen. It has been eighteen months since the country has decided to leave the European Union. This may be what is specific but the effects of this move and what the solutions could be to any effects still has to appear.

With the exit, there will be a lot less immigrants in the country. There will also be no free movement between citizens of the EU member nations. The vote has already made more EU immigrants leave the UK. Immigration has definitely gone down. This is what the government wants to happen and it is happening. However, the business owners are the ones now left with the problem of having a lot less employees. There are even shops that have started to have shorter business hours as there are not enough people to keep it running for regular hours.

Automation will never be the answer

Automation can happen. This means making use of robots. However, these robots can only do so much. They cannot really take the place of humans especially when it comes to providing customer services, doing farm work, or even cleaning up big messes. All industries need the help of robots but these robots cannot really take the place of people doing the work.

With that, business owners are now relying on the immigrants from other nations to come to their rescue as Britons are not really that enthusiastic into doing more manual labor and relocating to new places if the job calls for such. Immigrants are more reliable and are willing to do whatever job is pushed at them. UK needs immigrants and the government has got to start focusing on that, lest their economy suffers.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Canadian Visa Program At Work

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For companies in Canada, finding the right people to do the job is very essential. Of course, just like in any business or company, the right people helping them out would definitely be the best thing that could happen to them. Having the right people doing the jobs would help grow a business. Growing businesses are very important to a country’s economy.

What is happening in Canada is that there are a lot of businesses and companies that really need people to do the jobs. However, the problem that these businesses have right now is that there is not enough people in the country with the right skills to fill up the vacant positions. This is a dilemma and the Canadian government is more than happy to help these businesses. After all, good businesses in a country help in having a really strong economy. And the Canadian economy is one of the strongest ones in the world right now.

Thank you, Canadian visa program

For many companies in Canada like ThinkData Works Inc., the Canadian visa program is very helpful. There are times when finding the right people to do the jobs can be quite difficult. That is why the next best thing to do would be to find the right talent and skilled individuals from outside Canada. This is the case for ThinkData. The new Canadian visa program has helped them land the software engineer that they are looking for. Their new employee is now an immigrant worker in Canada and both parties are happy.

Businesses are thankful for the Canadian visa program that has brought the right people to do the jobs that these businesses need. This has been bringing immigrant workers and these immigrants are more than happy to be in the country and contribute what they can through the skills that they have. The visa program makes visa processing faster than usual for all of those skilled workers that Canadian businesses and companies are looking for.

How it works

Bryan Smith works as the chief executive head for ThinkData, a Canadian business that is based in Toronto. According to Smith, the whole process hit the right spot and worked just fine. The government took ten business days to actually finish the whole process and that is definitely fast. For a regular processing of visas, it could take months for this to happen. So two weeks just to get a visa processed definitely fast tracked everything for both the immigrant and the business.

Many companies are looking for the right people for the jobs that are vacant and the visa processing program is definitely just right. The Canada government is more than happy to help out and immigrants and businesses are also more than happy to be on the receiving side.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Immigrants, Listen: New Zealand Is Looking For People To Be Part Of These Industries

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For all of those individuals who are looking at being an immigrant in New Zealand and not sure just what industry or what job they may be able to find there, there is good news. The country has sent out a list of professions and skills that it needs to function well. There are vacancies and these vacancies have yet to be filled. This is why those who may want to live in New Zealand may not have to worry about finding a job to make them through each and every day as there are plenty of needed individuals with specified skills and professions.

Those who have been looking at the job market in New Zealand have been more than happy to share that this may just be the right time to be part of New Zealand especially if you are looking for work. If a person is equipped with the skills and has the profession that the country needs, then the chances of getting a good job would be quite high. And that definitely is good news for all of those potential immigrants.

The need for more workers

A financial crisis has rocked the world and even affected the big countries with strong economies. However, what is interesting is that New Zealand was not affected that much as compared to other countries in the world. Many immigrants have left their home countries and have chosen to be in New Zealand as this country remained intact and strong despite the mentioned crisis.

