Monday, May 31, 2021

Chilling At The Half Moon: An Activity In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Should Try

To have some fun and relaxing time after being too stressed with the responsibilities that come with life is something that many people would like to do. That is why immigrants who are in the United Kingdom are more than lucky as there are plenty of spots there where they can spend time chilling and having a great time with mugs of beer. This would allow them to have fun alone or have a great time with friends or even make new friends.


One of the top places in the United Kingdom that immigrants should try if they wish to have some time to just chill and relax is The Half Moon. No, it is not astronomical or something like that. It is just named that way and it definitely could be the place that many people are looking for in terms of a spot where they can just sit back and relax.


Where is The Half Moon?


No one would ever think that this famous spot in the United Kingdom that is a watering hole for many people can be found in one of the discreet villages in rustic West Sussex. After all, this spot has been put up by model Jodie Kidd who used to strut the runway for McQueen and Moschino. But come to think of it, its location in the UK is quite strategic.


Kidd actually is a car enthusiast and deciding to have The Half Moon pub where it is right now is definitely quite a good thing. See, the current location of The Half Moon pub is just right in between the end part of London and the Goodwood Motor Circuit. People journeying between the two car enthusiast spots can have a quick stop at The Half Moon. Plus, the two amazing cars found at the pub’s parking lot is definitely a great attention-catcher.


What is in The Half Moon?


The Half Moon is set up in a country cottage that has been built in the 15th century. It may not really seem much for a lot of people who are looking for something modern and such but the pub has its own allure. Aside from its unique set up and location, the pub also offers a whole lot more for people in the United Kingdom. Some of the best food on its menu include the guinea fowl that has been roasted properly and served with some crushed artichoke. It is also known for its beef cheek that has been flecked with truffles and pappardelle. It also offers hake that has been pan-fried and quite crumbly and it is served with some amazing king oyster mushrooms. The food is quite remarkable which helps make the place be quite popular among locals, tourists, and immigrants.




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Friday, May 28, 2021

When Talking In Canada: Some Slang For Immigrants To Learn

Canada has been one of the most popular countries for all people who really have been looking for a new place where they can be immigrants in. It is not really surprising because this country is surely one of the strongest ones in the world in terms of economy. It also has topnotch education which makes its citizens some of the best educated individuals in the world. And immigrants who have chosen to move to this beautiful country called Canada have had the opportunity to explore the wonderful nature that the country has kept preserved through the years.


It is a good thing that the locals of this country mostly speak English though French is also spoken in some areas of the country. However, just being able to speak English is already a good thing for immigrants as they can easily converse and communicate with the locals. However, it is also important to understand that there are some slang and lingo in Canada that immigrants need to learn.


To help potential immigrants and new immigrants in Canada, here are some of that slang that they can learn and use to communicate with the locals.




This slang actually is used to refer to some fuss or some commotion, which usually is because of two people who may have had a disagreement or may have had a difference in opinion.


Sandy saw two men in a kerfuffle after having a heated discussion on which hockey team is the best.




Before a wedding, there is usually a party given to the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be. In Canada, this is known as the stag and the stagette. The stag is given for the groom-to-be and the stagette is given for the bride-to-be.


Stacey was not expecting a stagette because all of her friends had been pretty busy helping her prepare for the wedding. But she was really surprised when they did give her one.




Runners are actually used when referring to shoes made for running. They can also be used to refer to street shoes.


Kelly seemed to have her entire wardrobe in her car as she was able to quickly change into some runners when her friends told her that they were going to join an outdoor game.




The term ‘beauty’ is actually not just an adjective when used in Canada. This is also used to mean that something has been done quite well. It is also used to mean a person who is really great.


For years, Amy didn’t think anything of her cousin until that day when her cousin did everything she could to help Amy when she was totally down. From that day onward, her cousin was a total beauty in Amy’s eyes.




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Thursday, May 27, 2021

A Helpful Guide For Immigrants In New Zealand To Common Slang In The Country

To be able to speak well and communicate even better is a thing that many immigrants want to do. It does not matter what country but they want to be able to adapt well and are quite proud when they are able to do that well. And in the case of immigrants who have chosen to move to New Zealand, though most of the country speaks English and it is the main language spoken there, there are still some slang that they need to learn. That is why this article is here and the main goal of this is to help new immigrants and potential immigrants learn some of the slang in the country.


Here are some of those slang used in New Zealand that can be very helpful for the new people there.




