Friday, March 30, 2018

Reasons Why New Zealand Is Attractive To Immigrants

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New Zealand has been one of the top countries in the world that have attracted quite a lot of immigrants. It has been like this for quite some time now. Ask plenty of people who are interested in living in a new country and answers would most likely include New Zealand as the top options. It is not surprising as the country quite a huge amount of things to offer those who would be living on its soil. Here are some of the reasons why New Zealand is quite attractive to potential immigrants.

The quality of life is definitely unlike others.

Most countries in the world have a quality of life that is really not good for most of its citizens. However, in New Zealand, the quality of life there is superb. It is even described to be quite outstanding. Studies that have been done on the quality of life in various countries around the world have had New Zealand topping the results for many years.

In a recent study done by HSBC, known as the Expat Explorer Survey, the country has gotten the second spot for being one of the top destinations for immigration for expats. This study done by the group is something good to look at as it is one of the biggest in the world when it comes to surveys with expats.

What can one expect with New Zealand’s lifestyle? Well, it is definitely laid-back, which is very much unlike other countries where people have to rush through each day to be able to make it. Citizens of the country are definitely friendly. So all-in-all, the combination of these two really help make a good impact on its citizens as there is a lot less stress and stress is something that people really do not need much of.

Friendly for families.

Those potential immigrants who have been looking for a new country to live in are really opting to be immigrants in New Zealand. This is primarily because the country has a lifestyle that is quite healthy for young families to live in. It is not just good for young families but even for the elderly. A relaxing lifestyle definitely is good for everybody.

The country also promotes a lifestyle that is more attuned to the outdoors. This is definitely good for a person and so families can be sure that they would be raising really healthy children. Most metropolitan cities in the world are not healthy for children but New Zealand’s top cities still are far more relaxing than these.

Around 70% of immigrants in the country are more than happy to share that their children are growing up nice and well. They believe that they have confident children and are also quite well-rounded, which is definitely a big plus.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

More Than A Quarter Of UK School Children Are Immigrants

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How many immigrants are in the United Kingdom and how much of these immigrants are really able to adapt well to the culture and the lifestyle that is essentially the UK’s? Well, one of the basic things that a human needs aside from food and shelter is education. And when focusing and looking at just how many immigrants are going to school in the country, it is important to take a look at the basics of education. Just how many of the school children are immigrants or have moved to the country with their families? Well, according to recent statistics, more than a quarter of the school children in the country are from immigrant families. This definitely reflects just how many immigrants are young and have brought their families with them.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (which is also known as the OECD) has collected data and it has shown that there is a huge amount of school children in the country that are immigrants. In fact, the numbers have it that almost a third of the school children of UK are really immigrants. This number is surely higher as compared to the average number of school children in countries that are members of the European Union.

The analysis from the OECD

As per the new data from the OECD, there are only two countries in the world which are member of the EU that have a much higher rate of school children being immigrants. These two countries are Ireland and Sweden. According to the OECD, this is a reflection of just how fast the demographics in a country can really change. And in the case of the United Kingdom, this is already happening with more families moving in as immigrants and more and more of these are younger families. This is definitely what the UK needs as its population is aging.

The study that was done by the OECD is known as the Programme for International Student Assessment (which is also known as the PISA). It stated that 29% of the school children that are at the age of 15 years old in Britain are from immigrant families to the country. The OECD has also assessed the average for the European Union average as well as the average for the whole world. The UK’s average still is way high as the average for the EU and the global average are actually less than 25%.

The definition of immigrant children

As per the definition of the study of immigrant children, these are actually first generation children who were born outside the UK. They can also be immigrants of the second generation, who have parents that were born outside the UK. They can also be children who are of mixed races which means that only one of their parents was born in the United Kingdom.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

70% Of Growth Of Canada’s Population In 2017’s Last Quarter, Thanks To Immigration

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Canada has been one of the top destinations for immigrants for many years. It has been on top of most lists of those individuals looking for a potential country to go to. This is not surprising as it is located right where the best things are happening. After all, it is located right where the height of today’s civilization is located. It has been known all around the globe for being open to immigrants and for having a good economy. With most immigrants looking for a new country with a good and strong economy, this is why most people are really interested in being in Canada.

For the fourth quarter of last year, 2017, the data in Canada has shown that the immigration level has definitely gone quite high. This number is definitely recorded to be the second highest level and rate, and the highest ever recorded was back in the year 1991. This definitely reflects just how good Canada is in the eyes of potential immigrants from all around the world.