What the NZ government has been looking into is just how strong the country is and if it will continue to withstand any crisis that may affect the globe. One of the top things that they would be doing would be to fill up any needed vacancies to make sure that businesses and industries remain strong with the needed people to get the job going and strong. That is why the NZ job market is constantly looking for the right people to fill up any vacant jobs and positions in the country. If locals are not able to do the jobs, the next best option would be to find immigrants to do the job.

The needed skills and professions

For those who are interested in being immigrants in New Zealand, the government of the country has listed the industries that are in need of workers. If people have the right skills and professions to help out in these industries, the chances of getting hired and getting work as an immigrant in New Zealand would be quite high. The industries that need workers include agriculture and forestry, education, finance and business, ICT and electronics, recreation, hospitality and tourism, trades, construction, engineering, health and social services, oil and gas, science, and transport.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Astounding Reasons Why Immigrants Choose The UK

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Why are a huge number of immigrants from around the globe choosing to live in the United Kingdom? What is in this country that makes it quite a magnet for those looking for new soil to live in? What is its allure and what makes people keep on coming?

Starting with data from 2010 right up until 2016, the annual approximate average number of individuals who have become immigrants in the UK has reached 495,000. There is still no data for 2017 as this year is has yet to end. However, just by looking at that number, one can definitely say that it is a huge one. So what is it about this country? What is so magical about the United Kingdom that it has been able to bring such a huge annual average? Is the magic of Harry Potter and Hogwarts enticing all of these individuals?

Well, here are some astounding reasons why immigrants are choosing the UK over any other country in the world. Read on and find out.

Reason #1: The economy

The economy is one of the top reasons why people are choosing this country over any other one in the world. This is because Britain is definitely one with a really strong economy and it has been able to make its mark in the entire world. If a person is definitely looking for greener pastures, this should definitely be a good place to consider. After all, when a country’s economy is strong, it also means that there would be a lot less problems with finances and with the benefits that come with living there.

Reason #2: The labor market

For many immigrants who come from third world countries, finding a new place that they would call home is a good thing. Choosing one that has a really strong economy is another. It is also important that there is a huge need for more people to join the labor market. This means that there are a lot of opportunities for those who would like to earn their keep. Other countries do not have enough good paying jobs and so people there decide to look elsewhere. UK has got a really strong labor market and that is one thing that drives people there.

Reason #3: The education

This country is home to a huge number of world-renowned institutions and universities and that is also another thing that draws a lot of immigrants there. These people are in need of not just quality education but of world class education. There is definitely no better place to look for that in the world but in Britain. The top institutions and universities that you can find in the country include the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, St. Andrews University, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Lancaster University, King’s College London, and Warwick University.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Job Vacancies In Canada Are Now Highest Number Recorded

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Any potential immigrants to Canada just may think that this is certainly good news. See, a new report has shown that there is a huge number of job vacancies in the country at present. This is as per the private sector data. This is one of the highest numbers ever recorded when it comes to job vacancies in the country and this is for the data for 2017 and its third quarter. The report has been created by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, which is also known as the CFIB.

For this situation, the Canadian government just may already be formulating programs that should help alleviate this. It means that there would be more opportunities for those who are looking for jobs in the country. For several positions that may need specific skills and experience, the government may start by looking for those who are capable of doing the job in the country. If the people in the place are not able to fill such needs, then it is the time that the Canadian government would seek for the right people to do the job outside the country.

The job vacancy rate that reached 2.8 per cent

For the mentioned quarter of 2017, the job vacancy rate in the private sector of Canada has reached 2.8 per cent. This is as per the report done by the CFIB. With that, this number is actually quite similar to what the country has faced back in the earlier parts of 2008, which is nine years ago. On this, the CFIB has stated that 2.8 per cent of job vacancies mean that there is around 361,700 vacant positions that need to be filled.

These jobs have been open for a minimum of four months to be included in the data. Four months of having such a huge number of vacancies can be quite troubling because it is quite a huge number. Basically, asking employers and business owners about this, they would inform you that this is because the right person for the positions have not been found and that is why the job positions are still left vacant. Putting just about any person for the position just to fill up the need is not going to work as it would be a waste of time and of resources as well.