In New Zealand, this term actually is used to mean abuse or is used to refer to an idiot.


Walter was not too keen on his mother asking him to take out the trash every night. He even thinks it is totally drongo.




A dude definitely is a male person. However, this term actually means a male who is cool or who is good-looking.


On the day that Deanna met her cousin and her cousin’s friend, she couldn’t help but think that her cousin’s friend was quite a dude.




In New Zealand, when person uses the term ‘feed’, it should mean ‘a meal’.


Gabriel totally forgot about the important things in life including getting some feed because he was too busy working on his project.


Flat tack


This slang actually is used by people to mean that something is going at top speed.


Jess was rushing to get to her appointment downtown and took the first available cab she saw. What she didn’t realize was that the cab was old and rickety and even if it was flat tack, the older cabs were just zooming past it.




When a person in New Zealand has been referred to as a greenie, this actually refers to a person who is a conservationist.


There is really no better place to look for a greenie than New Zealand. The environment itself is quite great proof.




This slang is actually used to mean rubber boots that are waterproof.


One of the things that Melinda forgot to pack for their outdoor trip was a pair of gumboots.




It may sound like a friendly monster from the marshes but in New Zealand, ‘grog’ actually means ‘alcohol’.


Shane had quite an eventful week and he had been super busy. That is why when his friends asked him if he would like to go out for some grog, he did not have to think about it at all.




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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

More Employers Are Looking To Have Access To More Talent By Opening Shop In Canada

Having access to some of the best talents in the world is a great thing and not many countries are able to achieve that. The thing about this is that companies and businesses in that country would be able to have the best talents that they need and would allow them to get all the needed things done, and even grow and expand, which, in turn, is a very helpful thing for the economy. Countries like Canada have been doing the best that it can to be open to immigrants to help with the labor market and help the businesses there.


This is why there are employers, businesses, and companies who have decided to set up shop in other countries like Canada so that they would have more access to global talent. Canada has long been open to immigrants and has attracted some of the best talents from all around the globe, thus it has become a dream country for many business owners to set up shop there.


Expanding to Canada


A good amount of businesses and companies have set up their headquarters in countries with strong economies like the United States and the United Kingdom. However, this would be the same mindset that plenty of other companies would have and so the market can be definitely saturated with tons of employers trying to set up shop there and looking for the best talents that they need. It would be great if these employers do not need the same type of skills and the talent pool would do just great. However, if there are tons of employers who are looking for the same talent, then that’s when the problem would arise since there may not be enough to supply all employers’ needs.


With the good immigration routes that Canada has in place, many employers from different countries have seen the benefits that they could get there. So to help their own businesses or companies, many employers have been eyeing and have set up shop in Canada so as to be able to tap into a better and more global talent pool.


The desirability that is Canada’s


A study has been done recently on how employers outside of Canada have been eyeing Canada as a great place to tap into more international talent. As per the study, many hiring personnel have seen that Canada has a great immigration system which is why it has been able to bring in the needed immigrants that the labor market needs. With the various programs for immigration that the country has put together to be specific and target the right immigrant groups, Canada is able to bring in just what it needs. This is something that many employers really seem as desirable and push them to set up shop in Canada.




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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Zugspitze Towers Over Immigrants And Locals In Germany And It Looks Amazing

The world is filled with various wonders, that is why it is highly encouraged that people go out and about exploring what the world can offer. While a place that a person has lived in has its own beautiful spots and amazing places, the rest of the world surely has even more. Some people may say that if one has seen a forest, all other forests look the same. But that is necessarily the case. There are beautiful and even more amazing versions all around the world. And immigrants who have made their way to Germany can attest to that.


One of the amazing spots that can be found in Germany is Zugspitze and it is known as the highest peak in the entire country. While there are other higher peaks in the world, Zugspitze is definitely a unique one on its own. That is why it is not a bad idea not to be interested in it. Plus, ignoring it would be a hard thing to do as it towers over pretty much everything in its location.


Having Germany at its feet


It is interesting to note that Zugspitze actually has the entire country of Germany right at its feet. Its altitude is more than 9,700 feet and it surely is a majestic sight. It is also quite amazing to know that people who may be interested in making it to the summit can do so without having to take a trek, as not a lot of people really are physically strong enough to do just that. See, there are cable cars available that bring people right to the summit where people can enjoy the views and the amazing feeling of being on top of the highest peak in Germany.