The case of international immigration in Canada

For the last quarter of 2017, the rate of international immigration in the country has definitely gone high up. Because of the huge number of immigrants coming to the country, the growth of the population of the country has also gone high. In fact, immigrants have taken for almost 70% of the whole population of the country and this definitely shows just how much immigrants the country has welcomed to their soil. This is as per the data Statistics Canada has been able to compile for October, November, and December of 2017.

In a statement from the agency of the Canadian government, the growth in the population of the country has been mainly driven by international immigration and migration. This means that the data comes from immigrants, those individuals who have returned to the country, as well as the average of the temporary residents of the country. There is definitely movement in Canada when it comes to immigration and it just shows that plenty of individuals are choosing Canada and making their way to the country.

Analysis from Statistics Canada

According to Statistics Canada, the official agency of the country that deals with numbers, the population for the country has gone up during the last quarter of last year by 0.2%. That is equivalent to 78,805 individuals. The agency declared that almost 70% of that increase is all thanks to an increase in the immigration of international residents to the country. The agency continued to disclose that this huge amount of increase is really not that common to happen for such a period. It is rarely seen but it does happen to a country.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Annual Immigration Numbers For New Zealand Dip

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For 2017, the numbers for immigration in New Zealand have been skyrocketing. In fact, many have said that there seems to be no slowing down the numbers. However, the rate of immigration in the country seems to have reached its peak on the later part of the year as the graph has showed a plateau. Now, for this year, the annual immigration numbers have definitely started to go down. This means that there are a lot less immigrants coming to the country but it does not mean that the country is not attracting potential immigrants.

The annual net for migration in New Zealand has seemed to continue with the slow rate this January of 2018. Despite this, the immigration numbers are up. It is only those of student visas that are going down as well as those of resident visas. These two groups are the reason for the dropping of the rate. The work visa holders are continuing to go up though and so the immigration numbers are at a good balance still.

The numbers for New Zealand immigration

70,100 was the recorded number for the annual net migration of the country. This was the data accumulated from the first day of the year 2018 until the end of January. As compared to the data for the whole month of January of 2017, the recorded number for that period was 71,300. It is a difference of 1,200 individuals. This data has been put together by the Statistics New Zealand, the official agency of the country that deals with data.

For those individuals who have come from the country’s neighbor, Australia, the number is just balanced out. For this year, there were around 24,900 immigrants who have come to New Zealand. There were around the same amount who have left New Zealand. The difference was just 40 individuals more for those who came to the country. There is not much difference in the numbers and thus balancing it out just right.

The movement for immigration data

According to Statistics New Zealand, the annual number for immigration in January of this year is just about the same as last year’s. There were70,100 individuals who have come to the country from different countries around the globe. That means the population of the country has grown by around that number.

Some have been blaming the huge number of immigrants coming to the country for issues that have been sprouting in the country like the high prices for properties and real estate. However, studies have shown that immigration is definitely not the real reason for such as these issues have already been present in the country and immigrants coming to the country only had emphasized such issues.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Study On Happiness Reveals Immigration Does Not Affect Happiness Of Locals In The UK

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Although some residents of the United Kingdom are not happy with having immigrants on their soil, it seems like they are just the noisy minority. As per a study that was done recently, it seems like happiness of the locals of Britain are not really affected by the number of immigrants that are living in the United Kingdom. The average happiness, as per the study’s results, is not really affected by immigration. This is a new study and it has been put together by some of the world’s economists. This study also has the support of the United Nations.

With immigration quite a big issue in many countries around the world, the study on happiness definitely is quite a good one to have. It definitely looks into just how immigration and immigrants can change the happiness index of a person or of locals in the country. And so far, as per the latest numbers, in the United Kingdom, happiness is definitely not dependent on immigrants and immigration.

The World Happiness Report

The study is known as the World Happiness Report. It is deemed as one of the most complete and wide-ranging studies done in its category. The results have reflected that immigration in the United Kingdom does not affect residents’ happiness. Remarkably consistent is what the report has been able to find out regarding the effect of immigration on the satisfaction overall for locals.

The World Happiness Report has defined happiness using six factors. These factors are healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity, trust, social support, and income. To be able to see just how immigrants and immigration affect happiness, the factors were compared and studied against the rate of immigration that the United Kingdom has been experiencing for a period. The study used 2005 up until 2017 for its timeframe and for the basis on data. Contentment of the residents of Britain was definitely not affected in any way by immigration no matter how high or low.