What the private sector needs

Ted Mallet has stated that on this situation at hand, it is important that such vacancies are filled. This means that businesses are not able to do what needs to be done as there is not enough manpower to keep the business flowing smoothly. The government definitely has to take action regarding this as this should also affect the country’s economy if this stays this way for long. Mallet works at the CFIB and he is the organization’s chief economist.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

NZ Immigration Office In South Africa To Close Down, Brings Processing Back To New Zealand Soil

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A few weeks ago, the immigration department of New Zealand has announced that it is already planning on closing most of its offices overseas. This means that they are going to bring back most of the processing of services back to the country. Only a number of overseas offices would continue to run like it used to. Immigration New Zealand (which is also known as INZ) is already working on this and making sure that the processing of any applications for immigration to New Zealand would be done right on New Zealand soil.

This is good news for a lot of individuals who are in the country. This means that there are more opportunities for work in the country. Finding a place for employment would be made easier as there would be more options.

Among those sites that would be closed are those that are in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Moscow, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, and New Delhi. Two offices that are based in New Zealand would also be closing its doors. Another one that would be closed would be the NZ immigration overseas office in South Africa.

NZ presence will remain

According to the INZ, they will make sure that they will still a presence of some sort in these countries where they are closing their offices. This is to ensure that they would still be able to get information about the market and the type of individuals who may be interested in being immigrants to the country. Any activities that would need to be done to still be able to push through with any programs that they have to be able to bring in the required immigrants would still continue to happen. Only the offices would be closed down. Any relations would still remain.

Steve Stuart has stated that they are estimating lesser individuals employed outside the country. This may be from 250 to 300 individuals. These jobs would then be transferred to the country. Stuart works as the head of INZ’s visa services. He continued that it may be quite unsettling for those who would be affected and he says that they are very highly appreciative of the work, commitment, dedication, and professionalism that these individuals have displayed throughout their service.

Applications will still continue

Stuart has continued to disclose that those individuals who may be interested in getting visas can actually still apply online. If this is not an option for them, they can also physically send in their applications through INZ offices. All they need to do is find these offices online or through the yellow pages. Applications will still continue and this is an option for everyone who may be interested in going to the country.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Immigrants And UK Economy: The Contributing Factor

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United Kingdom has quite a huge number of immigrants in the country. There are groups and individuals that believe that these immigrants are not good for the country as there are too many of them. However, there are also those who believe in the numbers and that no matter how many immigrants are in the country, they are quite beneficial to the country and the country’s economy. After all, they are more than happy to be employees and thus help businesses be better. Businesses that do well help boost the country’s economy.

So what is exactly the truth about immigrants and immigration workers in the United Kingdom? Are they more bane than blessing? Or is it the other way around? Truth is, there are two major sides to the story and both have very specific points. And these points cannot be simply disregarded as both sides have done their share of reviews and studies just to be able to get to the right conclusion.

Are immigrants taking Britons’ jobs?

According to Amber Rudd, he believes that immigrants and foreigners in the UK are actually helping the economy but the downside to this is that they are taking away all the jobs that the Britons may actually do. Rudd is the country’s Home Secretary. This may be true but if interviews with employers and business owners are done, one can actually get answers that employers and business owners are prioritizing Britons for jobs. However, most Britons are quite choosy when it comes to the jobs that need to be done. Some are not ready to take on manual hard labor and some are not even willing to relocate if the job asks them to do that.

This is one of the top reasons why business owners and employers are choosing to go with immigrants. Immigrants are known to be quite reliable when it comes to jobs and they are also known to be hard working. Relocation is not a problem as they do not have any friends or family yet in the country so anywhere in the country is okay and it does not matter what job they need to do as long as they are able to have income.

What the numbers say

The UK has a workforce of 31.6 around a year ago. However, immigrant workers actually make up a significant portion of this. There are 5.4 million that are not born in the UK and yet are contributing to the country’s economy. This means that there are a lot of jobs around for Britons and the immigrants are simply filling in just what the Britons are not able to do. This does not necessarily mean that they are taking away any jobs but instead are helping get more jobs done.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Private Sector Tapped To Put Together New Canada Citizenship Test

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The government of Canada is a good example for other governments to try and emulate. This is primarily because it understands its limits. Recently, it has seen that a new citizenship test would be needed and to be able to put that together, the best thing to do to move forward with such plans would be to actually go ahead and tap the private sector to help them out. Whatever works best is what the Canadian government goes for. Of course, this is good as it means being effective and efficient.