Aside from just being at the peak of Zugspitze, people who go there are also able to experience the various restaurants that are on the summit. There is also a beer garden, because what is Germany without a beer garden? The Alps can also be seen and admired from the top of the Zugspitze.


What else is at Zugspitze?


Aside from those mentioned previously, Zugspitze is also where one can find three different glaciers which are already amazing in themselves. However, that is not the only thing that can be appreciated there. People can also choose to go and enjoy at a ski resort right there at Zugspitze and it is the highest one in Germany. With the Zugspitze covered in snow, people get to enjoy skiing and even snowboarding for around half of the year.


Those who may not be up for some physical activity can also learn about the mountain through the exhibition that has been set up there and learn more about the developments and the history of Zugspitze.




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Monday, May 24, 2021

Loch Ness Attracts Immigrants And Locals In The United Kingdom Because Of Its Wondrous Beauty

The Loch Ness monster is very popular and is deemed to be mythical. Many people have claimed that they were able to see it and yet there are also plenty of people who have tried to get scientific proof that it exists but they have just not been able to do so successfully. So is the loch ness monster a real thing or is it just the figment of the imagination of plenty of people in the United Kingdom? Well, whatever the answer, the place where the loch ness is said to have been seen has drawn plenty of immigrants and locals who have found their way there not just in the hopes of seeing the monster or just plain enjoying the beauty of the place.


Where is Loch Ness?


First and foremost, Loch Ness is a place that can be found in the Scottish Highlands. It is large and deep and is made up of freshwater. While the Loch Ness itself is beautiful and serene and picturesque, the surrounding area is also quite breathtaking.


What can be found in Loch Ness?


There are a number of wonderful spots in Loch Ness that immigrants and locals of the United Kingdom can go to and visit when they are in the area and are bored when they do not have had any sighting of the Loch Ness monster. One of these places is the ruins of the Urquhart Castle. This spot can be found right over the loch and overlooking it. The castle also is one of the biggest fortifications in Scotland with the present structure actually made back in the 14th century.


For individuals who may be in the area and want to learn more about the history and the legends of the place, there is a specific place where such information is available. The Loch Ness Center and Exhibition is definitely the best place for this and one can find a variety of information there including the history of the place, as well as stories and accounts of the Loch Ness monster. There are even some details there of explorations and searches that are happening to get proof and find the very elusive monster.


When people move up a bit further and go north, they would be able to reach Inverness. This city in the UK is beautiful in itself and comes with a variety of admirable places to visit. One of which is the Inverness Castle which is quite a grand spot. There is also the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery which is filled with tons of history and information that would be great for those who would like to learn more about the place. One can also visit St. Andrew’s Cathedral which has been built during the late portion of the 19th century.




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Friday, May 21, 2021

Canada Planning On Increasing Target For Immigrants And Permanent Residents To The Country

Whenever there is a need for immigrants in Canada, the country’s government creates good routes for those who may be interested in joining the country. These programs would depend on how many immigrants the country needs or what kind of immigrants would be of great help for the country during that time. If there is a low amount of tech people in the labor market in Canada, the government would learn about it and would create a program that would help bring in those tech immigrant workers who can help out with the shortage.


Recently, one of the programs for immigration that Canada has made and launched was all about bringing in 90,000 new individuals who would be permanent residents in the country. The program was deemed to be quite ambitious given the high number that was the goal and it was launched just around a week ago. However, the minister for immigration of Canada has hinted that there may be a possibility that the limit for that program may soon be increased, possibly given the need for more of such a group of immigrants and the huge interest that the route has gained from people who want to join the country.


Looking at how the program is doing


Marco Mendicino is the minister for immigration of Canada and he said that he is open to any discussion about the program. If there is a need to review the program and analyze the current goal, he is open to such. however, Mendicino is erring on the side of caution when it comes to his statements regarding this because he believes that the Immigration Department should still do an in-depth analysis of how the program is currently doing, how the applications are coming along, and the possible time when the total target would be reached in any case it is not increased.


It is understood that Mendicino is trying to do the logical thing here and that is to make sure that the program is doing well and the need for new immigrants goes up. To be able to do this, an analysis of the program and how it is going is the best move to make. Jumping on the boat and not knowing how things are going is definitely not a good way to approach such a thing.