The analysis of the study

Analysis of the data that they have studied revealed that immigration that is managed well by the government can rather affect the country in a positive light. As long as it is managed well, it can bring benefits that can be meaningful and can add to the overall happiness of the people in the country. Immigrants can really be in a country and not do harm to it but instead help with bringing in more benefits not only to the residents but also to the whole country as well.

Immigrants are also happy with their move to a new country and that brings about a positive effect to the new country that they are in as these people are known to be hard working and are ready to take on the challenges that come with living a new life.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Canada Citizenship Ceremony Awards 50 Immigrants

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Fifty immigrants were more than happy to be part of the citizenship ceremony in Canada. This means that they are now granted permanent residency status and are now considered to be true blue Canadians. The ceremony had happened last Wednesday at the country’s Multicultural Association of Fredericton’s Wellness Centre. After all of the requirements and everything that they had to go through to get to this stage, these individuals definitely are quite ecstatic.

Everything was definitely not smooth-sailing for these individuals. Taking care of all the requirements and the paperwork definitely took a lot of time and effort. That was just the tip of the iceberg. There were other processes to go through as well and it can take a toll on a person. However, those that were given the permanent residency status definitely had what it takes – the drive and the passion and the will to make things happen for them. That is why they have achieved their goal and are now proud to be called Canadian citizens.

Leaving Iraq and Syria

Lamia Al-Qaysi is one of those immigrants who had been awarded a permanent residency status by the Canadian government. Her smile may be quite big nowadays but the journey towards the goal was not quite easy. Al-Qaysi had first to leave Iraq as the United States had brought an invasion to the country back in 2003. She and her family made their way to Syria. In Syria, she had to then pack up and leave the country as well as there was a lot of turmoil there too. These two countries are torn by war and by a lot of problems and it definitely was not surprising for Al-Qaysi to make that big leap to Canada.

Al-Qaysi found her way towards Canada five years ago and she had her family with her during the move. They settled in New Brunswick when they arrived in the country. Thanks to her brother-in-law, Al-Qaysi had decided that New Brunswick, Canada was the place for them as he had been living there for 35 years before her.

Thankful people

The new citizens of Canada are happy to be called just that. Everything that they had to go through brought them to where they were now. Some have been more proud to say that Canada was a really good home to be in. Some have even disclosed that they already feel that they are already part of the nation and are happy to enjoy the perks and privileges that come with it. They are also more than happy to do their share of responsibilities as they are now full citizens of Canada. Their contributions are definitely going to be quite helpful to Canada and they are happy to take part in making Canada even better.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Immigration Changes In New Zealand Bring Lesser Workers For Dairy Farmers; Farmers Struggling With Tasks

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Owners of dairy farms in New Zealand are having a hard time finding the right people to do the jobs at their farms. This is not a good thing because it means that the jobs in the farms are not being completed. It may be okay if the produce in these places do not go to waste easily. However, it is not the case. Ask these farm owners and they have shared that this has been brought about the changes made to the policies in immigration to New Zealand. The changes have focused on individuals with higher skills and these individuals usually are not keen on working on farms as there are lot less laborious jobs that are open to them and they are qualified for.

The government of New Zealand had brought in new rules to the list of current ones last year. With that, immigrant workers who had jobs that required lower skills still can work in the country. But only up to three years. After those three years are up, they have to leave the country for a year before they can actually come back to New Zealand. Of course, to be able to return, they have to have to work on getting new visas.

NZ farms need immigrant workers

Owners of dairy farms have been calling for the government to do something about this as tasks are not completed. Indeed, huge gaps have been left behind by those immigrant workers who had to leave the country for a year. The owners are asking Immigration New Zealand to actually see and understand that immigrant workers are really important in dairy farms. The new policies are not helping dairy farm owners as expected.

Justin Geary works at the NZ Farm Management and what he does is he helps recruit workers who would be doing jobs in dairy farms. On the issue, he said that the changes definitely are becoming quite a challenge for them as well. He stated that there are a lot less individuals who are sending in their applications for dairy farm jobs. He also mentioned that there are a lot less skilled workers made for dairy farm work. Their company has noted a decline in terms of the skills on average.

Changes to immigration law

Shortages of immigrant workers can be really connected with the changes done to immigration laws. Geary has disclosed that there is not enough individuals that can be found who can be categorized to do a role as an assistant to farms because of the squeeze that has happened in New Zealand immigration rules. It is not going to be an easy fix but the government should also be looking at the issue as it is making work in dairy farms go slower than usual.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Immigrants In UK Make Authentic Food Business Alive

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It is not a secret. There are plenty of immigrants in the United Kingdom. These individuals have come from a variety of countries from around the world. Despite the current issues with immigrants from members of the European Union, the number of immigrants in the country is still fairly high that it accounts for a good portion of the country’s population.