A new version of the citizenship test in Canada would soon be rolling out. However, work still needs to be done and this is all thanks to a private group that the federal government of the country has tapped to do the work. This group would be putting together a draft which would then be submitted to the government for feedback and for suggestions. Once approved, it would then be ready to go.

The needed test

Just recently, the Canadian government has sent out a request to get a proposal on the services that would be given to the country regarding the creation of the Canada Citizenship Test. The request included the details of what they want done and it was sent out by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is more known as the IRCC). It detailed that the private sector should be able to create and develop a total of 400 questions that are multiple choice. These would become official questions once approved. The group should also work on a blueprint that would serve as a trial of the whole test. The requirements also asked the group to create 15 different versions of the test that they were making.

No value has been mentioned yet regarding the payment for such a services. No bidder has yet stepped forward but all of those groups, businesses or companies who are willing to take on the task have until the middle of January to send in their proposals. The contract, once a bidder has won, would be for a full year. So this means that work on the task would end by the early part of 2019.

The overhaul that would be done

The new test has yet to find a group that would take on the challenge of creating it. And so, as per the IRCC through a spokesperson, the date when the new test would be sent out is still unknown. This is a part of an overhaul of the whole guide that would help out those who would like to be citizens of Canada to be prepared. Now, the guide would be done by the federal government and would not be outsourced to the private sector.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

New Zealand Wine Industry Not Happy With Delays In Immigrant Staff Process

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For business owners who are trying their very best to make sure that all processes in their business is continuous and does not bother any customers, the delay in staff processes for immigrant staff in New Zealand has got them quite not happy. However, on the end of Immigration NZ, the official brand of the New Zealand government that works with this issues, the delay actually is a fault of the business owners and employers as their office has not been given the right information for them to push through with what they need to do.

The delays have happened recently for the Immigration New Zealand. They had delays with the processing of all staff under the Recognised Seasonal Employer program. This is also known as the RSE. This brings in the staff that the employers need to continue to run their business with the help of the immigrants that are bringing in the labor. This delay has definitely made those among the wine industry to be quite frustrated with how things are going.

When it happened

As per reports, the delays had happened in the months of September and October. Because of such delays, the applications for the Agreement to Recruit (also known as the ATR) were also put on hold. Thus, processing of such had to be done a week later. This meant that also processing all the papers and documents of those immigrants under such programs also had to be delayed. Now, the wine industry which have been reliant on such labor force also had to deal with the delays. Once one part of a whole cycle is put on pause, the whole cycle is ruined. And this has been reflected in how things are going with the wine industry in NZ.

According to the government branch on immigrant, the delays were caused by an error on the employers’ end. As per their statement, the employers had submitted information but these pieces of information still had to go through clarification. It would not indeed be right to process unclear information for important matters such as immigration and labor.

Set back within wine companies

Yes, wine companies are now experiencing a set back in their businesses because of the delay that has happened in September and October. This is as per Marcus Pickens, the general manager of Wine Marlborough. With the Christmas season coming up real quick, their usual number of products is not up to the usual. If the delays did not happen, they may have been able to provide the usual number that they have each year. But this time, they have to double their efforts or may have to work with what they have at present.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

After Exit From EU, UK Should Need More Workers For Food Industry

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One of the top things that had made a huge portion of Britons go out and vote for the United Kingdom exiting the European Union is because they believe that there is too much immigrants in the country and that the immigration rate is too high. The only way to solve this problem would be to actually have the country exit the union so as to stop the free movement of immigrants among EU member nations. What these people do not know is that once these EU immigrants are out of their country, their country would still badly need immigrants, mainly for labor.