How the program is doing so far


The program is actually temporary but how it is doing is quite encouraging in terms of meeting the terms and the goals that go along with it. There a lot of individuals who have shown their interest in becoming immigrants in Canada and the response has been overwhelming for the Immigration Department. It is also important to keep in mind that aside from this program, other immigration programs of Canada have also been doing quite well.




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Thursday, May 20, 2021

New Zealand To Focus On Immigration Anew In The Midst Of The Pandemic

Before the pandemic started, many people have become increasingly aware and interested in moving to New Zealand as immigrants. It is a good thing that the country is open to immigration and has been trying to bring in the needed immigrants that it needs for various reasons. It is even highly interesting to note that there have even been some wealthy people who have worked their way to make it to New Zealand and live there as immigrants because they saw not just the beauty of the country but also just how wonderful it is to become the last haven on earth in case a zombie apocalypse happens.


Recently, with the pandemic, more and more people have continued to look at this country as a really good haven, and not just for the zombie apocalypse which still may be eons away from happening. This time, New Zealand is seen as a haven during this pandemic because of how wonderful the government has worked to make sure that the situation is handled well.


An appealing country


Many people have definitely seen New Zealand as quite an appealing country for events that have rocked the entire world, like the pandemic. And that is why it is really not surprising if plenty of people have been focused on making sure that they are able to make it to the country and seek haven there. Aside from just being a haven from the pandemic, New Zealand has also been seen as a haven from the recession of the economy as well as any chaos in the world of international politics.


Of course, to make it to this country as an immigrant, people should understand that it would take some money for the plan to be successful. That is why one of the many groups of people who have decided to move here are the millionaires and the billionaires who have no worries when it comes to their finances. In fact, those who have been able to move to the country have already purchased their own real estate in New Zealand and made it their own sanctuaries.


The focus on immigration


It is not a secret that countries like New Zealand are in need of immigrants and that is why after properly handling the COVID-19 crisis, the government of the country has now focused on immigration and bringing in the needed immigrants. Like many countries, New Zealand has been working on bringing up the population. It also has been working on having the right skilled immigrants to help out. The government only had to put a pause on immigration to focus better on the pandemic to make sure that it does not create chaos in the country and put many lives in peril.




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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Road To Reaching 401,000 New Immigrants For 2021 Is Still Ongoing In Canada

For many years, Canada has been doing its very best to be able to bring in as many new immigrants as it needs per year. The government has been doing studies to be able to know just how many new immigrants the country would need and what type of immigrants should they be bringing in. This allows them to target the right people to join the country and that would depend on what the country needs. For example, if for this year Canada is in need of more people to help out with the agriculture industry, then it is highly likely that Canada would be creating routes that would help bring in more people who are versed in the tasks that are needed in this industry.


The recent goals of Canada included bringing in a good number of immigrants to help keep up with the amount that they were unable to get last year because of the pandemic. It is now slowly doing the best that it can to bring as much despite still being in the midst of the pandemic. And for March 2021, the country was successfully about to bring in 22,425 new immigrants with a permanent residency status to the country – and that sure is a good thing!


Immigrant data from the IRCC


According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC), Canada was successfully able to bring in more than 70,000 new individuals to the country as immigrants and that is just for the first three months of 2021. This quarter for 2021 is definitely already more than the average number of new immigrants that the country was successfully able to bring in because of this pandemic. The current quarterly average is around 30,000 to 40,000 new immigrants for each quarter. So the new immigrants for the first quarter of this year definitely shows a higher number.


One of the major reasons these days why immigrants have been more than happy to move to Canada is because the country has been able to show to the rest of the world how well it has been able to work out health protocols to help keep the virus at bay. It has definitely been a huge factor why people have chosen Canada aside from any other reasons that they may have had about wanting to be an immigrant.


Working towards reaching the goal for 2021


The IRCC has also disclosed that the country is doing the best that it could to be able to reach the goal that it has set when it comes to the total number of new immigrants that it would be bringing in. And it does look like Canada is quite successful in doing that so far as per the numbers that it has released.




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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Business And Science Of Dusseldorf And Why Immigrants Are Drawn To This City In Germany

Germany is a country where there are plenty of cities for people to go live in, visit, study in, or just plain explore. That is why each year, many individuals make it to the country to do various things. And for those who are raring to explore what this country has to offer, one of the many cities that people choose to live in or explore is Dusseldorf. This city in Germany is definitely one place to go to, especially for people who are into business and science.