These individuals may have been in the country for quite some time now but surely they do miss the food from home. They sure can cook something up from time to time with whatever can be found in the market. But, of course, there is something better than cooking the food that they really want to eat – eating something that is authentic. And so, these immigrants in Britain actually keep the food industry alive in the country – especially for those who are offering authentic foods and dishes. Immigrants love these and so do the locals who have a fancy for trying out new cuisine and new tastes.

Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is known all around the world and the UK is no exception. It is known for its dishes that includes ramen and sushi and tonkatsu and tempura. In the UK, authentic Japanese food can be found in these restaurants: Sushi Tesu, Yuu Kitchen, Rock Star Sushi Bar, Zuma London, Zaibatsu, Pop Art Sushi, Kanada-ya Ramen Bar, and Roka Aldwych.

Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is also quite popular around the world. Some of the most famous Chinese dishes include sweet and sour pork, ma po tofu, dumplings, peking roasted duck, spring rolls, chow mein, wontons, and kung pao chicken. Finding these food in UK can be easily as they can be found in these restaurants: Min Jiang, A. Wong, Rice Republic, Yming, Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant, Hunan, HKK, New Fortune Cookie, Yauatcha, and The Good Earth.

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is not for everybody as it is filled with spices which is not just for all palate. However, in the UK, there are a lot of immigrants from India, thus making Indian authentic restaurants in the country sprout there. Some of the popular Indian cuisine include butter chicken, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, malai kofta, chole, palak paneer, and naan. In the UK, Indian cuisine is offered in these restaurants: Shahi Pakwaan, Lentil, Taste of Nawab, The Sitara, Hankies Café, and Chettinad Restaurant.

Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is also quite something. Some of the top dishes from Spain that are known all over the world include churros con chocolate, paella, croquetas, gazpacho, empanadas, albondigas, and bocadillos. Those who have a liking for Spanish cuisine can easily get their fix by visiting these restaurants in the UK that offer authentic Spanish cuisine: Miss Tapas, Boqueria, Jose Tapas Bar, Lobos Soho, Barrafina, Donostia Restaurant, and El Ganso.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Calgary, Canada Honors Immigrants Who Displayed Excellence

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Whoever has said that immigrants only bring issues to a country and do not really help out has got to think again. This is because immigrants can really do much in the new country that they are in as it is a chance for them to start again and live a new life. And those immigrants really make sure that they take advantage of the new slate that they have been awarded and do their very best to make sure that their lives become better than the one that they have had before.

Recently, the city of Calgary in Canada has recognized the contributions that immigrants in the area have brought. What the city has done was to provide them with honors and the top immigrants who have displayed excellence in the things that they do were given the honor. This goes to show that there are immigrants who really go way and beyond to make sure that they are able to have that new life that they want in the new country that they are in.

Making it big

There were 13 immigrants who were given accolades in Calgary for the work that they do. Most of them were given recognition for their involvement in the community that they are in. Also included were those immigrants who have brought innovations and developments to the city. The work that they have done was recognized as they have brought something new to the city and have helped people in the ways that they can. It is a good thing that this happened as it means that immigrants are providing help to the country and that they are not all about bringing issues and problems.

The awards were given through the Immigrants of Distinction Awards event that is held yearly. It was put together back in 1997 by the Immigrant Services Calgary. It aims at giving accolades to immigrants as well as to refugees who have brought contributions and have made achievements in the area. 13 were the lucky immigrants who got recognized for this year.

The awards that were given

There were a variety of awards given for immigrants and refugees. The list includes:
·         Achievement Under 35 Award (Hyder Hassan - Pakistan)
·         Business Award (Marjan Eggermont - Netherlands)
·         Community Service Award (Miroslav Reljic - Croatia)
·         Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award (Dr. Rupinder Toor - India)
·         Lifetime Achievement Award (Dr. Kamal Botros - Egypt)
·         Lifetime Achievement Award (Dr. Thomas Brown - United Kingdom)
·         Organization Diversity Award (Trico Homes)
·         Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Award (Dr. Gobal Achari - India)
·         Youth Scholarships Award (Jenny Liao - China)
·         Youth Scholarships Award (Kevin Lin - United States)
·         Youth Scholarships Award (Kirsty McGowan - Australia)
·         Youth Scholarships Award (Mehul Gupta - Canada)
·         Youth Scholarships Award (Ruth Legese - Ethiopia)

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Monday, March 19, 2018

The War Against Fraud: Immigration New Zealand To Make Verification Stronger

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New Zealand has been one of the top immigration destination dreams for a lot of potential immigrants. Many individuals who are looking for a new country to be their new home have been looking at this country as it offers quite a paradise-like culture that is just dreamed of by many and is being enjoyed by those who are in the country. With that, many people are taking advantage of the plans of these potential immigrants by offering immigration plans despite these individuals not having enough requirements to pass what New Zealand asks for.