What these Britons may be thinking is that there is still control over how immigrants come in and out of the country. That is what the exit may be for them. And that can be something that they can put to mind. After all, the country cannot not stop immigration as the UK badly needs them. The effects of the exit has not come just yet as the exit still needs to happen. But the effects would slowly creep up and the only way to get the effects out would be to bring in the needed immigrants.

Bringing in the immigrants

There are big industries in the country that are in need of immigrants because of the labor and the skills that they bring to the table. Among those industries that would definitely be affected once EU immigrants decide to leave the UK would be the farming industry as well as the food industry. These two industries are quite basic and are needed by the whole nation. If these stop functioning as they are right now, the whole country may be in trouble. After all, food is a basic necessity and food comes from these two industries.

What experts are looking at right now would be targeting certain countries for immigrants to do the hard work after the exit happens. The top countries that are seen to be bringing in the immigrants would be Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and the Philippines. These countries are known for citizens that are hard workers, reliable individuals, and have the necessary skills to help businesses and industries like the farming industry and the food industry.

Why the need for immigrants

Owners of businesses from these two industries are not happy to state just why they are up and ready for immigrants. According to them, Britons are not really that reliable when it comes to doing the hard work that come with the businesses and industries that they are in. The list of tasks includes getting milk from the cows at the break of dawn and even feeding all the chickens each and every day. It is hard work but somebody’s gotta do it. Since the Britons are not up for it, the immigrants come to the rescue.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Express Entry Sends 2,750 Invites To Potential Canada Immigrants

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While other countries are making sure that only very few and selected immigrants are able to get into their soil, what Canada is doing is making sure that they get the right immigrants in. Other countries have put a maximum limit to the number of immigrants that they would allow each year, Canada has put a limit to the minimum number. So in Canada, one can say that the more immigrants they get, the better it is.

Recently, news has it that this North American country has actually sent out 2,750 invites to what they have pinpointed as potential immigrants in Canada. This is going to happen via the Express Entry system that the country is using. This just goes to reflect that the country is still needing immigrants and it would not tire from getting more immigrants to the country. Through programs like Express Entry, the country is able to target and bring in the needed immigrants. If they need IT workers, then it would do so through such programs and bring in those potential immigrants who can also contribute to what the country needs.

Is this a win-win situation? Indeed.

Express Entry towards permanent residency

Through the Express Entry program, the Canadian government has already sent out 2,750 individuals for candidacy. These individuals, if they are interested, can actually apply for permanent residency. The Express Entry system is actually a program of the national government of the country. There was a draw for those 2,750 candidates and it happened just last 6th of December this year. To be able to be qualified, there was a score that was needed to be a part of the whole thing and the score should be 452. The score was taken using the requirements of the country’s Comprehensive Ranking System.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has introduced a procedure known as the tie-break and they launched it just this June. This procedure has once again been used for this draw. This was used to make sure that all of the individuals who would be receiving the Invitations to Apply (also known as the ITA) had passed all requirements in on or before the given deadline.

Background on the Express Entry

To be able to be part of the Express Entry system, individuals must have a duly filled up form that is known as the profile. Information about the individual would be needed and the list includes that person’s skills, educational background, experience with work, languages, as well as other important details that Canada would need to assess and give points to. It is essential that people understand the rules and policies when applying for this so that their chances of being an immigrant in Canada would be way higher.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Immigrants In New Zealand Find The Place Family Friendly

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For a lot of immigrants, moving to a new country is mainly because they would like to provide for their family which they usually leave back home. This is plainly because they are not sure just what kind of life would be waiting for them if the whole family became immigrants. It is best that only one from the family go ahead and try out the new life in a new country and establishing a good life there. That way, when it is time to bring the whole family, there would not be too much difficulties for everybody else, especially the children.

However, for all of those immigrants who have made their way to New Zealand, many accolades have been said about just how friendly New Zealand is to families. If people are bringing their families to the country, these people can really see just how nice it is to actually bring up a family here and how children would be safe and secure in this country.

The locals that come back

One of the top proofs that NZ is a really good place for families and those trying to raise one is the number of locals who ultimately come back to the country once they are ready to start growing roots and raising families. Plenty of locals go ahead and fly to new countries for studies or maybe even for work opportunities. However, come the time that they decide that the time for raising a family has come, these locals (also known as Kiwis) choose to go back.