The business opportunities in Dusseldorf


This city is actually the center of Germany when it comes to science and to business. Aside from it being a national center for such, it is also a global center for the same industries. Estimates have it that there are around 85,000 total companies that have set up shop in this German city. This means that there is a higher rate of employment here as compared to other cities. Those who are looking for prospects for the future can also definitely find them here. The job opportunities here are seemingly endless and people enjoy higher salaries as compared to working in other cities. The qualify of life in this city is also quite high as compared to other cities in Germany.


There are plenty of developed industries right in Dusseldorf. Among those include health services, industrial technology, and innovative technology. The list also includes the fashion industry, which is one of the biggest industries in the country that is thriving, highly valued, and brings in a lot of revenue which greatly helps the economy of the city and the country.


The art and beauty of Dusseldorf


Aside from being a city of opportunity, Dusseldorf is also a leading city in Germany for universities. It used to be the electoral capital of the country. It also is a huge city that has really wide streets where people can go and explore the plentiful shops that are everywhere. There are also tons of parks and gardens that provide a green ambiance and beautiful appeal to the area.


Aside from this, there are also plenty of museums that people can enjoy in this city. There are art galleries which include the very impressive and outstanding Art Collection North Rhine-Westphalia. These spots in Germany have been widely visited by many immigrants, tourists, and locals even. Spending one day in one of these is not only very educational but can also be good for one’s soul because it is really true that the beauty of art helps heal people in its own way, just like music does.


During festival season, one can also enjoy the various festivals that are celebrated in Dusseldorf which are usually lively, popular, and very colorful.




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Monday, May 17, 2021

Meet And Greet: A Helpful Guide For Immigrants On How The Locals Of Great Britain Behave In Social Situations

It cannot be denied that humans are social animals. They can live alone, that is a fact, but they would rather live their lives surrounded by other humans. There is a certain joy and feeling of comfort that comes with being with other people and that is a fact. That is why immigrants who go to a new country like the United Kingdom should know how things go in social situations in the new place that they are in. Yes, people may want to always be with other people but there are certain rules that come with that and immigrants, as the newcomers, should learn how that goes about.


Immigrants who have chosen to live in the United Kingdom may have had their own ideas about how people behave in social situations, especially when meeting or greeting other people. However, there may be some misconceptions and myths that should be put to rest. That is why this is a simple guide on the usual behavior that the Brits have. That way, new people in the country would know how to behave without defying any of the social norms.


Are the Brits really reserved?


Popular culture has depicted the locals of the United Kingdom to be people who are reserved and may not seem to be warm enough to most people. They are also said to be quite aloof. However, what many people do not know is that Brits are actually the opposite. They are friendly individuals to a lot of people, even to immigrants. The locals of the UK are also quite welcoming of new people like immigrants and tourists.


Is shaking hands a norm?


When the Brits go out and meet other people for the first time or not, the proper etiquette when greeting the people that they are meeting with would be to shake their hand. This is the reality not just for greeting adults who are in the place but shaking hands should also be done to the children who are also there.


It is important to understand too that if there is a meeting, which could be one for business or just a social gathering, the polite thing to do would be to shake the hands of the people that one has met with. This is the proper way of doing things. One should shake their hands upon arrival and it should also be done when it is time to leave.


How does one shake hands in the UK?


The common way of shaking hands in the United Kingdom would be to just give the other person a light shake that is friendly in nature. While there are some cultures in the world where handshakes are quite hearty, that is not the case in this country.




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Friday, May 14, 2021

Slang And Lingo In Canada: A Quick Yet Helpful Guide For Immigrants And Would-Be Immigrants

While a lot of people may think that to be in Canada means not having to learn any other language or way of communication, then they have to change that thought. This country in North America does not only speak English but it also has French as a major language. Yes, a part of Canada speaks French and it would be a great thing for immigrants who already know how to speak this language.


Well, French should really not be much of a problem as the people who live in Canada actually can speak English pretty well. That is why immigrants who may have chosen this country over any other country out there really do not have a hard time adjusting in terms of communication since many of them already know how to speak and understand English well. But what immigrants and would-be immigrants in Canada need to know is that there are still slang and lingo in Canada that newcomers need to understand and learn. Here are some of those.




If there is a commotion or some fuss, then ‘kerfuffle’ is the term to use. This is usually because of some disagreement or some difference in people’s opinion.


When that photo went viral, there surely was a kerfuffle on what color it was. Pink? Green? Gray? It still stumps me up to this time.