Immigration New Zealand, which is also known as the INZ, is the official arm of the country’s government that works on everything related to immigration to the country. With many fraud cases being caught and still happening, the agency is making sure that this does not happen anymore. That is why it is making sure that the verification process for immigration is going to get a boost and made stronger so that fraud would not be happening again.

Taking out the weeds

Peter Elms works as the assistant general manager of the Immigration New Zealand. On the issue, he has mentioned recently that the agency is making sure that they do their very best to take out the weeds, or those fraudulent applications. They are including those applications for those individuals who are engaging in marriages that are done just to get visas to the country. If the agency is able to track that an application is done as a marriage of convenience, this application will not be approved.

This may seem like it is difficult to get to the country as an immigrant but the thing is, it is not. The rules have not changed and the requirements have not changed as well. This only makes sure that only those who have the right requirements will be able to get to the country. It only makes sure that potential immigrants who are planning on going to the country who have the right requirements can make it. Those who are in the country will be safe and secure as all the immigrants there have all passed the processes required by the New Zealand government.

Fraud in partnerships

Elms has continued to disclose that they have officers who are going to do verification for all applications. These officers can be found in their offshore offices as well as in offices in the country. Their offshore offices with verification officials can be found in Mumbai, London, Pretoria, Washington DC, Dubai, Manila, Bangkok, and Beijing.

The verification process now is more focused on checking out fraudulent partnerships like marriages for convenience. Applications are now approved once officials have verified the authenticity of the individual, as well as genuineness.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Below 100,000: Immigrants To UK From EU Go Low, Country Needs More Immigrants

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Many business owners and business groups have been quite concerned about the current state of immigration in the United Kingdom at present. It is not a secret that the country is already preparing for its exit from the European Union in a few months’ time and that is why even those individuals who may be affected by this move is also doing what they can so that they would not find themselves in hot water. With that, immigrants from nations of the European Union are starting to move out of the country and thus, the UK is now home to a lot less immigrants from this part of the world.

What business owners and groups are concerned about is that there are now signs that the labor industry is in need of more immigrants. The labor industry in the UK has immigrants and they make up a huge portion of it. With less of them around, employers have to do with the few that are remaining and that means that there are a lot less jobs completed. At present, the ONS has been able to record below 100,000 immigrants from the EU coming to the country when there were a lot more than that before.

A low level of immigrants from the EU

The data that had come from the ONS (or the Office for National Statistics) quite recently reflected that movement from EU nations has definitely gone down. More are leaving the country and there are a lot less immigrants coming in from this part of the world. Of course, it is important to understand that there are still a lot of immigrants coming from other countries in the world. However, EU immigrants used to make up a big portion of the total immigrant population in Britain.

For the first time since 2013, the number of immigrants from EU nations has gone down below 100,000. From the first day of 2018 right up until the end of September, the ONS was only able to record around 90,000 EU immigrants. And this is definitely a huge decrease. This has also affected many businesses and business owners are not happy about it. With that, there is a call for the UK government to do something about it and bring in more immigrants from other parts of the world so as to fill up the spots that have been left blank by the EU immigrants who have left.

The current situation

Tej Parikh works at the Institute of Directors as a senior economist and he says that the number of vacancies in the country is definitely one of the highest so far. There are a lot less unemployed individuals but still the need for more workers is high. Business owners are trying their very best to get the employees they need for their businesses to survive. The government is being called upon to look into the situation and work on it before everything gets worse.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Canada’s Newfoundland and Labrador May Double Target For Immigration

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In recent news, the Newfoundland and Labrador province of Canada just may soon be having more immigrants on its soil. This is as per what Seamus O’Regan wants. O’Regan is the country’s federal cabinet minister and he believes that the province can definitely benefit more if there are more immigrants there. He is pushing for twice the number of immigrants at present.