The very reason for this is that these individuals know just how good New Zealand is for families and raising children. They have been brought up in the country and have lived there and so they have seen just how well the environment is for such a purpose. There are plenty of other countries out there but none can really hold a candle to just how good the country is for families. It is safe and secure and has a culture that puts families as a top priority.

What New Zealand has to offer families

New Zealand is a haven for families. It has various choices for families when it comes to homes. It also has a very friendly lifestyle that is relaxed and allows parents to have enough time to spend with their children. The educational system is also world-class and so parents would not have to worry about where they can send their children to get the right education that they would want them to have. Healthcare is also world-class. That is why plenty of couples find that New Zealand is the best place to be immigrants in and spend the rest of their lives with their children.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

UK Not Popular Among European Immigrants, Still Popular For Those Outside EU

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The citizens of the members of the European Union are not finding the United Kingdom to be as popular as they used to look at it. This can be attributed to the big vote that happened in the country as per whether the country should or should not go ahead with exiting the European Union. The final numbers have shown that the country should and this means that there would be a lot of other changes that would be coming with it. One would be the restriction and limit to the free movement that all residents of the European Union enjoy.

With the possible changes affecting those members of the European Union, those who may get the not so good effects have decided to keep themselves safe and find security somewhere else since the UK would not allow them to get that there anymore in the future once the exit really does happen. These Europeans have been quite quick on their feet and have taken the liberty of moving out of the country. Ever since the vote on the exit had happened and the results were shown, Europeans started to make new plans and move out of the country.

The numbers of immigration

Before the vote, there has been a campaign for both sides - anti and pro. Those who believed that the exit was important were majorly about not having too much control over the borders of the country. It seems like it was really a good campaign for those who are pro on the issue at hand and they got the results that they wanted. However, what they did not expect was for the EU residents to actually not find the UK quite as popular as it had been before the big vote.

Immigration to the country that was for long term had actually gone down by at least 19%. This is definitely quite a big fall and is something that would have big changes happening in the country. The number is as per the data released by the country’s Office for National Statistics (or also known as the ONS).

The need for immigrants

This is good news though for a lot of potential immigrants from other parts of the world who still look at the UK as a good place to live in. The country is now in need of immigrants who would help boost the aging population as well as provide the needed labor by a lot of the country’s businesses. Although it may seem like a negative thing for those in the EU, it seemed like the exit has opened new doors for all of those who come from other parts of the world.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Unique Canada Immigration Program For STEM Students

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For all of the students who are looking to be immigrants in Canada, this is the right time to start planning that move. Manitoba, one of Canada’s provinces, has put together a good program for immigration. It is soon launching the very first immigration program that would fast track their move to the country. This is open for all students from around the world and to be able to qualify for this program, they must have a degree in STEM (which is also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Once an individual is able to pass the requirements, moving to Canada as immigrants would be way faster than the usual route.

This new program for immigration of STEM students is known as the International Education Stream. This is available only for those international students. They should have studied already in Manitoba. This program comes with a number of tiers for the students to be qualified and sorted into.

The International Education Stream

This new stream is the very first of its kind in Canada. For those who are qualified, the best that could happen to them would be the chance to apply and be considered for permanent residency in the country. This is available for those who are just graduated. As soon as they finish their course and studies, they can already start applying for permanent residency. This is good because the qualifications only ask for that and the new graduates do not need to have any kind of offer for a job. They also do not need to have any type of experience with work. The International Education Stream would be open for any applicants starting April of 2018.

Ben Rempel works as the assistant deputy minister for Manitoba’s immigration and economic opportunities. On the new stream, he says that this one actually puts high prioritization for the graduates of STEM. The program has been created so much so that it can help bring up the number of the immigrants in Manitoba that are skilled and have the right knowledge. These individuals would be able to contribute well to the economy of the province, and to the whole nation.