In lingo used in Canada, ‘stag’ actually refers to a bachelor party. It is a man who would be getting married soon have a night off with the boys and have a party. ‘Stagette’ actually refers to a bride’s version of the ‘stag’.


Sarah thought that her fiancé was not going to have a stag. It was a good thing that his friends had planned a surprise stag for him. He would’ve been disappointed if he didn’t get one!




‘Runners’ can mean a lot of different things. But in Canada, this lingo actually refers to shoes meant for running. They are also called ‘street shoes’.


It was a good thing I brought my runners today. I didn’t expect that the gang would go get some exercise. That never happens!




This is an expression that is often used to describe something that a person has done quite well. Or it could also refer to a person who is quite great.


Courtney saw her mom being quite tired the past few days she decided to help out. She took the garbage out, cleaned the house, and cooked some dinner. Her mom thought her daughter’s a beauty.


Pencil crayons


In Canada, pencil crayons actually are colored pencils.


Shelly’s son’s eyes popped out in happiness when surprised with a huge box of pencil crayons. He had been wanting this for so long!




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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Quick Guide To The Culture And Life In New Zealand For Immigrants

When a person is new to a place, it is important for him or her to make sure that they are able to understand and learn about the social customs and the life of the place that they would be living in. It may be a temporary set-up that they would be living there or it may be that they would be living there for quite some time. Either way, newcomers should know how to go about living there because it is a sign of respect for the place. Immigrants who have chosen to go to New Zealand definitely had to do this and they are lucky that to have chosen this country as the social customs and the life in this country are very interesting.


For all of those individuals who may be looking at New Zealand as their new home or as a place where they plan on staying for a bit, then learning about the social customs and the life in this country would be a really good move to make. There is no need to look further as this is a quick guide on such.


The arts


Art is definitely seen in the Maori culture, which is the locals of New Zealand have. This can be seen in their wood carvings as well as in the products that they weave. Songs are also a great reflection of the culture and they have become quite popular as well. These songs definitely go with the dances. There are also meetings and gatherings in the country that follow Maori culture rules, which means that some gatherings like weddings and funerals have to follow tradition like using ancient greetings.


New cultures


Of course, it is important to understand as well that with the influx of immigrants to New Zealand, there are also new cultures brought in by these individuals and these new cultures have their own celebrations with them. So immigrants in the country can expect to see not only Maori culture but other types of culture in the country as well.




The food and cuisine in the country have been greatly influenced by the various immigrants who have decided to live there. Aside from that, food in New Zealand has also been influenced by what the tourists from other countries have been looking for when they get to the country. See, this is not surprising given that tourists may sometimes be looking for a bit of home and they are willing to spend on that. That is why many businesses would try to adapt and provide just what the tourists are looking for. Keep in mind as well that trying out new cuisine is a great thing especially for individuals who have adventurous palates.




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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Canada Has The Best Butter Tarts And Immigrants Are Loving Them

There are plenty of delicious and amazing foods that are available in Canada as the locals can testify. However, immigrants and travelers are definitely the best people to claim such because they have tried new dishes that are different from what they are used to. Well, they have been more than happy to share that the food in Canada is delicious and one of the best ones to try out for people who may temporarily be in the country would be the butter tarts.


What are butter tarts?


Butter tarts are delicate. It also has a crust that crumbles and it also has a center that is very creamy and made up of a mixture of egg, sugar, and butter. There have been two sides though of whether butter tarts should have raisins or not and despite any surveys and studies done on this, Canadians still have not fully decided on this. In fact, the answers are quite split so raisins or not, butter tarts are still quite a favorite treat. It is usually described to be rich and quite delectable.


When did this happen?


This dish from Canada has origins that date back to around the latter part of the 19th century. A retired librarian of a fine arts library who used to work at the Toronto-based York University, Mary F. Williamson, had tried to follow the trail that led right to the origins of this beautiful food. According to her research, the earliest that butter tarts were mentioned in publications was dated in 1900. It was a recipe for the butter tart and it was found in the Royal Victoria Cook Book. In that recipe, the filling of the butter tarts was made up of a cup of sugar, two eggs, a cup of currants, and half a cup of butter. Of course, this recipe has changed through the decades.


Where do you find butter tarts in Canada?


Going in and about Canada, people can find them in most of the bakeries in the country. It can also be found in most of the coffee shops in the place. However, people who have tried out most butter tarts in Canada would tell newcomers that the best place to get them would be in Ontario. See, Ontario is said to be the very place of birth of this delectable dish.