O’Regan also works as a Member of the Parliament. He is also the country’s minister for Veterans Affairs. On doubling the immigration level in Newfoundland and Labrador, he has recently stated that the country’s minister for immigration is also agreeing with his proposal. Ahmed Hussen, the minister for immigration, believes that this could possibly work. Newfoundland and Labrador has a target of immigrants of 1,700 individuals by the year 2022. These two government officials are pushing for having at least 4,000 immigrants by that year instead of just 1,700.

In a recent statement, O’Regan has disclosed that Hussen is all set on his decision and he is willing to help O’Regan make this become a reality.

The need for immigrants

Why are these two government officials pushing for doubling the immigration level target in Newfoundland and Labrador? Well, according to O’Regan, immigrants can help the province greatly. There are a lot of individuals leaving the province and the new people can definitely help with getting more people as part of the population. Another reason is that the population in the province is aging. New blood through immigrants can help make it younger.

The very reason why they are pushing for 4,000 immigrants is that this is the right number and baseline that should help the province have a tax base that is growing. Currently this tax base is getting smaller and smaller and that is not a good sign. With more immigrants there, this should help make things better. 4,000 is definitely just the minimum and that is to stop any negative effects that the current situation of the province is bringing in. The new blood should also help grow the province’s economy and that should help Canada’s entire economy as well.

What could possibly happen

A study has been done by the local government of the province. According to the numbers, by the year 2025, the province should have a 10% decrease in terms of the age of population that can still work and do labor. This should mean around 35,000 less individual who would not be part of the labor force anymore. This situation can happen if the current trend continues and the government does not do anything about it.

Of course, there are still immigrants coming to the province and the number has been steadily rising. However, the numbers are not enough and that is why O’Regan and Hussen are working on getting better numbers soon.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Zealand Immigrant Workers Are Encouraged To Be Part Of Unions By Immigration Minister

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For Iain Lees-Galloway, New Zealand’s Immigration Minister, immigrant workers in the country should be moving towards joining whatever union they believe would work best for them. By doing this, immigrant workers are able to get a really good chance of staying away from any type of risk that can exploit them as workers by employers in the country. It is a way of protection for them and it is going to be quite beneficial as well. This is indeed something that immigrant workers should do and the minister for immigration is encouraging them to do so. Lees-Galloway also works as a minister for workplace relations as well as for workplace safety.

Exploitation happens to immigrant workers and that is not a secret. It has been quite a big topic for many people for years and years. There have been really huge cases that were noticed by the media. And to be able to avoid this, the immigration minister is making sure that immigrant workers are informed and know just what the kind of help and protection they can get. Unions are definitely going to be a great shield for them.

The move against exploitation of immigrant workers

The NZ government has been doing the best that it can to make sure that exploitation of immigration workers stop. It is definitely a high priority for them. There are not a lot of cases in the country but there are isolated cases and the government is making sure that this stops. Though the government has been open that there is a lack of funds for this thing but Immigration New Zealand is doing its very best to make sure that it does not happen anymore. Joining unions is one way of protecting immigrant workers and that is why these people are urged to go ahead and join one.

What the government is doing is actually making sure that there are more inspectors doing the task so that all work environments are checked and investigated if needed. The Immigration Minister is also doing its very best and to be able to accomplish such, they are putting twice more inspectors to get more jobs done and more area covered. The government is focused on making sure that the country is clean and the work environment is well.

What immigrant workers can do

Immigrant workers should not be scared as they can easily get the help that they need if they believe that there is exploitation happening. Aside from that, joining a union should also help them with their knowledge to know if exploitation is already happening. There are isolated cases but it is not rampant like in some areas of the world. The Immigration Minister is pushing for immigrant workers to go ahead and be knowledgeable about exploitation so that they would know when it is happening and what to do in case it happens to them.

This is how the NZ government takes care of its workers. Other countries may turn a blind eye towards this but New Zealand definitely does not.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lower Immigration Rates Means UK Must Up Its Game To Help Construction Industry

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The construction industry may not take the spotlight as like all other glamorous industries out there. This is because this industry basically is all about hard work. But the hard work that goes into this industry is very important as it helps provide one of the basic needs of people – and that is a roof or a shelter. And if this industry does fail or does not have enough workers, it will definitely cause a whole lot of problems that may not be really good for a country.

In the case of the United Kingdom, experts who are looking at the current phenomenon are saying that the construction industry in the country just may experience some trouble if the current trend of lowered immigration rates continues. This industry depends highly on immigrants to do the work as immigrants are really not that choosy when it comes to the type of job that they will be doing. Britons are not so keen on this and so immigrants become the best source of manpower for construction business owners. With lowered immigration rates, it definitely means that there would be a lot less people doing the work and so projects will be completed at a slower rate.