The thought behind the International Education Stream

Rempel has chosen to disclose the very thought behind the new stream in Manitoba. According to him, this is a good opportunity for international STEM students to take advantage of. The chance to become a permanent resident of Canada does not come easy and this program is one of those exceptions. The very thought behind this is that they are creating new pathways for these students to have so that the potential skilled individuals would already be in the country and, thus, be able to contribute later on once studies have been completed.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ed Sheeran Wishes To Be A Citizen Of New Zealand

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In recent celebrity news, it seems like Ed Sheeran is quite happy to be a citizen of New Zealand. This is what the very popular singer and song writer has spoken of quite recently. For him, the country is a place that he would want to live in. Well, that is definitely not surprising as New Zealand has been a haven and a paradise for all of those individuals looking for a new country to live in. And with Ed Sheeran telling the whole world that he would like to be a citizen of this country, it just helped boost the country’s reputation and made even more individuals be excited to move there as well. This is a celebrity and he is happy to live there. Just goes to show how world-class New Zealand’s living conditions are.

With Ed Sheeran’s statement on wanting to be a citizen, NZ’s Prime Minister has her own statement. Jacinda Ardern, the PM of the country, says that she first has to learn just where the celebrity stands on jandals. This should help her make a good decision on whether Sheeran should be given a citizenship or not. Jandals are actually footwear and are a shortened form of Jesus sandals.

The interview of Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran was recently interviewed and it was during this time that he mentioned that he really loved New Zealand and would want to be a citizen there. The pop star from the United Kingdom says that he loves Aotearoa and this is the name for the country in Maori. As per the pop star, his favorite city actually is Wellington and this is from all other cities in the world. Wellington is the capital of the country and is also the 2nd in terms of population of urban spots in NZ.

He has mentioned that to be a citizen in the country is one thing that he would like to become. He also continued to disclose during the radio interview in the country that he would be even willing to go ahead and ask just how to go about doing that. He also shared that he may not be a citizen right now but he will be doing all the work to be able to achieve that. Sheeran continued to say he would want to get help from the Prime Minister.

What the PM has to say

On that, Ardern said that she may have to grill Sheeran about his credentials if he really wishes to become a citizen. She had some questions which she sent via a video so that Sheeran can answer those as the request that Sheeran made for citizenship was quite informal. One of the questions that she asked was about the jandals and another one was if he knew what pineapple lumps were and if he likes them.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

One Year After Voting For The Exit From EU, UK Net Immigration Numbers Go Down By 100,000

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It seems like the United Kingdom is now becoming quite unattractive for all of the citizens of the European Union after the country has voted to exit from the European Union which it currently belongs to. Right now, the country is still a part of the union but in the near future, Britain just may push through with doing its exit. The number of immigrants in the country has definitely gone down one year after the vote has been completed. However, this is mainly because of the EU immigrants who have chosen not to move to the country. What is interesting to note is that there are many immigrants still to the country and they come from other parts of the globe.

By looking at the numbers of immigration in Britain, one would be able to see that over 100,000 have been reduced from the net right after the exit has been voted on. Since the year 2013, the number of individuals as immigrants in the United Kingdom has definitely gone down and this year has got to be the lowest ever recorded since that year. Definitely shows just how the EU citizens are looking at the UK after the big decision.

The numbers tell the story

Getting the information from the data starting at January 1st of this year up until the end of June, the net number for immigration of those coming to the UK came to around 230,000. This was definitely a huge decrease as a year earlier, the net was 336,000 for the same period. That is a difference of around 106,000. This may be good news for the country’s prime minister, Theresa May, who is pushing for a lower number of immigrants per year in the country.

The data also reflects that there is also a lot less immigrants from individuals hailing from the European Union. The drop is definitely remarkable and experts who are looking into the matter say that the country is surely not as attractive as it was before for those from the EU. If this continues, the country just may have to deal with finding the right people to do the jobs needed in the country. Though the UK may seem unattractive for those from the EU, the country still has the rest of the globe to look for the right skilled immigrants.

The rise in jobs taken

Despite the decrease in number from the EU immigrants, there is a bright future shining. According to the immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, the number of immigrants coming to the country with confirmed work and job positions has risen. This means that there would be no problem with the workforce and that the UK is still attractive for those individuals from other parts of the world.

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