When one is in Ontario, it is best to head to Toronto and go to some of the best shops that offer this beautiful dish. It usually gets crazy on Saturdays because plenty of people who are celebrating the arrival of the weekend would go to bakeries and coffee shops for some of this sweet treat. They would usually have some butter tarts while they go strolling or to have for breakfast or for dessert.




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Monday, May 10, 2021

Art In Germany And How Immigrants Can Learn A Lot About The Country’s History With It

One cannot move to a new country without engaging in the new culture that the new place has. It is important to keep in mind that culture is a big part of daily living. A person cannot really choose not to interact with culture or learn about it since it is engrained in society. It is part of society and it is something that people have to deal with. And art is definitely one of those things that is part of a place’s culture that can be found everywhere. Immigrants in Germany can definitely attest to that.


Art in Germany is something that can really tell people a lot of things, just like art in many other countries. It can tell of a place’s history like the art made by the cavemen who told people of how life was during those times. It can tell plenty of stories and immigrants in Germany can definitely learn a lot about the country by appreciating art.


The history of art in Germany


What many people do not know is that the art that has been produced and practiced in Germany actually played a really important role in how Western art has been shaped and developed through the years. The other types of art that have really benefitted a lot from German art would be Ottonian art, Carolingian art, and Celtic art.


People in Germany can get to appreciate plenty of types of art. For example, there are plenty of Gothic style paintings and sculptures that can be found in the country, which is also a big trend in many other countries in Europe. In the 15th century, the most popular types of art that were made during this period were altarpieces.


It is also quite important to understand that the Rococo style as well as the Baroque style were also practiced and explored in the country. Neoclassicism was also a big thing in the country as well as Romanticism.


Famous artists in Germany


There have been a ton of artists who lived and did their art in Germany. Some of them became famous for their work while others just did the art for the sake of doing it. One of the famous artists in the country is Emil Nolde. This artist is quite known for being a painter and some of his famous works include Lesende junge frau (1906) and Blumen und Wolken (1933). Another famous artist in Germany is Paul Klee. His work has been greatly influenced by cubism, surrealism, and expressionism and among his famous pieces include In den Häusern von St. Germain (1914) and Revolution des Viadukts (1937). Other known artists from the country include Caspar David Friedrich, Max Ernst, Albrecht Durer, and Gerhard Richter.




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Friday, May 7, 2021

Population In The United Kingdom Experiences Lowest Growth Rate Because Of COVID-19, Immigration Would Most Likely Be The Solution

For many countries in the world that have been trying to keep their population at a good amount, immigration has always been the solution to that. By bringing in immigrants especially those with young families, countries can rely on them to help keep the population growing. Countries like the United Kingdom have been reliant on immigration to help out in a variety of ways. The UK has been suffering from low population growth because of the aging population.


Recently though, the population of the United Kingdom had experienced a low growth rate once again since 2003. This is all thanks to the pandemic brought about by the disease known as COVID-19. Immigration was one of the things that had suffered because people were scared to travel as lockdowns were imposed. But with the new protocols in place and vaccinations happening around the world, it is highly likely that the population in the UK would continue to rise once again.


The recent data on population in the United Kingdom


In almost two decades, this is the first time that the population in the United Kingdom experienced a really slow rate. Experts who have been looking at the data and the phenomenon have seen that the pandemic has been a huge factor as to why this has happened. Data from the official statistics agency of the UK have shown just that. In the middle of 2019, the population in the United Kingdom was noted to be at 66.8 million. In the middle of last year, the population in the country was noted then to have risen to 76.1. This is the lowest and weakest growth in the population that has ever been recorded since 2003.


Aside from this, it should also be understood that COVID-19 is actually a deadly disease especially for people who have comorbidities. Data in the UK has shown that over 127,000 individuals have died in the country, which also accounts for the lower growth rate in the population of the country.


Needing more immigrants


A lot of people all over the world have experienced being under lockdown and not being able to go out of their homes for the sake of keeping themselves and other people safe since the virus that causes the disease is being spread via person-to-person contact. However, there is really no official lockdown in the UK and the country continuously had its borders open. This means that potential immigrants can go and still choose to move to this country that needs more immigrants. It would be a great thing to be able to move to the United Kingdom given how the government has put the proper health protocols in place and has successfully vaccinated a good amount of people in the country so far.




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