The warning that the UK government should listen to

Bloomberg, a private software company that works with data to provide market data, news, and analysis, has recently sent out a warning to the United Kingdom government regarding the noted decrease in the immigration rates in the country. According to the company, the construction industry in Britain will very much suffer if this continues as it will then be able to have only a limited number of workers to do the hard work. This would mean that workers will be in shortage and so projects will not continue to be completed as planned.

This warning has come after an analysis of the current data in the UK. Romanian workers are doing their best in the country. In every four of them, one is actually working in the construction industry. This is just for Romania alone. And this reflects just how much workers this industry needs. With more and more immigrants from EU nations leaving the UK because of the looming exit, the United Kingdom government should focus on working on bringing in more immigrants to make sure that there is no shortage of the workers, not only in the construction industry but in all other industries as well.

The effect of the looming exit

Bloomberg has also mentioned that of all of the people doing hard labor in the UK for the construction industry, a fifth of those are actually immigrants. That is definitely a huge amount and can bring in really negative effects to the country. With the exit coming up, the UK is actually going through a phase where the wages are going up. This is good for the workers but the businesses are not really quite happy about it.

The government should definitely look into this and see just how the needed immigrants can be brought to the country and do the work that is needed.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Express Entry Immigration Candidates With Good CRS scores Get Invites From Ontario, Canada

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This lot of new invites for immigration candidates is supposed to be the largest so far for this year, 2018. The province of Ontario in Canada has sent out a total of 511 invitations through the Express Entry draw to those who have sent in their applications. Of course, this did not come with just an application. Applicants for immigration had to make sure that they were able to provide all the requirements. Those that were part of the draw were actually the individuals who had good CRS scores as per the country’s immigration department.

For Ontario, their Express Entry program is part of the Provincial Nominee Program stream and its specific name is known as the Human Capital Priorities Stream. This is quite popular in the province and it recently has sent out Notifications of Interest to those individuals who have applied to be immigrants to the country. This sending out of NOIs has happened just last 27th of February. This is the largest for 2018 and it definitely seems like those who have gotten the NOIs are pretty happy about it. After all, it is not everyday that they get such.

Who received the NOIs?

So who are the individuals who received the NOIs? Well, as per the Ontario local government, the set of invitations that were sent out recently were those individuals who have expressed their interest in being an immigrant in the country. These individuals were selected based on their score on the Comprehensive Ranking System, the point system that the country is using. Those individuals that got invitations were those who got scores from 433 up until 441. Those that did not match that qualification definitely did not get any NOI.

The NOIs that were sent to potential immigrants to Canada were actually a part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (which is also known as the OINP). The people behind the OINP had also disclosed that the invitations were sent out to those who got the right scores and who also had sent in their profiles and applications from January 1, 2018 up until the 22nd of February. Those who went in applications before or after those dates were not included.

The next step

For all of those potential immigrants who were able to receive an NOI from the OINP, they can actually now start to send in their application to get a nomination for the Ontario provincial portion of the process. Once the applications are in are found to have met the requirements set by the government, the potential immigrants are now given 600 more points which would be added to their CRS score for the Express Entry program. This would make them 600 points closer to their goal which is definitely a good thing.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

New Zealand Immigration Minister Proposing Higher Wages For Fruit Pickers

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Individuals who are looking at being immigrants in New Zealand just may be happy to know that there are plenty of jobs available in the country. One of the industries that need workers is the farming industry. There are a lot of tasks to be done in this industry and it is essential that these jobs are done and completed. After all, fruits, vegetables, and animals cannot wait. What needs to be harvested has to be harvested when it is time and not longer than that or else these should go to waste. Food is a top priority in any nation and this is definitely also the case for New Zealand.

The country’s immigration Minister, Iain Lees-Galloway, has recently sent out a proposal for fruit growers. For him, he has stated that these business owners should pay their employed pickers with higher wages than what they are getting right now. By doing so, they can definitely attract more workers, both locals and immigrants, to be part of the industry. This should ensure that jobs are done and completed.

No space for shortage

It is highly essential that the farming industry does not have a shortage of workers. As mentioned earlier, products in this industry cannot wait too long or else the food and the harvest go to waste. This is not a good thing if it happens and farmers and farm owners should do their best to make sure that it does not happen. Food is highly important and it is a basic need for all people.

Currently, the industry is experiencing a shortage in workers to do the harvesting. If this is not filled up soon, the time to harvest fruits in New Zealand may come and go and not all products may be harvested. There are a lot of grapes, kiwi fruit, and apples that are just about ready for harvesting soon and that is why such workers are needed. If the shortage continues, only a few will be harvested and owners may have to deal with losses. There may also be a higher demand for such with a lower supply.

The urge to get more workers

The business owners in the industry are pushing for the New Zealand government to do something about the shortage. If the people currently in the country are not willing to do the work, then the government should try and get more workers from outside the country by allowing more worker immigrants to move in. This should help bring more people to do the work and get the work done.

Lees-Galloway is also keen on saying that business owners should also be willing to give higher wages for those workers. By doing so, more and more individuals may be interested to help out and thus also help get the fruits harvested.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

UK Immigration Doors May Be Open To More Countries Which Do Trade Deals

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With the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union looming ahead, many individuals are not happy as this move can greatly affect them. Many business owners do not have enough employees to do the work they need as they have employed mostly immigrants. There are plenty of EU nation immigrants in the country and a huge number of them had up and left the country as they do not know what would happen to them when the exit happens.

The immigration minister of the country, Carolina Nokes, have kind of hinted that there may be more doors opening for countries and its immigrants especially for those who are open to do trade deals with the UK. However, she did not really disclose just what kind of special deals may be set for those countries which may be doing trade deals with them. Immigrants would still be welcome in the country as long as they are able to fulfill all the needed requirements to become one.

More visas may be offered

More visas may be offered in the future after the exit does push through. This would mean that there may be more immigrants in the country as expected. This assumption has come forward right after one of the country’s ministers have sent out a hint that there may be more visas given to those countries and its residents as long as these countries are open to doing trade deals with the United Kingdom. So in exchange for really good trade deals, these countries and their interested immigrants just may be granted the visas.

The UK is actually all set and ready to go ahead and do trade deals with more countries from around the globe after the exit happens. It is also currently looking for possible ways to create a deal with the European Union even as it has exited this group. The exit is bound to happen by next year.

A new immigration system will be in place

There will be a new immigration system for the UK once it exits the European Union. However, what kind of system will it be, there are yet no answers for that one. The whole plan has yet to be polished and Nokes is not yet keen on sharing just what it will be.

In terms of the visas given out in exchange for trade deals with other countries, Nokes has mentioned that this is something that future policies on immigration have yet to consider. There are negotiations happening with EU member nations currently and there are no final decisions on it just yet. With negotiations happening, it means that anything can still happen and all countries are all hoping for good deals that would benefit their own.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nova Scotia, Canada Immigration Stream Aims For Doctors

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Nova Scotia in Canada is definitely a place to go to. It is one of the country’s provinces that is oceanic. It is also a part of Atlantic Canada, along with three other provinces. Though it may be one of the smallest of the country’s provinces, this place definitely is worth going to as it has quite a huge number of places to go to and experience.

Recently, this province of Canada has launched a new stream that would bring in the needed immigrants. This new stream is known as the Physician Stream. It is all aimed at bringing in the doctors that the province needs. Currently, Nova Scotia is in need of the right doctors that would be doing work for the province’s health service. Since there are not enough doctors to do the work in the province, the best thing to get them from would be through immigrants. There are a lot of potential immigrants who are doctors and this stream just may be just what they may be looking for.

The Physician Stream

So what is it exactly that Nova Scotia is looking for? Well, with the Physician Stream, just like all other streams that the country has launched, it aimed at bringing in the right people that the place needs. For this one, it is all about doctors. The province is aiming at general practitioners, specialists, and even family physicians to move to Canada as immigrants. These individuals are needed at present by the Nova Scotia Health Authority (or the NSHA), which is the health authority in the province and is currently the employer that has the biggest number of employees in the place. Aside from the NSHA, doctors are also being needed by the Izaak Walton Killam Health Center (IWK), a hospital in the province’s capital that provides health care mostly to children, women, and the youth.

With the Physician Stream, the NSHA and the IWK would be able to get the right individuals who will be in the country as immigrants and doing the tasks that are needed. These two institutions have been looking for doctors in the country and the locals just are not able to fill in the needed positions, thus the need for immigrant doctors.

What the physicians need to know

Those doctors who are interested in the Physician Stream should go ahead and work on the requirements to be an immigrant in the country. An application must first be sent in to the province’s immigration office to be able to get a provincial nomination. Once they are in the country as an immigrant, that is when they would be able to start working on getting a permanent resident status through an application sent to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada office.

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